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Plans Great Things for Wise
County?Large Tent
The- pastors of the Methodist Epis?
copal Church, South, who work In
Wise county met June -r>th, at the
Norton Hotel .Norton, Va., to pet
feet plans for the extending of the
work of the church in this county.
Fourteen of the fifteen ministers h.
longing to this hod) were present,
Many important phases of tie.- work
of the chinch were discussed, ami
committees brought in reports fot the
consideration of the body as a whole.
A Wise County Evangelistic As
soclatloii was formed which wili win k
linder the direction of the presiding
elder, Rev. E. A. Shugart. It win de
dided 10 pUrchast a large tent, capa?
ble of seating from GOO to 1000 peo?
ple, then move it from town to town
until the whole county was covered
with revival services. The tent was
ordered shlpperi to Cocburu for the
opening campaign. A strong com
mitlee of preachers was appointed
to have charge of the preaching at
Coebtirn, and the county quartet will
be in chati:e of the music to he as?
sisted by selected singers from the
stronger church .lions of the eoun
ty. A strong team of personal work?
ers, both lay und clergy will follow
this tent campaign to cultiv.it?- very
extensively religious work tl.ighoul
the county. A new day is dawning
for Wise county in religious work.
Another nmttei of great impor?
tance to every Methodist churchman
in the county was the formulation
of plans foi the organization ,.f a
Methodist men's club in the county,
mid later local units will he organized
in every local church, This i- sim?
ply following up the work of the leg?
islation elo.i ted lit theui.nl fietlerill
Conference which just closed at Hot
Springs, Ark. The day has arrived
when the lay members of the Metho?
dist Episcopal Church,South, ait coin
lug Into their own. the} have power*
and opportunities exit tided to them
never before ..tl. t.-d in tin history <>f
the chinch, Let its which tbeui make
to be given representative Methodist
in Appalachin
The young people of the ehuri h
came in for their share ol attention
at this conference. Epworth Leaguers
of the county will meet Eri.iay even
ing. July 11. at the Norton Contniunl-i
ty Center for a great time. Each j
league will come in a hotly, sit as such
in th<' meeting, each leaguer will'
bring a basket lunch, ami after the;
business session there will be a so-1
ciol hour and a big spread. Keen
[ everything ? oil this date, Kpworth j
; Leaguer, come to Norton for we are
' going to have a good time.
j A committee was appointed by the ;
chair to work out a plan by which all j
the Sunday Schools in the count)
could be brought into a union with j
the aim of strengthening this phrase
of the cli?rch weil..
Another matter which provoked
much discussion, was the ipiestion ot"
moving the District ParSotiage, how.
located at Big Stone Cap, to some I
town more centrally located. While
this pastors' conference had no power !
for Initialing action in this direction,!
it likely will be the means of some j
of the towns located in the district
which can offer better advantages]
than Hit; Stone Cap taking '.In- matter <
up with the propel authorities at Hie
next district conference. But they
are going to have to hustle if they
olfei a finer place to live than Big
Stone Cap after you rtet there.
P. It. SlikliTON, Reporter.
There Is No Death
til re is in. death! The stats go down
And bright in Heaven's jfewel'led
They shine fdiei'lii mine.
There is no death' flic dust we mail 1
Shall change benelith the summer]
To goiden^r,.I..I fruit,
Or rainbow-tinted llowers.
The granite rocks disorganize,
And feed the hungry moss they'
hi in ;
The f.st leaves drink daily life. j
?Yes. she' .
? i t to her i In
7/?e KITC7\m
(A>l?rt?t?, St.. Mi-n <???l>?l>?i Lnwn
So ?? ?tut strolling,
Down by lliu rolling, down by U.?t
rolling eta;
You ln.iy kut-p your tiouk (or otlmr
Hut >uu can't trlgl.lon in*!
