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ebbmuile nriginaI.
E.sablIthed in 18,5.
At bouan train.... ............... . * -3s p. m.
~s b und traia ............ ........ .. o:So a. m
Stockholders Meeting
Abbeville, La., Mch. 18, 1904.
The stockholders of the Bank of
Abbeville are hereby notified that
there will be a special meeting of the
shareholders of said corporation, held
= THURSDAYY, MAY, 5 1904, ati
2 o'clock p. m. at the directors
room in said bank building, to decide
as to the advisability of an increase
in the capital stock and the number
of dtrectors.
-- --**
bliss linnie Putnam left Wednesday.
A. J, Godard made a business trip
to Lafayette this week.
Hot sun and very dusty north wind,
,ool uights.
Harry Squires is back home again
after a trip.
Bane you seen the complete line of
loubigant's Perfumes at the Abbeville
Drug Co., R. H- Mills Mgr.
The .paumping plants have started up
and the rice is .getting some needed
John Nugier, Jr. lost his fine buggy
hIorse last week. It was sick only a
short ni,0ne.
Rice is looking fine and the crop
sill be a good stand. nearly ahlof it is
planted around here.
Robbed Tue rave.
A startling incident, is narrated by
j,,hn Over of Philadellphia, as followr
**I was in an awful condition. My skin
was almost yellow eyes sunken. tongue
coated, pain contlnually in back and
eides, no appetite, growing weaker day
by day. Three physicians bad given ate
u,. Then I was advisrd to iuse Electric
Bitters; to my 4reat joy. the tirst bott'e
a~ade a decided nimrrvement. I coetinaed
their use for three weeks, and am now a
well man. I know tahey robbed the grave
another vietiml." No one shonuld fail to
try them Only 50 cents. guaranteed tield
by A. J. Godard
Dr. Robt. J. Young made a flying
trip to New Orleans this week to pur
chase furnishings for hbis handsome
new residence. He returned home
L. O. BRrusesad, casbier of the Bank
of Abbeville spent several days in New
Orleans this week.
Willie Stephens, brot-her-in-law of
iM. V. Lamgsman, died Monday after a
lng illness. He was 48 years old and
a native of Mississippi, but hod lived.
here many years.
The assortment of sponges of all
kinds, especially the fine imported
bath sponges are to be seen at the
Abbeville Drug Co., Ltd., R. H. Mills,
Foster Stansbury of the News came
came over from Gueydan, Tuesday, to
see his sister who was quite ill.
Our merchants ars kept busy wetting
down the dusty streets these days.
Remember the Abbeville Drug Co.,
Ltd., handles strictly firstelass goods.
No substitution.
Reports from near Gueydan are to
the effect that crows and blackbirds
are doing sad havoc in the rice fields,
pulling up the young rice by the roots
and eating the tender sprouts.
In order to raise good crops, you
must plant acclimated Southern
seeds. We are prepared to fill all
orders promply with new crop of
the following: Turnips, cabbage,
cauliflower, radish, kohl rabit
beets, mustard, celery, tomato,
eggplant pumkio, carots, lettuce,
leeks, endivet small seed irsh pota
toes for Augast plant, bermuda and
Creole onion seed and sets, red and
white shallots, field peas. bolo
beans in fact the entire line of field
flower, grass and garden seed for
the southern soil flowering plant,
shrubs, fruit and shade trees veg
etable lats in season, fancy poul
try, eggs, fancy dogs and berk
shire hogs, J. Steckler Seed Co.,
Ltd., New Orleans, La Catalogue
free to all applicants. Mention this
paper in ordering. Successors to
Richard Frotscher, 518 to 626 Gra
vier st., New Orleans, La., Nursery
garden and poultry farm 5402 to
3412 Esplanade st., opp. St. Louis
Cemetery, Cumberland and Peoples
Phone 428. P. O. Drawer 436.
That rats do cause fires finds proof
in a case which occurred Monday
night when the Addison residence op
posite the courthouse had a very nar
row escape from destruction by a
fire which originated between the
walls on the lower floor, in the room i
occupied by Charley LeBlanc. He
was awakened about 3 o'clock by a
roaring noise, and smelling smoke
started out to investigate. He founad
the flames leaping up to the ceiling
on the second floor and in a few
moments more the roof would have'
been ablaze. Fortunately Mrs.
