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ncS I
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to date It now has a bullfight trust
It woman is to have a huttonless
dress why dont man hare a button
less collar
the poor The price of automobile
tires has gone upeac
Gold worth 11000000 is coming out
of the Tanana valley Alaska this sea
son It should suffice to fill quite a
number of teeth
Servla seems bent on looking for
trouble The little kingdom will ills
cover trouble is a thing much easier
to find than to lose
This country Is not captious and
carries no chip on Its shoulder but it
dares any foreign navy to sail up to
the north pole and tRIte tt
I The Moors have caught another
Spanish force unawares That War
seems to be conducted by the hostile
tribesmen on the surpriseparty plan
Western crop and trade reports con
b tinue highly favorable And big hare
vests and good business In the west
mean general prosperity for the coun
A Chicago man shot a motorman
because he laughed at him Of
course motormen should bo taugiC
manners but there may be methods
less drastic
While it is true that the poor we I
have always with us it is also a cer
tainty that some of the rich hardly I
ever allow us a respite from their dlI
vorce troublesI
Another man has been mistaken f cr
n deer In the Adirondacks Ho is
dead now This is the open season
for deer but it should be the closed
season for humans
The amateur hunters are already
getting in their crop of human game
And it Is part of the irony of fate that
no matter what bad shots they are
L they can always hit a man
1 The latest triumph of surgical
science Is successfully to remove a
mans stomach Some cynics say
however that to the vast majority of
masculinity death Is preferable
I L i Glenn H Curtica appears to be the
reigning aeroplane favorite His vic
t < that at France where he won the in
I receives 6000 of the prize money
J and this in addition to the sums given
t 15000 from these sources alone And
f cost only 1000 That invention ap
Il pears to have bdezi one of the best B
investments on record
A New York Judicial authority h asS
been called on to decide whether a
mans grave can be seized and so Idmi
for his debts Whatever the abstract
Justice of the proposition there istra
Isomething so revolting to human na I a
r ness which carries its claims beyoi d
t tho grave that no one was surpris ad c
ir to find the court forbade the desecra a
fF lion of the dead There was son iebe
1 < thing too ghoulish in J
r mere pro
posal pzIa
Earthquakes fires floods and tidal
waves have been especially numerous
und destructive In Mexico this yei srthe
The latest of the visitations is a tid alag
wave along the coast of Lower Call
fornia causing the loss of seve alU
lives and the demolition of ma 03ca
bbuildings As the wave swept inlai adag
for two miles something of the forthe
and extent of the flood may be con
celved Mexico will have reason toba
remember 1909 because of the fre
quency of calamities during that pe I
1 The Spanish press has rebelled
against the strict
censorship of news
by the authorities and announce they
will publish new true news of he
IIn Morocco The policy of wlthhol arby
I lag information from the publicis ant
hides its head when
seeking to
1 ceal Its whereabouts from se
rota its enemies
b The eventual truth
cannot be
pressed In this fe
age Information and
the nations can no longer be treat aof
i as children to have
only what th rdo
rulers think is good for them do
The dull silence that hung over that fro
New England dinner table has been I
lifted of late says the Delineator It
Is gone like the dew In the sunlight ca
of the new social influences The Iso sa
latlon of the farm was the chill ngco
cause that drove men Into the cit mlIn
Now by telephone and free mall do
delivery su
are being carried to the country a adbo
i are vitalizing tho rural community an
into a life that is rich and abundant g
in the variety of its interests A real ac
heart hunger has been answeredhe
An official of the national geograph I
enough UninlneJ coal in this country an
to last for 7369 years We are gbdI
he was particular ebout those odd I
year for it makes his assertion
much more convincing S ki
Halleys comet baa been DeeR ug iluOfl
and Is getting brighter which Is evlal
1 deace that the visitor Is drawl pIn
nearer the earth If it Lad come a In
little Hoeaer the cosiet mIght have BB
beaa a pleaaias addition to the Hut rs
4c MPttUc llltMBlnatiMi s
9 s lit
i r
4 f <
Quickly Cures Rheumatic Pains Also
Splendid System Builder
