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Lirtabliihed in 1S36.
We nt hound :al.... ................. ..32 p. m.
3utb2r.& train.. ............ iO:co a. In
Election Nov.'8.
Christmas is not far off.
Iollov." e'n Min'lay night.
Do you m a1I;l .l.e an juice
All Sai t,' iD:.y Next 1InTesdayu .
Mosqi t.,c gIowir:n. bl autiIully le Is
Th, cbi ( v0 e ihas m!iadae tim sugal
cane s'tr;a
j~5n. 1'.: S l'ugg of Croc. Is was it
town this week 0n busilneoss.
The straw hat molit go, and not
stand on the order of its going.
The weather itman is turning out the
,ight kind of gr inding weather.
That to err is human, to forgive di
vine, so always forgive and forget, it
Isa good habit to have.
W. 1. HIIelnerson with his family
moved to Aibbeville last week and will
make it their future hotire.
'Mrs. Ella Buckner was called here
last weekVO o attoid tIap funeral of her
mother, Mrs Eraste Ttahan.
Nicholas Bratnssard has beeni ap
pointed. an all-:rnatn for the town of
Erath, vice Frank B. Williams, re
The new school board will meet to
day at the courthouse for organization
and attend to such business as may
come before it.
Estherwood Call 22 inst.: P. O.
Broussard, our genial cashier of the
Commercial Bank, visited his home in
Aibeville Sunday.
Winm. Millett, the enterprising lamily
groceryrtan on south State street, was
abusiness visitor to New Orleans sev
eraldays lst week.
One of the handsomest show win
dows in town is that of the Abbeville
Drug Co., of which establishment R.
B. Mills is the eflicient manager.
P. .ama Broussard has been ap
pointed a memnver of the jury commis
Clon of this parish, vice Severin Le
Blane appointed member of school
The mau who said: "All things
come to those that wait" must have
had reerence to the patrous of the
Cumberland Telephone Comnpauy.
*Old Camnbry Petty. one of the o:d
time ante lf!llau: aunties, died Tuesday
at the home of her son, Fisher Petry,
about five miles west of town. She was
a good soul and loved by all who knew
Gueydan News, 21 i:.t.: Mrs. L. R.
White of Abbeville is the guest of her
eon, Dr. UL. B. White, this week... Miss
Rosa White of Abhevilt has a.cceted
a position as teacher in the Gueydan
lagh school.
The regular criminal session of the
the 17th Judicial Distrtct Court will
convene here on the 28th day of No
vember, 1904, with Judge Gordy pre
siding. See notice concerning same in
aother column.
The jury commissioners met at the
courthouse Monday and drew the ven
ire for grand and petit jurors to serve
at the criminal term of the district
court to be held commencing Monday,
November 28. Elsewhere we publish
the names of the jurymen.
Our old friend and former parishion
r, Hon. Howard Hofl'pauir of Rayne,
*as in town several days this week,
the guest of his son, Deputy Sheriff
Otis Hoffpauir. In times gone by he
'Wasapolice juror for the 5th ward and
Was a most valuable official serving
-veral terms as President of that body.
Every Democrat should remember
that nothing good for them or the
country can result from a Republican
Victory. Every Democrat should work
r the whole ticket; should talk
r the whole ticket, and vote the whole
ilket. Don't let press of business keep
You away from the polls on the 8.
Dust for a week or more has been a
terrible nuisiance, from which there'
was no escape. Eli Wise & Co. got
1t the old street sprinkler and wet
1ownf the dust on Main street near
- theirstore. On State street theprivate
'ater system of Ritter kept that thor
"Shfare in good shape and one couldi
~rtthe freely there.
