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Gun-Toting Bad Men and Feuds that Never Was Gradually
Give Way to Romance ol Twentieth Century Commerce
as County Forges Into Lead
Their $250,000 Stock Has Done Much Toward Speeding Up
the Transformation of County Within Last Two Years
?Brings Eastern Markets to Our Door
Throughout the South Wise
county nhtl progress tire synony?
mous. Unfortunately the world
beyond our own lull- has hern led
to believe that we still have twb
gunmen whd inake Kourthof Jti
ly celebrations out of iiiost any
day in the year. When Some im?
aginative scribe set- out to tell
the world about W im- county,
John box. Jr.. tir tin- coal add < oke
industry he sees nothing hut
what is not ami proceeds to ovet
work hi- fancy tit painting our
colorful eiiV lion-.
Our real romance these yellow
journalists fail to sec Hundred
thousand ilblla.i ienlples spring
ing up in a wilderness, great in?
dustrial establishments which
have Income an integral pari ol
the Nation's commerce, hundreds
of miles of the finest road- in the
-t?te- these thing- in a laud
where hliiotl is Uipposeil in t}ow
like watei docs not Miit.e Ihclil its
romance worthy bf printer's ink.
Most of these modern marks of
progress are tucked way in a ra?
vine or a "holler ' whi te gun play
could be staged to a movie diret
tot's delight This i- because out
land l- a series of ravines or "hoi
lers", bounded by "rock ribbt'ij
and ancient hill- " Today's in
dustry flourishes when- yester
dav's rhodiidciidi..ii Id. .mied to
blush unseen I hie ha- but to tuin
a curve and come lull upon it <
belted rufliails engaged in -hoot
ing each other's ears away, hut
upon the home oi an industry
which has made Wise county the
gleate-t in the -late.
I'eihap- the < eiitral Sttpjdy
Company ha- done as much to
speed up the transformation oi
Wise county limn a wilder.nc:
(o a world mail as any organiza?
tion in Southwest Virginia.
While their history only dates
back to April, 1920, then growth
has been phenomenal i oal and
more coal is tin story of Vyise
county and its growth. The im?
mense amount of mining iiipplies
reijhircd by coal operators in ilu
field and Eastern Kent in ly are
now being furnished by these
people. Anything from a track
spike to a mining locomotive can
be bought ot theihi The builder,
the tinner, the phmtber, the t...mi I
i !
A $2i>0,OOO mix k on liiiml at
' nil liijries.
Kavos nni'-lnilf frmirlit r.itis.
Sitiialnl in the iicliri of tin
Coiil Industry, Hierefor*.'
No Iciiik ivaii* f?r it?oilcii
mnteriiil while Ilm plant lies
That Slogan ''Quid: Sei
ylrf mill Satisfied Ctlftuihrti."
They iin- liol|iiii|; tUi luiMcrs
I nf Wise eouiity tu Imilil.
mine supplies one can find any
article in a shelf mi which is
marked the name of the thing
sought. This system cost thou-1
Salicis of dollars to install, hut
eliminates the danger ot overbuy?
ing; and loss of time in tilling or-i
ders. The system gives otic the
impression that the house i> al?
ways in order, does away with
possible confusion and is a de?
villing factor in making their slo?
gan, ".Quick set vice and satisfied
customers", possible.
Before the Central Supply Com?
pany was organized it was neces?
sary for buyers in this county to
purchase their supplies In 1'itts
burg. Louisville, Kuoxville or
other distant place- which in?
creased the cost. Today any?
thing from Kelly Spi inglicld tires
to an air compressor can be had
at In .me at a great saving in pi ice,
time?which is mote expensive
to operator or builder and ap?
proximately halt freight charge's,
Tlnse are soille ot the features
which have caused the business
to grow by leaps and bounds
since its organization. If one
want- an American radiator. .111
air compressor, a supply of paint,
a new I ertain-tct d roof, a wire
tence. a Kobeliug wire cable, in
fact, there is nothing in theii lines
that cannot be had ipiicl.lv at a
reasonable pi ice. w ithin the
shortest time possible,
Such institutions a- this 1
doing much to make Wise county
the gi eale-i m (he -late and the
I ranged llU'thinl ul hau.Ilm- it for]
I lilt ciisioiher's lu'iiclii. Tilt litis?;-1
I iiietit litlil thin! lliiiir .in1 ustil f>r
?t.-I .UM pill (iilSts. I III III St lluol I
is ibe rei'diviUg ami shipping I
i .?.?in, ami a glance at tin; piciurVj
ill this 1.1..in will give tin- reader j
swill' nil.I i i wli.it tin last ?niil
in modern shipping facilities art.1
Tlic Toledo -. al.- ustil in this ''
room i- ihr inost modern ami
iltiist .1. < in .Hi- ;n tlm eininiv.
