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Pirt 2,
Ferriss Long Way
From Freshman Marx
CHICAGO. June If—Dave Fer
ris*’ brilliant pitching for the R*-ti
Sox recall* that Oren Summers
of the Tigers set the freshman
high for a winning pitcher in
190$, with 24 victories against 12
defeats for a .567 average . . .
Grover C Alexander won 2$ and
lo*t 13 for the Phillies in his
first scaT&i .
Here in Chi- *
caficd Johnny
came up from '
the Tex a « W^ n
1 eag u e and kfj
won his first ■p*’
eight games, 8
u hich Ferriss l
then dropped
13 out of his kick iuur
next 18 game*
After three years of separation,
George Uzelac, former Meadow -
brook caddiemaster. and his
brother Nick, a star amateur
golfer hereabouts met in Ger
many just at the end of the
European war . . . Georges ieep
bad broken down and Nick fixed
it for him.
Frank (Stubby) Overmire,
Tiger southpaw, likes hill-billy
music ... He gets It from the
Moline hills, bark of Grand
Rapids, where he was horn . . .
Bob Swift,-the only registered,
Better Housekeeping approved
chef among the Tigers, brags
that he ran make chocolate
cake better than anybody in
the world.
Got a Bargain
Fred Hooper, owner of Hoop Jr.,
winner of the recent Kentucky
Derby, comes from south Georgia
via Jacksonville. Fla. ... He
picked up Hoop Jr in Florida for
a bargain. 510,500 . . . The man
agement at Churchill Downs
keep# secret the actual Kentucky
Derby attendance figures . . . and
refuses to install a totalizer so
that the amount of money bet
can be seen.
American Hockey League has
idea* about putting a team in
Columbus, O.
Steve O’Neill, who toured the
south Pacific with a I SO base
ball group, doesn't miss a bet
trying to do something for the
soldier boys . . . When the Ti
gers were in Cleveland recently,
the Tiger skipper found time to
visit a hospital and talk with
wounded veterans . . . Because
of the housing shortage. Pepper
Martin, former Cardinal star,
has had to sleep In the San
Diego hall park where he man
ages the ball team.
Is Ruffing Sensitive
Charley Ruffing, discharged sol
dier who expects to rejoin the
Yankees next month, insists he
weighs only 235 pounds, not 243
as reported ... "I am only 10
pounds more than when I worked
out with the Yankees last,” pro
claims Red.
The Detroit Lions, who will train
at Windsor’s Assumption College,
almost picked Tilbury, near
Chatham, for their camp . . . Til
bury is the town made famous by
Dr. Charles E. Ballard . . A
move to change the name from
Tilbury to Ballard was reported
recently. .
Red Run Golf Pairings
Palrinn Iftf ftuailfylni cum! R"! Pun
tr'lU'ioaal * olt tournament Fu , *.*t ‘un* 32
9 ).>— Joen-T M f-*rtc**t Nlca
fenaija-CdPly C.u »
« an—war6-Coie * w«'f* y «
Barfield. WMhinfton. /D C -Waiter P. ie
« 4%—Trti Water* Cleveland
a Fl*m!-R Mann
9 ft*.—Ocr*» Cruirk»hank-Ceor,e Sullburk
«nd Bob Ztnn
10 fto—Jirr.M F Lewlft-B'-h -• »t.l*l. To
ledo Ed Tatker A B L-Wp 1 • 1
10 20—Dr G*"'fe A Sefltt-V! lift'd;*
V lim V»»u-C Kiftjenke
10 2*>—Bob Doufiaa-H H Gab*ln-.an F J
H*nk*l-Carl Dan It 11
IP ft ft—Dr l**hn Galvin- Jon-i he.field Dr
Brink Beverly Dr B i Roach
10 4ft furl Cftrm'>’'»-B'’h S r irrik*- T
t B'.itln Jr H Lumftier. Port Hur*>i.
