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Widow E. GUEGNUN, Proprietor.
$2 50.... PER YEAR... $2 50
TheMaDIONsaAL. is published weekly
in Entrlish and French, at two dollars
and fifty cents per annum payable ia
Advertisements will be Jnserted at $1.00
ver square of ten lines, or less, 'for each
Advertisements published in English
and French will be charged for both lan
Nr advertiseteent will be inserted for
less than two dollars and fifty cents.
P'vtent of all advertisetnents is con
sidered due immediately tater their first
Aivertisements not marked with the
number of insertions required, will be
published until otherwise ordered, and
charged for accordiogly.
TEN dollars in advance is required for
announcing candidates for ofice ; and
electio, tickets or otHer job-work must
be paid for on delivery.
Serious trouble is expected :n
Lincoln county, Ky., in conse
quence of the capture of sev6ral
The Tennessee Legislature :is in
extra session to consider the pro
posed funding of the State debt at
sixty per cent.
CongresSman Johnson of Vir
ginia has introduced a bill provi
ding for the government aid to the
Texas Pacific 'railroad.
The Fourth Cavalry from" the
Indian Territory, and Twentieth
Infantry front Dakota, are the
regiments ordered to Texas.
If it is impossible to get tlie
Sunday law from the Police Jury,
bhy don't the Town Council pass
it for the beteffit of the to*n?
Read in enother column the
communication signed 'Abbeville',
wherein a plain talk is given our
Town Council on the wretched
condition of our streets.
Christmas is coming-Tuesday
neat. How is that turkey by this
time? Does he gobble fainter or
look less defiant than in days gone
hyp Our devil says he thinks he
could play the Russian with it.
Judge E. Mouton arr'ved here
last Tucsday for tke purpose of
examiunation of thie ease of the
Parish against Brookrhier, but
being too unwell to attend to it
the suit was continued unt;! the
25th. of February 'nexl.
A laday applying for admission
to the junior class of an Awerican
seminary, on being questioned by
thei President as to her qunalifica
tions, replied : 'I ain't :much of an
arithmeticker. but I am an elegant
We are sorry to see thini n
spite of our frequent appeals to the
road-overseer for this oistrict he
still lies Inactive and allows'the
roads in this district to remain in
vbeir almost impassable condition.
He has the keeping in good order
-; the roads, and has tell power
and authority by law to call out
hands subject to road duty when
ever necessary, and there can be no
doubt the necessity exists at
The Council of the town of
Thibodaux have lately enacted
-a very strict ordinance in regard
-to coffee-houses in that town. The
ordinance requires that before a
coffee-house license is issued to
any applicant, the tax collector
shall exact a bond of $500.00,
conditioned that peace and order
shall be maintained in the estab
lishment licensed and no noise or
disturbance allowed. The penalty
for the first violation of this con
dition is $25.00, and for a second
violation a flue of $50.00 and the
revocation of the license.
Having read the' Bible and
doubting its beautiful truths and
never being certain that my pray
ers were answered, I began inves
tigating spirifualism. One night
I prayed to the "Good Kind Spir
its of :he Acropendza" to teach me
how to raise my children, that
they wou-ld enable me to bring
them up good and useful citizens,
'what means I had over my family
expenses I would devote to good
and useful purposes. All iwho
know me, know how this prayer
has been answered. I-have been
haunted, I have been told by
voices that Davis' books have
been the cause of all mry trouble.
This I am satisfied is the result of
too great a desire to lift the veil
which God and nature have wise
ly hidden from our view.
I have but little sleep at night,
1 am troubled by voices night arid
day which never let me rest.
Beware of Spiritualism 1
A'bbevlle, Dec. 13, '77.
Mr. Editdr,-Probably you do t
not know the high qualifications
that a Christian editor must pos
sess-and sometimes you observe
them too strictly. A real. Chris
tian edilor mast devote a portion
of his time to kissing the little
g;rls he meets, for the satisfaction
of their mothers, give a geuteel
spanking to th% boys avoiding or
dodging school to the confusiou of
their fathers, praise and please ihe
world generally-the 'ool and the
wise equally, the growlers and
their wives particularly, the young
women and their babies occasion
ally, and the old women and iheir
old men besides. Those are the
qualifications of a Christian editor.
