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Sevetedw to the Upbullding of the West Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTURERS' RiCORD.
-lartin Konri'g e as a visitor
spa. Stalcu;) 'f loutnville spent
aYs herm
J. Steiner wasv a visitos to
last Ne it .
tendent I:dn i'. Kuhn of
Hache su'lt a few days in
this weck.
Henry Clarik 'eft S,uday for
City, Co(',. : , spend some
her dau~hter. Mrs. Weaver
Vnited P thi.n:, will visl:
Lodge N,. i;. Knights of
to-night. A. 'A Brown will
an addre
"ricers of ~t~e Twentieth Cen
ng Club were installed last
night a;. the home of Miss
bards, N'. .'927 Le Page
where a nl.a ti!:! was spent
d b is coln pts.d of popular
ladies and genltlemen of the
Third and Fifth Districts, who
for their entertaining uali
They have several outings on
dar before the L .nten sea.-on.
t meeting will ne ield at the
gt Miss Edna Karr. No. 118 Vil
t. The officers of the club
,j win A. Rlicha'ds. presidernt;
Loubat, vice president; Miss
hlehards, secretary; Miss Julia
Carson Smith has been visiting
in St. Bernard.
- any friends of Miss Clarisse
will regret to learn of the acei
befell her last Friday at Mc
High School No. 3. She fell
red her ankle and bruised
necessitating her being kept
for three weeks. Dr. A. C.
ded her.
Manual masuerade dance for
of Mount Olivet Episcop.al
will be given at Pythian Hall
F, ebruary 17, under the aus
( a committee of men of the
The Reliance Band has
and other arrangements
made. The early part of
will be given over to the
the grown folks taking
The best child and adult
will be given suitable remem
b.wing young ladies from
will be graduated next
". from Mc~omogh High
3: Misses Naomi Berth
Lange. Josie Gebl'n,
McNeely, Hazel Meagher,
Johnson, Imogen Norris,
I and Stella Joeckel.
Jbah Tansy and Mr. Eugene
were week-end guests at the
last week.
Sof Mr. and Mrs. Logan of
avenue, was brightened
arrival of a baby girl recently.
iaby girl of Mr. and Mrs. Al
Is was baptized at the
-e the Holy Name of Mary,
i The sponsors were Mrs. Hy.
and Mr. Adam J. Bourgeois.
bestowed on the little miss
Ing exercises of class Feb
11, of BIelleville School took
i, giL at 8 o'clocX at the
y of Opelousas avenue
ay at Bay St. Louis.
We Retail Only a
at Block and a
Wholesalee Half From
Prices - Canal St.
On Sale This Week.
2:,0 HATS OF BILK U tmI l e SttIw9, W" Oekae 2.
above. IL au the mew spring adeai. R $18
value at ......................--* ................. ..
We are e sUP-TOadJ.NTUU-XINUT k ye ew wIn maL Rfle ez
hibit of Patteras, ma we s cm metim iner own waektmm. eosa ei t ON 83d LITER
Monday, Feb. 1911.L
Grossman - Wninfeld Millinery Co.,
210-12 MAGAZINI ST rPD. *" GAU s .,
Mrs. C. A. Borden was a week-end
visitor to her daughter, Mro. W. Stal
cup, of Boothville.
Mr. L G. . Mathews and daughter and
Miss Norma Ballentine or Augusta,
Ga., are spending some time here.
Mr. Prank Coludrovitch of Booth
ville is a visitor here for a few days.
Miss May Devoe has returned from
Galveston, Tex.
Mike Castroglobannl, who met with
an accident last Wednesday afternoon
when his wagon and Dr. Rupp's auto
mobile collided, is not seriously in
jured. The young man was hurt on
the head, arms and back. The acci
dent occurred at the corner of Elmira
avenue and Alix street. The wagon
capsized and suffered damage, while
Dr. Rupp's automobile was also badly
Mrs. Jules Bodenger, who was taken
to the Presbyterian Hospital last
week where she underwent a serious
operation, is reported by her physi
clan, Dr. A. C. King, as being on a
fair road to recovery. Her many
friends wish her an early return to
The Olympic Club, one of our most
popular social organizations, has com
pleted arrangements for their initial
reception on Friday, Fcbruary 24th, at
Pythian Hall. The club is looking for
ward to a large gathering of those
,ý M t y s f 5 d
ý Q fi
Three years ago an organization of
women calling themselves the "Wom
en's Home Missionary Union of the
Presbytery of New Orleans" raised
$15 to establish a Presbyterian Hoe
pital. The desire for one appealed
strongly to their pastor. He under
took to get it, as part of his work. A
small hospital was established. The
patronage it soon gained and the
crowds of the poor who flocked to its
Under the above title the young
ladies of the Methodist Church will
render a most amusing and entertain
ing programme on Friday evening of
this week at the Masonic Hall. The
young ladies will all be dressed in old
time and queer costumes, and will pre
sent a most picturesque and attract
ive appearance. The entertainment
bids fair to draw a very large audl
ence. This Old Maids' Convention-s'
who are terpsichorally inclined, and
it goes without saying after glancing
over the following committee that the
evening will be most enjoyably spent.
