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8 Pages ! The Bier Stone Gap Post. 8 Pages
Bids on Bonds to Be Received by
Sinking Fund Committee Up
to May 10th.
AVork of rebuilding the road
from depot tu depot will be in full
swing by June 1st it the present
plans, of the Sinking Fund Com?
missioners are carried out.
At a special meeting mi last
Thursday night the Committee
'passed a resolution to offer the
bonds for sale. The l>id- will be
received up t<> and including May
10th. when they will be disposed
of to the lowest bidder. J. P..
Wampler of the Sinking bund
Commissioners, stated Friday
that the town would receive a
better price than when the bonds
were sohl and turned back on the
towji for a v.'te of the people, lie
said that the bond market was in
much better shape now and that
it was probable the bonds could
be sold for about 5 1-2 per cent,
interest rate. They also expect
to sell the greater part of them at
par now that tinner bond market
is in evident e
Those attending the meeting
were J. B. Wampler. A. I.. Witt.
W. J. Horsier and Max Ciraber.
W. S. Kose was the only member
of : the Commissioners absent.
W. T. <i.lloe, w hile nut a mem?
ber, was present.
It has not been decided yet
which link ..i the road will be
built first. While the L. ft X.
route i- being built the old Dum?
my fine road will be use.I as ,i
The following load improve
inents are planned by the council:
An IB loot concrete road from tin
Southern depot to the I... & X. de?
pot; repair Fast 5th street from
bridge to Wyandotte avenue
widen Wood avenue between Je
(Continued on fourth page)
Newly Organized Chamber., of
Commerce Entertain 200 Guests
as Plans For Industrial Awak?
ening Are Laid?Booster Coutts
Was There and Happy.
The newly organized Chamber
of Commerce* of Cocburn, enter?
tained two hundred guests at an
elaborate banquet in that city on
last Saturday night. I. L. Cam*
bios,Norton's newest aspirant for
mayoralty honor-, acted as toast
master. Mam other prominent
spfsikets Were present from out
of town.
From the ? iap teas present that
tireless promotor of progress,
William t iil)l>s C outts. to whose
indefatigable, efforts the new
Chamber of Commerce owes its
The boosters met in a large ga?
rage where two tables one hun?
dred feet long were set lor the oc?
casion. From eight until eleven
the evening was devoted to
speech making and the planning
of a general industrial awakening
for Cocburn. Music ami some
excellent singing helped to make
the evening a great success.
Promptly at eleven o'clock the
banquet \Vas ser\ ed.
Six weeks ago tin- Chamber of
Commerce was organized in the
office of W. S. Murphy, with si.x
f members and Booster William < '?.
Guilts. They have sixty today
and expect to have a hundred
within sixty day-. J. P. Lay.
falllCl of Mis-, Kate I ay, one of
the attractive teachers oi the local
School, i- the president, ami V.U.
T?te, a lawyer of Coebtirii, is the
first secretary. < Uber prominent
Cocburn men who re actively
connected with the organization
ate C m. Ramsey, hanker; 1. X.
Mills, real estate mau; J. D. Clay,
of the Cocburn Wholesale < iro
I cCry Company.;!. L, Lit/ and
many others.
'They meet on Friday afternoon
of each week.
First Baptist Church of Norton
Congressman U pshaw, of Georgia, Known as "The Georgia Cy?
clone," to be the Speaker at the Opening of the New Baptist
Church at Norton
The new llaptist church at Nor-]
lot} will have its opening day
April 30th. Congressmn \V. D.
Upsliaw. ol Georgia, known as
the "Georgia Cyclone" will l>e
the speaker lor the occasion, lie
will address lite mass-meeting at
IIa. in. and 8 p. in. on Sunday
and w ill give his famous lecture
"John and His Hal" in the church
Mon.lay. May 1 at S p. in.
The Baptist churches of all the
surrounding country have been
invited to attend these meetings
and bear this distinguished
speaker. Many of the Bptists oi
this section will take advantage
of the opportunity to bear this
great Baptist statesman. Some oi
the churches will come in groups,
others will have representatives
pre-eiit as can be art tinged for
cons euichtly.
V:? 11 the churches of Norton oi
all;denominations have been in?
vite.1. Probably all of them will
'.legve oft' one oi their services and
Stone of them leave off both Ser?
vices on Sunday in order that
tljfeir people may have the privil?
ege of hearing this distinguished
orat' >i.
