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Newspaper L L Advertising
The Oldest Medium inBs
Louisiana. . Vermilion Parish,
o u a n a .O ff i c i a l J o u r n a l o f V e r m i l i o n P a r i s h .
No. 1-50 lots in the Caldwell addt ion, term ohi-f;urth cash.
No. 2-30 arpents of land in the Edwards addition,known as Rose Dale,
will sell in tracts to suit-purchaser.
No. 3-125 arpents of land joining the,South side of the corporation of
Abbeville, will sell in separate tracts ,to suit purchasers, terms
No. 4-320 arpents fine rice land two miles from Gueydan, La., some
timber, price $25.00 per arpent, terms to suit.
No. 5-196 acres of rich black land near refinery, well improved, 3'
miles from Abbeville, price reasonable, terms easy.
No. 6-220 arpents of fine sugar land adjoining refinery 3 miles from
Abbeville on Bavou Vermilion,fairly well improved,price attract
ive, terms to suit.
No. 7-394 acres fine rice, cotton and corn land, 7 miles from Abbeville
two good irrigating wells, good,izpprovements, on canal.
No. 8- 550 acres land in the Second Ward, X00 acres in cultivation, bal
ance stock land, fine improvements, will be sold at a bargain.
No. 9-700 arpents of well improved land in the First Ward, five niiles
from Erath, improvements, one good irrigating plant, one cotton`
gin, and plantation store, price reasonable.
No. 10-1100 arpents of well improved lada pitu d at Cow Island,Sixth
Ward, rich, black lan4, .ndlci upe fcha a stock man, price
very reasonable. .
No. 11-1000 acres one mile from Kap'lan, good rich black corn, cane,
rice and cotton land, with good wells and improvements, will sell
for $30.00, per acre terms t o.it.
No. 12-200,000 acres belonging t . A Orange Land Co., consisting of
prairie land, timber land-au, ga.ing land. Prices ranging from
$83.00 to $18.00 per acre, will sell in tracts to suit purchaser,
terms one-third cash, balance in one, two and three years.
For further particulars apply to
J. . Lutgring Co
Office over Post Office, Abbeville, La.
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-r c . ..· I II--7C~.r.~ i~r.i
Just Received
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shades and pattern .4
All our goods come from non.infected place s
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:+,~ ~~~ -b ...... ·:-++. .+
Little Things at a Saving
Doing little things well is a
characteristic of this store. We
recognize the fact that a transac
tion that may seem small is often
of great importance to you, and
our methods and service are such
that we care for the smallest sale
as carefully as we do the larger
ones. There are hundredsof lit
tle articles in a drug stock for
which only occasional calls are
made, but when they are wanted
it is to fill a need which nothing
else can fill it is our constant ef
fort to supply these trifles;. This
same attention to detailis carried
throughout our business. In
selecting goods, each article is
purchased with regards to quali
ty,. Each price is a low or lower
than the same quality is sold for
P. H. Bailey's Drug Store.
State St. Phone 35 Next to
P.o .
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reaoh the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only oly oe way to cure, deaf
ne , Mnd that-is by constittitional
red .es. Deafness is caused by an
inftamed condition of the mucous lint,
ing of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rumb
link soujd or imperfect hearing, apnd
wh n it is entirely'closed, deafness is
ther-esult, and unless the inflamation
can be taken out and this trbe restored
to its normal :ondidon, ;hearing' will
be lestroyed forever; nine cases out of
ten are caused by js catar h, which
nolling byt OtILasýt$ s4 dititon P
the mucous sutfac~s.
We will give one hundrea~doUli.m-_r
ta) thatrh caroe h b rcal's
Ca rrh Cure. .$.Oie 4w- circulars
Only Regular Routine Busi
ness Transacted at
September Meet
Abbeville, La., Sept. 11, 1905.
The Police Jury of Vermilion
Parish met this day in regular
session. Present: E. M. Steb
bins, president, and Jules Thibo
deaux, Sidney Andrus, Thomas
Hoffpauir, Samuel Greene, J. M.
