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Prize Cattle on a
((Prepared by the United Stairs Dcpart
ment of Agriculture.)
There Is no roughage which ia of
more importance to the producer of
beef cattle than silage. The value of
Bilage to the beef producer varies con
siderably and is dependent upon a
large number of other factors. If
rough fodders are scarce or are high
priced, if the grain is high priced, or
If the grain is not near a good market
when much of it can be readily sold,
Bilage will have a greater value than
V the opposite conditions exist.
Silage is a great saver of grain re
gardless of whether it is to be fed to
etock cattle or fattening cattle. It
will lessen the grain feeding by prac
tically the same amount as is con
tained in the silage. The value will
also depend somewhat upon the kind
of cattle to which it is to be fed. If
there is an abundance of rough fod
ders which can not be marketed, sil
age will not be'so valuable. But in a
case of this kind the silage would
prove more valuable if used for the
calves and pregnant cows and the
coarse fodders used for the other
For wintering the entire breeding
herd there is no roughage better than
Bilage. All of the animals will relish
a ration containing it and it will cre
ate a good appetite for all other feeds.
Cows that are fed all of the silage
they will consume along with clover
hay will go through the winter in fine
shape and make small gains. If the
amount of silage is limited, a more
economical method of wintering them
will be to reduce the silage to a half
ration, letting them have the run of a
straw stack and feeding about two
pounds of cottonseed meal or oil meal
per day.
Some dry coarse fodder or straw
should always be kept before animals
.getting silage, as it reduces the
amount of silage consumed and pre
sents the bowels from becoming too
Silo on Mississippi Farm.
loose. The succulent feed will cause
the breeding cowb to give a good flow
of milk even though the calf be born
In midwinter, and a thrifty calf will
result. If the silage Is free from mold
or rotten spots there will be no danger
In feeding it to breeding cows,
i Silage is especially beneficial for
calves which have Just been weaned.
They take to this ration quicker than
to dry feed and there is usually little
loss In weight from the weaning. The
ellage should be supplemented with
some good leguminous hay, as alfalfa,
cowpea, or clover, and the calves
should be given a small amount of
grain. A mixture of one-half corn
chop and one-half cottonseed meal is
Each farmer will have to plan the
rations for his cattle according to the
amount of the various feeds he has on
hand. Stockers can be wintered on
ellage and some good hay, fodder, or
etraw, but this may not always be the
most profitable. When hay is high
priced and grain Is reasonably cheap
or plenty of silage 1b available, it may
toe more economical to omit the hay
altogether. A ration of corn silage
alone has often been profitable for thin
Stockers which have Been tea u Der
ail winter ana maae to put on
rains usually do not make as
Hv sains when put on grass
as do steers which have not been quite
no well fed. The time the cattlo are
to be flniBhed for market and the de
r0 of fatness to be attained should
wW -'vL ft?,,, 1
I 1 ' '
5 $
JJ M . f "'' "
Southern Farm.
govern to a large extent the method
to be followed during the winter.
When beeves are expected to sell high
in the early summer and the steers
are to be finished for market at that
time, a heavy roughage ration with a
small amount of grain should be fed
during the winter months.
Silage stands first in rank of all the
roughages for finishing cattle. For
merly, during the era of cheap corn and
other concentrates little attention was
given to the roughage, as it was usual
ly considered merely a "filler" and of
very little economic value 1n feeding.
No especial care was taken in select
ing any particular kind, nor was the
quality or it seriously considered. As
the prices of the concentrated feed
stuffs advanced, the feeder looked
about for methods of cheapening the
cost of producing beef, and Boon found
this could be accomplished by using
judgment in selecting his roughage
with respect to the grain fed.
By combining it with other feeds
the efficiency of the ration Is increased
to such an extent that the amount of
the daily gains is invariably greater
and the cost of producing a pound of
gain is lessened. The heaviest daily
gains are usually made during the first
the feeding period, and silage
can then be used to advantage in large
quantities with, a 6mall amount of
grain, but as the feeding progresses
the amount of silage should be les
sened and the grain increased. In
some places the price of hay and sto
ver is so high that the greater the pro
portion of silage used in the ration the
more profitable is the feeding.
