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Tn—day, June I§, 1942
For a Day
At the Park,
Wear Cotton
wm BACK again to the
good old days when a merry-go
round waa a horseback ride for
the boras d>y « . . not a refer
ence to the hlther-edther life
we led pre-war. With our horse
lees carriage just about on the
shelf, ye ©Me merry-go-round is
Of course, the same goes for
the whip, ferns wheel, loop-the
loop, airplanes, roller coaster
and all the rest of the fancy
vehicles at amusement parks,
if your equilibrium won’t stand
that vigorous • riding, you can
concentrate on the shooting gal
leries and such.
• • •
BOTH OF Detroit’s large
amusement spots can be reached
via the local buslines, thus con
serving the family limousine. You
can even do your swimming
there, in a pool at Eastwood or
the lake at Jefferson Beach . . .
to eliminate long treks to inland
Incidentally. Jefferson Beach
has an attraction for Father,
who la apt to think these fun
spots merely child’s play. The
United States Nsvy has a vast
recruiting station out there on
the lakeside, in the form of a
destroyer (fake, of course).
Inside this wooden struc
ture, a navy exhibit of war
equipment is going on day in.
day out It’s all downright in
teresting to the mechanically -
minded folks and educational to
the rest of us.
• • •
WE’RE LEAS concerned about
how you spend your time in thi
park than how you look while
you’re doing it Our main ad
vice in the fashion line is that
you wear fresh cool cottons, as
fitting to the roller skating rink
as to the dance floor and vice
As a suggestion, we chose the
rasrle-daxzler. pictured today...
white eyelet inset in a button
hack spun Jacket and used en
tirely lor the flared skirt. It's
a beau-catcher if ever there
was one.
Playsuits and culottes servo
the purpose very well, for they
allow you free-movement gei
ting tn and out of the little cars
hut stfD have that femininity ap
propriate for the dancing later.
\ y^%L
THE SMALL crocheted hat
is a Fashion First this season
You'll make this one in two
hours whether you use the fash
ionable new straw yam or shim
mering gimp.
Pattern 266 contains direc
tions for hat and purse; illustra
tions of them snd stitches,
materials required.
Send 11 cents in coins for this
pattern to The Laura Wheeler
Pattern Department. 1225 Times
Square, Detroit, Mich.
Owing to customs regulations,
orders for patterns to Canadian
destinations cannot be Allied.
Instant Pudding
REMOVE FROM its vacuum
sealed can a loaf of date-nut
bread and crumble into a but
tered baking dish.
Combine T /» cup scalded milk,
!4 teaspoon vanlus and 1 table
spoon butter and pour over date
nut bread crumbs. Bake in a
hot oven (400 F.) for 25 min
Serve hot or cold with hard
aauce or whipped cream. Four
Prudence Penny
I 1 -v?'.'’:./ v':
■ - '■ «L I - 1 V«. \;
'- ■'m ; 1 * rw..
WL'* ' . 'wtoZWZfflW+m ■
ryS. c SwT ; v * ft?, mMSsStßk;M : ’f^
. fjHBI I 4;
j ‘ * ‘ •' ■ . .#^ r * , - ■ ■* < ,% / ■'" , - „-- '.c ’ s “-
/■ • •■ mn^B : '9;-flB;; H B b b j^n
- J jj
Call it a carousal or call it a merry-go-round. What
ever the title, it's fun for ELLEN WINES, who takes in
sights and sunshine st Jefferson Bosch. Her dress
Elsie Robinson
How Free People Face
The Threat of Death
think, the rest of the country
should know. It's something
that all frightened American?
should know —and who of us
isn't? It's about a city that sits
and smiles.
I'm meaning my own city, San
Francisco. Have you ever seen
her? She’s more than a city.
