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The on tiro stock
?rhich has been reduced by the recent
sost sale, will la* closed out to
any one wishing a
as well as a good stand at a
But wish to say, until such arrange?
ments arc made, we will
continue to sell
We <tio have nearly everything desired.
\\\ wind nilk wraps, 38-meh beuriettxs
?<?ld S?r SI. u> 75 eis; all wool .-.ilk
fiiisb, 46-inch hfcurietta*. -old tor $1.
sot-t at 75 cts ; ail wool 46-iucb
haurietta. sold lor S3 cts. now &2i cts..
all wool 38-inch heurietlas, sold for
50 cts. now 37* cts.: ail woo! 38-inch
Henriettas.sold for 37} eis. now 23cts.
Wc havt a i'u'.'. due ol plush wraps,
modjeskas. newraarxeis, and jackets,
lud we can *n.<ta you the profits other |
ouses arc making.
Fruit of the loom, bleach, >* its,
Lon?dft.t . bleach. 8? cts.
Lonsdidi . cambric. 1 * cts.
Wam-o utta.bleich, II cts.
New York mi! >. 11 cts.
Pride ol the West, bleach. 12* cts.
Forsvth, 4-4 browu cotton. 6eu*.
Dundee. 4-4 brown cotton 6 cts.
Mohawk Valley.10-4 '?.?? <chul sheet
ins: fo 24 cts . worth 30 cts.
Uuca. 10-4 b'eached sheeting for 27
Cts. worth 35 cs
Pepperall, 10 4 bleached sheeting,
22* cts.
Clark's 0 N. T. spool cotton, 4 cts.
per .-poo!. 43 ct?. per dozen.
It will pa) jou to examine cur stock
fore, purchasing.
134 Salem aveuu
\\J ANTED-A boi w h< > has HAD
m some, experience at the printing]
busine>-s. Apply at this office. dee23tf.
no use fooling away time on j
thing's that duu"t pay: tint send $1.00
at once for magniticent outfit of our
Great .New Stanley Book. If book
and terms not satisfactory we willj
refund your money. Nori;-k. No cap
ital needed. Both Indies and gentle?
men employed. Don't lose time in
writing. ""Step in while the waters are |
troubled." Davs are worth dollars.
Address R F. JOHNSON & co., HMi]
Main street, Richmond,Va. janleod 3t
JL riers: white bodies with black
and brown spots, stub tails. Thej
linder Will be suitably rewarded by
returning same to Mr. H. Haupt,
the owner. jan 1 tf
acres, ^ood ? room dwelling, 50
acres fine lumber, for only$6u0 cash.
Apply to J. F. UiN'iFlELD, Insur?
ance and Real Estate Agent.
from R. R. Depot. $1,000 cash.
Apply to J. F. W1NGFIELD.
**? accident insurance, the best in
the world, and therefore the cheapest.
_J. F. WiNOFlELD, agent.
nine rooms, for $1,650, in month?
ly payments of $80.
Lot in Edgew?od for $300, ?30 cash
and $10 per month.
House and lot on Eighth avenue,
?3.000, $800 cash and *.,5 per month.
House and lot on Eighth avenue for
?l,35u, cash$350 and ?i0 per month.
Hyde Park lots iit $250 to ?300
Insurance and Real Estate Agent, 143
Salem avenue_
brick, also two dump-carts and
harness, new. E DIDlr.K. dec27lw.
nine rooms, for $1,650, in monthly
payments of ?3?. J. F. WlXGFlEJJ),
reul estate and insurance agent.
nov24 tf_
on the east side of Jefferson street
between Third and Fourth avenue,
opposite new opera house; price
?4.500. One third cash, one third
November I. lfcj'.io, balance November 1,
1891. Address lock box 18?, City.
dec28 lw.
>AboardeI at 408 Fourth avenue,
toaiii vest; good room and board.
decSl-2w j
iron fence, suitable for a ceme?
tery. Lot 15x30 C K.Evans. dec251w.
Manufacturing company. The
Roanoke Manufacturing company
want three or four good good shop
workmen. Fair wages will be paid
for good, worthy men. Nothing else
need fipply._ dec 14-tf
stable. nquire at HOBBS &
BAKER'S Store, Salem avenue.
