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Telephone 46.
Entered at the Postoffice at Abbeville.
La., as Second-class mail matter.
East bound 10:42 a. m.
Westbound 12:54 p. m.
State Tax Sale of Immoveable
State of Louisiana vs. Delinquent Tax Debtors.
Seventeenth Judicial District Court-Parish of
Vermilion-State of Louisiana.
By virtue of the authority vested in me by the
constitution and laws of that State of Louisiana.
I will sell at the principal front door of the court
house, in which the civil district court of said par
ish Is held, in the parish of Vermilion within the
leAal 5 1ttfor judicial sales. beginnina at 11
o'clock m.
SArURDAY, JULY 22, 1905.
eot ting on each succeeding day until said
s .es' pleted, all immovable property on
whi are now due tothe Stateof Louisiana
and of Vermilion to enforce collection of
tax . in the year 1904. together with
hint . from the 31st day of December. 1
1914, 1 ate of two per cent per month until t
paid All cepts.
Th m es of the said delinquent tax payers,
the ao~t of taxes due by each on the assess
en of said year and the immovable pro
pert o to each to be offered forsale are as
lii to"wit:
net Ilorie, Henry, La., 20 acres
l in nfortheast , sec. 36, T 13, R 14
ea4[ valuation $125, state taxes 750
cen% parish $1.25, total $2.00. 2
Jtli, Albert and wife, Henry, La.,
120 acreslaudinsec4T 1 R 4 E. 40 a
acres se X of ne qr sec 32 T 13 R 4 E. 9
valuation $365, state taxes $4.95,parish
$8.25, poll $1, total $14.20.
Abbeville Building & Loan Ass'n.
Duhon, Feregus 40 acres land nw
of se X sec 34 T 11 R 3 E. valuation
$290 state taxes 1 98 parish 3 30 poll
1 i0 total $6 28
Mefers, T. 1 acre n s and e by C. J.
Moss. valuation $10 state taxes 3 06
parish 5 10'poll 1 00 total $9 16
Bourque, Felician lot 9 block 101
Sokoloski annex. valuation $30, state
taxes 18c parish 15c total 33c.
Broaassard, C. C. lots 16 17 and 18
W'hitt~'s annex and imps. valuation
$375 state taxes 2 25 parish 1 88, total
$4 13;
Breussard,J. Cleomere lot 6 LeBlanc
annex, valuation $50, state taxes 30c
parish 25c total 55c
Brown, Adam lot 7 block 18 Young's
-anne. and imps valuation $90, state
taxes 54c parish 45c poll 100 total $1 99
Catalan, Arvillieu wid, hrs, 1 lot
Va4dourville and imps. valuation $150
state taxes 90c parish 75c total $1 65
Copes, J. H. 1 lot Areas annex and
impq, valuation $300 state taxes I 80
parish 1 50 total $3 30
Feray, L. J. lots 4 5 and 6 block
umiag's annex and imps. valuation
statet ax 720 parish 6 00 total 13 20
es,Iennie,und i-5 int in 2 acres in
LeBlanc annex. valuation 25
$ax 15c parish 12c total 27c
no, Paul 1 lot White's annex
pj. valuation 675 state tax 405
1 337 total 7 42
aux] Maurice lots 2 and 3 in
rt and imps. valuation 150 state
t 3 parish 610 poll 100 total 10 76
rtmd, Octave 80 acres land s /
sec 15 T 12 R 2 E. valuation
state tax 288 parish 4 80 road 240
iºd, Theofile 21 arpents n by
s by N. Hebert, valuation 105
4x 63c parish 105 road 53c total
irouard, Aymar 40 acres in nw °
19 T 11 R 2 E. valuation 240, state
144 parish 240 road 120 total 5 04
pbert, Oliver and wife 7 arpents
d in sec 28T 11 R 1 E. valuation
;tate tax 36c parish 6oc road 3oc
al 126
Cole. Wmin. and wife 20 acres land
y Moss s by road. valuation 120
te tax 72c parish 12o road 6oc total
beck, F. L. and C. C. Broussard
25 arpents land in se , sec 26 T 11 R
1E. valuation 15o, state tax 9oc parish
1 5o road 75c total 3 15
Morgan, R. A. 25 arpents w 4 of
nw qr of se qr sec 1 T 1 R 2 E. valua
t 175 state tax 177 parish 295 road
lypoll I oo total 719
Yoatng, Archie 9 arpents land n ;i
of se qr of se qr of ne qr sec 5 T 12-:R
3 E. valuation 45, state tax 27c parish
459 road 22c total 94c
Vipcent, Demosthene 4o acres land
se qr of se qr sec 36 T 11 R 3 E. vaalu
ation24o. state tax 144 parish 250
road 120 total 5 o4
4'1Paulk, Ursule Mrs. 2o acres n by
unag s by Gaspard w by Rung, valu
on 6o. state tax 36c parish 6oc total
- Gaspard, Lastie 4o acres land se qr
~%tw qr sec 5 T 13 R 3 E. valuation
:4., state tax 2 61 parish 435 poll 1 oo
total 796
. Meaux, Arthur 74 acres land n 1,4 of
ne qr sec 27 T 12 R 1 E. 4 acres land
n by Stebbins s by Meaux. 4o acres
Jandneqrofseqrsec 5 T 12 R 1 E.
