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lV t the UpbhUdlgn of the West Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTURERS' RIECORD.
r-'.. -- - . . lnm enma la lnninm
H. FULL , @
O A{QAR T S ýT" [
.='€1 :p
":'Mett spent a while with
-A.ta Springs.
3d. McNair have the
slr many friends 10 the
Gber months'-old son, Md
death occurreds last
of the'N achise
*ho iation, Miss Elisa
Sappointed on the Bar
sad Miss M. S. Wilson
Committee for our dis
origin damaged the
Ieet cottage, Nos. 701
asue, to the amount of
morning at 8:50 o'
tMss was extinguished
Ussswtty of an alarm.
blewae by Mrs. Thomas
s Inasued. One side is
S ltma Aubert, the oth
S smids of Mr. and Mrs.
with them in the
ti--months' old son,
dlsh occurred last St
Imural took place Sun
p. . trom the parents'
attiae Ave.
returned Priday from
he was accompanied
e are now prepared to show our
t Impotations and our Own Crea
of Model Hats.
Sliners, Merchants and Visitore to the city
ited to inspect our line. We are large
ale Jobbers and can supply your wants at
I TIVE SAVING. We ,are close to you,
give you quick delivery.
nth all these faciiltiIe at your door, why not
ssman-Weinfeld Millinery Co., Ltd.
--... .O-OIDme MIN rERs---
by her daughter, Miss Elise Clark,
who returned home to be operated on
for appendicitis.
Mrs. Hy. Aycock has returned from
Baton Rouge, La.
Miss Bertha Price, of New Iberia, is
in Algilers for Carnival, the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Olsen.
Mr. J. T. Gordy, who has been out
of town on a business and pleasure
trip, is expected to return about Mar.
One of the events in Algiers on Mar.
di Gras day will be the parade of a
crowd of your e e as n an
about 1:00 or 2:00 p. m. Mardi Oreas
evening and then will proceed to visit
and serenade their many friends.
Rev. W. S. Slack will deliver ad.
dresses at the Lenten noon-day ser
vices on March 30, 31 and April 1 at
630 Canal Street.
Mrs. Emmett. Watigney presented
her husband with a baby boy Sunday.
Mrs. L Vincent, of West New Or
leans, presented her husband with a
girl on BSunday.
Mr. Albion Daniels spent Sunday at
Belle Rose.
Mr. W. B. . Montgomery, f Port
Eads, is spending some time here.
The many friends of Mrs. J. D. Bel
ton will be pleased to learn that she
is recovering from her recent illness,
due to the aecident she met with in
breaking her arm.
The Algiers Branch of the public M
brary will close this evening at 5
io'clock. On Monday, it will close at
5 p. m. and remain closed all day
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Pefferkorn, of L,
fayette, are receiving congratulations
on the arrival of a baby boy at their
On Wednesday of last week at 7
o'clock, at the Church of the Holy
Name of Mary, a double wedding took
place, the contrmeting parties beinl
Miss Ailie Agnes Clement and Mr.
Charles Joseph Do6aer and Mlub Al
le Aycock. V. r
tin performed the ceremony.
The young ladies have been inti
mate friends and companions for many
years, and recently they conceived the
idea of a double wedding. They agreed
to stand for each other and all the ar
rangements were made, with their re
spective fiancees condescending, and
before their friends had time to real
ize the situation the happy nuptials
were over. Ever since the occasion
they have been showered with con
The brides we4 dressed in white
tailored suits and were white hats
trimmed with willow plumes.
After the wedding the members of
the bridal party visited the city, where
they attended one of the theatres, af
ter which a supper was enjoyed at a
prominent estaurant.
Mr. Donner is a well known clerk
in the service of the Southern Pacifie
Railroad and was formerly tax collee
tor for the, Fifth District under Oov.
Blanchard. Mrs. Donner is the popu
lar daughter of Hon. Peter Clement.
third recorder. Mr. Aycock is a rail
road trainman also with the Southern
Pacllc, and his bride is wE known
and popular in social circles 'd is an
accomplished musician. Mr. and Mrs. W
Donner have taken up their home in
Bevllevlle street, while Mr. and Irs.
ycock are residin in Pelican ave
The many fermds of Mrs. Jules Bod
a br will be sdad to know that ae o
Hospital. b
Capt. and Mrs. H'.J. Thompson and w
daughter, Marion, are the Carnival
guests of Mrs. B. L. Anderson.