10 *o—Ertd WJrth-Di D J Jaftar FUr-
CH Kret>t
10 • ft—H W Taylfte Jr Hfnld V*h**-
F'luri'i McCarthy-Harry Ha:b#i»*r.. On in
n*M • _ _
11 oft— r; jr Ft-artNoom-Jark Dt.tne
H»rr 1 Purdy-Fred «Mfld*
11 10—Hr A V Knu-A W lilt” P be*'
:i 20—w B Cr»*tnra-l*s Crlman H B
S': lir.ift-C F HJWtltnr
i 1 25—C W fvtul-A H E»h»e* H B
LeHarte-C B Doty
11 Ift B'b P*'era-Monro* Manr Bay M r
rtj G#cj*e CunnUiiftim
11 40—W A And D W Glunie C'*v, »-d
*• C Melvln-Dr H V D«y*r
11 ftO—Carl McClure-Jerry F*,rd A! V».*r-
V *4 Burdette
11 ftft—H J Wallich-Frank Ma'k S'ev*
A*«b»r»-Jft'k Lud»l|
12 Oft —Chuek K'*c»l»-t* , *fMjell Mou» Id
F --*r **l..*-L* Chu'k Efieaton
1 a 10—Sandford Brown N*« Yora-D ty'.A
El'* A C CMmtv»r* oar'ner
t 2 20— r J F*r*»H Brink Curd
B»nldi Bryn* ir.d Arnold Mirk »*
13 }S—H*rir!* Mllltr-Ji'k BOAT C’tnd
Rtpldf Jobr Drt**r-pftve '*'»rt Firi-iw
<j jj—Wt: iA*r A Filey Wt tarn G-*» Tim
I 3 40—J Luk* Hoffman T*d C«lmar. Htrrr
12 ftO-r B It'TtP*•» Don V
rpir>* B Ay-ookH L like*. At *r*»
13 *ft—Raul Webb-A CarsM Car. Harrl
» n ftA'ilttr C ArlAftr
1 Oft—A B B*Pum*r.' A V B-**' •
r. W MA'hlAftn-CAr >»*r-ud GrAnd P*r J *
1• 1 ft—Hif'Md BAdft*lkl A t f '»*» B'b
B*An-808 Bowtll
1 2ft— Rty I^iTAßftr-Gordon BlrjbAiifr Jrp.n
F**»l-Botr» Dytr
1 2ft—W’Airtr HAftn Bill Bobtm; CPri#
Brlrk*-B.Ay Lyon
1 Ift—Lt W A Ilf"* !.» T O
r'>-rdn#r CroiA* Ilf B B W*yAnd-ThAr *«
l 40—Jot OApIA-k-Art MfNAbb, H B Ar.*
B'>ft Oiaoo
1 ftO—Monir#'V»l'*' By v •; >'> Grird
F-"*» !*»#! r*rri'-k.fti V D vFr.ff •
1 *ft-Erk*f B'l'k r.-*-jI r **-•
r • •** Bui* Jar*i» Gf*<r** N* - G At.d
3 ftft—C B L!*tl*-Arr>''ld t/>c*frbT Grind
Bipldi, Tla Grilftn-parinfr.
Couldn't Make Prep Team, But Swam 19 Hours to Escape Japs
-Jun# 17, 1945
They were off of Tulagi in a
3b-foot landing barge on anti
sub patrol. They had a couple
of machine gun*, two depth
A huge cruiser came up.*No
flag She opened fire on the
tinv boat. She was a Jap. all
right The boal was smashed.
Slugs tor* mia th* two marines
and the three other coast
guardmrn who were with Bob
It was cold blooded murder.
Canavan was telling the story.
He is here this week with the
“Hit the Beach'* exhibit aboard
Eyes Will Be
On Nelson
Toledoan Heads
Stars in Big Fore
The Big Fore golfing jamboree,
Friday through Sunday of thej
coming week al Plum Hollow
will present a double-barreled op
portunity to Detroiters
Of major importance is the fact
that it will enable the city’s great
army of golfers to do something
worthwhile for the veterans of
Percy Jones Hospital Proceeds
of what is by far the banner golf
attraction of the year here will I
po to the hospital's recreational
AKo. it's important from a
strictly golfing angle, and not
alone because of the keen com
petition certain to he centered in
the 72-hole engagement involving
four of the game's greatest stars.