Open-Air Beds Are Cheapest and Give
Quicker Start Seed Should
Be Sown Evenly.
The Buccessful tobacco planter must
raise his own plants; open-air bedB
are the cheapest for the main supply.
As a rule, plants raised in open air
stand transplanting better, and usu
ally get a quicker and better start
than those raised in a hotbed or cold
frame, covered with cheese cloth or
canvas. Choose for the plant bed a
thdtorofi ennt nrotected on the north
f and west sides' by a belt of trees, close
board fence or building. Have tne
ground plowed and well harrowed. If
not too near any of the buildings, dry
brush should be spread over the bed
and burnt; after the soil has cooled
harrow once or twice to mix the ashes
with the earth, then eow the eeed and
rake it in. A bed ten feetguare will
furnish enough plants for one 'icre.
The amount of Beed required to sow
thiB space is one teaspoonful. The
seed should be sown evenly. Sow one
half the seed lengthwise of the bed
and the other half across the bed.
Cover the seed with fine rake or
brush. Some planters tread the seed
in. This quantity of eeed, properly
sown, is sufficient to produce stout,
stocky, short-stemmed plants, with an
abundance of fibrous roots for one
acre. If ground Is rather poor, sow
one gill of fine animal bone meal to
every 3x6 space. No animal manure
should be used, as it will bring in
weeds and grass. Expert growers uee
the same ground each season for
growing their plants. This same meth
od is followed by market gardeners In
growing cabbage, cauliflower and to
mato plants for the main crop. Bet
ter plants can be grown and at the
least cost. If the Beason should be
bad and the soil dry, the beds must
be watered late in the evening and
the plants dusted every morning with
sifted wood ashes and soot to keep off
the fly.
Cheapening the Rations.
The Iowa station has found that a
small amount of oil meal or cotton
seed meal added to corn and oats im
proves and cheapens the ration for
work horses. A mixture of 77 pounds
of shelled corn, 15 pounds of oats and
8 pounds of oil meal gave somewhat
better results than oil meal, and the
ration was a little cheaper In the
proportion of 79 pounds of corn, 15
pounds of oats and 6 pounds of oil
Dynamite for Soil.
Dynamite is said to work best In
wet soil when the earth is thorough
ly tamped over, If care is taken not
to tamp directly on the dynamite, ac
cording to Investigations by the Min
nesota experiment etatlan.
Take Lydia.E.PinkhamVeg.
etable Compound and be
Restored to Health.
Kansas City. Mo. -"The doctors told
me I would never be a mother. Every
'T ' ' ' ' jmonta tne pains
v 'jjy''"'- (were so bad that I
s?s could not bear my
weight on one loot
I began taking Ly
dia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com
pound and had not
finished the first bot
tle when I felt
greatly relieved and
r tank it until it
imalt ?n a sound and
well, and I now have two fine baby
. . - . . T J t7 K.I.
girls. 1 cannot praise xyaia cj. m
ham's Vegetable Compound too highly
for what it has done for me. I always
speak a word in favor of your medicine
to other women who suffer when I have
an opportunity." -Mrs. H. T.Winn,
1225 Freemont Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
ReadWhat AnotUerWoman Bays:
Cumming, Ga. "I tell some suffer
dav of Lvdia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound and what it
has done for me. I could not eat or
sleep, had a bad stomach and was in
misery all the time. I could not do my
housework or walk any distance without
suffering great pain. I tried doctors'
medicines and different patent medi
cines but failed to get relief. My hus
band brought home yourVegetable Com
pound and in two weeks I could eat any
thing, could sleep like a healthy baby,
and walk a long distance without feeling
tired. I can highly recommend your
Vegetable Compound to women who
suffer as I did, and you are at liberty to
use this letter. "-Mrs. Charlie Bag
ley, R. 3, Cumming, Ga.
It Shoe Polishes
Fiaett Quality
Largest Variety
GILT EDGE tk only Witt" it drcuioc tK pon
tivrly contains OIL. BUclu and poluhca Udiet and
children boon ind iho. shines without rub
bing. 25c. "French Gloss.1; 10c.