Kill vuu ever try breaded pork
chops1 Order tile iiiops cut thicker
one-half Hie depth of Hie limp*.
er . i.iv in,,i linke In a slim i.v'en
' Hint i.hull Ilium. Ite.
er. sprinkle with buttered hi.I
inlis uiul l.jike until the crumbs
brown. Anting. a hut philli r
Celery Sauce, i'liop wie
green i e|iper ..ml u birg?
celery Mix-, utl.l two 11ml
;uprlil*i at cnmietl tomato
eh the ii<i. tum l.n
lie Miel . half ll'llSI.II
ill two iiiblesj.nftils i)f
-Hl.', Miel twlMhtribi of n
\ In.-?lie. l.ei .simmer one
spoonfuls ,.f sugSr, n .lush uf cayenne
niul i epper i.i Season, lirlinj in h It..11;
nthl "in- cupful "f loiiinto pillp anil
Hot Chicken Salxl. Mil onl' pint
>>f ......I.-.I clil.ken . in In .uhes. one
eupflll of criokeil peas. . half I,.,,
Spoonful ..f (?alt, one fourth of a
tcrisp.ioiifiil of pepper, one ttihlc
sp'Kiliful ..f out mi Juice, one pimento
anil one leaspoiiiifiil of lemon jill.e;
sei aside In a .i place for at least
an Iiriiir. Mnl... a sauce, u.slni; "ne
fourth of n ciipfiil of I.utter the Mime
of ll.nit, lo.lt a teiisnnoiifui n( ?all
SliliM tilie l.. I Ii
When you look
K9B?UR lire dealer
is 11.11 ii ra 11 v
cat li?siast Ic
0 you the 10v ?Vfi
USC? .it $10.90.
To him USCO lias al
represented a tire
value that lie telt more
than justified in ottering
his customers.
At the $10.90 price he
can hardly be blamed for
putting it to the trout as>
the v alue he would most
like to be remembered
This much to
United Motes Ilnjj
us tkvti Tires
qNo War-Tax charged
j. jX. mokkis
BSP Daddy's
Evern i\g
Fairy Tale
?y /n v\3y <3 Rftffij bower
"Soiiictl.s we wear green suits and
lonieliuie* brown ami tometltues gray
?uO sometimes somewhat of a mixture
>f these." said Master Tree Prog
"We're supposed to be weather
prophets. Weather prophets nrethnse
who ssy what tli* weather Is going I?
he. There are some of my relatives
wild hive boasted I Wey could do this
Some nf them have Indeeil boasted
Slid bragged of this.
"Hin l ilou't. I don't want tu lie
i weather prophet because It Is |oo
imiiii like work!
"Not Hist l object t<i worlt, but l
don't care fur that Wind of work. Noi
itisnk you. 1 want t" work Slid m>i
tie i.iplained or and if one Is trying
to tell what the weather Is going til lie
nne Ih always i ouiplalneil of If one
is hot right.
"Old Man Weather himself doesn't
know what In- Is going to ilo. Some
I line." lie plans tils ilSy'S alien.1, I,in
not stwnys, nni always by any man
ner of menus.
"Yon ?ee ue like to collie slolllnl
during dump, wet weather, und we
ionic Kroniiii before storms. We really
sre e.pe. Inlly folid of damp Weather
Hint of w.-t weiither slut we like lo lie
about then.
"Thai Is the reason why members of
uiy family have heeii calteil ?entlief
prophet* lleriitisc, >oii see, when peoj
pic SHW Home of us llholll or heut.I
us singing or making our fanny Mule
purring sounds tl.ey would s?i
'??There comes u tiee Hoe. It lllllsi
tie going to r.iln.'
"Usually It ilhl loo. That It true
enough Hut to consider one's self
a weather prophet is too much of it
"Treea Aic So Nice."
i.I lidiig, I don't mliid being u
kind of half weulher prophet hut hol
h oho.ie.