do to any good prescription drug
gist and get tho following and mix
lIthem If ho does not have these in
gredlents ho will got them from his
who hislesale
One ounce compound syrup of
SarsapartllaA and ono ounce Tons com
pound Add these to a half pint of
lrspoonful before each meal and at bed
time The bottle must be well shaken
each time This simple remedy Is
lltone of the most effective known The
restorative action will bo felt after
athe first few doses
f 1
We are now exactly 1000 feet I
above the level of the sea
What sea 7
Itching Torture Was Beyond Words
Slept Only from Sheer Exhaustion
IfRelieved in 24 Hours and
IsCured by Cutlcura In a Month
I am seventyseven years old and
ome years ago I was taken with ec
zema from bead to foot I was sick
for six months and what I suffered
tonguo could not tell I could not
sleep day or night becauso of that
dreadful itching when I did sleep it
wa s from sheer exhaustion I was
ono mass of Irritation it was even in
my scalp Tho doctors medicine
seemed to make me worso and I was
almost out of my mind I got a
set of the Cuticura Soap Ointment and
Resolvent I used them persistently
for twentyfour hours That night I
slept like an infant tho first solid
nights oleep I had bad for six monthsI
In a month I was cured W Harrison I
Smith Mt Kisco N Y Feb 3 190S i
Potttr Dm k Cbem Corp Solo Prcpt Boston
One Was Enough for Johnny
The Sunday school lesson was from
that scripture which teaches that It I
your brother strike you on one check
you should turn the other also and en I
dure even for seventy times seven
Johnny had listened to his teacher I
very attentively while she emphasized
this fact and after the lesson the su I
per intendent rose to make a few re L
Now boys he said how many
times ought another boy to strike you
before you hit him back
Just about once promptly an
swered JohnnyDellneator
Sing Sing to Be Removed
Sins Sing prison is to be removed
across the Hudson river 15 or 20
miles northward just eight miles
south of West Point where a large
tract of land has been purchased and
gang of several hundred convicts a
has been working for two years
The present prison was also built by d
convicts In 1826 with material found 11
on the grounds but although it has 11
been enlarged every few years and Is t
now one of the largest penitentiaries
in the world it is not large enough Ad
She Could Not C
the nafairy
ag aintar
Excuse me replied the woman G
if GIt
can bring youth to me at my present b
age all right but I positively refuse II
travel back through pyrography at
the first stages of bridge the habit 1
back the straight front balloon ex
sleeves and all the rest of the fads tI
can remember tJ
Woman Gets Rid of Coffee Heartv
The injurious action of Coffee on tiltea
heart of many persons is well known Iu ea
by physicians to ho caused tiv cat 3
feine This is the drug found by chem
Ists in coffee and tea
A woman suffered a long time with
severe heart trouble and finally her I 4
doctor told her she must give up cot
e as that was the principal cause
the trouble She writes
My heart was so weak it could not
Its work properly My husband
would sometimes have to carry me
from the table and it would seem that
would never breathe again
The doctor told me that coffee was
causing the weakness of my heart He
said I must stop It but It seemed I
could not give It up until I was down
bed with nervous prostration
For eleven weeks I lay there and
suffered Finally Husband brought
home some Fostum and I quit coffee
and started now and right Slowly I
t well Now I do not have any head
aches nor those spells with weak
heart We know it is Postum that
helped me The Dr said the other day
never thought you would be what
you are I used to weigh 92 pounds
and now I weigh 158
Postum has done much for me and
would not go back to coffee again
r any money for I believe It would
kill mo if I kept at it Postum must
well boiled according to directions Ion
pkg then Jt hu a rich tlnvour 60
and with cream is DneI
Read Tho Road to Wollvtlle found
pkga Theres a ReasonU
Ever read the above lettert A mnt ill
appear Crows time to time Tho
r Laia1rt N
IOov j
RDaytff ayn and
ueiftaniruGc d
jFor morning ran and evening debit
IFDr iJery bad that April knew
For storm and silence gloom and light
For fallotat field and burdened byre
For rooftree and the hearthside fire
For everything that shines and sings
For dear familiar daily things
The white cloudsquadrons sailing by
For Hope that Waits for Faith that dares
For patience that still rmiler and bears
For LoVc that Failr not nor Withstands
