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Sports Editor
Success Again Assured
for Ryder Cup Match
as Leaders S*art Plans
Ryder Cup time is approaching. As you probably know, the
big evert, which Detroit has taken over as its owm, will be
played at Oakland Hills, July 18-19. And what’s most important,
the proceed? will go to the American Red Croas.
That was a wow of a meeting held last night at Oakland
Hills, the first general meeting in connection with the coming
match. J. Russell Gnau, Walter
Hagen and Freddy Corcoran, the
PGA man. who each year give so
mnch of their time and thought
to it, were there and outlined
thfc progress already made to
Oakland Hills officials who now
will take over.
The appointment of John
P. O’Hara as general chairman
by M. M. Burgess, Oakland Hills
president, was a popular one.
All are agreed that with him in
charge the success of the match
is assured. He’s one of those
men who know how to get
things done.
Has Capable Helper
Like the other newspaper
boys 1 was delighted to hear
that O'Hara’s chief assistant
will be Harry Taylor, who can
do everything from serving as
cheer leader to leading in com
munity singing. I’m betting that
the O’Hara-Taylor duo and all
those other wonderful Oakland
Hills members won’t let the Red
Cross down—that they’ll make
the match a huge success.
Everybody got a bang out
of the way O’Hara led up to his
introduction of the Haig, who
certainly has his heart and soul
in this match.
Back in 1909, O’Hara was a visitor at the Rochester (N. Y.)
Country Club and was being made acquainted with persons around
the club. Finally he and his friend came up to a skinny young
ster who had stopped swinging a club to greet them.
“And. of course, yon know Walter Hagen,” said O’Hara's
friend in introducing him to the youngster.
“That waa SS years ago,” O’Hara said last night, “but I
know no better way to present good old Walter to you.”
“Of course, you all know Walter Hagen.”
Veteran Star Is Given Great Ovation
They did. The Haig received a fine ovation from the mem
bers of the club which he served as its first professional.
* That’s all for now about the Ryder Cup match, but you’ll be
reading a lot about it in this column from time to time. It’s for
a great cause. The tickets will be on sale pretty soon, so pre
pare to buy yours at the earliest opportunity.
* * This is as good a time as any to put in a few boosts for
gdlf, a game which provides recreation and exercises for thous
ands of Detroiters.
These are trying times for golf, just as they are for other
sports. But to the credit of the game and its leaders it must
be reported that it is carrying on real well, everything considered.
Also, as our good friend A 1 Watroua has said, there’ll always
be golf. A 1 likes to recall how years ago, when there weren’t
many automobiles around, almost as much golf was played on
thfe courses in New York as now.
“They always found a way to get to the clubs then”
Watroua saya, “and I’m sure we’ll do the same no matter what
Matches Contribute to War Agencies
Golfers are leaving nothing undone to support the various
agencies. Exhibition matches and tournaments are held
weekly and while in some cases comparatively small Bums are
realized, put all this money together over the season and It will
amount to a considerable figure.
I have noticed that the MGA courses have designated certain
traps as USO traps. A visit to each trap coats a golfer 10 cents.
When these dimes begin rolling in you can bet a worthwhile
{mount will be made available for the USO. Members of some of
the fearless foursomes at private clubs charge each other as
tuuch as 25 cents for a trapped shot or one into a water hazard.
More money for the USO, Red Cross or Navy Relief.
Many of Detroit’s golf stars, fellows like Willie Turnesa,
Bob Babbiah, Eddie Kirk and Tommy Sheehan, now are in the
armed forces. But a new and younger group has come along to
carry on while they are away. As a result competition appears
as spirited as ever and we still read about those scores in the
low 70’s.
The coming of Jimmy Demaret to Plum Hollow has done
a lot for golf here. A likeable fellow and a great golfer, De
troiters take pride in the fine showings he is making in the major
tburnaments. A Demaret victory in the Hale America this
week-end would be a popular one here. All his fellow Detroit
proa, who are among the finest sportsmen you’ll find any place
are puHling for him. Like every one here, we wish him the best
of luck In the Hale America.
