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SATURDAY, AUG. 28, 1891.
Town and Parish.
The cool weather is delightful.
Fodder is coming into town at one
Mollar a hundred.
eon. G. B. Shaw has returned from
Creeent City
Master Russel Putnam has returned
Iouis Laporte, of Cheniere ai Tigre,
,as in town Friday.
Miss Marie Putnam was The guest of
le Misses White the frst days of this
The two story building occupied by
Jacob Beer, cheap John, Was re-roofe4
Marion. A. Young came over from
asyglast Tqesday and will rdmuain in
tow a while.
the Epworth League held a meeting
itt Tuesday night. There was a good
We are pleased to learn that our
'friendfayne Kibbe has recovered Irom
:Ia spell of sickness.
W..1. Ellis, who has een enjoying
.Swumer trip at Cheniere au TIigre,
.reyrned home Friday.
wh Ueet -of Creole Female
Isebieet magical in cases of prostration,
p in tbe back, rush of blood to the
,lead.irregular or painful menstruation
end female weakness.
Out Worthy sheriff A. L. Leblknc left
for New Orleans Sunday for the benefit
ef his health..
The Idol north winds have given a
decidedly autumnlike aspect to the lat
ter part of August.
Hay is coming to town in considera
&le quaatities. Choice crabgrass and
rice hay is selling at $9 and $10 per
uad of about a ton.
Misses Mamie and Fannie Putnam,
latereeting daughters of J. Henry Put
aa, 1eft Wednesday for Jackson, where
the. wild resame their studies.
The assessor has filed the roll for
1891 in the sheriff's office and every
body ean pay their taxes as soon as
° they like.
It is a terrible calamity that Judge
Allen did not get a few pointers on
levees from the Morris organ before
making his speech here.
Mrs. J.-A. Broussard and nephew,
Master Richard Bernard, have returned
from their recent visit to relatives at
Abbeville, La., Mrs. B's old home.
Orange Tribune.
Your FPasily Phystclan
Will tell you that black haw, cohosh and
ciachona areannong the best of tonics for
the female organs. These are among the
M.1lacipaI roots and herbs composing
v le Female Tonic, nature's great boon
to suffering women.
The Morris organ though a raw re
ermit has moved sat on the right flank,
sees the deadly Winchester in the vest
Pocket of every anti and scents slaugh
tor in every passing breeze:
`The place of business just vacated by
0. Bonrque, is being neatly rearranged
ead converted into a saloon room.
iyimar Bourque will begin the sale of
choice liquors there in a few days.
*Crsole Female Tonic for diseases pecu
liar to the female sex, such as prolapsues
Uteri, weakness, irregularities, painful
m*nstruation, is a cure provkled by na
Sand is quick and permanent in its
it. Ambrolse Lacour will leave some
time in the month of September for
Donkie, Avoyelles parish, with a large
Grove of choice creole horses, which he
Is Iow gathering up near Lake Arthur.
Advce} to Uadadiu A4t1in.
RSe early, take ample exercise a d if
" ing funt comlplaints peculiar to your
tax use Creole Female Tonic in time.
On last T!uesday the 18th inst. Mrs.
Idnonia Simon, near Pt. Lyons, 4'
mailes south of Crowley, gave birth to
thres boy babies; one weighing 6 lbs.
and the other two 5 lbs. each. The
mother and babies are alf doing well.
What is a home without a first cla~s
swing machine 1 if you want satis
6 tion for dollars Invested, be sure to
secure a light running White Sewing
lhine. See ad. In thin issue;
Gus. 'Godchaux, returned this week
" from a trip to New Orleans and Frank
Capt. C. T. Cade, of New Iberia was
in town Tuesday looking over the polit
ical situation.
Judge W. W. Edwards has returned
e from Opelousas and reports having seen
some fine horse stock on his visit.
Major D. B. Gorham, one of the lead
ing lawyers of Lake Charles, was in
town on btisiness last Wednesday.