-of tue
WE have a line of Ladies' NEW?
we lire offering at greatly reduced
Former Prices. .Now.
1 Lot Newmarkets . $ 4 50 $ 3 25
i ?? ?.
1 Lot Jackets
S 00
10 50
0 On
.s o
14 00 10 0'i
250 1.75
4 00
4 50
5 50
6 50
7 50
2 75
3 50
4 00
4 50
G 00
FULL UN E ..1" Piush Coats, Jackets.
Modjeska?, and ? Jackets.
A new lot Cliildr n's ?ud Misse?1
lung Cloaks and Jackets, rangiug from
4 in 10 years.
Holiflay Presents!
Full assortment Silk Rankkcrchiefs,
Silk Mufflt! s. Fancy and Plain White
Liueu Handkerchiefs.
Blankets, Comforts and Counter?
panes, Lace < urtains and Pole*.
W are just replenished our sinct
of Wool an?! F?r Fell Hats and Tur
biue?. Bird.-. Feathers. Plush and SIR
Velvet*, in all cdors.
We Haven't the space to enumerate
mir tine assortment of Dress Goods
All we a*k is an inspection, and vtt
guarantee to please you.
42 Salem avenue.
Checkered freut Grocery
Ib well supplied with a full fresh and
varied slock of fancy and select
And all kinds of
Fruit in Season.
Lancaster Bros.,
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Surveys, Plans and ?11 Brauche? of
Engineering Attended to Promptly.
No. ? Jeffersou street, S. W.
Tb? Eleelrte I.iitht Borantrenient?
vt Itat ( hiim's tlio Light* to Fnll?lni
provemeutM 10 be Pintle in the
Work- nl ml Kns-ly Date.
On several occasions lately the lights
of che Electric Light company have
gone tint, and the public ha? been sub?
jected to much annoyance.
In order to ascertain the cause of
the trouble, a Tim as reporter yester?
day called upon the foreman of tho
electric-light works, Mr T H, Sharp,
and ha la conversation with him on
the subject.
.Mr. Sharp said: "Tho sole trouble
is that our boiler by some means be?
came broken and we had to substitute
a railroad engine. The draught in
this is so bud tnat it is almost uupos
sible to keep toe bCeaui up, and con?
sequently as the steam goes down, the
lights got dim. We have several
machinists itt. work <m our boiler aud
it will probably lie finished in a
short while. We know that it is very
annoying to have the lights go out,
but little public will be<tr with us a
short time, everything will be all
right. The oodipanv intend* to double
the size of its works in a short time,
in ia-t, 1 believe I he machinery basal
ready beei ordered. When this is
done there will be uo repetition of
these annoying occurrences as when
one piece.01 machinery breaks, wo
will have another engiue or motor to
substitute in its stead. I anticipate
no Iun h'-r trouble 11
a rows clock
A Few W'oriU on Thla Important
Q Kent tot!.
Roauoke city is v-ry much iu ueed
of a town c ock or some means by
which all the watches an I cio-ks iu
t e city may be run ou the same time.
Pope, tin- poet said in regard to
watches that "none go just alike, yet
each .in in1 believes h's own," audio
eouversatiou in regard to time it is
easy to see thit the opinions of meu
in this matter are now about what
they were when the little poet wrotn
iii* celebrated essay ou man.
People go to church aud Hud they
are late or early as the hours regulat?
ing the commencement of services at
that particular place of worship ran,
and ui-u returu home from club meet
ings at very unseemly hours some?
times perhaps, simply because their
watches were running ou an independ?
ent basis, regardless ot the time piece
upon the mantle or elsewhere about
thi' room.
Tho cupola of th s city court house
would afford ample room for a towu
clock, and th- TltfKS advorated such
i use of that orn uueniatioo when the
building was in process of construe
i ion.
There is hardly any city in the
c ?uutry i>i any size but has some
iu 'ans of regulating loc il time, aud it
i- earnestly hoped the city council
will look into the matter as so >n at
possible and gix*e us the needed clock
on the court bouse cupola.
a Villi?;' Man ?I lho Mnrhino Worha
Loses an Arm.
