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SUPERVISION of your children's
candy habits is as necessary as
your watchfulness of their play or
choiec of companions.
It should be easy for you to guide
them because Huyler's is always pure
and wholesome.
Kelly Drug* Company
B?hb?hs *'( ;ho< (.I.?t. -M
The ciily juIcj itgriii for HuyLVs in this city
liL IC I v lyY I > K? I M ; L'OMl'AXY
nSi'H \iorli? imtl Kathleen
pinjleff SnmIiiy morning bii
|i t.. points in Mustern Vir
hh Minnie Hoatwick und
f.iohlic Peril tili returned
Hiitiirday itight from ii ten
mil in VVashingtnii, I fait i
? and Norfolk.
ivvufil Slump, win. lias In .mi
i.ling summer school at
\ I' I . arrived in the i tub
biiiulii) night to spend tho re
iniiiiider .if tho smuttier vaea
tu.i. with hiti parents.
Mi-?- I ..mini' 1 loraluy htfl I'M
rial in.lining for Hal linuire.
> he Hi hIic will spend several
h'eekfl with her sister, Mrs
Sidney Miilliiia left Moodily
for Chnrlottcsvillo, where he is
u Hiimiir at tin' University of
Viigiuja this year.
Mr an.I Mrs. l\ 1'. Kelly( of
St, Charles, spi'ut tin? week?
end with Dr. and Mrs .1. \V.
Mi. and Mrs. W. \V. Nickels,
.Ii epenl Sunday with Mrs.
Shekels'parents, Mr. ami Mrs.
Ilenrge \larrs, at lveokoo.
Mr. and Mrs C ? Long and
ll i igliler, Miss t Jorrie, left Tues
iln) iik.ining fur an overland
trip tli Ahiiigdon and Chatham
Hill) Vai
Miss Susie Kilgore returned
S.itiijilay from u wook'? $?i) in
Btist'ol) attending ihr fnter
ii i.i ('iiautiiuquu.
Mis. A. N. Kilgore and little
ilph, aro spending n few
1 ?. ks in the Hap with .1. M
itig and family .
Mi in.I Mm. .1. M. Mossing
:ii.I Mrs. A. N. Kilgbre, spent
fhiajln) in I'l-uiiiiiglon i lap, vis
itiiig relatives and frieiids,
Kiglit-room house at Cadet for
Could not ln> built lo?
ll') fur >:!,.'inU. see Wi tl.
''.?nits adv.
'ii'-r. Ilowohe Alooro, of tlra
liiitii, Va., is visiting her aunt,
Mrsi. I-. || King, in t In' I lap'
tin. week.
Ml? No'fll YjMMflij who lllisl
litten attending summer school
? ii tin; Uudford State Normal,
returned l.i her In. in tilt']
Unji Bill nrdn) night.
The Wnniuu'h Missionary So.
ciety ul Ilm M K. Church,
Silllth, will meet with Mrs J.Ai
i lilim i I'hitr'riilu) afternoon tit
Circle .NU. J of (hi- Woinuii's
A ii x i I in ry will ineol wiih Mrs. i
Marvin Ividl) Tliiirinluv ul it
Mr, an.I Mrs, W. V. Kartitt
worth returned lust week froinj
an overland 11 111 lo I'.nslnl anil I
othur |ioiiilri in Virginia anil
Mr in.I Mrs I Y. Jes*eo left
Suiiduy morning for their 1101111',
in Uuiinnkc at tor spending aov
uriil days in tin- (jap wiih Mr.
I, in,uli,a ami brothers.
Mr. ami Mrs. .1. M. Trailer, of
L'orhin, Ivy., spent Saturday in?
tim < lap cniis'ull nig with' lt. H.
Mi l icefciil, tho iircliitoot. They
an' planning lo t111i111 a hand
sou'ili homo 111 Corbiti within a
Sliiil I lllll,'
Miss Louise Nickels spent a
few da) i. lust week ni Ksser
\ ill,- visilihg her aunt Mrs. Kn?
ill? Wells,
Miss Mildrnn Burroii, ditligh
(111 ,.f Mr. ami Mrs. I'. II. Kur
ron. U lm I, ii- I., i n ill several
diivs with St. Vims' danee, is
Mrs. 0. K Salver ami little
-..ni, Connelly, nit Sunday
morning I'm Bristol, Khoxvitiu,
L11 h'oilellii ami .leihen, whiire
lli. i will spend ii in,mlh visit*
liig rela 111 es ami friends.
