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BKFOKK the declarations
of war there were hun
dreds of thousands of
American mothers enrolled
in organizations to keep tin*
nation out of war.
The prime object of those
organized mothers was to
keep their dear sons at home
in America and out of the
death and destruction of a
war which these blessed
mothers sincerely and hon
estly, >cs and patriotically,,
believed was not ours.
Hut now the war is ours.
And the fine American boys
are in tin* army and navy tie
fending their country.
The best way now for the
fond mothers—and sisters
and sweethearts too—to get
their boys back to their homes
and back in their constructive
life’s work, is to get the war
ended successfully and
quickly and to see the mili
tary forces disbanded and the
boys released from sen ice.
The best way for these
dear women to get their boys
back is to form organizations
now to speed tile war and end
the war.
TIIL mothers’ leagues
which were organized
to pr e v eyi t the war
should now be reorganized
to prosecute the war, to aid
those lighting the war and to
hurry the war to a success!ul
and speeds conclusion.
it is fine iid p t■ i tic too.
to stand and strive for jieace
while there is peace and while
there is hope of peaee, but it
Is useless to plead tor peace
when we are in the midst of a
bitter anti bloody war.
\ et, all can pray lor \ l( -
TOK\ and work for victors
and make every effort to aid
and support those fine yotiHj;
Americans who are lighting
for \ictory.
I.et the organizations
which strove for peace now
striv e for \ ictorv.
TOR V BEAGLES” be formed
over all the nation.
l a'\ the dear women who
love their boss and love their
country join these leagues
until they are ten million
THESE victors leagues
can not only support
and encourage the light
ing forces at the trout and
tile boss in the preparedness
camps, but tlies can Ik* a
mighty moral force to sec
that corruption and favorit
ism and all the evils of pelts
politics are kept out of the
conduct of the war, and to
see that the war is conducted
aids and honorably and skill
fulls and successfully without
sacrificing the safety of the
men at the front to the self
ishness ot those who stay at
The mothers’ leagues of
victors can discourage strikes
and speed production and
they can themselves supply,
through coordinated effort,
mans of the tilings our fight
ing forces need, not only for
their comfort hut for their
Tile mothers* leagues for
victory can not only aid the
fighting forces but they can
aid the government.
Tiles can supplement the
efforts of the home defense
Hies can support the gov
ernment in enforcing its rules
and regulations for civilian
(( «»ntinii**<l ill I’age Hi)
In the Times Today
PART I—*»en, ral New*
P'u r*g>
r»1 N I I* M «•>•' JO
A'ln 'Hi s\ ‘ P* ; .«• S > Kr * 1
i \KT :
r«ci -
I \I»T 1
p-< 1 n »'» r I
»i r• p i »
fniP'i 1 1 * n ■ I*
H'<r'>»rn r » p- i 1 2
r'»;i i
Fell M'l'fl J - \ »
P \RT V-: I tollyl K< r \
"Buie 8..-r , i I.•.**•. ■’ 2
Tmrlin* 7 Tr.. Dcociivf
H-!llnp*r « fC'-r.
F*r«f.r» •' ss n.hfll 2
Rohinion 2 s fx-l *
PART tt—Amcrle'in Weekly
PART 7—( ..mlf -
shnu « Selection
Subs Sinking West Coast Ships
Cily Breaks 1
Records as I
War Santa
Times Campaign
Unequalled in Response
to Gifts for Military
I>eitoil lifts a heart.
Numt rou. campaign- in many
years past lor the Red Cross, tin'
Good fellow Community Chest
■and a score o! other organizations
’ have shown tl.it to lx* true.
But never in the city’s history
has theje been such a s{x>ntaneou
rp|x>ri'*t to that accorded The De-
Time-' "Santa (*laus lor Service
Men" campaign And as a result,
in dozens of military posts
throughout th< nation, at nasal
—trtte-n-oM i*>'b seaboards and on
ship' oj war on th< Atlantic and.