A very serions accident occurred at
the machine works yesterdav morn
ing at 0 30 o'clock.
Keane Michael, a young man who
i- employed in the erecting shop at
the machine works, was engaged in
oiling some machinery when thecrane,
that is used in lifting enginesa-d
other heavj material, ran back upon
him and mashed his right arm quite
The young man was removed to the
residence of Mrs Hurt. No. 32, Third
avenue N. W . and Dr Leitrh Buck
ner was called iu. After making a
thorough examination of the injured
part, Dr. Buckn?>r deemed amputa?
tion necessary, and this was done.
The arm was taken off just above the
Ofl Tor Richmoud.
A number of members of the legis?
lature passed through the city yester?
day on the Norfolk and Western
trains en route to Richmond. Promi
oent among them were .rudge J. W.
flackler. of Grayson county; JudgeG.
W. Easley, of Giles county; Hon. J.
Burton, of Bland county: Hon R C.
Kent, of Wythe county; Mpssrs. Ken
driokand I'row,of Washington couuty
Hon. John R Johnson, of .Montgom?
ery county.
Don. John W Woods, representa?
tive from this district, also left yester?
day on the evening train.
Election ot OAloer?.
At a stated communication of Monnt
Vernon lodge, No 90, I 0- 0. F., held
last Monday night, the following o 'i
cers were elected for the ensuing term:
J. A. Page, noble grand; R. T.
Henry, vice grand; W. A. Gibbons,
Secretary; W E. Maupin, permanent
secretary: Charles D. Fox. treasurer
These officers will be installed next
Monday night
An Insurance Clerk's Good Fortune.
Roe Grant who is employed in the
Hartford Life and Annuity Insur?
ance company, held oue-twentieth of
ticket (W.ti?O, which drew the first
capital prize of $300,000 in the draw?
ing of the Louisiana State Lottery
company on the 15th of October He
collected the money through Adams
Express company.?Hartford (Oonn.)
Times, November 18.
Mr. N. 0. Dyer, of the firm of S. H.
Dooley & Co., was married last Mon?
day evening at 6:15 o'clock at Bristol,
Tennessee, to Miss Gertie Wade. Rev.
Dr. Caldwell performed the ceremony.
The Tim ks returns thanks toMessrs.
W. K. Andrews & Co., the coal and
lumber dealers, for a beautiful calen?
dar for 1800.
Did vou ever know one to use 41 A.
B. C Alterative" for Blood tai?t with?
out a ewrW 1
Some of the Cmrener of This nnd
Other Countries.
Mrs. Jessie S. Bowers, WJJtaof < 'fflcer
P. N. Bowers, who has sgsgfce a. nu
niesuiatic fancy, has ainong'lfer collec?
tion of rare coins the following speci?
mens : A round Chinese copper coin
with a square hole m the center valued
ut one-fourth of & cent. The hierogly?
phic on these resemble the red mark?
ings on a tea chest, but are. no doubt,
very plain to auy ?-hinaman of aver?
age intelligence; a Belgian silver coin
of King Leopold II worth aboat ten
cents; a Canadian cent of the date
'??2, with the h?-ad of Queen Victoria
as she appeared in 1850; a Spanish seal
of I8?1, * Mexican twenty-five cent
piece of 1876; a United States twenty
cent piece of 1870; a Canadian five-cent
piece of 1880; a Spanish silver coin of
the value ot cents of 1705; two
others of the same value issued in
17t>7; a Canadiu twenty five cent piece
oi 1874; a copper United States medal
of 1837; a dime of 1834; a Mexican silver |
coin valued at five cents of 1883; an
English six-pence of 1784; a German
pfeunig, a copper coin valued at about
one-fourth ot a cent. There is always
something interesting about old coins
as mementors ot the dead past, and
what becomes of the great mass of
coins is like the dis ippearance of the
pin*?a problem hard to solve. The
people of Roanoke, however, are ac?
tively engaged in gathering together
new coins and if the promises of the
opening year are fulfilled, they will
have a fair supply, as a rule, twelve
months from today.