Fell From A Raoe
Wednesday morning while at work
shingling the roof of an addition to the
residetce of Hon. Adrie N unez, Alfred
Montagne lost his hold by the break
ing of the st ip of plank and fell to the
ground fracturing his thigh and arm.
besides cutting himself severely with
his hatchet
We have been informed by boatmen
that the water hyacinth has again be
conIe a serious lenOce to iinigattiton
Oi bayou Veriluilion and the stre1 til is
virtual iv ilocked fir a distancee of 15i
liles south of Abbeville. It took the
st:ainer Lialvey atnd barges 24 hours
to go ten mwiles and return, a trip ordi
nariiy covered in two hours. Unless
heavy rains ail t idaes icear out the
pest tratffic will be impotssible. This
condition in the bayou will pork great
hardship to farmers and merchants
who market their ciops and get their
suppl!ies by this eonveni ├Żnt route.
Fire at Crowley shortly before noon
Tuesday destroyed the barn of Dr.
Warren G. Young and all its contents.
A handlsome driving; horse just pur
chased by Dr. Young~ for which he p.id
$250 was burned along with a pha ton.
The eoctor was in Chicago at the time
of the accident, and Mrs. Young was
burned, though not seriously, in an
effl'rt to save the animal.
Now is the time to buy that stove.
befoie cold weather comes. The
largest assortment at Vermilion
Hiardware Co. No. 8 4-hole steel
range , high shelf for $25.
M-akes a Clean Sweep.
There's not hinsr like doing athing thor
oughly. O)f all the salves you -ever heard
of Buckler's Arnica Salve is the best. It
swteeps away andl eres inurns. sors, bruli
sea, cuts, boils, uleers, skin erluptious and
piles. It's only 25e and guaranteed at
give satisfaction by all druggisi.
We invite you most cordially to visit our drug store which is now opened
up and ready for business. We will be pleased to have you call at any
hour of the day. or any hour of the night. The store is open all day and
all night. It would be a great pleasure to have you especially, visit our
place to see what an el,;borate stock of
Perfumes, Face Powder, Face Creams, Tooth Brushes, Hair
Brushes, Nail Brushes, Combs and Spongues
we have, all of of whic-, are imported goods and all of which are high
,priced goods, lot cheaper in the long run. Such a line to these goods have
never been received in this town.
From five to ten cents, andt soaps from two to three dollars per cake.
From ten to fifteen cents per ounce, and from one to five dollars p unce
We have combs from twenty-five cents up to four dollars, and hair brushes from
twenty-tfve cenllts to fo.ur dollars and everything in proportionu-spongues,
powder pufft and toilet articles to namero us to mention. We want your trade.
We cater to your trade. Give us a call. We will be please to see you.
Remember our line is complete with HOUBIGANT PREPARATIONS, which
are very superior to Roger,& Callet, Ed Pinaud and similar manafactures.
This is sufficient to give you an idea of of the standard of o+.r goods.
General. Merchandise
Having leased the "New Hotel"
I ppreciating your patronage, Respectfully,
Main St. Abbevile, La
Teacherb' Aasociation.
The Vermilion Teachers' Association
will meet at the Abbeville High School
building to-day, October 29, 1904. All
teachers, members of the school board
and patrons of the schools of the par
ish are cordially invited to attend.
Mrs Severin LeBlane and little
daughter Kerment visited relatives and
friends at New Iberia this week
Mrs. A J Godard and her aunt, Mrs.
Simonet LeBlane went to Gueydan this.
a eek to visit Mrs. Go dard's sister, Mrs
Toups, who is ill.
The coming of a sweet baby girl into
the home of our friend, WV W Bailey,
has caused him to wear a brighter
smile than usual and feel the dignity
attaching to the title "'ppa p!"
We are pleased to state that Dr and
IMrs IR S Isbell returned to Abbeville,
after an absence of several weeks
spent in visiting several points. The
doctor will fill his regular appointments
at the Methodist church next Sunday.
We are sorry that circumestances com
pels us to again omit the reply of Hon.
Rm P Lolllauc to strictures of that
gentleman's because of his vote for and
defense of the 1ernmentau Ilevee Dis
trict bill, which appe.ared in the Guey
dan News of 14 inst It will appear next
week, su~e !
Miss May Thorne arrived Thursday
and will begin her Kindergarten class
at the nigh School building next Mon
day. All who expect to send children
should have them at the school build
ing at nine o'clock with one dollar for
in:identals. The tuition will be $150
per month.