Circlij No. I of the Woman's
Auxiliary ..I the Bresbyterian
church w ill nn el v. uli Mi? 11. C.
Wolle lliur.-il.ii allein,11,11 at 3
M 1.-. 1' V. W, ems and little
daughter, Dorothy, have ho, 11
Spending a few .lays 111 Bristol
wil Ii 111.'lids
MistfC'S Mildred and Hernien
I iilly , ul Norton, are spemling u
lew liiiyii tills w e"k in the I lap
visiting their cousins, Misses
M.n i ami Blanche Kilhoiirue.
Have Your Furnaces Repaired
Good Grates and Damper Doors Save Labor and Coal
I will have an Export Plumber and Steam Fitter
with me in a few days and expect to contract bier
lobs as well as small ones.
You Will Saye Money by Figuring Willi Us
South-West Insurance Agency
Fire, Life, Accident and.Casuahty In.
surance. Fidelity and Other Bonds
Real Estate and Commissio.^Broker^. ^
'.'Reil" Slemp returned to tin;
Gap Sunday nigh; from Blacks
b?rg, where tu- ha? been tutend
log school at V. i\ i.
The United Daughters of the
Confederacy local chinpter will
meet with .Mrs. C.C. Long next
Wednesday afternoon at '-i-.'Jo
M're.W. A. Baker. ..f the Gup,
Mrs. Hobt. Ingle nod her little
Son, Bobby, bl Hazard, Ky.,
spent a low days in Jonusville
last week visiting relatives.
Mrs. Mary Ponniugtou, of
Dry id n, spent a low days in tho
Hap hist week visiting her sis.
ters, Mis. Charles Hainhlen and
Mrs Baker.
.lames Gillj spent lust week
at Stouega visiting his aunt,
Mrs. .1 M Voting
Mr. ami Mis 1 V .lessee, of
Koanoke, 10 ?? in tin- t lap this
ivi'i'k visiting Mr. Jesseo's
mother, Mrs V I'. .Ii'hmt, near
the Southern Station,
Miss Georg hi tux iyonl to
Krisliil last Friday ami h.ol her
tonsils rellioV di
.lames Knight, of Kmorv,
spent the week-end in the Gap
wit ii 11 iuiitis,
The camping purty chaper?
oned by Mrs 11 vine, im Ii i vO
bbeti camping On ttin Holsten
river near Kiiigsport lor two
vseeks returning home last Sat
unlay morning.
Mis I', li t Iruhiiiu and Miss
Grace Long eh iperbimd a party
of yt'ilug guts ami buys on a
camping trip 01 several days
near the head id the water
Mrs II II. Nail ami two chil?
dren, of Kuoxvillo, .tini Mrs.
W. M. Drink.ml, of Lynch-1
biirg, are viailing iheit parents,
Mr ami Mrs. J. M. Willis, in
I he t i ip.
Miss .lei,urn a Wiiiis, who has
been spending .-nine tune in
l.yiichburg visiting her sister,
Mrs W; i\l. Drinkard, reii.I
In her home in I he Hap last
William I iooilh.e, win, has
been attending school at VI' 1 ,
returned lb ins hoine in the
i iap Tuesday. Mr. Perkins, of
Itlueii-ld, aceoiiipauibd bun
home to spend a lew da) H
Mrs iloliii W ampler and small
sou, of Norton, speul Tuesday
in the tiap with Mrs. I> A. Sar
Mis * 0hi Iy 's Wail, ms iei urn
ed to bei Inline in LyilCllUUrg
last week aller spending sever?
al Weeks in the (tap "illi he'l
sister, Mrs. .1. .1 Kell) , .Ii
\V. II. Nickels, of Bristol,
spent Tuesday in the (lap.
Mrs. Ohus. Witt and little
daughter, Nell, spent a few
(lays in Norton liisl week where
Nell had her tonsils removed.
Mr and Mr*. A. L. Witt and
four children and Mrs. S. I'.
