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The Big Stone Gap Post
Published Every Wednesday by the
GILBERT N. KNIGHT, .... Editor
LINDSEY J. HORTON. ? - A.ii.Lnl Editor
One Year.$1.50
Six Months ..... .75
Three Months - - ... .40
Entered according to postal regulation at the
post-office at Hig Stone Gap as sccoltd-class matter.
Some people are perfectly willing to feed millions
of dollars to the birds -provided they are ofliei pm
pie's dollars. Europe iievei tires ??: iui|H>i tuning
this country for great loads, while at the same lime
they arc spending then own money on the main?
tenance of immense armies. With Europe. ?>n tin
brink of auothei war, with industries torii ami tlik
rupted, with holslteyisiri boring nutlet the surface,
with hatred and distrust everywhere, ii is difficult
tu understand how adtequatc sei nritj can be offered
for such loans. International bankers ami bnhil
houses may advocate I hem, but sttcii concern.' do
not as a rule invest ilien own tn.nn v I he gullible
public supplies the "dotlgli'1 w belt it bin - the I.ds
And incidentally, Mr. International Until.11 slices
nil his full |K>untl ni llcsh by underwriting the bond
issue. Ii we have any money tied to tile birds
we can lind plenty of tin- feathery Iribc in oui own
yards Pecdtiig, like chat ih . should begin at home.
Ftir many years lite women -it this country have
been demanding ciptal rights itll men in ilie mallet
nf voting and holding office. Man. realising tin- jit.st
tiess of tlicit tleuiantls, ha- conferred tin- right of
franchise upon them, Is woman making tin iliosl
uf bet newborn freedom ami itulependence? She is
n>>t. The Im is bcii ining ni l. anil raihei trouble
some. It tioCS nut appeal as strongl) to iiei a- u
did when it was a forbidden aim h This is not to
be regretted, foi inen of character bad hoped that
the women would aid in driving tin- crooj - otii ...
public oflicc. Upright and honorable officials feel
just as keenly on this subject as do tin lay mail ? In.
ate disappointed in tin- dwindling feminine, yi'te.
When the women are in Strong iotce at tin jadls
the crooks ami the professional bainaclcs have a
hard road tu travel. With \vi itieii ' (?cotiiitig itulif
(ereut and remaining at home on clc. tioii da>
rule vvilibecoutc as firmly estahh-hed as livei before,
Women, as well as men. owe a tint \ t.. ilu-ii , umtrv.
That duty. ha\ ing been assumed, sbotild now be per?
Steadily Improving
People wlu> expected to see the United States re?
sume its normal status following tlie war w ere dis?
Those who pinned their hopes to a slow but grad
aul readjustment are witnessing the vindication of
their judgment.
Neither wages nor prices will ever go hack to the
pre-war level. Men who have enjoyed a long taste
of high wages and easy work will not willingly re?
turn to long hours ami grueling toil ami poor pay.
Manufacturers ami dealers who have reveled in skj
profits tight sly of the 61(1 system of slim picking*
anil lew of them,
That is human nature, and nature make- all laws
.uul regulates all things.
It was, Im? ever.manifestly impossible to maintain
Wages and profits at the sky peak of war (lays. Ali
normalci may prevail foi a period, but in the cud it
must give way to national thought and action.
Prifces of necessities, and of even luxuries, have
been steadily declining tor a long time. The saint
i- mic of labor, and of all of the law materials that
go into construction or production of articles of dai?
ly use.
I'lic tall has In en slow but gradual, ami some time
itin-t still lapse before we reach that level which
will insure the return of a lull measure of prosperity
to the country.
The situation, however, is fairly satisfactory ami
mil of promise, and the future is bright to those who
can sec.
Jury service is one of the fust duties of citizenship.
It is one ftf the last duties the average citizen is will
inj; to perform: Men of character and ability who
an- possessed of the qualifications necessary to the!
i endet ing of fair and intelligent verdicts will go t..
great lengths in order to evade service till a jury.
\t tli'e samt time they will criticise, the verdicts of
those who hie willing in serve. The average man
teils that he cannot afford to Itcgleci hi- business
interests in order Id spend two di three days' oi a
week in a jury box at small pay. The financial sat
nine -mil -cixice entails is a barrier between him
ami bis tint\ to bis community, lie forsakes duty
in In- efforts to evade I he sacrifice. In ton niaiiv
cases tili- attitude tills tin- juries with men who ate
not tilted morallj oi intellectually to perform their
duties without feiu oi favor. The result i- spread
broadcast over the country in the for in of criiiiiualitS
thai appears to be iinclieckable ami coiistantlv otj
the iniiea-e. The law of nature require- thai \vi
t cap as w e sou . a ml ev en now the I it 1 ill oi the rcapei
i- deafening in ? mr eai -.
I)., not spelid too much time looking tor sofi
berths in this lite. It may unlit y.m i.u the liard
one ill Hie id collie.
Noih Lvads thv World in Motor Cur Valu*
Not out) ai e people saying with greater
emphasis than ever that the Nash is a good invest?
ment, hut they arc proving their, conviction hy
the growing volume pi their purchases.
It i> onl\ t<> he expected that a financially
independent manufacturing organization of
notable eflit iency in hoth men and method
should produce a car so notable in value that
it i> attracting a steadily increasing percentage
ol bu\ ers.
Pritei range ft urn $065 u fojpo^fi ?. i. fat/try
J. A. MORRIS, Agent
Mayor Quillin, of Coeburn, is
Shot Four Times by John
King,a Miner of That Place
?Quillin Had Sent King's
Son to Reformatory for
Believing that Mayor Quillin, of
Coeburn, hut! unjustly sent In.- .-mi
to tin- reformatory fm house-break
um, .lohn King, a miner, shut Quilin
when they met on Main Street in
front of Bloom's store about liiifi
yesterday mot iiihg.