Now, sir, you should remind the
town Council and persevere in
doing so, until you can inculcate
in their minds that the main bas
quettes and baidgesin the town of
Abbeville are in a perfect state of
dilapidation and need repair. But
sir, you seem to be afraid to give a
good, sound talking to these gen
tlemen. Is the proprietor of a lot
bound to fix his banquette ? Make
him do it. • Is the town touncil
bouna to fix them ? Make them do
it, even if you have to resort to
comnulsory means to do it.
The banquette of the Church is "
impassable. We a:e told that
Father Mehault had nade an offer gi
of $75.00 towards fixing it, provid- 01
ed the town Council would pay
the balance to fix it in a substan
tial mavuer. That banquette is
23. feet long end 8 feet wider it
would take for its flooring 2840 sr
feet of lumber an inch and a half
thick, and for the easing 1200 feet e'
of lnmbet two inches thick, an ag
gt eg: te amount of 4040 ,feet of
lumber. Two good workmen can
do the woik in ten days. By psy
ing the men $2 per day it would.
cost then $141.00, andjwiih sound C
cypress, exempt of sap, built in
this way wonid last fifteen vears
without any repair, and would be
an ornament to the iown besides.
t On Ithe opposite side of the street
on the property of Mr Leon
a Broussard, :ow known asSolomon
t Wise's store, three steps to de
scend and if the ladies are not
very particular in descdnding they
will break their back-bones, anid
n in ascending they wi 1 break their
e noses. Such banqueites should
e be strictly condemned and the
,e proprietor o, the town Council
a rigidly censured obr their 'naction
in the meatter. In descending those
' steps the ladies and gentlemen get
r in a perfect unsd-hole until they
r reach Mr. D. .Frank's new coffee
t house. where there is the bests'
plank bantp'ette in town. TheL
next and good one is r. Martin's.
0 When it rains, the banquette of
)t Mr. Jos. Labit is in an awful con
dition. further on East is the
bauquette of ('apt. Remick and
)f Mrs. Veavev. and that of Mrs.
Abadie's oite! ,ijeie are some re
pairs to be d.ne which could be
d made a, a .mall expense. The
ie bridges are :u-a worse condition
a than the bauquettes. and there is
to no use to say anything about theur
that evefy..ºbody already knows.
As I said in 'ii beginning..vou are
, too much of a Christian editor.
er You should constantly harass the
b-. parties concerned to make them
Sfulfil their duties.
ty Respectfully, ABBEVILLE.
id The Third National Bank of'
e iChicago went "up the spout" last
The developments in this case
are of the strangest kind, and it is
unquestionable that Loud is a
p)olitical rascal or sadly sinned
against. He is of the stuff of
which school superintendents were
made a few years since, but the
trouble with him is that it is diffi
cult to find out which he is most
inclined to favor-his pocket, or
his party. His statement, repeated
to many of his intimate "friends,
is to the effect that Darral though
of the same political party, had
incurred his ill will in conse
quence of an -attempt to have him
-Loud-retnoved from the posi
tion of division superintendent of
schools in this State, and that he
intened to be "even with Darrall'
for such trehchery. In orier to
make the odds even he set forth
that after the election he substitu
ted 1000 Republican tickets with
I the name of Darrall on 'them for
1000 with the name of Acklen
thereon. and thus paved the way
for the recoutit on which Acklen's
claim to a seat in Congress is
hn apd.
Such, at least, is the current 0f m
testimony T'n which Loud has been e`
indicted. FPr contra some exceed
ingly romantic testimony is pres
ented. Mon:oe, the chief witness th
against Loud, is flatly contradicted p'
by his own wife. She says that
she is a niece of the Irish patriot,
Thomas -Francies Meargher. After n,
het mat riage to Mouroe she dis
covered him .o be a bad cha ractor
that his real name i~ Finn ; that P
he had taken the name of Monroe si
in order to avo:d the conoequece w
of his misdeeds, and that the tes
timony he had given against Loud
was the result of a criwinal ba:
gain and conspiiacv made on be- i
half of Darnall with John Brook- e
shier, who figured as Darrall's
agent. This testimony is-strong!y
corroborated by various witnesses d
who testify to the nad chairacter r
of Finn, alias Monroe, and who
assert that his statements are '
wholly unworthy of beliet. f
As the case presents it-elf. Loud t
and his co-conspirators cheated d
through revenge and a hope oi f'e
ward on behalf of Acklen ; or
Finn and others got up a most a
detestable conspiracy agaiu-t
Loud. Loud himself declares that
Darrall, through various agents.