Floenor motored up in til,mega
Friday night to attend the imp
sieal given by Mrs Silly A
Bailey's pupils. Floyd Winston
Witt, ime of her little pupils
tool: part in the musical also,
playing two pieces and singing
two solos unusually, well
t >ne l-room house ami lot for
$800, Sue W. ti. Colitis, -adv.
Misses Bertha Shugart, of
Bristol, Virginia Deiger, Buy lib
Hhldick, Helen Martin mid
Dorothy Spasford, of Btilofiold,
uro the attractive guests of Misn
Beth Shugart this week.
Mrs. ?. N. Knight and daugh?
ter. Miss Juliet,onturtniued with
a tea Tuesday afternoon com?
plimentary tu Mrs. Knight's
daughter, Mrs. I'ttlmcr II, Gru
ham, of New York City, who is
spending tho summer in the
.Miss Tansy Miller, of Hunt?
ington, W. Vll., w ho has been
the attractive guest 01 Missus
Lyie lor a lew da.? s in now Vin?
ning her grund-uiOiher, Mrs
/ion ParsouB, near the L. it N.
Darlliula Belle, the baby
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. \V. Ii.
Wolto, of Wilder, who has been
very ill with flux for Several
days, is now improving. ' Mrs.
Wolfe o as formerly Misa Kale
Brown, of Ihu (lap.
Mrs. It. L. Hilton and little
son, H L, Jr., returned to their
homes in the (lap .Sunday night
after a week's visit to friends in
Bristol. Mr. Hilton jbiued llioin
in Bristol and they spent the
week-end with Mr. Hilton's
parents at Hilton Station.
Miss Esther Gibson left Sun?
day morning for Hadford,w here
nl.0 will spend a few d IVB visit?
ing relatives.
Howard Collier, nf Stonog'i,"
who formerly worked in the
Cop,left Iiihi Saturday f >r Cump
Meade, Md.,where ho will spend
Ihe month of August training
in camp. A number of Stouega
hoys applied for adminsiou, but
Howard seemed to be the only
lucky one to i>e accepted.
Misses Sara and Kobcccu
(Juutuer, of Appalachia, spent
a few days in the Qup last week
visiting Miss Kcsst Himer. Last
'rilUrSIUiy afternoon Miss Hess
entertained a number of her
young friends with a picnic in
honor of her little guests
\V. (i. Suupp, formerly with
the Central Supply Company ut
Andovor, but now, located at
Blucfield, spent a few days last
werk in the tiap on business.
Mr. and Mrs. (). I>'. Kitboumo
ami children h II Saturday
morning for Lynclihnrg, where
ihey will join their brother-in
law, 11 L; Hughes, in an over?
land trip to liichmoiid, Norfolk,
Ocean View ami other interest?
ing VirgiUiu points, to be gone
about i Wo week i
Edward Goodloe, who wus
operated oil lit the Jolllis Hop?
kins Hospilul several week sago,
returned tp Ins hoino in the < Hip
last Friday night. Mrs. Gooil
loe went up there ami returned
with him.
Misses Iucko Cheery, of Nor?
ton, ami Matiel Kilgoro, ol
WilllilllllSVllle, i lino, are lb.
gochts of Miss Holly Kelt} ill
her home in the flap this week.
Cluroiice Hniley, who sulfur
ed a severe stroke of lippou li
? ? 111n several days ago, is stead?
ily improv ing
Hay Koiinur, outlieldor for the
Kmi.wille team of the Appala?
chia League* passed through
tliii i lap Saturday on route to
Lteiiiiiiiii, Ky., to play a giuhe
ih. ie Sunday. Mr. Kenner will
he reillOlllberud as playing with
Ihe Kenkee team III the t'oal
Held League two years ago and
ranked among Hiebest in the
Uev Knill Martin, of .letler
json City, renn , arrived ill tliii
Giip lust week where be will
spend a few .lays of bis vaca?
tion with his wife and two lit
tie children at the home of Mrs.
Martin's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
ileorge Brown They ox pool l..
leave in a few days fur Ahing
don where tliuy will visit Kov
ami Mrs. I H. Martin.
Mr* Sally A. Bailey loft Sun
.luv moin.ii;, fur East Kadtor I.
where slii) will take a special
course in public school music at
ihe Stute Normal School during
the month of Aiigust, Mrs.
