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'C. J. EDWARDS. Bus. Manager
E. I. ADDISON,.... Publisher.
When it comes to nerve of the
kind usually denominated gall the
-tates is a howling world beater.
We have received the frst nember
of The New Era, a Republican paper
'of the Blaine persuation just started
in New Orleans by John L. Minor.
The spectacle of that blasphemous
"hlatherskite and swashbucklen the
Daily States, invoking God and
morality is calculated to make Satan
While so many of the lottery or.
gans are expatiating upon Sam Mc.
Enery's staunch Democracy w~l
some -of them explain his threat to
tarn over the State to Warmeth,
and the confereoce at Moreaa's
where Ih is lacerated spirit was bound
up with the premise of Iis present
The Daily States is still vigorous
ly working its little malicious one
idea lie that the postal bill • was
passed by a Republican Congress.
Every Democrat In Congress voted
for the bill, and the only vote east
against it was by a republican tool
of the lottery company, and we are
able to announce without regret that
the Father of Lies has recently
gathered him to his own.
The Trade Editions of the New
Orleans papers were good this year.
The New Delta leads with a 20 page
edition and 67 columns of advetise.
ments; The Times Democrat follows
with 20 pages and 61 columns of ads;
The Picayune 16 pages and 62 col
umns of ads; The State 12 pages and
37 columns of ads; The Item 8 pages
and 27 columns of ads. Valuable
statistical information is contained:
.in all of these papers.
of the Anti Lottery caucus, has
shucked himself of what little dm
coracy he ever had.-Carroll Dem
And has it come to this, that the
Democracy of a man who in all the
trying hours, perils. and privation
.hroeugh which the party has passed,
nbbly bore the brunt of danger and
risked life itself to rescue the State
from Radical misrule and oppression,
most be questioned and himself ma
ligned because he refuses to worship
the Morris' golden Lottery calf?
Cosgrove of the Natchitoebes
Democratio-Review reminds as of
the little boy who had just began
making pietures on his slate. Hie
efforts were so crude and unlikely
that he found it necessary to label
them, "this is a horse," &c. Cos
grove is so afraid people will see
throughl his disguise that he is al
ways shouting "I am an anti-lottey
ite." Poor man, if you think you
deceive any out by such tactics you
are indeed deserving of more pity
than contempt.
We have in our possession a circa
Thr letter from Mrs. T. J. Ford ap
pealing to a forgiving people to-as
sist her in securing the liberty of
her husband, Judge T. J. Ford who
was sent to the penitentiary as one
of those connected with the murder
of Murphy, in New Orleans. It is
said the Judge could have made his
escape daring the terrible cyclone of
July 6th, it Baton Rouge, but instead
of leaving he worked to relieve the
sM¢ering of the other prisoners. In
view of this fact it is asked that he
be pardoned and restored to his
Iimily. The name of Wm. H. Back.
Lpy I-al-ismoladed.in the reqnest.
No gotuerj Moomshime.
Last week the lottery press made
a grand assault all along the line on
the public school system of Louis
iana in general. Of course Vermil
ion came in for her share of depre
ciation. The dhowing made by the
local organ is so manifestly unfair
that we feel it incumbent upon "t to
refute its fallacies.
To begin with the author of this
remarkable article, which, strange
to say is patterned after the. "lead.
ers" in half a dozes ether lottery
sheets of last week, betrays a woful
ignorance of the topography of the
parish when he places the area of
the parish at 1,080 square miles of
presumably inhabitable territory.
Why not tack on the three miles
shore line and ifgure it in I Even
the local concern's recent and limi
ted knowledge of the parish should
have suggested the fact that the four
lower tier of townships on the west
side ef Vermilion Bayou are noin
habitable sea mar, and should not
figure in a honest estimate of this
We Ihave so means of verifying
the figures given but accepting them
for the sake of argument still eon
tend that the condition of affairs is
highly exaggerated. It is stated
that there are in the parish 664,273
acres of swamp and pasture lands.-
New unless the writer means to con
tend that it is a part of the Morris
plan of State salvation and edhteas
tional regeneration that the blessed
cup of instruction is to be extended
to the wild and wooly mustang, and
the broad horned cow and her prog
eny-yea, even also unto the indos
taious and musical mosquito and the
homely but humble alligator, this un
inhabited territory should not figure
in the ealculation; hence, deducting
this amounting to 1,038 square miles
from the total area we have fifty-two
square miles of inhabited territory
with twenty--three schools or one
school for a little over every two
square miles I
The great difficulty enoountered
]in this parish is not that there is a
lack of schools, but a want of scolars.