VjJSu'he new building is mie of the
most complete church plants in
ajjjuhis section of the country. It
expresses the last word in Sun
daj School arcliitclure. It is
Dtylt f..r a complete graded Sun?
day School, with a class room for j
every year of child lite from three I
:j^gsevcnteen and with sexes di
dieted from nine to seventeen.
There are two senior and two
adult class rooms, a total of
twenty-seven regular class
robins. The general appearance
of the building gives the impres?
sion of beauty, strength and ef?
The committee is especially
fortunate in securing this distin?
guished orator, state-man. pub?
licist as the speaker for this au
spicioiis occasion, It will be a
great treat for the people of this
section to bear him.
It looks as though we are to
have a great day. livery prospect
pleases. For the vast throng that
will surely hear these message
there is a great feast in store. All
the visitors will have the privil?
ege oi seeing through this great
plan! and rejoicing with the Bap?
tists whose wonderful work and
sacrifice have transformed this
beautiful dream into a cb.arming
Every one is invited to attend
these meetings. And every one
up to the very limit oi the capaci?
ty of the building will be given
an opportunity to bear this distin?
guished orator.
Mrs. Sara Williams Black and
pupils, assisted by Mrs. J. F. Bul
Ittt. Jr., soprano, will give a re?
cital in Appalachia school audito?
rium on Thursday night, April ?J,
eight o'clock, central time.
Stars of Diamond and Track Will Gather at Gap for Elimina
tion Contests Which Will Decide Who Will Represent
County in State Meet at Charlottesville.
Local Boys Confident They Will Carry Off Honors for Third
Time?Trigg Miller and Letcher Bunn Will Provide
High .lump Thrills?Both Hold High Records
The Inter-High School track!
meet atul Pichl Day will be held
'in the local ball ground next Sat?
urday. April 29th. Teams front
all High Schools in the county
have been entered to compete for
.the honor of representing Wise
county at Charlottesvillc in May.
()ne of the leading features tif
the. day will be the championship
hall game between Big Stone (lap
ami Wise. To date neither team
has been defeated, and a great
game is expected. The winner of
this championship contest will
represent the county at Char
lottcsville. 11. I.. Sulfridge,prin?
cipal of the school here, is con?
fident the Gapites will down the
VVise aggregation with ease,
l-'or the past two years Hig
Stone has won the championship
of the cotltlty. Tliis y ear, they
expect to do it again, but they
are contending with stronger
teams both in baseball and the
track c,\ ehts;
Lctchct BuiV. star high jumper
of the i lap.is expected to do great
things this year. Last year he
went to Charlottesvillc for the I
county and lust the high jump by
only 7 ami 3-4 inches, lie has
worked steadily and hard during
the past y ear and will easily beat
his record of 67 inches for last
year. In Trigg Miller, Norton's
polished orator, he has a danger?
ous rival in Wise county. Miller
can jump like he can talk, and be
holds the county record for
shouting a mean line of elo?
quence. Norton is placing their
hopes on him in next Saturday's
battle. He is also a star on the
track and the local boy s are ex?
pecting some trouble from bint.
Wise swept the county before
them in the preliminary debating
and reading contest at Norton
this year. They won in practical?
ly everything but the oratory
contest, and the fiery Pulton lost
to Trigg Miller only by a narrow
margin. 'They are coming to the
Gap with blood in their eyes.
Their ball team is championship
George Roebuck is giving the.
Big Stone t iap Post new life since
he joined the staiT as editorial
writer, reporter, ami business so?
licitor With the new linotype
which Mr. Knight installed a few
weeks ago, The Post is equipped
to maintain a pace that the other
papers will find zesifttl to follow,
and George is tilling eight pages
each weel; with spicy news items,
pertinent and conservative edito?
rials, and advertisements that
face >oii with the mien of a good
Local issues are being aired, to
the satisfaction of those progres?
sively bent, and the disquietude
of those wrapped in the cacoons
of fogyistn. 'The bond isstte for
the building of new streets was a
bard fought question.but it is safe
to say that had The Post used the
soit pedal instead of the mega?
phone the bond issue would have
fizzled and John Ed's criticism
been deserved more than it was.
Any sort of activity is better than
stagnation. 'The man who is on
his feet running every which way
can reverse himself and go in the
right direction, but the fossilized
fogy sitting down ami twiddling ,
his thumbs can't start in any di-!
rection without an effort almost
beyond his strength. Go to it,
Post!?Crawford's Weekly.
We have no objection to the
army ami navy being reduced in
si/e. provided congress agrees to
do the fighting the next time we
get into a scrap.
limber, ami they have the added
confidence of not losing a game
this year. ,Whcn they cross hats
with (.'nach Garreit's pill t..s-ets
at .^:.lit iiext Saturday afternoon
something is Confidently expect?
ed to happen along the lines of
the iinttsn.il.
