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New Building Will Be Last Word in Modern Bank Architec?
ture, Rivaling in Beauty and Appointments the Magnifi?
cent Home of the First National Bank of That City
Great Part of Remarkable Growth of Appalacbia Within the
Past Two Years Due to the Keen Vision and Generous
Backing of the Directors of This Institution
The Peoples' Bank oi Apjia;
lachia will build a new, modern
bank building next dooi i" the
Houston Hotel in the lietii fu?
ture; The building will i ost rt|j
proxini.itcly $75,000 and will lie
the la^t word lit hank construe;
tion in this county. The nee.
building will rival in beauty and
appointments the magnificent
home oi the Fit -t National Bank
of that eitv.
K. B. M'oore. easttiei 1*1 the
bank, and the yiiiuigesi iium.it >
rieil banket in the county, in an
inlet view with a representative "i
the Post, was opthttistii iivei the
gradual increase in business
throughout this .section. Accord
ing to Mi. Nloot < motte} is be
ginning to circulate inore fjeely,
and generally it is circulating to
ward.-- a savings account in a
bank ( lit lantiarv 1st oi ibis \ cat
the Peoples' Bank opened a !s.i\ j
ings I >cpai tiliei11
All stock holde? i.ie Appnlu
cliln business men.
S a vi ii ? - Department, a
montlis old, tins $.10,000 on de
pbrtt drawing I per rent, com?
Hank has mote tliatl doubled
Iis resources in past Is montlis.
Will blilhl n J7ti,000 hoiite in
ii. ai future.
lias been an important fac?
ini in remarkable growth of
61lti lllti
deposits. In the five
which have followed
match- $30.000 lint ti l ei
ited bv the thiitiv in Appulaihia
and surrounding'caiiips. When
risked win. were tin ?rcatest ?ti
J lorn foi abiillt live seals. He is
iiitivcli inlet esti'd and his btisi
\ lie's S ahiliiv has been one ot the
l.o lot's in the rapid and -ub-tan
j tial g|..u th oi the bank.
An..tin i ttuiqtie feature.aiiii one
I Which i- win th\ oi the collsider
at.I evei v pe:s..ii in the eoiiu
iii.1 Ski
rut a pai I ol out client
TV pi Ollll i it
fbe bank ha- made
fori to obtain llleit
atuig ueittu t expense
with on. ex. epliim 11 is the
'(?copies' Bank" in ever) sens, oi
lb'.; Word I be eleven direct.us
aic all Appal.u In.i nu n A large
iiuiiotitv .-I the best business
man in the d;st:.. t flu letter I other, eitlici asdircctoi in depos
reaches lltelh in then own Ian hin: Stalling in IV'K) with a ca'p
guage. It Iii st of all gaiiis thcirlital oi $10,000 and ilu powerful
confidence because' ii i- writien in t-resource's behind tbeui thtiv have
a language thc\ understand, It i grown with the t.-wn. slowlv but
tells the Story ofthriftaiid iityites silieiy. until thei area vital link
them to come to the Laid, with in tin great financial .ham oi the
their troubles. Ami I hit) coiiie count} A it part ,.t the re
Imiidreds td theni who wish ad maikablc growth Appalacliia
v ice oi w ant expert help in incinci j in the past two \ <
mallets. Mi. Moore ha-- tnaill' it '? keen i ision and'g
his business to iainili.itize hiinsi ii j
with the foreign exchange as i
Hungarians ate always send!
IIIOUCV to people in th. i
Im- to the
- hacking
w ill N Ml I Hl .st I All DIED
policy ,.t co operat. the batik
has adopted since its change ill
ownership in September. l'Jo.
It was dining this mouth that the
present management came int?1
control. F. c Mainous, ot KuoS -
villc. was cash,ei .?! ib.- institu?
tion when Mi Moore sitcceedeij
him in 1920, At thai time the
capital st,? I; was iticieased from
$10.000 to $25,000 and in the first
yeai 61 the new management the
lin n's sake: A statement lu.s
beeti prepaid showing what SI
might have meant to Metlill
s. liih lia.l tin- dollar been In?
vested at >'? per cent..compound
lid, when Methuselah whs twen?
ty one. When Methuselah died,
aged OOil, tin- single dollar
would have grown to mote than
071 s,.Millions of dollars, a sum
shown in tu.iity-f.uir futures!''
k^?!??^.?\ i?\:?;. y ?<>. ? &\ \* kusa ur? ? ?
1 ? ... ^ . p'
pecial Iron
.48 clown?SI.OO with each month'
Lighting Hill until paid
5 Per ('fill Discounl For Gash
Prepare now tor the hot days to eomo
by purchasing one of these
Wonderful Labor Savors
to Send an Iron to your Home
Electric Transmission Co.