What is the average attendance as
shown by the above figures 16.7
pupils per school ! Taking out four
or five of the principal schools the
average attendance for the remain
der will be about 12.
There were schools in the parish
in 1889 which had an enrollment of
80 and 100. It was not due to
favored location but to the interests
of parents this occurred. Certain
lottery advocates are endeavoring to
create the belief that if the amend
'meot is carried schools will be so
plentifel that every man can have
one in his dooryard and that is about
the only way to reach all the chil
dren of sbcoolable age.
Nor is this all. To-day there is
steading vacant in thickly popslated
neighborhoods more than one school
house, which closed its doors because
the people would not seed their chil.
dren to school. And, oh, whisper it
not,in the Times-Democrats tell it
not to John A. Morris, these are the
localties where the sedsutive inflo
ence of lottery boodle is being felt
and where the Revenue Amendment
flburiebes like a green bay tree be
side the rondiag water.
The editorof the Florida Phrisies
has receivedmsome peare as a sample
from a tree of the Chinese variety.
The tree is 12' years old, 18 inches
around at the first limb, 4 feet from
the ground; it is 80 feet high and 80
feet from tip to tip of branches. It
has produced 40 bashels of fine fruit.
He has sold $20 worth. sad has $15,
worth on the tree. Suo~ a tree is
well worth a farmir's attention, and
there eboalde ha more of them.
Be 't* Fonget BuMrke
The Monroe Telegraph Bulletin
, and the Lake Charles Echo have
been doing a big ghost dance and
wasting a vast amount of adjectives
and puperlatives in an attempt to
create the belief that "au impending
crisis" aow exists in the afairs of
r the Democratic party in the State
and that McEnery is the only and
original Moses, who could lead the
s party with safety. After reading
e the fulsome eelogies of these lottery
'strikers one might well wonder how
such pigmiesas Webster, Clay, Cal
l 'hon, Douglas, Disraeli and Glad
e stone ever attained such a reputation
f for greatness]
( But there is one very important
matter which these gentlemen have
a overlooked and that is the bright
n particulalr nancial star of the Mc
- Enery regime, the second person in
a that famed political trinity that pre
r sided over the* destinies of Louisianua
t from 188) antil 1888, is, by reason
of his enforced abtaence in Honduras,
unable to lend the light of his in
s tegrity and shill to the attempt of
lotteryites to work out the political
salvation of the Democratic party I
a Can't Morris, Herwig or Fairfat
. rake up some old drainage Warrants
Sand' be ready when the Revenue
a Amendment sweeps the board, to
a step forward and wipe out B.rke's
littleondebtednese and restore this
. Aaron of outs to the feTi enjoymeht
a of the entrancing bliss of official
t. power. Just think how sad and
a gloomy Sam and Little Jim would
d -feel were he absent from their coun
d cils - And then. too, who is it coeld
portray is more glowing terms the
w- *onderful era of prosperity upon
e Louisiana is to enter under lottery
s. dominion 1 Who else could so yell
e care for and eellect that one million
g and a quarter dollare as that lustrous
e levee statesman, and fearless finan.
o eier the absent but not forgotten I.
A. Burket
The States, which has for the past
eighteen months. been proclaiming
with all its vigor and vehemence
that the State of Louisiana is a pan.
per and its people too penurions and
Sbeggarly to support a government is
now attempting to. cbarge the Anti
r Lotteryites with slanderinoR the fair
e reputation of the aforesaid' cringing
pauper I No anti-lottery paper has
ever charged, as the States asserts,
that the people of this State as a
f class are less moral than those of the
rest of the Union. Scoundrels are
not exactly exoticas n Louisiana,
and while we have as many honors.