i ddd imps. valuation 860, state tax 6 12
lharsia 10 2o poll 1 oo total 17 32
--iaux. Fernest 4o acres land n by
LeBlanc s by Meaux, and imps. velu
tion 36o. state 267 parish 445 poll
Ijo total 812
ý chnexnieder, Arthur 2o acres land
-4 of sw qr of sw qr sec 31 T 12 R 2
v . valuation 145 state t 87c parish 145
S1 oo total 13 32.
"Comfort, Geo. lots 1 and 2 block 27
and imps. valuation 275. state t 165
Rarlah 138 poll 1oo total 4 93
te" Csthman, M. R. Dr. lot 15 block 2o
vaatalon 125. state 75e parish 62ctotal
...e. .~,·. •i~~
Greene, Robert lot 11block 20 and
imps. valuation $150. state tax 240
parish 200 total $4 40
Lehman, E. J. lots 13 and 14 block
49 and imps. valuation $250 state tax
7 50 parish 6 25 poll 1 oo total $14 75
Marceaux. Isiael lot 12 block 71 and
imps, valuation $55, state tax 33c
parish 27c total 60c
Wallace, Frank lots 11 and 12 block
109 valuation $200 state 120 parish
100 poll 100 total $3 20
Bourque, Francois 6 arpents land
ne and a by Henry w by river, and
imps. valuation ;$230, state tax 150
parish 2 50 poll 1 00 total $5
Briggs, Erastus 75 acres n by J.
Mouton a by Hebert w by LeBlanc.
81 acres w-& of ne - sec 25 T 13 R 2 E
and imps. valuation $1005. state tax
6 27 parish 10 45 poll 100 total $17 72
Clore & Broussard 35 arpents n by
Baudoin s by Gibson. valuation $210
state 1 26 parish 2 10 total $3 36
Guidry, Moise, Mrs. 39 arpents n by
Choate w by Guidry and imps. valua
tion $145, state 1 35 parish 2 25 total
Parish, lHenry 80 76-100 acres a j of
se ¼ sec 8 T 13 R 3 E and imps. valua
tion $530 state taxes 4 29 parish 715
poll 100 total $12 44
Alex Gage,-10 acres, North
by Trahan south and west by
Lapoint, and imps. Valuation
$75. state .45c, parish .75c. total
Thibeaux, Telesphore sr. 60 acres
n by LeBlanc s by Cade e by Grey w
by Luquett, valuation $240 state 1 44
parish 2 40 total $3 84
White, Mary E. Mrs. 168 acres und
int in 336 acres n by Kibbe a by White
w by Campbell, valuation $170 state
150 parish 2 50 total $4 00
HBrn W. C. and Josephine 70 acres
in w por of Irg sec 44 T 11 R 2 w. val
uation $420 state 2 52 parish 4 20 road
2 10 total $8 82
Lyons, Rebecca 230 acres n by bay
on and imps. valuation $1455, state
9 03 parish 15 05 road 7 52 total $31 60
Scott, Martha 10 acres land n b1) J
Leonard and imps. 34 acres n by
Lake Arthur'e by Leonard. valuation
$410 state 2 46 parish 410 road 2 05
total $8 61
Abott, E. W. 40 acres land nw } of
sw I sec 36 T 11 R 1 w. valuation $200
6 state 120 parish 100 road 100 drain
age 100 total 4 20
Folkland; L. S. 162 acres land nw I
otsejofneoft Wsvandwjofsw 4
sec 15 T 11 R 2 w. valuation 970, state
19 81 parish 16 35 road 818 drain 8 18
e total 12 52
n Bogart, E. C. eat of, lots 11 and 12
block 24 and imps. valuation 400 state
2 40 parish 2 00 road 200 drain 200
c total 8 40
Clark,Chas. lots 1 to 16 in c block 29.
