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The Big Stone Gap Post.
No. 8
Virginia's 75
Mile Link
In Lonesome Pine Trail Ready
Before Year's End.
Soventy-flvo miles of the Lone?
some Pine Trail direct north ami
south future trunk highway lead?
ing from Ironton, Ashland ami
Huntington on the Ohio river on
tho north, to Knoxville and
Ashevillc on Ihe south?lie in
Of this 7? miles, a 50-ihile
continuous stretch from Jones
villi-, comity scat of Lee, on
through tho thriving towns of
Pohnington Gap,, Uig Stone Gap)
Appulacliia. Norton and Win-,
(old Gludcvillci, tin- county seal
of Wist.untv. to Glaiiiorgnh,
is already a hard surface road in
excellent condition, a largo part
of it heilig bituminous macadam
or concrete.
< >f the ten miles from tin- Ten?
nessee line to .loocsvillu sevon
mill's are v\oil graded and drain?
ed ready for inacadani surface,
and tlio hec county hoard of sit
pt-rvisor- has already made linttn
cial arrangements to thoroughly
grade and drain tin- remaining
llireo miles iioxt to the'IV'nnon
steo lino as soon us w.calhcr con
ditious permit m tho -pring.
While tin-* section may liiil be
macadamized for tW?'year's yet,
by midsummer tho whole section
should In- in excellent shape, af?
fording easy and comfortable au?
tomobile travel.
Qreal Progress Expected,
(in tin- northerinosl li ft eon
mill's of the Virginia road, how
ever, is w here great progress will
be made this year. Beginning
at the big pine in the Virginia
Kentucky line in the Pound (jap
on toji of Cumberland .Mountain,
w hich legend attributes Id have
been the try sting place oi June
Toliver, the Virginia lligfiwny
commission made a survey last
year down i iuinberland mountain
to "The Pound,'' a beautiful lit?
tle valley settlement on Pound
river, one of the headwater" of
the Pig Sandy.
This survey follows in part the
old trail, but is four miles long.
The Wise county board of super
visors has already secured legis
lative authority under a Virgin?
ia law to lend the Slate llighu ay
Commission if 180,000 to build
this section, and the contract
will be let in the early spring.
It will be a model road with easy
grades and curves and an asphalt
macadam surface 18 feel w ide.
Improved Al llea\> Cost.
Front the pound up Indian
i'reek to the top of the mountain
hack of Glamorgan is nine miles.
Thin road was graded and drain?
ed at heavy cost ten years ago,
and is in good condition for com?
fortable unto travel almost
t llrOUgllOIlt t he year.
However,at the request of the
citizens of Hie Pound district
the Wise county hoard tit super?
visors w ill petit ion the cont i io
order an elect ion fur $120,000 of
district bonds to lay a bitumi?
nous macadam surface on this
nine mile sect ion.
A large majority of the volets
are pledged to the proposal and
contracts will be lei in the early
The two miles from the top of
the mountain to Glamorgan is
not macadamized, but out of a
former bond issue it. was well
graded, surfaced, drained and
cindered, mid it will be kept in
good condition tit nil times.
Therefore in another ten
months one can expect to travel
the entire 76 miles of the Vir?
ginia section of the Lonesome
I'me Trail in the utmost comfort
through the rich blue grass farm
land- of Lee and over the fast
developing coal lands ol Wise.
Nearly every mile will reveal
scenic beauties and recreational
opportunities unsurpassed in
Summer llutcl in Prospect,
based upon these assurances
and upon report- of expected
construction progri ss on the Ken?
tucky ?ection of tin- highway,
responsible persons are already
planning the const met ion of u
big summer hotel with other fa?
cilities and attractions tit Hig
Steile tiap lo partially lake care
of the anticipated big influx of
tourists lipon ihe completion of
the highway.
Norton and Appalachiu have
id ready laid coiicretu'iispliall
pavements on their main streets
along tin- highway. Hig Stone
tiap iias in hand $110,000 ami has
ulverlised for bids for ?120,000
of bonds, with which to build a
tliree Utile concrete pavement
along tin- highway to its eastern
corpora I (t limits. The prelimi?
nary engineering work is nearly
completed and construction con?
tract- will be let in less than 00
In addition ti this highway
I. county has many miles of
good hard surface roads leading
through rich fanning seel ions
and into its Hhick Mountain coal
lleldsi Wise rioiiiity has a per
feel net work of good macadam
road- connecting its several pro?
gressive towns with all its large
and neatly all its small coal and
coke camps and villages as well
as many, outlying farming and
orchard communities.
Added StiuU.OUU Spent.
