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WEDNESDAY, NOV. l>, 1021
Publ.I Kvury Wednoadsy by Ihe
Ono Vonr,
Six Months,
Thron Months
Knlercd according to |k>iiUI regulations
at Hie poel-ofKoo at tilg Htona llapasaoa
ii iil-olaaa matter.
As the Editor Sees It.
Hits it occurred to you Hint
thcro urn many people (nilny
who sincerely bolieivo that the
world in coming to nil end, find
that the day i? near at hand:''
TKe present unsettled condi?
tions throughout Ihn earth are
lo lliom hut visible signs of the
approaching dissolution.
Hut regardless of their be
liefs, and no matter what hnp
poiis, the world keeps right on
moving, und it will continue to
tuovo until time conses lo bo.
Many yenrs ago the members
of n religious Beet woroconvinc?
ed Hint the end of the world
was at huinl. They even set the
date when all will be wafted lo
boa von, or to hell, or wherever
clue they might go.
There was much excitement,
many wild eyes, und no little
uneasiness, or apprehension.
They dressed themselves in
white, ascended high mountains
or hills, raised their even to
heaven, and awaited Ilia grand
They are still waiting?those
who are left of them.
And Ihe world slill moves.
In the early days woman was
BOUIOlllillg of a chattel ?a pus
session of mankind, to be dis?
posed of us bis fancy might lie
Among the rich und powerful
she was un ornament, a play?
thing. In the humbler walks
of life she was n drudge, little
better than a beast of burden.
If any person bad told the
kings und knights id" old that
the time would come when wo?
man would be man's equal in
all things that person would
have been considered a lunatic,
or a liar, or both, und a danger?
ous person to remain at large.
11 is day s would have been short
Yet for centuries woman Iiuh
been forging forward, lighting
fnr und obtaining greater priv?
ileges, until today she is it cog
nixed as man's equu) in many
ill the past doubting ones
have made dire prophesies fnr
such a day. The rise of wo.
moil hood to them meant chaos,
dibintrngation, dissolution,
Hut woman still progresses,
and ihe world still moves.
If man doesn't like it he can
lug behind.
Some people profess lo be?
lieve that the great war marked
the beginning of the end nf
time, und that Christ was to re?
turn lo (Mirth in 1025 and rule
for n thousand years. This be
lief iH based upon mathematical
Computations applied to certain
passage* in the Hilde.
It may be true, or it may hot,
bill if your heart is clean you
need have no fear of meeting
Christ in 1025.
If Christ were to sweep the
rulers nf the earth into the Boas
and seize the reins of govern?
ment himself we would not be
tile loosers thereby.
Even with Christ us the Em?
peror of the Earth the world
continue lo move?at least fur a
thousand years.
And as the earth moves, so
do we who inhabit it move witti
A groat conference is to be
held in Washington, Wise men
of the oarlh will seek lo curtail
armaments, eliminate war and
make thu land one of peace,
happiness and plenty.
While they are tulking the
world will be moving. It.may
be moving toward better (lays,
or it may be approaching hor?
rors as yet even unheard of.
Hut still it will move, steadi?
ly, surei) , without pause or de?
viation from its course.
Ood made tint world for a
purpose und when tbut purpose
is accomplished the world will
cease to he
We aro hut little specks in
this world thut moves?-less than
a tiny grain of sand upon a
mighty beach.
(.treat is the world, greater is
God, but inliuiluly small are we
who doubt that the world will
continue to move.
Democrats Carry State By
60,000 Majority.
The democrats somewhat in
creased their usual majority iti
the stntoelection yesterday and
olectud K. Lee Trinklo for gov
erh?r by a majority that will
reach 60,000.
Although returns uro not
complete yet, local democratic
leaders claim a majority for
Trinkle in the Ninth District.
W. \V. U. Dotson, democratic
Candida',? for Houso of Dole
Kates from Wise and Dickeuaou
is probably elected by about 200
majority over his republican
opponent, .). H. llugy. Fob
lowing is a majority the candi?
dates received in Wise county,
except the Pound, which Dot
son claims by 150 voles or more,
lie also claims Dickeusou coun?
ty by the same amount.
