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published weekly LIBERTY AND JUSTICE TO ALL,
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Social Calendar.
Mid-week prayer meeting at
the Presbyterian church on
Wednesday nights. You are
invited to come. .
Sunday school at both the
Presbyterian and Baptist church
es every Sunday morning. You
are welcome and your presence
will be appreciated at either
Rev. W. II. Rymer will fill his
regular appointment at the Bap
tist church Sunday morning.
Christian Endeavor society
meets at. the Presbyterian
cnnrch Sunday nights. Inter
esting topics are discussed; and
you are requested to come.
Traynor Witt and wife have
returned from a visit to relatives
at Ducktown.
Misses Mae and Jewel Love
have returned from a visit to
Born to Joe Gregory and
wife, recently, twins; a boy and
a girl. Joe is rejoicing.
Esq. P. M. Lovingood, of
Prendergast, was in town . Tues
day. - -
Call and see the complete line
of clothing at the Benton Merc.
Co., betore buying.
Chas. Liiv of Chattanooga is
here this week ceeing as to the
advisability of running a produce
house here. We hope he will
find it agreeable, and we give it
as our opioion tharsuch a busi
ness would pay here.
S. M. Paul, of Cleveland, has
mo red Into the Mrs. Swan prop
erty west of town. Mr. Paul
was a resident of this place sev
eral yeirs ago, and moved from
here to Sheffield, Ala. His
daughter, Miss Lelia Paul, is a
teacher la the High School.
Gum Lewis and ' Miss Babe
Holden were married last Friday
Kev. Vm. H. Rymer officiating.
The groom is a son of James M.
Lewis, a prosperous farmer of
this section; and the bride is a
daughter of Drew Holden. Both
parties are well known and
popular. Their friends wish
them a happy Ani useful mar
ried life. They will reside on a
farm near Benton.
For Sale 1913 model Motor
Cycles and Motor Boats at bar
gain prices; all makes, brand
new machines, on easy monthly
payment plan. Get our propo
sition before buying or you will
regret it; also bargains in used
Motor Cycles. Write us today.
Enclose stamp for reply. Ad
dress Lock Box 11, Trenton
The revival meeting at the
Baptist church closed Sunday
night. There were several con
versions, and the . church was
greatly benefitted by the meet
ing. Rev. Boyd, an evangelist
from Chattanooga, assisted Rev.
Rymer, and preached some ex
cellent sermons. He did not
hesitate to denounce wickedness
and preach Christ as the only
one who can. save. Both the
pastor and Rev. Boyd are due
great credit for the success of
the meeting. There will be a
baptising at the Ocoee river mill
next Sunday.
Mr?. W.f. Harper and daugh
ter, Dorothy, have returned from
a visit to Chattanooga.
A revival meeting began at
Taylors Monday night, and is
still in progress.
Give us that order for job
printing. We know how it's
done. 1
J. M. Lewis is now a citizen of
the town of Benton. He moved
his family to his residence on
the west side of town recently.
We understand that he will con
tinue to manage his farm, and
will place his children in the
High School.
J. A. Long of Chattanooga
paid us a dollar on his subscrip
tion, while he was in town last
week. Mr. Long says he great
ly enjoys reading The News
Gazette. He holds a position
as night watchman for" the Chat
tanooga branch of the Cleveland
Woolen Mills. We are glad to
say that be has been very suc
cessful since his removal to
Chattanooga. .
In finishing up the streets of
Benton it requires one man sole
ly for the purpose of removing
papers, bricks, chunks, etc. It
looks like we ought to beat that
don't it?
Cleveland is in trouble again.
Somebody has poured oil of
mustard on one of the benches
in the court house yarl, and the
city marshal has bsen accused
of the crime. Several persons,
so we hear, became victims of
this "framo up." We should
think that sitting in such fluid
would be "very embarrassing,"
taking the afterward in consid
eration as an after thought The
offender should be banished to
St. Helena.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to thank our friends
and neighbors at our home and
at Benton Springs for their
sympathy and kindness during
our lecent bereavement.
Andrew Cloud and Family
Next to the thief comes the
man who borrows and reads his
neighbor's paper. Alas, wo hae
a few such people in Polk coun
ty; yes, even hi Benton.
Take your home paper,
Every Plan for the good of the Stu
dents will be Used-Faculty one
of the Best in the State.
When the Polk County High
School at Benton opens to stu
dents for ; matriculation on
Thursday and for regular work
on'Monday, it will present the
appearance Qf a modern Bchool
plant. The building, which Is
the result of the intelligent
action of the county court and
the influence of some. of our pro
gressive citizens, is modern in
every respect.y The ventilation
is such that if the windows are
left closed all the, aif in the
rooms is changed every fifteen
minutes. Each class room is
fitted with sQrle desks and the
auditorium with hand some opera
chairs. The building is supplied
with steam heat, sanitary drink
ing fountain, wash basins,
toilets, hydraVts, etc. , and noth
ing is left undone that will pro.
vide for the Jeallh. and comfort
of the students.
The smaP.'.lbraryr which was
ter Cw
iier- t;L if"
bot VT
fAn theV- Aj 'AV
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Polk County. High SchoolMain Building.
the possession of the school at
the opening of last term, has
been greatly strengthened by.'a
gift from the University of Ten
nessee of several hundred vol
umes, which came aa the result
of the efforts '. of the Principal.
