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,bbnrille --rridiaual.
*'. J. EDWARDS.............Owner
For President
of New York
For Vice President,
of West Virginia.
For Congress 3rd. district
of Iberia.
Democratic Nominsoo.
For District Judge, 17th Judicial
For District Attotney, 17th Judicial
.For Judge of First District of the First
Circuit, Court of Appeals,
On the 15th the Republic of Mex
ico celebrated its 94th anniversary of
di dipendence.
Some people receive much atten
tion from tneir friends. What is
sometimes classified fas congratula
tions is meant for pity.
Hot weather still lingers with us,
with promises to hang ou for quite a
while yet. It is incouvenient, but
""what are you going to do about
The Parker letter hit hard, yet the
poor old St. Louis Globe-Democrat
has still got some wind left, but the
-Chicago Chronicle has about 'etered
out. _
The mischief a bear did in an ap
iary is well described by Frank
Lillie Pollock in his story of '"The
Honey Thief" in the October 6th
issue of The Youth's Companion.
The Franklin and Abbeville rail
road has secured the contract from
the government to carry the mail
from Franklin to New Iberia and all
points on its line, There are eighteen
stations on the route between the two
Cane continues to grow, but is not
ripening as fast as the planters would
like to see it do. A few weeks of
cold weather are needed to put the
crop in proper shape. The tonnage
'bids fair to be excellent, but the
planters would rather have the cane
ripen than grow any more.
Betting on the election in New
York is now even between Parker and
Roosevelt. In all other campaigns
there have been odds on the "hins."
There were odds on Roosevest until
the Parker letter came out. Much
Roosevelt mony has been withdrawn
from the hands cf the bet brokers.
This is a only a straw, but it shows
how the wind blows.
The Aberdeen Miss Examiner has
this to say of the flop of Capt.
Wimberly, which certainly shows a
warm welcome for the new convert:
"Capt. A. T. Wimberly renounces
allegiance to the republican party,
and will support Judge Parker. This,
coup is worth little to us now, but
would have been worth much in the
days when we needed friends. He is
out after scalps and personal revenge.
It is not that ie loves Rome, but be
cause he has a knife up his sleeve for
The Dallas Times-herald sings
this revuiem: "lion. Josefus Leve
que of the New Orlcans IIarlequin
has succumbed to the Crescent City
machine, fighting bossism and packed
primaries for ten vyers. The -New
Orleans goddess of reform is an or
phan now, alone anrd without a
protector. lion. Martin Behrman,
boss, has bleen picked by the sub
bosses as the successor of Mayor
DeCapeville, noted for civic virtues
whifo he never possessed and plat
form pledges which he did not redeem,.
And all the merry harlequins will vote
for Martin, who is the king of Al
gie ." It is easier to run with tbe
push' than it is to sigh with the
One Capt. Wimberly once. collec
tor of customs at New Orleans, advis
es southern negroes to vote for Par
ker. He says the Repulican manag
ers give them neither moral nor finun
cial support, because they do rot
want the solid Souto disturbed in or
der that the North may remairn
-. -**O o.€.,-
The time has arrived when the
farmers must give the subject of div
ersification more serious deliberation
than ever before. TI'e one-crop pol
icy will have to be abandoned, as the
boll weevil will render the planting of
cotton a bazardous business.
--a-~--- F-
----- --- -- I
Secretary Shaw, with astounding
frankness, acknowledges that many
millions of dollar's worth of Ameri
can manufactures are sold in Europe
cheaper than they are sold to Ameri
can consumers here at- hole. Its
this disgraceful state of things to con
tinue forever?.
Felix Guilory, living three miles
east of town, raised 513 sacks of
Honduras rice on 32 acres- His
brother Dugar raised 420 sacks of
Honduras rice on the same amount
of land along side. Felix planted
his rice with a broad cast seeder and
Dugar planted his with a regular
grain drill. They say the reason one
lot of land yielded more is that the
planting was done with a broad cast
sceder.-GueyC's. News.
Henry Happenings.