tempted him to commit perju-ry
concerning the stuffing of the
ballot-boxes. Like testimony was I
given by U. H. Gordon. Among
other statements the latter said:
When Mr. Darrall crnme to
Iberville to take testimony, Dar
denoe, a colored man and friend 1
of Darrall, came to one on tile,
subject and said that I could make
a pile out of the ooctor by swer
ing that the boxes lhd been stuff
ed ; that I could get $500 easy,
he was confident. I was to testify
ihat I had given the keys of my
office and of t:ie bai,ot-boxes obr
that-purpose, I be.ng then clerk of
court. 'This I reported to Col.
Acklen, who said, "Let them go
ahead, if you want, they will corn
mit themselves as yet." Dardenure
went to see the doctor asd his
lawyer, W. B. Merchant, who
was also acting as commissioner
for the doctor, at theirt room ..t
the Iberville Hotel.
What was the result of the n
terview ?
After Darrall and Merchant had
consulted together how ;ar the
clerk of a court could c'riminate
himself in such a case, Diidenrre
came back and told me to harmu
could come to me and and that
S'1 would be paid hfter testifyitg.
e Thus stands the matter. Whieh
ever theory of the case shall prove
e correct, light will at least. be cast
Ion the dark ways of Radical pol
iiticians in Louisiana.--City -Item.
A band of Gypsies; travelingn ;
waggons, arrived here last Wed
nesday evening, and are pursuing
the customary occupations of their
race: telling fortunes, peddlingi
jewelry and other articles, giving
wire-walking exhibitions, etc.
Several of the men varied the pro-i
gramme last evening by kicking up
a ructipn at Wiese's saloon, which
Constable St. Martin quelled after
alively tussle in which his club
did some effective work. Three
of the Gypsies were jailed and will
appear before the mayor this
morning to answer charges of dis
turbing the peace and resisting
the Constable, - Donaldsonaille
Chief, 15th inst.
'a The Schooner ,Two-Sisters
wrecked on the Texas coast ; three
flves lost.
The Sun says: "The message ,
of the fraudulent President is of
very slight account. It makes to
Congress no new suggestions of
aºiy value, and it gives the country
no information with which it was
not familiar. Leave out its brag
ging over his policy of pacfication
and over the things which he
claims to have done, but which he
had little or riothing to ao-leave
out his financial vagaries, his
menaces akainit Mexieo, his
Samoan project, and his maunder
ing abouw education--lave ot,
along with these, his abstracts of
departmental reports, and the
space occupied by the remainder
will be small."
In the Rew beer stamps, the
head of Andrew Johnson is hand
ed down to the eyes and esteem of
his contrvmen on the barrel stamp
while Geo ge Washington is put
off with the little eighth barrel
stamp. Aim so to live, young
man, that when you are gone,
every time a bar keeper taps a
fresh keg ff lager, he will bang
the faucet right through your
A littie boy on his why to a mill
near McMinnville Tenn. went
under a t'ree to pick up some ap
ples, and found several pieces of
silver. These he carried home,
when a 'urther sea.ch vas made
;iad over six hundred pieces of
silver, buried thirtby-five years
ago by a. old miser. was on
eat tLed.
A tremendous freshet has be~n
doing immense damage along the
rivers of Maryland and Virginia.
The waters have been higher than
for twenty years, and property to
the amonr,t of millions of doilars
destroyed. A laigt portion of
Richmond was fooded, and no~t
of the Rail Ioa.d lines hav ..ot
Parish Warrants
by F. B.. KING.
LOST.--Two promisory netes
drawn by Leon Broussard, paya
ble to the undersigned, dated res
pectively November 18th 1870,
each for two hundred dollars;
one due in three and the other in
four years from date thereof with
eight per cent iatere.t froms mata
Dec. Ist '77.
Succession of Elijah Ewing.
All persons indebted to tmhe
above sunccession will please come
forward and settle the same, those
having claims against said succes
sion will present them duly an
Natural Tutrix.
Oct. 20th 1877.
1878. NEW YO~x,-. 1878.
As the time aproaches for the
eoF.wal of subrcriptions, The 8nn would
reuio, its many friends and weliwisberi
everywhere,' thet Ii, is again a candidate
for their cnseideration aid support.
