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l'ubl -invl Kver/ Wednesday by tho
uil.nl.HT N. KNIOHT. - Bditor.
Una Year, - *I BO
six Mnnliii, - .Te
Thron Months. - .+0
hailord Rceonlln? Ui ponlal regulations
al tho poal-ctlHco at ItlR Slono Hup ?? mm
noil-olaKM matter.
Automobile Taxation.
Whon cortain well moaning
people discuss meana for aug?
menting tho fotlcrul revenue
llioy suggest ndiling another tax
mi the automobile.
They g?nn the theory Ihn) if
a man Int? money enough in
own a our be can nllord id pay
an udditionul tux for the pleas
uro of ith use, apparently giv?
ing nn tbnllglit to the fact that
the car owner in iilroudy paying
heavily for that privilege.
When the tax iiHHoHNor comet)
around be lints u man's automo?
bile UK a part nf Iiih property,
upon which tuxes urn paid,
lie pays an annual license fee
to the Mute unit to the city in
which ho lives.
Ho puy? an excessive price
for the gun an oil winch houses,
mill in Homo stiller, one cent a
gallon of the cost of gas goes
into the tux fund. This simply
nilds a cent lo the price nf gas.
There are many excellent au?
tomobile repair men, but the
country is over run with a lot
of sharks who know about as
much about tho mechanism of
it cur us ii line tor does iibotll
shoeing a horse. The car own
or doesn't fuel these birds oil I
until they put his car on the
"blink" ami he has to have the
work done over again. The law
ulTords him un protection
ngtlillHl these sharks, unless he
takes the matter into a court in
the way of a civil suit,
If it pedestrian or a child Sud?
denly stops in frmil of a moving
car without warning und is in?
jured it is always tho driver
who is at fault and who pays
the bill. Public sentiment nev?
er concedes thai it is possible
for him In he in the right.
The automobile is in greater
use today than (be horse ami
buggy, mid motor vehicles are
rapidly displacing the wagon in
commercial use.
We hear no cry ing demand
fnr placing a special lax on
wagons umi buggies, or horses
or mules.
And yet periodically some ox
eollont citizen arises mid do.
mauds that the motorist bo
soaked again.
Tho car owner bus I.u Well
plucked as it is.
He should not be pared to the
The honesty of some people
is d. pe itlont wholly upon what
they can not get* away with
without gutting caught.
Milll pays for bis Hins here
below hut the devil dncaon't
give him nny credit on ac?
Kew men are ever without
friends until they begin to bor?
row money from I hem.
Do you out three good moods
a Buy? You should considor
yournolf fortunntoin the prosont
cooditioo of tho world. Uvor in
Europe thoro uro millions and
millions of people who aro liv
ing on no moro than one mnal a
day, whiln other millions do not
have oven that much. Starva?
tion in gathering thorn in. Tho
world is in a state of chaos. It
is on its luick and cnn not rise
again without intinitu patience
and much assistance. Whuu a
herd of stoors become frighten?
ed they either mill around or
stampede. Tho population of
the world is much the sumo. It
is bndly frightnnod?mining
around?on tho verge of uStum?
ped 0?uncertain as to what to
do or which way to turn. We
are less alllictod in America
than in any other country, ami
wo should be proportionately
thankful for what we have.
While wo are feasting on three
meals a day thoro are other hu?
man beings who hunger for the
crumbs wo throw away.
The little children romping
around today will become the
men and women of another
generation. They will control
the destiny of Ibis community
thou, us- we control it now.
Community betterment is al?
ways the goal of every goud
citizen. It is Ihn great lubri?
cant which causes the wheels
of enlightenment to spin noise?
lessly and In a purpose. To in?
sure ii belter community for the
future we must begin with the
children of today. If in their
Childhood they are taught to
dilTorouliatc hotween wisdom
und foolishness, between the
good und the bad, between right
und wrong, the lessons they
learu will bear golden fruit in
after years, and the community
we love so well will be brighter
und bettor because of the influ?
ence limy will exert upon the
citizenry of their day. Itcmom
her the little children of today,
for tomorrow limy will have
Children of their own, and the
law nf heredity is strong with
us all. The sun shim s brightly
when we push I he clouds away,
but the little child has not \ et
learned to push.
The Itussian bolsboviki, hnv.
ing failed In annihilate the
world, is now begging I he world
I to prevent starvation from km
' inhibiting them.
When at a hms as to what to
Bli) about your neighbor, say
something good, VOU may come
I nearer the truth than you im?