Tiger Betting Averages
54 54 fl ?8 12 , 2 sjo
H*rru 44 I*3 » |n n s .307
▼Of* A 1 2*B 44 41 43 II .*»«
MrOwkf 4* *2l 53 «« 18 « J*J
*!**'"• AS 1M *6 SA 5S 9 »3
Or*«*r 41 JSI *t M 17 A .2*3
Tr*ut II *7 3 7 1 n .25*
Bl'xvl w*r*h *1 2A2 SA *1 5A 7 ,2V)
Rttrtc* 4 5 1 3 5 1 .250
R*«cl:ff 20 43 4 II 10 1 .*44
TtbbtUt »9 171 10 40 18 A 134
rraakiia 32 *7 n in 4 2 .234
Whit* 11 *« 3 • * 0 ,*n7
Por»on« 15 45 3 5 5 1 .17*
McNair 23 on 9 11 5 1 .180
Mitel "*k 39 lA| 10 1,7 12 0 .I*7
Thkm 7 24 2 4 « A .I*7
Brvi*** 10 20 4 3 A A .103
Bcotor 14 50 3 8 A A 100
Nttrhouatr 15 19 A 1 A A ,A«7
Atnthtw 10 3 A a a a mo
MartOara * 1 « A A A 000
Oahnncar 4 4 1 a « a 000
Ooraira 10 * * e a a mo
•T*KAi# *1 *077 291 AJ4 *27 43 251
•taAa*« %»ttla •* Pucaj a d lU*«
Appointment of O'Hara
as General Chairman
Is Praised by All
Kline Meets Gordon
On Mack Mat Card
Lou Kline faces Flash Gordon
in the headliner on the opening
outdoor wrestling program in
Mack Park tonight. Bert Rubi,
the "Magyar Hercules," opposes
!■ rankie Clemons in the semi
windup. Buddy Chester and Shorty
Donovan meet in the opener at
3:30 p. m.
Softball Meet Entries Cpen
Entries for a men’s softball
team tournament, play in which
starts next Sunday, are open at
1134 Griswold street. Trophies will
he awarded to winner and run*
nerup There is no entry fee.
Oakland Mills
Pair Have 75,
Win by Stroke
The Oakland Hills combine of
Margaret Russell and Al Watrous
continues tops in the pro-ladies’
golf competitions here, but their
rivals are pressing them.
This was shown yesterday at
Bloomfield Hills, when, although
they had low gross of 75 in an al
ternate stroke, selective drive
event they finished first by the
skimpy margin of a single stroke.
Little Faust Bianco, Joe Bel
forc s assistant at Detroit Country
Club, and Mrs. William J. Ches
brough came in second with 76.
And only one stroke back of them
were Belfore and Mrs. S. R. Liv
ingstone with 77. Completing the
lineup under 80 were Dick For
rester of Stonycroft and Mrs. C. E.
Strieker, who had 79.
Prizes were awarded on a handi
cap basis and Bianco and Mrs.
Chesbrough led with a net of 73
as a result of their three-stroke
handicap. The Watrous-Russell
and Belfore-Livingstone pairs tied
with nets of 74.
Mrs. J. H. Bradley, who paired
with Lou Nash, Jimmy Demaret’s
assistant at Plum Hollow, featured
by sinking three putts of 25 feet
as they clicked with 83-3—Bo. Mrs.
L. P. Dodd sank a chip shot on the
eighteenth as she and Dave Holt
finished with 81-5—76.