lot 1 block 49. and imps. valuation
e 2900, state 19 74 parish 16 45 road
9 16 45 drain 16 45 total 69 09
it Campbell, H lot 2, block 60. valua
0 tion 400, state 2 40 parish 2 00 -road
2 00 drain 2 00 total 8 40
I Curry, J. C. lot 6 block 45 and lots
0 7 and 8 block 4.3, and imps. valuatign
450 state 360 parish 300 road 300
k drain 3 00 total 12 60
East, A. lot 6 block 4, and imps.
valuation 125 state 75c parish 63c road
63c drain 63c total 2 64
Fate, J. W. Lots 7 and 8 blbck 5,
and imps. valuation 350 state 2 10 par
ish 175 road 175 drain 175 total 7 35
Fisher, H. M. Lots 7 8 and 9 block
4. valuation 150, state 90c pai'.eh 75c
road 75c drain 75c total 3 15
Folkland, L. S. lots 3 and 4 block
49. lots 13 and 14 block 21, and imps.
valuation 750, state 558 pairish 4 65
road 4 65 drain 4 65 total 19 53
Graham, W. M. lots 9 and 10 block
18. valuation 100, state 60c parish 50c
road 50 drain 50c poll 100 total 310
King,John & Paul,lot7 block 62 and
imps. valuation 200, state 120 parish
100 road 100 drain 100 total 4 20
Luft, J. J. and H. W. lots 1 and 2
block 41, and imps. valuation 300,
state 180 parish 150 road 150 drain
150 total 630
Parke, M. L. lot 4 block 62, and
imps. valuation 300, state 180 parish
150 road 150 drain 150 poll 100
total 7 30
Stoot~lmina, lot 9 block 19. valu
ation 50, state 3oc parish 25c road 25c
drain 25c total 1 o5
Vermilion Dev. Co. Ltd., k1ts 7 to
12 in block 59. lots 1 to 12 in block 71.
and lots 9 to 12 in block 23,
imps. valuation 1775, state 10 6i5 ºar
ish 8 88 road 8 88 drain 8 88 total 37-29
Louisiana Western Rail Road, lots
14 and 15 block 74. valuation 4o oo
state 24c parish 4oc road 2oc strain 2oc
total 1 o4
Joseph Aucoin, lot. 4 block,valuation I
Sooo state 48c parish 4oc poll loo road
4c draint4oc total 216
Slocum, L D, lot lo block 54, valua
tion 35oo, state 21c parish 17c poll loo t
road 17 drain 17 total 1 72
Bynum Investment Co. Ltd. 128o
acres land sec 7 and 18T 14 R 5 E.. c
44o acres iI of aw w of seo of sec 6. i
w ofneofnw ofsec19 T 14R 5 e
e. valuation 86o, state 5 16 parish i
86o total 1376 t
Clargois, Jos. A. 26 acres land n
by Dartez a by Abshire, and imps.
valuation 2o5, state 123 parish 2 05
total 3 28
Dilbon, Alexandre 60o acres land n r
by Stansbury a by Gibson w by h
school land, and imps. valuation 510
state 3o6 parish 51o total 816
On said day of sale I will sell such portions tf d
said pruolerty as each debtor will point out, and p
in case the debtor will not plint rot sunjicient pro
perty, will at once, and without further delay,
sell least quantity (of said property of any debtor a
which any bidder will buy for the a oumnt of these
taxes.interest and o.-ts, due by said debtor, and
the sale will be without aplvraisement, for cash in t
legal tender money of the United St ates. and the s
property sold shall be redeemable at any time n
for the space of one year by P.-yiau the price gir
en including costs and twenty per cent thereon t
ADAM DltrllhtHAt'.