Editor Meridional:
I endeavor in this issue to give some
happenings in and round Henry. Henry
high school has opened with Professor.1 1
G Broussard at the head, and the Misses
Fortinberry and Cornelia and Hattie Rice
as teachers, with a fair attendance of
pupils. Professor Broussard says the
school will be among one of the linest in
the State. Professor Smith of the Abbe
ville high school was in Henry a few days
ago, and remarked that this was a de- 3
lightful country. Come again, Professor, n
we have some girls that correspond v
with the country. D Tapkinhendricks
has made improvements to his dwelling
hcuse, and Professor Broussard, Misses
Rice and Sutton are boarding with him.
Henry's postmaster looks to be all smiles.
He has a good crop, but that isn't what is
the matter altogether. Fine weather for n
hay and cotton is opening rapidly, and I'
cane is doing well. Lastie Trahah and v
Miss Ella Stephens took a trip on Lake 5
Simonet last weelr. Miss Stella Morgan
was at the postoffico the other evening,
looking as pretty as ever. D Pundt is on
the sick list. A wedding procession pass
ed through Henry to Banicker to married
in the Catholic church there. Adolph C
Bairtells left for Sour Lake, Texas, lIooking
after his business over there, and his girl
here looks as though she's grieving after
him. The bachelors are on the move.
Police Jury.
Abbeville. La., October 10, 1904. ti
The police jury of Vermilion par- 1r
ish met this day in regular session.
Present; E Mt Stebobins, president, a
and P Dupre LeBlanc, Jules Thibo. as
deans, Sidney Andrus, Thomas la
Hoffpauir, Ernest Broussard, J Al
blestepey and J N Foutz. g
The minutes of the previous meet- F
ing were approved after due read
ing. li
The following resolution was
adopted : ta
Whereas. During the construction E
of the railroad of the Louisiana
Western Railroad Company from at
Gueydan to Abbeville, the said cern.
pany was authorized to make a te
slight change in the location of the or
public road leading south from .I.e
Gueydan and to occupy the space
rormerly occupied by the late public
road; provided the new road was v"
s put in good condition to the satis
Sfactieon of the road overseer ; and
W herea-, The p roposed change
his Ien made anad the new road
put in gioti condlitioni to the satisfac
tion of the road overseer ; and
Whereas, The said new road is a
- st ip or parcel of land out of the
west one -half of section 7, township
12 south, range 1 we st, in rVermiltion
parih,. *"rrate ' "to ,1r f4 , ,
in v. iibi by 27 ui ,' ^ I feet in
r length and itro e plrticularly de
-e tibe.d '-. folow : Be.zinin:ri :at a
p iit it ilthe orilltl lice o :-aid se ction
No. 7, which point is 70 lent east of
the in.rtliwest cot ner lf said section;
thence sou~th parallel with the wCst
line of said se:ction and 7i0 fee ean-t
therfromn.27 lho t!red feet to corne ;
thence stin ri:., altles to the said
section lin , 40 i
parallel 'o the west line of said sec
tion No. 7 27 hu:dred feet to point
in the north line thereof; thence
west 40 feet to place of beginning,
containing two and ,one-half acres
of land ; and
Whereas. the portions of the old
road for which the new road is a
substitute, and wlir:ch[ are Uow oc
cupied by the said railroad as a right
e;l way in exichat se for tihe herein
above descrihbed sei i of laned furi
ished by said railroad company for
said new road, are compo()tsed of:
First-A st'ip oir parcel of land
.30 feet in width off the west side of
section 7, to)wnrhip 12 south, range
1 west r i Vermilion parih. State of
Louisiana, said parcel cf land beintr
more particularly described as fo
lows ; i'ginning at the northwest
corner of section 7, towirship 12
south, ra nrge 1 west ; thence south
along the we-t line of said
section thlnr5y ore hundred and sixty
feet to c(,ri:c ; the'nce ta t at right
ariglus to said secti:o IBre, 30 feel;
thence i.orth parallel with said sec
tion thlisr o,,, iri;dred and sixty
feet to point in tl t irth lineof said
section; thence west 30 feet to place
of b: ginninlg, cant'riutn r 2 17 acres.