Pacdi- Bet re. t I »oys will know
they nre not forgotten In th,
citizen- of this great cits.
All to Get Gifts
They know Pec , ,-e on Chri*t
n,-t* f>rty t»f Chn-tma
t.\ e ) ,•’••! by 1 1 - war r?L
“hearted Detroit citizens, swll be
delivered to the men in uniform
who are doing their -hare in pro
tecting the 1 ,se- and property of
the jieople of this nation.
These Chr ;-tm.T? boxes caiffe
from men ar.d women in every
walk of hie. Many of them were
large and elaborate wrapped in
(< ontinued on Page It)
New U. 5. Pilots
Fighting in China
Volunteers Down 3
Jap Planes in Day
rnrvTKiV’. T»e I'd . insv
. Volunteer Ana an tighter pilot
-1 f.cw !\ ••' 111 ~al < *h,. r; 1 shot
, nr e term,: ■• ot Mu IT-nn , Road,
t< rritot v.
All the p. r . ,p, • r,g American
plane- and p.lea *.ll r-,<• ■ i tt*Ts
to t|b ■ I 4M w * -
, Tnr> engag.-d tie enemy after
Japanese i udns sought to bond,
Kunming in a ra w .iM;k k on
China's “J 1 1• Tin* ' from Burma
American sdiiiitu r M is and
. Ainu ic .n < onio.'t pi >r.< - leached
China ?e< n';> for ts., putfiose of
. d> U nd ng the B ipply route,
Doctor, 6 Other Women
Held in Roundup Here
Arrested 'lt -.>n,c day the Japs
attacked IV,til Harbor. Dr. Clara
Happel. well known Detroit
psychiatrist. *■ ad by her son to bt*
h Jewish ret wye trom Germany,
is among the seven women heir!
by the FBI a> enemy aliens, it
teas revealed Saturday.
Also held for a hearing before
flie Alien Knemv I lent ins Board
is Mrs. Louise St truer of .'itiT.l
Helen avenue, the wife, /it Frank
K. Sttcuir a chemist German
otTn el n the fit r World War and
fbrnyet tiei man-American Bund
member Mrs. Streuri was at
iesied December 0.
Her husband refused to discuss
his wife's arrest or to comment
on the activities of the Sptin-field
Social Club. of which he is presi
dent. and which occupies property
formerly used by the bund in Do-;
Doe tot Ilappl. who lims. at
Ist Jetfi rs(,n avenue, has
two children a daughter smdying
n> du ,n» a’ thi l iii’ ti -it’ < t ('lit
Largest Circulation of Any Michigan Newspaper
'jflf BBBBtkb
S j y.j:, -j
—lnternational Sews Photo, T ransmittrd on Lease TVirc to The Detroit Times.
. . . the Sunday hnmhinr/ found the children home: flic structure finally burned to the around . . .
Dairy Farmers Call Truce
In Strike , Unite With CIO
Tie United Dairy Farmer? Sat-’
urday railed a truce in it- Detroit
milk strike and at the same time
announced it had become affiliated
with the United Mine Worker- of
the CIO and planned to Ijecome a
nation-wide farmer- union jx’tson
i]: y direr ted hy .John I. Lew,-.
The truce was called pending a
meeting m Lansing Monday morn
ing ss th <i(>v. Murray I). Van
Wagonei md mem tie i - of a special
mediation board which he ha
pion.ised to appoint.
Pickets Called Off
Th( fK*ace wa- announced in a
teU m .--m -(_nL la the governor’ bv
' officials of the farmers group at
i 3 :.A0 p m.
At the -ame time word was sent
to all \ I>K members w ithin a
latbus of 150 mile- of Detroit to
cea>e picketing milk depots and
r> - ime their shipments of milk to
the ul) < creameries
'cag< md a I’ft-veai -old s<.*n. F ter
now home foi Christmas vacation
from thr l.’mversity of California.