"V. M. C. A." ( (John I..) Tur?
ner, nf Norton, will he director
of the event. He is an expcrieiH
cd handlet of buys and athletics
and his name is a guarantee of
tine s)iurt and ;i Large day tor all
supporters of comity athletics.
He will be assisted by numerous
representatives oi the various
competing schools.
The field events will begin
promptly at 10:00 o'clock Satur?
day morning ami run through
until .J:.10 when the champion?
ship ball game between W ise and
the Gap will get underway.
Extensive preparations ate he
are being made to accommodate
the large crowds expected. The
track will be whipped into shape
and the diamond cleaned and toll?
An admission oi thirty-five
cents will be charged for adults,
which includes a seat in the
grand-stand for the entire day.
Cliildreii will be admitted lot lit
teen cents t hie ticket is good
for all events, including the ball
game. The money thus taken in
will be used to help defray the ex
penses to the- winning teams to
Charlottesvitle where they will
compete for state honors.
The following is the b-t of
events i
100-yard dash
220-yard run
440-yard run
880-yard run
i >ne mile run
(20-yard low hurdle?
11 igh jump
Hoard jump
I'ole vault
12-pi inUd shot put
Javelin throw
Relay race
Prominent among the many
bidder!! for the contract for con?
structing the new concrete road
from depot to depot will be Scott
and T'rinkle.road builders of Nor
fu the last three years this linn
has built over thirtv miles of road
in Wise ami I .ee.
W ithin tue past two years they
have built nine miles of mad be?
tween Kent Junction and P?rdee;
.1 miles between Appalachia and
Linden; 7 miles between linbo
den and Winding Ridge; .1 miles
between Ksserville and Wise, and
other important pieces in both
Mr-. Ralph Taggart and three
attractive children. Ralph, Jr..
Virginia and Dan Reeder, return?
ed Thusrday to their home in the
i lap after an absence oi nearly a
year w hich time has been spent at
Occiia) View, Va., and Palm
Beach. Ela.
Mr. 'Taggart met them in
Knoxville and accompanied them
Would you pick up a
dime on the street? Then
read the ads in this paper.
'They guide you to mer?
chants who save you
dimes, and dollars, too.
When it is worth adver?
tising it is worth having.
That is t'no Theme of the New ?
High School Farce. "Nothing
But the Truth." Which is to Be
Presented Soon.
H. L. Sulfridge, principal of the
High Sch.Mil. w;is the guest at a
special tchersal of ''Nothing Put
the Truth." the famous Willie
Collier farce, in the school audi?
torium last Tuesday evening. The
farce is being staged under the di?
rection of Miss Nice, one of the
teachers, and w ill be presented by
the Senior class on the evening of
April 28th.
Many people in the Gap who
follow things! theatrical will recall
"Nothing Put the Truth." Willie
Collier pKyed it for two years in
New Vo:.; and tor several more
seasons oil the road. It was the
litst of the type of pl.i\ known as
the "American farce." It is typi?
cally American in construction,
treatment and subject, and i- one
of the most amusing and surpris?
ing plays written in any lan?
'The story of "Nothing Hut the
'Truth" opens in the Wall Street
office of an American business
man whoiis rathei careless with
the way he handle- the ttnth It
is his belief, that a man cannot do
business without lying. In his
offne he has a voting man who
still clings to the ideals of his
boyhood and stoutly maintains
that he can do business and hot
lie. The older man olTer-i t.. Let
him ten thousand dollars that he
eaniiot do business for twenty'
four hour-, without telling a he.
About tin-, time the daughtei of
the man who ha- little faith in the
tnitli turns up. sorly in trouble,
having just lost ten thousand dol?
lar- Unless she > au replace the
amount seinnis trouble will fol?
low. She must have it within
twenty f'itlr hours. The younger
man.who i- m love w ith her,takes
her father's bet that he can go foi
twciitv font hour- and not 'dl :\
'The test of the play t- a scream
It w ould spoil a gl eat evening for
any one not familiar with the lo?
ry to give it awav Suffice it is
to say that no man evei lived
with so many chance-, to lie He
almost loses everything, friends,
sweetheart and reputation during
the twenty-four hours that i.?!
low. biil that - the story you'll
w ant to sec, ?
Kcher-als have been going on
I foi some time. The special re?
bel sal witnessed by Mr. Sulfridge
was almost perfect, he said, and
hehasgre.it hope- foi the final
Since it has outgrown the boot?
leg Stage, we ought to call it by
another name.
