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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 18, 1922
Publ ?IimI Every Wednesday by the ?
Ono Year.
Six Months,
Throo Month*
Kntored according to postal regulations
Kt the post-ollloo at 111k Stone tlap s? see
otid-oliigs matter.
Before exhausting all of its
energies in attempting lb re
stort> normal conditions ami a
prospect of peace throughout
the world it would he well for
the government to devote a lit-'
tie time and elfort toward sup?
pressing the reign of banditry
llint in sweeping over our own
land. In the hnloyou days of
the "wild and woolly went,"
when had men thrived und the
six-gun ruled, respectable citi-l
icons found it iioccsanry to baud
themselves together as vigilance ;
committees in order to suppress
lawlessness when the courts'
und the sheriffs and marshals
failed. They took tin? law into
their own hands, decorated con.
venient trees with the worst of!
the desperadoes, and served no?
tice on others thai their health
would be best coiiHerved by a
hasty departure The vigilante
methods ware rather crude, hut
highly effective, und inol with;
the populur approval of respec?
tability ami decency. <tf uourso
we would hardly recommend a I
similar course to the law abid?
ing citizens of our large cuiitei *
of population whore crime nour?
ishes ami is on the increase, hut
surely Home olfeolivn notion |
will noon become necoBsaly if
We are to prevoilt this country
from falling into the hands of
mi element that has no regard
for anything tint their own will
When pride leaves a Commu?
nity prosperity generally goes
with it. We might keep this
fact in mind in this town, and
make plans lor it general (dean
up and spruce up when spring
begins to open. The man who
has no pride in bis burrouud
ingH possesses little ambition to
advance in life Vor that rea?
son he dobs not become one of
those energetic boosters and
producers who are the "mak?
ing" of a community. Let us
make 102'2 a year of pride In our
homes, ami our people, and our
agricultural and commercial
activities. Pride may come by
fore a fall, but it is a fact tbut
it also serves to keep many a
fellow oo bis feet.
Tbe fellow wbo tries to please
everybody is never satisfied
w itb biuiBelf.
If all people wore required to
livo on what they honestly earn
we fear some of our illustrious
millionaires would starvo to
We have no doubt there uro
still some honest men left in
the world. At least they claim
to be.
You can genorully tell when
im otricc holder is neu ring the
end of his term Mis smile won't
come off
The difference between the
last war and the next one will
be principally the time inter
When a man can truthfully
Bay lie is not interested in his
wife's gowns it is a cinch be
doesn't pay for them.
Attended Funeral at Rogers
W. II. Uurnes and son. Hugh,
spent a few days at Rogers,
ville last week, where they at?
tended the funeral a <d burial
of Mr. Climes'sister, Mrs. A. K.
McOIUre, on Saturday.
Miss Mary Murriinan, who is
attending school at Martha
Washillgton College, spent Sat?
urday in the Gup tbe guest of
Mr and Mis. I. .1. Horton, en
route to Abiiigdon to resume
her studies, alter spending the
holidays at Joiiesvlllo with her
First National Bank Stock?
holders Meet.
The stockholders of the First
National Bank of Appalachia
I mot Tuesday for the first time
at the new hank building for
! their annual meeting. The re
I ports showed u grout increase
of business during the lust
I your, in fuct, u greater amount
Iof business wits doli?! than in
liny of the previous vears. All
I the directors were re-elected:
('. F. Bl?hton, George Jenkins,
IE, J. l'rescolt, Uiin Monset',
: Ii. L. Miller, Dr. 0. B. Howyer,
j H. L. Kuller und Dr. lt. W, Hol
ley. The ofllcors of the hank,
C. I*'. Bl?hton, president; Ueo.
Jenkins, \ ice-president; W. A.
'Jones, cashier; 1). S. Moody
and Miss Nora Wynn, clerks,
were also re-elected.?Cumbor
I land Progressive.
Made to SuitYourTaste
We luve for ytart c?lcred to the cigarette
tmotcrt of Amerie?.
With toil *\f>rrwn?f, we created One Eleven ?
"111" ?"Mid? to Suit Your Title." of the
world't Ihree jrreaieit cigarette tohaccot.
I - TURKISH, for Aronu
I - VIRCINIA. for Mudnm
. -BURLEY. for MeUowne??
We mint J them One Eleven?the addrcu of our
borne ofVice. We ere proud of their tucceti.
Have You Tried Them ?
'New Company
Succeeds Mineral Motor Com?
pany at Norton.
The Greever Motor Sale9, Inc.,
is the name of the new company
that succeeds the Mineral Motor
Company here, a division having
lieen made in the Ford service
and sales territory.
The principal stockholders of
the new !irm arc I'. I). ?rcover
and It. A. Greever, who will
have charge of the business. The
territory given them lakes in
Norton, Oooburn and Clint-wood.