There was a pleasant little gathering,
at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. White, last Monday night.
The Public Schools open on the 7th
day of next month. Have your children
enter the first day so the teacher can
move right on.
Miss Lillie French, one Iberia's bright
daughters, who has been spending some
weeks with Miss Leontine Beauxis, re
turned home last Monday.
The merry makers are soon to begin
`their series of Fall And Winter enter
tainments. Let them begin boys the
girls are with you.
Miss Georgia habit accompanied Miss
Orrie Green on her return to Crowley
and will spend several weeks at the
homb of the latter.
Rev. W. B. Gordy, brother of our
district attorney, who has-been spend
ing a few days in Abbeville, went home
Saturday morning.
During the space of thirty six
hours this week the thermometer fell
thirty two degrees. Such a fall is not s
known to have ever happened in this
section, in August.
It 'was repored that the Regulators b
marched through town last Monday, but c
our cook was mistaken. She had-seen 5
0. Bourque's stock of guns carried from 'I
his old to his new stand.
Miss Dora Ly-ns returned home last
Sunday morning from a pleasant visit
to the Teche country. Miss Dora is 'ji
one of our most popular girls and all I
the boys are glad to see her home again. C
S..- ti
Syphroyen, Alias Babe Desormreaux
was arrested last Saturday and impris
oned in the parish jail, under the charge
of stealing a horse from Dr. F. F. Young.
He was bailed the next day.
Do you want to save from 25 to 50
cents on every dollar you spend? If so,
write for our illustrations and prices of
everything manufactured in the United
States at manufacturers' prices. 10,
000 illustrations, all lines represented
Catalogue mailed free on application
Address, Chicago General Suipply Co.
18L West Van Buren St. Chicago, Ill.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Bessan were pleased to see them this
week once more in Abbeville, the place
of their courtship's happy days. They
were on a visit to their sister Mrs.
George E. Lyons.
Jos. Leguence says Vermilion is the
place for the girls and has therefore
accepted a position with our enterpris
ing townsman 0. Bourque. Jos. will 1
be the first man behind'the new counters
and we know he is fully competent to
grace them.
Salary, $25 per week. Wanted: Good
agents to sell our general line of mer
chandise. No peddling. Above salary
willIe paid to "live" agents. For fur
ther information address : Chicago
General Supply Co., 178 West Van
Buren street, Chicago, Illinois.
Last Wednesday evening we had the
pleasure of a short conversation with
Major. D. 1. Gorham, of Lake Charles,
and were gratified to learn from him
that the Anti Lottery cause in Calca
sieu is on a boom, and that Morris and
his boodlers will meet a warm reception.
We would gently intimate to the
Morris organ that it might be well for
it to haul down the little penant "offi- I
cial journal of the parish" which is still
flying from its mast head. Some of
your old friends, the horrid Antis, might
think you have a penchant for sailing
under false colors, you know.
Our friend Jas. A. Petty made a nar- t
row escape from a severe injury one
night thi4 week, while, returning from
a very successful fish and hunt on the 9
lake. It was dark and his horse becom- t
ing frightened at a cow in the road, ran
into a wire fence with the tnlky and t
out Mr. Petty, who fell outof the sulky. i
k Politics make strange bedfellows, but
I John A. Morris' golden lottery wand
has called up the prise lot. White su
premacy and African cupidity, the bold
regulator and the gentle coon, is a com
bination whose uncanny incongruity
must make the very angels weep !
n Last Monday evening a wagon load
of boys and girls drove down into the
woods below town after muscadines and
returned with themselves, wagon and
team covered with the green and grey
of the woods. To judge from their
, hiliarity they found plenty of fruit, had
lots of fun and did not care who knew
We are requested to announce that
an Anti-Lottery meeting will take
place in the fourth ward, at Mrs. Tre
vil e Guidry's near the Alliance store,
on next Saturday, September 5, 1891,
at 12 o'clock noon. Gentlemen from
Abbeville, Lafayette and Lake Arthur
will address the meeting in French and
English. Our correspondent adds. "if
you want to see the fur-fly come tip."