Mr. Leon Kahn, of Morgan City, is e
visiting his sister, Mrs. Jules Boden. d
Messrs. Wm. Hell and Robt. Ander- "
son are spending a while in Lafayette, uI
La. 5
Mr. Geo. Platt was one of the grad
uates from McDonogh High School No. p'
1. He was a former pupil of McDon- "
ogh No. 4 School and was always one
of the leading pupils of his class. Mr. b
Platt has entered Tulane to take a d
course in law.
The rates for Carnival papers this
year will be as follows: Domestic and e
foreign, one copy 2c, two copies 3c, :
three copies 4c, four copies 5c. Post-1
age must be prepaid. The sender]
should have his name and address on
the wrapper.
The following are locations of poll
ing booths, and an accurate descrip
tion of wa}d boundaries and election
precincts of the city of New Orleans,
for the election of an associate Jus
tice of the Supreme Court of the State
of Lotdisana, to be. held Tuesday,
March 7, 1911:
All of the Fifth District (formerly Al
First Precinct-From the riv to
the river side of Pelican avenue,
from the river to river side of V9t
street. Location: 337 Morgan street.
Second Precinct-From the wood
side of .Pelican avenue to river side
of Opelousas avenue, and from the riv
er to river side of Verret street. Lo
cation: 418 Bonny, near Pelican.
Third Precinct-Prom wood side of
Opelousas avenue to boundary line of
the parish of Jefferson, and from river
to river side of Verret and Hermosa
streets. Location: 713 Brooklyn Ave.
Fourth Precinct-Prom the river to
river side of Pelican avenue, and. from
lower side of Verret to upper side of
Whitney avenue. Location: 645 Pat
terson street.
Fifth Precinct-Froip wood side of
Pelicazt avenue to river side of Ope
lousas avenue, and from lower side of
Verret street to upper sled of Whit
ney avenue. Location: 501 Belleville
Sixth Paeenct-From woodside of
Opelousas avenue to boundary line of
Jefersod parish, and from lower side
of Verret and Hermosa streets to up
per side of Whitney avenue. Location:
801 SH1ell avenue.
Beveth Precinct-rom lower side
of Whitn avenme 4 boundary line c
ri ao p Plaqaumise, i~nl fe the
r as to the weees. Leatiso: PeUhi
Mee mas tuee ta .
If you would learn something about
*Have us send you a recipe for mak
ing Puncheezy Jelly, Puncheezy
Salad, Creme de Puncheezy, Pun
cheezy Confect, Grape Fruit, with
Puncheezy; Wine Punches. Cups
and Mai Wein, with Puncheezy
Pints. 80 cents; Quarts. $1.50 a bot
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ed to any address.
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vertise the Delicacies of the table
that we do not handle Staples. We
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this week we will supply you with
Fresh Yard Eggs at 18 1-2 cents a
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Canal Street, in Royal, corner Iber
ville Street.
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school tablets, playing cards, etc.
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We have just received a big line of
500 playing cards-the kind used for
six-handed games.
Aug. Schabel,
Olivier and Patterson Streets.
n Within the next few days a branch
. plant of the Bloat Canning Company
will be opened in Algiers. The build
n ing formerly used by a box factory
Snar the river ftreaont, on Socrates street
has been leased. The machinery has
been placed and is now being set up.
W. A. Gordon, one of the members
of the company, stated last Thursday
afternoon that the future devel
 t s lth  te-aetrel lies tI
business which was done. There
would be every facility to carry on all
l the features of the canning industry.
Hle said the truck farmers would be
a expeced to furnish tons of their pro
ducts to the company.
Speaking of the location Mr. Gordon
said it was first-class in every partic
ular, and be felt optimistic as to the
success of the venture. Oysters,
d. shrimps, figs and vegetables will be
. pit up. For the present the company
will buy the boxes knocked down, but
Ie If the project moves rapidly a small
boxmaking outfit might be added. Mr.
r Gordon said for the time being he was
devoting hissattention to getting the -
plant started, and he left its future
to the response of persons who should
be interested in making it a success.
its Besides Mr. Gordon others inter,
2d ested in the company are: T. J. Pat
ce, tbn, of Biloxi, and Henry Clark, who
will come from the main plant to Al
er glers as manager. It is intended to
on give work to as many persons living
in the Fifth District as will be needed.
iPBen W. Borne Gets Contract To De
on Work-Old Building Will e Re
modeled-Work To Begin At Once.
te Lutheran Nt Ne
y, The Helping Hand Circle celebrated
its tenth anniverary in a very appro
priate and pleasing manner last Mon
day night There was frst of all a
Al service with an appropriate sermon.