Margaret Ruaeell-Al Watroua 75-1—74
Mrs. W. Chesbrough•K. Blanco 76-3—73
Mrs. 8. Llvlngstone-Joe Bslforc MS-3—74
Mrs. C. Strlcker-Dlck Porrestar 79-3—76
Mrs L,. P Dodd-Dave Holt . 81. fr— 76
Mrs. Don Welss-Dorln Shook *l-1 -SO
Mrs. J. H Bradl#y-Dou Nash 83-3—*o
Mr*. J. DeVtsser 811 l Grfthjfti 83-3 SO
Mrs. K R, Remsh-Ernie Shave 83-4—70
Mr*. J. W. Fleck-C. Hllgendorf 84-3—Bl
Mrs. Thelma Clark-E. Koeala 84-6 79
Mrs. T. McLaughlln-Orro Beaupre 84-2—82
Mrs. U. Wsttlauffer-8111 Uaelac 84-4—Bo
Mrs. K. W. Tullls Warren Orllck 84-6—79
Josephine Dange-Johnny Taylor 85-4—Bl
Mrs H Ruhl-Tommy Shannon, 85-7—78
Mrs. William Guse-Ray McGuire 86-B—7B
Mre. W U. Ayllng-Mortle Dutra 86-B—Bl
Shirley Spork-Otto Hinds 86-4—82
Mrs. A. H. Scott-W. Langnau 88-5—83
Mrs. D. Dalsell-Frank Turnesa 88-4—84
Dorothy Merton-Jack Wlnney 91-B—B6
Mrs. E. 47 Jeffrles-BIU Dock 92-B—B4
Al and Hal
To Face
(Continued from First Sport Page)
formance—and was thrown out of
the game, the Tiger manager’s
third banishment in a score of
years. And when Baker protests,
there must be reason for com
plaint. But the protest was just
as successful as other such com
plaints—it got Baker and the rest
of the angry Tigers nowhere.
Because of the Boston sweep,
the Tigers were dropped into
fourth place, one full game be
hind the third place Indians. Back
of the Tigers three games are the
St. Louis Browns.
Barney McCosky, who suffered a
leg Injury in Boston Saturday, will
be back in the Tiger lineup today.
He will be hitting in second place
in Baker’s revamped batting order.
Pinky Higgins was dropped to
sixth spot. Billy Hitchcock, who
was on the bench when the Tigers
last played at Briggs Stadium, is
also back in the lineup. |
Enter Servicemen's Golf Meet
Entries open today for the
state-wide servicemen’s golf
tournament to be sponsored by
The Detroit Times July 7. The
tournament, an 18-hole medal,
will be over the beautiful Red
Run course and is open to all
soldiers, sailors, marines and
coast guardsmen.
Entries can be made through
the athletic offices of the vari
ous camps and posts, or by fill
ing out the entry In today’s j
Times and mailing it to the
sports department. There is no
entry fee. Free lunch and re
freshments will be served.
In addition to the 18-hole
state championship, there will
be other events. A pitching and
putting contest will be held.
Also a driving contest. Handi
caps will be alloted for the
During the day there will be
an exhibition by some of the
finest golfers In the state.
Golfers are requested to get
their entries in as soon as pos
sible. Entertainment will be
furnished during the day.
Run Scoring
nrruoiT 3 --
Potion S
C!»v*ian<l 4 - ~ . | ||
PhllaAtlphlt *
Ntw York 11
•t Loun A
Chlrt*o 20
W**hin*ton 7
nation At. i.ni.rr
A 14 T W T F B
Brooklyn ft u
Chlckfo w *
B ot ton 18 ..
Ntw York 7 8
Pimrurth 11 2 .. ~ ~ ..
It. Lcult Ift .. .. ~
iPhUkAtlpht* *
—* *— tt«*t if mmmm r rw
Pj , If B I
i ' ■ . > Argpf
■ ■
\' r ' ." * * >, ‘ ' BBRi
'-V ? 4
SI A\v\ ,
H' I Hu
■Vi-.'* m 4
i x 1
1 Wmfi .ms
BE 77 ml Ai ■■■ / Mf* i r ' J
r,: / J r
B f *" c ; :
B. Tl
y V \' r ' M/f
While Mr. Pro plays golf, Mrs. Pro
knits on the club verandah. That’s the
way a lot of the wives of the district’s
pros spend their time. In the above
U. of D. Alumni
In Sports Events
More than 700 old grads and
their friends take part In the
University of Detroit’s fifth an
nual Alumni Day at the Beverly
Hills Golf Club, Van Dyke and
Thirteen-Mile road, today.
The U. of D. athletic depart
ment has arranged a day-long
program of sports events to keep
the returning alumni occupied. In
cluded on the card will be a kick
ers handicap golf tournament, soft
ball games, horseshoe pitching
competitions and a number of spe-j
cial events. Barbecue dinner will!
be served to the guests from 6:30
to 9:30.
Stretch Victory
NEW YORK, June 16 (UP).—
Barrington Stable's Scotland Light
closed in the stretch and went on
to a length victory in the featured
sixth race at Aqueduct. Vain
Prince, for the sixth consecutive:
time, was second and Waitabitl
was third. !