Sheriff and FEx-Officio T'ax Ctlle to-.
Abberille, La.. June 17. i l.
J. F. Broassard and his itti.I
brother, I. stie speu L Wedict .sd
Of the t:ratlt Mercantile Cotlpany Limited,
of Erath, Louiniana.
State t LTubilana. t
Pari h of Vermnilion.
I ltre min, J. Nil n Gree-n.. a N.tarsy Public.
duly commisionedi ai:d qualified in and fr the
Parish and State aftrtesid. and in pre-ience of
the witnesest here,iaafter named and undersiin
the persons whose nI:mes are. hereunto
subscribed, all of full age, who declar
ed, that availing themselves of the
provisions of the law of the State, rel
ative to corporalions, and tspecia+ly
act No. 36 of 1888 of the General As
sembly of Louisiana, they have con
vonanted and agreed, and by these
presents covenant and agrve,and bind
themselves as c!l as such othtiri, per
sons as may hereinafter Ibcomute asso
ciated with them, to form and consti
tutle a corporatibn and body politic in
law, for the purposes and objects, and
under the stipulations articles and
conditions following, to wit:
Article I.
The name and title of the said cor
poration shall be the Erath Mercantile
Co., Limited, and its domicile is here
by established in the Parish of Ver
mihon, La., and under its said corpo.
rate name, said corporation shall have
power and authority to contract, sue
and be sued; to make and use a corpo
rate seal, and the same to break and
alter at pleasure; to hold, receivepur
chase, improve, alienate, convey, sell,
borrow,pledge, mortgage and hypoth
ecate, under its said corporate name,
property, real, personal and mixed; to
u:ame and appoint such officers,direct
ors, agents and managers or employ
ees, as the interest or convenience of
said corporation may require; to make
and establish by-laws, rules and regu
lations for the proper nrianagemr nt and
regulations of its atfairs, as may be
deemed necessary an.d proper, and the
same to change and alter at pleasure;
and to do all olther acts anrd things
permitted by law or as shall or may be
necessary and proper to carry otlt the
Iobjects and purposes of said corpora
tion. Said corporation, unless sooner
dissolved in accordance with ifs chart
er, shall exist and continue tor the per
iod of ninety nine years from and after
the date hereof. The President, or in
his absence tnh Vice-President, shall
be the proper pe'rson upon whom cita
tion -or other legal procss shall be
Article II.
The objects and purposes for which
this corporation is origanized, and the
nature of the business ttu be carried on
by it, are to carly tnt and conduct and
operate a general retail mercantile
business in said Parish of Vermilion.
Article 1IJ.
The capital stock of said corporation
shall be Five Thousand Dollars,divid
ed into and represented by fifty shares
of the sum of One Hundreli Dollars
each, which said stock shall be paid
for in casth at the time of subscription,
or'the same may be issued, at n:t iess
than par, in payment or exchange for
property or rights actually retrived or
purchased by said*corporation, or the
sahbe may be issued, full paid, for
money advanced,or for such other val
uable considerations oi services as the
board of directors of said corporation
may determine; provided, that no
stock shall be issued notil the consid
eration therefor has been received by
said corporation. Any stock holder
may sell, assign or transfet his stock
in this corporation, provided- ten days
prior notice of such intention to sell,
assign or transfer the same be given
the Company, and the other stock
holders shall have the first privilege of
purchasing same, after which ten days
notice the said stock may be sold in
open market. The stock of said cor
poration may be transferridl under the
aibove conditions,provided such trans
ter thereof be made on the books of
said Ceomany at its offiee in the Tows,
of Erath, La., and on surrender of tht
certificate thierefor. This corporation
"shall commence doing basiness as soon
as Five Thousand Dollars of the capi
tal stock shall have been subscribed
Article IV.
