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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, June 21, 1922, Image 3

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We will drain your
crankcase free
Dead oil in your crankcase
should be cleaned bill every
5U0 to 800 miles without fail,
(twill save you money on re?
pairs. You'll ?et greater engine
power and gasoline mileage.
bunt; your car to us. We
wiil dr Jin and clean the crank
,.?s.' FREE; Our only charge
will be lor tVw fresh oil.
It's your opportunity to try
SUNOCO MotorOil?the won?
derful new engine lubricant.
Motor Compjny
(lit Stone (lap I'lUDingtiin tisp
The Road To Achievement
fj Millions of buys and girls have
nktchetl kettles boll, btit when .laine/
?iRiiii, an original thinker, saw how
\. jteum agitated the lid of the koj.
It, in thought on this Subject and
iKe stearii engine was born.
I Thousands of men pave lain up
tin apple trees and have been hit by
?tailing apples. Smile of them prnli.
gUj "cussed'i'; others sai.l, "At i
Rent! ?III happen" anil tun...I i vei
tie resume their sleep. But when m
l|tple fell on Isaac Newton, an
Hncinal thinker, he woildered why it
in i go up instead of down; ami
Histiivered gravitation.
0 Original Ihinkers ure scarcer thaii |
liJ.i d6il?r.i. The jiablio hi im..I sn
Ui.i. multiplying them rapidly. In
Srtfect ?? it is, the public school sy:.
tjjtir, is one of the greiitost ihstittlll in.
ifl.it ever was on earth'
all liltie matters about the eyiuci
Vi.u on which the Battle of l'li .i i
-II. ..... fought,' or tin- coned pro
Bjanciaiion lit "either" ami "iieiili
I In hi| 'I11'" t ion i : An
'rp.il.lien l,t in) trained to think.
jfi.li.,.- a lea-oil why the t n-CS
ijy *hy watei runs dowhwaid
fflliiutls hang1 in ilie sky. Then
-?t.. i . by ihf (ieiman Autoi
Wiiril llll.l the CoVei lllllellt tit
attited State- Sil, . ,-.-,! .
f?n Stored up facts do not union
Bbut'h i he electric car i- a fact
: in
r i> the ivireleS! telephone is
kit, but why and how doe- it -end
J.t h?niati voice across the earth in
le twinkling til an eye'.' Teach the
iilin n to reason things out and > ..u
?I nut them on the highway that
Thon? !n
,iid othei
i.se fron,
he title i
t. the:
II? steam engine, the electric
r.iino, (he wireless telegraph ami
Iriilione, the X-riiy and all 0
lucuhiU! inveittions were once
?*gl.t>. Now they art
??? manifest,
were tVashihgtoh ami
io Jeifeieon and I i.uikliu
'*i men of that day id
en graves, they would
ith ,tmi,i,.|- and aiiiaseiiiei
?lieved in ediiCating the massei .i
?1 they believed in liberty, be
>i. thai policy as the only hieth
maintaining liberty, ami the}'
right. They could hardly sc.
'title "general diffusion of knowi
i' ...iiitl produce miracle aftei
'"le, wtniltl produce the arc-opium
d 'SCUUin tube, one of the lleWe
*5 J ?*'??**? 1,1 all inventions,whirl.
r<|b'll,v?- is destined to throw a whl*
I'l'iiii the earth to the slurs!
a gnoil far {he r plows deep Ills
in the first place. He (hoi
I prepares the seed bed, puts
"rtllizer.aild then plains the seed,
ltd !!.,;?? grow. Suppose that he
???|? drive spike hole.- in the hard
r??Wl Kinl ,li?|i seed i? the boles.
'oulJ he raise much of a crop?
?ould be a good thing if our leach
old study the methods of scien
f'f finning and apply those prin
W*f in tla-ir schools. Their idea is
1 Wreiy to teach the children to
>' sad do what others have said
'"? I lit to train their minds for
*?*l thinking. Just as in pro
the reasoning powers of
American children are developed,
great, generous, resile
??rtca lead on.