STAR combination for deanini and poluhtnf all kinds
of tiMKt or tan iKom. 10c. "Dandy " ue lie
"QUICK WHITE" (in liquid form with posse)
quicklv cleans sad whitens dirty canvas bocs,
Ocand25c. .... , - .
BABY ELITE combination lor (entkaMn -"iota
priJs in having tKrir irroo look Al. Rastawsyrr. and
lintre lo all black ihocs. Poliih with a bruin or SoUICrc.
"Elite" aiie 25e. . .... .
If your dealer dot not keep the kind you want, send
the price in ttampi for a full tiie package, charges paid.
20-26 Albany St. . Cambridge. Mass.
Tht Oldest ani Largtgl Manufactunn of
Shot Polishes in the World.
f Meanest Man.
. The meanest man has again been
discovered. He offered a policeman a
confederate $100 bill by way of a
bribe. New York Sun.
In the care of baby's skin and hair,
Cuticura Soap is the mother's fa
vorite. Not only Is It unrivaled In
purity and refreshing fragrance, but
its gentle emollient properties are
usually sufficient to allay minor Irri
tations,, remove redness, roughness
and chafing, soothe sensitive condi
tions, and promote skin and hair
health generally. Assisted by Cuti
cura, Ointment, It is most valuable In
the treatment of eczemas, rashes and
itching, burning Infantile eruptions.
Cuticura Soap wears to a wafer, often
outlasting several cakes of ordinary
soap and making its use most eco
nomical. Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cuticura, Dept. L. Boston." Adv.
Lacks Glitter.
"Consistency is a jewel."
"That's all right, but you can't work
It off on the girl instead of a diamond
ring-." ,
Cures Old Sores, Other Remedies Won't Cure.
The worst cases, no matter of how long standing,
nrs cured by the wonderful, old reliable Dr.
Porter's Antiseptic Healing OIL It relieves
Pain and Heala at the same time. 25c, 50c, f.1.00.
Not Literary.
Jail Visitor You say that a love for
books brought you here, my man?
Prisoner Yes, mum, pocket books.
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Tako drove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a
General Tonic because it contains the
well known tonic properties of QUIMNE
and IRON. It sets on the Liver, Drives
out Malaria. Eorichea the Blood and
Builds up the Whole System. 50 cents.
Some men use kindness If they
can't And a club.
iihiwjw isippraiiii i j wmmmmmrmmmmmmm"m'mj 'jummm gmk jmm!C' If!
1 7
Fortune Hunter's Mother Was Not
Dealing in Uncertainties, If
She Could Help It.
Miss Jeannette Gildtr, the brilliant
critic, toyed with a pink and gold
mustache cup at the mustache cup
tea concluding the Had Taste exhibi
tion In New York.
"The mustache cup," 6aid Miss
Gilder, "holds iu own even better
than the hand painted cuspidor. But,
after all, there is tpiritual as well as
material bad taste, and a spiritual
bad taste exhibition is now in order.
"In the forefront of it I'd put the j
fortune hunter. Not all our rortune
hunters come from across the water.
1 heard of one the olher day who be
longs to the oldest family in Amer
ica. But his family is very poor, and
bo he and his mother have decided
that he must marry for money. They
were discussing recently, the pair of
them, a western girl.
"'Her fortune is large but vague,'
said the mother. 'Besides, she is
gauche. Her feet are broad and flat.
She has a gold front tooth. . Her
French is execrable. She '
" 'Oh, I could make something out
of her,' the young fortune hunter as
serted confidently.
" 'Yes, but how much that's the
question,' said his mother."
Negro Quick to Hand Out What
Might Be Called Important Piece
of Misinformation.
Charles R. Knight, the artist, whose
reproductions of dinosaurs and crea
tures of long ago are known the world
over, prefers, however, to be known
as a painter and sculptor of modern
animals, lie has worked from the liv
ing model as mue.i j possible, and
this has taken him ib the zoos in
many cities. He was telling his ex
periences at the zoo in Washington.
"One afternoon an important look
ing negro camo along with his best
girl," he said. "They stopped for a
minute and looked at the sketch I
was making of a deer.