The orpor'ate powers of this corporation shall
be vested in and exercised by a board of seven
directors, consisting- of the Prsi.tent, a Vice
President and a Secretary andl Treasurer andl
four stock holder:;, and a maijir,; of wvh;1 shall
Constitute a quorum. The following persons
shall cmntitute the fir:-.t hoard of directors:
Joseph M. Co)utirrez, P. U. Letdianc. Tell.-s,
phore Nunez. Alphe i.eudreaux, Laodice Iulin
Sevie Landry and (;crome S;uncz, .aid board
shall continue in odice until I he 1st day of Jan
uary 1906 mon t*hich date and thereafter amnally
a board of dirctors shall be elcletd on the 1st day
of Jlanulry of each. car unless the satme shall
be a holiday, when the election shall be held on
the text legal day thcrcraft:.r. Notice hi such
election shall ble giveat by at least ten days putb
lication in sime newspaler published. in the
Parish of Vermilion; and the board of directors
shallappoint one are mure stock holders tpreside
at such election as commissioner. Ini the event
of the failure of any comnmissioner to attend.
the President shall, by appointm.lnt, fill
the vacancy. Any failure trlml any cauzec what- I
ever to elect directors the day namxt-for that
purpose shall nomt disolvec the corporation, but
the directors then in odice, as well as the officers
of said Companr. shall held over until their suc
.essors are chotl:n. A evtery electiot and meet
ingf each s.t,.ck bhlier hail be ent itRed to vote for
each share of stork registered in his name, and
may vote by proxy.. After each election the
board of directors shall electe from their own
number i he officers oi slid Compnany.
Article V.
Tihe i:;arld f l)irectors shall have full power to (
fill vacanci~-s in their number caused by death,
resignation ,."otherwise, from amo1ng the stock
holders of the corlomratin. Tl'ih bhoard uf direct
ors is authlorized to adopt it, own by-laws for the
Ilanaymet of -aid Cr'p:oatis ans to elect such
oftiuers ald elgartIr uch .u l: c a as they may
deem necessary aind fix:t iholir salary and comn
pensat ion..
Ilhsat lell. ,V
aricL: VI. f '
This chatter may B., cthanafud, modified or
amended, the capital stock increnasc.- olr this cor
poration mtay be dissVied, at a general meeting
of the stock hild .er-c -cnlvened lfr the purpose with
the assent of three fourths of the entire capital .
stock whether present or represented at such
meeting. Ten days prior nlotice of such meeting t
shalfbe gisen in any newaspaper pc blished in
this Parish. In case of dissolutcn of termination
qý' f ý m W .";
of this corporation, cisher by 'limitation of its
charter or from any cause the liquida
tiun of its affairs shall be nclducted by
three fcmmissiolners, selected.frbm the
stock holders with like assent- and at
a meeting called for that purpose, a
above set forth in this article. Said
commissioners shall remain in office
until the affairs of said corporation
shall have been liquidated.
Article VII.
No stock holder of this corporation
shall over be held liable or responsible
for the contracts or faults thereof in
any further sum than the unpaid
balance due tl e Company on the
shares of stock subscribed for or own-.
ed by him, nor shall any informality
in organization have the cffect of ren
dering this charter null, or of expos
ing a stock holder to any, liability,
beyond the unpaid balance, if any, of
his stock.
Thus done, and passed, at Vermil
ion Parish, La, on- this 2nd day of
June A. D. 1905 in presence of J. H.
Lutgring and Hubert LeBlanc, com
petent witnesses, of lawful age, and
residents of this Parish, who hereun
to sign their names, together with said
parties and me, Notary after due,
reading of the whole.
Shares. Amount.
J. M. Goutierrez, 5 $500.00
P. U. LeBlanc, 5 500.00
Telesphore Nunez, 5 t 500.00
Joseph S. Landry, 4 400 00
Joseph M. x Nunez, 5 500.00
Alphe x Boudreaux, 5 500.00
Gerome x Sounez, 4 400.00
Theogene x Dubois 2 200.00
Valerien -4 Sellers 2 200.00
Thomas Meyers, 5 500.00.
per J. M. Goutierrez.
Leodice Hulin 1 100.00
Felicien Broussard. 2 200.00
Jean x Dubois, 2 200.00
Valarien Nunez, 2 200.00
per J. M. ;Goutierrez,
Valarien Landry, 1 100.00
per J. M. Gou(tierrezL
J. H. Lutring.
Hubertrl LT anc.
J. Nelson Greene,
seal. 'Notary Public.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Vermilion.