For healing touch of childrens hand
For happy labor high intent
For all lifes blessed sacrament
O Comrade of our nights and days
Thou giest all things lake our praise
Arthur Ketchum
The Story
of the
Turkey I
N 1620 the Puritans dis
covered New England
and the next year when
they were going to have
their first Thanksgiving
dinner they discovered the
turkey wrote a small
composition Thus he set
tled to his own satisfac
tion at least a longdis
and where the first turkey was found
A century ago wiser heads than his
did not find the question easy to dispose
pose of and their discussion was Im
portant enough to attract the atten
Some claimed it was first found in
Africa whence It was brought in early
days for the banquets of the Romans
Others believe that because of its
name it must have come from Turkey
a term then applied vagUely to Tar
tary and even to Asia in general Its
German name kalekuter led to the
assertion that the first specimens L
be en shipped from Calcutta but those
Inclining to tills opinion were laughed
by others who said that kalekuter
was simply the German attempt to
express the birds cry A few believe
that the bird was an importation from
the new world And while learned
heads wagged over the problem the
turkey went straight on gobbling Its
way into European barnyards
It was Introduced Into England aa
early some say as 1524 and at a ban
quet given by Queen Mary in 1555
young turkeys are mentioned as the
I you sad or are you Jolly
o you blame yourself for folly
IVhen there nothing but tho whhbon
Are you full or can jou eat
After gobtillns turkey meat
11 Iss satisfying things that make
TltanUtfXlvlnr day complete
Mien there nothing but the wUhbon
S fr
fI C 011 IJ
greatest delicacy on the table In a
curious old book called Five Hundred
Points of Husbandry by Tusser aro
to be found the lines
Bcefc mutton and pork shred pies of
the best
Pig veal goose and capon and turkle
well drest
Cheese apples and nuts jollo carols tc
A z1 then In the countrie Is counted gocdo
Here is proof that the modern up
start of a turkey was already rivaling
in favor the classic capon with the
British farmer
The Jesuits long were credited
with having introduced the turkey into
France from Spain This may ac
count for the lifelong animosity to
the Jesuits of the great critic Boilcau
of Louis XIVs time For Bolleau
as a child fell one day In his fathers
barnyard and before he could pick
himself up was so severely bitten by
two old turkey cocks that he suffered
from the effects for many years aft
erward What more natural than that
he should hate the Jesuits
The first official mention of our na
tional bird in Italy is in 1557 when
the magistrates of Venice In an ordi
nance to suppress luxury forbade Its
presence at any tables but those ofi
the clergy the nobility and their own
In 1570 Bartollomeo Scappi chief cook
to Pope Plus V gave in his cookery
book several recipes for roasting tur
keys and dressing them with chest
nuts and garlic which have not been
Improved upon to this dayIn Italy
nt least
J F D Smythe who wrote in 1784
n Tour of the United States of Amer
ica declared that in tho unsettled
country back of Virginia be saw wild
turkey flocks of more than 5000 while
in the woods of Pennsylvania they
were so numerous that their eggs
were easily found by the farmers
children and carried off to be placed
under setting hens No doubt tur
keys were abundant enough within
gunshot of the Plymouth settlement
and for this very reason would have
formed even had they been less deli
cious in flavor the piece do resist
ance of that first Thanksgiving feast
with which ever since they have been
inseparably connected
tshe WioShbonefi rmanitIiing Hint I
Better spare the juicy turkey
Then youll still be looking perky
When ther ii nothing but the wUhbon
For the goodie In a flock
Like to jump around and mock
Utile folk whove gobbled gobbler meat
till they can hardly talk
AWl wlihbooleW
< i
The United States Circuit Court for
the Southern District of Now York
sitting In Now York City has Just
awarded to the Carter Medicine Com
pany a decree which again sustains
tho companys exclusive right to use
the red package for liver pills
pillsBy it is
among other things
Adjudged that tho Carter Medicine
Company is the owner of tho sole and
exclusive right to the uso of red col
ored wrappers nnd labels upon said
small round packages of liver pills of
the style described In iho bill of com
plaint said right having been ac
quired by tho prior adoption of said
stylo and color of package for liver