?I 11.^
^?te is method in madness, liut
?">' Ltuple are not sane enough to
Contractor Hopes to Have
Work Completed in Thirty
Days?Street Work t oBe
gin Soon As Money From
Bonds is Received
Work of repairing Rast Fifth
street bridge, and laying a concrete
door on the half used by the Old dum?
my line was stalled on Tuesday uf
last week. The work on this bridge
Is expected to be completed within
thirty days, weather permitting.
The opeuiiig of the dummy line
Section will relieve the congestion
which has been experienced su lung
at this point, and will do awuy ?villi
the necessity of waiting for a string
of curs to cross the bridge.
As soon a* the Bast Fifth Street
bridge i- completed work will hegin
immediately on the I.. ,fc N. bridge.
Tin- bridge Is ion closed, being con?
demned av unsafe, and a detur is nec?
essary to leach the 1,. ? N. station.
The cost of repairing both the Lj
& N. and the Kast Fifth street bridge
will he about $6,(100.
Contractors who were awarded the
contract for building the depot to de?
pot road are in the city waiting ti
statt woik immediately upon receiv?
ing authority front Mayor Horsley.
The word to start is being held up on
account of s.oi.e delay in getting
money on the bonds More Informa?
tion was needed by the linn buying
the bonds. This has been sent for
Waid and everything will he ready
foi the sliove-oiT within the next few
Week Ended June lUth Sees
Tonnage Rise to 217,059
I one? Coke Still About
The Southwest Virginia Coal Field
Weekly I'rodiulltni Iteport for the
week-ended June III -lo.ws that 217.
tlfip Ion were mined an iltcreuse ovei
the previous Week I'.'.'J l'.' Ions, and
a forthci increase of the same week
of lust year of 117,200 tons.
Mm.-- served by the Interstate
Shipped tid,fi.'t:t ton'; th.- N. ? W.
bundled fitl.S.Hli tons; N. .v. N. 6,581),
,' ' pel ..lit. of it< toll time en
parity; Southern, -11,908' tons and
liie i , r .'. ii f,S,001 ton-;, oi H7.I
pi i cent, of full tune capacity;
11., i <? is rot much improvement in
cuke shipments front this field; for
the w.-. l. ended June HI only 1,335
toil ive'l'? .-hipped.
Labor conditions throughout the
held aie excellent. AH mules ale
(ipeiaiiilg at full time with no indi
Cutioii of a slowing down.
ii.. -Hike condition remains un
cliunged, with thieats of Government
Intel ferenee.
Order ul Publication
1, KUFUS W. SCOTT, President
of Kit, nuliei s. ott Company, Incor?
porated, a corporation created und
lirgaliizcd lindei the laws uf the
State of Virginia, do hereby certify
that ai .. meeting of the board of
directors of llie company duly held
on the first day of March, 1'.'-"-, ut
which a ipiorum was present, the fol?
lowing resolutions were adopted:
ItKSUl.VKl? that the direc?
tor- of tins company deem it
advisable to reduce the maxi
riiuiii authorized capital stock
of Kit/.iinller-Seott Company
Incorporated, frOtn live thou?
sand (6,000) shares of the pur
value of tine Hundred (#100.)
Dollars each, to live bundled
(500) shales of the pal value
of Out- Hundred ($100.) Dol?
lars each, so that the maximum
authorized capital stock of said
company shall be Fifty Thou?
sand ($50,000) Dollars aind be
it further
KKSOI.VED that a meeting
of the stockholders he culled
for the 16th day of March,
ltl^'J, for the purpose Of tuking
uetiuti upon this resolution.
That notice of such meeting of
stockholders was duly waived by
Waiver of notice signed by the sole
stockholder of the company, a copy
of w hich is hereto annexed and mark?
ed "Cxhibit A."