I, Jchn Nugier 'Jr., District Attorney in
and for the 17th Judicial District of Louisi
ana. to hereby certify that after a careful
examination into the foregoing charter of
the "Erath Mercantile Company, Limit.
ed", nothing is therein found contrary to
uoa'repugnant with the laws and constita
tion of the United States of America,nor of
the State of Louisiana. Therefore this cer.
tificate in approval thereof is hereby grant
ed at Abbevlie, La.,.this 2nd day of the
month of June, A. D. 1905.
John Nugier, Jr.
District Attorney, 17th Judicial District of
To The Charter of The Planters Rice Mill
Company, Limited.
United States of America, State of
Louisiana, Parish of Vermilion:
Be it known that on this the 28th
day of the month of June A. - D.. 1905,
before me, Walter B. Gordy, a Notary
Public, duly commissioned and'quali
fied in and for the state and parish
aforesaid, and in the presence of the
herein after namedn witnesses.
Personally came and appeared Gus
tave Godchaux, President of the
Planters Rice Mill Company, Limited,
and Frank A. Godchaux, secretary of
said company, both of whom are resi
dents of the parish of Vermilion,being
thereto and herein fully authorized by
resolutions and proceedings of the
shareholders of said corporation,
adopted at their annual meeting held
on June 12th, 1905:
Who declared that at said general
meeting of the shareholders of the
aforesaid corporation, also convened
for the especial purpose,after the legal
and required notices, both by publida
tion and mailing to each of the share
holders, and after tule expiration of
the legal delays the following amend
ment to the Charter or Act of Incor
polation of said Planters Rice Mill
Company, Limited, was unanimously
adopted bythe shareholders of said
company present and represented at
said meeting, four hundred and forty
eight shares and votes- being cast
therefor; as will more fully appear
from the annexed copy of the resolu
tions arfd proceedings of said Compa
ny, adgpted at said general meeting of
date June 12th, 1905, and forming
part hereof, and which is paraphed
"No Varietur" by me, Notary, which
amendment is in the words es follows,
Said Article III shiall be and read
as follows, to-wit:
The capital stock of this corporation
shall be seventy-five thousand ($75,
000.00) dollars, divided into seven
hundred and fifty shares of the ear
value of one hundred dollars eaich,
which is fully subscribed and is to be
paid into the treasury of said company
as called for by the Board of Directors
of the said corporation. Certificates
of stock shall be signed by the Presi.i
dent and by the Secretary sand Treas
urer or in the absence or inability of
the President to act, by the Vice-Pres
ident and Secretary and Treasurer.
Said certificates shall be issued only
when paid in full, and said stockl shall i
be trausferable only on the books of
the company on the surrender or due
proof of loss o: the original certificair. I
,Thue d4n1, reta and siLted .in u nmy
offee iab town of .:.bbevflle, tVer
milion Pai; h, State 6f Loruisiana, on
the date and year first above written
in the presence of Albert Statffer and
M. T. Gordy, Jr., competent witnes
sea, who have signed these presents
with the aforesaid appearers and me,
Notary,after due reading of the whole.
Planters Rice Mill Co., Ltd. &
Per G. Godehaux, President.
F, A. Godchaux, Secretary &
Albert Stauffer,
M. 7. Gordy, Jr..
Walter B. Gordy,
Notary Public.
I have examined carefully the fore
going amendment to the-charter of the
Planters Rice Mill Company, Limited,
and finding nothing contained therein
contrary to thh Constitution and Laws
of the United States nor to the Consti
tution and Laws of the State of Louis
iana, I hereby approve same.
John Nugier, Jr.
Dist. Atty. 17th Judicial Dist. of La.
Abbeville, La., June 28th, 1905.
Semi-Annual Statement. .
Of the Acme Saving Association, of Abbe
ville forthe 6 Mouths Ending
June 30, 1905,
Mortgage loans secured by vendors
privilege $26,680.00
Loans secured by stock and
otherwise 1,847.50
Due from members on stobk . 218.40
" " " for interest 119.23
Cash on hand and iq bank 725.26
Total 29,590,39
Full paid stock 1,822.83
Dividends on f. paid stock 72 88
Installments .nd dividends
on serial stock 11,836.32
Installments and dividends
accrued on Dayton stock 13,520.00
Dues advanced before due 217.70
Interest advanced before due 117.10
Continget loss fund 717.70
Liabilities other than above 1,236.27
Undivided profits , 49 59
.Total 29,590.39
State of Louisiana, SS:
Parish of Vermilion :
We, the members of the Auditing
Co'mmittee,and Secretary of the above
named Association dosolemnly swear
that all the foregoing statements of
this Association for the six months
ending as above specified are true und
correct, to the best of our knowledge
and belief.
