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Official Journal of The Parish And School Board.
-VOL. XLI - A A ch BX.oard 10. N .
As ODnnIAscI preventing the roam
ing at large of live stock within
the limits of 5th ward of Vermil
ion Parish.
Be it ordained by the Police Jury
of Vermilion parish in regular session
convened, That all owners of live
stock, such as horses, cattle, sheep,
mules, goats, Hogs, or any other live
stock are hereby forbidden to allow
them to roam at large within the
Limnts of that (5th) fifth ward of
Vermilion parish La.; And at that
th owntus of aforesaid stock found
roaming at large shall be responsible
for all damages done by the said
tgock, (or animals) to crops or fields
of other persons, and it bshall be law
ul for the-owners of any crops or
iekls damaged by said animals to
pen them; and take proper care of
tlem and shall immediately advertise
asid animals in at least three places
(ia the neighborhood for ten days
describing such animals and adver
titung them for sale to the highest,
bidder, by said taker up or some'
person he may select, on a day, hour
gid it a place specified in said notice,
fo. the payment of all the damages
doje by said animals and the expense
of keeping same, which damages
hal te assessed by two disinterested
purties, one to be chosen by the taker
ap of the apimals, and the other by
thi owner if he can be found and it
got found, or refusing them, by the
ster up said animals nmay be sold to
the highest bidder a ter ten days
aiotIee as aforesaid, and the damages
pd expense to be paid out of the
pieseda of sale and the surplus, if
py be paid into the parish treasury;
' ed that the owners of said ani
Sle. may at any time before said
ise, on paving the assessed damages,
aexpense take said animals, other
they shall be sold as above pro
ed by such taker up or sach per
jas be may select. This ordi
Sto take effct after due publi
Adopted Dec. 12, 19')4.
.S. . STEBBINS, President.
J.1 , 1 ILIAMS, Clerk.
A2 ORDINANCE to prevent the kil:ing
of, or otherwise destroying the
a eilirators within the limits of
Vermilion parish.
Ble it ordained by the police jury
of Vermilion parish in regular
leetling convened, Thlat it shall
be unlawful for any person to kill,
or ethtrwise destroy the alligators
ote have in possession hides there
sft, within the limits, of Vermilion
ltrith, for a period of five years
romm the publication of this ordi
sues;ce and that to better enforce
the observance of this ordinance it
is further ordained that a tine of
125.00 he imporcd for each .,nd
every violation thercof, and upon the
Milare -of party payina fine. then
tbey shall he condemned to work on
pablic reads of this t arish for a
Period of thirty day s;' said fines to
e imposed hby any court of coumpe
'Q m jurt.dicetion.
Adoprld Dee. 12. 19(f4.
E. M. STEBIrNS. President.
*: N. . Wu.I.LAMs. Clerk.
. For Sale.
A Dairy. pnving $3,000 per yenr.
ialating of 227 acres fl6e land adjnin
ARthlie corporation, one 11-lrnom housi
'4ithall; 2 large barns, 2 steel wind
ik, 60 pecan trees, plenty shade and
good cows. Apply to
3rem~pafN NonIce.
~·n l:Al teville, La.. 1)ee.Q. 11)(4
m ift. r thuis date. all psrmotis
ilv eperipsi ..i or thisue havinu Inlai
with. SW ;Ire herelhv t forbhitld ti
ons my proprerty, or o.Ierw ise rtTiiS
WI4 lily premis. . nioer penIal
4f the lour M. V. LAJMPMAN.
* RIP ANS Tabules
Doctors find
good prescription
For Mankind
nt acket is enonsh for rsnal or
US.- The fmnily hotthle () ctents) con
s apply for a year. All druggist,
ib) for the Meridional. Only
dollar a year.
To Everybody in need of Lumber:
Conme and see us-get our
prices before you place
sour bill. We can give
you better bargains than
and body else.
We have had a liberal share of the
trade, we flatter ourselves that our
customers in the past willbe ours in
the future, we are going doo do just
as we say and we belleytou will
believe us when we say 9, andyou
will be doubly sure when you get
the prices by calling at our place of
Lafayette, Louisiana.
EDWIN L. Stephens, President.