Thut such meeting of stockhold?
ers wus duly held on March 15th,
1022, at 12.-U0 o'clock noon ut the
principal office of the company in the
stute of Virginia pursuant of suck
call of the directors, und thut at
such meeting the sole stockholder of
the company, owning and holding
of the outstanding capital stock, was
?in- hundred ami fifty (l.nO share, i
present by its secretary, Thomas lt.
Scott, ami that the following resolu?
tions wvre adopted, all of the Issued
ami outstanding stock of the compa?
ny being voted in favor of the adop?
tion thereof, to-wit:
RESOLVED that the maximum
authorized capital stock of
Kitzrhiller-Scott Co., Incorpor?
ated, be reduced from five
thousand (6,000) shares of the
par value of One Hundred
($100.) Dollars each, to five
hundred (600) shares of the
par value of One Hundred
tSltm.) Dollars each, so that
the maximum authorized capi?
tal stock of said company
shall be Fifty Thousand ($60,
000) Dollars; and be it further
RESOLVED that the officers
of this company are hereby au?
thorized to do any and ail acts
and execute any and all instru?
ment:; necessary Or effective to
to carry out the purposes of the
foregoing resolution.
Given under my hand ami the seal
Of said corporation this 5th day of
April, 1922.
RUF?S W. SCOTT, President
of Kitzmiller-Seott Company, Incor?
The undersigned, being the sole
stockholder .. f KITZMH.LER
ATED, owning the number iiif -hale-,
set Oppilsite its name, does hereby
waive all notice whatsoever of a
meeting of stockholders to he held
on the 15th day of March, IU22, at
12 O'clock iiumi at the principal uf
lice of Hie company for the purpose
of voting on the matter of the reduc?
tion . f the authorized capital stock
of the company from a maximum
Of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars
($500,0001 to a maximum of Fifty
Thousand Dollars ($50,0110)'and COO.
-i-nts and requests that sueh meeting
be held at the time aforesaid, and
furthei consents to such action upon
the -aid proposal a> may be resolved
at such meeting by the Owners of not
less than two-thirds (L'-It) uf such
sto.k voting at such meeting in p.-i
-oii ot by proxy. D?te.I: March
Name of Stockholder No. of
Tuiibrl-Scoti -Kit/ miller t loni
puny, Inc. 150
(Sgned.) KufltS W. Scott,
i liairmatt
(corporate seal)
bounty of New Yo7k! i
I, Hallow O. Kashden; a notary
public in and fui the county afore?
said, do hereby certify that Kuflls
\Vi Scott and Thomas R. Scoft,\yhose
names respectively as President and
Secretary of Kit/niillt-i-Scott Coin
puny, incorporated, are signed to
the foregoing certificate, having a. -
kliowledged the same before me in
my county aforesaid.
Given und.-r my hand and official
seal this 5th day of April, 1022. "
Notary Public, Kings County, Clerk's
No. 226; Register's .No 3005 Certifi?
cate tiled in New Yoik County
Clerk's No. 133, Register's No. 3U3.
Commission expires March 30, l'J-;t.
June 21-25-27
Older ol Publication
VIRGINIA;?At a Circuit Court
continued and held for Wise County
at a Court House thereof on Tuesday
the 30th day of May, 1922. Present
the same Hoh. Judge presiding as on
IN RE1! Application appointment
of Administrator of the estate of S.E.
It being stated to the Court that
S. E. Home has been absent front the
state for a period of seven or more
years, und thut ut the time of his
disappearance In- had u known place
of residence ut Coeburn, in the coun?
ty of Wise; and that W. ti. Home, a
son und distributee of the said S. K.
Home having applied for letters of
administration, it is therefore ordered
thut the fuel of this application be
advertised in u newspaper which is
published in Wise county, fur four
successive weeks, together with notice
thut on the first duy of July, 1022,
term of the Circuit Court of Wise
County, the court will hear evidence
Concerning the alleged absence u:id
the circumstances und duration of
such absence.
A copy?-Teste:
W. B. HAMILTON, 1). C.
Mack Evans, Attorney 24-27
?Tr? A.LNLCa
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