Opportunity is now had fdr
creating a taste for the best
literature, by students of the
grades as well as of the high
Nor would It be fair to the
people of Benton and vicinity as
well as to the progressive man
agement of the school to fail to
note what has been done by
private subscription to add to
the school' facilities. It was by
this measure that the beautiful
I" ; "' A ' "
:.'-.'i'-,4-,!t-.-;',5---"".. -
Qirls' Dormitory.
terrace in front of the building
and the drive way which passes
through the grounds were built,
and the fine system of concrete
walks installed. The enthus
hsm with which the students
and teachers worked in securing
some of ibe great masterpieces
of art which adorn the walls of
the school rooms was scarcely
surpassed by patrons and pupils
alike in sodding the grounds
and planting flowers and trees.
While these things have been
done to add to comfort and
beauty of environment, nothing
has been neglected in the effort
to make the standard of work
done of the highest grade and at
the same time make it fit . the
needs and demands of everyday
life. We have one of the strong
est faculties of t eachers of any
high school in the state. In
every subject effort is made to
make the material the student is
- , .
't ' ft
acquiring function in the boy's ,
and the girl's future career. Ah 1
in mathematics where the object
. a I
is special application to business
methods, and in domestic science
where protection of health and
economy of living are the essen
tials, so the student joyously
goes to the piano .with view to
treating his or her friends at a
public recital or to adding to the
enjoyment of father and mother
in the home. ,
In every course of -ludy and
in every environment produced
it is the effort o! the manage
raent of the school to produce
only those conditions which
make a healthier and more in
telligent citizenship, and which
cause the framing of high ideals
and the building of character.
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am in in- bus
S: 11 Fran.
f top f
Scraps a the P
blin in regnr'8 1
C. Uaskins '
Jonnston was In. t
ti6tina the Fa
woru v "
her spoken
olace for ''our" old t
-.m fail ior-
took that to mean the and
near the A. J.
William 3,ln
Bit she meant the
olJ0 K
near where I now live 1
J. Clemmer residence.
d to - -
that 4
, sureli
Vhat A
the location of the road to Van,n' S,
BQKiuer xuru, wusir u Pbr,,
the Wallace Cook (now Jor
Wilson house) was given incor
recily. Instead of going toward
the river on the Jacob Clemmer
Wilson land line, it went
square across this line along
west edge of timber to near the
John Clemmer (uow Jim Lewis
house) then passing south of the
big stock pond it went over a
little red knoll and on toward
the river.
In Mrs. uruinps article where
she spotce of wrestling with latin
grammar with the Hoyle boys,
Ben and Tom, the printer put it
"Hoyt" boys. They were broth
ers of John B. Hoyle, who later
became Judge Hoyle.
I notice in ail my information
in regard to war time schools
that after 1862 the schools wero
taught in the female academy--and
I've- wondered why they
moved from the male academy
where the subscription schools
had prior to that time been
taught. Recently Oregon Haney
(Orrie Lee) sister of Tennessee
Haney (Tense La wsou) told me
a lot that was new'in regard to
this. As soon as the Federals
occupied Columbus and alio had
a force at the mouth of Ocoee
refugees from north Georgia,
wagon loads of women and chil
dren and a few men, came
swarming into this section to
sponge on the Union forces in
order to get something to live
on. They told the sympathetic
Yankees many tales of hardship
and of their "men" In the Union
army and many of them drew
rations regularly. The" Rebel
citizens caded them "renegades"
and the children along the roads
they came made fun of them.
" - In
corn and all otl
e aoutn i
the r
Ms prod
agfk alone
ed tht
court intlnett. Ia every. fW
- . "-Advantage ,
to repair the -, academy. The
remaining dormitories were 60ld
one of them bought by Jim
Wann was moved by him and
made another room at the north
end of his log cabin . near the
creek down Main Street. It still
stands there, but the log part
has been torn away. Jim, or J.'
P., Wunn's woodworking shop
.Mod between it. and the creek
(where the Matlock garden now
is.) There he Stocked" many
a plow, scythe and cradle, also
made bedsteads, -. furniture,
coffins and cradles. - ,
Notice to Students. '
"On Thursday and Widay
this week registration and clas
sification at the Polk County
High School will take place.
At this time opportunity will be
given for students who failed oa
the final examination to remove
the condition.
J, L Brewer, Principal
. , County Directory.
Trustee, F. D. Copeland.
Sheriff, Albert Crumley.
. Superintendent of schools, Wj!
B. Rucker.
Register, J. E. Cook. "
Circuit court meets the third
Mondays in March, July and
November. Sam C. Brown,
judge; T. W. Peace, Attoray
General; C. S. Harrison, clerk.
Ducktown Law court meets
fourth Mondays in March, July
and November. W. A. Woody,
Chancery court meets the 4,h
Mondays in April and October.
V, C. Allen, chancellor; A. J.
Williams, clerk and master.
Quarterly' court meets first
Mondays in Jauuhry, April, Jul
and October. Quorum court
opens first Monday in each
month. J. fl. Williamson, ohm.
T. O. Pack, clerk. . .
Church Directory t
. Presbyterian Rev. j ;
Robinsou, pastor, Preacl
second Sunday in each monat
Baptist Kev. W. U. Kyif 6r)
pastor. Preaching first ; i
third Sundays in eacii tnon ,
Methoalst Kev. T.
Hick:, supply, Preacblugfourl ('K
Sunday in each month. v
Whiskey barrel blows up;
man is injured." headline.
Which goes to show that if Komi
uiu busH cu v Kin ktiumsutvf I-
.u i i. I.!,, . .
driokiog liquor, they'il- try .
other plan, x 'T
la nnw lis an I
1 .

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