Second,-A1 strip or parcel of land
off tirhe ea-t silde of sociiou 12. town
ship22 sorth, range two wet, int tihe
parish ol Vt rn;li .n, S.ate ol Lonisi
aria, and more par ticularly described,
as follows: l3egrinninrg at the ntort'Ih
east corner of a ,id'se:tior 12; thence
south with the east line thereof
ihirty one hundred andl sixty feet to
ico:rror ; thence west at r ght atlliles
to ..aidl scli,on tlie 30 teet; thence
north, utral.ei with the ea-t iine of
a-ail ectiiion,iNo 12, thirty ore hunl. 1
di (d do d sixty feet to ic ;er in the
north lihe thereol ; thence east 30
teet to r,!:ce of bteginnllrng, conltain-lli
,.ig 2 17 ace s.
Tlre efrie, Ire it resolved by the ,
Police Jury in regulai- session as
setmbled, 'IThat the for'eg;iing prea'tr- c
hle and resolution, be and is heiehy
adopted a rid approved. i
E. M. STEBBIINS, Pre.i.. nt.
J. N. WILLIAMS, Clerk.
On motion duly seconded Mr.
Mentor Guidry was appointed a
member of Jury of Freeholders
with Ove Sellers, vice Mr. Eugene
LeBlanc, who failed to act.
A report of Jury of Freeholders
on road near Grosse Isle was re
ceived and in: crnsideration that
Mr. Augustin I: i ' '.'s a
notarial act, granting p-.nAis-:on to
Mr. Philip Richard, a free right of
way across his lands to the road.
Said report was on motion accepted
and declared a public road, see
Fol. 165 Vol 3 Police fury records.
On motion Mr. Orilie Duhon
was appointed Road Overseer Vice
Core Vincent and Mr. Donat Brous
sard was appointed vice Jos. Lege.
On motion duly seconded Messrs
J. T. Abshire, Jos. T. Abshire,
Thos. P. Spell, Lufroi Sonnier.
Demas E. Broussard and Dorne
ville Miguez were appointed to
trace a road between Sec 17 and 18:
in Tp. II S. R. 3 E.
The following gentlemen were'
appointed a Jury of Freeholders to
assess damages and expropriated
lands for a right of way namelyC.J.
Moss, O. J. Domangue, W. J.Mor
gan George Pullin, Jos. Vincent &
Frank Moss.
On motion duly seconded Messrs
P. Dupre LeBlanc and J. N. Wil
liam3 were appointed a committee
to, obtain, if possible, suffcient
lands to renew the public road near
Erath Ist ward.
Mr. Nugier reported on bridge
at Perry.
The Finance Committee submit
ted the following report which was
ordered Spread on the Minutes:
To the Honorable Police Jury of Vermil
ion Parish:
Your finance committee beg leave to
submit the follow report:
Due by Sheriff on rolls, 1903......$1,243 45
Beine same amount as last report.
Notlnng reported as collected since last
report, nor any receipts from Trreasurer.
Treasulrer nlllte no r(+prt, but said he
wo, hl report to your Honorable boly on
Monday, l0th instant.
E M Stebbins,
Mi L Ehi'redge,
P 1) LeCBlne.
The Sheriff produced the Treas
urer's receipts for collections for
Aug. and Sept., which were turn
ed over to the Finance Commnittee.
'.) iioti)n duly seconded, the
folowineg Budget was a..lpt d as
follows, to-wit:
To the Iion. PoliceJury, Parish
of Vermilion.
We beg to report the following
estimate of, or probable expense
for year 1905.
Mag. Con. & Phys........ :.$ I,7oo oo
Dist. Atty & Shetiff ....... 1,7oo.oo
Road & Bridge ............... 9,.;oº.oo
,. secu. 7:,secution...... . 2, 500 o
Civil Exoeuse ............. 5,500.oo
Public School......................... 9,500 00
Courthouse, Jail, Janitor
& Boarding Prisoners. 5,000.00
Abbeville High School
time contract.................. ,666.66
Jail Building.......... ............ 3,000.00
Bridge at D. 0. Brous
sard ................................... 2,500.oo
I E. M. Stebbins.