Affleck, who occupies the upperi
floor, had several vessels filled with'
water in the room and the fire was
checked at once. Examination
showed clearly that rats had filled in
the space between the walls with
paper and trash and no doubt a match
gnawed by one of them started the
A Cure for Headache.
Any man, woman or child suffering
from headache biliousness or a dull,
drowsy feeling should take one or two'
of DeWitt's Little Early Risers night
and morning, These famous little pills
are famous because they are a tonic as
well as a pill. While they cleanse the
system they strength and rebuild it by
their tcnic effect upon the liver and
bowels, Sold by A. J. Godard.
Mayor Leguenec left here last week
for Hot Springs, Ark., and will be there
about 4 weeks.
E. M. Stebbins has been absent
eeveral days attending the lumber
men's ooevention.
Ground waj broken Wednesday for
the new building A. J. Godard is pre
pairing te erect on the site of his burn
ed drug stere.
Don't forget that all prescriptions
are .lled at the Abbeville Drug. with
Merck's chemicals and Svuibb's Ex
tracts. Ask yor family doctor if these
preparations are goodf-and, if they
have ever before been exclusively used
in Abbevillo. *
Chas. F. Taylor, who lives near Jen
nings was in town last week in the in
terest of the King road machine and
grader. It is a fine impliment and
adapted to all kinds of work.
Congressman Broussard, we learn
from private advices, has recovered
sufficient ly from his recent illness to be
able to make the trip to French iAck
Springs, Ind., where he hopes to re
cuperate his health.
8. L, Apple. ex-Probate Judge, Ottawa
Kansas.writes* "'This is to say tunt I
have used BallardPs Horehound Syrup
for years. and t tat I do not hesitate to
recommend it as the best congh syrup I
have ever used-" 2Sc, 50c, $1. dold by
A. J. Godard.
Hogggetts telephone line has discon
tinued the exchange at this place since
Monday. The several phones remaino
ing have all been connected up on a
party line and can talk direct to New
The Cumberland telephone has
moved into the new quarters over the
Bank ot Abbeville where they are
handsomely fitted up with a new switch
board and new forniture- It is to be
hoped that they will now be able to get
rid of a lot of cross talk which has been
a terrible nuisance for quite a while,
MkNAGER WINTED.-Trustworthy
lady or gentlemen to manage bust
ness in this county and adjoirning
territory for well and favorably
known house of solid financial stand
ing. $20.00 straight cash salary and
expenses paid each Monday by check
direct from headquarters. Expense
money advanced. Position perma
nent. Address Manager, 810 Como
Block, Chicago, Illlinois.
Experience has established It s
Sact. Bold by all dealers. You
sow-they grow. 19" Seed
A a postpaid Dew to all Up
We invite you most cordially to visit our drug store which is now opened
up and ready for business. We will be pleased to have you call at any
hour of the day, or any hour of the night. The store is open all day and
all night. It would be a great pleasure to have you especially, visit our
place to see what an elaborate stock of
Perfumes, Face Powder, Face Creams, Tooth Brushes, Hair
Brushes, Nail Brushes, Combs and Spongues
we have, all uoof which are imported goods and all of which are high
priced goods, but cheaper in the long run. Such a line of these goods have
never been receivod in this town.
From five to ten cents, and soaps from two to three dollars per cake.
From ten to fiteen cents per ounce, and from one to five dollars per ounce.
We have combs from twenty-five cents up to four dollars, and hair brushes from
twenty-hve cents to four dollars and everything in proportion-spongues,
powder puffs and toilet articles to numerous to mention. We want your trade.
We cater to your trade. Qive us a call. We will be please to see you.
Remember our line is complete with HOUBIGANT PREPARATIONS, which
are very superior to Roger & Callet, Ed Pinaud and similar manafactures.
This is sufficient to give you an idea of of the standard of ou,r goods.