The shooting tool; place '-bile the
to vn election was in progress, and
in view of iianv people w tu. were
standing on ..ie s.rc.-t Miyi Qjifi
tin was nut a candidate foi le-elec
tioh anil the shooting dill not rise
from a potiti il difference as -a.,- first
Alter being shot Uuillin ran sixty
feel up the .street, and into a si no.
As he ran on.- bale! Indeed into Ids
arm and tim e mure in his bad . lie
was rushed to tin- i oehiirn Hospital,
where his i otldili i is - .1 I to be , riti
Kino was placed under ntrest ami
held without build.
Rev, und Mrs K. C. Burhi left
M. 11.1.,y morning for Lynchburg
wbeie they will spend several days.
Mi-. |i A. Sargent and little daugh-j
ter, Itutli, are spi n.line, this week in
Bristol and Gate City visiting rela?
tive^ and friend-. Mrs. A. .1. Wolfe,
who has been in the Gap several days,
ai cohipanhul tbeni.
Ii. V Knight returned to his home
in the 'lap Friday night affei a
week's v,-11 to Iii- driugnter, Mrs.
1'. 11. Giuliani, at bei home in New
\ orki Mi - Gllbertu, his daughter1,
who nivollipanlcd him up Iben- will
spend the summier in New Yolk.
Mi- It. T, Irvine and rhildreti.who
have been spending a lew week* with
relatives in Klcbiuniiil returned lionic
Sunday night. Little Miss Helen Ir?
vine, who spent the winter 111 Hu b
mi..ml attending school, returned t.
the (Jap to spend the SUIlimci with her
Mr. and Mis C. C. Cdcliriih, who
have been spending the past month
in INcliinond visiting IhciV daughter,
Mis. \\ . <;. Hopkins, returned tu theii
home in the Cap Monday night. Mrs.
rum Otichraii went uver |.. Bristol
Monday morning mid accompanied
them home!
\\ by not make your stol e windows
aura, live, savs Mi. Morton,. Tin
week Mr. F, 1.. Morton has displayed
in lb,- hue of groceries one of I he
most attractive windows ev,*i seen in
the I lap. From the bell on the .-team
engine tu the last box car, all of gro?
ceries. Was originated by Mi. Morton,
himself. The most attractive 10 a
small town j? the well decorated show
Mrs. F. B. Stone left Friday morn?
ing for Athens, 'renn., where she will
spend two or three weeks visiting
homefolks. She will also visit at
Kudxville and Chattanooga before re?
turning tu the Cap.
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Nickels have
returned tu their home in Clillchport
after spending several days in the
Gup w Ith relatives.
Last Wednesday afternoon Mrs.
IL Fi Scott entertained with sev?
en tables ,.f ?'Hearts" a large num?
ber of her friends in the Cap, com
luminary tu her sister, Mrs. Sanders'
of Koanoke.
Mis. \V. M. Lyle received the least
number of Hearts during the after?
noon and won hi.-t prize. Mis. Caro
line Lewis received the most Hearts
ami won the Itooby prize. Mrs. .1. J.
Kelly. Jr., won the Consolation prize.
Mi.s. Scott served a delicious two
eourse luncheon to the guests at the
card tables at the close of the game, j
I'he Scholarship medals given ,-aeh
year by the Big Stone Cap Chapter,
I'. I>. I'. , were won this year by Ar?
thur Foster, Senior Class, Miss Huth
Smith, Junior Class, Sarah llroadwa- j
tel. fifth grade.
"I say old man, did you see tba
perfectly priceless girl smile at lue?"
l)h yesf but that's nothing. |
laughed out loud when I saw you
first, but I soon got used to it."?
Subwnbe lo The Post.
Car Expense Down
Tinkering with a car may afford]
temporary relief, but it causes
more serious trouble for the (uturc
Our workmanship is exact in
every small detail. That means
less trouble, less expense, and
more satisfactory serv ice.
I End that Starter and
I Generator Trouble Now!
I Havo if Repaired by Exports L'ropart'il
I to do this Hiuhly SpociivlizO(l Work
V;i Nothing is so annoying as cranking a
j*| car l>v hand. The safetyol yolusell anil
M otlieTs depends upon i^ood I ignis,
? The Starter and Gchbratbr nni
a -' 'i ...
? ri'jht if the efficiency of vom c
a. . . toheB
11 enjoyed;
1 Norton Armature Works
Phone 217-T 2
"Of the /ieo/)le?For the people"
Westmoreland Davis
I .... . j Cmulnkiir for
in Ihe Democratic 1'rinury,
August 1st, 1922.
In presenting the name of former Governor Davis tut!?
citizens of Virginia for this high office, we do so with the lull
confidence that his splendid achievements as Chief Executive
of the State, will instantly appeal to them.
His record is that of a fearless, courageous, buslrieas-lik*
official whose administration stands out in hold rebel?as on<
typifying a lu.i"j redemption of pledges made to the pcuple.
As bus been said of him, "He has kept the laith.''
May we send j on his platform?
Westmoreland Davis Campaign Committee
Box 1904, Richmond, Va.
p 151?; St otic (nap, \.r<?.
We have it. Baldwin Pianos. Vietrolas, Red Seal Reco?
I'.stt v Organs, hi facl everything from a fews Harp to
Piano. 8,000 records lo select front. VVe will get yon a?)
j thing in uitisif.
"Everything Musical." Easy Terms.

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