Bailey will start her mnsiuel iss
the lirst Monday in S iptoiubur.
Hnv. \V, II. Troy, wlio is
spending several days w ith his
sou at Josephine, was in tie'
flap Sunday morning enrolite
in I'ouningtnh flap, where he
spent two ilavs with friends.
Hev. Troy was pastor of the
Methodist church at Kenning
ion i lap two years before going
to Graham four years ago.
Mr. ami Mrs. G. I). Jenkins
and daughter, Nell, left last
week in their itlltnuiobile for
I'enuessee, where they will vis?
it their daughter, Miss Kuby,
who i^ in school at McMiiinville
and attend a family reunion in
N iishville.
Bailiwick t olailtha Jolillll, a
registered Holstein Hull will
serve a limited number of cows
Tor a fee of three dollars. I also
liave a registered Dur.a- Hoar.
?John B. Kaynii.?adv.
The many friends of H. E
Bbbads will be glad to learn
?hut be ban returned from the
Johns Hopkins Hospital in Hal
tiuiore, whore he underwent
an operat ioo ninl received treat?
ment for stomach trouble, ami
Iiis heult Ii has been greatly im?
proved. The operation has ben
etitted him very much und it is
believed his health will now be
I belter Hum for many years.
I Appalachia EpWorth League.
l'he young folks of the Ep*
worth League al Appalachia!
Hie', at the Imme df Mi*s Katie
Brooks for tlu-ir monthly busi
ness meeting on Monday, Julj
26. The following were present:
Misses Pan nie Mullms, Eula
Mllllius, Naomi Jones, Bulb
Leela Daub, Bfiuniu Lyon, Ag?
nes Slickley, Katie Brooks and
Kachel Breeding. Lon Gibson,
Hugh Hutchins, Victor Daub
Churbs J. Knactl, Earl Spnn.
kle, George Hobs, i din und Lon
uie Sherwood, Carter McKinny
ai d Edward Brooks. '
The only trouble with indus?
try is mat it needs to be a tit?
le more industrous.
Coal Coal
Famous Black Mountain
Tho coal you want for tho range.
Prompt service. 'Phone 49.
What Becomes of the
Money Yon Earn?
If it goes into a hank or into an investment
for your maintenance in the later y/ears of life,
you are wist; also fortunate.
If it is frittered away from day to day you
an; Unfortunate now, and you will ho even
more unfortunate when old age overtakes you.
A Savings account starts you right and
keeps you going. It also gets you there.
The First National Bank
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Aniuzu Theatre
Thursday - Tomorrow
Allen Hoilubar's Drama Eternal
You'll See Her ns Woman Triumphant?
-the mit. nt :i Litve-inait tierce in her loveli
tin ?orgenus Amazon ruling In Mother-Right.
You'll Sob Willi Her as Woman failing
tin- slave Uitl wfcitpi'h'g midst barbaric beauties pi
I 'agim t 'Oiirt^i
- the helplu: S bride of unaii.eval .lays.
You'll Cheer Her as Woman Uprising
the girl irio'thei ? -: i 'day, lighting again the battle of
Itiii sex routing Ovil forces! stit'ij r?ii'? from the titan -
fehackle: bi liiatiia?! tu .1 new triumph til Mother
Told in a thousand Scenes of Urnntn, Smites, Thrills,
Vast Panoramas and Intimate Insights Unp trailed in
Motion Pictures.
Thousands of Players! Thousands of Horses!
Wild Animals! New Screen Wonders
PRICES: 20c arid 30c. Tax Included.
No Meal Is Perfect
Without Good Meat
Relishing a nical puts a fellow 111 a good humor (the la?
dies are always that way.
Without meat there is always a feeling of something
lacking. And it you have meat, and it is not ol tlic best, the
relish is not there.
'I he obvious thing, therefore, is t<> btiy the best meat-?
meat that produces 1 relish?that puts you in a 'good humor
? that keeps you in the pink of .condition.
The quality of the meat you eat is more important than
tlie quantity. Is has QUALITY if bought Irom us.
Hisel's Meat Market
Phone 117 Big Stone Gap, Va.

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