E. F. and G. R. Stevenson, con
victed in Bienville parish of shooting
with intent to kill and given one and
two years, respectively, are brothers
and members of a promivent North
Louisiana family. These young men
are intelligent, and heretofore enjoyed
the confidence and respect of those
who knew them. But whiskey drink
uig, gambling and had assaciations,
which has driven so many young men
fiom the path of right living and Anal
ly landed them in this or similar in
atitutions, is no doubt the cause of these
young men being here today. Think
of it young men, those of you who are
today enjoying the opportunity of fit
ting yourselves for the responsibilities
of good citizenship. Remember that
unless your life is in keeping with the
laws of your country you too may find
yourselves languishing behind the
prison bars with all hopes crushed,
aspirations blighted, disgraced and
humiliated forever.--Baton Rouge
The Abbeville Drug Co., is open all
night for your convenience should you
need anything.
Maurs, the Spsnish premier was
slightly stabbed at Barcelonia by an
anarchist who wal captured.
Upon the authority of the Jennings
Record we make the statement that
there will be an attempt at the ap
proaching session of the legislature
to form a new parish out of the eastern
portion of Calcasieu.
Queen Issabella .ot Spain, grand
mother of King Alfonso, died of la
igrippe last week in Paris. She was
a gay and giddy old girl in her young
Cures Coughs and Colds.
Mrs. L. Peterson 625 Lake St., Topeka
Kansas. says: "Of all cough remedies
Ballard's Horehound Syrup is my favorite
it has done and will do all that is claimed
for it-to speedily cure all coughs and
colds-and it is so sweet and pleasant to
the taste." 25c. 50c, *t,bottle Sold by A.
J. Godard.
-- .--F--
STATE OF LOU18lANA--17th Judicial
District Court-Parish of Vermilion
No. 541,
Succession of GUSTAVE LACOMB~.
BY virtue of an order of the 17th Jnudc
ial District Court, in and for the Parish
of Vermilion granted in the matters of
the above untitled and numbered suc
cession, and a a commission issued to me
thereunder, ftily authorizing and em
powering me in the premises, I will pro
ceed to sell at public auction to the last
and highest bidder, to pay debts of said
succession, at the late residence of the
deceased in the 8th Ward of Vermilion
Parish. on
Saturday, May 21st, 1904.
the following described property, to-witt
One certain tract of land situated in
the Parish of Vermilion. La:. containing
S acres and designated E J of S W } Sec
35 Tp 11 S R 3 W less one acre sold off the
South East corner..
One house
One corn crib
One shed
One garden fence
Due lot of fencing
Two beds and bedding
One armoir
One lot of chairs
One lotof Kitchen utensils
One lot of horn cattle
One mare
One lot of barbed wire
Abbevlleº La. April 15, 1004.
We are apt to think of Italy as a
land producing oranges and olives
and some beet sugar, but not as a
country having 460,000 acres planted
in rice and producing over twenty
seven millions of bushels of that
commodity, observes the Louisiana
Planter. The rice fields are confined
largely to certain districts of Pied
mont and Lombardy. The estimate
of cleaned rice of the crop of 1903 is
put at 717 millions of pounds, a crop
more than twice as large as that
produced in the United States.
Italy. however, is the only country
in Europe which produces enough
rice to supply the home demand, as
well as furnishing considerable for ex
port to,;Central and South America,
Australia, France, Switzerland and
There are only three animals in ex
istance who will eat tobacco, a man,
a goat and a worm, and only a cer
tain kind of a worm. But that's
not saying anything against tobacco.
It is a very useful weed, and utilized
as a pot plant, for instance, will
drive all self-respecting bugs and flies
off the premises. Tobacco is pretty,
too, and is destined yet to he a popu
lar pot plaat.-Lake Charles Ameri
The Dallas Times-Herald lives and
comes out at a safe distance from
Arkansas and may trustly indulge
itself: ,"Governor Davis of the Ar
kan-as is the finest rough-and-tumble
campaign ighter in America, barring
none. Hie licked a supreme court
judge the other day, fiercely denounc
ed the oc-to-pus and wound up his se
ries of stunts by cussing a back I
driver. When it comes to strenuosity
of the bare knuckle brand, Mistah
Jefferson Davis of Arkansas is three
kinds of over-ripe peaches. This en- 1
dears him to the honest yeomanry,
who dearly love an idol made of mud,
sand papered by contact with the
world. The prze ring missed a
shining light when the pride of i
Arkansas invaded the political arena.'
