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? Agricultural Imlitute Big Stone Gap High School
Probably every farmer and poul?
try raiser knows or at least should
know, that now is a good time to rid
the home flock of drift wood and
start the new year right by having
a dock of hens that will lay as well
as eat. To have a maximum pro?
duction of eggs during the winter
months there should be a careful
grading of the fowls during the
months of September and October.
N on I. a > rn
To those who have never culled
out the non-layers the following
questions and discussions should bo
of particular interest. While it is
not meant to go into detailed dis?
cussions of tin' points in question)
a few of the following suggestions
will be of interest in it very practical
way to the poultry raiser or house?
wife who wishes to give them any
I. Wlmt relationship is there be?
tween the moult of the hen ami the
egg production 7
What should I keep for layer
or breeder?
II. What shall I cull nut of my
flock 7
I. How can 1 tell whether a hen
is laying or not?
ili.rly nod Late Moulin t
Taking the questions up in ordei
for Inief discussion, it may be said
that the moulting of the hen will
increase or decrease her egg laying
period as the case may be. The
early moulting lieu is unusually a
very slow monitor and takes about
all summer in getting her new feath?
ers. In tili:' mann. ! it will be seen
that her period for egg production
will be shortened very considerably.
The late monitor or the hen that
moults during the months of Septem?
ber ami October has had time to till
out a successful year if properly
handled. This is not saying that the
bird that moults early Is not a good
layer! There ale several factors to
be considered. The kind ami amount
of feed will effect the moulting pe?
riod very considerably; The period
of moulting may also vary with the
different breeds.
Watch the Eye?
In a discussion of the second ques?
tion, it may he pointed out that only
those birds should he kept for layers
or breeders thnt show (rood strong
constitutions, able to stand the
strain of heavy egg production.
They should show nice depth of
body, as well as length, and should
present a good breadth of hack.
Another part that will come in for
consideration is the eyes. The eyes
should show full and clear in a clean
cut head. It must he home in mind
thai only those lords that are strong
can produce eggs regularly under the
strain of n severe winter.
Grade the Flock
It may he said for the third ques?
tion that all birds that show any
physical defects whatsoever should
be graded from the Hock. Sick
chickens ore not paying ones ami
the quicker we grade them out the
better. Crooked hacks, scnley legs,
crooked beaks, abdomen laying low
are some gooil examples of physical
defects to look out for. It docs not
require all expert to see some of
these things and that furnier will
profit who gives some of his atten?
tion to the home Mock on rainy days
instead of going olf to the store to
discuss the fall elections.
Atk Powell
As to the last question it seems
as though any one could tell whether
a hen is laying or not! As a matter
of fact it requires some experience
to be able to decide this, ami when
we apply the lest to oil I home flocks
some astonishing results are obtain?
ed, It is not proposed to go into a
technical discussion of the points
involved in applying this test. .Suf?
fice to say at present that indications
of n non-hiyer are found in the ap?
pearance of the feather, eyes, legs
and finally the condition of the comb
and pelvic arches, The writer of this
article would he very glad to come
into contact with any one who is
desirous of raising heller poultry
and will give free culling demonstra?
tions anywhere in the county upon
proper notice.
Came frum Johnson City In
Interest of Asheville-Moc
casin Gap Highway ?
Johnson City Boosters
May Visit Us
At the meeting of tin- Chamber of
Commerce this afternoon, Mr, Wil?
liam C. Mathea was appointed to at?
tend tla- Tennessee Good Una.Is Con?
vention to ho held at Nashville Octo?
ber 17th.
Mi. .lohn W.Chalkloy, Good Roads
? nan of Big .Stum. Cap, asked that
the Chamber of Commerce semi a
Kiwanian to be their guest Tuesday,
October l?th, in tin- interest of the
proposed Ashevillc-Moccasin Cap
Highway, Mr. Many raw was Un?
pointed as the delegate subject to
the approval of the Klwanis Club,
The Tourist camp signs have ar?
rived and the Automobile dealers
have agreed to set them up at once.
The Hoard of Directors adopted a
i('.solution endering support of May?
or W. H. Ellison on tin- telephone
charge. The resolution also com?
mended the Mayor upon Iiis efforts
ami agreed to support him in any
reasonable way.
