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ll<*r«\ fellow American*, is
a fine characteristic letter
from the kind of hoy who is
fighting our battles for us in
this war.
He is barel> 21.
lie enlisted in the navy of
his own accord.
He loves his home, his fam
ily, his friends, and his coun
try above all.
Tie is ready to fight and to
He gi\es us a good picture
of the Japanese and of what
they have done to the Chi
nese, and of what they will
• try to do to us.
And if the Japanese do not
inflict the same cruelties upon
us, it will he these dauntless,
young American hoys who
will prevent them from do
ing so.
us honor these boy*
and revere their patriotism—
their heroism.
And let us not sacrifice
their lives unduly hv sending
them forth to fight inade
quately equipped and pre
pared and led.
We who are not on the fir
ing line have our duties to
perform—our armies and
navif's to supplv and support.
us do our full tint\ in
harmony and unity. and al
low no enmities, jealousies,
riv al. ie s, no internecine
strifes or strikes, no personal
prejudices or partisan poli
cies, no selfish interests of
any kind to jeopardise the
victory for our country and
for humanity our boys are
fighting— yes, and dying to
"Asiatic 1 Icet Radio School,
Nav v ard.
C avite, I’. I.
.November 15, 1941.
"Dear Auntie and I'licle:
"I just received your letter,
and it sure was swell. It sort
of got me where it hurts.
“I didn't think that anyone
o’ttside of the folks cared
enough about me back home,
and then t<» get a letter, and
by air mail too, 1 guess I was
w rong.
"I just came from Manila,
from the chief of naval n|M*ra
tions office for the Asiatic
fleet, to see how mv transfer
to the bombing squadron was
coming along. I have to wait
for about two or three
months yet.
“If I get it I will be an avia
tion radioman's mate in one
of those big planes like the
one that located the Bis
marck. They call them *Cata
linas' in the Knglish navy but
in our navv they are called
PBV's,—two motored long
range bombers.
“Don’t pay anv attention to
mistakes because I haven't
much time and I want to get
this letter off to you before
it is too IjATK.
“They stopped fhc clippers,
the LID is just about to blow
off, and I may get called back
to the fleet.
“From where I sit Japan is
just about to jump off the
deep end, and we will be the
first ones to get it in the neck.
“If she does, this may be
the last letter I can get out,
so 1 must say a lot to you and
(( ontinited «»n Next Puget * <»l.
‘The Star-Spangled Banner’-. . .Words and Music in Sunday limes
Big Battle Is On in Philippines
After Japs Land Large Force
12.000 More
Ford Men
Face Layoff
3 1,000 at Rouge Plant
Idle Due to Ban
on Buying Tires
Thirty-one thou-aiul Fold Motor
Company workers onlay «rio hud
off at I Im- Rouge plant adding to
a total of 216 152 prisons the
Michigan Unemployment Compen
sation Comrnivsron experts to be
die in Michigan within t> week.
Another 12.006 Ford workers
face lav off in other plant*
throughout the country by Tues
The Fnid la\ofl<> were neces
sary ber*ujvr the company’* tire
stork i* exhausted, officials <aid
The gn\ ernment lias forbidden anv
- dr of auto tires until January 1
176,000 TO BF. IM F.
Not including Ford Motor lay
off' Wendell Lund, executive
director of fhc Michigan Unem
ployment Compensation Commis
sion. said that approximately
176.000 jiersons in Michigan will
bo idle by December 27, adding to
an unemployment load of t 0.332
now recorded.
C»f the total 1 00,000 will he re
leased in the Detroit na tro|M»litan
area. Thi< plu< 15.000 Detroiters
now on the unemployed rolls, phis
the 31000 Rouge will
bring Detroit area unemployment
to the staggering liguie of 110 000
Lund said that ihe commission
has already made preparations‘to
handle the inerrasefl compensa
tion load as fast as possible
Throughout the state. 175 addi
tional persons have been hired to
handle registrations of unemployed
and subsequent claim* for com
Hr said:
“Some will be reemployrd at
least part of January on non
defense Job*, making ears to
the extenl of parts now on hand.
A few more will l»r added by
any swing shifts that are In
effect or by additional a rm y
truck contract*. There may Fie
some sort of hour reduction ar
ranged so spread employment,
on non-defense contracts, huf
Ihe rest must wait the neces
sary two weeks, then apply for
their maximum of Shi a week
of IX week*.*'
Lund also said he is taking im
mediate steps to transfer Ihe
Michigan State Lmploymont Ser
vice to the United State* Employ
ment Service, with a minimum of
Tlie transfer was requested by
President Roosevelt in identical
wires to the governors of the 4$
states, asking that all state em
ployment agencies be merged and
.operated so wo can “utilize to the
fullest extent all of the man power
and woman power of this country.'