Bay your farm wagon now. The
Vermilion Hardware Company re
celved a carload of Crescent wagons
last week. *
Fewuns Lege Mtabs Evariste
Connor Last bunday.
Last Sunday afternoon at Eizebe
Touchet's race track in the 6th ward
about eight miles northeast of here,
Evariste Connor, a young man about
30 years of age became involved in a
difficulty with Fergus Lege, a farmer.
and was stabbed severely in the left
chest and cuss on the right wrist by the
latter. The dispute grew out of the
conduct of the jockeys who ran the
Connor's wounds were dressed by
Drs. W. G. Kibbe and C. J. Edwards.
Sheriff Hebert promptly arrested Lego
and lodged him in jail, where he will
probably remain until the result of
Connor's wounds is definitely determ
Owing to the conflicting versions of
the difficulty afloat we shall not at
tempt any account of it. The unfort
unate affair is to be deeply deplorsl.
LATER-Last night Lege was re
leased on giving $1,000 bail bond
It isawith deep regret we announce
the death of Mrs. M. L. L. Spencer,
which sad event occurred at her home
in Abbeville last Sunday morning at
3:30 o'clock. She leaves to deplore her
demise a husband, one son and seven
daughters, also a brother and sister;
J S Ewell of our town and Mrs. J W
Murdoch of Houston. Texas. Rev. C
A Schilling held services at the home
of the family Monday morning and the
body taken to Cheneyville for burial.
Miss Birdie Farmer returned last
Sunday from Abbeville where she had
been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Strode..
Robert F. Derouon dropped in to see
us on last Tuesday forenoon. He was
saying goodbye to his friends for
awhile-leaving that day for New Or
leans, where he will enter the medical
department of Tulane University. His
family will remain at their home in
this city till he completes his course of
study.. Professor A. M. Delcambre, the
principal of the Decambre Academy,
was a visitor at our office on last Sat
urday evening. He announced that he
was making quite a change in his
school-the adding of a new feature
that of a commercial department. His
school is growing constantly and in
order to meet the needs and demands
of the students he has decided upon
this step. He has engaged a thorough
ly competent corps of professors for
the new department, and he hopes to
have in the very near future one of the
best institutions of learning in the
South.-Iberian, 22 inst.
"I write to [say what your valuable
Chilliftuge has done forme. I had a chill
every other day last month.
Since I commenced taking Chillifuge I
have not had another chill. I can sin
cerely recommend it, and advise those
who sutfer from this trouble to try Dicks
Chillifuge. The cure is certain."
B. V. Bnrshew,
Coxington. Tenn.
Our testimonials are not bought. They
are the voluntary expressions from grate
ful people at the efforts put forth by us to
relieve the greatest of all curses that the
human fatmily is heir to. There is no
better remedy than Chillifuge. The price
is within the reach of all, and it dees not
matter what variety of Malara is troubl
ing you, Chillifuge will cure you It
does it pleasantly. mildly. but none the
less, thoroughly and safely if you want
relief, do not put it off, get a bottle at
once. If you are unable to procure it
from your druggist write Finlay, Dicks
& Co. Ltd.. New Orleans.
Do not take a substitute, for it is not
utt as good,
R. H. Mills. Manager of the Abbeville
Drug Co., Ltd., is to well known to the
people of Vermilion to need any in
troduction as being a firstclass phar
macist and as being responsible in
every way.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Vermilion
In accordance with the provisions
of Section 61 of Act No. 152 of the
session Acts of 1898, as amended by
the Acts of 1900, I, Leodias J. Brous
sard, hereby certify that the follow
ing nomination certificate for the
offices herein designated has been
duly filed in my office, viz.: Primary
certificate for the offices of District
Judge :,,jd District Attorney for the
17th Judiciai District, composed of
the Parish of Vermilion, La., as per
primary election held Septemter 1,
Political designation, "Democrat."
For Judge of the 17th Judicial
District. W. P. Edwards.
FoP District Attorney of the 17th
Judicial District, John Nugier, Jr.
Witness my hand at Abbeville. La.,
this 29th day of October, A D. 1904.
