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Homeseeker's Column
The Meridional Las all along
conteded that Vermilion Parish
was the only and real campania
of the Great American Republic.
The Meridional now proposes t o
make good that assertion. it
has the goods to deliver, again it
realizes that an assertion with
out proof is of no value, even far
worse than no assertion. In
making good our contentions,
we propose to give facts, facts
that we invite your investigati
on of, facts that a letter of in
quiry" from you, will willingly
receive corroboration from the
parties themslves. In truth, we
would be pleased to receive in
quiries of any nature in regard
to this section. The facts that
we propose to bear out our state
ments with, are only a few of
the many, that would our space
permit, we would gladly publish.
What has been done by these in
dividuals, is sufficient proof that
it can be done by others.
There yet remains plenty of
land with ample water supply
for the good honest and indus
trious farmer.
Let it be clearly understood,
that the Idea's invitation
to the homeseeker, is ALONE to
that man who has the combined
qualities of the above paragraph,
together with a good moral char
acter. To that man, it says
come, it invites him, it extends
to him the glad hand of good fel
lowship in behalf of the good
people .of Vermilion, it will
share with him the rich blessings
of this section that none others
can bestow.
For further particulars. in re
gard to the purchase or rental
of lands, we refer you to our
realestate men, .whose ads ap
pear in this issue, "or the follow
ing irrigation companies. What
any of these people tell you, can
be relied on: Abbeville Canal
Co.; Irwing Irrigation Co.; Ab
beville, La.; Vermilion Devel
opment Co., L. & H. Canal Co.
Gueydan, La.
A thrifty farmer bought one
bag of Imported Honduras seed
rice, for which he paid eleven
dollars. With this bag, he
planted four acres. This four
acres yielded 84 bags, or near
ly one hundred barrels of extra
fancy head rice; which at the
market price would bring about
$500.00, or if sold for seed at
price paid for first barrel; the
planter would have realized on
his 844 bags $1,100.
The [First National
Bank of this city cash
ed a check for Elias
Brousard for $1,175
being the proceeds of
262 bags of rice taken
from 18 acres.
J. P.- Carr produced
on 28o acres 3,3oo
bags of rice. At the
price of rice to-day,
this crop would bring
not less than eleven
thousand a nd fi ve
hundred dollars.
For further information in re
gard to the two above notices.
see, or write the First National
Bank of this city.
J. IH. Lutgring & Co.
sold a party one-half
section of rice land
near Gueydan t w o
years ago. The land
was put in rice. After
the deduction of pur
chase price of land,
improvements, a n d
expeinss making the
the two crops, leaves
the .purchaser not
withstandsng 1 o w
prices of rice las t
year, a cash balance
in baoL of $1,000.
McPherson & Gol
den bought five years
ago a tract 47 acres of
land for $540. Land
has since rented for
$100 a year. Four
crops of rice includ
ing this year has been
made. Four crops
brought $4.000. This
year the 47 acres pro
duced 430 bags rice
which brought $3.90
per barrel or a total
of $1,600.
Vermilion, the Cam
pania of the universe,
offers the industrious
farmer a greater re
tun for for the least
work of any country
on the globe- It was
just a few miles west
of this thriving little
city, that a farmer
bought 80 acres of
virgin rice land in
the early spring of
this year on time at
TWENTY dollars per
acre with 8 per cent
nterest. This tract
he planted in rice.
The crop harvested
and sold, the expen
ses of malking the
crop, other minor ex
penses, the purchase
price of the land, the
passage of sale, t o
gether with the inter
est deducted from the
gross proceeds of the
crop, leaves the pur
chaser a net cash bal
ance in the First
National Bfank of Ab
beville $1,500.
[For for fuller particulars in
regard to the above statement,
we respectfully refer you to Mr.
D. L. McPherson of this city.1
Ces.a Broussard, a few miles
South of Gueydau, has sold over
over eight thousand dollars
wortn of rice rrom 105 acres of
marsh land. Mr. Broussard has
yet 250 bags of rice obtained
from this tract unsold. If these
250 bags brii g five dollars per
barrel, as did that portion sold,
Mr. Broussard will have obtained
as gross procees off the 105 acers
of rice for this year, the sum of
[For futher information in re
gard to the above, write Guey
dan & Babbit. Gueydan, La.]
The Frst national Bank of this
city cashed on last week a check
for $1,053.00 as the proceeds of
212 bags of rice, being nearly five
dollars per bag. These 212 bags
were produced on about 20
acres of land.
D -
the most level, the most fertile, the most productive and the
most beautiful portion of all Italy, so our lovely Paroisse
Vermilion, with New Orleans as otir Home and Abbeville
our Naples, dares to surpass in fertility and productiveness,
in beauty of natural scenery and mildness of climate, in its
abundant resources, tenldered from the fullness of mother
nature's bounty, even the play ground of the sons of Mars.
the statesman, the poet, the historian, COesar and Pompey,
Cicero and Cataline, Virgil and Horace, Tacitus and Livey,
to have country homes, and often repair to their villas in the
Campania, so does our charming Vermilion entice the
millionaire, the professional man, the banker and the
statesman to invest his money in our rolling prairies and
broad meadow lands and linger to watch his dollars increase
and multiply and grow through the waving rice, the ripening
cane and the snowy cotton, into double and treble the
amount he first invested .
nance to the poor, the masses of Italy, so the Vermilion
Campania, furnishes sustenance to the thousands of the
"'banished from Acadia," the descendants of the family of
the fair Evangeline. who save up the search for her Gabriel
only when she reached this "the land of promise." And
this sustenance is cheerfully yielded by the smiling soil to
her favorite and favored children with a tithe of the labor
which she requires at the hands of her less favoured sons of
the North and West.
the fierce Attakapas. clung to this their chosen abode, and
yielded stubbornly, to the invasion of the 'superior race.
Now the best we reserve to last, namely; that there is still
room in our broad acres for many a homestead and susten
ance for thousands of smiling elders with their merry and
laughing children.
Promise, this the Vermilion Campania, whose capital, the
thrivingcity of Abbeville may well deserve themame of the
Vermilioh "COity of the Violet Orown"?
The Meridional .
•------- I --- --~- '
Rice, Cotton, Corn and Cane Lands;
To handle any kind a of busines popoitin,
form a stock company, handle corpor tton
securities, you can do.. no better than.
communicate with ... . .
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C1ose Connections at
the South
lest attention gi1
Dallas, T y
Sedat Stedes, each a boek
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can do i
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ears I was troubled
bl4dtr affections which
abandon work entirely. I
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