Include Defense Bonds
and Defense Stamps
National Bank of Dctroll—Adv
Only Detroit Newspaper Carrying International —$ News Service and Complete Sport Dispatches
42ND YEAR, NO. 81
tmr ii th fßt
OpvrMihf %y Detroit AH ritMt if^i»H.
A hatless, unidentified officer trying
to disperse a crowd that gathered when
striking United Dairy Farmers fought
Out Milk Uimsl
Duo in ill v January 1
« •
A boost of one cent a quail in
the retail price of nuik January 1
appeared certain today following
decisiorr of a nine-man board ot
arbitration, appointed two weeks
ago to settle a (hsputo between
milk produceis and distributor- in
the I>eti oit milk market o\ei
prices paid to farmeis hy the dis
ti ihufoi >.
1 The hoard. ■ d by Judg«
Arthur J. Lacy found .
1 'Hie pr IC. o! pi, lk u- d i*
fluid milk should l»e inciia-rd
from $2 (* f ♦ a bundl'd pounds to
S.t. < Ihe produceis asked lot
$3 15 1.
2 The formol.i on wm< : i ii -
price ot Class 11 i by-pi oduct »
milk is based should he changed,
i boosting the present price from
52.05 a hundredweight to a|e
proximately $2.25.
3—The dealer s cannot absorb
I this additional cost, which
means it will have to be passed
. on the consumer
The hoard also foitnd that the
Iso-called base and surplus plan.
!objected to bitterly by farmers
'now conducting a milk strike.
, should remain unchanged.
Shortly afler the Lacv commit
tee had announced ii> findings last
night Fred Hay tv president of the
United Dairy Farmers Union
sponsors of the milk -trike now
rampant throughout the Detroit
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The Weather
Mill 111 \ II N| I*IIC \II Ml*
A •% •* V
1 'I
i i ITT a T id rv
Tb* rmx.fi t.win a a r . m «nd
r ‘fv t• rn*»rf’ 3! Ik 3 itl
“Thr»« shop*
pint days till
** degree-
policemen in a vain effort to prevent a
truck from delivering milk to a Bordens
Creamery depot at Richmond. Mich.
Chinese Raiders
Jab at Kowloon
Rv .? \< K BFI.DF.N
Inl'l Xfn, vr»i.f st«M C nrroa|M»nilont
CHUNGKING. China, Dec 20
A military communique today
lex paled that 10.000 Japanese
-oldici - had launched an offensive
against Southeastern Shansi piov-
V daring Chinese army raid on
Kowloon, from which the Japanese
launched then at tiller y bombard
ment and finally their invasion of
Hongkong wa- announced.
'Hie Chinese on Friday entered
Sumchtim. which hordei - on Kow
loon and from there made swift
sortie- into that Japane-e ha-e.
(destroying the outer defense- and
-citing fire to ammunition dumps.
They retreated when Japanese re
inforcements arrived hut fighting
is -till reported to the north ot
Inl'l Vm. vivlff Still lnrrrspniidfnt
!/ LONDON, Dec. 20 Britain’s
\ahar\t garrison in Hongkong still
I- hokhng out against numerically
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OPM Powers
Switch in Control
Over Civilian Supply
Eliminates Red Tape
j—The first step in a reorganiza
tion of rn tense agencies to speed
up war production wa- announced
Jointly’ by William Knudsen, di
rector. and Sidney Hillman, asso
ciate director of the Office of
Production Management,
j The initial move placp* dii’ectly
under Knudsen and Hillman thr
'various branches of the OPM
civilian supply division, headed hy
Leon Henderson, and the manu
ifacturing industry branches of the
'purchase* division, of which Doug-
Jas C. Mackeachie is director,
j The re>ult. OPM officials -aid.
;is that Hillmar. and Knudsen will
be able to give orders for imme
diate carrying out of programs
I originated by these divisions with
out waiting tor Hie “red tape’’
transmission belt to move plans
(through the rounds and back
The move Increases Knudsen’s
power oxer such questions as cut
ting down production of consumer
goods and conversion of cixihan
industries to war production.
, Henderson’s ta-k as price ad
ministrator is not affected by the
(change made in the OPM civilian
supply division.
2 *la|» Fliors in Hawaii
In Xiglil-Long Battle
The eyewitness story of how Jap
pilots were forced to bail out of
their planes during the hit-run
raid upon Pearl Harbor December
.7, and toughs like trapped rats in
a nightlong battle with American
soldier* was permitted to pass
through the strict navy censorship
The report was that of John M
Sweeney, lighthouse keeper at
Bar hers Point, near the entrance
to t he great naval base, who saw
much of the raid.