Registrar of Voters, Parish
of Vermilion.
It looks at the present writing that
Parker and Davis will be elected.
State of Louisiana-Vermilion pr
ish--17th Judicial District
Monday, the 28th day of Novewm
ber, 1904, being the day fixed by
the order of this court for
the holding of the regular
criminal sessionof the 17th Judicial
District Court, the jury com.
mission of the parish of Vermil
ion will meet at the clerk's office of
the said parish on Monday, the 24th
day of October, 1904. at 10 o'clock
a. m., and together with the clerk
of court of the said parish, at .1 ii,
the presence of two competent wit
nesses, after snpplementing the orig.
inal venire list to the originai num
ber of 300'iams, shall select th.
names of twenty citiz, ns able to read
and"write tbe English language and
possessing the quoalification prescrib.
ed in section 1 of the Acts of the
General Assembiy of Louisiana. for
the year 1898, being Act No. 135 of
said year, to serve as grand jurors,
and to be in attendance on the 28th
day of November. 1904; and said
jury commission shall thereopon
draw from the general venire box
the names of thirty persons to serve
as Pctit jurors for the second week
of the said term beginning Monday,
December 6, 1904.
After which they shall proceed in
like manner to draw the names of
thirty additional persons to serve as
petit jurors for the third week of
said term beginning Monday, De.
csmber 12, 1904.
All to be done in accordance with
the provisions of Act No 135 of the
General Assembly of 1898.
The clerk shall spread this order
upon the minutes and cause th e same
to be published in the official journ
al of the parish according to law.
Given at Abbeville, La., at Cham
bers. this 20th day of October, 1904.
Filed October 20, 1904.
Judge 17th Judicial District Court, La.
FELIX J. SAMSON, Dy Clerk of Court.
State of Louisian-Vermilion Par.
ish-17th Judicial District Court.
P. Numa Rrossard is hereby ap
pointed a member of the Jury Com.
mission in and for the parish of Ver
milion, vice Severin LeBlance, ap,
pointed member of the School Board
for the said parish
Let this order be published in the
offieial journal and recorded in the
Criminal Minute Book.
Given at Charnbern this 20th day
of October, A. D. 1904.
Judge 17th Judicial Dist. Court.jL6.
Filed Oc'ote. 20,h, A. D. 1904.
FELIx J, SAMSON, Depy Clerk of Court.
The United Oil and Refining Co. of
Beaumont Texas. hale established a
branch office with warehouse and stor
age tanks at Jennings. La,
We carry gasoline, kerosene, ma'chine
and cylinde oils in stock, This is an "in
dedendent company," anid we are selling
oils cheaper than any oil company on the
market. Prompt seipments made from
Jennings, La.
We solicit a share of the trade of the
Abbeville section. Prices quoted by mail.
Send all orders to Jennings.
G. B. EVANs,
New Orleans, La. Open Entire Year.
Highest Grade. Most Practical Courses.
Best h quipments. Unequaled Facilities.
Complete College Bank and Business
4 Years a Model and Leader in Practical
Only School with Actual Store and Actual
Money, in which Students Keep the Books
and Balance the Cash.
Personal Instruction to Every Student.
No Charlatanism. No Misrepresentatien.
Graduates Hold Leading Positions and
are in General l,mand.
Students Aided to Positions. Business
MJen supplied with competent Bookkeepers
and Shorthand Writers.
Write tor Circolars. Address,
Quickly ecured. OUR 5FE DUE WEHI PAT.E
OBTAIND. Bend model, sketch or photo. with
duecription for free report uto patentability. 4S-PAGE
HAND-BOO FREE. Containl references and fuil
OFFl.. Itiathe most liberal propositioanvermade by
a patent attorney, and EVERY INVENTO BRHOULD
EAD before applying for patent. Addes:
ri oaa attsg.. WASHINGTON. D. C.
We charge a legitimate and rep
sonable price for all our job pritinn,.
-a price at which we can afford to
do the woik and the onDsumer c.a
afford to spend for stationery. * A d
we guarantee good job priot;og.

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