CuiitiiiBTs ?Dil Golnirs el Persons *.?> |
Miss Gracio Hazlewood is visiting
friends in Liberty.
Prof. A S. Backuer. of Clifton
Folge, was in the cily yesterday.
Mr. D F. Geyer has returned from]
an extended trip North.
Mr. W H Spickard, of Blue Ridge |
Springs, was iu the city yesterday
Mr. Charles R Luck, of Alleghanyl
institute, returned yesterday from aj
visit *o friends iu Bedford county.
^r. C. T. Jennings, of .1 D. Hobbiej
& Co., Lynchburg, was in the city
\ esterday
Prof. L R. Holland, superintend
ent of schools of Koanoke county,
was in the city yesterday.
Miss Johnson, of Richmond, who!
has be?n visiting Mrs. J. William
Boyd, left yesterday for Hollins.
Miss Alma Hopkins who has been
visitinc friends in the clry. returned
to her home in Liberty yesterday.
Messrs. Louis and John Catogni, of
Suffolk, is vi?iting their brother, Mr.
Joseph Catogni.
Miss Emm? B. Hancock, of Bedford
countv. is visiting Miss Nora Smoot.
of 310 Fourth avenue, 8. W.
Mr W. W. French, of Pocahontas,
was in the city yesterday a guest at
Hotel Roanok-*.
City Treasurer M. C Thomas loft
yesterday for Richmond to make his
annual report to ths auditor of poblic
Miss Jennie and Pearle Layne, of
Bedford, are visiting at the residence
of Mr. J. B. Woltz
Dr S. P. H. Miller and his brother,
Mr. Geors?e Miller, of Elkton, are stop?
ping at Hotel Roanoke.
Mr A. Wright, of Petersburg, I*
here on a visit to his son Mr. George
Wright, the Jefferson street boot and
shoe dealer.
Mr. Frank B. Jones, clerk in Eck
lofTs grocery store, is very sick at the
residence of Mr. H. M. Darnall, 811,
First street. S W.
Captain T. W. 8pindle, of Chris
tiansburg, was in the city yesterday
tookingafter his real estate interests]
Mr 8. A. TJmer, of Frederick coun?
ty. Md.. is in the city visiting his
cousin. Mr J 8. Simmons, one of
Roanoke's leading real-e"tate agents.
Judge George B McLean has re?
turned from a week's visit to Lieu?
tenant-Governor elect, Hon. J. H?ge
Tyler, at Pulaski city.
MisB M-ry Daniels left yesterday
for Hollins to resume her studies at
that institute, after a visit to friends
in this city.
Mr. CD. Haller.drug-clerk for John?
son & Johnson, of this city, returned
yesterday from a pleasant visit to
relatives in Wytheville.
MisB Emma Gray Morehead, aecora
Janied by Mieses Lucy Lewis and
ennie Norrls, of Lynchburg, was in
the city yesterday stopping at Hotel
Sergeant Thomas P. Spencer, of the
Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical
college of Blacksburg. is in the city
visiting Mr. John C. Jackson.
Mrs. Robert E. Scott will receive
from 8 to 12 o'clock this evening. 8be
will be assisted by Miss Ayres, daugh?
ter of Attorney-General A>res, and
Miss Rives, sister of Mrs. Amelia Rives
Miss Mattie Britt and Miss Minnie
Webb, who have been spending the
holidays with relatives in Vinton, re?
turned to Rock bridge county yester?
Miss McMullen, who has been spend?
ing the Christmas vacation with the
Misses Sims, of Campbell street,leaves
today for Staunton, to resume her
studies at the seminary in that city.
Mr. F. E Foster, manager of Hotel
Roanoke, and other hotels 0" the line
of the Norfolk and Western railroad,
returned yesterday from a visit to
Bluefleld and other places west of the
Mrs. H. A. Pretzman, aocompanied
by her son George, of Pottstown,
Pennsylvania, is visiting her son Mr.
W. H. Pretzman, of the counting de?
partment of the Norfolk and Western
Railroad company.
Mr John W Moses rat arced yester?
day from a visit to New Oasties Oralg
county. He reports real estate as on
the rise, and says lots have been
staked off there for a good sired city.