We learn from the secretary
of the treasury thai cleaner
money is to lie put into circula?
tion. That is pleasing. When
we get it il will be still more
pleasing. Hut until we do, just
kei p tight on sending in the
dirty old stutV ami we'll beeler
linlly pleased.
Norfolk & Western Railway
-Route of tho-?
Chicago & Sr. Louis Express
St. Louis'X: Chicago Limited
Chattanooga & New Orleans Limited
Norfolk & Richmond Limited
Fast Trains I ^tvfoT I Fast Trains
TO?Richmond, Ronnoke, Cincinnati. Columbus,
Chicago, St. Louis, Toledo, Detroit, Knoxville,
Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville, Birming?
ham, New Orleans and all points SOUTH,
For Rates, schedules. Pullman reservations, and
detailed information, apply to
General Agent, Ticket Agent,
Bristol, Va. Bristol, Va.
Twenty-fifth Wedding Anni
Last Friday marked tlie 2Mh
wedding anniversary of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert P, Barron. Mr.
and Mrs. Harron were married
September 30th, 18H;, at tlie
Ik.me of Mr. find Mrs. W. \V.
Taylor in tho (lap and n large
number of the older residents
of tho town attended the wed?
ding and the reception thai fol?
lowed. Mr. and Mrs. Harron
have resided hero ever Since
with the exception of a few
months when they lived at
Wise, Va., where Mr. Harron
was cashier of a hank.
Following aro their children,
all of whom are living in the
(Jap: Mrs. Henry 1,. Lane, Mrs
Curtiss Bobbins, W. N. dale
Hurron, Misses Unlh ami Cath?
erine Harron. Knhert Barren,
Jr , .tames folk Barren, Bascom
Stomp Bnrron and little Sally
Anno Barren.
Lyceum Entertainment.
Tickets for the lycoum outer
tninment are now on sale. The
li rut nf ihn three numbers will
he here KYiduy evening, Sep?
tember 7. Throe voting women,
"The ?polio Trio",'" will give a
varied program of songs,siories,
costumed readings und imper?
sonations, violin and pinuo.
This iH a bigb-grndu concert
company ami yon will enjoy
their entertainment.
Big Dance at Dunhar This
The boys of Dunhar have is
Blind iiivitutioiiH to their fall
dunce to he given in tin- now
dunce hall at Dunhar Kridav
evening, October 7th. Oxloy'a
Orchestra, of Itouuoku, will
furnish tho mimic for tho dance
ami this promises to ho one of
the best given this year.
Birth Announcement of In?
terest Here.
Attractive birlh announce?
ments wore.received in the Gup
hiHt week fhuu Mr. and Mrs
Hubert Wells, of Morton, an?
nouncing tho birth of a son
September 2-lth which they
have named ".lack." Mrs.
Wells was formerly Miss Mar
ein Kvniis.
U. S. Court Next Week.
Judge Henry ('. McDowell,
Lynchburg, will coiivone li. S.
Court nl this pbice on ili?xl
Monday. Wo understand that
the docket is very light for this
term ami that conn w ill lust
only a fow days.
Attending Road Meeting.
.lohn \V. Ohalkley, .1. D.
lingers, W, II. Wren, B. K.
Winner und 11 W. Scott loft
yesterday morning for Piko
villo, Ky., where they are ill
lending tho big road meeting.
Wo understand Unit Wise
County is rep rose'i led by at least
twenty-live nf her good romts
Sergt. Alvin ('. York, "great
est hero of the war," bus re?
fused to consider an olfer of
(6000 for a twenty-week tho
atrical tour on which he would
bo required to appear 30 min?
utes a day. Ho announced, fol?
lowing a "heart-to-hoarl talk on
conscience1' at a religious gath
?ring nt Cleveland, Ohio, that
although ho needed the money
t<> pay it IT n mortgage on his
Tennessee farm. In . conscience
would not let him exploit pa?
The main St reel of Appala?
chia bus I.u (dosed, mid work
bus been begun on tho paving
nf same, from the I,. ,v N ov
erbend bridge, in the west end
of town, to the bridge across
Cnlhihun Creek,at the northern
end of town. Trallie has boon
diverted nl the eastern end
around to the rear of the pttolic
school building, crossing the
river, Ilten through what is
known as "Now Bottom " It is
likely that this street will not
lie opened up for trallie for
about six or eight weeks.
The Sanitary Dry (Meaning &
Pressing Company will soon be
j located in now quarters in tho
j P. II. Kennedy building on Bast
j Fiftli Street. Any one wishing
[clothes pressed, cleaned or dyed,
huts blocked or rotrimmed will
'receive prompt service by call
|iug or 'phono No. ?!(?.