Ib r husband i> 'till in Get many.
Peter said that he knew ot no
reason (or lus mother's arrest
nth* r than that neighbors mav
have reported her as a suspicious
character because many persons
visited her during the day
"These person'* are m>
mother's patients, lint I could
ire. wln some one hlm ditl not
Know she was a psychiatrist
would wonder why »■«* many men
and women were coming lo our
Peter f.;iid that 1m r miC to Dc
trod from Berlin with Ms mothri
and lister five >< at* ago
"\\r have all obtained our
first citizenship papers and are
awaiting our final decrees." hr
declared "It Is Inconceivable
that an\ Jewish |>crsnn rould t>e
r. N acf"
FOB fllltlNTMW I'UI S M"—
Include |'op »is»- I'.nods
and |l»'t(’nV St >mps
National Bank ol Detroit— Adv.
Only Detroit Newspaper Carrying International News and Complete Sport Dispatches
' The la-* instance of \ iolen< e in
the three-day strike during which
approximately IT>.OOO pounds of
mflk were dumped, had occurred
onls a half-hour earlier when four
men stopped a dairy farmer neat
Romeo and dumjied 15 gallon- ol
The men w ere s, i/ed by state
police but were nlra-eff when i hr*
farmer refused to prosecute
A total of 15 [.er-on- were ar
rested during the -trike a- a r< -ult
of battles with police and rpcnilici's
;of the Michigan M.lk Producers
Association, a • iva 1 1 irrners’ organ
*Arbiters Sitting
The strike was called by the
farmers- while an arbitration hoard
was holding a hearing on pi ice in
crease demands by the Michigan
Milk Producers Association.
Saturday morning while the
strike was still in progn-s the
arbitration, board granted a pine
'>f S 5 a hundredweight to tarmeis
for Class I bottled milk and 50
cents alx.se fedr: <1 codi for Class
II > u rd in ice cream, c he,- r etc.f
Lffective Januars 1 me deci
sion iv ill mean a l-cera m< rea-r
I** r quart to consunu '•>
Ruling Spurned
The IDF relused to p ,ni!
hy arbitration.
Another factor in the compli
cated milk situation also develop'd
Saturday when bundles of pMi
tions hearing more than liki.OOO
signatures were filed with the
Wayne County eleik asking a n 1-
endum on the Michigan Milk Mar
keting Bill. | iss< (1 h\- the cmti nt
Lcgislat ut (. Clerks said enough
signatures had been obtained to
foicc a referendum \nt<
The marketing bill, which would
cause the creation of a live-man
boaid to regulate flic milk tndus‘
tty would go ;nto • fleet in Jan
uary Opponents charge that ti
would result in a further increase
lh pi ices.
King George on Radio
NEW YORK Dec. *>o (INS).—
King George VI will deliver a
Christmas broadcast to "his {hhv
I'lcs at home and in the cmpiir."
the Rntish radio tejioited fonigh*.
in a hfoadeast. heard in New Yoi k
Big Battle Rages
In Philippines
4 Transports Land
Japs on Mindanao Isle
lul l Vm« -mirr -HU 1 nrre»|M>ru!rrit
MANILA, I>c. IT fSundayl.
American and Filipino troops were
rc|>orted fighting heroically today
to hold Davao, seaport capital of
Mindanao Island in the southern
Philippines, against n p. .vrrlu!
new Japanese invasion but i? was
officially acknowledged th; morn
ing that the situation in ’!,.it s » -
tor is ‘‘obscure ”
Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s Man
ila headquarters in a communique
issued at 8:30 a. m. loda., ib .’>o
p. m. Detroit time Saturday ), m
"Bile to cfifTlculties of « om
niiinieation, the xitualion at
Ibivao in obscure.”
‘ Unchanged ’ at Luzon
The communique lurther -t tied
that the situation <»n tlt•' man,
Philippine island of Luzon, where
the Japanese hold two
in ihe north and one in the -ouih
remains “unchanged." Int- nsified
skirmishing in these se« tois had
bei’n disclosed yesterday.