There is no "weights'? lor the
-hipping clerk to h?ndig, no slip
piti.g ami moving oi a scale liar to
permit oi possible error. Every-1
thiug is in plain view before the
opeiatoi and assure- fair weight
for) custolliei ami Sellen Special
track- lea ! up to the receiving
ami -hipping platform, eliminat?
ing truck haulage and the increas
dry. the electrica! engineer, the!
painter and mill buyer can nth ?
chase every piece of material be
needs right here in Wise county
Carrying move than $250,000
in stock and employing Jl people,
they have eve/y hindern lac'lity
for the prompt handling of or !ei ?
large or small. The prescht home
of the Central Supply Company ]
is built of reinforced concrete,
100x48, is tliree stories and has
10.200 square feet of space. This I
new building was completed in
April,1921, just one yeat from the;
?late the concern was organized j
in Appalachia, where they occ'i-i
pied the old brick building used I
by the ice plant.
Not within 500 miles of this
county can the buyer of mine oi
null supplies lind a more complete
stock, or a more efficiently at
cd overhead expenses which
< veittuall) reaches the buyer.
I lii' second lloor is &i\ 'tiled In- I
twCcti nfliee and storage space;
Three wet I lighted office roomsj
an- provided for the executive de-1
pai tincnl. In keeping with the j
whole building eyerj convenience!
im the pvmnpt handling of lite
growing bitsiness > provided;
< >ii this (loot is the office of Mr. j
I. ?V Smith, president of the com-]
paity. Private telephone ex-j
change. buzzer system, and espe- j
ciall) built office equipment shat
tei-. the elusion that Wise county
The arrangement of the stork
i- the uo.l. of the president. Mr.
Smith. The storing of every ar-.!
tii lc in especial!) built steel
display sliclv ing is a unique fea?
ture. Iti the space devoted to
Mrs. \y: J, IM Mayo, of. Si
I hartes, has been Spending cv
L'rnl 'la v S her? in lite Notion I Ins
pital while -In- recently tinder
?ein an opctatiou.
Mrs. Horben Porter returned
Friday, tu her home in Wc-t Vir?
ginia after spending sevtral tlaj -
In n vi-:tmg hej parents; Mi. ami
Mrs. T; Gaincs.
( has. SlcColgiiii was among
those from Norton who attended
the Kentucky Derby in L'ciujs
v die Saturdav.
Mrs. Kay Mi 1'hail and baby soil
returned to their home m La-]
Hobe, \V. |Va., bfiday alter spend
itig several days lu re with bei pa?
rents. Mr. atid Mis in-,'ige Hog?
Ml- I. 1$. Caspei and -islet,
Mrs Millet, returned to their
home in Norton last week
froiij I'lorida, when- they spent
the winter month-.
Mr. ;tnd Mrs. W. I.. Gilhier. of
Lebanon, spent a tew day - iisi
w eek in Not ton visiting friends
and illative- Mr-. Gilltlei ivas
formerly Miss ,-\| I'.rown. oi
' Mrs. Ri P. C.arr, Mi- 1.1. Cam
bios, Mis. YY. W. Kemp, Mi- II.
Ii-, Hyatt, were among the ladies
from Notion who attended the
Itieeting at W'i-e Wednesday.
Mi-. Kay Horton and small
son, ot Last Radford, are spend?
ing several day- here visiting
relati\ CS.
Mis-e- Babe and Wiilbn:i Chap?
man. Mahel Dixiin. am! Messrs.
barley and I'aldie t arter were
among those frotu Nott,.u who
attended the dance at Dun bar
Friday night.
Mis- Chita Harmon, oi Blue
field, \V. \ .. i- -peililing 3 lew
days in Norton this week visiting
Mi-- Babe Chapman.
R. B. Alsover.ot Big Stone Gap,
vv?s a business visitot in town
Satin day .
Card Party tor Visitors
Mrs. Grovcr H. Walters was
the hostess ot a beautifully plan?
ned card party at her home on
Ninth street Thursday afternoon
in honor oi her sisters, Mr-. Her
Lest Porter, of'West V irginia and
Mrs. Ray Horton, of bast Rad?
