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Baby Deserter Sentenced
Detroit Socialite
Linked in Trysts
WASHINGTON. Nov* 16 »M Ryan McCown, lawyer. Trynn.
N. C.. today answered charges that he had been intimate on at
least two occasions with his client, Mrs. Dancld F. Boone,
estranged wife of Mtj. Boone and former Detroit socialite.
Mrs. Boone, the former Martha
Feree Lightner, was named in her
husband s accusation in a $25,000
libel suit against McCown. whom
he charged with writing the army
adjutant general accusing Maj.
Boone of misappropriating and un
lawfully with the
truat fund 6f hit two children.
Boone, who previously had won
custody of the children, charged
the letters were written to force
his discharge from the service.
In his argument. Maj. Boone
said he saw his wife and McCown
enter a house in Winston-Salem.
N. C., where they stayed for an
hour and a half.
Later, he alleges, he saw them
“caress" in a car
On another occasion Mai.
Boone charges, he saw Mrs. Boone
sitting on McCown’s lap after
they had driven to t a "wooded
area "
A district court Jury was told
today that Maj. Boone is under
indictment in a North Carolina
court for embezzlement in con
nection with the trust funds set
up by the estate of Mrs. B<xjne's
The charge of adultery, origi
nally included in the libel suit.'
wa* deleted by the court in a
pre-trial decision on the grounds
the statue of limitations has
One of the letters, read to the*
Jury, reported Boone's indictment
and an appeal by him from an
adverse North Carolina supreme
court decision pending in the
court of appeals.
McCown denied any intimacy
with Mrs. Boone and told the jury
he was careful never to be alone
with her. after he heard Maj.
Boone had threatened to sue any
one having anything to do with
He said he associated with an
older attorney in representing
Mrs. Boone and did nothing with
out his supervision.
The wedding of the Lightner
heiress and the descendant of the
fabulous frontier fighter. Daniel
Boone, created a furor in Detroit
society circles in 1934
More than 1.500 of the coun
try's top drawer society including
many from Detroit, attended the
wedding in North Carolina
Mrs. Boone is a Vassar gradu
Britain Eyes Auto Mart
LONDON. Nov. 16 (UP)—Brit
ain’s automobile industry’ will pro
duce a small-sized postwar car in
hopes of capturing a sizeable por
tion of the overseas market, a
London auto official said today.
In the Times TODAY
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National Bank for aafekerplni a low-coat
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Onh Detroit Newxpapet Carrying Both
45th Year. No. 48 C Detroit 31, Mich., Friday, Nov. 17, 1944 5 Cents

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International Photo
. . . she’s a Detroit heiress . . .
U. 5. Loses 200,349
On Western Front
—The war department announced
today that U. S. Army casualties
in France, the Lowlands and the
German border region from the
time of the invasion to Nov. 1
totaled '200,349.
Of these. 35,884 are listed as
killed, 145.788 wounded and 18,-
FRANCE—Six Allied armies join co-ordinated offensive along
400-mile front. (Page 1.)
PACIFIC—Gen. MacArthur announces American invasion of
Mapia Islands off New Guinea. (Page 1.)
RUSSIA —Reds capture Jaszbereny and plunge on toward
Budapest. fPag^2.)
Case Loving
Mother, 21,
Gets 90 Days
Charged with abandoning her
children while she frequented
Detroit taverns, Mrs Betty Young,
21, of 2638 Cascade. Norwayno
project. Nankin Township, was
found guilty today and sentenced
to 90 days in jail.
The woman was found guilty by
Wayne Judge Italy Vining, who
passed sentence.
Mrs. Young, arrested early this
morning by Bethune police In a
tavern at 8054 Twelfth, admitted
that she had not seen her two
children, Nancy. 4. and Diana. 4
months, since she left them with
a neighbor and came to Detroit
two weeks ago.
The neighbor. Mrs. Louise
Snyder, also of the Norwayne
project, called sheriff's deputies
yesterday when Mrs. Young failed
to return to reclaim the children.