Situated in the beautiful Bayou Ver
milion country. A State Institution of
Learning,. both Academic and Practical.
and for both sexes. Magnificent Main
Building. Splendid Brick Dormitories,
Mechanical Workshop theroughlv equip
ped. Fourth session opens Wednesdsy,
Sept.. 21. 1904. Write for handsome illu'
troted Cataloflue to
Established in 1859.
W. B. THOMPeSO1. P. C. McCo,
Cotton - -:- Factors
No. 808 Perdido Strcet,
New Orleans, La.
Contractor and Builder
Estimates furnished for brick or
frame buildings.
Dec 20. Phone 52
S _.. . .... _... .».......». ».. -»» ....; .I......
We have just- purchased the
Spencer Restaurant and re-peettlly
solifit the trade of the public.
Best Meal 25 cents.
at all hours.
Hot Coffee and Fine Cigars.
East State ,treet between Court loeuse
and Masoni-a Hall
Physicians prescribe it
foir their most ýdeicate
For sale by
Profossalonal Cards.
Office in rosidence on Wasbhingtou
street, near Depot,
Call and see me for firat-clasa work
in Dentistry. Crown and Bridge work
a specialty. Prices reasonable and all
work anaranteed satisfactorr.
Attorneys at Law,
Ofce 96 State street,
Abbeville, La.
Hours 9 a. m. to 12 m.-- to 4 p. m.
Abbeville, La.,
Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
L. Broussard, J R Kitchell. W W Bailev
Attorneys at Law,
Office near courthouse,
Abbeville. La.
For prompt and courteount at
tention go to
Offlee i Batik Bidit. Abeville. La l
Work' Conmmenced on Ramsey
Tract Monday Morning
J. B. Chaffe, manager of Rose
Hill refinery, who is in charge of
the Ramsey Development Com
pany's oil operations here, in
forms us that the work of drilling
on Ramsey well No. I was begun
Monday morning and will be
carried through to completion as
rapidly as possible.
The well is located about one
and a half miles from Rose Hill
and six and a half miles from
Abbeville. To reach the place
it is necessary to -walk the last
few hiundred yards, as no road
has been built to the site of the
well.' We give this information
for the benefit of those who de
sire to witness the drilling, as
there will no doubt be large num
bers of persons from this vicinity
visit the place while the drilling
is going on.' Visitors can drive
nearly to the well, and can con
veniefitly walk the remaing dis
The finding of oil in this parish
will mean a great deal to Abbe
ville and the parish at large and
local interest in these operations
is very great. From this field; if
oil is found, both water and rail
facilities for shipment can be had
at once, putting the promoters in
shape to compete with any of the
oil fields of the country.
Governor Blanchard is not yet
certain that he will attend the
inaugral ceremonies at Washing
ton because of the difficulty of
rounding .up a sufficient number
of his colonels to give Louisiana
a properly spectacular appearance
in the parade. .The governor has
set the ' mininmum at twenty-live,
and apprehension is felt that the I
cold footed stallf will not r'ife to)
the ocicasion. We feel iinpelld I
to remark that in the line of
shedding the glamour of glory
and gold lace over fair Louisiama,
the governor's staff are lobsters.
-a ke Charles American.
e programme was announced for
the GOrand Lodge of Loulesi.n Odd
Jellow. as BDaun Bouge, March 7-8.
i ovement Being Agitated by State
W Agricultural Board
We are in receipt of the fol
Slowing circular letter, which is
self explanatory:
Hon. President and Members
Police Jury:
The Louisiana State Board of
Agriculture and Immigration has
interested itself in the Good
Roads movement, with regard, to
which the people throughout the
entire state are being aroused,
and has secured the co-operation
of Ron. Martin Dodge, director
of the Office of Public Road In
quiries, U. 8. Department of Ag.
riculture, Washington, D. C.,
who has assigned Mr. Charles T.
Harrison, special agent and as
pert, and his assistant, Mr. E. W.
Sheets, road expert in the same
office, to demonstration work in
this 'icinity, yhich is to begin
as fn i as the road building
machinery and materials arrive.