She’s romance and beauty and
allure m . she's a gypsy and a
'vitrh and a proud senorita in
he trailing lace of her fogs . . .
n the spreading glory of her
There on the hills she is wait
ing today with a smile on her
lips hut a dreadful wisdom in
her eyes. For she knows full
well that above all other cities
she means America to the little
yellow men.
A Happy City
Hill after hill—crowned with
stars, circled by the singing tide
the very air perfumed with love
liness —roses and acacia, violets
and magnolias spilling their
fragrance to meet the salt savor
of the sea. And up and down
her alleys and glittering high
ways a happy people went.
Now they still go—as proud in
their bearing, as Arm in their
tread, as ever before.
But where once they faced
life and drank it deep to its
purple dregs they now fare the
menace that is arising over the
loom o’ the lights.
Each wave brings it nearer,
each night draws it closer. When
and if it will come no one ran
know, hut this all America
should know.
Walt and Laugh
Still she sits on her lovely
hills, fragrant and jeweled,
beautiful above all cities. But
now her hay bristles with guns.
Along her far-flung beaches
more guns are camouflaged.
Still she is the great senorita.
hut there is a knife in her garter
and when the time comes she
will know how to use it.
This is San Francisco. This is
No other nation not even
Britain, ran understand this
strange thing—that a people
]f]ewd for Iff] ode tn lA/omen
For ihopping information, tolophono Joan Doan, CHorry 8800, lino 347
may w'ait and laugh. A free
A people who might escape to
the mountains and the hidden
valleys, yet view such escape
with contempt.
Frae People
A city under the shadow . Yet
women plant their victory gar
dens beneath that shadow. And
boys and girls dance and fall in
love and marry. And beneath
my w-indow. which I must tape
today, a humming bird has its
This is San Francisco. This is
America. This is how' free people
face the threat of death.
ago some one who had
also faced death summed it all
up in these words with the same
smile—"O death, where is thy
sting; O grave, where is thy
Death ran never conquer a
nation that waits and smiles,
and fringes its smile with guns.
Copyn*ht, 1*43. by Kin* r»«»ur*«
Ifißßr ' tjtfyy'
With Father's Day looming ahead, daughter might
ptek a dashing new straw hat for dad's gift. If father's
a conservative soul, present him with a gift certiArate and
let him pick hia own. That way, you can't go wrong.
combines white eyelet-embroidered cotton with navy apun
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Fruit and Vegetable Salads
Ideal tor Summer Meals
SALAD TIME is here, giving
us a splendid opportunity for
getting fresh fruit* and vege
tables into family meals. It’s
our patriotic duty thi* year to
use as many of the fresh foods
in season as possible rather than
opening canned ones.
In making salads particularly
appealing it's important to have
fresh, crisp and well-chilled
foods. Don't forget the garni
ture. whether it he a slice of
pickle, nuts or a maraschino
cherry . . . and do get color into
the combination.
Here are salad recipes to help
you in planning summer meals.
Treasure Basket Salad
R medium tomatoes
V pound cottage cheese
*♦ cup mayonnaise
W teaspoon onion, grated
** teaspoon salt
teaspoon pepper
’a Spanish onion
1 large green pepper
Let tuce
Cut a slice off stem end of
tomatoes. Remove wed* and
invert to drain. Mix cottage
cheese with mayonnaise, onion
and seasonings and All tomatoes.
Replace topa on tomatoes. Ar
range on lettuce-covered chop
plate with green pepper and
onion rings dropped carelessly
into the center of the plate.
Serve with mayonnaise to which
pistachio or other nutmeats have
been added. Use 4 tablespoons
nutmeats to I*4 cupe mayon
naise. Serves 8.
Short Notice Salad
1 medium tomato
1 medium green pepper
6 ounces cream cheese
1 cup mayonnaise
Vs teaspoon onion, grated
4 slices pineapple
10 slices unpeeled red apple
V cup mint jelly
Remove tops from tomato and
green pepper; remove seeds. In
vert tomato to drain. Mix
cream cheese with 2 tablespoons
of the mayonnaise and grated
onion; pack firmly into tomato
and pepper shells. Chill thor
oughly and slice.