,ble chivalrous men and virtuous
lovable women as any country under
God's sonny sky we are pained to
admit that under the fostering care
of the- Lottery company there has
developed as e'oiee .a coterie of
precious scroandrels as will ever
grace the front seats in Hellt The
uodue prominenee of some of these
creatures; the spectacle which is te
day presented to the world, of a sub
sidised press, a slavish legislature,
and corrupt demagogues attempting
to fasten upon the State a partner.
ship in. a skin gambling game, to
lend' to brazen-faced tice the mask
of respectability and clothe the
croupier in the mantle of Statehood,
may eause the world to- judge as
harshly, bwt surely the blame thern.
for can't attach to the antis.
Thle lott6ry may be am exponent of
Democratic doctrine, but the Pointe
Cospe" karner tells of how its
ilgets are hanglag around the ae.
gro ctinrber ito that parisft mrging
the negro pi eaheyes tt tals for the
lottery.: According to lottery Dem'
ocratic ideas it is very wrong for a
white Democratic preacher to talk
against the lottery but it is ashight
for a Republican negro preacher to I
.talk foe te lottery..
Home Oplmions of McEnery.
The Monroe Times, published at
the former home of McEnery declares
that in the emergency with Which
the people of Lenisiana are now con
fronted, from the danger now threat.
ening the State by the Louisiana
f Lottery, deliverance will not tie
songht in the tnan who was one of the
I three in a divided COart to force the
issee upon the people, and who per
mite the use of his name, as a tandi"
date for leadership, by the Lottery
prees, and who asuers to go oae hai"
tented the charge that he is the Lot
tery's -andidate for Governor.
The Monroe Plow Boy sayas -
The ring men' and tottery papers
t have commenced to boom MceCoery
* for Governor.
t McEaery's whole career; private,
Ssocial and public, has been evil. He
has been the pliant tool of as corrupt
a set olt en ws ever ruled a self re
specting people. It is high time he
a had been retired to private li~e. As
r, Governor, he recommended doubling
the interestof the State debt, in the
interest of the ring. Be knew it was
i flagrantly counted in at the election
i and raised no hand to protect the tak
t payers. He was 'Govereor when
a the Rtatland school grab was accoam
e pliahed and caused no- investigation
o of the seditor's office. e was the
' bosom friend of Burke· When Burke
s was stealing $400,000 in State bonds
t and got away with'it;
I The Crowning glory of all his pmb
1 lie acts was to join IBarmudes and
d Watkios, aigspreme judges in gbing
r. to the very verge of perjury stretch
c ing the law to protect the Loieseana
e Lottery legislation.
a If you *atck the thea ho willt
support McEnery you will And the
lI trail of the serpent.
S Rleepectable Wmen whoi sant a Bherm
a after had better'o slow on McEnery.
A Southerner of distinguished s.e
castry, much learning and great
natural ability, who has been spend
tluag some days in New York city is
General William Pseton Johnsom
He is a son of General Albert Syduey
.Johnson, who was one of the best
known and beloved officers of the
Confederate army. He has a bril
t.iant war record himself, but sioe
the war has been devotinghimself to
edocational, matters-and is presideet
of Louisiana's famous Tulane Univer.
sity. General Johnson is a large,i
finely built man, with broad shoul.
ders sad. heavy frame. He has a
smooth shaven face, the characteristic
feature of which. t-the broad,,solid
chin, which marks determinftion
while his deep blue eyes tell of the
mildoess of his natore. General
Johnson, like nearly all Louisianians,
who are Interested ia morals sad
education, is opposed to the proposed,
constitutional ameldment, by which
the ebarter of the Louisiana Lottery
would be extended. In a quiet way
hp tells his friends what the result
of this extensionr would be with a
distinctness and force that is convin
iog.-New York Pesas.
Several schemes have been ir1at#
gurated for receiving small weekly
cask deposits in erder that- those
who contemplate visiting the world
Cohtitoi. ezposition at. Chieago,
might save from- their earnings an
amout sufficient to defray their
reilrowdd fare-aad-t ;sideutal eipen
sea. fHo*ever, it temained for that
popular and ertterprising family and
farm paper Texas Farm and Ranch,
SDallas, Texas, to make an offer that
eclipses anything we have yet heard
tof. & proposition is being Mtsde ,by
them to give any one the ,tta ofr
etrnsig and saving an ao.untm of
money srfient to pay all ireideneal
eaponsee for a *eei or mere at- tht
,great fair, and to tibes- Who aecept.
and eseceed i;n earoin_ the money
they give, free of ebst, a round trip
railroad ticket from their near.~
station add a weeks admission to th
fair. Send your address and ask to
have a cir61ar seat to you, which
gives full iaforesaDia
The New Delt is very much iam
the position of a modern ftrst-clhq
irooclad surrdounded by old timhe ahip
11They keep well 'Out of the teaes
her sbot, knowing full welt tial
Swen she hits one they go under.