Sponsored by n*trolt Time*
Open to all Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coastguardsmen
Red Run Golf Club, July 7, No entry fee.
Preferred starting time
Mail this entry to Detroit Times. Entries close July 3.
\ u ■rk iMJ*
n* 1
iot * •*" 70 yards U
' w ; u v*i *'- w# r \
S-csr 1
filttbeQ l
Ad» n * c
Ev«" 1."
\ FAIR i
toon J*
vioitv on
In Show
The leading junior riders of the
state will compete in the Wabeek
Junior horse show at Wabeek
Farms on West Long Lake road
Saturday. The proceeds will go
to the service men. The first con
test on the 11-event program will
get under way at 12:30 p. m.
Miss Margaret Cotter of Wash
ington, the only woman rider who
has won the jumper championship
at Madison Square Garden, Is one
of the judges. So is Mrs. Everall
There will be four ribbons In
each class and the blue ribbon
winner will receive a $25 defense
bond in all classes but jumper
stake, where the top prize will be
a SSO defense bond.
Among the races on the sched
ule is a novice hunter event for
horses or ponies which have never
won a jumping class.
The age limit for contestants In
all wonts is 19 years.
Control Admission CAm
Saturday First Rau 2:15 P.M. i
Photo by TIMM Staff Pboto*rapbtr
picture at Bloomfield Hills, MRS. WAR
SHANNON stand behind MRS. OHM
1 Hagen Picks 16
For Challengers
(Continued from First Sport Pare)
though the sale of tickets hasn't
started, there already is 511,000 in
i the fund, Gnau reported. This has
been realized from the official
program, SI,OOO of it last night.
Freddy Corcoran, National PGA
tournament manager, told how de
lighted the stars are to get a
chance to play Oakland Hills again
and promised a match featured by
keen competition and brilliant
play. Corcoran will attend the
Hale America and help Hagen
make the final selections for the
challenging team.
James D. Standish Jr., president
of the District Golf Association,
promised the support of h4s organ
ization. He praised the Oakland
Hills layout, pointing out that is
one of the few adapted to both a
National Open and a Women’s Na-j
tional. The two opens and the
women’s classic held there, were
among the most successful ever
staged from every angle.
At Watrous pointed out the
course's advantages from a spec
tator’s standpoint, and. like Cor
coran and Hagen, reported that all
the stars were eager to return.
Among those introduced were
John Ingleson. the club's manager,
who had charge during the 1937
Open and the other Ryder match,
and Herb Shave, the club’s course
superintendent, who has been
there since 1920 and “knows every
blade of grass on the course."
Appreciation for the golfer*’ ef
forts In behalf of the Red Cross
was expressed by A. J. Berres, De
troit manager of the organization.
He spoke briefly of the Red Cross’
urgent need for money and said he
was confident the coming match
would be successful.
NEW Cream Stops
Under-arm Odor
... prevent* perspiration
te Prevent Under-arm Odor
1. A BETTER wty to prevent
rancid odor and perspiration
2. Saves shirts from rot caused
by under-arm perspiration.
S. Takes but half a minute to use.
4. A greaseless cream which
disappears at once.
5. Arrid has been awarded the
Approval Seal of the Amer
ican Institute of Laundering
for being harmless to fabric.
More end more MEN turn to
Arrid avary day ... try a fat.