Mr. Ross, contractor on the Oraig
mineral railroad expects to start a
double force of men to work on the
road early in January, and to com?
plete it to New Castle by the 1st of
A Disorderly Woman.
A colored woman created such
confusion at the High street colored
Baptist church last night that the as?
sistance of the police had to be called
in. She proved to be such a poor
her that the watohawn had to
A Biiftliteftn Hint Keeps Step with Ihe
Growth of tho City- Mrn Who
Relievo in Llbrrnl Ad?
Generally speaking the business
men of this city have been very sue
ceasful during the past year, and the
prosperous condition in which t '>ey
enter upon the New Year is a prool of
the fact.
As has often been stated, Roanoke
is full of live and progressive young
men whoso business integrity and
energy is equal to that of any city in
the South. If you will visit the coal
and lumber house of Messrs. W P.
HufT& Co., for instance, you will sen
a firm composed entirely of thi- lond
of grit- They are the junior men in
this line for Roauoke. Their business
was established in the year 1882. and
has increased largely each year. They
are progressive and believe iu the
efficacy of printers' ink and attribute
much of their success to rhis "anse.
They advertise more than any other
similar concern in this city. The)
are ono of the very few con
cerns that take whole pages is'
daily newspapers. They are in busi ?
ness strictly to the point and ready !<?
meet competition iu all irs phases In
charity they never turn down a
worthy cause. It is said that no
worthy subject ever walked iu the of
flee, unless he went our pleased with
liberal donations. They recognize
their duties in charity as much <- they
do iu business. Their donations in
that way will, no doubt, surprass any
other concern of the kind in this sec?
tion. They make money and spend
it liberally iu proper causes. They
are always ready to take stock in any
enterprise that has a tendency to the
upbuilding of Roanoke. The for
fathers of Walter Poeabontas Huff are
among the first settlers of this sec; ion
An old log house which mirks a pro
minent corner of Big Lick from which
village the city of Roanoke sprung,
was built by his grandfather foru hotel
to accommodate the many watrons
that hauled goods from Lynchburgto
Kuoxville iu that day and time,
This old landmark is ihe second old
est building now In the city Mr.
Huff has been here since the infancy
of the city, and is thoroughly ac?
quainted with all its people and va?
rious Hitorest* He is better known
and knows more people perhaps than
almost any one you can find. His
partner, Mr. J. R. Terry, ? nephew ol
P L Terry, esq.. one of the pillars ol
Roanoke's prosperity and growth,]
came here from Pike county. Mo., in
1880, a ad by his close attention to
business and promptness has mad"
many friends. This firm enjoys a
very large and increasing trade, and
ha" been styled bv the press as the
competitive paralysers. Any oue
desiring to transact busines- with
this firm will find it to their ad van
tage. Their business office is on Sa?
lem avenue.
Norn* Vnlaablo Article* Awnriiril,
The Fnir ft Nueces?.
The Catholic fair closed last night,
and will not be open again until about
the twentieth of this month. During
the evening the following articles
wpre disposed of by raffle: No. !7
held by Annie Scroth, won the wax
flowers; No 5. M. M. Dooley, silver
call-bell; No. 29. Mi-s M. Loiighrey,
gold headed umbrella; No. 7. John
VVigmore.oil painting; No.21, D..)..Mc?
Carthy, ?ofa cushion; No. 21), Mis
Kate Whaling, a large pin cushion: a
boi of cigars was won by Mr. James
A. McConnell: the dinner set of 113
pieces was won by Mrs. Hoover. The
?'guess doll" whose euphonious nan;'
proved to be ' Mary Ann, " was won
by W. A Carr and Annie Sexton con?
jointly, but Mr i nrr withdrew in
favor of the young lady Miss Mollie
Cavanaugh, Mrs. Maher, aud George
Garland each won a large cake.
The fair under the management ol
Mr. James A. McConneil has been n
success both financially and other?
The Bnptlnt f u a <ln>?-*<? Ii mil Children
Streetyr Nnata Clitns.