The big lottery meeting last Saturday
at Bull Island, was not exactly the
howling success the Times Democrat
claims. A friend of ours, who is a
staunch lottery man, says the crowd
was about200. The Progressive League
refreshment, beer, flowed freely and
some of the stalwarts had'nt had any
in so long that they guzzled down seven
glasses before moving from their places
at thq counter.
Old Probabilities has been giving us
some unprecedented weather this
month. Last week was very hot and
sultry, the thermometer reaching 930
on Tuesday and 940 on Thursday. On
Saturday the heat moderated some 900
being the limit. Sunday was decidedly
cooler and at night the mercury fell to
580, a range of 320 in about 36 hours.
The weather up to the present writing
Friday morning is cool and pleasant.
The Best Stdve in world for Cutsy
s Bruises, Sores, Uloers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Titter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box for sale by N.
C. Young and A.. J. Godard. -
The Morris organ is apparently la
boring very zealously to create the
impression that the antis here regard
the lottery men as rascals or scoundrels
and that they "belong to the lowest
classes," all for the purpose of engend
ering bitter feelings. The antis are not
bigots, and we for one are willing to
grant an honest difference of opinion
to any man. We happeni to have some
very warm personal friends in this
parish, who are lottery men, but we
would not insult their intelligence by
ascribing improper motives as actuating
their course. We are sorry to see they
take the wrong view of the question
but we live in the hope that they will
some day recognize the error.
Through the courtesy of Mr. O. H.
O'Bryan, the following statistics have 1
been taken from the Assessment Roll
for 1891, which has just been completed
and filed.
Reai Estate.......... $ 1,397,696 00 1
Stock............... . 73,401 00
Merchandise.......... 54,907 00
Other objects of taxat'n 91,139 00
Total assessment $ 1,917,043 00
Of this amount the whites own $1,- I
846,710 and the blacks $70,333.
The lag is as follows::
Parish...............$ $ 18,804 81
Poll................... 2,885 00
State ................ 11,502 57
Total tax $ 33,162 38
Population c
Whites...................... 11,685
Black .:................... 3,188
Total 14,873 1
From the above it will be seen that t
while the negroes are 21 4-10 per cent c
of the population, they own only 3 6-10 t
per cent of the property.
The largest and the smallest single I
assessments are against hon-residents : t
J. B. Watkins of Lake Charles, owning t
282,530 acres valued at $86,421 and t
Geo. 0. Elms, of Opelousas, owning f
84-100 of an acre valued at $3.00. The a
total tax on this last is Sc.
The assessment is an increase of 1
$111,381.00 over last year, and the tax i
$1700.24. The acreage under cultiva- c
tion and the quantity of products raised, I
also show a marked improvement, and
the entire roll is flattering to the future
prosperity of our parish;
Lt Editor Meridional:
d About two weeks ago I received a
i- copy of The Crowley Signal marked.
d A statement I made to the New Or
- leans Issue, that patents had been is
y sued to a rail road company without
consideration, for a large body of public
d land, was characterized as a "tissue of
falsehoods" by Mr. C. C. Duson. As
Judge E. T. Lewis, while a member of
1 Congress, had prevented patents to this
land from being issued, I called upon
° him for a statement of the case.
r These are the facts: Several years
ago the R. R. Co. obtained a grant of
land conditioned upon the completion
of the road within a time specified.
t The grant. was for every alternate
section included between lines parallel
- with said road and ten miles from it on
each side. But as some of the sections
had already been filed upon the grant
was extended ten miles on either side
of the first grant. That is, the company
was permitted to 'select enough land
r within the eltension to indemnify them
for land which had been filed upon in
the original grant.
The company-then proceeded to mort
gage the land to John. F. Dillon of New
York. But the rail road never material
ized. Has not been built yet. But the
company applied for patents iust the
same. Judge Lewis oposed the appli
cation and moved for a forfoiture of the
grant. He was brow-beaten and at
tempts were made to intimidate him.
