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Two Ways of
Killing Your Car
The first is by
using ;i sledge
The second is
by simple neg?
Either one is highly effective, and both should
he scrupulously avoided.
You inii?lit just as well use a sledge hammer on
your car as to continue running it when it is not in
Please hear in mind that we do all kinds of 1
automobile repair work, promptly, efficiently and
Auto Filling Station |
II) Nw ?iirnclv?* i.s Uheri
rough thotr own ?uectiivlv?.
Iiiiiis, tili* SrOtoh poct, i\
lic iili'ii in lite fin in lif a
Im iih ntnlly, Uli? prosont
11.? Ilu.t Connolly K. Trinis
mi: ins . ninpiiign lor < lingn-s* Moni
tlir Ninth Virginia ilistrirt in 1884,
in Hinhing ii |i<iinl which i.> nut now
recalled, sntd that Cbarl?!i liudley
Win m i ami l'iofi'ssiu l.ininstlon, of
Vah' Cwi'W?e, hini ?all?'? on him with
.s u a n - -i H'M ii k H tttn M '1 i'H a N h a a-:.::
ja *
i An i
For A i
! Few Cents I
^ Movies are not only en- 1
|j joyablc from the stand- ?
I point ol recreation a II d ?
\? amusement, They a r c |
I l-.DICA l lONAI. to a ?
high degree,
y ton can listen to a vocal g
*? description i>t something
I for hours and yet licit tin ?
tit i stanch
\\ hen yon see it in the 8
movies yon know, and it H
It costs many thousands ft
of dollars to make a single S
film. We show the same ^
liltn lot a few cents,
lotler? of introduction n few weeks
prior? ami that the two were at that
i' rusticating in the mountains
of Virginia, Tennessee ami North
Carolina. Tin' book iiforeineiililin
eil was the outcome of that tour. It
appeal- lather strange that in, no
lien wits iniide through the hook of]
Mr. Tiigg. while hi- town, Abillgdoll, j
was given ipilte an extended notice.
We nie tnhl that the town is ipiite
prettily situate,1 on rolling hills n<
couple of thousand feet ahove the
sec level, with views of mountain
peaks to the south, is a cheerful ami
not lo,, exciting plate to so j mil Hi is
hospitable and helpful to the sum,
g.i. The two with a dscccndniit of
Poenhontas, the Imhau princess, hut
the inline is uol given, From the ohl
lei mils kept in the courthouse it was
learned that in 177'.', among othei
things, tin v could have goo,I lodg?
ing ami clean sheet- foi the sum of
tw,, shillings, hut in their struggles
with the porter foi the little item
of soap, water alal towels, ami by
the implied negation of the matter
of "clean sheets," tlioy were convinc?
ed that they hail arrived too late.
However, the writer hereof, in fair?
ness to the old town, will say that
seven years later, that is to say in
the year lst'l. conditions had mil
tcrisilv improved. In the wettCCnil,
that i- to say in the direction of the
village of Ceeiidale, there was a
profusion of soap, water, towels ami
clean sheets, with hospitality enough
for even the fastidious, for he spent
tw,, weeks there as a juror at the
October teim of Federal court.
Upon! their leave-taking of Abing
ilon, thev ascertained that the pe
ciiiiinry Hood had risen to the height
of fi.till. When all was ready for
the start it was found to he late, for
Virginia was not only one of the
blessed legions where one van get a
late breakfast, tint where it was al?
most impossible to get an early one.
They took the pike eastwards, lull
soon turned southwards, down the
valley of the Holsten river. White
Top was visible, hut between the two
it was decided th.tt no mountain
whose altitude was less than (',0(10
feet was worth climbing. They were
to dine at Itiiliisey's, The place cbh
listed of two log houses, a sawmill
and a barn. The limited extent of
Kamsey'.H caused the travelers to
rellect, if m.t to regret that they Had
left the hot, I ?f "perfect satisfac?
tion." This expression was used he
cause the porter at the Ahingdon ho?
le) had assured them at the station
that perfect .satisfaction was guar?
anteed, .lust aeioss the road at
Itamiey's was an old ncgross dab?
bling the family washing in a log
caldron. The old Woman readily
jumped to the conclusion that the
strangers wen very rich men, and
mentioned the fact that it was dif?
ficult for her to get shoes and tobac?
co. Kvirybn.lv about the place was
barefooted, except the mistress, ill
'eluding the comely eighteen-year-old
daughter, who served the dinner. On
the table weie hot biscuits, ham,
pork, green beans (it ..as duly 22),
apple same, blackberry preserves,
[cucumbers, COlTce, milk, apple and
; blackberry pie. Quite a variety, as
viands go. Hut they were not twelve
hours older till they had gone laith. i
and fated worse.