The Baptist church was the scene of
a happy entertainment last night, the
occasion being the I hristmas exercises
of the Sunday school of that church
After the singing of a beautiful an
them,the several hundred childrenand
older folks present expectantly await?
ed the arrival of Santa Claus- Prompt
ly at eiVht o'clock, the jingling of
sleigh-bells were heard outside und the
old gentleman soon made his appear
ance, and proceeded in a very happy
manner to distribute the various pre?
sents to the smaller folks. When this
was finished presents wer? gheu to
several of the teachers on behalf of
their scholars. The entertainment
was largely attended and highly en?
joyed by tho.-e in atteudance.
A Lneky In vei 'meiit.
A gentleman of the Third ward
wag so lucky as to draw $100 in the
Louisiana State lottery in the last
drawing. He received a check for
the $10u yesterday,which may be con?
sidered a verv good return frooi a out
dollar investment. There were man)
others in the city who invested a dol?
lar and drew a blank, but such is life.
The Goddess Fortune Is very fickle in.
her bmiles.
B'eceptlon and Banquet.
Mr. A. B. Hammond, proprietor of
the Hammond Printing Works, gave
a reception and banquet to all of his
employes last night, at his re>idenee
on Jefferson street. After spendum
some time in pleasant conversation
all were invited to tables loaded with
Christmas delicacies, and every one
bad a good time and did full justice
to the good things set before them.
The Commercial National Bank
will move into its new and bandsomt
tbe corner. of Jefferson
A Unique *pnclincn of Advertise
in it it in 11 sin !? <t ret! Yearn Aa*o.
Col. Jj H. Ounstan, ox-mayor of
tili i city, is an English gentleman by
birth and education, and is not only
oue of th? most genial and kind
hearted g;en in this city, but also
! ? ussesj the rare faculty of being
able to t'ike as well us give a joke
Duriug uis visit to his old home last
siimiuur lie saw in his three months'
sojourn uianv pleasing mementoes of
the past, and while visiting b'almoiu?
iu>r Auras'*, c.iiueucros* the follow^ m
unique sign, whi.-h was so comical an*
b isiueos like that he copied it entire.
. I, al the request ol the representa?
tive of the Times has furnished it
licatiou Thesigu related the
! laliticatiou-t of one; Rtger Gilei iu
??>??:?..' c-jucaivable dapircinenc of
tr iih?, c >ium tree or pro essioaal life,
iii t i- as folio -vs:
sjt'tt?IlV,i'ahish ci.aiik \ SD SKt.'LK.MAS
Respectably informs ladysand gen*
tiemau thut he drors teel without
wateiug ?i minit, applies laches every
hour, blisters on the lowest farms,and
i'ijicks for penny a pease. He Sell
Godfat ber's kordales, kuts korns, bun
yons, doctersli ossts, clips dunkies,
wance a tuunth, and undertakes to
hike arter every bodies nayls by the
ear Joe-harpes, penny Wissels, brass
kanelsticks, frying pans, and other
in lozical hinstruments hat grately
reyilooced (igers. Young ladys and
gent terinen lames their grauiinur, an >
lunguedge iu the purtiest maunar;
also gratecare taken oil' their mornds
ami ; ? lin. Also zarmzinging, taych
ing the base vial, and all other zorts
of fancy work, squadrils, pokers,
wi iZ (Is, and all country dances tort
at hone and abroad at perfekshun.
Perfumery andsuuff in all its b**anchis
As times is cruel bad I begs totelfee
'hat i has just beginned to sell all
sorts of stasbonary ware, cox. hens,
vouls, pigs and all other kinds of poul
tr> LJia'kin-brishes, berrins, coles,
scritbliin brunhes, traykel and godly
bakes .uiil bible-*, mise traps, brick
dist, wisker seeds, morrel pokkerhan
kercher-s. and all /.ort- of swatemait?
including taters saxsaires and other
garden stuff, bakky, zizars, lainpoyle,
t.iy kit lie-and O'her tut ixzicatin lik
ker.-i, a dale of fruit, hats, zongs, hare
oy!-. pattins. bukkits, grind in stones
and other ai'ables, kom and bunyon
Za.lve and all hardware I has laid
in a large uzzortiuent of trype, dogs'
mate, lolipops, ^iiig.-r beer, inarches
and other pikkles, such as blpsom
-alt-, hoyster?. Winz r sope, auzetrar.