' I have ii.thei mi ugly sou sre bead
nn,! iii\ hoily is very fat bin! dumpy
lonkllig. It,it r_bi. li 1 tlo nut cure about
' I lime teeth on my upper J?w- of
?hieb I urn ipllte proud. I Sin not un?
duly pii.in! of them though and why
stmiild I be? Teeth me very nlvo hut
there are oilier things In life more
"The holy lue frogs have tiuatlei
- ll mi we have which la nice be
? niise It I- InilyllWe, or frog-ladylike
hii'vc siniih eum. Then they du not
liSve to listen In too much Idle cuat
iif course thst Isu't wbat w? do
because we bnye big ears, lint 1 am
telling of the difference tn uur ears
ellletly because the lady Slid gentle
men <.unoll iree fron? are so liuicli
alike We have darker tbr,.ais than
Hay have tie., l might mid.
"We're Hue hunters aud ?o like
the night time In which to hunt.
"We can tee all the caterpillars aud
i.lies im,! hiigs and Insects for we
have good eyesight. .Some irvalurr*
me thankful they have good eyesight
I ei II US? they like to read a tut, but
the tree fioss me glad of |-uuj eye?
sight bei nu?e they e?U get fine OlfSll
that way.
"We move quickly, Jumping for the
tilings we viint to eat, unJ catching
I hem easily With our Hth-ky tougue?
"Trees lire so nice. All kinds of
hugs in,,i insects couie to them, ready
to he eaten.
"They may not think that way when
they come along hut sfter I've eaten
it.em or after Some of my relatives
have I buy In myself.
'"Ah, they cams Jimt lu time fi.r
"ThPli In the trees ace slits too and
Hub- ereututes which like Hie differ?
ent pints of the trees.
"There lire some which come In
hml weather am! some which cum*
in good weather.
"So Me n- utmost always upt to have
g.I food.
Iis a great thing to be able to
live where tliere are guoil markets
enil k-o ii| food und ttie tree frog Is
.l,i \i In? kllOWS that good food uot
only makes strong boys and girls Slid
men iiinl women hut tree frog* too.
"1 must In- hupping orT now and hav
lug ii i.I I've spent lob much Uta?
lu chtiltlng and talking,
"Yes 1 iiiuvl hop, hup. hup
I or a bit. bile, bite.
?ul 111 sleet) Uka a tup.
II I sal lots tonightt"
Those College Oirlt.
Aretlmtn Wliberforcc Is so erratic
(V:ie lime he buys more candy tbsu 1
can eat. and the next time none II
Arabella?Alexander Is tuure rsUou
a: lie iniiliiiulus a meun average
lr.e lime,? .iudge.
Economical Haulage
Do you realize that thtj
Ford One-Ton Truck
at $430 is not only the most
wonderful truck value ever
offered but the most ecx>nonjical
means of solving your huuhige
and delivery pnjblems, whether
you are a farmer, merchant or
Let us give you all the facia*
Mineral Motor Co.
Id sdrpoi-atdcl
I?K Stone: Gap Pcttnihgton pap
We Have the Lxrgesl and Best. Equipped Dr
Cleaning Plant, in Southwest Virginia
Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning. Pressing, Dyeing;. Hs
Blocking, Glove Cleaning'
Delivery PllOIiO Si,.
We Pay Kg turn Postago on All Packages
THERE is no sympathy so helpful to a
latnily thai is totreaVed as th.it ot truu
friends and no help ?? reassuring as that ul (ho
fcoixl funeral director.
Arlitic. in your r
must .ut in ypU
with Hit revert ti
your own hands
Sympathy which cannot be gracefully ton?
veyed bji words i levelled through his acts ul
iervicewhi.il bring the comforting assurance
lint every attention has been K'^eii
with Ihctightfuhiess and stall.
RettaltmJt) tnmiiikm ul Tnt Cincinnati Cofin Cam
panyftama fatiriihltj mttutt U>hick appiattJ in l ne
iji.rjj,i..,?.w f-ci/u/a?>(/?. in?.
Funeral Director & Embalmer
Norton, Virginia
;u.j. Siuliunul B.->J<r.<;>nj<^ III S..!.'/. S<f< tl li> i! IrTtllc/ /-<!>

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