Hut it might have been
Ordinary, Ui S. A., fur hu?
man nature in New York
City ur Ramsey, Wise coun?
ty, Vri., is just human na?
ture. Orphans ami Small
Town people live anil
breathe in
The first book-length nov?
el by George Roebuck,which
starts on page :t of this issue
George Roebuck needs no
introduction to fiction read?
ers or theatre i;oers in the
south. People have laughed
at his plays from Richmond
to the Pan Handle of Texas,
ami paid real money to do it
- thousands of them.
Hut lu re is his first novel,
laid down in Wise county,
and tlie orphanage in which
he was raised, move people
and events with which you
are familiar. Oliver Under?
wood Remington Smith is
the hero, hut who in Wise
county is not acquainted
with him? And Zippie-Zip?
A wise county girl you will
love und want to know.
Ordinary is the name of a
Wise county town known the
country over.
Start the first chapter to?
day. After that it will make
'you finish it.
G. N. KNIGHT, Kditor.
H. L. Sulfridgc Elected Chair?
man of District K.
' )n last Monday afternoon at
kite School Auditorium, the Com?
munity League held a very inter?
esting meeting. This meeting
started their work anew because
it had been discontinued during
the winter mouths on account of
the weather and illness. New of
fu cts (or the coming year were
elected as follows: Mrs. I. C.Tay?
lor, one of the leading workers
oi the Gap was elected president,
Mrs. J, \y, Chatkley, vice-pres?
ident of the Senior and Chairman
oi the Junior League. Prof.
II. L, Sulfridgc was elected
chairman of District K. This is
one of the most important of?
fice- ot the league. This district
includes the counties of Wise,
Lee, Scott, Kussell. Tazcwell,
Buchanan and Dickcnson. Prof.
Sulfridgc is a very capable man
and bis district will be well taken
care of. Mrs. II. Ii. Fox. Chair?
man of the Parent-Teachers' As
soeiaiion, Mrs. D. C, Wolfe. Sec?
retary ami Mrs. A. I). Owens,
Treasurer, Mrs. N. II. Salver, ?
< 'hairmnu of the Finance Com?
mittee, Mts. i Mi- Motiser, Chair
matt of School Yard Committee,
Mrs. R. T. Irvine. I ban man of
?In- VV'elfar'c l oif unit tec. Mrs.
Jj I. McCoriuick, Chairman ot
tin- t eiuetery Committee ami
Miss Juliet Knight, Chairman id
the Publicity Committee.
It is tl-,e duty oi every citizen
to take interest in this work and
especially the younger citizens.
The league needs their interest
and aid. The first Wednesday
afternoon in every mouth, the
Community League will meet at
the School Auditorium The
vice president's report lor last
year's work will be published in
i iitt next week's issue.
Norton Merchant and Miss Mar?
garet Williams of Gate City
City Were Married Last Wed?
nesday?Spending 1 loueytnoon
in Florida.
'The many friend oi W. D. F?l?
let, one of he partners of the fa?
in, .if. Fuller Brothers chain of de?
partment stores, with headquar?
ters in Norton, were surprised to
hear of bis marriage to Miss Mr
garet William-, of Gate City, last
The bride is the attractive
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
TL W illiams, and for the past
three years has been a teacher in
tin- schools of Kingsport, Teiin.
Immediately after the ceremony
the happy pair left for an extend?
ed honeymoon trip to Florida.
T hey will be at home in Norton
after May 15th.
Mis. E. li. Goodloc entertain?
ed delightfully Friday afternoon
with six tables of cards at her
handsome home on Poplar Hill,
complimentary to her niece. Mr-.
Jess Smith (nee Miss 'Maigtter
ittc Goodloc I, of Detroit, who is
-pending some lime in the Gap.
Mr-. D. B. Pierson won the
pri/.e and Mrs. B. F. W arner cut
the consolation prize.
Following the game a delicious
salad course was served the
guesls at the card tables.
The home was beautifully dec?
orated for the occasion with
bowls and cases of spring flowers.
Mrs. B. F. Leonard died at her
home here Sunday night at 11 :-lf>
o'clock following a lingering ?11
ness at the age of M> years. The
body was taken to Kingsport.
Tchn., Monday afternoon for
burialuiear the old home place of
the deceasetl. Funeral services
were conducted at the Broad
Street Methodist church Tuesday
morning al 10 o'clock. The de?
ceased is survived by her husband
and three children.
There is one common ground
upon which we can all agree.
'That is our inalienable right to

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