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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, September 13, 1922, Image 3

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p? you know what love is? May.
. Jo, hut it's 10 to I you don't,
mv3 Dr. Simon Louts Kntzotr, phy
?n l |> yrl. .analyst.
?A inn ting Ignorance exists," says
!, ? utr, who baieii hi-; judgment
. .,?.,. t with soiiie 100 atiidenta
i "American School for Succeaa
Malriiuony." established a year
\ "|ovi> ijhestionalre" is his Intest
tri iioi i" ;; siilijei I which he
h ul I? ' I'ttltl Study ami rei
II followed rdinplctiitn i,f
rlli rtiniii" I.k, "How To II,,1,1
who rail in and out of
? thiilk chough," aays the
lRi.jii.ri I'hil.i o|>hi;r. "to 1,-acli
iliink about sohn-thiuK that
? ii ilation of life I have
i ii.i inoni be deflij
n electricity! Ii is
ithiii us, appai-oifi
ui- iueet Hin- of t
i i ? ike it into he;
urss; it Iis Ilu- i;n
manhood ilnd w?thi
! ii.i inai ri.'ii;.' can
iiie'rer, of I'liiiiidolpliiii
l.l'i-i nrih|>, who spent Ih
l-fl To. May .for I .ex
week-end with Dr.
III . hi died at In.- liilino
.i. i a ..-veial .lay
? i ? pelak'. I'll.- ronihins
Krida) afi.-inooii in
I ? ins, i hoy an.I a
itnl, were trucstH .if
i Mi l I'. Hurt, Saturday,.
I |.j.i lie I Here Monday w itli
I olh.W'ihi; !.iv the
i'riiu-iphl, Miss Hhrisliu
i . SI -i"- 'l ip; Mis.
. : I'ulrisfci, Mr*', .lam.
.-ii. oi' Appahu-liia and Miss
Ii ami hrolher
parents who are opposed to it should j
be respected) it i* the school that i*|
public, nut the child.
Q. Should men w.ar weddin,
rinnt ?
A. No. Even women should not I
wear rings. They are relics of chat-1
tel slavery.
'}. Should parent. Control tlieir
c hi Id re n' i mafri?(?* I
A. No. Advice, yes; hut it uni t he
given with kindness ami intelligence
to he ell'ei five, and lo ver with pa?
rental autocracy.
Q. Should deathbed marriage
promitri be binding?
A. No intelligent parent would
exact such a promise.
Q. Should "obey" he ttricken
IrOni tile HIArii.l^e Oim .'
A. Yes, |,y all mean .
Q. Should won..,, uurtut- huii
nett or ptrofettion after ....... '
A. No: unless economic circum?
stances demand it. One ..f the pri?
mary causes of matrimonial "blow?
outs" i- the working ol women after
htatriagcj one "man in the family
is enough."
O. Sin.old women retain their
A. No, aides, an a.ties;, artist
or author. The most Important hu
iile - :..i a woman after marriage is,
to build a happy hi.
Q. At what age ihoubJ vnunii pro
pie marry?
A. Men today .1.. not understand
the responsibilities and significance
of marriage before :>o; women ho
forj' '?'.?>: tOliii1 never.
Patent ihotll.l learn the "scientif
i.- principles governing the rclalion
hip and welfare of married |.pie"
and then save th,. younger genera
tiotl from iinhiippiucss by teaching
ihem what they have themselves
l. ai ii.- l from experience, obsefva
I inn and retlcction.
t'liiirles; spent Saturday hunting in
I.e. county.
Milton 1,'opehllnver, of llrlstol,
| . nl a few days here this week, the
' gue t ..f Mi. and Mrs. I'. Terpstrn.
III. and Mrs. T. S. Ussory enter?
tained a few of their friends Satin
day evening with bridge and danc?
ing at tlieir new home.
At a lat. hour delicious iced fruit
punch, sandwiches and fruit > al.c
w.ie .t ed the guests who weiej
Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Winner, Mr. and
Mrs. I.. H. Wilcox, of l?g Stone Gup,
Mr. and Mrs. Ered Troy, of Jose?
phine; Mr. and Mrs. jlarold Stilluiuil,
Miss Anna It.e.e. Messrs. Tonmiie
Ucc.-e and Gilbert He..til.
"Help! Help!" . ri.-.l all Italian la
ire, near the mud jlats of the Hal
"What's the matter there?" cam.
voice from the construction tthan
"ljui.-k! bring? da stibv'l biiligu
, i.1.: Giovanni's stuck in da
"llo'w far In?"
"Hp to his knees."
"lib! let him wall: out."
"No1 Nol lb- no i anna walk! Hi
attributes his success to the fact that he
always made the other fellow put his
proposition down in Black and White.
1 hat s what the merchants of this town are doing for you.
1 Itbir advertisements speak lor themselves in black and white.
Arid what they put down in black and white they stand
back o|.
They want your business. Their advertisements are an invi?
tation 16 Jo business with them.
That's why they advertise, and the wise housekeeper never does
her shopping nowadays until she has read the advertisements
ana posted herself on prices.
I* there an easier or better way o( saving money?
?I only requires a lew minutes ol your time to scan ths
Tlie Boy Scout's motto is "Be Prepared."
Hiat s what every housewife should he when she goes out to
Read the advertisements and you will not alone save many
blues the cost ol the subscription to this paper, but you will
jave many dollars to add to your bank account.
Reading advertisements in this paper is profitable reading.
1 it lor a month and check up the pennies you will save.
i\ j*i Bnomel Rockefeller maxim: "Save your pennies and
'he dollars will take care of themselves."