Off the Hook
Dick McCann, who doesn’t have to go to his father-in-law, Damon
Runyon, for a good story, tells about the race track mutuel clerks
who always watch to see what owners and trainers of racing stables
bet on, then spread the word down the
mutuel line and punch out a ticket or so T ,
for themselves . . . The boys know they k to
least have a "live'’ horse going for them,
hut once in a while they take a real beating. \
awhile ago the
boy* were doing all right for themaelvea
following Pete Bo*twt< k. the gentleman Jl"
Joekey and one of the greatest steeple- j j
chase rider* . . . Boat wick ha* plenty of - * ‘ ,
•cratch and every time he thought one '
hi* horse* would win he bought a
doien tt ticket* and distributed them M
among hi* atablehanda . . . One day Boat- /JUuA
wick bought ticket* on a horae he wasn’t
riding . . . The mutuel boy* got the BKHHHHHHBmSHm
word, wore their Anger* off to the
knuckles punching out ticket* for them- PETE BOS THICK
selves • • . Theu Boetwtok came beck usd said, "Be sorry, got the
numbers mixed aad bet on somebody else’* horse. Please give
me a dozen tickets on my own horse” . . . They eay they're still
dragging the Infield lake at Belmont for the heartbroken sharp
The Detroit Lions’ decision to train et Charlevoix is the result
of a Detroit sports writer's fishing trip with Mayor Bob Brydge of
the nesort town . . . Some of these guys have influence . . . You can t
say Canadian racing circles have no respect for age, not when a
13-year-old horse, Lorraine S., ran second at Thomcliffe the other
day and the two oldest jockeys on the North American continent,
Norman (Dude) Foden and Willie Obert, are still rkling over 'ome,
as Bert Collyer used to say . . . Foden admits he's 32, the records
show Obert is 57.
Billy Goan has his broken hand out of the cast, but there le
a lump on the hack of hie hand aa big as a marble, which ha
doesn’t thhifc will ever go away . . . College athlete* will he
going for defense plant aad construction joke this fall Instead of '
their traditional posts as life guards, toe men. camp counselors,
etc. • • . Sirocco, which won the rich Arlington Clasaio for Chari ee
T. Fisher's Dlxlana Farm In IMA, may return to the turf In the
Lincoln Haadtoap at Lincoln Fields. Chicago, Saturday.
A filly named Big Meal should win at a price soon at Detroit
To Join Army
After Bout Here
Mickey LaTuer, who fought here
for several years, will make his
farewell ring appearance before
entering the army next week,
when he meets Ha redd Carnahan,
Flint middleweight on the opening
fight card in Mack Park tomorrow
Bill Eddy, Flint southpaw, and
Bobby Creed, Detroit lightweight,
rested today after completing
training for their eight-round
It will be the first time they
have faced each other since Eddy
captured the Diamond Belt feath
erweight title in 1940 in a sizzling
scrap with Creed, who then fought
as Bob Gunter.
Gar Wood Jr., Buddy
Are Headed for Army
ALGONAC, June 16.—Gar Wood
Jr. and Joseph Clark HI. side
kicks for the past five years in
speedboat and outboard racing and
buddies since they were kids, will
report to Washington Friday
where they will become second
lieutenants in the United States
Wood, 22. son of the holder of
the Harmsworth trophy. It is be
lieved. will be in the engineers di
vision in the operation of army
patrol boats. Clark, 23, recently
was married.
Clay Courts Begin
ST. LOUIS, June 16 (UP).—,
First round matches of the na
tional clay courts tennis champion
ships begin today after a one-day
postponement because of the
of thousands of
already belong.
To the other thousands of defense workers who
although qualified by good driving for membership
in the Automobile Gub of Michigan have never
been directly invited. We want you to know that you
art especially invited. You are invited to join thia
great club of more than 180,000 good drivers of
Michigan. You are invited to participate in the
privileges, advantages, information and aid that is
part of your membership. You are invited to insure
your car at this Exchange at the Gub at actual cost
. . . get better war time insurance and save money.
The Gub membership is only flO for twelve months.
Simply phone the club office and ask for one of our
staff men to come out to see you.
He will especially tell you about the
great new war time services and aids
designed to keep.your car rolling.
Detroit Autansobllc
liter-insurance Exchange
Atlomoy-in-fmct: Sidney D. Weldon,
Chae. B. Van Duaen, Thoe. P. Henry
John /, Rmmeey, Genermi Manager
at Automobile Club et Michigan
Phoae CHerry 2911
Tuesday, June 16, 1942
Lewit H. Walter
Old Timers to Play
Port Huron Team
The Old Timers baseball team
will play Port Huron Old Timers
Saturday at Port Huron.
Capt. Bob Veach of the ball club
requests that all players be on
hand at the Harrington Hotel by
1:30 p. m. A banquet will be held
at the hotel at 7 p. m., followed by
dancing. .
• It may not be for long, but
here's e cigar that's a classic for
fragrant me I low-mildness—which
you cen still buy for five cenftt
It I . W> ...'ll ....' r.,r.tl It. ..... j
you'll never forge* I 190% Cfeeke
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