The itenerary Included North Car?
olina, as aforementioned, where Itig
: Tom Wilson was quite a character.
They had met him liefere. Where?
; In Cooper's novels. He was i.enth
I er-stocking. When Professor Mitch
A powerful ally lius come to the
aid of the American flapper, who is
lighting for her life against Paul
Poiret and other style dictators who
ure trying to make her wear skirts
that drag the ground.
N.i less a person than Dr. Koyal S.
Copoland, health commissioner of I
New York city, has been raking over
his medical hooks to prove that
American girls will be a whole lot
healthier if they defy the Prench
drsesinakers and go on wearing short
skills and low heeled shoes.
"The short skirt is immeasurably
more hygienic than the long one that
sweeps on the ground picking up
dirt and disease germs," Dr. Cope
land said. "It gives the wearer the
freedom to get around as a woman
If the idea of the long narrow
skirt is to hobble the flapper so that
she can't flit around quiet and free
ly.l'r. Cbpclnnd suggests that a more
effective device be adopted,
"Tlie ancient Chinaman solved
that problem, "Dr. Copelnnd explain?
"He decided that he didn't want
In- womenfolks gadding mound, so
he hound up their feet in tight ban
dares so they couldn't walk."
He picked a typical flapper to
pieces theoretically to show that
he considered her costume ideal
"Tnke her corsets or lack of
ell was missing, Hig Tom was one
of the searching party, and getting
separated from the others, he it was
who found the body of the professor
in the mountain stream, just bvei
front what has since been known in
Mitchell's Pulls. Christian Iteid in
her notes mentions Wilson as the i
?nan who found the body of Profes?
sor Mitchell.
'the itinerary ended at Bristol,]
which was mainly one long street,
with some good stores; but generally
shabby, and on that hot ilirolling,
sleepy. One side of the street I
(Main) being in Virginia and the
other in Tennessee, our travellers
reflected that it would have been
handy lighting during the civil war
had Tennessee withdrawn and Vir?
ginia stayed in.
Some day a quilldrivcr from our
Appalachian legions may take it in?
to bis head to gil up to the land of
I the Hub, and give it a few turns for
u-oocl nature.I retaliation.
Twri years ago then existed an
indefinite pui pose of founding a col?
lege at Blucficld for boys. Then
there wetc in. definite plan- nor had
n colic rente policy been conceived
Since that time building plans, in?
volving an outlay of mote than a
million dollars, have been scientifi?
cally laid out, architects and con?
tracts have 1.n secured, building
activities have been in operation,
equipment all ordered and now very
hugely installed all of these pre?
parations have gone forward and on
Sept,ml,ei Juth Hindi, Id College
will open lot the first lime its don s
to students under most gratifying
A faculty has been secured and a
retinue of helper- employed and
readiness to open as .scheduled will
prevail in ample time.
It is a matter of no small moment
that in one m :u foul hundred thou?
sand dollars have been expended by
religious denominations in founding
a school. Such presages' determina?
tion lo achieve the entire plan, sac
nine on the pait of the friends of
Christian education, and an auspi?
cious future for this college. This
school is significant In all of South?
west Virginia, as well as to South?
ern W. st Virginia.
Perhaps no school of the charac?
ter of Itlucficjd College has today so
large and populous a field heeding
such an institution. The college will
maintain two departments a tilting
school, offering foil I years of high
school work, and a college depart?
ment, ottering two full years of stan?
dard college woik. The object of
the titling school is to meet the needs
of those mountain localities without
accredited high schools. This des
pal Illicit! w ill be one of unique ser?
vice since there are too many com?
munities without the benefit of
thorough going high schools. Since
the tilting school work will be offered
at the bands of college teachers, and
very largely with college equipment,
this department will become very
popular with those students who de?
sire to prepare themselves for en?
trance into higher institutions of
learning. The college department,
Offering two years of work, will lie
of special advantage to those stu?
dents, who not being able to spend
four full years in college, desire to
prepare themselves fur certain pro
them. You might as well put a wo?
man is a plustcr cast or holt her up
with armor plate as to squeeze her
into the old time steel stays. They
make her muscles weak and MUM se?
rious dislocations. A light elastic
girdle is not objectionable.