I'! I rags bort and sold here and
no where else, ue wlayed heggs by nie
Roger Giles; zinging burdes keeped.
sich as howles, donkies paycox, lob
sters. crickets, also a stock of a cele
br.ited braj'der Agent for selling
gurry porker souls.
!'. s 1 tayuhe? gography, rlthme
rfc, cowsticks, jimnasticks aud other
chynees ; ricks.
??liml save the King."
ir'ierV Ihm i I Ii t I'liiicriil ol
li r. Peter C<?p--lan<].
Fin :a5tlk, Va., December 31.?
The citizens of Fincastle have been
much interested in the Teacher's in
stirur.' in session in town for the pa*?t
two days. Prof. Graybill, of Roanoke,
is t he conductor of the institute, and
a large number of teachers and citi?
zen- have attended the exercises.
The citizeus of the town have enter
taitied the teachers with irreat pleas
ure, ?nd have shown much interest in
the proceedings of t!u- institute.
Thefuneral of Mr PeterCopeland,
a: A i.sterdatn, Botetourt county,
yesterday, was attended by a large
crowd of admiring friends. He was
born in Richmond CD year- ago, and
m l> one oi the engineers who located
Norfolk and Western railroad
Friend-- from Salem, Roanoke, Fin
ca.-tie and Buchanan, tuet with the
friends of his old home to pay their
I i-r tributes to the memory of a valu
able citizen.
The Norfolk anil Western K-i tension
A Times representative visited the
Norfolk and Western offices yesterday
with a view of learning something
concerning the rumored extension ot
that road from Bristol to Knoxville,
by the way of Embreevillc, but
none ol the leadiny officials inter
viewed knew anything ot the pro
posed extension,and it was generally
agreed that if anything was being
dorn- a; all in the matter it was from
the headquarters "f the railroad coni-J
pany at Philadelphia. Some of the
Tennessee papers are at a loss to see
whi rein the proposed extension will
benefit The Norfolk and Western un
Ii .-s the Iin2 be extended to Nashville.
:-'u tar as Hoanoke is concerned, any
thing which will add to the business
ot tin- Norfolk and Western company,
i- pleasing to her people, and if the
extensions now in progress will not
give sufficient connections to the
road, nothing would be more satisfuc
tory to us ihantosee the company
reaching out successfully, till the ob
ject aimed at is accomplished.
New Year's Day isi Roanoke.
Today. January 1, 18D0, is a legal
holidav and in consequence, the ba,nks
will close, thepostoflice will keep?un
day hours and business generally will
be suspended. All the churches will
hold appropriate services at night
and several hold meetings in the day.
Publfc worship will be held in St.
John's Episcopal church, Rev. W. H
jir-ade, rector, at four o'clock this
This is one of the Catholic's holy
days and is celebrated with the same
reverence as is Sunday. J here will
be services at -t. Andrew's church
this mornir,g at U o'clock.
Directors-' ?eeliii:;.
At a meeting of the board of direc
' tors of the Laosdowne Improvement
Company yesterday afternoon at 4
o'clock Mr. M.H.Claytor was elected a
member of the board, and it was de
cid'd ar once to lay off the streets and
boulevards of the new-addition.
ThOfGcrmau Last Night.
Sever"I young gentlemen gave a
\ ery enjoyable german at Rorer Park
hotel la.-t night. The guests attended
in evening dress and the affair was
declared to be one ot the most fash
? ionable of the season.
Messrs. D C. Mangnm and H. H.
M.u kham. of Durham, N. C, are in
I rt<v oity protfpwving.
Arrival of Lieutenant Governor Tyler
and Attorney-General Scott-Plans
Tor the InaiKraratioii-Ln*^ OOicial
Act of Governor Lee.
Special to the Timks.
Richmond, Va., Dec 81.?Lleuten
int Governor Tyler arrl Attorney?
s-moral Scott a-rived to-night with
their families. They have rooms at
The Ex mange H >t tl very near Gov?
ernor McKinney The new officials
arc besieged to-night with callers.