France pays in pensions $28,000,
000,Germany $16,000,000 with Rus
sia $22,000,000. We pay more on
account of a war tmhat ended thirty
nine years ago than France pays to
mantain a living and efficient army
of 550,000 men Yet with all the
money spent lots of deserving and
gallant soldiers fail to get pensions.
If the unworthy dead heads, camp
followers, and home guard-holiday
soldiers were weeded out of the
pension list may be the truly deserv
ing would stand a chance of recog
nition while they live.
Tshlk t b Cumat Literater
12 ComuPLrr Novas YEAnLY
$2.50 numryes: 26 orC. A Co
svanv uNuM a N ms uatV
The Board tot .~chuu Duelrtv iM
and for the parish of Vermilion met
this day in regular stated session.
The members present were Messrs
O. Bourque, A. Theall, F. D. Lege,
Leodias LeBlane, Geo. Hays, P. 1U
LeBlanc, Felix Broussard and Lee
Elliot. A. B. Broussard was absent.
The minutes of the previous meet
ing were read and adopted.
On motion of A Theall duly sec
onded, the patrons of the Mouton
Cove school were allowed to remove
the public school house near Jean
Baptiste Becker's from its present
site to a new location on the public
road on the estate of Homer Decuir,
provided a new site be donated and
said building be removed without
cost or expense to this board.
On motion of F. D. Lege, $1.12
1 2 was allowed and ordered paid E.
Smiley, agents for Jno. H. Copes,
Esq., same being a refund of taxes
to him on account of double as
sessment of property purchased by
said Copes at tax sale, for taxes of
1V01, 1902 and 1903.
On motion of F. D. Lege, Francis
Simon was allowed to cut wood from
land leased by this board to Emile
Lemaire, provided said Lemaire did
not object to his going on the land,
at the price of (50cts) fifty cents per
On motion of F. D. Lege duly
seconded the treasurer was in
structed to turn over all notes in his
hands due and unpaid for rents of
school lands to Wi. P. Edwards,
Esq., attorney-at-law, for collection
And the president, O. Bourque, was
L and is hereby authorized to bring
suit to enforce collection on all rent
notes for school lands due and un
On motion of F. D. Lege duly
seconded the sum of Five Hundred
Dollars was guaranteed the patrons
of the public school at Erath, the
same to be pain them, provided they
secure suitable grounds and buiktld a
school house worth at least $1600
said Five Hundred Dollars to be used
for the purchase of said grounds and
the construction of said building.
F. D. Lege, a member of the
board then burned in the presence of
all members of the board in attendance
the vouchers of the treasurer, Eli
Wise, receipted by the Finance Com
mittee in their settlement with him
of dates June 25th, 1903 and Mareb
30th, 1904, amounting in the aggre
gate to Forty Thousand Six Hun
dred Forty-one 75-100 ($40,641 76
100) Dollars.
The reports of the Finance Commit
tee were read, adopted and ordered
Secretary. President.
(For reports and bill allowed see next
State of Louisiana,"
Parish of Vermilion. J
To the qualified electors of Ver
milion Parish:
Be it known that an election will
be held within the limits of Vermilion
Parish, on Tuesday, April 19th, 1904
for the purpose of electing aGovernor,
Lieutenant Governor, Secty. of
State, Auditor, Treasurer, and At
torney General, members of Legisla
ture; and also Parish Ofleers such
as Clerk of Court, Sheriff and Coro
ner; and also for Ward Offcers,
namely, Members of Police Jury,
Justice of the Peace and Constable,
at which all qualified electors will be
permitted to participate.
L. J. BOUssAUnD,
Board of Supervisors.
A comfortable residence it a
choice location in the town of Abbe
ville, containing 4 rooms. hall and 2
large galleries, cistern and outhouses.
Size of lot 120 by 260 feet. Apply
to. JAS. E. WHITg,
iP. O. Box 102. Abbeville, a.

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