It will gi\e Detroiter* their
fir>.t rloseup of Byron Nelson in
almost two \rars an opportunity
to discover for themselves what
makes this maestro of the links
Mr Nelson’s last competitive
appearance here was in the 19-13
Ryder Cup match, also at Tlum
Hollow. His greatness was estab
lished long before that and the
hupe galleries thrilled to his
wizardry with irons and woods
as he reeled off scores of 68-68-69
while helping the Cuppers defeat
Walter Hagen’s Challengers .
This man from Toledo has be
come an even greater sensation
since then. Hi> brilliant |>eif<*rm
anci-s and repeated successes of
the last two years have made his
record so outstanding he surely
has won a place alongside the
all-time flreats of golf.
Even some of those diehards
who w'ere |>o«itive thrre'd never
he another Harry Yardon or
Bobby Jones, or. say, another
Walter Hagen or Gene Sarazen.
i have relented and now will permit
j Nelson's name to be linked with
While Nelson will be favored
at Plum Hollow, there can be no
guarantee he will wih. Golf's too
uncertain tor that His opponents
also are standout golfers and
have beaten Nelson before
The golfer who w ill replace Sam
Snead, out with a broken w-rist,
hasn't been selected as yet.
Adding to a great show- will
be the aopearanee of four Detroit
pros—Al Watrous, Claude Har
mon. Frank Walsh and Chick
riay will start at 3, p. m.. Fri
day and Saturday; Sunday's two
rounds at 10 a. iji. and 2:30 p. m.
Womens District
To Open Tuesday
Tht Women’s District Golf As
sociation. inactive for two years
except for an occasional get-to
gether event, swing hack into ac
tion Tuesday morning at Detroit
Golf Club. The first of seven
weekly tournaments already ar
ranged wtH-be pbtyrd then. -
2 Ift—.l D McKnlcht-B A M'<~l!-kfft.
Ts rt Chirlfk P-rr~»«fy-ChArlf» vf)»u*y.
- J - Hfnry Mftu»-Gtorit Girnfr; Jarim
Eli U-ft H Rydfr
. . H P WA!m»lfy-Ml? Knbfrt BiU|h.
Cl* '.rnc '.for** E(fr-H R Connor
• Dric>' n-william Andfrion C. J.
H* .i-Jsmfi Plddfli.
—E P Pnnkfn Vlorfnt E"» Grind
R» P -it*- Jnidfn-Ed Plfk Grind Pipld*
. *.r>— Mirvln f;»n A N. ChrlMenkfn:
Jir-• ■ Wi »C lurnld Miyr*ff
• a i i Limiini. Art SirA»<'n-
Pr-v ; iriw,n
ft**—H t Urglt P* ry Byitd Chirlf*
**•"•*f** P*d Wf d* ant Arbor
< *ft K G Vlilff-Mn Mlihy; Jot \>w
Pint J F VfMullfn
' 20—1 F Latin.*• C M Citnnbf)'. m*|-
r.i* L C l-liir dry Si|lr.i« W a Jickion
S 26 T a Gt'vln-Erink Jopni'.onr f P
H* nr; Jr>r Ellbrlct't
1.1 ft— H R urrhird-Kiy Fi m*- Kill*
Dft i > : »rtn*r
t 40- a 1 OMmach*r-William Km 1 John
MoC y-P' b*r! Rud*»lll
y fto—w»**><. cud Hu d
Tr ;nM*y-r,,fn EURt’
4 00—Churk Hirrlinn. Linilni Dt'uy Biftm
Tnt f 1 wit.| »tll ouillfy prior to Friday
Jun* ;.
F:auk Faff ' S»t Wilter Burkfmr
ftr **r.in BCG' Uld Fr*d and L/*»rfy
Karr.mfr Kr-t Zlmnifrman Frank F’.rit*r
H H Diyldun-Cip' H P Divider. C
Hof:n-H R K*r» Hirrr Br‘»nPial
p**ry K R B*ird»lff-P J Bf.l P b
Hftwfll-Warrfn F*i»f Jr Pit Cornlih-Andy
’ • < :■ .1 lU' .1 'l:*';-
Improvad PalanUd \ fcolda fh* mtut-lfi tofffhfr itirh a aftft oonrar*
DOBBS TRUSS l r ,,J •• ■ Rurmrp tlfhtlv rlftAKi *r Hll fimn
I "h'lf working, lifting vi king or awlmmlng.