Conducted on a large scale the
successful Ja|»anese landing in the
Davao district of Mindanao, w here
most of the inhabitants are of
Japanese ancestry, was made at
dawn Saturday, with enemy troop
crowding ashore from font nay al
(( ontlniieil on I’age l our)
Printed in Color s
in Pictorial Review
with this issue
Fake Solicitors
Bring Warning
U. S. Urges Citizens
to Report All Phonies
United Stale- Attorney John C
Lehr warned the public Saturday
to report any per»on? po-ing as
military officers asking for con
tributions to campaigns for the
benefit of men in the armed
sen ices.
Manufacturers also were s* arned
to beware of telephone' call- so
liciting advertisements for non
extvrrrrr magazines.
Two such cases are being pro
-ented to the federal grand jury.
Lehr explained, and other persons
may be operating the same
German-Swedish Pact
LONDON. Dec 20 <INS> A
G«tman-Swedish |Kict for ere y. ai
ha- been signed by which Sweden
agree- to provide large quantities
of or r and machinery in return
for 5.70n.00(l ten- of coil, Renin-
Nfiitl. in <i ri i> j iri tc h
Nazis Fall Bach Hastily
ri.s British Peril Benyazi
fnt | Nfu» +rr\ trr Htff I «»rr * «|M,nrl« nt
CAIRO, rvr, Jfl) (Jen. Erwin
Rommel's oncc-|»ow erful but now
broken A\r* arniy of North AfiiCa
falling bark hastily ori P.en
gazi tonight in a full rout v '-o rapid
that put ->-Hnr Brit id Imperial
troop. were unable to catch up
With the fler.mg rnem\
British ynn'jupd of virtually all
’ f En.<t Libya after little rnoph
titan a month of fighting:. aj>
I*aied an imminent prospect.
A' the (» rman-ltalian tanks,
aimorrd cars and moton/ed in
fantry retreated across eastern
Libya. Royal Air Force pilots.
some of them flying American
plane-, st.’. . ted Roi r,c. s re
formation' to low-swoop
Admiral King
Heads Fleet
Named as Successor
to Admiral Kimmel
11. Ini.rn.ii li.uhl y>»« Srrilrr
Th< navy department announced
late Saturday that Admiral Krnest
J. Kmvf lih*< ln*'-n dr-rgnaTrd rom
rnander-m-ehief of the United
States fleet, succeeding Admiral
Husband h Kimmel, who was re
lieved of his command following
the debarle at Pearl Harbor, De
cember 7.
A new Japanese invasion of the
Philippines was being f o tight
fiercely Saturday night by Ameri
can and Filipino forces at Davao
on the island of Mindanao, 630
mile- south of Manila, while
Uniter! States submarines ap
jieared to be combing Pacific
waters to halt arrival of Nip
ponese tran-pdri.s.
The navy announced from
\\ i-hingfon that another Irani
|xnt had been sent to the bottom
by an American underseas craft.
The navy al-o revealed that
enemy submarines, presumably
German, have lx*en operating "off
the Atlantic Coast.
Cavite Base Bombed
1 * %
j In addition. Rear Admiral J. V
Greens lade, Commandant of th<
.twelfth naval district, announcer
in San Francisco late Saturda:
i that "it has been confirmed tha
iliiore are enemy .aibi operating of
the California coast, destroy in)
American shipping." His announce
ment contained no additional rie
The new Japane-e landing ir
the vicinity* of Davao on the
second largest i-land in the Philip
pine- was being fought a- the
navy revealed a heavy bombing
attack had been made against tire
Cavite naval base near Manila.
The biggest accomplishment ol
a military nature appeared to be
the Soviet recapture of the im
portant city of Volokolamsk, 62
miles northwest of Moscow, as the
Rus-ians continued to press thcii
rout of ihe Nazi forces.