Mestepev, J. N. Foutz, P. D.. LeI
On motion of J. N. Foutz, duly
seconded, the reading of the
minutes was dispensed with, and
they were adopted as recorded.
Valerien Matte appeared and
requested that the opening of
the road across his lands, recent
ly established,be postponed until
after the first day of 'January
next, he agreeing to place gates
and allow the public to pass
thereon, Whereupon, on motion
the following agreement was
signed and accepted:
Abbeville, La, Sept., 11. 19Q5,
Be it known that in considera
tion of the police jury granting
me until the first day of January.
1906, to open up the public road
across my lands lying and situat
ed north of the residence of W.
B. White, in the Third Ward, I,
Valerien Matte,hereby agree and
consent to place gates on my fenc
ing and allow the traveling public
to pass across my lands, up to
said date. I. also consent that
the road hands may place any
bridges or other -repairs neces
sary to enable them to pas-s
through said lands during said
Signed: His
Valerien X Matte,
Witness: Mark.
J. N. Williams.
On motion of Samuel Greene,
duly seconded, an appropriatione
of $25.00 and lumber for a twenty
five foot bridge was made for the
repair of the road leading to
Kaplan, and Mr. Greene is auth
orized to disburse said amount.
On motion of P. D. LeBlanc,
duly seconded, each individual
member of this body be and are
hereby requested to act in con
cert with the road overseers of
their respective wards, and to
form a plat defining the boundar
ies of their several road districts.
On motion, duly seconded, A.
Choate, road overseer, be and is
hereby authorized to employ a
mechanic to lay off and cut the
lumber for the rebuilding the
bridges on the public road in the
Seventh Ward.
Messrs Jules Bourque and
Felix Broussard were appoioed
as members of a juryof freehold
ers, vice F. I. Broussard and
Cleomere Vincent.
On motion.of J. N. Fouts, the
finance committee are instructed
to allow Mr. Sokoloski the sum
6i$5.00 for amount expeniled on
repairs of the Abbeville bridge. "
On motion of P. D. ISeBlanc,
the sum of $75.00 was appropriate
ed to aid in the repairs of road
near Jean Pirre's, and Mr. Le
Blanc is authorized to disburse
said amount.
J. N. Foutz reported the com
pletion and acceptance of bridge
across Marias Castex.
The. finance committee made
the following report which was
accepted and ordered spread on
the minutes
Abbeville, La., Seut. 8, 190$
To the Honorable President and
Members of Police Jury, Par,
ish of Vermilion:
IYour finance committee beg to
stMte that owing. to . the sheriff
having made no collections' since
last report, and the treasurer's
4bsence, we have no report to
make of collections and disburse
E. M Stebbins,
P:-D. LeBlane,
*`1 M. L. Eldredge.
A, communication froa the
court house com mittee wa ri
cwed, and_·2S sai* M m,~:
instructed to proceed and have
the necessary repairs made,
On motion of J. M. Mestepey,
duly seconded, the parish license
held by Mosard Broussard for
retail grocery, be and is hereby
ordered transferred toPhilogene
On motion of Samuel Greene,
duly seconded, any game warden
of this parish who shall bring
evidence, and secure the convict
ion of any person, for violating
the game laws of this parish,from
and after this date, shall be en
titled to the sum of Ten Dollars,
($10.00) for each and every con
viction. Said amount to be paid
oit of the criminal prosecution
fund. Adopted.
On motion of J. M. Mestepey,
Resolved: that the former act
ion of the police jury in construct
ing and forming a drainage dis
trict of the Sixth and Seventh
Wards, be and is hereby rescind
ed, and that a drainage district
be and is:hereby formed of the
Seventh Ward exclusively, Re
corded and adopted.
On motion of Jules Thibodeaux,
duly seconded, a drainage dis
trict be and is hereby formed
and constituted of the Second
Ward of Vermilion Parish, and
the following gentlemen were ap
pointed as commissioners there
for, viz: J. N. Williams, C. M.
Burt, George Pullin.
