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WKDNKSUAY, MAR.' 22, 1922
Publ.tbat] Krerj W*dne?d?j- by tbe
LIND3EY J. HORTON, Asa'l Editor
Ono Your.
Six Months,
riiroo Months,
Rutercd ncconllnc to pound rti({ul?tloo
?t tllll postofllos ?I UIr Stono (t?p ?? ioo
ond-olaM uubttol
Singing Convention
L. V*. Jones, of St. Chnrlei,
wai r? visitor to tlu> <Jnp ono
<iny lost week and informed us
that the try-countyannualsing?
ing convention, of which hois
secretary, will bo hold nt this
place on Saturday and Sunday,
Mnj .'Tili and 28th. If the
weal her permits this convention
will he held in the hall park
and choirs from Leo, Wise and
Scuit counties and some from
Hawkins county, Tenn., are
expected to attend and tnke
part in this convention, which
will tie largely attended by peo?
ple from all 0V( r this section.
Death of Former Lee County
/,ion Parsons, who lives near
the L. & X. station in the (lap
(tap. received the sad UtiWB last
Tuesday of the death of Im on?
ly ulster. Mrs. Mattib L. Hl)S
kins, aged tit, at her home on
Third street in Knoxvillo on
Monday night.
Funeral services for Mrs.
Ilnskins were held Wednesday
morning by Key. Win. TbomiiB
at the Mount Harmony Baptist
church near lleiskell station
out of Kinwille after which
burial took place in the church
Mrs. HVtskina,before her mar.
ringe to Dr. P. M. Huskies, who
died nearly thirty years ago,
was Miss Muttio ParsoiiB,of the
('in ,? in Lue count \
Helps Rest
the Weary
A Brunswick is worth
more ih.-iu the oh) easy
chair in helping you rest.
The soothing strains of
your favorite record relax
both mind and body, arid
put you at peace with the
Lovers of classical music
find The Brunswick its
truly artistic interpreter,
voice, Violin, piano ? all
are reproduced without a
hint of the mechanical.
Dame enthusiasts can't
sit still when they hear a
Brunswick Super-Feature
I lance Record!
And Brunswick Records
ate the sensation of the
musical world.
12 Models to
Choose From
Joy Shop
Norton, Virginia
On the Question of Issuing
Bonds For Improving
The committee having in!
charge the sale of the bond? forj
the town to build a concrete road ;
from depot to depot wns notified j
by the company that had agreed
to purchp.se the bonds that tliev:
were unable to take thetn for the '
reason that the charter of the
town provided for an election by
the people in cases of this kind,
ao at a meeting of the council on
last night it was decided to call
tin election to be belli on April
18 for this purpose. M00,000
is the amount to be issued.
The question as to the route to
be followed to the Southern de?
pot will ulso be submitted loa
vote at the same time.
It is thought there will bo no
question hut that the vide will
he in favor of the bonds ami tliat
the proposed work will be com
inencod si the earliest possible
Nominated for Congress by
Attorney George ?. Peery, of
Tazewell, was chosen by I lit*
delegates to the Democratic con?
vention at Bristol yesterday to
carry the banner of "the Fight?
ing Ninth" in the congressional
race against Congressman Slemp
this fall.
Many prominent democrats,
both tuen und women, of llig
Stone Cup, Norton, Wise and
Appalachin went us delegates to
Birthday Party
hast Friday afternoon, Knn
rod, thu youngest son of Dr.
and Mrs. Karl Stoebr, celebrnt
ed bis seven > I; birthday at the
home of his parents. The uf
ternoon was spent in playing I
games and at six o'clock deli- \
oils ice cream ami cake with
little green baskets tilled with
candy jaw breakers and blooms
as favors of the occasion were
served the following present:
Misses Eleanor Crocker, Wick
Scott, Ann Rogers, Nannie Lou
and Margaret Shugort, Marv
Margaret Leslie, Martha Say
ers, Margie Winston, Belt) .lane
King, Ann Scott Taylor mill
John Crocker, Will Scott, Boll
hie Irvine, Bill) Chalk lev, Bml
die Shugart, Homer S.tyeia
A L Witt, Jr., HughSulfridgn,
Jolui Marshall Oraber, David
Smith, Karl Stoebr and Miss
Jamison, the first grade leuclt
Services next Sunday, March
20th. Sunday school at 10 a. in.
Preaching at II a in. by the
Rev. Paul Huntington Holy
communion. A cordial welcome
ex ended to all
Hip Fractured in Fall
W L .lessee, Sii, father of
S H Jessee of this place, is in
a critical condition at the home
of Ins son-in-law, J. F. Amhiir
gy, of Norton, as the result o( ?
fall it) which he broke his hip;
and fractured an arm in Iviu
places. The accident occurred
lust Wednesday when Mr. Jen
Boe was putting on his coat, lie
lost Ins balance and foil to Ilm
Mr. Jessee is well-known in
Big Stone Cup where he has
visited many times.
That his role of the Suharan
chieftain in "The Sheik," s
picturization by George Melford
for Paramount of the now fu :
moun novel of the same name
which is the literary sensation!
of the current seuiion, is the
best of his screen career, is the'
opinion of Ktidolph Valentinoi
who, with Agnes Ay res, PurH.
mount star, is ttio featured
player in the production. It
will be shown at the AtniiKU
Theatre next Thursday and Kri
"1 know of no more colorful
role than that of the Sheik in
this tremendous picture produc
tion," tie said during the film
ing of the photoplay in Parti
mounl'M California studio. "Tils
scenes are as wonderful as ihey
are stupendous and romantic "
Miss A) res was enchanted
with her role? the haughty
English girl tamed by u muster,
fill son of the desert, and by
And now those who have
seen the picture say those quot?
ed are right?for "The Sheik"
is a remarkable production.?