Cnl glass bowls and vases of
fragrant pink, lavender and while
sweel peas were used in the dec
orations of the attractive limm
for this enjoyable affair. Tally
cards appointed the guests to
their places at llie three tables
where Five Hundred was played
during the afternoon. Mrs. G. C.
McCall won first prize, a pair of
si,lk hose and Mi-s Hamilton won
the bo?by, a Flaconette of Hobi
gant's ideal' prfttme.
At the close of the game, lunch?
eon clothes were placed on the
card tables and a very delicious
salad course was then served the
guests. Attractive little baskets
of mints were flic favors for the
Those present were Mis. Hef
bcrt Porter, of West Virginia,
Mi-. Kav Horton, of Kadford,
Mrs. Fred I.. 'Trnv. of |osephiue,
Mis G.G. Met all'. -Mis." I. WM.it
ton; Mr.-. IP G. Perkins. Mrs. Leo
Huettej. Mrs. Charles Dickey,
Mrs lit..uii. Mis. S. lolihson.
Mrs. l ulle:. Mis. ( ,. H.'Wallets
ami Mi-- Nannie Hamilton.
Mr-. T. S. Ussery entertained
two tables of the Snttird.iv After
in. I'.ii.Ige Club, in' Dig Stone
< lap; oi which -he is a inemher.
Very enjoyable on tin- Mezzanine
Moor oi Hotel NiMtoii Saturday
aMi i in?m. \ a.i ]iink and
while peoiiise were used in dec?
orating. Mi -. K. T>. Leslie won
the iii-t prize ami Mr-. I.. I'.. Wil
cov the I.by. A delicious three
course luncheon ?-?s served the
giicsls at the close of the game in
the hole! diiiiiig roiiin .it a special
table. ? A v aii.e of pin!: snap-drag?
ons weie used for tile center piece
oi the fable. Those present were.
Ml'sd.lllies It. Pi Wamel. K. I ).
I .eslie, II. A. Ivani-ev . I.. I'.. Wil
cox, I A. Crocker, of Hig Sinne
Cap] Mr-. I. S. I'ssert and Mis.
Heltrude liiophy. nl I >.uche-lei.
-e- !.ii, abetli Minviiray ami
W aitglji w I... are teaching
pent the w eel. end with rel?
ative-. ;it Wilder. \ a.
Mi-- Ayerie lUtuit, . i Unaiioke,
win. is leaching at Wilder, -pent
la t week a: the clitb house with
it iem!-.
Mis? May Till.-v. ,.( Slimega,
?pent tin- .vc, i. end with llci pa
i em - at i lit! i bib Ifmtse.
Che I >i>rcjiestei lia.se ball team
A year ago ?
almost unknown
Today ? a leader
A sweeping verdict for QUALITY
To Understand tlie Difference Between Sanitary Clothes
Pressing and the Unsanitary Methods Used
We sterilize and disinfect a garment while
pressing it with clean hot dry steam.
Come in and let us explain the many ad van
luges of our up to the minute method.
Sanitary Dry Cleaning & Pressing Company
thos. buckler, Manager
phone no. 4o pig Stone Gap. Va
Fidelity and Other Bonds
Real Estate and Commission Brokers
vvl'iii to Uaiito Saturday an.I wa
defeated liv the' Dauli' l.all tearl
with a score ?f 5 to J.
I If. an.I Mrs. T. S. Ussfe'l V au.I
i iiibert Booth attended the ilani ii
at Diinliiir Friday night.
Physician and Surgeon
OFrTCE tip stairs in Kelly Build- j
illjj toxt .lo,.r to Mont.- Vista Hotel !
We adtmt it We like our tow n. There arc a lot jj
of things about it we're proud of. 1 here are a lot of peo- \
1 de in it we're glad to know. \\ e enjoy their calls, their |
halul-shakes, their friendly greetings.
1 .ill- wouldn't he worth much if it weren't for this j
sort ol thuig. Alter all, friendship is one of the best
things we can ever possess in this world and nothing can
take its place.
It s a line thing to know sour neighbors, to feel you
are working nut hie s problem as a community instead of
solely as a group ol individuals. We nave common
bonds because of common interests. We are better for
know ing and helping each other.
Running a store isn't all pleasure an)' more than
doctoring the sick or fixing the plumbing. It's a lot of
hard w ork and no small part of the reward comes in feel?
ing that back of it is the idea and the ideal ol service.
Y\ e couldn't go on with it if we felt it was purely
selfish. Of course we want to succeed. We want to get
tlie most we an: entitled to out of it, but that isn't all-?we
must have the other?the GOOD-WILL.

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