Nietftfti Corfnitin* I Llgbtwtlglu, tourhPA body In but two placta.
kt»r.|*r|tltlrt— aioltlry I
cart bi waiMd CANNOT SLIP
fttnon anoula ttach yot* ndl to placo a
| or ball in opening of rupture, which
BULBLESS Weep. muitlfi ipmd a; art.
Single $lO FREE Examination Double sls
e f>*« Dtmontt lofrrrn— 5 n Obligation
Opm 16 A. M. t ROOM 1208. EATON TOWER
• o S P. M, Daily I ** Wtth«r*ll ftt . mi ttfM.dward
- 1 et firm l ark
the LST 512 at the foot of
Woodward avenue.
“I slipped overboard without
a life jaeket be«au»e It would
only iterie »•» a target.
"Bullet* ripped the deck
where I had Just been standing.
1 floated on my hack to pretend
1 had been killed. The cruiser
passed within A 0 feet. My ahip
matea, all shot up, were about
me In the water.
"Then the cruiser came hark.
Machine guns sprayed the
water. My pals were gone.
Everything was still. I decided
■ 1 I
I ■
- -• ir mi f totIMbHIHBBMI .r , jfltoK - .. -m
Off the Hook With Lewis H. Walter
English Horse Player
Wins $15,000 on $3.50 Bet
HOUSE PLAYER’S DREAM DEPT.: An English horse player
has made it Christmas in June by winning $13,000 an a $3.50 bet
. . . put over a four-horse parlay ... in England they call it an
“accumulaior bet ”
One of the most spectacular plungers on the English turf Is
Gordon Roll, who studied Eng
lish raring form for five years
behind the barbed wire of a
German prison camp and placed
his wagers with London book
makers on prisoner-of-war
Now Roll gives champagne
parties for his former prison
rami) companions at the English
tracks . , . recently won SIB,OOO
to s*’o,ooo on the odd afternoon
.... and wind* up with a "gre
nade throwing" exhibition by
tossing empty bottles onto the
grandstand roof.
He told the world Dante
would win the English Derby,
put SIB,OOO right on his nose at
10 to 1 . . . that buys lots of
ON THF. PIXK DEPT.! .limmy
Orlando, for whom a preridonlial
pardon may be sought, is playing
first base for a Canadian army
team in the Halifax area . . . Gor
don Dnllop former Toronto and'
Montreal star, who picked up a
good living off Syl Apps' rebounds,
is sports supervisor for the YMCA
at the Sussex army camp in
Nova Scotia
Tony Demers. ex-Montreal
player who did a mysterious fade
out from the hockey scene after
going from the army to the
Rangers, recently was acquitted
of robbery armed . , . Jack Adams
recently heard from Sid Abel and
Johnnv Mowers, who told him
they hoped to be back from
Europe for next hockey season.
Pete f'nwthnn of the Detroit
Lions fttaff Is sending In stark*
of agreements on the “slee|kers"
he is signing In his search for
pro football material . . . Pete’s
Joh Is to aeout out probable
stars who were missed in the
National l-notlmll League draft
. . . the troop boats from Europe
are bringing bark the best pros
per- ts.
When A 1 Hoener. Detroit race
track parking manager, started
to *t*-ikr out for Tulagi. That
wa« the nearest place, 13 mile*
Thu was the same Boh Cana
van who couldn’t make the
swimming team at Tilden High
in Chicago. Now he was off for
a 13-cnilc swim through shark
infested waters in the south
"Learned later that one of
our Flying Forts got that
cruiser. I like to think of that.
I still hear those slugs slapping
into the bodies of my pals float
ing around me . . .”
There was a strong current.
