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J 1
0 ' '.
( 'J. . .' . f :
If ii
C . : ..." :i'V
rfte Pdik NewstegiiJi
( " V. . , " 77 ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. ,
U , established $ Liberty anclJu.tlco to All.
NUMBER 3 ' ' ' . , f ' "" - - .mwmAmmmmmimmmmAwmmmmmmmmmmAmmmm
cams. ; ;
. I.
Has Done Great
Damage to the
Tomeltoa, a dam mate who
once lived here, was killed re
cently at Coperhill by a train;
m he having been walking ia front
' of it and being unable to hear,
was run over and killed in
i'lstantly, ' A fire broke oat at Copperbill
several days ago, taking houses
i clean' as it vent, and was not
thoroughly put out until Satur?
2 ?day; .We have not yet received
,i the latest news from Copperbill
ni nrobablv eive a more
detailed account of the fire next
i - ...... . s , ... ... -,. ....
r week. . ' .
.. r. . , . '
;Marrjq4at the residence sl
, Dayton Brown has bought but
Will Smith's saw mill outfit , and
set up on Jas. Hams' place,
Rnh Smith has his new house
' about finished- : , --
f Another old soldier, is gone.
Francis Presswood passed away
Nov, 30. Uncle, Francia was an
upright church going ' ;eitiien;
t . baV"164'
strictly tn his own business.
(Written for last week) the bride's mother, Mrs. 3ettie
Master viauu cuk i , ow.. icjcm5u,.jii. nwu" - . -,
Mr.' and Mrs. Jasper Center, is at 11 ai; m. Monday," the 20ta:
very sick with pneumonia fe- Mr. Chester Pivdtt "to Miss
ver. Jessie Nicholson, Rev. Tup M.
M. vira. H M. Knox. Hicka officiating. Only a lew
Miss Minnie McCamey, and Miss special friends and relatives
Annie Lee McCamey of Cleve- were present. The Chattanoo
land, spent Thanksgiving wih ga guests were: Mr.'- and . Mrs.
Jas. McCamey and wife at this Robt. Bivens and . daughter,
pace- Kobbie; Mr. M. jraugcn, u
Mrs Harriet- Kingsbnrry,. of. son, Alfred. Those from
Michigan, whdas visited rela- lianna were: Mr. Pony Massen,
fives here and atArchville, has gill and Miss Mahala
, Tha irroom is an efflcient booa
returnea w ur , - Bible-Sand Sup.
Miss Minnie Harbison has per ror .
gone to .KAoxville to. assist the V Coo I Cba
Miller Stole during the ohday J . . Manjr
rU8b'":-;-vi,y . .. nf the oeo-le of. Benton and'
.'MissCallie Center and Mrs. p-anty remember Rev
Roseoe Brooks are visiting their Nichon he having lived
sister, -rs. . Kusseii, oi wn- c6nnty for , a number
ion. v v? wears. '
Mrs. Lucie NarMyil returned Th
Saturday fromvisit to Athens;
freuus. , '
Capt. Joseph Harbison,
The haDDV couple 'went to
S -.- Smmorliltt.altr aftlU
the ceremony They- will maK yet a number or senators, wu
' . . i .ViT UrtV . v'" 1 ,.iA oa ' Woonilara and
The Liquor
(Silena Molman )
Returning from our great Na
tional W. C. T. U. convention at
TUUimore I 2nd many anxious
questions as to what the" next
step in our prohibition ngns wm
bVawaiting me, pressing for a
reply. .
After reading the press on
both sides of the question, care
fully considering the matter
from ' every" viewpoint and many
conferences with rnenas wnu
have been on the ground, and
being in close touch with the
situation all through, I am con
thn.t. nnr laws are safe,
II llt-V vu.vv
nd thai no backward step will
be taken. That the present
Wislatnre will not change or
modify our laws. .
While the "Fusionists" who
stand for the law to a man, did
not get a majority-in the Senate
Will rirer and harbor bill
be passed during the Jclosing
session of the 61st Congress?"
i a nuestion seriously agitating
the friends of waterways throu
gh out the country. If such a
" ....
hill is to be passed it oenooves
those who are interested in the
subject to get busy; for serious
opposition is springing up large
ly due to the fact mat iue u-
oWer corns of the army has
been unable to spend dui a smai
part of the money appropnawu
hv the last river and harbor bill
Kanunaa nt t.hfl lateness of its
vovnuov "
passage. -Col.
Theodore Roosevelt vis
itud Washington this week for
iho firet t.ini sitfte he quit the
nrpsident. It was a
V4J.1.VW w
sttanee sight Jo vvasningwn w
view the Col. going about town
..nuttonrirtd hv either army or
secret service officers.