All invitations are strictly personal,
and must be presented at ballroom
door. The following committees are
in charge: S. Boylan, chairman; W.
Lilly, ex-ofcio; R. Vallette, W. Sew
all, E. Brodtman, L. J. Nelson, R. G.
Boylan, W. Gallinghouse, R. Williams,
W. Lampton and W. Nolan.
City Electrician Foster Olroyd has
called Mayor Martin Behrman's atten
tion to a clause of the building code,
ordinance 6712, which declares that
no signs shall hang over any public
way, and suggests that the Mayor have
the police watch for violations. Tbth
only exceptions are flags and banners.
"I do not think the ordinance will
<be interpreted so as to force the re
moval of such signs as are up at pres
ent," said Mr. Olroyd. "I do not think
the council intended the ordinance to
have a retroactive effect."
If enforced absolutely agairst all
signs, future or present, the ordinance
would change the appearance of the
principal streets of the city. A large
number of costly electrical signs
would have to come down.
tfre eclilie emphasised the necemsity
of a larger establishment.
Dr. Barr's work In securing the New
Orleans Sanitarium will long be re
membered, and will stand as a monu
ment to his efforts. Dr. Barr and his
assistants deserve praise for their suc
cessful efforts.
The Algiers Presbyterian Sabbath
School is continually adding to its
Should the present increase in at
rendered in Algiers about three years
ago by the same young ladies, but it
is said to be better than ever.
The same young ladies who will
participate in the Spinsters' Return
on Saturday evening will take part in
the Old Maids' Convention.
Just before the Old Maids' Conven
tion is given a short comedy sketch,
entitled "Hard of Hearing," will be
rendered by Miss Ruth Pettigrove,
Miss Minnie Lee Curran and Mrs. T.
We Wouldn't Advocate
laid-leaded U Wearing Fly Paper
O. Their aid Spot
To keep off Germ.s, but they owe it to
themselves to co-operate with the Board
of Health in helping to .exterminate the
peaky little fly and recommending their
friends to
As the place to buy Tanglefoot Fly
Paper and "FISl-TICKON RItR)BON."
Just ring up phone at either store for
Even if New Orleans did not get the
Panama Exposition. we will still stick
to our claim it's the noglcal Point. and
is bound to be the biggest part of the
show in 1913, and we are going to con
tinue adding all kinds of Nice Things to
our already large stock, and are going
to maintain and improve where we can
our high standards.
A. M. & i, SOLARI, Ltd.
With Headquarters at
tendance continue the time is not flar
listant when this Sabbath school shall I
have the largest membership of any a
of the many Sunday schools now un- e
dler the mission of the Lafayette Pres
byterian Church.
Sababth school is held at the Pyth- I
lan Hall, Bermuda street, Sunday I
evenings from 3:30 until 4:30.
All are cordially invited to join in
this hour of beautiful thought, given
to the study of the "Better Way."
P. Bell. This is a very amusing
sketch and requires about 15 or 20
minutes, ater which the Old Madis'
Convention will be given.
Under the auspices of the young
ladies of the Methodist Church, about
thirty children will give a very pretty
cantata and entertainment, entitled a
"Picnic in Fairyland." This delight
ful entertainment will especially ap
peal to the many children of Algiers.
There.wiil be brownies, elves, fairies,
and gypsies represented-all wearing
attractive and appropriate costumes.
This splendid entertainment will be
given -on Saturday evening of this
week at Masonic Hall, and will begin
promptly at 7:45 P. M. It will pre
cede the entertainment by the young
ladies, entitled '"The Spinsters' Re
Only one ticket will be required for
both the entertainmeqts of the even
ing. Adult tickets are 25e and chil
dren under fifteen years of age will
be admitted for 15c each.
The following children will take
part: Thos. Bays, Louise Ainkmn,
Mary Harvey, Etta Pettigrove, Dorris
Donnenfelser, Edgar Cayard, Alice
Dilsell, Ida Harvey, Thomaseita Har
vey, Evelyn Corbett, Walter Jones,
Irva Daniels, Julia Cayard, Ruth Hat
kesbring, Orrie Summers, Minerva
Dillon, Margaret Dilsell, Maude Len
nox, Adolph Wolverton, Archie Wol
verton, Katie Wolverton, Thelma Cay
ard, Carrie Kern, Gaines Gilder,
Juanita Brail, Katie Bieber, Charles
Burgis, Melba Butcher, Bertha Ryan,
Herbert Hingle and Annie Curran.