Mrs. Young’s husband. Carl, is
in the navy attached to a base
in this country.
Mrs. Snyder told the sheriff’s
deputies that Mrs. Young and she
had gone on a shopping trip to
Dearborn Nov. 2. taking the two
children with them.
After shopping until mid-after
noon. Mrs. Young suddenly
boarded a Detroit-bound bus,
shouting to Mrs. Snyder that she
was going to Detroit to see her
mother, the neighbor said.
When Detroit police questioned
Mrs. Young's mother, they were
told that Mrs. Young had not
been at her house.
Flood Control
Senate No. 1 Bill
—The Senate voted today to take
up the House-approved billion
dollar flood control hill as its
first legislative business of the
“lame duck’' session.
Senator Overton <D> of Louisi
ana, chairman of the commerce
sub-committee in charge of the
measure, who offered the motion,
announced that the half-billion
dollar rivers and harbors bill
would he presented next. Overton
said debate on the flood control
bill will begin Monday.
In the House. Speaker Ray
burn (D) of Texas said that he
saw little prospect of Congress
“freezing’’ the social security pay
roll tax at ihis session of
More Tires in 1945
AKRON. Nov. 16 <INS>
Board Chairman John W. Thomas
of Firestone today predicted
doubling of passenger car tire pro
duction next year.
Ethel Barrymore Gains
NEW YORK. Nov. 16 (UP)-
Actress Ethel Barrymore, 65.
spent a “more comfortable” night
at Flower Hospital. Drs. Louis
Rene Kaufman and Thomas Mc-
Gavach announced today.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 (UP)—Chairman William
H. Davis and two other public members of the W ar Labor
Board have agreed to remain at their posts for the time
being despite their desire to resign, the White House
announced today.
CHUNGKING, Nov. 16 (UP)—Liberators of the
14th Air Force bombed the Kowloon docks at Hong Kong
last night, scoring hits on the target area, a communique
announced today.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 (INS)—The Senate today
speedily confirmed the nomination of former Justice
James F. Byrnes to be director of the Office of War
Mobilization, a post which he now holds under executive
BOSTON, Nov. 16 (UP)—Striking Boston truck
drivers voted unanimously at a mass meeting today to
continue their five-day “holiday” until their intra-union
dispute, which already has cost New England food dealers
an estimate $200,000* is satisfactorily settled.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 (INS)—President Roose
velt today nominated Paul Porter, publicity director of
the Democratic national committee, as a member of the
Federal Communications Commission to succeed James
L. Fly. *
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 16 (UP)—A mercy plane, racing
against death, was en route to St. Louis today in an at
tempt to save the life of 4-year-old Darlene Brynum of
Inola, Okla., who has an open safety pin lodged in her
OAKLAND, Cal.! Nov. 16 (INS) —An earthquake
shook the courthouse and other buildings in Oakland and
several houses in nearby La Fayette at 11:04 a. m. today,
causing many bay area residents to believe an explosion
had occurred.
Dice Loaded, Loser Says
George Raft Wins
SIO,OOO at Craps
NEW YORK. Nov. 16 (INS)—
George Raft, Hollywood's famous
“bad man” of the movies, may
have been lucky to the tune of
SIO,OOO in a game of “galloping
dominos” but his bodyguard and
general factotum. Mack Gray,
says he won’t stand for any sug
gestion that there was anything
wrong with the dice.
Raft was lamed yesterday as
the Hollywood star alleged to
have been the luckiest participant
i., a dice game in which Martin
Shurin Jr., prer.ident of the Hud
son Aircraft Co., says he lost
S}B.SC9 in 20 minutes and was
later informed the dice were
According to ‘the district at
torney's office, where Shurin has
made a complaint, the dice game
took place at a gay party on
March 24 in the New York apart
ment Of Leo (Lippy) Durocher,
manager of the Brooklyn
The dice, ;ccording to the in
formation given by Shurin to
District Attorney Hogan, were
fumishad by one of two Broadway
“characters’' who wera present.