Hear Nazi Chiefs Out
In addition, the British radio
-aid it had heard a report that
both Field Marshal Walter vor
Brciuchiisch. commander-m-chiel
of the Gorman armies, and Field
Marshal Fedor von Bock had ben.’r
relieved of their commands.
rhre< Japanese bombtna plane!
brought down over Kunming
Chinese terminus of the important
Burma road, by American volun
teer pilots. The Americans werr
believed to have flown Unitec
States-built fighters
Things seemed to be quieting
down in the Malay Pemnsulc
where severe fighting has raged
•ill week A message late Saturday
night said, "nothing to report.”
Le-t word from Hongkong wa
that th, valiant British garrisor
there -till was holding out in i
delaying action against Japane-r
"ho have swarmed all over thi
ing aerial harassment officially
tier la red to hr exaeting a ’ b* -c. \
toll ' from the hrafen foe
Demn, Mchili Taken
The onrushing British i imk- an.” 1
imperial motorized force- ten;,
pied the Lihvan ivwt of J>< oh anri
the d< sort highway town tyt Me-
KiW. to the southwest, without op-
POKition Friday, Tt wa> announce I
Tonight the British right wing
vanguard was reported more than
(C nntlnued on Page Ifi>
I OK C IIRInT.M \s CRt sf NTs—
Include lirifinr Bonds
and Ili'fniM' Stamp*
Muniifarturpo .National ll*nk.
War Chiefs
Of 5 Nations
Conference to Map
Grand Strategy to
Defeat Axis Forces
• INS). An official announce
ment that enemy submarines
are off iho California coast, de
stroying American shipping, was
issued this afternoon by Rear
Admiral J. W. Greenslade, com
mandant of the twelfth naval
"It has been confirmed that
I tie re are enemy subs operating
off the California coast, destroy
ing American shipping,” Admiral
Grcenslade’s statement said.
Int'l Noo srrv irr staff rnrrr«pondrnt
-The White House tonight an
nounced that plans are under way
for unified military action by thn
Cnited States. Great Britain, Rus
sia. China and The Netherlands in
waging a victorious war against
the Axis powers at sea. on the
, land*and in the air.
The announcement, couched In
( cryptic phraseology, was regarded
l a- setting the stage for an early
■ and momentous Washington con
. ference to map the grand strategy
. for conduct of total war against
Japan, Germany and Italy.
Plans Underway
The White House revealed that
military consultations" have been
under way between Washington
and London ‘‘for some time.”
Steps ‘‘are on their way,” thn
statement asserted, to include the
other powers actively aligned
against the Axis in the joint plan
of action.
Following a 48-hour period In
which rumors were current in both
London and Washington that such
a conference was about to as
semble. the White House issued
the following statement:
“For some time, as has been
hitherto intimated by the Presi
dent. the I nited States military
mission in London and th«
British joint staff mission in
Washington have been in clom
contact with their opposite
numbers in both places.
Plan Under Way
‘‘l his liaison will continue for
a short time until the joint
planning for unity of action can
be extended to Russia, China,
the Netherlands and other gov
ernments engaged in the com
mon cause of defeating the Avis.
“Steps toward this objective
are on their way.
“Maj. inn. -fames E. Chaney
and Vice Admiral Robert L.
Ghormley havp iwen represent
ing the I nited states in Lon
<lon for some time.
“Admiral Sin ( harles Little,
Lieut, Gen. Sir Cohille Wemysa
and Air Marshal A. T. Harris
have been representing Great
Britain In U ashington.”
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The Weather
Hoi H| > Mi * n V H DM
'* l" p m 54
! ' r w 2i
12 rnMnnht 2|
' |- t v
•’Thrtt shop- j
pins daft (ill
Shrisfmai." *
For Detroit
/’ '{ vicinity:
e yM.ootly cloudy
-• , cwl 'L Wln ' u
A *o frest)
J - id;

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