Precincts tinny Doijon
ImboUou . m
Virgin)* City. V!S
Tscouia . . 18
St. Itul. 80
li.onol Top TU
Ulaekwood. ?>
Koarini; Kork . If>
Appalachla. 17
Ka*l Stone Gap. 7
Not ton . 2.'i8
III? Stone (tap 87
Wise. 43
Pound (estimated). 1M)
Dlekenaou County (eatl.), 60
Total. 172 OtH
In the local oloction Trinkle
received u majority of 111,
while Dotson received 87. be?
low et the vote each candidate
received >,
Governor.?Trinklo, 37d: An
demon, 206; Mitchell, 12.
biet. Governor.?Wost, 383;
Hassinitor, 2-12; Muller, 4; Nash,
See. of Coin.?Jainos, 385;Par
sons, 260: Bacchus, 19,
Stute Treasurer. ? Johnson.
.'tTti; Flanagan, 270; Jackson, 29,
Bupl. Public of Instruction.?
Mart, :t77; Otoy, 202; YValkor,22.
Ootn, Agri. antl lmigrutinn.?
Adams, 392; Twigg, 2(iti.
Senate. ? No opposition?Ser
gont, .'>:i7.
House of Dologates, ? llugy,
:ttl5; Dot noil, 392.
Trinity M, K. Church, South,
Hev. H.ii Itoynolds, P. C.. J s.
Humiden, S. S. Supt., 0 \V
Menuett, Kpworlh League pri n
idont, Mrs. tili-, Mouser, presi?
dent of Woman's Missionary
Society, Sunday school 10:00
a. m., preachitiit 11:00 n m by
the pastor. Subject, "Melho
dist Missiontirios." S. ninr
League 7:30 p in. Preaching at
Kust Stone (inp 7:30 p in
Pray et meeting every Wednes?
day evening 7:;u> Qood music
overy gor vice. Cornel
Our Mr. Moore will be at the
Monte Vista Hotel November
15 und 20, taking Christmas or
He would he glad to have you
call whether you purchase or
not Will have Iii? usual oh*,
gunt line of Watches, Jewelry,
Silverware and nil latest Nov?
I). B, Ityi.and Company;
adv-16-47 Bristol, Virginia.
Interstate Itallroad Company
Julia Banner el al.
Take notice lliat tlie undersigned, hav?
ing been appointed Sjieoial Commissioner
in ilir above cause, now ponding i" the
Circuit Court of Wise County, Virginia,
by decree dated November -I. 1031, to io,
certain tho Hens, If any, anil their priority
ou tho fund paid Into add court by thu
complainant to tlio credit of Raid cause
and to whom and hi what proportion said
fund should bo paid, in order to make said
Inquiry will sit In Ids office in the Town
of Norton, Virgluia, on the 2Sth day of
November, 1021, in order tu execute said
dcoreo when and where all persons inter?
ested are requested to attend.
This November 9, 1921.
40-40 S|?ecial Commissioner.
Interstate Railroad Company
' v.
.Sue Trent ot al.
Take notice that the uuderslgued, hav?
ing been ap|M>intod Special Commissioner
in the above cause, now pending In the
Circuit Court of Wise Couiily, Virgilila,
by decree dated November I. 1921, to as?
certain the liens, it any, and their priority
ou the fund paid Into said court by (lie
complainant to the credit of said cause
and lo whom and In what proportion said
fund should be paid, in elder lo iinsc
said inquiry ?ill sit at Iii!' '.'Hire in the
Town of Norton, Virginia, on the 28th
day of November, 1931, in order in oxe
cute said decree when and where all per- !
sons Interested are requested to attend
Tills November '.'. 1921.