In addition to more than fl,
iliiii,iioi) -pent in mad construc?
tion eight loten years ago, the
l!ig Stone Gap And Norton dis?
tricts have in the lust two years
spent ?U00,00O. t'onstruction
contracts let last year in the
eastern Olid of the county lo be
completed this year involve an
expenditure of more than $:t?i>,
000. This last is slate highway
work, and when completed there
will be through hard-surface
roads lo Muelield, W. Va., and
beyond and to Ahiugdoii, Ya.,
on Ihe Lee highway, over which
it i- confidentially expected,
within Ihe next two years, one
can travel to Washington with?
out passing over a single stretch
of anything other than good and
well maintained hard-surface
Ada Jones and
Her Own Company
Thousands ol people have heard the
voice! of America's best known conieUl
ennu ADA JONES on the) phonograph
und now they will have Uia,oppQrtiinlty
und pleasure el' hearing and seeing her
I in person ul lie- High School Auditorium
on Fob. Hind. As long as lifo lusts we
shall each of us who see and hear Ada
.linns recall the tin ills uiul delights of
her records. Miss Jones from the vary
stall holds her audience captive with
Ilm melodious beauty of her voice ami
win- the hearts and admiration of all
who hear her and her ilellghtful com
Lenten services will bo held
every Wednesday evening at
5:30 o'clock beginning Wednes?
day March 1st, Ue.v. Paul Hunt?
ington olliciatiug.
Robert Burton Bird.
The entire community was
shocked lust Friday to lt;arn of
the sudden death of Robert Bird.
11 in illness was so brief that
many of the close friends of the
family did not know of it until
they heard that tu> hud passed,
u way.
Robert was the third child of
.Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Bird, of
Big Stone Hup. He was born
on September 20, 1.008 Ho was
a handsome little follow as a
child, and attracted much at?
tention when oh the street be?
cause of his quiet manners and
bis beautiful hair. From a
child bis dignified demeanor
was a decided characteristic of
his lift", and was observed by
all who knew him. Among his
companions, he was a real boy,
loved ai|d udmirtid by all. His
seiend career and record in his
studies were especially com?
mendable, lie was ready for
the high school ami entered the
lirsl year's work last fall before
he passed bis thirteenth birth?
day. His teachers testify that
be performed bis school duties
very faithfully. He mustered
bis studies with dolorminatiou
and earnestness, and looked up
on the imitier of securing an
education as of utmost impor?
tance In bis home, on the
streets of the town, on the cam?
pus of the public school and in
the class room, bis conduct was
alway s exemplary . When these
things can ho truthfully said of
a hoy in his thirteenth year; it|
is very evident that In- must
have possessed unusual ipiali
ties of heart and mind. Several
years ago Robert '"ado a public
profession of bis faith in the
Lord Jesus i'In ist, and united
wall the Methodist Kpiscopal
church, South, of tile < lap. His
pastor and bis Sunday school
teacher testify that be was very
liulhfill in the performance of
bis religious duties.
He was stricken with illtlll
en/.a about two weeks before
bis dentil, but was soon out
ttguiu, and bad resumed bis du?
ties at school. tin Tuesday be
suffered a very serious relapse
which rapidly developed into
acute (flight's disease, and in
spite of every thing that love
and medical skill could do for
his relief, be fell asleep about
six o'clock on Friday morning.
This was exactly one week after
be went out for the lirsl lime
after recovering from the at?
tack of iutluenzu. During this
last illness he suffered a great
deal, bill through it all be re
remainud quiet and patient.
No one heard a Word of com?
plaint from him. He is surviv?
ed by bis parents, two brothers
' und one sister.
The funeral services were con
dueled from the M. F. Church,
South, on Saturday afternoon
at two o'clock by bis pastor,
Rev. R Gi Reynolds^ asst.-.:..,I
by Rev. James M. Smith, of the
Presbyterian church. The au?
ditorium was tilled to overflow?
ing with sorrowing friends, and
many beautiful floral designs
bore silent testimony to the love
and esteem of sympathizing
friends for this manly tioy.
The following classmates
served as active pall bearers.
Junior Gillyj Charles lingers,
Kussel! Snlyer, Qilmer I bender,
Leonard Garrison, Frank Pot?
ter, Joe Little and Kobert Ma
The i n let incut was made in
GleilCUU cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. Bird ami their
children have the eireelionate
sympathy of our entire column
nity in their sudden bereave
ment The hoys and girls of the
town have had the privilege of
association with a splendid hoy,
whose character should be an
inspiration to them for the fu?
A Card of Thanks.
We lake Ibis method of es
pressing our thanks and appre?
ciation to our friends for the
many deeds of kindness und
sympathy during ibe iliuossund
deutii of our dear sou and broth?
er, Robert. Moro especially do
we feel indebted to the school
classes and faculty ami our
friends who ho generously fur?
nished their cars.
Mr. and Mrs. Cburles K. Bird,
.Miss Anna Hint,
Edward and Charles Bird.