Sweeney said that at k a m he
saw a swarm of Japanese and
American planes fly overhead, en
gaged in vicious dogfighting that
continued for 20 minutes Stray
bullets kicked up dirt on the
“Then all thr planes went
southward, with ours pursuing
the Japs,” Sweeney continued.
j “The Jap* seemed to come from
the northeast side of the island
and left here over the southwest
corner. 1
“Two Jap fliers who hailed out
dropped close to m> station,
where they became confused In
a thicket of algnroha trees and
Jap Ships
By Buteli
BATAVIA, Netherlands East
Indies, Dec. 20 'INSi. Dutch
bombers today scored diieet hits
on two Japanese cruisers and two
(trans[H>i t ships off Miri, Sarawak |
nn The tstand ot Borneo; an official
communique said.
The communique said one of the
'transports was used to carry
plane*, but authorities emphasized
that this vessel was not an air
craft carrier.
Other Netheilands East Indie
forces raided North Borneo and
captured a large number ot Japa
nese who had e-tahlished secret
settlements near hidden coves,
possibly a- ba-e- tor aggression
against Java. It was announced
that Ja|>anese planes had raided
the city ol Pontianak, Dutch West
Soviet Ship Sunk
l>> Japs, Dutch Say
NEW* YORK. Izee. 20 (INS*.—
The Netherlands East Indies news
agency, Aneta, re|)orted today that
17 Japanese planes had bombed
and sunk the 4.206-ton Russian
freighter Pepepop on its run be
tween Vladivostok and Surabaya,
Aneta said eight of the crew
were killed and 32 others, includ
ing the captain and three women,
were saved.
Nazis Loud Speaker Vans
NEW YORK. Dec. 20 —(INS)
A BBC broadcast hoard today by
CBS reported that the Germans
now send loud speaker vans
around the streets of occupied
France to broadcast official an
nouncements. because "not enough
people ate li-ienmg to the radio "
prowled around the station nil
Sunday night, battling coast ar
tillery soldiers with rifles and
“One, fatally wounded, was
found later on the beach where
lie had been buried hv his mate.
The other also was -hot in battle
with the soldiers.
“Monday night was bad. In*
cause the boys were nervous.
They had me go to the top of
the tow er twice. First they
thought there was a green light
In the tower, but it proved to be
reflection «»f the mono upon the
glass. The second time they
thought parachutists were on
top of the tower, hilt I found
“The soldier* escorted me to
my house, warning me not to go
outside, as they would shoot at
anything that moved. Later we
got word that the two Japanese
had been located. Tonaday night
was the flrat time anybody
Include Defense Bonds
and Defense Stamps
Manufacturers National Bank Adv
Nichols Field
And Manila
Raided Again
Nipponese Troops
Strike at Mindanao,
Southernmost Isle
Inti Mr«k« Muff (nrrmpnndeii#
MANILA. I) cc. 20. Japanese
landing forces today attacked the
island of Mindanao, southernmost
of the Philippine group, while Nip
ponevo planes unleashed a new but
apparently unsuccessful attack on
Nichols air field, outside Manila.
Other Japanese planes, dying so
high they were hidden by the sun’s
glare, dropped several sticks of
ibombs- on the outskirts of Manila,
but were speedily driven off by
(anti-aircraft fire.
Heavy fighting raged on Minda
nao Island after the Japanese
landed in force at Davao, some 630
miles southeast of Manila, an
official communique staled.
Many residents of Davao are of
Japanese origin. The hemp-pro
ducing city was bombed when the
Far Eastern conflict opened, but
today’s developments represent
the first Japanese attempt to
establish a foothold there.
The official communique gave
no details of the fighting, but it
was believed that the Japanese
have not yet succeeded in estab
lishing a firm position in the
Davao region.
Army authorities disclosed that
patrol activity in the Vigan,
Aparri and Legaspi areas has in
creased on both sides.” and it
indicated that several «malf
clashes had taken place in these
TOKIO, £>oc. 20 (By Japanese
Official Wireless* (INS).—Japa
nese imperial headquarters claimed
today that Nipponese forces have
landed on Mindanao Island in the
Southern Philippines after 'smaxh
ing enemy resistance.’’
A navy communique claimed
that six Ametican plant's were
'hot down and five others machine
gunned and 'Ct on fuo when four
Japanese naval planes raided a
Philippine base.
f >n Panay Island. .* was asserted*
two planes vv*-rc destio\ed and an
aeii.il depot was or; fire. An
American flying boat was claimed
to hav e be* n shot down and ft
ship heavily damaged.
TODAY—I, the Times
Health fff
Bu«t ’ Rt» t
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Cm« W«f r*iHo 17
Daily Short (ttory IH
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Lean Heat M
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Hero hop* «
Ida lata Mato 4
LolfM a to f dtto< •
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