Indv. TuoS. BUOKKBIt,
Have It Repaired
We Will Permanently Repair it With!
New "Weldene Process"
at a Great Saving of Both Time and Money. 1
Metals that can be welded with this Process include tin, lead
galvanized iron,copper, nickel, gold, silver, black iron bars and sheets'
cast iron, cast steel, steel castings, tempered and untempered steel
bars and utensils, pot metal, aluminum and other common metals.
Special Uses for Weldene Process
Cracked or broken cylinder water jackets or crank cases can be
repaired permanently with weldene process.
Steel auto body sheets and fenders repaired with weldene |)ro
cess will stay "put" resisting vibration. Copper radiators repaired
with weldene process last longer because of better adhesion, greater
strength, higher melting point, and closer expansion co-efficient.
Scores in auto cylinders can be filled, without pro-heating or
regrinding, which is expensive and unnecessary in most cases.
In many cases, cracked water jackets and scored Cylinders can
be repaired permanently without dismantling motors, thereby effect?
ing a great saving in time and expense.
Valve seats in water pumps in which corrosion has eaten wide
and deep holes can be permanently repaired.
Permanent repairs can be made on bursted water pipes, cast
iron radiators, boilers, tank heaters, hot water tanks, etc.
Aluminum crank cases, aluminum auto hoods, radiators, fend?
ers, transmissions, auto bodies, manifolds, in fact any aluminum
part on a car can be permanently repaired.
All work strictly guaranteed. Prompt service. Give us a trial
and save time and money. We will appreciate your business.
. Sword Company
Work is progressing rapidly
in tlx- foundation for (ho now
high school building at this
place Tin- building will ho
erected of ?Inno Hinular to the
old ooo ami when completed
will afford Ilm school horo do
comhmdutions I'ipial loany sim?
ilar school in the sliita. Tim
people of Dig Steine Gap should
In- jiritod of (heir school, ami
>\o lioliiivo thov firh.
- I
Caloric I'ipelcss Furnaces
Making Good.
W. (i. Contts is nrranging to
handle a ear load of pipolcafl
furnaces Thum' wishing lo get
in on this carload and save S
per Cetil should lake prompt
ai t ion. Don't leave your heat?
ing Off lili Hie full rush is on.?
ad v.
U. V. P. D. Sholtori, pastor of
tllO M. K. Church, Slnnegn, and
wife arc motoring through to
their old home in North Caro?
lina, where they will spend
some time. They will return
by way of Morristown, where
the annual Conference is to he
held October 5th, ? Progressive.
High Mountains of Montana.
Six named peaks in Montana
have elevations exceeding TJ,
ooo feel, and several unnamed
peaks rise to greater heights,
according to the United Slates
Geologien! Survey. All these
? peaks are in the Deartooth Ntt
11 i oii a I I'o rest, in (hi r ho u county,
in (he south central part of the
slate The highest of these is
IQ rani to Denk, CJ.S.Mi feet; the
next highest is Mount Wood,
Iis l*?,7?tl feel.
Read Ih- Sunday Wi.shinBton
i imirs. t!-. ? i Ir.'Icnal Newspaper of
the Cnpit.il City, intensely local,
deyriting paces to news and fea?
tures ol linppcnins * in Maryland
nnd the Virginian; sold with The
.Sunday New YoiU American, the
world's greatest Sunday newspaper,
conl lining the American Wc-ekly
Ni.. ?...-.inc und fouv-pnge comic see*
(ion i.i rtdoia, for 10 cents.
As nn optimist of the first wa?
ter, DostinasterOoneral HaysiB
it. Ho believes the public would
prefer to pay 25 cents for a spe?
cial delivery stamp instead o
paying the present price of 10
Office Outfitters
Art Metal Steel Office Equipment
Everything for the office?desks,
chairs, files, safes, etc.
The Cutler line of desks?the bebt made
Since 1823
Stationers and Printers
Engraving, Book Hinding, Loose
Leaf Devices
422-24-26 West Main Street
NOTICE- A repr?sentative will call upon you In *
tow days and wo hopo for a part of your patronage.
Have Your Furnaces Repaired
Good Grates and Damper Doors Save Labor and Con!
I will have an Export Plumber and Steam Fitter
with me in a few days and expect to contract bit,'
jobs as well as small ones.
You Will Save Money bj Figuring Willi Us
South-West Insurance Agency
, I ncorporatetl
Fire, Life, Accident andCasuality In
surance. Fidelity and Other Bonds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers.

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