Hard jobs are only hard to
those who think them hard.
Iron Resources
of This Section Said to be
Unrve Young, recognized a
one of the beat posted men in
Lee county oil the iron resources
start- away hack 100 years ago
when Mr. Cogor started a fur?
nace at Litton Mills, also the
furnace started at Halo- Kohl ?0
years ago.
It certainly is interesting lo
listen to a man of Mr. Voting's
intelligence and long experience
tell of the incident- encountered
in his long life among the Lee
county hills.
Mr. Young is one of the very
few who has faith in the belief
that iron in Lee county i- the
same as Birmingham ami is ?hat
the geological map shows it to be.
Mr. Young has interviewed sev?
eral of the government geologi?
cal men (he pas! III year-, also
some of the big furnace men
I from Alabama and they all hack
Shim up in his content ion that
this -ante Wallen"- ridge which
j furnishes Birmingham her iron
is Ihe same which terminate- at
Ka-t Stone (lap and Ihe same
veins of iron of the same thick?
ness do appear and ate exposed
in several places in l.ee county.
Mr. Young relates some argu?
ments he IlltS had with Bn11(1 I'd
Thurston on the location of one
of the main veins of iron which
can be followed for mile- in the
mountain side by the tact el' the
-now melting on it when other
places the snow doe- not melt.
Mr. Voting recalls .-bowing
some of these iron butcroppiitgs
to .1. K. Tiiggurt some 80 years
back ami Mr. I'aggarl playfully
accused Mr. Young of salting the
Mr. Voting optioned a great
deal of this iron laud for Goo. I..
Carter u number of years back,
but some of the large owners re?
fused to give the option- and the
i plans fell through.
Mr. Young heartily approves
the efforts of the Big Stone Gap
Ad flub to agitate and stir Up
Ihe interest among the iron hind
land owners of Lee county with
a view of getting Uenry Ford rir
-nine of the big northern million
a ires to see the opportunity in
our iron and he (eels -tire Ihe
lime will come that he will be
able to give -ome help and in?
formation when some of the big
fellows come round looking (he
prospect OVe| .
Tho writer asked Mr. Young
to give an approximate guess at
the number of tons of iron ore in
Lee county and the only way lie
would estimate it was a- more
Inns of iron in Lee than ton- of
coal in Harlan.
The Big Stone (lap Ad Oltlh is
in close touch with the associa?
tion at Bristol and Johnson City
that are buck of Ihe etforl to or?
ganize all the iron interests in
tho Bristol trade territory und
bring certain facts before Mr.
Kord and his associates regarding
this iron.
This? movement has only got
started and there is mountains of
work before this association,
.1. 0. Williams, of the South?
ern Railway development service
is lending his co-operation and
will send one of bis live wire as?
sistants to Big Stone Gap in Hie
near future, when it is hoped to
have several important iron in?
terests present with a view of
starting a permanent effort for
(Southwestern Virginia.
This territory embraces all of
Lee and certain parts of Scott
and Wise.
Major Campbell, of Johnson
City, secretary of the parent as?
sociation, is in correspondence
, with the Big Stone Uap Ail Club
leaders and no doubt will In- one
of the leading speakers at the
proposed meeting.
Thai Big Stone tlap can make
I iroii in com pet ion with the whole
nation i> a tact that the Ad Club
hopes to make a part of a big
publicity in view and there is no
reason why that town should not
swell up with a sense of pride,
knowing that someday it will be
one of the iron centers as well as
a knitting mill and spinning
center. The big industrial assbl
which Bio Stone (lap has in her
water works with the possible
[lower which is sure to be har?
nessed from the fall of this water
I llio feet from the .lam on Big
Cherry and the cheap electric
power made at the mines' mouth
are all a part of the -Ail Club's
ambition when the club can be
placed on a permanent basis,
lltg Stone Gap has woke up.
I'll,- land interests are getting
llieir heiid? tilget her and Und it
is purely a mailer ol business.
Mie big bond issue f,,r modern
-Hei- I- alia part of I he greater
Big Si. t lap.
I'iVery citizen inust shoulder
hi- pail of this effort and join
the Ad Club and give the town
ever) ehi.o.?Powell Valley
Music Study
The I'.ig Stone flap MUSIC
St ml \ Club met lit the homo ol
Wrs/Malcolm Smith mi Wed
nesduy, February 16th. Nevin
was Iho SllbjObl lot the after?
noon, and roll call was answer?
ed with sketches and Stories ol
I iho great American musician.