UpO.n its rec.rii for the plast ten years it
relien 'or at couti.tnoane of the tearty sym
ip,thy and generous co operation which
hbve hitherto been eateoded to it from
ev.*, v qua, ter of the (uion.
The Daily .n is a tour page-.beet Of
' rfolumn%, price by r'ijil, post paid. E:
eriw a month. or $6 5i per year.
''be Sunday editi,n of the Sin is an
eight-pa.e ,bet of 5:i columua While
giti.'. the news of the day, it also coo
tains a lirge amount .t literary and mis
o.-1l:meons matt-r spectdily prepared for
it. Thi3 L~day Sun bas men witb great
succee . Pous paid, one dollar and trea
ty cents a year.
. ho d.ees noo k,.ow the Weekly Snn ?
Ii, eircolates tlbr,..hout tthe UaitedStatee,
the Cunadas, ad beyond !Ninety thou
sand families greet it welcome pages
weekly, sand r,. ard it in the ligbtofguide,
(ou-ellor, and frien' Its news. edito
ial. agricul nral. and literary d-partments
make it b ssetially v jou rna for the fami
ly and tie tireside 'rerms: One Dollar a
year. post jaid. thtis i ice. quality ca.n
sidered, makes it the cbeapest newspaper
publshbed. For clubs of ten, with ten
dollars cash, we will send an extra copy
free. Address Publiser of the SUN,
New Tork City.
STATE of Louisiana-Parish
of Vermilion--arish Court--No.
Succession of Claire Bell.
Notice is hereby given to all
parties interested in the succes
sion, or having any opposition to
make to the tableau of classifica
tion of debts and charges and
provisional partition in the
said sdecession, to file the same
in writing, in the office of the
Clerk of Court within ten days
fromn the date here of.
Given under my hand and seal
this 1st day of December 1877.
STATE of Louisiana,-Parish of
Vermilion,-Parish Court, -No.
Succession of i'rederick Touchet.
Notice is hereby given to all
parties interested in said succes
sion, or having any oppositioe to
make to the tableau of charges
and partition in the aforesaid suc
cession, to file the same in writing,
in the office of the clerk of court
within ten days from the date
Given under my hand and ofi
cial signature, this 15th day of
December 1877.
STATFE of Louisiana -Parish of
Vermilion-Parish Court - No.
Suocdession of F. E. Dartez,
Notice is hereby given to all
parties interested in the said
succession, or having any opposi
tion to make to the tableau of
classification of debts and .charges
with partition and settlement in
the aforesaid sncces On, to
file the same in writinp in the
office of the Clerk of Cocjt within
ten days from the date Wreof.
Given under my hang and seal
this 1st day of DecembOr 1,877.
LAaTE B.RoussARBD ~erk.
Parish of VerniliOn.
Paris8 . Court.
,No: 581.
Succession of Stephen I. Vull.
Notice is hereby given tod all
parties interested in the siuccession
of Stephen I. Hall or hav
ing any opposition to the applica
tion of Robert P. O'Bryan to be
appointed Cuaitor of the said
succession to file the same in wriit
ing in the office of the clerk of
Court at the court house in ten
days from the date hereof.
Given under my hand and seal
this 1st day of December 1877.
STATE of Louisiana--Parish of
Vermilion--Parish Court --= No.
Su'cession 'oT Louis Ie'e~totbaiUx
Whereas the administrator of
said succession has filed in the of
eice of the clerk of said court a ta
bleau of classification of debts
and charges and partition and
settlement of the aforesai'd
succession, with a petition pray
ing that fter the legal notice
and delays have elapsed, that the
said tableau be homologated in
conformity to law :
Now, therefore, notice is hereby
given to all whom it may concern,
or those interested therein, to
make opposition, and also to give
their reasons, if any they have,
why said petitioner's prayer should
not be granted by filing the same
in writing in the office of the
clerk of court within ten days
from the date of the present
Given under my official signa
tore and seal of court this 1st
ida of December 187"1.
Pf~~te Sale.
Parish of Vei ilion,
Parish Court.
No. 473.
Sacceasion of Daniel ( 'Bryan.
By virtue of an order f sale
granted in the matters of th above
succession, there will be ffered
for sale, at public auction, the
last and highest bidder, t the
Cotrthouse door of thia rish,
OF .JAN'UAR Y, 1878,
the following described prope
belonging to said succession,
wit :
Lots Nos. 1 and 2 of T. 12, SR.