It threatened to carry him out
to sea. To make the shore he
President Frank Burk putts with de
cidedly different implement at Lochmoor’s
stag day in his honor. Watching the re
sult are A. W. Moesta, Dr. Larry Richards
and Ray Forsyth, Birmingham president.
bulldozers clearing a 10-acre plot
on State Fair Ave. near the track
for a new lot, he had to have a
drainage ditch dug . . . the next
day workmen found it partially
filled and discovered neighborhood
youngster* had been shoveling
until late the previous night.
"You can’t drain off our pond,
mister,” the spokesman of a
y outhful delegation told Hoener.
"This Is where we hunt frogs
all summer.”
Hoener regretfully told his men
to eomplete the job.
"With the meat situation
what It Is. maybe I’d be smarter
to leave the pond and Nplit the
frog legs with the boys on *
percentage basis," said Hoener.
Endurance (Exchange at
This Insurance Exchange al the Automobile
Club of Michigan paid more money this
past year, to and for the insured members
of the Automobile Club of Michigan, then
any other TWO automobile insurance or
ganizations COMBINED paid to all the motor
car owners in Michigan COMBINED.
Detroit Automobile
Inter-Innuranre Exchange
Attorneys-in-fact: Chai. B. Van Duscn
Tho». P. Henry, Ralph Thoma*
John J. Ranney, General Manager
at Automobile (Tub of Michigan
Phon* CHsrry 2911
had to swim 13 miles against
the current.
"I used every stroke so my
muscles wouldn’t cramp. I
prayed ... I sang. I prayed
some more and some more . . •
I tried to drown myself . . .
there times I tried. BIT 1
didn’t "Rave the «.i is."
He made the Island after 19
hours. He floundered up on the
beach . . . coraf reef slashed his
feet . . . natives were friendly
enough but couldn’t understand
him ... he slept for 36 hours in
the bush.
Haefner Blanks
Red Sox, 4-0
—Mickey Haefner pitched and
batted the Washington Senators
to a 4 to 0 victory over the Bos
ton Red Sox today, allowing only
five hits while he himself hit
safely twice and scored both
L*kM 2 0 2 1 Myttt.r 4 2 3 0
Stvlner 2 3 10 1 Turret »* 4 13 4
N*wimr 2 1«01 Vtughn 3 4 0 1 3
Metkvrh 1 4 0 S 0 Kuhtl.l 4 19 0
RJohiti.ll 4 12 0 Uynr 3 4 0 3 3
Mrßrd. rs 4 2 S O Blnk» ft 3 1 ft 0
Culbr»n,c( 4 0 ft 1 <~»sf If 3 13 0
vv»lter»,c 3 0 4 1 Haefner? 3 2 0 1
Terry p 3 10 1
VJ'ihin.p 0 0 0 0
Tot til 32 ft 24 T Tottll 32 927 9
Bcitbfl Oflfl 000 000— 0
Washington 002 000 02*—4
I Run«—V*UEhn. Ferrell. Heffner 2 Error*
—Steiner, Cu!t<er*('n, Bunt btitert In—Mjrttt.
Torres Kuhfl Tw>|i*»e hll—Ferrell. Three
btsr hilt—Trrret Kuhel. Left on bates—Bo»-
ton 7. Washington 4 Bates on balls —Off
Haefner 2 Struck out—By Terry 3, Hitt—
Off Terry 9 In 7** Inmngt. off Johnton 0 In
l s Inning Losing pitcher—Ttrry. Umpires—
B»rry. McGowan and Grieve Attendance—
-3.500. Time of game—l:39.
Later he wandered Into U. S.
marine lines ... he was close to
death because those marines
were shooting at anything that
moved ... a lieutenant held up
fire just in time.
Then then* was a time In a
South Pacific base and Canavan
heard he was going to be
shipped home.
But this wasn't for Bob Cgna
van. He stowed on a plane
headed for the battle area at
the time he was to be boarding
a ship home.
He explained to the coast
guard officer that he was tired
Jug and Bulla
Tied for Lead
Nelson One Shot
Back; Hines Fades
—Harold (Jug) McSpaden and
Johnny Bulla tied for the lead
today at the end of the third round
in the Philadelphia Inquirer golf
tournament afier Jimmy Hines,
the earlv pacesetter, floundered
with a 7-over-par 77.