J. I.. CAMItl.OS.
45-10 Special Cdinmisstonor. j
Interstate Knilro.nl Company
J; I), (lay et all
Take notice that the undersigned, hav?
ing been appointed Special Commissioner
in the above cause, now pending in the
Circuit Court of \Vi?u Court, Virginia,
by decree dated November I. 1921, 10 as
rcrlain the liens. If any, and their priori?
ty on tile fund paid into said court by (he
complainant to the credit ol said cause
anil tn whom and in what priqHirtmu said
fund should be paid. In enter to (linke
said luqnlry will sit at his office in tin
Town of Norton, Virginia, en the 'Jsih
day of November, 1921, in order lo exe?
cute said decree when and where til per
sonn interested are requested lo attend.
This November 9, 1921
J. It. CAMItl.OS,
??ft-10 Special Commissioner.
Interstate llallroad Company
Alice llornej el al.
Take notice thai the Undersigned, hav?
ing been ap|*iiiito.: Special Ciiiiiniissiuiicr
in the above cause, new pending in die
Circuit Court uf Wise County, virgluia,
by decree dated November 4, 1931, to as?
certain the liens, if any, and their priori?
ty mi the fund paid Into said court by tho
complainant to the credit of said cause
ami (a whom and in what pro|Klrtloil said
fund should lie paid, in in,lei t.like said
inquiry will sit at Ids office in ihr Town
of Norton, Virginia, on the 2s|h day ol
November, 1921, in order to execute said
decree when and whcic.ill persons Inter?
ested nre requested to attend.
This November 9, 1921,
.1. I.. 0AM1H.0S,
4ft- is Special Gonunisstonor
I ntcrstatc Itallroad ? 'nnqiany
Kflie M. Young et al.
Take notice that the Ulldonilglied, hav?
ing been appointed Special Couinilashinot
in the above cause, now pending in the
Circuit Court of Wise County, Virginia,
I by decrco dated November I, 1931, to as
I curtain the Ileus, If any, aiid then priority
[on tho fund paid Intoaaki court by the
complainant to the credit of the said cause
and lo whom and in w hat prO|H)rlloll said
fund should be paid, in order t.ike said
inquiry w ill ail at Ids office In the Town of
I Norton, Virginia, oil the 28th day of No?
vember, 1921, in order to execute said de?
cree w hen and where ail persona interest -
ed are requested to atteild,
'lids November 9, 1921.
J. I. CAM I'd.US.
, 4.1- ill S|.tat Comintsatoiicr.
luteratalu Railroad Company
l?aUto l\ Jackson el ?I.
Take, notice tint tin* umlcrelgiMdi hav?
ing bceu appointed Special (taniniiaKlnitor
lu tin* above oatiau? now pending In the
Circuit Court of \Visc Comity, Virginia;
by decree dated Novombor l lt?2l, 10 as
corlaiu the liens, if any. -tint their priority
mi tin' run i iKiid Intoaatd court by the
uomplalnaiit to ihe credit of said cauae
aud to "1..ami in what proportion w?hl
fuml shouM in* o?ld, in order to make
f-.u.i inquiry will alt at hla office in Ihe
Town of Norton) Virginia, ou tlie 08th
day of November. 1041, in tinier loexo
eilte aaid decree when and where ?Ii per??
vir. Ihtercatcd are ntojucated to attend,
Thu Xovtintier-O, isril.
J. I. CAM It Los,
15*441 ?jteolal Couiintalonor.
1 will Hit nl the following places on tlio dates mentioned to
collect 1U21 tiixc?.
Knut Stone (lap Post Office, Tuesday, Novombor ?lh.
Appaluchia, Clear Check Water Company Office, Thursday,
Friday aud Saturday, November 10th, 1 Ith and Pith, and Mon?
day and Tuesday, Novombor 2tUh and 20th.
Intnan Commiaeary, Tuesday, November 16th.
Linddu Commissary, Wudnosduy, November ICtb.
Stonegu Coiumissiiry..Tbursday, November 17th.
ltoda Commissury, Friday, Novombor 18lh.