Presented With Resolutions Reog
niZiing Werk in Washington.
St~eets of Fifth District Are Gaily
Desoa_s-cmmit- Movs
BHi at Dmnbar.
ieorted by a less line a his 3l.
low towasme., beaded by a brass
band, and passing tLrouh a cheering
thirS that lined both sides of the
streets gros the (anal street terry
l~s to ts bem, Meyer e
~m etrasi st ralsgt bne s
assu a, ma tle ad e H eitO
At Schabels
MATOES, 20c.
TOMATO PASTE, 2 for 5c.
POTTED MEAT, 6 for 25c.
SCHRIMP, 2 cans for 15c.
OKRA, 5c.
BEST FLOUR, 8 for 25c.
SUGAR, 5c lb.
BEST CANDIES, 5 and 10e box.
Patterson and Olivier 8ts.
zens of Algiers that lacked neither
enthusiasm nor genuineness.
The ramp leading from the ferry
house to Delaronde street; Delaronde
street to Seguin street, Seguin street
to Pelican aveneu and Pelican ave
nue to the Mayor's residence were
lavishly decorated with multicolored
flags extending across the street,
bunting covered many of the resi
dences and lines of incandescent
lights stretching from the ferry land
ing to the Behrman residence made
the vicinity gay and bright.
A committee consisting of John
Fitzpatrick, Judge Thomas Maher, J.
P. Vezien, William Ward, Frank Hen
ning and Albert Twickler journeyed
to Dunbar to meet the incoming
Louisville and Nashville train that
bore the Mayor and his party home
ward, and when the Canal street sta
tion was reached many prominent
persons, besides the Marching Club
of Algiers, were on hand to welcome
the city's chief executive. After es
corting the Mayor to his residence,
E. W. Burgis made a short address
of welcome, thanking him for his
efforts in behalf of New Orleans at
Washington, and expressing the
thanks of the community to those
other ardent workers who did their
best to aid the cause.
Presented With Resolutions.
The Mayor was then presented
w!th the following resolutions:
"To the Honorable Martin Behrman,
Mayor of New Orleans:
"Sir-Recognizing the worthy ef
tort you have made and the faithful
work you have performed in behalf
of New Orleans and its people in
their endeavors to secure the Pan
ama Canal Exposition in the year
"Your friends, neighbors and con
stituents adopt this method of ex
I pressing to you their appreciation of
all your exertions and their acknowl
edgment of your conscientious and
devoted work.
"It is their desire that you naay
have, in addition to that sense of sat
Ir sfaction which accompanies all duty
well and faithfully performed, the
a full assurance that, whatever may be
a the outcome of this campaign, your
friends consider your endeavors to
be of the greatest advantage and im
portance and they do hereby testify
their gratitude and esteem.
"From The Citizens of Algiers,
February, 1911."
In replying to the address of wel
come the Mayor said: "This unusual
'rocedure of welcoming a man who
g has been defeated has touched me
deeply and I deeply appreciate way
y down in my heart the many kind
anesses tendered me by the people of
Algiers in the past, and you may rest
Sassured that my heartstrings vibrate
' with untold pleasure in appreciation
Sof this splendid reception. I do not
Sfeel that any special thanks ae due
me for what I have done in Wuash
eington, for I feel that I was simply
Sdoing my duty to the city, doing a
Spublic duty as a public servant. Our
Sdefeat was an honorable one, and we
Sused every honorable method to win.
SThat we had convinced Congress
that New Orleans was the 'logical
r point' I do not believe there is amy
doubt, but we could not overcome
the influence of the president and
certain members of his cabinet.
Had Majority First.
"We had a good majority at first,
but found that after members visited
the White House they changed their
minds. It seems manifestly unfair
that the president should have en
Scouraged us at first, and then so ma
terially aided San Francisco, and not
only did he do so, but Secretaries
Nagle and Knox did considerable
work for the California delegation. I
would not be fair unless I said that
r, every man did his best and especial
thanks are due to Chairman Roden
berl, who made one of the most
'inspiring speeches on the floor of
the House that has ever been de
F livered in amy cause, and when he
finished not only the galleries, but
his colleagues cheered him to the
- echo, the applause being so prolong
ed that business could not be re
sumed for thirty minutes. Nicholas
y Longworth is also due especial
thanks, for although unfair influence
was brolught to bear on him he de
- clared that he had given his word
Sto )iew Orlesns, and be would stick
g to it."