T Te Louisiana "Gutter Saipaj
Iurt t`bemselves almost as mueh i&
bringing ost McEnery for Governor;
as they 'do in attempting to dlefeui
the lottery. Fate has no favori to
tertend to Oersonal governors in thii '
the free born Pelican State, .st.t
April, 1892.-Trintty Herald.
O t -.--". - . .:
9Ot*lm TIO CU iRgO.
. An ld physician, rtifeadfrom ci.
having had placed in his handsby i.
a East India mtssionaty' the formula of.
simple vegetable remedy for the speedy.
V and permanent cure of Consma
1Ifnlrehitis, atairhr Attima ar1
throat and Lung Affctions, also a nOi
tive and radical cure for Newrous D lit, :
and all Nervous Complaints, after haviv:
tested its wondetrfnt c'ratie powerev
tho..nuande of cases, has felt it hi s duty
t make it known to his esufering fUowlg
Actasted Iby this iotiie Aid a dssirt
reli.. hman esunffering, I, Will send iemi:
of charge, to all who desire t, this'r-a'a
in German. French or LEn glih, witbh&
directions for prepmin atd using. 8sa .
mail by sddessing wth stamp no.mn
thie Bnper. W. A, of i8, t,
i Blbk. Rochester, N.N.
Land Office at Ne* Orleans. La.
LAugust 8,18il. ,
r1otxit is hereby given that the f6ll
atnmed settler has filed a ie of his in
I ton to make finnil proof i np"rt oft
clim, and that said proof ,w,
. bebT.orb the Judge, or Clerk of 1 us
Court, at Abbeville, Lduislana, on Nos:
I day. September 21, 1891, vi :
for sel and heirs of Jules Fs eli .lL
B na~ie Hohestead Bntty No. 1t i
INi of SEt Sec. 18, Tp. 11, SR. 8 East, I.
B Meridian,
He names the following witn eust
brove hcohtduaih4oIes reidens dpl a
ultivation of, said .ad, viz : -Jon TnT
Bresussard, gJosenph Bohomme, msiai
SGuidry, Jim Theall, all df Vermilion pg.,
ish, Louisiana.
Sc as-ae U. PA 9rna, Re a .
Adgast 15, 11.. .
STsealae Jllte'$ity if I . raiu.
T lane Universltr embr*eeb ,
1 ig. school, H. Sophie *thmemb ]ti
College for Young Women, law ahd arteli.'
c.l-de.partments. The college has feve
plrallel doupes: Classical, Liter , 8el.
kntific and Engineerini. There trs also a
SPecial'turiAe of Elctrical Efiglfhtering.
Next annual setsion of the acead.lt., di"
uent. inciudiug the H. Sohlm
ebmb COllege, be Ahs October 1. LAw
departmment ons Ndvember 1& Medical
departniefit, October (u9.
For pecia~i or geieralo catalogues ap$?.?1
othe dicrtý¶tary of tle University. TyhTuaz4'
taL Wt. 'EPiiSTdN JOHNsrTON.
1 a . 7 PrBjuaiiia St.; Noew p11' ;
fDay Boarding ahd Night Se)ooIC=;
A,. ta uiled memriber eJ cottatryr#~i.o
bb acoo,.modated:
The moet tb*gornh teacbiugin Fin lrel~i
Mathomatics, thee Ede icee and the n
guageee. Pupils of all ages admpitted.,k
ge Tereeasnce:-4lby. Banew k; clea Cci
or bdAine he New rhanL
GUS 8EEGE Rdn' ¶nAmt
DAVIV Wil Chesrry a. Taiad CeafS &rs
50 uts" i S0 per , r
;ý . _ w+:a a " ,.s.

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