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Baha'i Temple. ST ilmetle. III.
■fniTTunu n nrrma.
ff ords foi
the World
GOD doth not behold dif
ferences of hue and com
pinion. He looketh at the
hearts. He whose morals
%nd sirtues ire praise
worth* is preferred hi the
presence of God-* he who
is de*oted to the Kingdom
is most 1o*cd.
— Baha'i ^ ritings
Richard R. Edwards
To Edwards
Ku hard R. Edwards **f '.Mr >,
5th St has been appointed as an
additional prohation off her for i
Champaign County. Judge Kied
erick S. Green announced Mon
Edwards, a member of (he l pit
4 Board of Education, will hr
one ol four prohation ojficers un
der chief prohation officer Russell
Buikc. His duties are de^cnbed
as tho^e of a yeulit counselor.
He has been a resident of Cham
ipaign more than 40 veais and has
long been active in civic affairs
He is now employed at the Cham
paign Post Office.
Edwards has served as chair
man of the advisory committee
for the Douglass Park Community
Center, as evaded ruler of Univer
sity Lodge of the Elks and as a
deacon o! the Free Will Baptist
Churi h.
He will Iw-gm his neu duties a»
soon as he can make the neces
sary arrangements.
Oct. 12 Proclaimed
As Columbus Day
WASHINGTON — President
Kennedy has proclaimed Oct. 12
as Columbus Day.
He asked the people to ob
serve the day — the 471st anni
versary of The sighting of the
new world by Christopher Co
lumbus and his crew — with
appropriate ceremonies in thei:
churches, schools and other suit
able places.
W.E.B. DuBoisDies
A pioneer founder of the civil
rights movement in the United
States died in Africa Tuesday
night on the eve of America’s
greatest protest demonstration,
the March on Washington for
Jobs and Freedom.
Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, 95, author
sociologist, lecturer, traveler,
leading authority on Africa, and a
founder of the NACP, died at his
home in Accra.
The Ghana government ann
ounced his passing “with extreme
regret”. No cause of death was
given. Dr. DuBolse moved to
Ghana last year and was natural
ized as a Ghaniancltizen early
this year.
At the time of his death he
was editor of a massive project,
“The Encyclopedia of the Negro”
1931-1946; “Dark Princess” 1924
“Dark Water” 1920; “Souls of
Black Folk” 1903, which was re
cently republished in a paperback
edition, and “Black Reconstruct
lon.Roy Wilkins of the NAACP,
told the Freedom Marchers
Washington Wednesday that “Soul
of Black Folk” is as true in 1963
as it was in 1903.
Dr. DuBois is survived by his
wife, writer Shirley Graham, who
lived with him in Ghana, and a
daughter, Mrs. Yolanda Williams
of Baltimore, Md. Mrs. DuBois
who i s also well known for her
autobiographies of Booker T.
Washington, Paul Robeson and
Dr. George Washington Carver.
Dr. DuBois’ first wife was the
late Nina Gomer DuBois.
One of the founders of the
American Negro Academy, Dr.
DuBois was one of the organizers
of the segregation-fighting Nia
gara Movement, out of which grew
in 1909-10 the National Ass
ociation for the Advancement of
Colored People. Later he became
editor of “The Crisis” the
NAACP magazine. He broke with
the NAACP In 1948 and devoted
time to movements that were left
In 1949 he served as co-chair
man of the American delegation
to the World Peace Congress in
Paris. In 1959 the Soviet Union
awarded him the Lenin Peace
Prize. He joined the Communist
Party in 1960 when he was 93.
William EdwardBu rgha rdt
was born in Great Barrington,
Mass. February 28, 1863 of
mixedNegto, Dutch and F rench
ancestry. He was educated a t
Fisk, Harvard and Berlin Univer
sities and received his doctorate
in philosophy from H arvard in
Dr. DuBois was the first Ne
gro to be elected to the National
Institute of Arts and Letters and
was a life member of the Ameri
can Association for the Advance
ment of Science. He appeared in
every issue of "Who’s Who In
America.” , „ . , ,, ,**♦.** *
TRATION has made grants total
ing $69.2 million to provide spec
ial housing for paraplegics.
Witnesses Meeting
Draws 1,020 People
One thousand and twenty per
jsons attended the final session
of the three-day ‘‘Feed My Lit
tle Sheep” circuit assembly of
Jehovah's Witnesses Sunday in
the Crawfordsville National
Guard Armory.
The convention drew dele
gates from 35 towns and cities
in Illinois and Indiana. Eighty
attended from the Champaign
Urbana congregation.
