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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, May 17, 1922, Image 5

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f-.^?.?.t-;-^:.f-!.fwj-^i.i.j.i..^.-.; .. .......
When In ourjr your meals at rin;
"Barefoot boy with cheek of tan!"?
here he is?you'll meet hint afterwards
in your Kodak album. With a Kodak
ypu bring the trip back.
Let ns show you Kodaks from our
complete stoek. They're priced as low
as ?6.50, and they're till autographic.
Kelly Drug Co.
Big Stone Gap, Va.
Miss Bruce Skcen returned;
juilay niornillg front a tvec.k
?it tu relativ?- and friends inj
Prof. (iarrett, Genige Giitulloe
nl 1.etcher Burnt returned Stttt
I) night t'rom the University oi
irginia where < iei irgc arid
etcher entered the iieid day
John Maim, oi Purl Blackntore,
hi the < lap this week serving tin
ic jury ot the United State- 1 h
'id Court.
Dan ilill ha- accepted a posj
oit with the- N'ortoii Packing
Coli I.. (>. Pcttit -pent a few
ours Saturday in Norton on li'tts
i he Lloyd Guild of Christ
hurcli will meet at the home oi
ilrs. Karl Stoeln. Thursday
ttcri.ooit at .L.ID.
Mrs. Ki L. Brdyyii. ot Middlc
lorti.Ky., visited her mother,Mrs.
.aura Bickley, at her home in the
iap a few days last week.
II. R. Mitchell spent Sunday i"
luhiison City.
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Morton
-petit Friday in Appalachia shop
Mr. and Mr-. W. II. Wren ami
two children spent the w eek end
n Cllilhowie and motored hack
the I iap in their Winton Six.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kay and two
-mall children are visiting in
l-'airmount, W. Va., where they
weft called on account of the se
riotfs illnes- oi Mr. Ray's hiother,
Mr-. A. H. llarlcy.
Henry McConnick, of U ich -
lliond, Ky.. spent last week in the
Rev. and Mrs. R. G. Reynolds
and little daughter. Mrs. |. II.
Mathews and Mrs. II. A. W.
>'sri-n. -pent Thursday night in
Wise where they attended the re
?ival at the Methodist church.
KOlt SA LR.?One Reed Baby
<-?nugc. Applv to Mrs. S'. II
Kusstll. ,,r phone adv.Jtl 12
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bailey
wer? among those front the Gap
who were shopping in Norton
Dr. W. A. Baker. Dr. |. A. till
!?er. Dr. W. G. Painter and I ?i
narhani attended the Wise conn
?y Medical Socity held in Norton
at Hotel Norton'last Wednesday
I Ii.' WoiitoiVs
i i? i\ ..i the m. i:
will I... 1.1 thru l r
i illltier Tiiiirsilii)
im^tiitg at ihr Ij'j
Mr- l! I-'. W,
. MissU>pai v So
?:. * ii.ii. ii, soiHiv;
egitltit .lev.-ti..nal
aine of Mi ? I A
'in no; .it,.I Mi-.,
ii i'";ri<i;i> ill llris
Mi. ami Mi'. At ihm lluiloyj .?!
I Norton, u lb. foi'inerly lived in the
(iap in llie apartment ovei Mm
Mrs. Mi/.a J, Barron i.- spend
ii,.: Un- tyeek at Josephine with
hei granddaughter, Mis. l ie.I I.
1*1 iR KI'.X'I'.?Single ii.nt
I....in. 11r ? t lloor, next I.. ( arm-.'
UHirtliiii! house?Apply Mi-. J.H
Many .it tin- young friends Of
lames MeCoriuick enjoyed a par
tj at tili- In.im- of In- parents, Mr.
..ii.l Mis. |. Li M.( ormick, Oh last
liiday night.
M.-. I'aul II.an.-. ..i Rotja, i'i
spending several day- in the (iap
it ith her mother, M r- I. (;. Mint
> y. Mi >. 11? ? 111<- recently return?
ed ii..in Itreeileville, Trim . wrere
she iinderiweti; an operatioti in tin
hospital ihere.
Dr. and M.-. |.,| Wade, of Nor?
ton; sjiciit lasi week in tin- (lap
with Mr-. Wade's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. S. I'. Klecoor. Dr. Wade
is recuperating front a serious iii?
tack .a tin- (111.