'here are hundreds of pennies to be saved by reading the
?dvcrtiscrncnts in this paper every issue.
hairy Tale
flowering dogwood
'Tin only h little tree," unlit the
onerlng Dogwood, "t?ut I'm ? nicrrj
llttl<- trcel
. "Birdi Love Us." ^I,r""?i '
j tins Started- early In March
very lute spillic In M iy
-In Hie summer we u.'lir -
lillllci ,.r bellies Mini ia tl..
tie silll iinve Ih>, rl< - nil but
j iiiul ih,' ??U} > i leaves.
I Uli) Mihi bright i i.stllllK'? ils
III tin- full n|' Hi,- i'eiir,
I "I h- birds luve us ! Tl ??
Hike our beri li - Mini wi h . i
He it..n't mli-l
I "W'.-'i- vehoroim tb.it ?-.n>.
e\| i- I tin- I.ii.ls to' I>nv for
rh-s We don't need iuone;
iiiul ilo- hints i.nveii'i
"llisti-nil of giving |4-<i|,U
ulve thrni lovely; blossoms I
iiiul Instead of th-- bird* -\
for iitivlhliig, th- i L-lye fr< ?
Just us nli-eiy us If iho>
im bl
"Till re lire -.>t.renti
wouldn't U> llki- tliei nr.
llesblea the.i iloli't in. .I hloney liny
re lbtin vi-it ilo Tbi>v .lon't have to
tmy Mittle prlci'A for berries or f..r
iirins itriv iii-t'*' thiin we have to |iay
hi Kb iiri-i-s f.,r our beautiful cos
t nines.
"So It Is .ill very fair hr.il tit. -.
"Our wood Is useful f..r tool liini
illes, bill iilns. I have nhe complaint
to llilike.
"If people 'Mint to Ink- our bin?
sain*, nil'}' ilo they |nilt us anil i.?r
us sn that vie very ..ft.mi oitiiiiot ?ti ijd
"Th. y must feiiK-uiber "nit tl.e Dog
voo.l has work to iln In plvliie Its
yoiul an.I In giving plc.istitv ml v I.
people piek lb.wi>rs nmt shrubs th-v
sbonl.l In- . Iii', fill not to tug Mint tint!
ami destroy."
"We'll Hike nronml Ums., -i ige*
for you," siibt th- Iti?.n Ilrotherti
"Oh, Itri./e Hn.thcrs, ?lit yoii he
so ttliiiir asked th- Flowering Dog?
"tn.l?.1. II vvoulil he a pleasure," the
Hrce*- ItrotlM-rs iin'fovorci); mil ? v
they Mini..I. 'his ttu> till.I ttpil, tell
Ing Creatures wiint th- i-'lbjvi'-rlni!
I.I.U.-......I Iiiul -itht,
"Iltizz buzz " s,i!,t ,i imii hi -. "I'm
going I- hilve sola., honey;"
"Whi. ih.ti'l yriii Mty, '|.l-ii--'?'
asked th- I'll.vi ?'ring Docw.I.
the humble bee.
Au.I .th-i I.-es eaino rushing i
swarming along.
"Vbil unisi Hity 'I'Icum-,' ilrst." s
the I. which lillll ciilliC Ilrst."
?Illl'zz, buzz, |.lense, iilease," t
all Shlil.
"The I'lowering Dogwood likes
to I?. iiiiuiiierly," si.bl the Ilrst bW
??So does evel Voile," stil.l tin- Fl
-rlu- Dogwood;
'?Well. 1 forgot the tirsi Ilia-," f
the i.e.-, "pray forgive nie."
'To be sure." siil.l the I'lowei
Dogwood, "we'll- nil apt to luiiko i
takes, I'm sure."
"What Iiiistiik09
did you " v - r
makeY- uskeil the
'?I'm n..t sun-."
sal.I ih- Flower?
ing Dogwood.
"Well, no iiiul
ter," said the
bee, ??! Jo aid
cure to hear ?f
your faults.
"Your good
points please in.
"Ami the sweet
drinks I give you
please you most?
ly," liitiglied the
Pioneering Dog?
wood III Us soft tnv way.
"You're right." said the bee.
"You're right." suhl th- other I.s
'?How nice It Is to lie right." said
the Flowering Dogwood, with a beau?
tiful smile.
[ mm
He: "I heard you have given up
. singing for pri loners."
She: "Yes, they complained it
wasn't in the penal cod-." Knsper.
A woman never realizes that th t
worst has happened until the sah-s
' man says:
I "We have charming models in
'stouts'."?Atlanta Constitution.
Every Motor Tested Severely
Particular care is devoted by Nash to the
severe testing of the motor. Not only are
various scientific tests applied to the
metal as it goes from one stage to another,
but also to the finished motor.
It is first extensively limbered up; then
put under a load to develop any possible
flaw in performance; next, disassembled
and inspected, then reassembled and
tested in the silent room for quietness;
and, finally, given a road-test in the com?
pleted car.
Prices rangt from $>) t$ la $2190 f, o. b. facl&ry
J. A. MORRIS, Dealer
Big Stout; Ca,), Virginia
Nailt Lcaill the Wn.U in Motor Car Value
1 knew him when he was a boy''
?I rir?j
: It. i. l!
ami U.SITI
United StatesTnos / > { F,* > ?
oroCo,d la,.
;: ,v.,in ? .
U.S. Royal Card Tires 1
United States @ Rubber Company W
U. S. Tires, Big Stone Gap, Va.
I When a man has >l yspepsia he
feels it and his family kniuwa it.
hin ior: "lie sure you have theI
I ilirections riKht before taking the |
I i>t: "Ovvnn w?l y... There's on
i ly wan ilireution for it to |tb."?
j I'ithy Paragraphs.
Man: "Oh, m>, madam I I cut it
oif long ago."?Target.

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