See Irons on display m our w indow. 11
..f the directors of the hank. Be?
lieving that Appalachia's growth
is their growth they have extend?
ed tlioir lull co-operation. This
policv has liccn practiced with the -
smallest as well as the largest dc- >
positor. 1
The 'directors wanted to buil>' <
their new home last year. Then !
rapid growth demanded larger i
quarters, hut when they met to I
consider the building of a great t
hank they decided the merchants <
oi Appalachia needed every cent >
they could gel during the trying i
times of the depression and their
consideration came tirs|. To build
meant that this money would not ?
be available for deserving busi- :
ness men whose credit was uh- !
questionable, and who needed it '
sorely. Then came the decision '
to put off building until times be- 1
came more normal. This tlccis- 1
ion brought fclief to many who '
otherwise might have found it im- ;
possible to keep (heir bead- ahp\ e
the rising tide of depression
During the 18 mopths that
Mr. Moore has been cashier of the ?
bank an active campaign for thrift ;
has been carried "ii hi Appalachia 1
ami the coal fields. Realizing 1
that the prosperity of the com 1
ntuuity bis in prudent cconoiny 1
he started out to educate tin- ptiti <
be. The hu e of comfort, the satis:
faction ot independence and the
necessity tor preparing foi the
proverbial "rainy day" was the
sfory he told in helping all to ki t
let things
"The u\ erage mar, tyllii ha: i 1
worry about the lulls ot the 1
butcher, tin bakei ami the candle?
stick uiakci does ii.it realize that]
a savings account i-- tin- sjiprl cut '
to happiness and comfort." bei'
said. "I try to impress up.nl '?'?
cry man or woman who rtjincsH
liere to open -i saviiigij account I
that the royal load to case i
marked h> deposit entries in a
saving account bank book A do!
lar or live dollars laid awit-i each \
week will glow like weed- when
compounded with i oll i per cel.i.
iuleiest during a \ear. We all .
can't be rich, but we can all be
cothfoi lahie, and that ha- . oni
pciisatiphs the great John \> nev
er enjoyed."
Mi. Moide i a graduate ot
Roanbke Col|ege, a fiat man and.
while only 22i i- rated anioug the
most success I til bankers in the
county. I. X. IXniahlspu.nssi.statit
cashier.also a voting man,is a
graduate of jWilliaih \- Marv Phe
direi t?hs an- S IX I ireeii, A. B, "
Kavh.i. II. II. I lea.!. I. S! Salver, j
I-'.. 1'. DutTy.A 1. Sturm. W.' H
lolinson, /.. IV Sm\ ifiCj I I ? .ii-.
zer, K. II. Mo,,,,-" and ' I. I.. ( I.
These men are till Appalachia
men?business men who are .!?, :
ing then bit to place Appalachia i
in the lead in the commerce of
\\ ise i otttity .
II. W. Meude wi.s i. bUsjneM visitor
to Bristol dot mi; the last week. Ih .
Dewey Guillen, Mrs. Quilieh hu.I lit- j
tie daughter of Abingdon visited
Mrs. II. W. Meade last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Eawlnish spent |
Saturday mid Sunday with relatives
at Cleveland. Vu
Mr. and Mrs. .1 E Rakei and i lill
dreii week ended with Mr. Maker's
parents at Uirchfield,
C M. Harris and wif,-, of Indiana, j
ale the guests of K. I.. Vaughitii mid !
wife this weil..
Misses Carolyn and Elizabeth liar
ris, ?f llansonvitle, are spending j
sonit-time with theli tistur, Mi ti. 1..
(ii ecu.
Mis. John Turner left Monday |
night for mi extended visit aiming
relatives nt Middle shot.-, Ky.
tioone Turner, wife und little
daughter left Monday for William?
son, \V. \'u., for mi extended stay.
W. W. Mint,.!., of Bust Stoin- (jap,
whs a business eisitot in Wise mid
Norton tile past Week.
W. y. Vaughnr., of Koanitke, is
here auditing the accounts of Thom?
as, Andrews A Company.
J. A. Alexander and II. T. Ksiesj
of Koanokc, Were calling ,.n the trade
the past week.
A. V. Snodgrass returned Satur- I
day from St. Louis, where he attend- '
ed the Southern Wholesale Grocers'
W. C. Craig, win. has been very ill
the past week is somewhat hitter at
this tune.
Miss Lillian Km ley returned to St.
I'uul yesterday after spending several
days with her sister, Mrs. W.C. Cruig.
Mrs. Luther Jones and children,
of Cullohee, N. C, are visiting Mr.-.
Jone*' parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.. K.
Miss Kuby Meador, Who spent the
past winter in .Vorth Carolina in
school returned Monday for her va?
Miss Maty Meador is hack from it
pleasant week's outing with her sis
tern in North Carolina.
On next Tuesday afternoon at
! o'clock the Bachelors of the Gap
v'iil challenge the Married men
villi a game of ball. The pro
ccds will g<> for the benefit of the
Sunday Schools so buy a ticket
roin voiir Sunday School. i he
tail game will 1?' over in tune for
he Decoration Day services at 5
?Mock that afternoon at the cem?
etery. The line up for the game
-. its follows.
