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--- - - -- - - -
$25 Rewardv
It has come t eour notice that some ifrreponsIe
person or persons have been tampering with the
meters, seals and wires in some of the places we
are furnishing light and power to in Algiers,
McDonoghille end Gretna.
Notice is hereby given that this s strictly against
the lafew and all such persons that may be found
guailty of doing or allowing same to be done with a
view of defrauding the company will be vigorously
No one has mny right to tamper with your wires or
meter installed in yoar premises anless they show
a badge of the company.
We are now making a careful investigation of all
meters and wires and hereby offer a reward of
twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for evidence leading
to the conviction of the guilty party or parties.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.,
222 Elmira Avenue.
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tiful Swell Front, Golden Oak Woodwork. We
sell only through our authorized dealers, who
will furnsh our ron-clad guarantee duly counter
signed by themselves. Beware of buying a White with a defaced or altered plate
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- a S. se . Ub .r im .
S------ I - - -
Be it known, that on this, the seventh
day of February. in the year of our Lord,
one thousand nine hundred and eleven, and
of the independence of the United States of
America the one hundred and thirty-fifth.
before me. Alexis Brian. a Notary Public,
duly commissioned and qualified in and for
the City. Parish and State aforesaid, and
in the presence of the witnesses hereinafter
named and undersigned., personally came
and appeared the several parties whose
names are hereunto subscribed, who severally
declared that, availing themselves of the
provisions of the laws of this state relative
to the organization of corporations, they
have covenanted and agreed, and do, by
these presents, covenant, agree and bind
themselves, and those who may become here
after associated with them, to form them
selves into a corporation for the objects and
purpos'es with the name and under the sttp
ulations following, to-wit:
The name and style of this corporation
shall be "Ill)E ICE AND MANI'FAI'TI'R
ING; ('OMI'ANY." and by said corporate
name it shall have and enjoy suc-esslon for a
lpriod of ninety-nine years, unless sooner
dissolved, and shall have all the rights,
privileges and immunities granted by law
to corporatlons, and under said corporate
name it shall have power and authority to
contract, sue and Ie  sucl, to make and use
a corporate seal. to hold, receive, purchase.
conve.,.': hypothec'ste, lease', mortgage or
iledlg. prolwrty, either real or pirsonal.
rights, credits. atocks and ohnds. to, issue
lInds, notes and other evilde-ncs of debt,
to etndorle notes, to have and emplloy su'ch
manage-rs, directors, officers, agents and
other employees as the interest and conve'
nlince of the cororporation may require, and
to ana:ke rules and regulations for its cor
porate mlanagelument and control.
The domolcle of this corporation shall be
in the c'lty of New Orleans, State of Lou
Isiana. and all citations and other legal pro
cess shall Is- served upon the president, or
in case of his absence or inability to act,
upon the secretary-treasurer.
The objects and purposes for which this
corporation is organized are hereby declared
to be to engage in the manufacture of ice
and In the storage and sale by wholesale or
retail of ice. coal and wood: to preserve in
cold storage and to buy, sell, store, import
and export, fruit, fish, oysters, wines. liq
uors, beer, carbonated drinks and Ice cream,
and to ge-neirally deal in all kinds of food
products, whether animal or vegetable, or
of a perishable nature or otherwise; to con
struct, purchase, lease or otherwise acquire,
anti maintain and operate waterworks for
the' purpose of supplying manufactories,
corporations and Individuals with water
and water power for domestic, fire, or bus
iness use; to develop, control and generally
deal in and dispose of, to individuals or
corporations, electrical and other power.
and to generate, distribute and supply elec
tricity for light and heat and for any other
uses and purposes to which the same is
adapted; and to erect, build, purchase, lease
or otherwise acquire and operate and main
tain stores, buildings, warehouses, depots,
wharves, power houses, plants, water works,
water mains and pipes and necessary dams,
machinery, fixtures and apparatus of every
sort for the carrying on of any of the afore
said lines of business.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby declared to be the sum of twenty
four thousand ($,4,000.00) dollars, divided
into two hundred and forty (240) shares of
the par value of one hundred dollars ($100t
each. Said stock shall be issued only for
cash, or in payment for land or other prop.
