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Detroit evening times. (Detroit, Mich) 1921-1958, September 10, 1944, FINAL, Image 93

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Pvt.: ‘Threadbare why the last
time I «ent thia blouse to the cleaner’s
they returned it oh a spool.”
Scoff Fie/d Broadcaster
Junk Man: “Any old beer bottles to
sell, lady?”
Old Maid: “Do I look like I drink
Man: “Any old vinegar bot*
Scoff Fie/d Broadcaster
Think of the poor guys who will wind
up married to sergeants after this war.
Marine Corps Chevron
“Pardon me,” said the soldier, “may
] have this dance with you?”
uwn SymU)r««* Ikr
"We ought to come early sometime and see if we can see the ocean."
r¥ m
# j
“I wont a mink coot for Christmas."
“No, you can’t,” replied the aloof
blonde, ‘‘l never dance with anyone
lower than a second lieutenant.”
“I didn’t know there was anything
lower.” replied the soldier.
Coolidqe Sand Storm
from the South Pacific comes the
story of the happy sailor on convoy
duty, sailing through shark-infested
waters. He sang and danced in the
face of danger day after day. Finally
the C.O. asked him just why he was so
gay. The seaman replied: “Well, sir, 1
haven’t got a worry in the world be
cause 1 know Uncle Sam is a smart
business man and he won’t let anything
happen to me because I’m one of his
;2£ • 7L' v
“Don't worry when the Admirol
finds he has left such an important
man behind he'll turn the fleet around
and come back for you."
ten thousand dollar policyholders.”
Atlantic Patrol in Melville Skeettr
The only thing this year’s bathing
suits leave to the imagination is what
makes them so expensive.
Captain: “Have you cleaned the deck
and polished the brass?”
Sailor: “Yes.-sir, and I’ve swept the
homon with my telescope.”
Marine Corps Chen on
“Jdow could you tell the rookie used
to be a bookkeeper?”
“Every time he stands at ease he
tnes to tuck the rifle behind his ear.”
Marine Corps Chevron
“Have you any physical defects?”
“Yes, *tr —no guts.”
Banana Peelings
Many words could be written about
the Banana River mosquitoes but we
will stick to the facts and make it brief.
The enlisted men’s barracks here was
originally red- brick, but the mosqui-
“Gosh, I hod the most beautiful dream
last night —in technicolor with on all
star Hollywood cast."
toes, mistaking the redness for blood,
suuked all the coloring out.
We remember one sailor who was
bitten by a rattlesnake and as he was
limping over to the dispensary he was
attacked by a swarm of skeeters. They
sucked all the poison out and died like
Only last year a Leatherneck was
attacked by a squadron of mosquitoes.
He grabbed a hammer and took refuge
under a large iron kettle. As those
skeeters drove their stingers right
through the iron he riveted them to the
inside of the kettle. The angry mos
quitoes flew away with the kettle and
the sailor was billed for the pot.
Banana Peelings
Chivalry is a man’s inclination to
defend a woman against every man but
himself. Greenwood Gremlin
“Let’s wait until tomorrow," said the
Marine’s girl friend. “I don’t believe
in hasty marriages!”
Marine Corps Chevron

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