McSpaden turned in his second
course-record 66 to pick up 11
strokes on Hines. Bulla had an
even par 70.
At the end of 5-1 holes. Mc-
Spaden and Bulla had 205 s and
whose first and second
rounds of 66-67 gave him a
2-stroke advantage over the field
at the start of today's play, had
a 210 for fourth place.
Byron Nelson eased into third
place behind Bulla and McSpaden
with a par 70 for a 206 total. One
stroke off the pace. Nelson was
in a good spot for tomorrow’s
pay off which nets the winner
morp than $5,000.
Amateur Ed Furgol, Detroit,
and Bruce Coltart. tied for fifth
at 211.
Hines, feeling the pressure of
leading the field for two days.
Iwas five over par for 40 on the
first nine. He hit trees three times
on his first six holes
McSpaden went out in a three
under-par 32 by virtue of three
birdies. He bogeved twice in the
hack nine against three birdies.
A smart putt on the 18th assured
his tie with the Burly Bulla.
The leaders were followed by
Ky Laffoon. 211: Sam Byrd, 213,
and Henry Picard. 215.
Trrl Johnson had 216 and Tony
Manero, 217. The 218 bracket
showed Willie Goggin. army Cpl.
Al Besselink. an amateur from
Columbia, S. C. Joe Turnesa hit
219 and Felix Serafin, Joe de
Berardinis and Herman Barron
had 220.
at Shelby
Highlander Scotch Plaid Auto Seat Covers
iiirwnr %i 1
\ A *1
- -r JKM
Put these new, clean and 1 resh-looking seat
covers over old upholstery and see how much bet
ter your car looks! And how much cooler it seems
in summer! Colorful Scotch plaid covers for front
and rear seats. With simulated leather trimming
and contrasting color piped seams. Sizes to fit
almost any 1932 to 1942 car. Elastic inserts
assure snug fit. Blue, maroon or tan.
Extended Payments—No Carrying Charge
Alt* Areeoiort** —IHonr
o l sitting around the hospital
. . . wanted action ... he got
it and coast guard Canavan now
figures his score with the Japs
U somewhat closer to even.
But the 24-year-old Chicagoan
is interested in the HIT THE
BEACH EXHIBIT because the
mock beach Invasion brings
home to the folks what's going
on out there.
“It's pretty close to the real
thing . . . explosions, flame
throwers, rockets, only thing
lacking Is live bullets . . , but
something can happen hut I hope
I don’t have to swim again.”
Answers to
Sport Fans’
Q Who were members of the
famed Four Horsemen of Notre
A—Don Miller, Jim Crowley,
Elmer Lay de n and Harry
Q—Who is commissioner of the
Western Conference?
A—Kenneth L. (Tug) Wilson,
former athletic director at
Northwestern University.
Q—Who did Gus Dorais suc
ceed when he became head foot
ball coach at University of Detroit.
A—Jimmy Duffy, who later
became boxing commissioner.
Q —What is meant by the "St.
Clair Flats"?
A—-The delta formation at
the mouth of the St. Clair
River, In Lake St. (lair, Is
commonly known as the "St.
Clair Flats."
Q—How much does an arrow
weigh used by archers to hunt
A—According to Fred Bear,
well known Detroit how and
arrow hunter, the weight of
this type of arrow ranges from
475 to 000 grains (about I*j
Q—Who were the opposing
pitchers in the seventh game of
the 1940 World Serin T
A—Newsom for Detroit and
Derringer for Cincinnati. Cin
cinnati won, 2-1.
Tiies., June 19—Detroit n. Cleveland (Twilight) 6:00 P. M.
Wed,, June 20—Detroit rc, Cleveland 3:00 P. M,
THers,, June 21—Detroit rs. Cleveland 3:00 P, M.
Briggs Stadium Ticket Office Open 9:30 A. M. te 5:30 P. M.
Mail order* accepted If aeeempaniad t»y check »r rr.Mv
order and aalf-addrataad envelop#
Make Your Car Look New Again!