Shurin’s complaint was made
when the wife of one of the
Broadway ‘•characters," furious
after finding her husband in the
embraces of a beautiful blonde,
allegedly told the aircraft mag
nate that he had been the victim
of "loaded" dice.
A long distance telephone call
to Raft's home in Hollywood
failed to connect with the movie
star himself, but his bodyguard.
Gray, volunteered the following
“Shurin’s story is all wet.
There was a dice game, but It
was his idea and Raft didn’t
make any IS passes as Shurin
says. Raft won about SIO,OOO.
If 1 remember right, Shurin
won some money himself."
Durocher himself was not pres
ent at the party, having permitted
one of his friends to use his apart
ment for the evening.
There were 10 men and three
women at the party, according to
Shurin. When the dice game be
gan. Raft was the first to throw
the dice, Shurin said, and he
asserts the movie star made 13
"passe*" in a row,
PARIS, Nov, 16 (UP)—-The American Ninth and First armies
today joined in Gen. Eisenhower’s grand offensive which may
result in the final full dress battle of the European war, and six
Allied armies were attacking along a 400-mile front from Arnhem
in Holland to the Swiss frontier. Eisenhower has now more armies
in action than he ever had committed to the
Yanks Make
New Invasion
Above Guinea
PINES, Nov. 16 (UP)
American invasion troops
have landed on the Mapia
Islands, 115 miles above the
northwest coast of New
Guinea, to knock out an
enemy warning station on the
American bombing route to
the Philippines, it was an
nounced today.
The new landing was revealed
by Gen. MacArthur as his troops
on Leyte, 900 miles to the north
west, sprang a trap on perhaps
3,000 Japanese near Limon, prob
ably completing their encirclement
in double envelopment drive.
Only slight resistance was en
countered in the Mapias. 145 miles
northwe3t of American held Biak
and 135 miles north of Noemfoor
in New Guinea's Geelvink Bay.
MacArthur said in a supplement
to his daily communique.
A naval and air bombardment
preceded the landing by a com
paratively small force V’ednesday.
The landing was designed to de
prive the enemy of observation
posts from which he could warn
Halmahera and Japanese occupied
islands in the Philippines of the
approach of American heavy
bombers and transport planes
from New Guinea.
Front dispatches indicated that
two flanking columns from Gen.
Irving’s 24th Division in northwest
Leyte already had effected a junc
tion about two miles south of|
Limon after sxveeping down either
side of a reinforced enemy regi
ment on the Ormoc-Limon road.
MacArthur’s communique said the
division “practically severed" the
road between Limon and Ormoc,
20 miles to the south, behind the
enemy from both ea.st and west
Franco O. K's De Gaulle
NEW YORK, Nov. 16 (INS)
Official notification that Gen.
Franco’s regime recognizes Gen.
De Gaulle’s administration as the
provisional government of France
was received in Paris today, a
British broadcast said.
13 mid 44 4a. m. 43 13 noon 40
1 a m. 43 7 a m. 43 1 p m 41
lam 43 lam. 44 3pm 4.7
3a. m. 43 9 a an 43 3 p m. 40
4a. m 43 10 a. m 39
sa. m. 43 11 a. m. 39
Th« tun will art at « 10 p m today and
rtk* tomorrow at * 34 a m
Th* moon will irt at 7 p m today and
rlac tomorrow at 9: S 3 a m
"Thaaa gas and
cigarot black
markets stem
from a let of
black hearts."
Snow flurries
and colder
with lowest
about 32:
cloudy and
continued cold
,110 W ..jfayatta, at NlcMiaa. «pp City
HalL Hour a. #-*. T*L CA ««89 -Ad*.
attack at one time.
The announcement that the “mystery’' Ninth
Army was attacking was the first disclosure that
it was on the western fr6nt ready to crash the gates
of Germany, and field dispatches said it was w edged
between the British Second and American First
armies in the German-Belgian-Dutch sector.
The First and Ninth armies issued succinct announce
ments of their new drives which opened around noon with
the support of thousands of warplanes and field guns.