Plans for the inauguration tomorrow
have been completed. There win u
no speech making. Judge Lewis, of
the Court of Appeals, will administer
the oath and everything will be
limple. A large crowd will witness
the exercises. Quite a number of
members of the legislature from the
Southwest came in to-night. The last
official act of Governor L?e was to re?
fuse a pardon to P. C. Morgan, thi
rich young Englishman, ander sen?
tence of eighteen months1 imprison?
ment in-the penitentiary for killing
John C. Coles, a wealthy old farmer
in Albemarle county.
A XI hi lint Plot Discovered.
By Associated Press.
Paris, Dec. yi.?Steele says that
another nihilist plot against the Czar
has been discovered in St. Petersburg.
Several of the conspirators, the paper
-ays, w*?re arrested in the palace pas
?.ages. Some of them resisted the ar?
rest aud one was kdled by an officer.
A Batch of Accidents.
The Chesapeake and Ohio railroad
company have had rather an unusual
experience in the wa% of wrecks in the
past two weeks, three of th-se dread
Mil catastrophes occurring near the
White Sulphur Springs in that time,
by which fourteen person* lost their
lives and twenty live were wounded.
The Wehl En?! Furnace.
Owing to the desire to enjoy Christ?
ina-in f.ie old-time.style hands have
been rather difficult to secure for
work at the West End furnace. Mr.
Henry King, business manager of the
company.is in Pittsburg looking after
the progress of the work on the ma?
chinery to be used in the furnace.
Preparatory Services.
Services preparatory to the observ?
ance o' the Holy Communion, will be
held at St. Mark's Lutheran church
this evening at 7 80 o'clock. A full
attendance of all the members of the
church is desired.
Watctl Xlght .Services.
Services appropriate to the close of
the old and the beginning of the new
year were held at the Lee Street
Methodist church, beginning at
o'clock last night, closing as Boon as
the church bell rang out the old and
rang in the new year.
Nearly Ready for Operations.
Mpssrs. R. K. Rice & Co. completed
the laying of the side track to their
coal and lumber house on Railroad
avenue yesterday, and will be ready
in a few days to accommodate the
public in their line.
Old Tiran aiolidnys.
Business at the coalmines in the
Flat Top region has been rather dull
during Christmas week on account of
the proneness of the people of this
state to celebrate the holidays in the
good old English style.
Sent On.
Jack Hunt, colored, was sent on by
Mayor Carr yesterday to await the
action of the grand jury, on the
charge of stealing two wicker chairs
from the freight depot.
Interesting Items Too .Short lor Ncp
arnte Head*.
Sarah Reid and W. M Moody, col?
ored, were fined $23 each by the
mayor yesterday for violating a city
Mr. C. C. Tiliaferro. of the r<?al es?
tate firm of Dupay & Taliaferro, re?
turned yesterday from a very pleas?
ant visit of a week or more to H imp
den Sidney. He reports gam-1 abund?
ant, aud enjoyment complete in that
locality during the holidays.
The public schools will open to?
morrow after a vacation of nearly
two weeks.
P of. Thomas A. Gatch, of Freder?
ick city, Md., is hero investing in real
?Boys and children hats at E.
(Joetz's. 21 Salem-avenue. uovH-J
Mr. William M. Preston, of Salem,
caught out of Roanoke river last Fri?
day, a germancarp weighing twelve
?Children's and infant's shoes very
cheap at E. Goetz's, 21 Salem avenue.
Mr. W. H. Pretzman. of the Norfolk
and Western offices, has a well defined
case of Russian influenza.
?Gent's stiff and fielt har.s just
received at E. Goetz's, 21 Saiera
avenne. uovK-J
The Virginia Steel company remov?
ed its office to the new Commercial
bank building on Campbell street
?Hat?, caps nrd umrellas at E.
o?)etz*s, 21 Salem-avenue. oovl4?{
James S. Simmons & Co.. real estate
igents. have placed the property of the
[ngleside Land company ou the market
?t $250 per lot. ou terms of $25 cash and
$10 per month. Theselots are unsur?
passed for beauty of location, aud all
parties wishing a desirable site for a
home should call at once at the office of
Ja?, fcj. SnsKOTS & Cth

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