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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, June 14, 1922, Image 2

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a no'MfM>afj? CIomI i* Inovptntivc a nri QonvctiUnt,
ll-r.p.r.l kr lh. ltr.H-,1 st.i., l>.r.rtm>nt
Kur g?nn atoms honsnkcnpers lin\i>
taken |>rlilo In their orderly linen
closets, wrII storked prr-crvr mi l tri
lj closets and llictr mm kitchen cup?
boards. Wlillr not attractive In
look lt. the rhmnlllg . |..?et In |l|*i ritt
lnii?.riant lie crimping together
brooihs, brushes, dnslors, mops iitul nil
the many things needed In rlcnning,
au? keeping I lie chisel In order, the
housekeeper neivl in,I waste time or
take eitra atop* In enlieetlng Ihi'so
tiling- when *he want* to use them.
It I? a ihnte Military nn,| tidy practice
to store eletitilhg lonls In n pln.e hv
themselves ihtui l.i loiivc llieiii In n
turner of the kll.h.-li nr pilnlry. ns Is
often done Hie llnltrd Sintis hepar I
Uieut of Agrleillturc pidnla nut
The cleaning el.t should hi.
lilllelll ti, the whole Ionise Hnltle
tllutoi. es|.lull) in large hollars, n
good arrangement Is In have 11 clean
II,V el.,sei on each floor with a supply
uf the things most fret|iieiitlj uaed
If a hunt lu . losei Is not Hviitiiihlc, nn
uld wardrobe ma) he lilted up Sniiiiv
Ihnes the Cleaning elnH.pens ?fT the
back hall ui the eouihliiiitiiui hiumlry
and washroom, which Is found im ah
must indispensable l ""in lu ninny
farmhouses This, als,,, w n g,,.>d
place for It
The clhiiiitng ebisel Should be ion
tllble.l by .lilting holes In ll,e .|...,r 01
b| iiieans ?r s irnnsoih shelves
SllUUltl I.innige.I foi the cnits .I
bullies ,.r (lelinlliK niiUcrbilsi und nth
ei small articles .I I here should ho
plenty iif I.ks hi pi..pei heights for
brushes, to. did mbp? 'I Ih m.
should he iniug j... tl.nl ihe weicht
dors not rest on Ihe straw* hrlslli'S,
01 string, I.ai p"i awecpei. nlsn.
Slieuld be sei ,.r huiie so Hint the
?elgl.l d.-e> 11,11 ."lue "i< the brushes
Ccod Tool* Mm* Economical,
W.II mud. ?Im iiple tools ui.. gen
eniii.i most >???.Mill In tl.ml.
tillingil the. i<i ,v east in,,i? i.t ihe out
00 Wt QE1 A BUMP
Tl' YOU would ink,. >.thing mit
A null? at rigid at your head .. soft
leather ball foi example and Jam
It ii'alnil tl.rnei uf h lulile, ?
?Haiti., t dent or hollow ?III appear If
you urike a rubbei ball ui ,.uv Other
resilient ob)e,i agalntl the same pro
'?ctton tl.* item ..ill appeal only for
a uiouient and the bull is III thru All
?ut and he as round ns formerli
Why, Iben dua l we gel dems in niii
Laad? Instead of bumps?
Tin nnswci Is that ?? do, but they
fill up so raphil) that we .1" hol
acttir Iheia aad ar>* rousclnos onlj of
the "bump*1 which appears almost im
nedlately thereafter and remains for |
?w.n, um- I'lits bump Is caused by
the sptratlena of ihe bod. In repair
lag the lojui, i .Milling troth till
Mow, Au Increased supplj of blond |
la mahed to the spm ami the s
rounding ?eins I.e..nur distended In!
ttktlif .are of this orei suppli lit hi
baallDt (tuirii are also brought i.> Ihe
Injurtil place to aaslat In rapid re
(j??i, and Hie presence of these, to
gtther ?.Hb ihe blood, forces the skin,
U rile A blew on Ihr head will
cause a larger 11,mini" than elsewhere !
oa tl. e bod) because ihe skin u
strstthril light)) nrer lh? skull an.I
Ua UUrrvealng ?pa, e I? iriv Barrow
Heiler U,? aklu must be pushed up I
tfurtbtr to make room for the heal
log agaata which tht body dispatches
a? awoa at tbr I.rain telegraphs ti e
A man having his hair cot noticed j
that the barbel's dog had hi- eyes '
fixed on bis master at work.
"A nice dog," said the customer,
"Me is, sir."
"He seems very fond of watching
you cut hair."
"It ain't that, sir," explained the
barber. "You see. Sometimes I make
a mistake and snip of a little bit of a
customer's ear."
vi' im will nnl he ii-**! often rnoufb tu
the ordinary holme in jimtfj th?ir ?a
I.-?v or lit** storage room llmy os/uu
? ? rttfl ti n houankcepor ?in do wrii
t.. tasnstder these |?*>ltui tipf?n buy?