Knox county, who has been viWwsn for them' all th J-pp;
arritAr and family has n.fe4ihlA 'tor human:' heart'
be wfiter and family bas'ble'or. humaqiiearts
sd this home,. While he oW Sjf-f.J
ears- of age, lie is hail and-.;? .-fML,;-:
is 75 years
iu.titra:'W' ' '. t 11 J I ttMV.f' ' icatkm to at
-Rev. C. B. McClainc preached
his first sermons here anday' shmentooM who do not
Keeulars.' and
n u v i j
enough: to give us a majority in
that body, are pledged to .stand
for the maintainance and enfor-
His congregations' at c by tli
I 4rchvillp!
(Too late for last week )
1 Mrs. Parks of Madisonville,
was visiting relatives here last
Bob West went to Austral recently.
Quite a number of young peo
ple enjoyed a 'corn shucking
Thursday night at the Kimsey
home, after which two baloons
were sent up. All report a nice
School. Girl.
D ThCttmbl T"7
-mf " , ,r . k. J-Vmm a PW f 1 1 TTl 1 1 H 11 CTT 4 1
gkw It is; done.' Supposa yoo vuiu4 ..Trn, on wallron
Vices were ic, v r- wi. . rr,7'72r 7 nnDlne to a balsam te.
Wntol written la op. AjJ Had taken ; Mr
K M. H ARBISON 0ftV rt angw'al ! "f Hmhranch tdbnmA
AtA a and 8 and multiply u ids hww"
SSf . obulnlg m andU 4 I to a be,ght .3
vt Aawn 2 for the next figure and i a apace of bare trunii aep
MoWply tn 6a ana aaa w
im..t aluuit that JobO
TT !! "
Printing you're la need o1
Come iaand see us about
it at your first opportun
ity. We can print almost
any thing but money.
Ben-ton Printing
Offica In Clemmer building. (.
Benton, Tenn. .
Church. Notes
,Tou are invited to ' attend di
vine services at the Presbyter
ian church Sunday, Dec. 11.
Morning subject "The Depths
of the Soul." Evening, The Ir
revocable, or "Water spilt upon
the ground cannot be gathered
up again.
At the morning service Prof.
Hoover will sing a solo. There
i .nnWimii fnr
is a pew no"
Advertise in your home paper
for the best results.
8 and pat down 44 ror me remnmiu
number. The product la therefore
4.420. In thla caae th tena are alike.
The tame method may bo used if
the units are alike, thua: What to tha
product of 75 timeB 85? FIto tlmea 5
are 25. Put down 5 and carry 2. Set-,
en and 5 are 12. TwJ time 5 are
60. Add a Put dow 2 and carry 8.
Beren tlmea 5 are 35: Add the 6 and
n. At Tha nraduct to 4.125.
The laat Illnatratlon might be work
ad another way aince both of the right
band flgtirea are 0 and the aum of tn
tens riTM an even number. In each a
eaae almpiy write 25 for the right hand
flmrea. awS fee the ranaiai&ff "Cforet
wrlfo nm nroauec Oi tan irvm
k - tb tuffl of ttt
r. H R I ST M AS
Is Coming. Of course you will want to Buy a Present for
Someone; and you will want to buy it Where You Can Get the
Nicest Present for the Least Money.
Dishes, Furniture, Fruits and Candies.
See our Line of Jewelry.
Watches. Clocks, Rings, Eye
Qlussea, Hat-Pins, Etc.
space vi -- . . .
. ' ... .r,ir,. which had watched
her progwaa with evident alarm. The
tcnlermade aeverol Ineffectual atr
pi S acal. the amth bark and
finally Jumped down into the snow.
2S If anottier rioua vralt the sam
writer continuea: "This Httle dog and
Jer mate, now dead, though euthusl
wtlc fire worahtpera at home, never eat
near the bonfires built at luncheon oi
?.7tSe Tenter walks, but du
boles in the enow at a little distance,
7 i ,rimi themselves up
after the manner of their primitive an-
ceatora." Chicago ises.
Prewaris Which Defy Analyale.
I think that the more thoroughly and
conscientiously we endeavor to study
biological problem. the orewe."
convinced tnai eveu u. -----which
we ba- already regarded as
pllcable both y chemical and pny
laws are U reality Infinitely ore com
Sox and at present defy any attempt.
SiecbaiiLl explanation. Thus w.
bay been ssatlsfled to account for the
ibsorptloa of food from the allmeutary
eSal by the law. of 5 "J
rda osmosis, the wall of the Intestine
5 him lika a dead membrane.
rrr.rz:z mttu wan n
u labarf ki, Klala a.f.
n r mnv. - -
Tu sympathetic young woman w
tolling the story, "I went into a bafc
err to buy aome Suppltf. and a WM
wsitlnjr for the irlrl behind' fb counter
to do tbemjup the door opened. t?ttlng
In a man'unshavedr. unwashed, un
kempt, with a thin coat buttoned llght
'Got any state breadl. be asked tha !
rtortt diffidently - ' 1 '
"'No W Vi-op only freV bread
"here,1 in TtnSy repihtt'nnijr.'irr-
"The man turned around with
weary droop to his shoulders add pass
ed out into the night. AH my Samari
tan Impulse welled Up. I give the
haughty clerk a reproachful look and
hurried after him. He L-d atopped la
the middle of the next block ana was
'.ooklng around uncertainly.