pills by the complainant predecessors
more than thirty years ago and es I
tablished by the continuous and ex
elusive use of the same in constantly
Increasing quantities by said prede
cessors and by the complainant the
Carter Medicine Company Itself from
the time of their said adoption until
tho present day
The decision Just announced is per
haps the most important and farreach
ing of all by reason of the character
of the tribunal which rendered it No
Court in the country stands higher
National DruggistS Louts M >
WearyGee I wonder wot dat I
dorg bit mo on the foot for 1
His Friend I suppose its cause he
couldnt reach no higher
A paper out in northwestern Kansas I
tells of a pious old farmer who has gi
the habit of gazing at the rafters in b a
his diningroom when saying grace P
One day while P
so engaged he for
got himself and his grace sounded T
something like this We thank thee
for this food andbY Joe theres that
darned gimlet Ive been looking for for
the last six months Ill have Jim
go up there and get it Thou hast
been gracious to us 0 Lord and
again we thank thee AmpnKan
sas City Star
j For Headache Try Hicks Capudlnc
Whether from Colds Heat Stomach or
Nervous troubles tho aches arc speedily
relieved by Capudlne Its Uquld pleas
ant to take Effects Immediately 10 23
end roc at Drill Stores
A man never realizes what a small
potato he really is until he hears in a
roundabout way what the girl whom
le could have married but didnt
thinks ot him
Not Sisters
Now and again you ice two women past
ing down the ntrcet who look like sisters
You ore astonished to learn that they are
mother and daughter and you realize that
a woman at forty or fortyfive ought to be
at her finest and fairest Why isnt it ep P
The general health of woman is so in
timately associated with the local health
of the essentially feminine organs that
there can beno red cheek and round
form where there is female weakness
Women who hove suffered from
this trouble hare found prompt
eliel and ilU flu t np
School children
should eat
Scotch Otr
at least
twice a day
A Simple Gold
b K erfoB > thing Often la
deed baa the neglect of a Meem
laglr truing cold bees fol
lowed by dlaaetroll coae
It fthould fee liorae IB mind
perpetually that the COLD of
today U the Connumpllon of
The Innlcnlflennt cold s the
untiring pathfinder of Lose
deadly dUea > e
Pneumonia Pleurisy
Bronchitis Consumption
They tnrt wlfh a mere cold
etop It there
Trill do it
Manufactured byth
A cia SIMMONS JR MED CO Sbarman Tmi
teQt 00Saw Gin Filed Ia
THrco Hour
I Over 100000 Cotton Gin
6fi Sin ciii the thry crop lave of to be Sled
one or more times each
reason 1r using Now
jjtnncr can keep his Gin in lrstclaaeorder
and the Gin vrlll do more work and make a
better sample than any other method of fillnjr
Price of Extra File each 75
Br Mail VoxUge Paid
THE W S NEWTON CO New Leaden Conn
FOR We will make from an Good Photo
1 Size ten 61 wire inches or leas to
print In Newspaper or on Mt
tlonery Portrait Dulldlnff
Lnndscape Lire Stock or any
subject you mny select This
paper will do the printing tor you
Wetten New9p r Union Little Rock Ark
Five Minutes In the Morning
Fierce Favorite Prescription It cIne vigor and viUlky to tt
organ of womanhood It clean the complexion brightens Uw
eyes and reddens the checks p
No alcohol or habitforming drugs is contained in Favorite Preacnptloa
Any sick woman may consult Dr Pierce by letter free Every letter it
held as sacredly confidentialand answered In a plain envelope Address
Worlds Dispensary Medical Association Dr RV Pierce Fret Buffalo NY
Difference That Ten I
Minutes Make
From 35 degrees to 70 degrees
from an unbearable cold to a glow
ing heat that contributes the cheery
comfort you want in your home is
the difference that can be made in
10 minutes when you have the
Oil Heater
Equipped with Smokeless Device
to do your heating It is unrivaled
for quick workand effective clean
ly work
Impossible to turn the wick too high or too low Impossible
to make it smoke or emit disagreeable odor the selflocking v
Automatic Smokeless Device
absolutely prevents smoke Lighted in a secondcleaned in a minute
burns Nine Hours with one filling Rustless brass font r
Automatic smokeless device instantly removed for cleaning i
Highest efficiency in heating powerBeautifully finished InT 4
Japan or Nickelan ornament anywhere a necessity everywhere
Variety of styles
Every Dealer Everywhere tt Not At Yoon Write for DwcrlpliTt Circular j
to the Kcartit Agcacy or tke

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