Miss Josie Phipps und Miss
Harrison spent the week-end in
Bristol visiting friends.
Miss Mae Tilley and Mrs.
Paul Quudry spent Thursday
afternoon in Norton shopping
Mrs. New Lovin aDd Miss
Mary Pnige visited homefolks
und friends in Keokee last week.
Miss Mao Tilley spent Sun?
day in Hoda visiting friends.
Sovoral people from Big Stone
Gap, Appalachia and other snr
rounding towns attended the
millinery opening of theStonegu
Coke & Coal Company, at. this
place, last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Brown,
Mr. Kstep, Mrs. Lovin and Miss
Mary Paine motored to Norton
Sunday afternoon.
Miss Johnson, of (isaka, spent
Saturday night anil Sunday
with Mrs. Luru Anderson
D. Terpstra, general manager
and T. V. Brennan, have re?
turned from a few days busi?
ness trip to New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Curl Seaver, of
N?rten, spent Sunday here with
Miss Elizabeth Mowbruy.who
is teaching here, spent the week?
end in Bouuoke with homefolks.
Jack Kay, nl Johnson City,
arrived in town Friday where
he will spend a few days with
Iii? wife who is visiting her
mother. Mrs. Joe Ashley,
Mr. and Mrs. Lacy, of Big
Stone Hap, spent Sunday here
with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tay.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tilley, of
Norton, have taken charge of
tbe Dorchester (Muh House.
Mis. Joe Ashley, the former
manager having resigned.
Mrs. T S. UsBory substituted
a few days last week in tbe
West Norion public school fur
Mrs Fred Troy, who was ill
with influenza.
Born to Mr. and Mis Boy
Shoemaker, who live near Dor?
chester, last Saturday niglit, u
girl which (hey have U allied
M nrga i et .1 unet.
PLANTS UF.ADY for deliv?
ery. Kurlv Jersey and Charles?
ton Wakellehl Frost Proof Cab?
bage Plains. K.vlra nice ones.
AOc per 100.?-Liudsey Horton.?
ml v.
Public Respond to Bigger and
Better Post
i 'oatliiuoil Crom |Ktf(e I
a price will mean a lOBS to the
This metins that every sub
smlier to the Post wi.l receive
?tin pages nl' live news matter,
the directory of every progres?
sive merchant in Hie county,
and magazine features of inter?
est to the women of Wise ami
I. which are now to he found
only in the large dailies, and all
for the same subscript inn price
of 4} 1.60.
The many words of encourage?
ment and approval have not been
COII fined hi Big Stone (lap.
From all over the count y nu?
merous expressing of approval
have been received. Norton.
Wise ami Coebum have hacked
their kind words up with ''en?
closed please lind .*l.?ii." Ad?
vertisers have also responded in
other towns. Such support as
this means one thing, and that
is the Post will he able to give
its leaders the best paper in the
county i
The now linotype will he ship?
ped from the factory in Brook?
lyn within tin- next few days,
d. W. Bish, the fastest hand com?
positor around Wise county, is
inning up bis tumble lingers on
a Thayler keyboard, which is an
exact duplicate of the keyboard
on the Model 14. The vast
amount of news matter required
for the now Post will be set by
him. It is no slight task ami lic?
it getting ready for the start
around the hrsi of May.
Various parts of the other
equipment has begun to arrive,
ami practically all has been ship?
ped. When this new machinery
arrives the mechanical depart?
ment of (he Big Stone (lap Post
could turn out a daily newspaper
without difficulty if they so de
si i cd.
other preparations-{ire under
way and by May 1 the new pa
[per w ill make its initial bow to
11 ho public which has expressed
such hearty approval.
Subv.-rihe to the Post.
Amuzu Theatre
Thursday and Friday, March 23 and 24
I -ell
PRICES: 20 and 35 cents, tax included.
jgi] pISiiaisipiisiiaiEi iaGnTaBH^I^t?iilEii'a jgSiT5??1,:<? 5~t? & ja t?iT?l &i[3 tsir?l Ei Eii^Mgtsj ja' ! i 3
A Safe and Profitable
In making investments great enre should b? exerciit
to sec that they ore safe and profitable.
1 be atock of the American Telephone and Telegraf
Company offers an opportunity for auch an investment.
It ia a safe investment because it is a nation-wide .
dustry, economically managed, and its financial polk)
sound. F.ach share has back, of it a property value of more than $103?almo
twice its par value, $ 1 00.
It is a profitable investment because the atock can be purchased on the tit
ket for about $119 the share and pay* $9 each year in dividends. The d':
dends are paid quarterly.
We are interested in having you become a shareholder because you W
make a safe and profitable investment and take a greater interest in our prw
loms and assist us in giving the public better telephone service.
I Further information will be furnished upon request. r
;\ Telephone Company
The Chesapeake & Potomac
l A)
loitcn. V? -Tbt Deard i I Vi.it,
?I SI.. Ik < on i! ? Iftch c(
AM.Uk! Jt.-lit r.> ??? ISt?. i t r.cit Jurr. .ill ' Z',
'fi R, B. McGECKIN
feulcii.l Ol.ttirt.. k:..l !..ui O) AT l.AROK. 5 xvi^v-" ^ J?-A-T
T?i?? kl'pulntmrnt. curly fr? txjud and . M
tuition Applif?ti,.tu ihoukl I? kddmkrd to It
ttk un.tr/kjcDcd on or L. 1 ;. Jun? lQlh oo f -s-i
tUt vill L-kK&l upon rr.|uc?t
_K. *tv. K1CHOI.S. Buyi.
It's a fact. The more we doiv,
the more we can do, and the K o. .
less wo do the leas we want to j K *???"*
J3ig>; Stone Otni>, V*r?<

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