Lt. Gen. Hodges* First Army in the Aachen area struck
toward the Rhine in the wake of a smashing aerial bombard
ment of enemy positions by more than 1,200 heavy bombers
which dropped 4.800 tons of explosives.
9th Army Goes Into Action
Lt. Gen. Simpson’s Ninth Army, whose movements
have been kept secret since its formation, went into action
in concert with the British Second Army’s drive in Holland,
likewise supported by a heavy aerial attack on German
South of these three armies, the American Third, the
American Seventh and the French First were pounding
German lines from Luxembourg to the Vosges Mountains.
The Third Army closed in rapidly on beseiged Metz
from the north but was slowed up on the south and west
of that fortress by German counterattacks which retook
Peltre and Fort Hubert.
The U. S. attacks in Holland and Germany opened as Lt
Gen. Patton’s Third Army in northeastern France clamped its
seige arc tighter on Metz in smashes to within one mile and a
half of the fortress city from the south.
United Press war correspondent Edward V. Roberts sent
from the Ninth Army front the first announcement about it since
an early autumn statement that Samp#n had taken over the
Hodges' Troops Slug Germans
A like announcement sent from First Army headquarters by
United Press war correspondent Jack Frankish disclosed that
Hodges' troops were slugging the Germans on their home soil
Simultaneously the Eighth Air Force announced that more
than 1.200 of its Flying Fortresses and Liberators, accompanied
by more than 450 fighters, crashed destructive loads of frag
mentation bombs on the German frontline positions in the Duren-
Eschweiler area east of Aachen.
At supreme headquarters it was observed that the mighty
aerial onslaught ahead of the attacking troops was comparable
to those preceding the break-throughs at St. Lo and Caen in
“Before today’s attack began,
the deepest American penetra
tion of Germany had been II
miles," Frankish reported, im
plying that the Americans now
had exceeded that depth in the
new drive aimed across the
Cologne plain toward the Rhine.
After almost two weeks of low
ceilings, rain and snow, the
weather lifted sufficiently today
to permit the aerial bombard
ment. Hodges’ doughboys had
been poised for action a week and
went over the top as soon as the
heavy bombers had got in their
Rain and snow on the front In
side Germany had turned most of
the roads into quagmires of mud
and slush.
Returning airmen reported that
the entire bombing area appar
ently was well blanxeted. and the
whole region was left covered by
Col. Joseph A. Moller of Win
netka. 111., who led a formation of
Fortresses, described the bombing
as "air power beyond belief—wing
after wing—with unbroken chains
of planes turning into the target
area and showering down a solid
rain of bombs."
On the Third Army front, the
Americans closed steadily against
Metz despite German counter
attacks south and west of the city.
Though the counterthrusts
wedged into their spearheads, the
Americana still were within a lit
tle more than a mile of Metx from
the south and within a mile and
one half to a mile and three quar
ters from the fortress city from
the west. The German escape
(Continued oa Pago S, Col. f)
Road Captured
ROME. Nov. 36 (INS)—The
vital Florence-Forli road is en
tirely in Allied hands. Gen.
i Wilson revealed tpday, reporting
new British Eighth Army ad
vances north and west of Forll in
a drive designed to straighten the
Italian front line between Forli
and Livergnano.
Allied naval headquarters In the
Mediterranean disclosed that a
small commando landing assault
was carried out against the island
of Melos, in the Aegean Sea off
the shores of Greece.
Forward elements of the British
Eighth Army, north of Forli,
expanded their positions along
the Montone, The communique
said the river was reached "on
a wide front. ’
West of the captured town,
other Eighth Army units chalked
up further gains near Monte
Poggioho and seized the town of
Majority Treaty O.K.
By Congress Urged
Rep. Merrow (R) of New
Hampshire today advocated adop
tion of a constitutional amend
ment to permit treaty ratification
by a majority vote of both houses
of Congress.
“If s majority of both house*
ran lead the country’ Into war,
rertalnly a majority of both
houses should he sufficient la
make peace," Merrow told tha

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