On motion of Jules Thibo
deaux, duly seconded, Isidor
Artibus Dugas be and is hereby
notified to remove his building
from the public road within 'ten
days from date. Adopted.
The following claims were, al
Ernest Rodrigue, repairing road
grader, $8 50
J. E, Kibbe, lumber for bridges,
First Ward, $294.16; Second
Ward, ditto, $86.78-$885.94
Gueydan Lumber Company,
lumber for bridges; $270.48
Gueydan Lamber Company,
lumber for bridges, Sixth
Ward, $14.10
Camile LeBlanc, constable First
Ward, quarter ending June 30,
1905, $12.50
J. M. 'Mestepey, police jury,
quarter ending June 80, 1905,
Simonet LeBlanc,recording acts,
oil for court house, etc., $15.25
Elija Sarver, witness fees vs
Henry Navarre, $2.20
Emile Mayard, witness fees vs
Espa Broussard, $2.00
The police jury ;then adjourn
ed until the next regular meet
E. M. Stebbins,
J. N. Wilms. President.
eet Off CaeL.
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cheap, who, after havintg contracted
constipation or landigestion, is still able
toperfectly rstore his health. Nothing
will do this but Dr, King's New Life
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cure for headache, constipation, etc.
25c at all drug stores guaranteed.
New Water Engleer..
The City Council and the Citi
zens' Advisory Committee met
last Saturday evening ito review
propositions in connection with
the proposed water works sys
tem, and to select a consulting
engineer. After considering the
claims of severa applicants, the
body selected William McIntosh,
of Houston, Tex., who was order
ed to at once proceed with the
survey, and submit the neces
sary plans and speifications, so
that tIle work may commence at
the earliest possible date. The
Council met in, special session
'Teseday and closed the contract,
with Wiiam Mcintosh, of House
top, 4co·siul~t g.ag€er. As
soon as plans are drawn bids for
the erection of the lP- 000 water
works system will call ed .o.
sald the work p to, com
T 7 k 40FýA#A t~
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Nilson re
turned Saturday from and ex"
tended .trip to Missouri
For the largest 5 cent school
tablet in town, go to the Racket
Miss Daisy Feray returned
last week from a visit of several
weeks to relatives in Beaumont
and Orange, Texas.
To buy the cneapest farm lands
in Vermilion parish, see D. D.
Cline, 'The Real Estate Man,"
Abbeville, La.
Miss Edith Cade, of Bancker,
was in town Monday on a visit to
Phone 158 to have your clothes
done up in short order.
Miss Nolia LeBlance, of Erath,
spent the day hereSunday, the
guest of Miss Henriette Trahan.
Rom P. LeBlanc was a business
visitor in town Mondy.
To rent or buy desirable town
property in Abbeville, Gueydan
or Kaplan see D, D. Cline, "The
Real Estate Man," Abbeville, Ia.
Mmes. A. J. Godard, T. G.
Chauvin and Miss Clothilde Ther
iot spent Thursday at Perry, the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Misses Olive Bourque and
Idolie Traha., who have been the
guests of Drand Mrs. T. J. Ab
shire at Leroy, returned Mon
If you care to pa nisa home
boys stqp the -Pe . Steaem
Laundry wagon.
Julien Champagne, of LeRoy,
was circulating among his many'
friends here this week.
Q. I Deshotels, of Kaplan, was
in town on business this week.
The shortest way to the laun
dry is to Phone 158.
Dr. 0C A. Schillings madea brief
business visitor to Iota, returning
from there Monday.
L. P. DeBlanc spent Sunday
and Moncly in Erath and New
Iberia visiting friends and relat
School bags and straps at the
Racket Store.
n. ani Mrs. W A. oirche, of
Kaplas. `were in ibbeville last
Monday on a brief yisit to fri
F. R. Montagne spent Sunday
in Erath.
Composition books, inks, pens,
pencilsand everything for school
children at the Racket Store.
The pretty cottage of Mrs. W.
L Swaine is being painted by
Gutlbesax & Fazand. .