Married Men:
ill Bam?General Avers
!nd Base?Mayor Horsley
Ird B?se-H-Cap. Taylor
-hurt Stop?Uncle Frank Sturgill
eft Field?Cordon Gilly
?enter Field- -W. S. Hose
tight Field?Robert Barrori
'itcher Sherman Masters
'atcher?Doc. Harham
Mascot? Bill Christian
ist Hase -Bud Master*
ifid Hum- -W. II. Chapman
lid Base-: Kay Casper
-horl Stop W. ?. Coutis
Left Field- John Kelly
enter Field Roscoe VVults
'tight Field Harry Avers
I'itcher?John H. Payne
ntchei Jimmy Hodges
Hal Hoy Brownie Folly
?Vater Boy John Chnlkley
Mrs Florence Mo nritt.it 1. Hall
lakes yhafge (if I bane Service
vork. during the absence o( Mr.
I lodge, retaining the office in the
oiveriiineut building, but with
tit regttlai hours liiert,'. I tiler
. iews uiav be arranged l)v mail
.. otherwise; ami all case's will lie
^i\ eii prompt atlciliu ill
lastel 11in Bai ion, win < -pent
vvititcl at loscplnne and at
led ? lioiil at the W est N'oi toil
lie School, wiiti the prize in
fifth giade tot making the
u -t spelling grades during the
???I yeai in thut grade, i It: al
liadt ? .in- iiimdi i-d ? >ii hi- liiial
Nli-- iii act ^ arpeulei. i .i
si Norton! won the priitt' for
same iii the fourth grade,
lieei up! There's plenty "i
It ahead fin tluiSc who hate to
tbeii wives do the hoeing in
A year ago ?
almost unknown
Todav ? a leader
A sweeping verdict for QUALITY
VIRGINIA:?In trie Clerk's tllllce
of the Circuit Court of Wise County !
the 8th day of May, I?22,
J. II. A. Smith, Plaintitl.
A. Iii P. Corder, Adnir. of lieiiry
Fuin, deceased, J. M. Qiiilliu, Jr., Tr.
Annie Guthrie, H. J. Fain, an Infant;
(I. H. Fain ami Cnrbnr Fain, Befell
j .lain-..
The Object of this suit i- I" settle
i the Administrator's account with
A. I.. P, Coriierj Administrator of
ll.nry Fain, ileeeaseil, ami sailijcct
the real estate owned by Henry Fain
at th.- time of his death to lieiis
against tin- sanie,
Ami it appears from nlli.lavil an
tile in Haid ollice that the ,l,-f,-ii.lants,
Aiinle Guthrie, 6, Ii. Fain mal Car
bar Fain are not residents of tile.
State! of Virginia it is order.).! that
they appeal here within ti n days al?
ter due publication of this ordei ami
do what i. necessary to protect their
interest in this suit.
Ami it is further ordered that a
copy hereof he published once a week
for four successive weeks in the Hin
lone Gup Post and that
?steil at the front door of
olise of this County, ami ;
ii mailed lo Ilm defend!,
itthrie, 0; H. l ain ami ?
l Johnson City, Tomie-ssei
Itown post ollice add.I.
A . ojiy T. t.
It. it. ItOHF.IM.
leafs ,v V icars, p. ij. in
I tiilgiiig from pi es- i.:
radio has made womlcriul -U; ?
in tlii! la^t lew ini11tilt- . In i
limn ..i sti w e ought In Ijt |(St
in-.' tdcctioli i'elhi n- ti on dap
Dr. J. A. G1LMF.R
Physician anil Surgeon
filTICK l'|i stair- in Kell) H.
ric next door to Monti! Vista I! !i
Treats diseases of the Eye, E:
Nose and Tlltoit
Will I..- in Ajipuliichla Mi LI
IIA V in each mouth until .1 ..
'EN k.
"Tlie Gulbraiiseii i> part of
our family"
Maty, myself and tin
our family. And I'm
"Mother. Fathei
the song leader !
"The Gulbransen is our pal. All play it
well?ail differently, according to our ideas.
It holds us together?makes 'Home Sweet
Home' sweeter !
"Mother sings the old love songs and
hymns, to her own accompaniment.
"Father delights in playing plantation
melodies and marches.
"Mary and I play popular airs.
"And how quickly we learned with the aid
oi Gulbransen Instruction Holls! Such a
musical education would certainly have cost
us a fortune?to say nothing of many
The Gulbraiiseii is bringing new joys into
thousands of homes. Gulbransen Instruc?
tion Holls?the modern method of playing
?teach yon to play any selection correctly
?from popular aits to grand opera.
Wat ion alb'Priced
, Brande il In the Back
UTvte tLv^t .... . v^-^t Subui
TOO $600 $4Q5
I BrilnswiGk Phonograph Joy Shop

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