SThl. Very Rev. Thomas J. Larkin
- of the Church of the Holy Name of
i Mary of Algiers, who accompanied
Sthe Majur e the trIp, ed retrmsd
l- with am, ese m In Ir a coasid
D. H. Holmes Co., Ltd.
Established 1842.
We Wish to Impress Upon Our Patrons
the fact tiiha ., r
Millinery Dept.
is opening up with an entirely new line oI Millin cry. i- a
new department. and the hat -h,w n are n,,t ,,1 ,r ,,l-,ut-. ,late
millinery. reduced t, popular prices. but
All New Millinery Purchased Solely for This Department
To Be Sold at Moderate Prices,
and are of the latest style and up-t ,-late in every featurre.
These Ready Trimmed I at. \\ere purchased from East
ern .Milliners. who make a special .tundy if turning out hats
that are becoming and stylish, retaining all the fine p,,ints that
characterize the higher-priced mn,dels, and made up on a cale
so they can be sold at prices that will meet the m,,dle t puire.
Hats of This High Character Are Now Being Shown in Our
Popular-Priced Millinery Department.
In Making Your Will
Remember this bank is an executor, guardian or trustee
that you can depend upon. Its life is perpetual and its
prestige guarantees that your wishes will be carried out
in the strictest letter of their interpretation.
Commercial- Germanla Trust & Savings Bank
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In Button and Bluchers at
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Shoes with latest improvements and style.
Webster's Dictionary with each pair.
Renecky Shoe Store ViPArill
erable share of applause.-T.-D., Fri
day, Feb. 3.
Mr. C. E. W. Griffith, the Noted Dante
and Shakesperian Student and In
terpreter, to Again Lecture in New
Orleans-Will Lecture in St. Mary's
Hall, Algiers, the 17th of February.
It is not often that lovers of poetry
and dramatic literature, and especially
of the great artists, Dante, Tasse and
Shakespeare, have the opportunity of
hearing these celebrated authors read
and interpreted as delightfully and ar
tistically as will be done by Mr. C. E.
W. Griffith, the famous Catholic read
er and lecturer.
Mr. Griffith is one of the noblest
and ablest exponents of Catholic faith
in the world of literature. His read
ings will be from the immortal Dante
and Tasse, and from various plays of
the great Bard of Avon. Mr. Grimth
has Just returned from an extensive
tour of the British Isles, where he
gave readings before the most distin
guished audiences. He is engaged to
return there for five months, begin
ning May 1. 1911.
In New Orleans he is expected to
give readings at the Ursuline Convent,
St. Simeon's School, the Dominican
Convent and Sacred Heart Convent.
St. Charles avenue; Holy Angels
Academy, New Orleans College of
Oratory, Jefferson College, and before
the Knights of Columbus.
Mr. Griith needs no introduction to
New Orleans audiences, as he has vis
ited here several times and estab
lished a reputation and following that
few attain. Wherever he goes he is
always a big drawing card, and his
readings are rare treats. He has the
to erament and emotional power of
the actor; he is intensely dramtaic;
his characters are finely drawn, and
he carries his audience with him so
thoroughly into a play by his wonder
ful interpretation of the whole that it
is Just as though one has seen the
play with all the characters presented.
The audience is thrilled by the fervor
of the reader, and Mr. Grifth never
fails to impress his great artistic abil
ity while portraying vividly the moral
lessons that underlle all his readings.
- A
Caver the hAt or sad se if thi th lb
n metims of the above cuiri appe
ualy dark and distiact. If aot, 7eS
bre Asigmmathý visld detest Wlth
shi lw be cnuectel at aeos. T!. t
h rue la the sme maaaa.
Office: Sub. Drug Store,
Elmira and Evelina.
It is through the earnest efforts of
Miss Lily Whitaker, president of the
New Orleans College of Oratory; Very
Rev. T. J. Larkin, S. M., and the
supervisors of the lealdng schools
mentioned above that Mr. Griffith has
returned to again delight and enter*
tain these most cultured centers in
New Orleans.
The following baptisms took place
Sunday at the Church of the Holy
Name of Mary: Rheno Paul Henry
LeBlanc, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Li'
Blanc. Sponsors, Velic LeBlanc and
Armand LeBlanc.
Leo Harold Ernest, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Ernest; sponsors. Harry
Leatham and Lizzie Crawford.
Imelda Barbara Bourgeois, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bourgeois;
sponsors, Mrs. Hy. Hauffe and Jos.
Verlan Frances Blelenberg, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Alf. Bielonberg.
The sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Nev.

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