K( >R SALE?I'iire bred I ?uro?:
v'earilriig pigri.?John I'.. Payne ?
adv. 20
Mrs. It. C. Heiison, ..i Roda, had
as her guest (oi tin- week-end
Mrs. I'.i A. I lamer and l\vti
attractive -mall children left
Thursday night for an extensive
visit t.. relatives in Chicago. Kan?
sas City and points in Iowa. Dur?
ing their absence. Mr. Harrier,
who is president ..i tin- Norton
packing Company, will make his
home in Norton.
Major and Mrs. William A.
Stuart rein rued last week trout
tlicTr honeymoon tip to White
Sulpluir Springs. They an- mak?
ing their home with Mr. and Mrs.
K. T. Irvine on Poplar Hill at
?Kentucky White, Nancy Hal!
and Japanese Yam all ready tor
delivery at 40c per 100 or $3 30
per 1,000. Special attention i,;
mail orders. Write or see L. J.
Horton, Uig Stone Llap, Va.?udv
Rev. James M. Smith left Tucs
lay morning (or Charleston; W
v'a.. to attend the meeting ot the
?chcral assembly of the Presby-j
erian church.
Misses lidna Mc Faden and Kate
Lay spent the week-end with rel
itives and friends at Coeburn.
Mr. anil Mis. G. It. Johnson1
tave moved into the Hobart
tV'hitt bungalow near the knitting
Mi-- ('..me i.<mg i- spending
ioihe time in Chntuoo.l with tel
tlives ami friends.
Dr. J. A. Gilmer -pent several
lavs this week m Louisville, Ky..
?vhere he witnessed the Kentucky
Derby on Saturday.
C. T. i.)reii'der, jess Thompson
illd J. M. Goodloe were among
those front th i iap w In. attended
the Kentucky Derby in Louis-1
^ ille last Saturday,
Hen Spr. ev -pent Smidiiy with
re la l i \ es in t lilichport.
Mi. and Mrs. I t ? ? iibson and
Inldieii. of Appalachia. -pint
SlltltklV in the (iap the glte-t- of
Mr. and Mi- l\ I Markhi.
I have all kiml- oi I any Tonl.'i
to I'lants.also pimento :i:td saic!
I'epper. Cahhiige, eis. Prices
lea-oiialde -I. J. I loiiiill.?aiL
Mr. and Mrs \\ . W. Nickels,
lr.. of h'oda. - pent the w ei-k end
in tin- Lap with relatives and
Ml - Mville Sill kels -pent -ev
eial d.tvs last week With her
brother, Dt;. S. I:. Nickels, in
t lim lijiort.
Mis. A, 1 . Hoitiill returned to
her home in lite Gap last week ai
tef a iw o \\ cel.- vjsil w ith liet - is?
ter at I'.iltlCole, N. (
Mis. II. \V tiliiinlll liUinicd
Monday alter spending several
.lay- with friends in Johnson City.
I< I Hamiden spent the week?
end With rcdalives at Hose Hill.
Mi. and Mr- Ike Ivicliijiond
and children -peul the week end
in tin i iap the <Mic-t- .it Mr, and
Mrs] \\ . A. I i cad.
Little Mi- - I ?orotiiy Madox. oi
Appalai hia. -pent la si wl-ck in tin
Gap with Mrs. K. L. Milton.
K. I' Johnson. Jr.. li ft Monday
lllotllillg for a h'usiiiesjt trip to
i iate Citty and Hi i-t.d
111 iht! inline luv Holstein Hull
will serve cows fo'r -i tec of $.1.1)0
( ASH ( INLY. |ohu H. I'aytte.
- adv.9tf,
Mr-. N, K Albitlabejo. ?>( Ann
Ail..,i. Mich, i- visiting her -i
t.-i. Mi - A I > i IWeiis at her
'The < 'hristian 1- ndi-.n ,.i Sot n
iv oi ihe I'icshyleii:tu chutch will
have charge ol the j,ravel meet?
ing services this evening (Wed?
nesday l at 7 :.l".
( in le No. J oi tin- Woman's
Auxiliary oi the l'resbyteri:in
church will meet Thursday after?
noon at .1 o'clock at tin- home oi
Mi-. I U. Mar-hall
The Hig Stone Gap Music Study
(.'lull will meet today (Wednes?
day I at .i o'clock at the home oi
Mi-. |). It. Pierson.
j We Do Not
I Sell Leather
I We Do Sell
Tender Cuts
of Meats
8 ~
l What Kind \)n
I Yoll Want"
t It is good if it
i -
jf from us.