Worms Bnd insects have apper
ed in the cotton and have already
baused much damage,
James W. Barnes, the popular
clerk atGodard's drug store,wlll
leave soon for Tsxau to study
For Sale--236 acres Iflne farm
land, improvements, near Abbe
ville, on Bayou Vermilion. This
is dirt cheap, $7500.00, D. D.
Cline, "The Real Estate. Man,"
Abbeville, La.
OThe following gentlemen left
Sunday evening for the Gulf
wherye they. will remain several
days :Simonet LeBlane, Aristide
Toups, M. T. Gordy, Jr., J. N.
Domungeaux, Walter Health, O.
H. O'Bryan, Adam Brassei and
Ada.. Broussard. The party
was in charge of. J. ,Melrland
anld the trip wae made on the
steamer Vermilion.
Ciauile LeBlaneo chibef eputty
sheriff, is erecting a ap eous
cottage ono Lafayette stree The
contract is being flledt Bv. J.
Mont ` ewhileGilibeaui& FPa
~a have, the work of paring
- f ~
Esther Events
Autumn is with us again;it still
rains, but finds this part of the
country with no rice to harvest
this season. There are a few
lucky enough to be picking eotton
but very little corn will be gath
Russel Rice has been running
his saw mill for the last few
A large crowd attended prayer
meeting at Esther cemetery Sun
day before last.
S0ne sickness in Esther, but
no yellow fever as yet, thanks to
our native friends, the mosquit
oes, being very numerous and en.
ergetic in there mission of carry
ing off all surplus and impure
Tom Morgan and John Schill
ing visited Abbeville Saturday.
Mr. and DMrs. Roberts, of Prai
rie Gregg, spent several days at
the home of Mrs. Levi Rice, re
Orr Moss, who has been absent
from lower Vermilion for some
time, is home again.
Ollie Kibbe, one of Vemilion's
gallant young men, has accepted
a position at Salt Mine, will be
much missed in our society.
The social event of the season
was a pretty wedding at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs Henry Smith, of Big
Woods. on August 23, when Miss
Melds Smith, one of our charm.
ins young ladies, and Mr. Pierre
Thibodeaux, of Prairie Gregg,
were united in marriag, Judge
Albert Schlessinger officiating.
May your happiness be all you
anticipate is the wish of your
-"Thel.ce being broken,'lower
Vermilion was treated to sur"
prise on August 26, when it was
learned that two hearts were
made happy at a quiet weeding
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Levi
Kibbe, the bride and groom be
ing Mrs. Jemima Kibbe Boudoine
and Mr, Charles Lemaire. Judge
O'Niel officiated at.the ceremony.
May both of you experience all
the happiness and prosperity
this life ean afford is the wish of
The following additional news
from Esther has been received
from a special correspondent.
Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Theall,
of Cypress Point, visited relatives
on the Big Bayou last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Morgan, of
Pecan Island, were the guests of
friends and relatives here while
up on a visit last week. They
have now returned to their home.
Misses Neta and Lilin Camp'
bell were seen out ridlniaupnday
Mr. and Mrs, Charles Lem re
passed through Esther Mon y
on their way home.
Mrs Laura Alexander was en
tertained by friends here Sun*
The sister of Mrs Aleeblde
Campbell, of Henry, is spend
ing a week with her here.
J. M. Mestepy drove to Grand
Marre Sunday expecting to be
back Monday.
A Fine Record.
In the teacher's examination
held here August 4 and 5, the
highest average in the first grade
was that made by Miss Rosa
Mills, she having made an aver
age of 91 per cent in the'follow.
ing branches: Advanced arith.
metic, higher algebra, plane geo.
metry, natural philosophy, p
ical geography, phvsology, 'co:
stitution of -the" United S tea,
grammatical analysis, spelling,
penmanship, reading and the art
of teaching. Miss Mills received
her educationin thepublio schlp
of Perry. She also atteadI
Pro. L. Bourges' normal
school there in Ablbele for thre
~;·r·;. ·~~·. 5 a

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