Failing in this, the company through
its agent Mr. C. C. buson made a sue
cessfal attempt to defeat him for re-elec
tion. He, however, continued his
opposition. Every attempt to obtain,
patents failed during Cleveland's ad
ministration. Patents were obtained
very lately and could not have been
obtaited without the co-operation of
Mr. Congressman Robertson.
I asked Judge Lewis if the road was
ever built. He answered, "No." "The t
company never had any better claim i
than you or I." In dealing with the
farmer Congress recognizes the only
basis for a land title, namely, occupancy
and use. Accordingly by the farmer
is required to go upon the land, improve
and live upon it five years. So great
is the repugnance to land speculation
that when the farmer files final proof
very often a counter afllidavit is filed
and the farmer spends a life time fight- s
ing obstacles and dies without obtain
ing his patent.
But millions upon millions of acres
have been donated to rail road com
panies and !acid companies without
stipulation, as to use. In fact, the
whole of our magnificent public domain
has passed Into the hands of land
sharks in this way.
In spite of the rahting of Mr. Ddson
and others the American people will
soon call for an deccoufiting. And lest
there should be a misunderstaiding as
to their power, intentions and purposes
I quote from Lord Chief Justice Col
deridge on May 25; 1887, in an address
at the Queen's room, Glasgow, Scotland,
he said: It seems an elementary prdpo
sition that a free people can deal as it
thinks fit with its common stock:
Then after reciting that, " There are
estates on those islands of more than a
million acres" and that the trade of a
great emporium might be checked or
even destroyed by the simple will of
one or more great land owners, he says:
All this may beto the general advantage
and if it can be shown to be so, by all
means, they ought to be maintained,
but if not, does any one with anything
he is pleased to call his mind, dely, that
a state of law under which a country
itself could exist, not for its pe6ple but
for a more handful of them, ought to be
instahtly and absolutely set aside?
I could quote from the ablest Ameri
cans to sustain this point. I mailed to
the Crowley Signal a lengthy article
from the pen of Samuel B. Clarke of
the New York bar. Mr. Duson can
obtain for five cents a copy of "Back
to the land," an address to the clergy
and laity, of Meath, by the Catholic
Bishop Nulty. The United States is
thickly sown with tracts like these and
from a thousand platforms the idea is
thundered. The woods and plains are
full of cranks. As for vituperation and
abuse they proceed only fron people
who are conscious of cecupying untena
ble positions. The guild of cranks, never
indulge in them. I will be sudiciently
condemned when my assertions are
proven to be false.
Yours truly,
D. C. DAhV.
Vile Platte, Is
The rumors being circulated about
our Osborn. Rice Harvester and Bindet
we denounce as being falbe in the ex
treme and cirfulated by malicious par
ties only for their personal beaeiC. Our
machine does all that can be asiked
for and expected by any reasonable
person. It did us good Work during
the whole of last season, and will be
ready in 'a few days for the present
season fully equipped with the recent
improvements which will greatly lessen
the draught. The repairs on 'the same
for this season cost us nothing having
been done by D. M. Osborn & Co.)
through their agents Messrs. Lacoste
Bros., and J. M. Mostley. The above
named gentle will be down among us
during 'the whole season and 'we can
not but recommend them to our friends
as being gentlemen and responsible in
every sense of the word.
Lastly, the D. M. Osborn Machine,
in our opinion, possesses 'advantages
superior to any 'other.
F. F. YOUIG, M. 1.
R. J. YeouG, M. D.
August 15, 1S91.
For Male.
A good, bargain-a Soda Fountain
and Geuerator complete, price $100.00,.