" 'Yer know what he am doin', don't
yer?' asked the negro of his com
panion. " MeDDe, answered uie wumau.
'Does yoh?'
" 'Shoh. He's making a landscape
ob one er dem habitats. Dere's moh
habitats in dis zoo than anywhere else
In der United States.' "
And Driven Mnlnrin out of the System.
"Your Babek' acts like mai?ic; I have
given It to numerous people in my par
ish who were sufforins; with chills, ma
laria and fever. I recommend It to those
who are sufferers and in need of a good
tonic." Rev. S. Siymanowski. St.
Stephen's Church, Perth Amhoy, N. J.
Elixir Bnbek BO cents, all druggists or
by Parcels Post prepaid from Kloczew
kl & Co.. Washington, D. C.
""That ball game was most Interest
ing," said the man from abroad.
"What feature of the occasion im
pressed you most?"
"The crowd. I don't recall having
seen such a large assemblage of peo
ple with nobody dancing the tango."
Keep It In Your Stable.
For external use on horses nothing
that we know of equals Hanford's Bal
sam." Many trainers use it as a leg
wash because It keeps the skin In fine
condition and should cure lameness.
Adv. r
Brief Decision.
When we consider how easily some
men make monkeys of themselves, It
is not so difficult to believe in the
theory of evolution.
Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh is Itself
an antiseptic and the use of any other
remedy before applying it is unneces
sary. Adv.
Its Kind. '
"Have you any systematic way about
this puzzle business?"
"No; it's all guess work."
Try Murine Kye Kmedy for Ked, Weak, Waierr
Kvns and Granulated Eyelids: No Stuartlnit
lust Bye Comlort. Wrlta for Book of tbe Kye
by mall Frve. Murine Kye Komedy Co., Chicago.
Egotists are people who have a
ard time getting other people see
them as they see themselves.
For proud flesh use Hanford's Bal
sam of Myrrh. Adv.
The horn of plenty Isn't restricted
to the horny-handed son of toil.
For fresh cuts apply Hanford's Bal
sam. Adv.
Probably the original bone of con
tention was jawbone.
For galls use Hanford's Balsam.
An Iron will shouldn't necessarily
be a pig iron one.
To ! the genuine, call for fall Dime, LAXA
TIVE HROMO OUININB. I-ook for signsturs of
E. W. GROVES Cures a Cold in One Day. Stops
cousb sod beadacha. and works off cold. 25c.
A tooth paste hitting a fellow in
the Jaw.
"lieouw of thoat. ugly, grlxxly, gray hairs. Uae "LA
' l lift-'imm- .ni--- -,'" j
fS7 iwaa-ma,; zzh
1 ' " ' 1 Demand (be erasloS J'
Demand tbe gnsloS
by full i
Nicknames encourage
The Coca-Cola
by full run n
Sf Nicknames encourage r ti
aubatUstloo. k v Jl
French MarKet Coffee
is Southern Through
and Through !
Brought In ships from the coffee
countries through warm summer
seas to the southern port of New
Orleans, no cold climates affect, in
juriously, the delicate coffee beans.
Roasted and blended by Southern
ers, it is best adapted for use in the
Southern climate no Northern roast
coffee can compete with it.
Sold to Southern merchants for
Southern trade blended, roasted,
packed and shipped in the South
Southern through and through. No
wonder it outsells all other brands
in the South.
Endorsed by the best judges In
New Orleans a hundred years ago,
and by coffee drinkers daily through
out the South. No wonder it baa
Mental Arithmetic.
Teacher Tommy, if I spend one
third of a certain sum of money, and
$3 represents five-sixths of the re
mander, what did I have?"
Tommy The jimjams.
It Quickly Heals Raw, Itching Skins
and Clears Pimply Complexions.
The moment Resinol Ointment
touches any itching skin, the itching
stops and healing begins. With the
aid of Resinol Soap, it quickly clears
away all trace of eczema, ringworm,
pimples, blackheads, or other torment
ing, disfiguring eruption, leaving the
skin clear and healthy.
Prove at our expense that the res
inol treatment will do this for you.
Write today to Dept. 1-M, Resinol, Bal
timore, Md., and we will send you a
liberal trial free, with full directions
for use.