P. D. LL.:.
On motion duly secou.u: + .,:sol
I ved that the Parish Liccu:- tor
t'retail liquor business be and aie
Thereby lixed and levied at $goo.oo
I for year 19)5 and that no parish
license for said business be issued
- for less than said amount, i. e., no
halt year license. Adopted with
out dissent.
And be it further resolved that
all other parish licenses be and are
hereby levied and assessed the
same as for year 1904, i. e. in ac
cordance with laws fixing state
licenses Adopted.
On motion duly seconded, the
sum of $2 62.' was allowed Mr.
Louis Vallee, for taxes erroneously
,collected, on roll of 1903.
On motion duly seconded, re
solved, that it is recommended by
the Police Jury, and the Assessor
is instructed, that in making the;
ext assessment of property, he
disregard all former values and
assessments and he fix a true and
equal value on all property. That
he visit and inspect all property
in person, insofar as possible, or by
a competent and responsible deputy
when necessary, strictly as the law
provides. That in case the Asses
sor requires additional assistance;
other than the usual emoluments!
of his office justify, that the Police
Jury provide and pay for such ad
ditional assistance, to the end that
a thorough and just system and
classification be inaugurated and
carried out that will insure to this
parish its just revenues, and not
be an ::nusual burden ou any per
3on, I .uprL Ly or corporation,
On motion duly secouded the
bid of Mr. Escudier for repair of
roof of Court House was accepted
and resolved further that he be re
quired to furnish bond for faithful
performance of said work.
On motion duly seconded all bids
for the painting of the bridge at
Perry were rejected and the presi
dent is authorized to have said
u performed.
The following claims were then
Ejuce LeBlanc, Scavenger,
two month..... ............. $13.50
Valentine Abshire wit vs.
C. Marceaux I.60
John Abshire 8 ward " ' ""2.60
Ocla Landry " " " " 2.60
Cleomere Manceaux ' ' ' ' ' ' 2.60 1
Philosie Manceaux ''''''. 2.60
Cornelius Abshire ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 2.60
Alkin Spell " " " " 2.00o
L. J. Broussard, Bk of Abbh
ville Assg making tax roll
1904.............. - --------........................ 95,'": 1
Ernest Broussard membe of P. J.
& Committee work.................33.70
E. M. Stebbins member of'P. J. &
Committee work....................31.00oo
P. D. LeBlane member of P. J. & -
Committee work .......................... 38.30
J. N. Williams Clerk of P. J. and
Committee work. ...................... x. o
M. L. Eldredge member of Fi
nance committee...........4..........14.00
Alex Langlenais, nails for Road
Overseer ................................... 1.48 6
Philogene Broussard work on flat
at Bancker...........-..........................1.25
Dr. J. E. Kibl e, lumber for 1st
ward$28o.45,2dward$33.18 ..313.63 a
E. M. Stebbins & Co. for lumber
3rd ward $23.21, 6th ward $21.28
7th ward $118.29.............. 62.29 11
The Police Jury then adjourned n
to the next regular meeting.
J. N. Williams, E. M. Stebbins,
Clerk. President. o
Notice of Ele i
Commissioners appointed
dry of October, 1904, to s
an elctio, to hbee ,id on
,-ovtmner 8. 1901, for the P
tial Electors, mtllmbers of Co
:ilo Judge and District Attor
the -ev.. ncenth Judicial ]i
da ish of Verdljon Lo
a : hj l ,r ',ting. upon certain
al, er , tho L Contltil0tj'
of the t,'tt of Loulsiana:
1st V'art at P U LeBlane'
LýBI:iui, A A Leleux, Meyer~
Saver, couwinr sioners; Relie L
clerK. P U LeBlauO, deme
Watclher; 1) I) lirousard repub-lij
Ed warn at Alphe BoudreaJ
Cm ntlius Hlarring:ou, Justilien i
OdCqut'X, (GC. Dlelano, com.la1issei..