TT.Ii? rlottin iiaott In imtleMn*
IlmirM und furniture, r-tpeclallr Dt
moistened with llnaned oll. nn ? wrt
om flre hnuirxl unless kept tu a cot
n.-.i ?roproof container. A tin or gal
Tiinlr.i'il Iron i nn ?tili chr.n flttlui tid
In good fur ?Iii? pantose.
twin lii*-t longer and work better II
put hark In Ibe rloael rlmn noil reedy
fur usi- llu- nci( llinn
Car* of Variou? Kind* of Mopi.
Oncea w ool.. or oftotier, If necessary,
Hiu hoi ..f in. I'firpe) (weeper should
Im upi'iii.) pvei dampened iiewspapefi
llio .tin emptied out; and hair and
Ilm cleaned from tho liro?hr-i *?lcb a
buttonhook, .Unis.' comb, or old acla
Hi.ru Tin" mechanism should b* krpt
properly oiled. A vacuum cleauar
should In- looked aftor In the ?aun
will i i-opt tlmt In addition the ban
Htmiibl Im emptied.
Dry in oiled mops .slioold be well
shaken nu ll nun nfler use, mid occa?
sionally should be washed In tint soap
adds, rinsed In clear iiol wat?-r. and
dried na ipilckly an possible Oiled
inop? may Inj renewed by pouring on a
row dropH of kerosene or floor nil and
IcRVlllli ib.on stund iinill tb? oil
spreads llirnuch the string* If too
Ii,in Ii ..II I*. liked, llu- II.? will be
i darkened .I it Imrpliia of oil will be
I left on llu- surface.
filial cloths should bo washed fr?
gnentty, I.aiisn a little dlrl cornea
out more imally and because dirty
rim Iis nft. n leave as much dust aa
they ti.u.- up Mud inay scratch Mgbl,
polished surfaces '11.II ln"du?tle??"
i-lotlis may lie restored by inldliig to
the rliise wuiei n tlttlo kerosene or
lb.ur nil (iihnilj nni' iahlesjiooliflll to a
?I mi 11 nf Miiti'i). or by pniirliiK a few
drops ol nil mi I lie dry duster, rolling
It light, im.I lotting li Miin.t unlit the!]
nil spreads evenly
House cleaning ufu.ii sreuis a hnrd
task and It pays to plan the work
I'arefiiily and in seep the lo.no' olaau
rather ilnin labor to liiakc It cleau.
Consldei attic Variation in Amount et
Mouiuir Absorbed by Ceicala?
1 able Will Help.
tjercrils vary cnushlcriyhly in the
amount of wiilor absorbed ns I hey are
.klni; specialists In Ibe Hulled
Sintes liopnrlinenl of Agriculture
?-.to Ibis fuel 11. counts for Ibe thin
OHtliieat or Ilm l<?i thick ?11? - wbleb
sometlinis appear .'nun Ibe haiiila of
ii ineAiierleiiiod rook A cupful ol
I.ilny em- aliunld be cooked In tv\lce
us niUCll water Iis h . .rpftil of ticotcb
oatmeal a At it requires Iwlee as uiucb
?alt HS nil) other .'elelll The table
below gives ibe proportions of suit
ami water lo use In cooking one cup?
ful of cereal of ibe various kinds:
SaJt Water,
I Vital spoon. l.Sjp.
tula fult
i p. ii meal .I IH
lldiiilny grits .3 I
OatOlcal Ihcolelt) .1 t
Oatintal (rollad oala) .1 IV,-J
? 'nuked whral .I t
Tf?m/t?M ?
: Ques//onf.
\ ?? it .- carrots an- no.- raised wltb
airing beans or peas.
An old alii'cl will often make a nice
pair "f pillow rases.
Individual sonnies of liaui are ulct
for the I.I. supper.
(illy Muter can be cleared by udutug
lue a fe.v spoonfuls of coruiueal.
Hunt Ulli be libel) i'latrd If you
brush them lightly wltb rvaporuted
l ittle Kreddic < Looking at type?
writer in his father's office) I "What
makes typewriters go, papa?"
Papa: "Your mother."?Hunting?
ton Advertiser.
Dodge Brothers
A Business Coupa
Conservative changes
in the body design
of all other types
ha\ e
to buv.
uy Good Lumber
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country tins spring and summer. This commun?
ity will be booming the boom. - - - -
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Good Feeds and the Famous Black Mountain (Joal
School authorities are forbidding
teachers, tn have their hair bobbed. |
Also their skirts. This is bobber
ous.?Troy Times.
"You charged with tulking j
hack to an officer, "said (he magis?
trate. "Have you anything to say'1"
"Not a word, your honor; i sand too }
much aJready."
"Does your husband save anything |
for a ruiny duy?"
"I'll say he does. From the way
hr hang? Uli lo it, he must be expect- i
"if a rioud."?Portland Advertiser, j
Grandma of today misfit P^l
phrase the song and stick dos* IJ'l
truth by singing, "Darling, ! 'I
(?rowing Bolder."
?Philadelphia UW*" I

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