Resinol Ointment and Resinol Soap
are sold by all druggists. Prescribed
by doctors for 19 years. Advt
His Affiliations.
"Down with all organizations!"
"Sh! Not so loud before that police
"What has he got to do with it?"
"He belongs to the 'copper' trust."
Will cure your Rheumatism and all
kinds of aches and pains Neuralgia,
Cramps, Colic, Sprains, Bralsss, Cute,
Old Sores, Burns, etc. Antiseptic
Anodyne. Prlee 25. Adv.
Modest Maid.
"She's the pink of propriety." .
"And if you offend her sense of pro
priety she gets pinker than ever."
Worms expelled promptly from the human
system with Dr. Peery's Vermifuge "Dead
Shot." AdT.
One profession at which it is abso
lutely necessary to begin at the foot
is that of a chiropodist.
ITfla Roman Eye nalxam for scalding sen
sation lu eyes and lnflammalloo of eyes or
yellds. Adv.
Many a man has capital ideas, with
other people's capital.
How To Give Quinine To Children
FEHRILINE is the trade-mark name given to so
improved Quinine. It Is a Tasteless Syrup, pleas
ant to take and does not disturb tbe stomach.
Children take it and never know it is Quinine.
Also especislly adapted o adults who cannot
take ordinary Qulnins. Does not nsoseste nor
cause nervousness nor riming in the besd. Try
it tba next time yon need Quinine for any pur
pose. Ask for t-ounee ordinal package. Tbe
Dame FEUK1LINE is blown in bottle- as cents.
Even In warm weather some people
will put hot dressing on salad.
CREOLE" HAIR DRM8INO. , PRICE, l.oo, retail.
mmm ism
Co., Atlanta, Ga.
been called the National Drink of
the South.
There is a real treat In store for
those who have not yet tried French
Market Coffee. Buy a can today.
Try it. Be convinced of the ex
cellence and quality of this brand.
Turn back over a hundred year
to the days of Andrew Jackson
French Market Coffee was even then
the most famous drink in America.
Its history entwines itself with the
history of the old aristocracy of the
South. The Belles and Beaux of
New Orleans sipped it at midnight
for generations. To them no Mardt
Gras Ball was complete without a
cup of French Market Coffee. Think
what it means to you to be able t
6erve this identical blend on your
table daily for your own grocer
now sell3 it in air-tight cans.
(New Orleans Coffee Co.. Ltd.. Proprietors) y'.
DIRECTIONS We recommend that yon
make French Market Coffee in yonr usual
way. If you find It too strong, reduce quan-.
tity until strength and flavor are satisfac
tory. French Market makes more cupj
of good coffee to the pound than other
brands, thereby reducing your coffee bill.
Hair on &
Rawley's Hair Tonlo Is made at home
from herbs. Nature's own tonlo for tbe
cure and prevention of all hair and scalp
afflictions. Its quality Is guaranteed un
equalled. This greatest known tonlo prs
serves and beautifies th hair, destroys
microbes that cause dandruff and othsr
scalp diseases, allays Itching and cleans
the scalp. It stops hsJr from falling by Im
parting new vitality and stimulates glands
to healthy action, restoring hair to bald
and thin spota If the roots are not en
tirely dead. , ,
Promotes hair health for children as
well as adults A trial will convince.
At your dealer or sent direct prepaid for
makes a quart and one-half of tonic
Agents wanted.
853 Broadway, New York
Why Scratch?
acteed to stop and
pet-m ardently cure that)
terrible itching. Ittaj
compounded for that
purpose and your taoneyj
will be promptly refdndedi
If Hunt's Cure fails to cure)
Itch, Ecaema, Tetter, Ring
U7n nr anv other Skin
Disease. 50c at your druggist's, or by mall
direct if he hasn't It. Manufactured only by
no appetite. Indigestion, Hatutenc. Sick
Headache, all run down" or rosing Bash, yoa
will find
Tuft's m
last what yoa need. Thar tone P ths was
stomach and build Bp tb flagging eoerglea.
W. N. U, ATLANTA, NO. 2ft-1914.

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