4 E., containing 123 acres.
The SE S bec. 24, T;. II, SR 3
W., containing 192 501100 ar
The southeast quarter of the
southeast quarter, section 33, in
township 12, south rage 2 east,
containing 40 acres.
The southeast quarter of the
southeast quarter, section 14,
south range 2 east, containiug 40
91100 acres.
The northeast quarter of the
northeast quarter, section 34, it
township 11. south range 2 east,
containing 40 911.60 acres.
The southeast quarter of the
northeast 'qaarter, section 34, in
towns'hip 11, south range 2 east,
containing 4('91100 acres.
The undivided interest of th6
succession, being the portion for
merly belonging to Eugene Le
blanc in and to a 'certain tract of
cypress sWamp, at, cypress point
in this parish ; said undivided in
terest contains about eight acres.
The undivided half interest in &
certain tract of land, situated in
this parih, bounded above by
Wise & Bartells, below by Mrs
C. L. Rice, in front by bayou Vea
milion and in the rear by C. L.
Rice, said tract containing 117,5
acres, more or less.
One third of the purchase price
to be paid cash onthe day of sal,
and the remainder on a creditbf
one, 'wo and three years from dth
day of sale ; purchasers to furnish
their notes with good and solvent,.
sureties, in solido, to the satisfac
tion of Mrs. M. A. Perry, Natural
Tutrix, and sayable to her order,
at the law office of Robert P.
O'Bryan, Esq., in the town of Ab
beville, (La.) and 'conditioned to
draw eight per cent per annum
interest from maturity until paid;
and the lands sold to be and re
main sp'ci'ally mortgaged and by
pothecated *ilh vendr's privilege
retained in favor of gaid suce&
sion, which property shall not b!
alienated or encbmbered by th6
purchasers to thb prejudice of said
succesason until full and final pay
ment of the principal,,interest and
costs i' any should 'occur.
Given under my official signa
ture at office, tdis 15th day of De=
Cember 16b77.
G. B. SHaw, Sheriff.
Special 'lMeeting.
December, 8, 1877
The board of Town Cowcil oY
Abbeville, met this dai ~arsuant.
to adjournment. Members pre
ent : Leonce Ferret, Mayor; an4
alderinen Broussard, Wise and
Abadie. Absent : J. Boyaiic6.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and on motion of Laitit
Broussard adopted.
Reports of R. P. O'Bryah, atty.
G. E. Lyons, constable, were read
and submiitted, and on motion of
Lastie Broussard, adopted, and or
dered spread on the hibiut.es.
On motion of Lastie Bronssard,
Be it resolved that the 'freasurei
be, and he is hereby atithOried to
'ettle with the fello'ing named
officers pro ,itta, or in full, if funds
in his hanids are sufficient, dat of
any currency funds which'he ma.: ;
now have in hand, or which at
be turned over under the repor
adopted at this meetinig, for salae
ries due said olcers since Apri;
7th 1877.
Which amounts aren As- ý
lows, to wit :
M. L. Bernard, former constablei
deceased, whose salary was dad.
from April 7th to June 26th 1877,
to date of G. E. Lyons electioe.
amounting to 4. 9 "
Leonce Perret, mayor, 25 t$.
E. I. Addison, Printer, 25 00
L. C. Lyods, Secretary, 25
R. P. O'Bryan, Attoruney, 1
G. F. Lyons, Cons. a comr. 1i 80
making a total sum
of due said officers $ 280' 8
as herein specified.
On motion of Lastie Broummnrd
resolved that the secretary pOe
up advertisemebts in three plate
in town calling for proposl f
the keeeping of the bridge at A.
beville, for the unexpired term .
A. W. Badoon, deceased.
Resolved further, that no p~r
son will be employed unless C
Sobligates himself, besides the C
Sditions already imposed by fU
Sordinances to '~tep said Iki
I and the platform on which rests
3 the iron works of the same cel e
Sand well greased at . t .ies, and
, that the same be under the super
vision of the street.and bridge
On motion of Lastie
, be it resolved that G.. .T
be authorifed to take charfPg
the Abbeville bridge ntil
On motion the Council aJ0ar-
I d to Saturday the 15th
. C. LYxos, Secretary.

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