Arno CommissarySaturday, November tOth.
lmbodt-u Commissary, Monday. November '2l?t.
Exeter Commissary, Tuesday, November 22ml.
Hig Stone (Jap, W. K. Wainpler A: Company's Store, Friday
and Saturday, November 25th and 2(!th ani Wednesday, Novem?
ber 3Utti aud Thursday, December 1st.
All lax payers in the Richmond District nro requested to see
either mo or C. F, Blantoti, between now and December 1st, in
order to pay their tuxes,as a penalty of 6 per cent, will be added
to all in,collected taxes af er that date.
W. C. ELKIN8, Deputy Treasurer.
Of Big Stone Gap, Va.
To Clothe the Poor and Needy
Save Your
Old Clothes, Shoes and Hats
Allowed on Old Clothes for New Merchandise
Bought at Our Store
The following prices will be allowed for old clothes in exchange for
new merchandise. All articles of clothing taken in at this sale will he
driven to the Red Cross anil local charities for distribution among the poor
of our town.
Men's Suits.$2*00 Old Blankets .50
fair of Shoes. 1.00 Stockings, per pair.05
Hats . 1.00 Ladies'presses. 1.00
Ladies' Coats .. . t .00 Men's Shirts .10
Ladies'Skirts. 1.00 Towels. .05
Men's Trousers.50 Did Sweaters.50
Underwear, per garment ... .25
Tobe Allowed When Purchasing New Merchandise Only
Automobiles at Sacrifice Prices
I have in stock the following automobiles that
I will sell at bargain prices for cash:
1 Nash 1921 Sport Model equipped with Front Bumper, Mpto Me?
ter, Wind Deflectors. Regular price $1,931.00.
Sale Price.$1,650.00
I Chevrolet 1921 Model F. B. Touring Car. Regular price $1125.00
Sale Price.'.$900.00
3 Chevrolet 490?1922 Model Touring Cars, great improvcn.ci.1
over old models, having ;> new differential with spiral cut drive
gears and center emergency brake. Regular price $625.00.
Sale Price.$550.00
I Chevrolet 1921 Model Light Delivery Car. Regular price $625.00.
Sale Price.$495.OO
1 second hand 1921 Model Chevrolet Touring Car in good condi?
tion, used only for demonstrator. Sale Price $300.00
I second hand Chevrolet 1918 Model Touring Car in good
condition. Sale Price..'."..$250.00
This is >?n unusual chance to purchase a good car at it price
unheard of before in this section, [f you arc interested in any ol
the above listed ears phone or see me at once, as they will not
remain unsold Long at these extremely low prices.
I. A. MORRIS, Big Stone Gap, Va.
Treats diseases of the Bye, Bar, N'nec
and Throat.
will l>? lu Appalachla K1HST KKII>aS
in each mouth until ;t I'. M.
Ii. 15. jltox;
Civil and Mining Engineers
Biff Stono Gap. Va. Harlan,Ky
IteporUi and oatimat?? on Coal and Tint
bor I ?11.1?, IWign and l'laua of Coal and
Coko I'lanta, IjuhI, llailruad and Min.
Kngineurtng, Kloctrio 111 no t'riutitig.
Dr. G.O. ft?neycutt
OfHoo In Willi? Building nvoi Mmi!a.
I'rug Stole
Dr. .I.A. G ilmer
Ph)idclan and Surgeon
OK KICK?Up Hlaiis in Kelly lluildlug,
ue\l door to Motile Vista Hotel.
Big Stone Gap, Vi.
R. A. At.
Meet* third Thniairiay ot i ?
month at 8 p. in. Maaouic H ill
Viaiiiug companions welcome.
0. I). VANG.Kill H I'
J. II. MAT1IKW8, ?O0 )
A. P. & A. M.
Meets second Tbnraday of i<w"
> month al s p. m, Masonic Hall
\ iMiin / brethren wolconio.
II. U. Suuii', W. Vi
J. II. Matiikv i, S*f i

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