Cla lte 'Pullin, clerk. Geo.
demcr'atic watcher; AurFelie s
sarit reoutlliea watcher
31 wardl at court bouse-A O >
(11ry, 1 JFeray, 0 I O'Bryaun, eom_
us.:ln'eArs; Adolph Brasseaux, o
1 Bhi ,rousad, democratic WatO...
Citarles CulliJon, republican watcii. `
4th ward at uI,bert Boudreaux',.
Colullbhus Broush ard, J T Bron.hlB
G( il ue Moutet, cornmtissioett
,Jo Vi lien, clerk. Eraste Bt og
slrd. t'cuIcrauec; E D Duhbon~
puilicai watcher.
5th ward, 1st preciet-..
Boaiu, Eliasin Trahap, Geq. R
conmnissioners. J F Landry, el
D Miguez, Uemecratic watcher;
,republiceto watcher.
o5h ward, 2d .precinct--.Eag
LeBlauc, E B Hoffpauir. Henry s.
ver, John LabiL, commissionere. W.
H Sarver, clerk. Onell Abehýis
democratic watcher.;
republican watcher,
6th ward, 1st precinct-Clep..i
Vincent, E Smiley, E Guidry, W4iv
ter Hartman; W D Lyons, cttk
Babilas LeBlanc. democratic wad "
6th ward, .d precinct R.e
hon's--WVn Meaux, Desir
Remy Trahan, commissioe' ^
Meauo, clerk. J Simon,
watcher; U yse Vincent, rep
6th ward, 8d -precinct, ErLua .
LBroussard's---J E Brousrard, N..olo t ",
Harrington, Hebrard Perry, eo0ti6'.:
sioners; A w Nunes, clerk. E BrtoI.a;.
sard, democratic watcher`'
6th ward, 4th precint at Esp.:a .
O) H Desh6tels, Emanuel Juomutaux.
C T aroussard, commnissioners; Ov: ey
,roussard, clerk Robert Greene,:;
democratic watcher; aeue Brouraci
republican watcher.
7th ward. 1st precinct, John N.wq
gier's--Geo M 1Derouen, B Lsoot;o,
Johzn Nugier, commissionersi 'P" bi
Terrier, clerk, J A aroussard, det.
ocratic watcher; a L Root, repnblicl l
7th ward, 2d precinct, uareiess
Theall, Joseph Theall, A J campbell
Numa neruard, commissionere; E l
Parker, clerk. Aur Theall, de:i
cratic watcher; J M Mestepey', 1I4
publican watcher.
7th ward, 3d piecinet, B.gg
Chenier au Tigre---Dr R i
Robert A collins, Paulin ,[email protected]
Granville choate, clerk, ChlleBi
Cessac, democratic watcher.
7th ward, 4,h precinct, Sevt~i*
Vincent, Pecan Island-Jacoboa.
Vaughan, James S Morgan, Theod 4i
Veazey, "commissioners; Jethro `8ap
ner, clerk, Privat zroussard, d.8
ocratic watcher,
8th ward, 1st precinct, in G.o.
dan, next to Fortier's store--e ©
smith. J T Theriot, Wm Haste, co
missioners; J E Fortier, clerk. W
Doss, democratic watcher, BI:SN%
republican watcher.
8th ward, 2d precinct, Ethtes
Benoit's--J D Hungerford, JOh..
aressman, Henry cees, comtonlsQ i
ers; J G Laurents, clerk. 'Eielt
r:,Uoit, ý-emocratic watcher.
L. J. BaorssAnD,
Board of Supervisors,
For Sale.
A Dairy, paying $3,000 per '
consisting of 227 acres fine landa A
ing the corporation, one ll-roomin R
and hall, 2 large barns, 2 steel.w
mills, 60 pecan trees, plenty shadb
60 good cows. Apply to
Don't forget that all preserlpt
are .lled at the Abbeville Drug.
Merck's chemicals and Squibb's 4
tracts. Ask your family doctor if1t
ireparations are goodl-and, ir
have ever before been exclnsively
a Abbeville.
Job work neatly executed ae r
Afice. Send in your orders

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