In the abseii.if the presi
Ideal, Miss Mary Ramsey, .Mrs
I McCoruiiek look the chair
I lo re I eilig no vice-president
to take the place of Miss It im
Sey| who was recently elected
president, nominations were to
order and -Mrs. McConniok was
nominated and elected vice
.Motion was made and carried
that the members inform the
hostess prior io each meeting,
whether or not they will intend,
in order that the llosleSri may
know bow m my to expect. Af?
ter the business of the day was
linishtjd the following program
was rendered and thoroughly
enjoyed by those present:
Heading "Sketch uf Kevin's Life"
.Mis Malcolm Smith
Heading ''Sketch of Life and Heath ol
Mm. Itiish
Violin Solo. "Uive Song".R, Kevin
Mliii Ueih SUugart
Vocal Solo," Necklace of hove' .K Kevin
Mrs. I. I', Taylor
Piami Solo, ''Good Night' K Nevin
Mrs .1. II. Mathewa
I'oein "Since the Kevlus Came to Town1
Miss Until Smith
I'laiio (a) '?Narcissus''
(h, " Mighty Uk a Kris,,"
. K. Nevin
.Mrs. J. K. I'..ill in
Mrs. Smith, assisted by her
daughter, .Miss Ruth and Miss
[lutli Shugart, then served 11
most delicious salad course car?
rying out the Valentine idea in
hearl-shuped sand wichen und
salad decorated with red hearts
pierced with cup id's ttrrosvs.
The following members and
guests were present: Mendamos.
Mathews, Buyers, McCormick,
Moiisur, Geo. L. Taylor, Will
Rush, L?ne, Pierson, Dorothy
Owens Biown,Reynolds,Wainp
ler, LC. Taylor, Malcolm Smith,
Josh Bullitt, Black, Owens und
Misses Olga Horton, Ruby Kem?
per, Beth Shugart und Ruth
Meeting tbeu adjourned until
the third Wednesday in March,
when Mrs. Josh Bullitt will be
If you Wuut to make a fellow
hot just toll him to keep cool
'when he ia between two tires.
Bonds Sold
$120.000 to Be Spent Here
for Street Improvements.
At a meeting of the linance com?
mittee <>f the town council Mon?
day night bids for bonds issued
by the town for street improve?
ments to the extent of 1120,000,
were opened, .lohn Jl. I 'aid well
Company, of Nashville, Toun.,
[lilt in the best bid, their price
being #8,000 more than any oth
bid submitted. They were
represented by 1>. (-'. Alexander,
who was present at the meeting.
The bonds were sold at par at an
interest of It per cent. It will
be some time liefere actual work
I oil the streets will commence, ?s
the legality of the bonds will
have to be approved by expert
bond attorneys at New York, af?
ter which tlie money will be
available a- heeded. It is the
plan of the council to let alt tin
work to contract and it is hoped
to have work started by April 1
or sooner it weather will permit.
.Members of the linance com?
mittee who approved the bonds
are: Mayor W. .1. Ilorsley,
VY. W. Taylor, W. T. Goodloc
and ti. K. .1 incs. the Caldwoll
Company have previously pur?
chased Wise county bonds to the
extent of f1)00,000.
as JULIO in TH E?
Hero of Ingrain's 'T he Four
Horsemen" Won Chance
From His Dancing.
Rudolph Valentino, the cele?
brated young dancer win bus
the lending mule role in "The
Ifour llorserhon of the Apoca?
lypse," a Rex Ingrain produc?
tion for Metro, will be shown
at the Amu/ii Theatre, two
days commencing TuesJuy,
Pebru iry 28lh, found bis way
to fame and fortune through Ills
nimble lift.
When you see Mr Valentino
in this screen adaptation of tho
world famous novel of Vicente
Blasen Hitmen by Juno Mathis
ami notice bis finished acting,
tho sure swugijor of the the
cafe scenes laid in the Argen?
tine, the polish of bis manner
in Interpreting the student und
lover in I'aris, it will bo your
unquestionable opinion that
hei?: >>< a man initialed in theat?
rical ways us a child.
Hut. il w as neither us a dancer
nor an actor that Mr. Valentino
hoped to tako fortune by storm.
It was in tho more bumble
spere us a prospective agricul?
turist that be. came to tho
United States, at the age of
eighteen, a graduate from tho
Itoyai Military College of Agri?
culture at Genoa, Italy. As he
planned bis future be would be
coine one of tint great laud
owners in this country of oppor?
Hut things happened swiftly
lor him in Now York. Soon be
wits busy teaching Broadway's
regulars his graceful steps, lie
appeared at Hector's us a danc?
ing partner of Bonnie Ulass, fol?
lowing this engagement with
ouo in tlio Winter Garden and
a long term contract in vuude
Krom dancing to mo'.ion pic?
tures was an oasy step. His
first picture with Mao Murray
in "he Big Little Person."
When Hex Ingram,in his pains?
taking search for tho type to
portray tho pleasure - loving
South American hero of "Tho
four Horseman'* saw Valen?
tino, he uhoso him for the part.

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