-I ran up 'breathlessly and. holding
out my last dime to h Ira, panted out:
- 'Are you so hungry? Here, plae
The man stared and then alowlj
giiuned aa he replied:
" 'Why why. no, mls. I ain't hun.
gry; but I've got aome chickens I wanf
to feedr "New York ITeaa.
He Kept His Job.
Railroads . frequently receive con
science money. On one of the big
roads of the middle west a conductor
wno naa ueen iu m wu,.'.- j,
i mn,nnif for Years was V the habMn
of "knocking down" fares. ( The faTe
over his route waa about S3. Money
was generally scarce among the stu
dents, and when they wished to go to
the larger city they were In the habit
of taking a silver dollar, placing it un
der a card of any kind and handing it
to the aged conductor when he cam
to take up th tickets. He used to
lip the dollar Into the palm of bU
hand, punch the card, and the studenta
saved $2 a trip, the conductor pocket,
lng the extra dollar. In October. 1004.
... nf the road were astounded
i Contractor and Pulldec:
BuildmV Plana and Speclflcatloa
. Citrn enea rrct.
Benton, Tennessee.
You need
The News-Gazette.
It comes whole
year for a dollar.
if i v I the COUGH
. .th yj
Uqi D
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1 T.n-a. nrMONBY BACK 1
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Free Trial.
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.moaii . '
letIon .
-tit ; v
We know that the lntestlaal wall U t0 t- t0gpther with his resignation, a
covered with epithelium and that ever? ' j, 00 0f his guilt in the form
.1 11 1. in itself an organism. . . tnr aoj.ooo. the aum he had
. . . nv. ka tnniit romole
food by the active contractions of m
protoplasm m iue
aerred to Independent naked anim
caUav-A. Bunge.
Colons l Dreams.
viinw are the dream colore
tt -wv mills Is riaht No oth-
hue. come to the dreamer of dreama
Slmroth ha. tec ra x; -
AU1I tWU - " a. Ja)
f . check for 24.00O. the aum he had
etolen In twenty years. Every one
thought the road would prosecute the
ld man, but It didn't. The official,
were ao flabbergasted that Instead of
discharging htm they raised bla salary.
-8t Louis BepubllOi
will bar
a pair
Why He Was Happy.
v.ihu1 hnchelor. whOSS
! r.im from which human beings by the tetter passion. -
. a 1 uaMtt on in 111 naasa . udiumuhb -
In IS ftrlM
Men'a fine enstom-
made work.
The Greatest
Selling Shoe
In America
ior $3.50
1 .aIap -nmves
ny rc -1 . or
In the aepm 01 iu -
a with the savage red
seaweeu, i,-i,,ht
la the favorite color, and for a bright
niece of red cauco aiww
jKy would glte ralnabl. elephant
tUSd strikes the note of intense emo
Hona. It la the color of Joy. exultation.
Katloi. Savage, paint themselve.
Ed 1 rajoic. at aeeing each otber U.
Krriln huca. German women of the
SrSgeTdbed their bodies with
fSta-t red and yellow and considered
brlllant adorned.
SnSna in Rome and
0Z, Pliny
Tk, b-
oloI " "'r'-.M c.n dtatlngulsh
MM TdUlarent hue. or color, and tan
IWwo"" ir0rntlta twenty
regards, "that you like me a mu.
that you admire certain qu"
my head?" . .
"Yes." shyly responaea iue
lnAud may I ask." be continued In 1 a
tone of emotion, "what those qualities
"I can hardly explain." .aid the
young lady bashfully, "but 1 think It
Is because your bead is so mellifluent.
I can't express it more clearly."
"And you enn never know how I ap
preciate your high opinion." exclaim"!
the happy bachelor mh he preNsed hor
hand. He didn't know Just what "roel
llfluent" meant, but he was sure it wa.
the ayuouj nr for something gruiul and
ennobilug. and when he bade her good
,nhi onirprlv home.-excltcrt
If took down the dictionary and turn
I f
1 li
1 U
I fl
indcam took down mo uh.-uuj - .
1 . . . a . 1. aiiiIao nui wtirti.
.1.,. nd dirzaronuai 1 ia icrtuoui ,
ftpp?!la JcV hue. in ther word am blood changed to Ice a. be read,
thTeye la capabla of 2,000,000 color lav "Smooth, soft, mellow,
tressiona. ' .
. -. u
eoDTrkcuw. .. IN ALL COW
' ' . 1
' - ' S..ii 1 1
r I
. 1.
" J

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