The main ofliee will he at Nor?
ton, in the building heretofore
occupied by the Mineral Motor
Company, whoso headquarters
are at Big Stone Gap.
P. D. Creever has beeil man?
ager of the Norton Ford sales
and service agency for two years,
and his brother, U. A. Creever,
whs with the Big Stone Cap of
fice until the change in territory
was made. Both are splendid
business men und highly esteem?
ed citizens.
Improvements in the local
house, as well as in those at i'oe
bliril and Clint wood, an.ntcm
plated for early commencement,
and a more extensive service is
being arranged for.?Crawford's
Christian Endeavor.
January is "publicity month"
for Christian Endeavor in Dixie,
and by the lust of the month
every endeavor should be able
Ito feel that every individual in
I every church which does nut
have a deiiiuomiuatioiutl organ?
isation know-at least something
about Christian F.mleavor, its
history, its record und its fu?
ture plans, and especially about
"Christian Budeuvor in Dixie,"
of which all Christian Kill lea
vors are so proud
Christian Endeavor was start
ad by Dr. Francis F.. (hark, in
the WiliiHiou Congregational
church, Portland, Maine, Feb?
ruary 2, 1881, with no thought
of the movement nvor being
used outside of that em-church.
Christian F.mleavor is now
used in every country on the
globe, ami has 80,000 societies
with l.ono,iioo members, ami is
used in 87 denominations.
Throughout Ihn world the
Methodist? lead in the number
of their Christum Endeavor
societies; the Presbyterians of
various names come next; the
Disciples of Christ und the Blip
lists third; the Reformed
churches fourth; the Congrcgn
tioualists fifth; the Lutherans
sixth, otc.
In our own country the order
is PreBbyteriun, Disciples, Bap?
tists, Reformed, Methodists,
('on g reg at ion al is ts, Lot hei ans.
As a rule the Methodist und
Baptist churches use their own
denominational society, but
there are a goodly number ol
Christian EnrJoavor societies in
the branches of these churches
in our southern states.
The fourth all-south Christ
tan Endeavor Convention will
be held ut Hot Springs, Ark.,
Juli KI-17, 1022. The governor
of Arkansas, Hon. Thomas C.
McRaO, will deliver the opening
address. The goal for the con?
vention is 1,000 registered dele?
gates und each state in Dixie
titiB been apportioned a pari of
this goal.
The Cbriitian Endeavor of
the Gap started the New Year
: with an enrollment of about
'forty members. On last Sunday
'night A. L. Holtun was the
leader of a verj interesting pro.
gram. There were thirty-five
members present mid thirty-two
visitors. On next Sunday night
Miss Martha Hugi will be (he
leatler with "Buying und Sell?
ing" as the subject. All the
young people of the (lap are in
v lied to come.
Notice to Tax Payers.
In order to avoid a five per
cent, penalty all town tuxes, in?
cluding dog tax, must bo paid
on or before February 1st. The
council extended the time for
payment until that time, after
which the penalty will bo ad
dud and payments enforced.
3-4 P. H. Kennkdy,
Honesty is the host policy,
but not always the most prof?
Dental Clinic for White School
Children to be Opened
January 19.
Dr. Reginald Langhome, of
Richmond, bus been engaged
by the bureau of child welfare
of the Suite Hoard of Health to
conduct a seri?s of dental clin?
ics in Witte county for the ben?
efit of the school children. This
clinic will open January 19 at
Purdue and will continue for
one month. Statistics show
that children with defective
teeth are ?fter retarded in their
school progress and frequently
the state pays double the allot?
ted amount for their education.
The stale finds it cheaper to
send dentists out to correct
these defects than to keep the
child in school so loni;. All
over the country these clinics
are now being held for the hen
etit of the stuto's future etti
isons. This clinic will bo under
the direction of the Wise Coun?
ty Health Department and the
county s ll p e r i n t e u d e Ii t of
The approximate cost of run?
ning the clinic is four hundred
dollars a month, The state al?
lows euch county one half of
the cost. The remainder is
raised out of the receipts taken
in at the clinic. All children
of widows or disabled fathers
will he taken free. A fee of lif
ty cents per extraction or tilling
will he charged all who an; able
to pay. The clinic will he open
-to inspection from " ti. in. to 5
p. m.
Moves Into New Building.
P. A Baker, who has been
conducting a garage business in
the Summorfield building on
Wood avenue, has moved into
new quarters on Kast Fifth
street into a building '20x80
feet that was completed the first
of last weck. it was erect?
ed especially to meet the
requirements of an up-to-date
garage and Mr. Baker is now
ready to take care of quite u
bit of business in the way of re?
pair work. He will soon add
another room at the rear of this
building to be used especially
for storage battery service and
expects to have an expert iu
charge of this when equipped.