Before the service the pastor was very
d tlo of a clergical gown presented to
et him in the name of the circle, by Mr.
t. Charles McMahon with the request
od that it be worn for the first time at
Ide that very service. After the pastor in
1v- a few brlef words had expressed his
- *thanks and appreielation the service
proceeded in the usual way.
of After the service there was a social
of gathering of all members at which a
ver ine lunch was served.
osa Between the service and aocial
ye. gathelang a meeting of all members
to of the church was held, in which the
n final vote upon the question as to
of whether the proposed improvements
at- to the present church building should
be made or not. The vote was almost
of unanimous for the improvements as
)pe- proposed, costing about $4,1500. The
of contract for the remodeling of church
hit. has been awarded to Mr. B. W. Borne
rflle and work will be began immediately.
At the completion of the work our con
Sof gregation will practically be in poses
a of ston of a new church builddng of which
side the members may Justly be preoud.
p During the time of building services
on: will be held in the school-house. The
coairmation of the catechament class
side wil be postpmoed util the deciaton
Se of thbe ekaurch.
the A week from next Sunday holy eom
aBle muem wlibe celebratedt for the lst
time i the eli iurh.b
D. H. Holmes Co., Ltd.
Established 1842.
Foulards Are the Correct
Silk for Spring
This decision will bring joy to thousands of New Orleans
women who love beauty but must practice Nconom.y for Fou
lards combine elegance and serviceability in greater degree
than any other silks.
The least to the greater of these fashionable fabrics are
here, and the styles shown cannot be found in any other local
No silk fabric made gives greater satisfaction to the wear
er than Foulard. Our collection this season is unusual in
designs and colorings.
Sale Price From
59c - to - $4.00
In Making Your Will
Reembetr this bank is an executor, guardian or trustee
that yeou can depend upo. Its life is perpetual sad its
prestige guarsatees that your wishes will be carried out
is the strictest letter of their interpretation.
Ca Srcla - Germua Trust & Sanls Bia
Capital and Surplus o2,00o000.
S The N wt I--in U-l-Yrps - w te Leatbs•
Oun Metal and Vicl Kid
ILadies', Men's and Children's
in Button and Bluchers at
$1.50, $2,00, $2.50 and $3.00
Sole Agents for Webster School Shoes
Soes with latest imprvemsnats and style.
SWebter's Dictionary with each psir.
SReneocky Shoe Store 8VAL,t "Ia
You have perhaps wondered why,
when a registered letter has been
mailed that you did not receive, in a
few days, a return receipt signed by
the addressee, showing they had re
ceived the registered letter or parcel.
This custom has been discontinued by
the post office authorities and the
only receipt given now is a small piece
of white paper which ip handed you
when you register your mail. If a
return card receipt is desired it will
be necessary to so state on the letter
or parcel that is sent, by merely writ
ing across the letter or parcel, "Re
turn receipt requested." When this
is written the old form of return card
will be mailed.
a The eommilssioner general of immi
Le gration has approved the plans of the
* New Orleans architects for the new
,n immigration station and they will now
proceed with the work. Two weeks
a. ago the plans were received at Wash
St ington and they have since been in
New York under consideration.
_ae err a eye sad see I M t M
ay dbk mad diusL*t. I awsk I
Ihae io h me s n iane .
Oliee: Sub. Drug Store,
Elmira and Evelitm.
Wedding Bells.
The wedding of Captain James Bru
ton, superintendent of the Gulf ReSn
ing Company's plant at Gretna, and
Miss Amelia Donnenfelser, formerly of
our district, was celebrated on Wed
nesday evening, Feb. 15, at 7 o'clock
at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs.
Louise Braun, in Perrier street, the
I Rev. J. P. Quinius officiating. Miss
Edna Braun and Mr. J. H. Gutman
were the attendants. Only relatives
of the contracting parties were pres
ent. Mr. and Mrs. Bruton left the
same night for Port Arthur, Texas, on
a week's honeymoon. They have ta
ken up their home at Gretna.
i- For Parties and Dances!
e .is SteIne Iemeklen de
R sire to ennonce thetske will
r play the piese for partise,
sdece, Paceptions ed enter
tainsents. Apply .t
n 09Patterson Street

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