A big Trade Tout is being plan?
ned to Norton and t'ochurn, by the
Chambei of Commerce, following
the completion of the Interstate
Railroad, A special committee was
appointed to lake charge of the mat?
Mi Harry raw met with the Hoard
of Directors of the Chambei of Com?
merce, ami gave all outline of last
week's Trade Tour into Western
North Carolina. He said the roads
in North Carolina were superior to
those in Tennessee, and the interest
the North Carolinians displayed In
the building of then)'insure roads of
the very best. When going through
the Mountains the Boosters discov?
ered two big things the people of
Westen. Nortli Carolina demand of
Johnson City before they will do
their trading here. The first is bet?
ter roads ami the second is reduced
freight rates from this city to their
towns. Last week the Chamber of
Commerce helped to build a pu ce of
road in Carter County. With the
Completion of the Mcmphis-to-Bris
ol Highway to the Carter County
line this will give us a Macadamized
road to Krwin.?-Johnson City Staff.
Ford Car Passes Over Miss
Elizabeth Martin?Other
News of Coeburn
As she was going home from
church Sunday evening, Miss Eliza?
beth Martin, fourth grade teacher,
was accidentally knocked down ami
run over by a Kord car. Fortunately
Miss Martin sustains no visible inju?
ries except a slight wound behind
one car, und a lame foot.
Lorn Dingu?, who is also at?
tending sehool at Kmory and Henry
College this year, spent the week?
end with relatives here.
The teachers have been given cer?
tain territory over which to take a
census of the school children, in or?
der to ascertain if there are any
children between the ages of S and
1 I who are not in school. Not many
violations of tin- compulsory school
law have been found.
Dr. Clirie ami Miss Ulockway are
busy this week with the Dental Clin
ic. Owing to lack of time they will
not he able to get around to all the
Coebum High School is making a
record for itself in the world of
matrimony. During the first month
of school, Vena Ketron ami .Sin
Henderson decided that they pre?
ferred teaching to going to school,
and now they are somewhere leach
ing "one".
The teachers report a good time
at the County Teachers' Meeting
held in Norton last week.
Sidney Bowers, who studied Phar?
macy last year, has returned to C.
II. S. to finish his High School
Course. Ills return makes the schioi
membership 111.
Miss Bonnie \\ ygal spent the Week?
end with home folks at Joricsvllle.
A number of C. II. S. students
took advantage of last week's holi?
day ami went to High Knob on a
t-hort camping trip, Otheru joined
the paily on Sunday and all of them
tell of the "wonderful" till e I ., .
Horace McCarty, ':!:.', is ntteiidiii::
school at Kmory and Henry College.
spent tin- week-end with his parents
here, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. McCarty.
Harry Cuibcrtson, who has had I
years service in the navy, is giving
the High School hoys some drill in
marching tactics. Although Harry
is only a senior in High School, one
might think him a captain or such
fiom the way he manages his re?
The Week-Ending October
7th Witnessed Decline of
2,497 Tons In This Field
Southern and I. R. R.
Show Gains
Fur the week-ending October 7th
Black Diamond hit the toboggan af?
ter a climb upward during the two
previous weeks. F'or the period men?
tioned the Virginia Coal Operators
Association report ? total of 108,5:18
tons for the week, or a decrease over
the week before of 2,-197 tons. Coke
also fell. Only 0,942 tons arc re?
The Southern and Interstate show i
a substantial increase in tonnage |
over the previous week. Daring the
past months the Southern has re- '
mained consistently at the foot of |
the list in tonnage hauled. For the ^
week-ending October 7th tiny report
1.1,013 tons. The Interstate leads !
with 49,013 tons for the week. The (
N. A; N. moved only 30.0 per cent. .
of their normal tonnage, or 27102
tons. Tin- N. ?? W. moved 30,382 ?
tons and the C, & O. 12,715 tons. (
Throughout the county a slow but j
sure feeling of optimism is apparent.