A portion of the front pail of
(he building has buen petition?
ed off for an office room, and
plenty of heal is furnished for
the entire building by a modern
heating plant. .Sir. Baker is
also agent for the Maxwell cars
in this community.
Harry Shannon Players at the
Ainuzu Theater To-night.
Harry Sbunnan and bis fa?
mous players will open a four
day engagement at the theater
to-night and we feel that there
will bo a packed house to greet
them. The opening play, Cap
uy Kicks, is a New York suc?
cess and is one of tbu best com
medies of the day. New scou
ery, new vaudeville und new
music by the Shannon Orches?
tra will bo n feature.
Seats are now on sale at the
Kolly Drug Company.
Tbe rest of tbe plays of the
week will bo announced from
tho stage and a groat week is in
store for tho theater patrons of
Big Stono Gap.?adv.
Are You Hard to Fit?
Is ComingI
Statistics prove that only ONE man in
in every THIRTY-THREE is built to the
so-called perfect proportions.
Here's ONE way to get a perfect fit
and satisfaction. Have YOUR suit "Nee?
dle-Molded" to your measurements a n d
description by
The Globe Tailoring Company
of Cincinnati
Thus fitting your figure and personality.
A perfect fit, finest of workmanship and a
style that suits YOU best. GIVE US A
TRIAL. The Globe Man will be with its on
JAN. 23rd and 24th
with a complete line of Fabrics and Fash?
ions. Woolens shown in full length drapes.
Don't fail to see this wonderful line;
orders taken for immediate or future delivery
We can take care of your wants for any
amount and we handle the best obtainable,
"The Famous Black Mountain" the coal that
speaks for itself. Phone us your orders when
Iin need. We deliver anywhere.
Flour, Meal, Feed, Hay, Grain
We have a complete stock in our grainery
and can furnish you any amount you may
want. Our prices delivered to you are:
Cracker Jack Dairy Kation 2t? Protein . $2.40
Cracker Jack Dairy Feed iSj? Protein.2.40
Butter Nut Dairy Feed |6? Protein.2.30
Corn Feed Meal or Hominy Meal m?rlap bag).2.1?
Corn Feed Meal or Hominy Meal (cotton bag).2.20
Gray Shorts (as good as Nonesuch).2.25
Special A t Mixed Feed (Bran and Shorts). 1.90
A-1 Wheat Bran. 1.60
Cotton Seed Meal 41$ Prime . 3.15
Linseed Oil Meal.....'.3.50
Pigrow (Digester tankage) fine for hogs and pigs...3.50
C.& J. Special Horse and Muh' all grain sweet feed 2.50
Cracker Jack Horse and Mule Sojt grain " feed 2.40
Pi D. Q. Horse and Mule 60^ grain sweet leed....2.30
P; D. Q. Chicken Feed too lb bags, per bag.3.00
P. D. Q. Kgg Masli 21 percent protein, too lbs...3.00
No. 1 White Oats in 4 bushel sacks, per bushel_ 75c
No. 1 Yellow Corn in 2'< bushel sacks, pet bushel 1.00
Salt, per too pound bag .1.80
You can order Chicken Feed, Fgg Mash and Salt by the
pound it you wish and Oats and Corn by the bushel. We
(appreciate your order, large or small.
We have two high grades of Flour that ranks with the
ihighest grades on the market:
I "Zabels Star" 24 pound bag.$1.25
"Zabel s Star' 196 pound barrel (wood).10.50
"bluffy" (its line.) 24 pound bag. 1.25
I Pearl Meal, Hudnuts Hexagan Brand, 24 lb. bag. 55c
Give Us A Trial Order. Let Us Convince Yon.
Our Hay
We buy ditect from farm to you.
No. 1 Alfalfa, per hundred pounds. 1.90
No. 1 Clover, per hundred pounds . 1.85
No. t Clover and Timothy mixed, per hundred... 1.80
No. 1 Timothy, per hundred pounds. 1.80
Let its do your hauling. We haul anything or
move you anywhere. Try us and be satisfied.
Our Motto: Service and Quality.
Big Stone Gap Fuel & Feed Co.
I ncorporated
Home 0! "Famous Black Mouutaiu Goal."
I Phone 239. A. P. Hammond, Manager.
It is unlawful for dogs 10 be
on street!' unless they ore muz''
vded. On account of mud dog
having bitten several dogs in
town the police am instructed
to kill all dogs on streets with
jout muzzle. Keep your dog
confined on your own premises.
I W. J. Iioast.KY, Mayor.
Would Prohibit Horse-Swap?
Richmond, Jan. 10.-- Delegate
Simeon, representing Ta/nwell
[ami Bur Unnau, today offered a
bill in the General Assembly to
[prohibit horse-swupping within
ten miles of on association held
by regular Buptial, Missionary
Baptist, or Primitive Baptist

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