? "As for shoes, women ought to
continue to wear the low heeled
kinds. Extremely high heels throw
the foot muscles out of position.
"Iliddied hair'.' Well, my profes?
sional knowledge tells me that bob?
bed hair is more sanitary, better for
the hair and better for the scalp.
Hut I'm a man and like all men I
love the dignity that long hair gives
to a woman. Most of men like bob?
bed hair on everyone but their wives,
ami I guess I'm that way, too."
Hut Dr. Copeland didn't quite like
the idea of men telling women what
to wear.
"You know there are a lot of men
who go around wearing flannel un?
derwear and wool socks ami high
stiff cohirs. They are all had. That's
why men catch cold more easily than
women. They are over-dressed.
"Men should wear cotton or silk
sock-, siiminerweight underwent and
loose collars the year through.
W hen they do that they can cotlsid
ei themselves at liberty to tell the
women what to wear."
fessiotial Careers. For as now ob?
tains, nearly all standard law ami
medical school- require their stu?
dents to have at least two year, of
college training before entering.
Such students, looking forward to
either law or medicine, living in the
Held of lllueliehl eollege, will have
these requirements fulfilled. Those
students planning to take extended
training in engineering at techno?
logical schools will lind lllueliehl
College a valuable way station in
their preparation.
This college has a real ground for
pardonable pride in the Character of
its buildings ami equipment, 'fliese
buildings are modern, adaptable ami
tile pi oof. The equipment is of
standard grade, Living arrange
I meats in the dormitory are iiniqu.
and ideal. The dormitory is divided
int., sections of ten loom- each.
Each section is provided with a sep?
al, ite shower bath, lavatories, etc.
Such an arrangement prevents
.crowding and is otherwise desirable,
j The faculty of this hew college is
the chief outstanding characteristic.
Tin ie are nine teachers. With leu
'one exception, till of these ale men
of experience, ami college and uui
vrsity trained) The outlook for the
. pi iiing of Dluvlleld College is Very
VIHG1NIA: In the Clerk's Oijlce
[of the Circuit Court bl Wise coun?
ty the 22nd day of August, IU22.
i Serreldia llunsucker, Ciiardiau,
Claud llunsucker, Mary Minix, Char?
lie Mlnlx, Oscar llunsucker, Lola
llunsucker, Henry llunsucker,
Jonathan ilUllSUckcr, Kmitt Ison,
Itosa Kilbourn, Clerindiu Wninp
ler Mahulda Kilgorc, J. A. Wamp
lei and .1. A. Wainpler, Guardian,
The object of this suit is to sell
[the undivided one-sixth interest of
'Claud llunsucker, the infant defen
i daiit, ill those two certain tracts or
1 parcels of bind lying and being in
j Wise county, on the head waters of
I I'owell ltiver, being the same two
tracts of land which were conveyed
to W. M. llunsucker in his lifetime
by Patrick Hagau and Jefferson
llunsucker, containing 188 acres, he
the same more or less, to which deeds
reference is hereby made for a more
complete description of the said two
traits of land.
And it appears from affidavit on
tile in said olllcc that the defendant,
Jonathan llunsucker, is a non-resi?
dent of the state of Virginia, it is
ordered that he appear in n within
ten days after due publication of
this order and do what is llecessnr)
to protect his interest in this suit.
it is further ordered that i, copy,
hereof In- published once a week tor
four successive weeks in the l?g
Stone Cap Post, and that a copy he
posted at the flout door of the Court
House of this county, ami that a
ropy be mailed to the defendant,
Jonathan llunsucker, at New Taxe
well, Tennessee, his last known Post
Office address.
A copy Teste:
It. R. KOBEHTSj Clerk.
A. N. Kilgorc, p. q. Aug. :to-:t.r>-:is
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