'apply Dr. F. F. YouNG,
lheware o*r Ointments for Ca:
tarrh that Contain 1YIrereary,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole
system when entering it through the mucous
surface. Such article should never be used
except on prescriptions from reputable
physicians, as the damage they will do lb
ten fo ld to the good you can posibly derive
from them. Hall's catatah cure, manufac
tured by F. J Oherby and Go., Toledo 0.,
contains no mercury, and is taken Internally
and acts directs dfrectly upon the blood an4
mucous surface of the system. In buying
llall's catarrh cure be sure to get the gen
uine. It'is taken internally, and made in
T'oledo, Ohio, by F .J. Cheney and Co.
Sold by Druggists, seventy five cents.
Tax Notice.
lrotice is hereby given that the Tat
eolls for the year 1891 hAve been deposited
in my office, and that the taxes assessed
for said year are set forth in the said rolls
now on file in my office and in the office of
the Recorder of this parish, that they are
now due. apd will become delinquent on
the 31st day of December 1891. and will
ddsw 2 per cent per Mont'i intetest from
that date, according to the proVisions of
sectiod 40 of Apt No. 98 of 18W6 .ntil paid
or the property be sold in accordance with
Article 210 of the Constitution.
Sheriff's office, Apb ville n., Augus$
29, 1891. A..L. LERLAC,,
Sheriff & Tax Collector.,
Dy-Sheri & Tax Collectrt.
Carpellters Wanted
Who will send us 4e names of tileir
hardware dealers who do not sell one self
setting plahes. Those who do so any
mention this paper wifl receive free a
first-class carpenter's pencil andcirculan.
Gage Tool Co., Vineland, N. J..
LoaIslaikA State Unfterwity
Session 1891-M2 opens October 5, 1891. A
large and able corps of professors, assist
ant professors and instructors. Fivq
courses of study viz:
1. Agricultural; 2. Mechbnieal'and En
gineering; 3. Literary- 4. Latinreientific;
5. Book-keeping. All departments thor.
ouhl or nied and a .Z
u0io C4t o mainienance per
session of nine months, $144.50. For cata
logue giving full information, address
W. H. MA)xuapn., Secretary,
Baton Itouge, La.
ABDEVZLLE, La., July 28, 3891.
By mutual consent and areement the
law firm of White & Broussard is hereby
dissdlved, an¶ Lastie Broussard, Eaq
is appointed liquidator to collect clanm
due the firm. W. A. WaITE.
LaertE BRoU8SAhD.
26th Judicial District Uoor.L
Parish of Vermilion.
No. 409.
Oraste onlet vs. Ex Parts bbnmtion.r
To all schoow it may concern
Notice Is hereby gi.en asl persons, wh.
can setup any righ to tire property here.
inafteidecribed. cmed to have
purchased by plaid ' in the above ea
tiedeand aumb ts sle
DI Ste Ben tax coilet r~
on, on the 8dd of
S er 1,, consequence of; in
formality, lrreýularity or iliegaliltylany
of the proceedings had or for any other
defect -whatevesr to show cease within!
thirty days from this date why anid sale
shold not be bonmologate and confirmed
for the following land, vie? One certain
tract of land lying and being. situated in
this parish on the east side f ,the bayou
Queue Tortue, bounded by - Foreman.
below by widow Eli Roffpanir, in the rear
by vacant lands, contaipiug four hundred
acres for the sum, of twenty-nine 401100'
Witness the HRim. O, C., Mouton, Judge
of said Court, this 4th disy of August A. r,.
1891. ALCUh S LEBLA C,
Clerk of Court.
The public are hereby notified that all
passing through or trespassing upon our
premises, either field or pasture is pomi
tively prohibited, and any person caught
upon the premisesewill be prosecuted W"
the fall extent of the lawn
Abbeville, Inisiana, Jurie. 189L.
BEATTY'S GBAGAK sye .the -best.
Write fdt gatalogue. AddressDfuniel
F.. Beatty, Waeluington, New Jersey.
BEATTY'S PIANOf -In use every
where. Write for eataloan~e.' D500
r. Beatty; Wabhington,.1%w'ersey..

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