Peak attendance was reached
when many visitors from the
Crawfordsville area attended
the keynote address by Angelo
A. Catanzaro, district minister,1
on the subject ‘‘The Bible Tri
umphs in a Scientific World.”
Bowles Lauds
Local Negro
Support of Negro leaders who
have earned their right to leader
ship" was pledged Sunriav In
Robert () Bowles, executive see
ret ary of the Champaign County
Crban League
impressing the role which the
Crban League must play in the
current swift-moving events in the
field ol civil rights, Bowles de
■dared. "We must say loud and
dear that we are in accord with
the goals of the Champaign Ur
hana Improvement Association "
Bowles addressed about 5(1
members of the Crban League,
reporting to them on his trip to a
national conference of the league
al Los Angeles last-month.
Of C CIA president Rev .1 K.
(oaves. RovvIps declarin'!, "I re
sped and admire Rev (oaves He*I
has led and held together the Ne
gro community in a town where
I was once told, ‘There is no
Negro leadership "
Leadership by Negroes
Bowles told the Lilian League
members that Ihev must deal with
'Negro leaders who have earned
their positions "It is no longer
possible for the while community
to appoint the leadership of the
Jle told the group that the ion
sensus of the delegates at the
national conference was that the
1'rban League could be success
ful in Us goals to improve housing
and employment and other oppot
tunities for Negroes, only if it
maintained the respect of t fie
new leaders who have sprung upj
this summei " He described the!
Jtev Mi Craves as typical of thisj
new leadership
Bowles said the national organ
i/at ion is seeking specific pro
grams to ‘ help the Negro catch
up to the white race, so he can
compete with an even break
“It is not enough simply to hue
people on a merit basis." he said.
“Negroes must he hired and
taught to do the |ob They must
be given a chance to overcome
hundreds of years of deprivation
Program Commended
Bowles said the progt am de
signed by the local I than League
is a “step in the tight direc
tion" toward this goal
Also at the meeting the group
heard reports from Mrs John
Bardeen, c hairman of the league's
education committee, and John B
White, member of the employment
Mrs. Bardeen reported that four
Champaign schools are being aid
ed with $600 in scholarships raised
last year hv the Urban League,
and that money will again be
raised next spring lo provide aid
Tor Negro students
She also revealed that her com
mittee is planning a program for
"Tomorrow's Scientists and
[Technicians" to give help and en
Last Sunday during our Church
School assembly period the supcnn
tendcnt asked me to give some high
lights of the lesson. 1 begun b\
asking the question, “Who is a peace
maker?” to which one of junior boys
quickly answered, "A peacemaker is
one who breaks up fights.” In spite
of the out burst of laughter that
followed, these words stuck in my
nind and 1 have not been able to
get rid ot them And the more 1
think about them, the more meaning
ful they beci ne Yes, a peacemaker
Is One Who i siness I: is to Break
up Light.
The fights may be in the home, the
church, the community, or within
one’s own bosom; wherever it is
it should be broken up for the good
of all concerned. If there ever was
a time in world history when Peace
makers are needed it is now, for
there’s much fighting going on. There
is tension, anger, discord, and strife
everywhere, and man seems bent on
global conflict. We need someone
who is able to break up the fights that
A PEACEMAKER is more than
one who breaks up a fight. He is one
who seeks to prevent fighting. He
is one who has peace within his own
heart, and because of this, his very
presence speaks of love, understand
ing, and peace. In his presence
discord and anger vanish; tenderness
and friendship are generated. “Blessed
are the peacemakers, for they shall
be called the children of God,” is a
text for each of us to ponder, in
ourselves to the business of peace
making, to breaking up fights where
ever they are found.
MAY we pray in the words of Mr
Van Dyke:
"Thou Love Divine, uttered in
human need—Oh, teach our war
ring word this lesson still. Thy
way of PEACE, the footpath or
good will."
W. Howe Donaldson
couragemenl lo individual stu
dents, encouraging them to "pul
forth the necessary extra el fort
needed to overcome the handi
caps they have "
While said his committee is
compiling "an inventory of skills"
of Negroes in t ho community to
aid Bowles in placing them in
jobs He also said the commit
tee is working with the Cham
paign Chamber of Commerce to
(secure cooperation of labor unions
in finding employment for Negroes
Tinis nn mini too
Inng In the until uhn
ml rimers ilrlilnTiihTy
mill without undue
luislr; nn honors loo
distant In the man uhn
jnrfnirrs liimsrlf for
tlirm with /mtiriirr.—

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