Object-lesson roads, that run
through the grounds of the Louis
iana State University and A. and
M. College, will be constructed
under their supervision, with the
student body doing the entire
work. Mr. Harrison will deliver
a series of lectures to the cadets,
explaining the best methods of
constructing, surfacing and I
draining of roads, material most
suitable for the. work, etc., having I
the cadets familiarize themselves s
in handling teams, machinery,
etc., and will teach them how to
take apart, put up, repair and c
handle the machinery to the best
It has been decided that it t
would be an opportune timie, I
while the work is going on, to a
have a Good Roads convention, t
and later a call will be issued and v
the time and date fixed, to which c
you are asked, and will be cor
dially* invited by the governor, h
to send live, progressive, repre- I
sentative .delegates to the. con- h
vention, with a view of reorgan- C
izing the State Good Roads As
sociation, discussing the subject C
of good roads, and for the pur t
pose of bringing about an organ- p
ized- and determined effort to (
pass a law creating a highway a
commissioner in the interest of v
improved highways, and more a
economic expenditure of road ti
funds throughout the parishes.
The convention will be asked to a
appoint a special legislative cAln- a
mittee for the purpose of drafti-g y,
a sill for presentation at the F
opening of the next general as
It is expected that the attend
ance will be large and that the
delegates will include state leg
islato.rs, delegatewe from ea':h
parilsh, town labor organizations,
progressive leaugues, farmers'
organizations,also district judges,
road connmissioners and repre
.sentatives of the Office of Public
Road Inquiries of the U. S.
Department of Agriculture, var
ious railroads and state board hf
engineers, represen.tatives from
the Highway Alliance, American
Road Makers, -American Motor
League, American Automobile
Association, Ieague of A meri.:m,
Wheelnian, Jeffersomn Memor:a!
Road A osociation, Ncw. York and
Chicago' Road Association and
the National Good Roads Aeao
We consider this a most impor
tant meeting and that it will
bring together road builders and
those interested in highway im
provement, from all parts of the
During the progress of the ob
ject-lesson work at the yniversity
it is earnestly desired and hoped
that members of parish boards,
road overseers and all who have
an interest in better roads, Will.
consider themselves especially
invited to visit the work, at any
and all times. They will find
the gentlemen in charge ever
willing to explain the methods
involved, and to import any other
information they may possess re
garding road work, as willing to
receive information from others.
Let us hope that you gentlemen
are disposed to co-operate in this
work, and will dome together for
the exchange of ideas that will
be helpful and inspiring.
Very respectfully,
J. G. LEE,
The Americanization of the
Creoles in New Orleans is going
on very rapidly, too rapidly
perhaps. It is right and proper,
o! course, that all folk born in
the United States should feel
American first, last, and all the
time. Yet it is pitiful that the
awakening of Creole youth to its
Americanism should bring with
it a spirit of utterdaisregard, of
contempt almost, for the lan
guage, customs and nationality
of their forefathers. In truth,
this spirit of disregard exists. A
knowledge of French is studiously
avoided by the younger genera
tions, because to them familiarity
with French looks like the badge
of the alien, the foreigner. They
prefer to converse in English,: '
however bad their English may
be. The fact proves that the
beginning of the end of "'ln race
Creole" has come. J1
A few days ago two boys,
Creoles undoubtedly,. judging by
their appearance, were "scrap
ping". in the French quarter.
One of them had conquered his
adversary, when the passer-by
v ho' is telling this little story,
approached and heard the victor
thus apostrophize the other boy:
"A-ha! I done lick you easy,
mel A ha! I knowed' I could
all time, yes! Youain'tnothing,
you, excep' one dam' leetle
Fr r enchman!"-Harlequin.
The price of rice refuses to rise
and oil has gone down to tci
cents at the fieldbut it will be
observed that the quotations on
Kansas City sowhelly still remain
alb)ut two bits for every fourteen
ounces, paLked eggs from the
North are thirty cents a dozen
and lotatoes from Wisconsin and
Colorado are at prices that put
them in the class with diamond
back terrapin and imported goOse
livers.-r-Criwley Signal.
¶ ¶
A WVesternnman who went home
at 3 o'clock was shot three timnes
by hli, wife. Suppose if lie had
gone home at 12 o'clock he would
have been shot twelve times.
He would better have gone home
at half past 2 and he would have
been only half shot.-N. 0. Item..

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