R, W. Planary!
|i SO a;t 3
iiii?iiiii?Iiimiiim')|iiwi'?i?ii?hi?ii uriiiiaiiinmm ???? wniinii umi iii?!??? iirjmuw hi im?imiiiiim r i iid
you had to take a btireau all to pieces
to fix one drawer that stuck. Just about |
as hutch sense taking an automobile all
apart to make some simple adjustment!
Every part of the Durant Car is so
designed that it can he casil) removed
without disturbing another solitary thing.
Lonesome Pine Motor Company j
Phone Mi? Stone (Jap, Yn.
fiist a cr\ectl '; ? , (jinn! Car
MODEL A it. ?CYU". MODI-' l> 11. <? CVI.INOfcB
: mm m
k I_L_%
Mrs K. T. Irvine iitid two small
children awl Mrs. William A Slo?
an will l.-:iv t- tin- week i..i Rich
in..n.I where Mis. Irvine will |
represent Wise > .unit i .11 tin
Mate meting bf tin- l-'cdetatiou I
hi Women's .In!.-, i in tin- 30th
.lay oi May they will iitteuil the
graduation of Mis. Irvine's i
ier, I >i. Margaret Noltihg, .it the j
medical school ut Kiclinuiiid an.I
will also attend the Historical I'a !
geaitl which will he held there j
the las, ol May.
Circle No. I ..i the WonialiV
Auxiliary ..t the Preshvtcriati
church will meet with Mrs, A. U.
(iordon Thursday aiteii.n at .(]
I'. T. Barker, <if Stoii'ega, and
I.. T. Winsti.n. tit the i..i|>, wetit
iiver t.. Bristol Friday when- Mr.
Winston purchased a Bttick Six I
I hey returned Sunday overland. |
Rev. and Mrs. A. M. Padgett
left Monday for Jacksonville.hla.,
where they will attend the South?
ern Baptist convention ivhicli
eonveues at that place May 17th
i.. ?u\.
The Saturday Bridge Chili wil|
meet Saturdav afternoon at .(
o'clock with .Mis. l-'red TrO) a
Mis. II. A. Ramsey went over
to Bristol Tucsday.where .--lie will
Spend a tew days visiting her
The Kpwortl) League. ..i" the
Methodist Episcopal Church.
South, will render a special "An?
niversary Day" program, at the
church on .Sunday night. May
at S p. in. Miss Beth Shugart
and l ail Knight will he the lead?
ers, and an exceptional program
is heing prepared. Special music
and good speakers. Public i>
cordially invited lo attend.
The treasured remembran ce 3 ol her gj
wedding day--lhe gifts tji many loving ,;:
friends?are always tin; bride's most pre Ja
cious possessions. c"!
They need not be expensive, but they ?*;
should express the good last?; of the giver in jS
their beauty and delicate workmanship. - j&j
Here yon will find a wide raiiKii of ex- ip;
qiiisite tfit'ts at prices which mean remark
able value- -beautiful and useful articles in S
cut glass, silvbrware; and novelties.
Expert Watch Repairing
F. F.
Appalachia, - > ll'glliui
Mr. ?'iul Mrs I I . Gilt) anil
Mi? Anna Bird lllot.ircd t.. Kx- j
cter Saturday night to see the
play given by the Duiibar Dr'djij
atic l lull.
Mr. and Mis. kotiert Bruce ami
children, of Norton, spent Suttdaj
in tlit- Gap with relatives.
License on automobiles and
inotor trucks past due. Sri- tue
at nine and y,ct vom license.
Commissioner oi the Revenue,
Appjlui hiu, Va.
Mr. ami Mrs. John \\ . I !.;,ikl,-y
and two clitlilrtin spy id a feu
hours in .Norton Sunday after
lioi >ii,
Subscribe to The I'ust.
H. E. FOX '
Civil and Mining Engineer
Big Stone Cap, V?? and Harlan, Ky.
Itcporta ami estimates on Coal ami
T inter (.amis, Ueslgn ami I'turia ot
Coal noil Coke Plants, I..m.I. Railroad
ami Mine Erigineering, Kleotric iilue

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