Arrange lettuce leaves on chop
plate with slices of tomato, green
pepper, pineapple and apples.
Serve with mayonnaise to which
jelly has been added. Serves 4.
Appla Cebbage Salad
3 apples
3 tablespoons lemyn juice
1 cup seedless raistns
4 cups shredded raw cabbage
1 cup mayonnaise
Salt and pepper
Wash apples and dice coarsely
without paring Add lemon
juice and toss. Mix with raisins
and shredded raw cabbage, then
add mavonnaise and season to
taste, toss and serve at once.
Senes 8.
Luxurious Cape
SQUARE YARDS of ermine—
and a considerable footage of
sable—go into the stunning
ermine cape which Lucille Ball
wears in at least half the scenes
In her current production,
"The Big Street.”
Cape is snow ermine, floor
length, the parka hood banded
extravagantly with sable. The
girl Lucille plays in the picture
i« so attached to this wrap that
she insists on wearing It on
practically all occasiona.
Put Ceiling
On Weight
WHAT DO you think Uncle
Sam’s first move was when Con
gress got around to deciding in
favor of a feminine army?
Why, he promptly put a ceiling
on avoirdupois!
If you tip the beam at higher
than the standard weight chart
allowance for your height—and
age—you can’t get into this new
Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps.
But Uncle Sam is pretty
broadminded. As you get into
the 21 plus stages you are al
lowed to weigh more.
At the age of 21 you are sup
posed to weigh around 106
pounds for a height of 6 feet;
from 21 to 25 you can weigh
114 pounds for the same height;
from 26 to 30, you can go on up
to 117 pounds; from 31 to 35.
you are allowed to reach 120
pounds; from 36 to 40 a weight
of 123 pounds, and from 41 to
45 you can hit 123 to 126
pounds top.
The scale goes up to a maxi
mum of about 171 pounds for
women f feet tall.
Normal Weight
But regardless of age, the
best women soldiers will be the
ones who hold their normal
Whatever you are entitled to
weight at 30 is your best weight
from then on.
You can see that weight has
nothing to do with age. Your
bones do not weigh more as
you grow older. Neither do your
Any increase In weight is
simply In fatty tissue and so
much extra burden.
Your normal weight really
depends on your structure.
With a stocky frame you can
weigh more than with a slight
frame. Therefore, a woman of
5 feet 5 inches can weigh up
to 135 poumls and be normal
With a very large frame she
could weigh as much as 146
pounds for normal. The varia
tion in structure changes the
weight figure.
Depends on Freme
Start your figuring on the
basis of a height of 5 feet and
give yourself 100 pounds, 106
pounds, 110 pounds and 120
pounds for a alight, medium,
stocky or a very large frame.
Then, if you have an excep
tionally large frame you can
get away with a bit extra.
For each inch over 5 feet you
are entitled to five extra pounds
of weight. And that is all there
is to this weight business. Your
structure is the deciding factor.
Check Weight
It’s nice to know that the
WAAC’s will be kept in good
shape with girdles. When we
get around to rationing these
garments they will be given
preference. That is at it
should be.
You may not be able to volun
teer but you would do well to
get into good condition. Check
up on your weight.
If you are overweight, you are
not as efficient as you should be.
The women who are left be
hind are going to have to do
more work and they can carry
on better with weight at normal.
Coprrtsbt, IMS. by King FoAturoo
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v \>\'
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Apples Filled With Sausage
are the answer to that oft
sought something different for
Sunday night suppers. Core and
peel required number of apples.
Fill cavities with well-seasoned
sausage meat.
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Joan Daan
Bake in a moderate oven until
tender. Arrange on rounds of
toast, pour a teaspoon melted
butter over each and serve very
hot. Garnish with parsley and
fried sausage.

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