Business is gaining confidence and ^
merchants report a slight increase (
in business. (
.- . <
New River Convocation L
Molds Two Day Session L
This Week ? Bttrnz I
Among Speakers M
The Fall session of the New River '
Convocation of the Episcopal church, (
Lloyd Palish, came to a close in Nor- I
ton Tuesday evening. Prominent .
churchmen from all over Southwest
Virginia were in attendance. The (
sioiis was opened .Monday evening (
when the Rev. Devall Cwathmey, of .
Wythcviilc, delivered the opening '
sei mou. >
Tuesday morning the business
session opened at 8:3(1. At 111:311
Convocation Pica, her Win. J. Al
friend, Christ Church Pulaski, de?
livered a very powerful sermon.
Holly Communion followed. In the
afternoon the IteV. Karl M. Block,
St. John's Church, Roanoko, was the
leading speaker. He was followed
by the Rev. E. A. Hieb, Archdeacon
of Southwest Virginia. The Kev.
K. C. Burns, of this city, was one of
the speakers of the afternoon. The
Palish supper was laid at 0:011 p. in.
The counties of the New River
Convocation are: Bland, Buchanan,
Carroll, Craig, Dickens?n, Floyd,
Franklin, Giles, Gray son, Pulaski,
Roanoke, Russell, Scott, Smyth,
Tazcwell, Washington, Wise and
Wytho. Nearly all of these counties
were represented at the meeting.
The road lay straight before him,
but the by-paths smiled at him
Ami the scarlet poppies called him
to the forests cool und dim.
And the song birds' happy chorus
seemed to lure him further on,
'Twas a day of wondrous pleasure?
but the day was quickly gone.
lie could not resist the laughter and
the purling of a brook
Any more than gray old sages can
resist .some dusty book,
And though stern -faced duty bade
him march the highway straight
"The trees ale better company than
busy men," be said.
We wondered at bis dreaming ami
his wanderings far astray,
Hut we were counting values by the
gold ami silver way.
And sometimes as 1 saw him gating
idly :?t the sky,
I fancied he bad pleasures of a sort
I couldn't buy.
I fancy he saw something in the
clouds above the trees
Which the gold and glory seeker pas?
ses by and never Sees,
I And 1 think be gathered something
from he woods and running
Which is just as good as money to
. the man of many dreams.
- Kdgar A. Guest.
Wife (Referring to a guest):
"He's a most attractive man; is he
, married?"
Husband: "I dunno. He's a re?
served chap. Keeps all his troubles
to himself."?-Exchange.
FOR 35 CENTS!!~~^
"Tex" Rickard
The World's Greatest Promoter and Master Thinker Pre
sents for the FIRST TIME in Virginia His Official Moti0?
Pictures of the Most Marvelous Sporting Event in History
the _
Championship Boxing Contest
livery blow struck?just the same as if you were in >
at Jersey City. The whirlwind second round when tin cham
piouship nearly left America! The life of both contest nib ?iul
the secrets of their training camps! Their private training
stunts, and the difference in their methods! Carpcnlier, "the
Wonder Man," and Dcnipscy "the Man Killer, ' as the public
never saw them. The biggest crowd ever gathered loj>i tlier
0,0,000 people! $ i,600,000. How this tremendous crowd was
perfectly handled without an accident! The mail) notables
present lioin all ovei the world! The result ol "Ir k; i:
ard's 20 cameras?and the slow motion camera!
See the Much-Discussed Fatal "Knockout" Punch ? and Decide for Yourself
Where it Landed. Five Reels of Tremendous Interest ami Terrific Action.
Thursday, October 19th
Dodge Brothers
With this coupe Dodge Brothers have
proved once for all that a closed car can
be as sturdy and practically as inexpensive
as an open roadster.
This is largely due to the all-steel body ?
the first ever marketed ?which admits of
lower cost of manufacture through stand?
ardized machine production. Unlike wood,
the steel surface will take a finish of enamel,
baked on at high temperature. This process ?
results in a permanent lustre, and eliminates
the trouble and expense of repainting.
The wide straight seat is upholstered in
genuine Spanish blue leather, durable and
readily cleaned.
T/.?pn.e ,. $10aOJmUvtnd
Big Stone Gap, Va.

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