A. J. Golden,
John B. Shaw,
Auditing Committee.
W. W. Edwards,
Sworn to and subscribed before me,
this the 5th day of July A. D. 1905.
D. L. McPherson,
Notary Public.
Parish of Vermilion, Abbeville, La.
George Gauthier wasIn Lafay
ette'this week for a few days.
Walton J. Quick made a. busi
ness visit to Jeanerette this week.
Samson Chauvin is visiting in
New Orleans.
The young men gave a dance
at Godard's hall Tuesday night
which was a social success.
Play ball! But see that you
get your balls, bats. gloves and
masks from Bailey's.
Dave Silverman leaves tomor
row to spend some time at Staf
ford Springs, Miss.
Miss Louise Montagneis visit
ing friends and relatives in Guey.
L. P. LeBlanc, of St. Martins
ville, has been the guest of F. R.
MestaVer this week.
Hugh Summers was a business
visitor to Lake Charles this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Alcide Chauvin,
after spending about two months
here as the guest of their sons,
Samson and Harris,left Saturday
.for their home on Bayou La
Sum ma Caidwell, who is assist
ing in building the Bank of Jean
erette at that place,was over here
during the week.
The Peoples' Laundry, `under
the management of Sigur & Per
ret, began operations last, week,
their first work being quite sat
Prof. J. G. Broussard, of: the
Henry High School, is arranging
to open a teachers' employment
bureau in Abbeville at ah early
A sudden change in the weath
er is apt to cause you to become
hoarse and to cough. Try Mill's
Syrup of Tar and Wild' Cherry;
For sale by the Abbeville .Drbg
Mr. and Mrs. Harris A. Chaq
yin returned Friday from :a
week's visit toýrelatives at Thi.
bodeaux, Ariel, aceland :and
Lockport.- They left here June
80th, with the body ºf their little
daughter, ena, who died on. the
day previous, to place the re
mais in the _f.m.ly tromb
:-Wo fat
to rent or sell you property? Do -
buy or rent a home? Call on or addk
THE =REA L. 9"r.1E N
Room 14; Bank Building. Ab1
fMr ON.,
We all Want it' a.. sOme
need it.
If so, we will be glad to make
VANCES 'on your RICE
now gtowing, ait eight ht
upon pledge of rice to" be m.
any of our Mills.
Abbeville Rie ,e Mi, Li
Abbeville ...:.. `.
2Mid 4uouuer Pr ic
25 per cent off on Strou..i se
L Art Suite exCepting so.id bla.k&
I blues
20 per gent off on l.adie ; t
fords. i y
20 per :cent off ca :'n ii
. Sandals. , ; :r
A eew shipihntofStacy Ada ©s Iz
S$5.00 and 5.:r. "A new shipment of
Shoes $3.50.
i wnl NO Ta• US wft A sAl r
;i Abbv le; rii
F s: ites:xasagga
Statement 4f the Con4J$Jtuk of t
- akof t bber
" Pa h v t;
A b be vi l , E e t f
At the c6lose of bas ss Ja
Loans and discounts ,8517
Overdrafts .. ...3. I,1030 S
Bonds and stocks º' 41.70 4 Td
Furniture and - Sia
tures...............,b- - - d400 .D e
Cash and sight ax ' 9 o
change ...........8 . B .
Total... . .. #45,16&E01
I solemly swea- that the oregoin te ci
ot my knowledge an belief.
* ebed before re
our patrons receive every courtedy ad am
the bounds of pruen banking.
Mr;s-: L~~ixa 3, DSOJhU tS~
sick. 'fltiqir m Wy fr eni dt MW
the li tie off.e ui oi.sit;
agaii" -.;i b3 wi~- 1
- jii ½
ciiYi ,
i sIea ed
Rab isý o
1P;f r,
ýt .t
*` t .

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