Main SU'i Hour*: t:00 A. M. ♦© 1.45 P. M.
W. Wortoß s*oro Open Evonißg*: Mob., Pri., s•♦. |
Cards Rally,!
Whip Bucs
18-Hit Barrage
Overcomes Lead
Undaunted by a five-run splurge
by the Pittsburgh Pirates in
first inning, the St. Louis
dinals roared back with an 18-hit
attack that carried them to a 13
to 10 victory. Because Brooklyn
lost, Pittsburgh did not lose the
National League lead.
*B H O A aB H O A
S, hnnat If • 31 0 Handley.3 4 113
Hnpp rs S 3 1 0 aßuiaali l 0 0 rt
Adama.rf 5 1 S 0 Saltz*vrl 10 0 0
Ki »ski. 3 5 3 3 3 Ginfrdo.lf 6 9 10
Sander*. I .3 110 1 t Barrt es 5 3 3 1
Rlcac 1110 Elliott r 5 2 3 0
OTVac 4 13 0 Pahlrm 1 3 o ft o
Verban 2 5 3 1 0 Coarrart 2 3 0 2 L
Marlon • 4 13 4 Barnhrt *5149
Brelehn p 0 o 0 O Lopez.c 2 14 0
B*erly p 3 3 0 3 Ralkeld.e 10 4 0
Donelly p 1 o o 0 Roe p 1 1 0 l
Starr p 0000
Cuwrflo p 1 1 fl O
hColman 1 i 0 O
Re*c*no,p O 0 0 l
fWinrr 110 0
Butcher p 0 O 0 l
dDavu 10 0 0
Total* 4*3 IS 2*7 10 Totata 41 15 27 11
• Batted for Handler In »eventh
bßatted for Cuccurullo In fifth
(-Batted for Keaclfno In aeventh.
dßatted for Butcher In ninth
Run*—Schoendlanat, Hopp, Adam* 2 KP
ro»»kl 3 Sander*. Rica, O'Dea Verban 3,
Byerly, Glonfrlddo 3 J. Barratt 2. KlUott,
!D*hl*ren, Barnhart. Cuccurullo. Wanar Kuna
! b*ttad In—Elliott 4 Bamhart Boa 2 Kurow
»ki 3. Bvarly 2 Bchoendlen»t. Hopp 9,
O'Dea, Varban 2 Barnett Coacarart. Glory
frtdd, Adam* Two-baie hit*—Elliott Verban.
Thraa-hate hit* —Varban. Hopp 2. Glonfrlddo.
Horn# run*—Kurowtkl 2 Stolen baae* —Schoan-
dt-nst 2 Sacrifice hit—Byerly Double pta*S
-Baruhar' t- Cra.rart to Dahlfren Byerly
t. Marlon to Sandtra Left on baae*—St.
Louli * Pttt*hur»h 10 Baae. on balla—Off
Cttmrvllo : off Bver:* 2 off Butcher t Off
r-nnelly 2 Struck out By R'>e I by Rea.
c!*no 2 h' Donnelley 2. br Butcher 2 Ml’a
—Off Brecheen 5 In tnnlrj off Hyarly O
In Innlrga off Roe d in 2 Innlnfi off
Starr 4 In tnnln* off Ou«-rurullo 2 In 2H
Innin* off Retijn 4 in 2 innln*a off Dr-n
--nelly 10 In 2’, Innlnti off Rttrrher 2 in 2
lonlnai Wild pitch—Donnelly Winning
oltrher—Bier'y luting pitcher—s*arr I’w
pirai—Ma*erkurth Steuart and Balianfant.
Time—2 33 Attendance—S 019
Softball Games Monday
Wayne County industrial soft
ball championship games set for
Mark Park Saturday night, hut
j rained out will be played Monday
evening Hudson Motor n
Squarp D at 6 45; Briggs
play Briggs All Stars at 8 and
Square D meets Briggs All Stars
at 9:30.
14225 W. WARREN
Near Schaefar
2-Pouonqor Coupot
Club Coup#*, Sod«”«,
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