erty actuauy purchased and conveyed to
said corporation, or for labor done or ser
vices rendered. No transfer of the capital
stock shall binding upon the corporation
unless recorded on the books thereof and
made in accordance with tis charter and by
laws. Said capital stock shall be full paid
at the time of its issuance and non-assessa
ble and the capital stock may be decreased
or increased, in the manner provided by
the laws of thip state. This corporation
shall commence doing business when three
thousand ($3,000.00) dollars of the stock
shall have been subscribed for.
All the corporate powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested, in and be exercised by
a Boart of two directors, and the presence
and concurrence of both shall be necessary
for the transaction of any and all business.
The first ofcers of this corporation shall
be Erwln E. Hanmer, President; Clifford T.
Hitc.,ings, , ice-President, and Sol. J. Drape
kin, .ecretary-Treasurer, and the first board
of directors shall consist of the said Erwin
E. Hlanmer and Sol. J. Drapekin. Said om
cers and directors shall hold once until the
first Tuesday in February, 1912, or until
their successors are duly elected and In
stalled. On the first Tuesday in February,
1912, and annually thereafter, a meeting
of the stockholders shall be held for the
purpose of electing directors for the enan
Ing year. Said election shall be by ballot,
at the domicile of the corporation, and the
stockholders receiving a three-foubths ma
Jority of the votes cast shall be declared
elected. Each share of stock shall be enti
tied to one vote. The directors, when so
elected, shall elect from their number a
President and a Secretary-Treasurer. They
shall have power to appoint such other oS
cers, agents and employees as may be neces
oary and proper for the proper conduct of
the business of the corporation. In case
of vacancy on the Board bf Dlirectors or
among the odicers, from death, resignation,
removal or any other cause, the vacancy
shall be filed at a special meeting of stock
holders called for that purpote. TM Board
of Directors shall have power to enact such
by-laws rules and regulations as may be
necessary and proper.
Notice of all meetings of stockholders for
election of directors or for any other pur
pose shall be given in writing by the Bc
retary-Treasurer to be deposited in the mail,
at least ten days before such meeting is
held, and directed to each stockholder, to
his name and address, as the same ehall
appear upon the books of the corporation,
unles sld notice is waived in writing by
all of the stockholders appearig as such
upon the books. At all seuch meetings, ev
ery stockholder whether present in person
orby proxy, shall be entitled to one vote
for each share of stock standing in his name
on the books of the company, and a three
fourths majority of the votes so cast shall
be auelest to elect or decide all questions
voted upoa.
No stockholder shall ever be hel liable
or responsible for the contracts or faults of
this corporatio in any further sunm than
the unpaid balanuce due to the corporation
on the shares of stock owned by him, or
shall any mere informality In organsatlon
have the eet ofat rederag this charter
null or of exposing a stockholder to any Ila
bilty eynd the unpaid balance due upon
No stockbolder may sell, assig or trans
fer his stock in this corporation without
giving to the company through its ecre
taryo Treurer thirty days prior notice in
writing of such inatention, and the other
stoekholders shall have the Irst privilege
of parcabutig the said stock at the bookl
value thereo for a period of thirty days
from said notie, after whieh thirty da
notlce the said stock may be sold in
open market.
This act oicr atle may he altered,
amded or modfed, or the corporation
dissolved by a vote of three-foorth in
amount of the capital stocke represnted at
a general meeting of the stockholders called
for that p -rpos, after giving notIce thereo
as provided a Article VI of this act. and,
ia cae of diss oltion, at least a majority
of the etire stock must be presLent or rep
resemnted at eh meetlirng, and the steeLhold
era at uch meeting shall elect two lilI
dataing commmloner who shall have etire
charge or such liqudation, with authority
to sel and dLpoe of the sts the s he cor
poration, and to fill ay vacancy occurrng
tn their number. Te s crbe et
have repectively writteu oppoeite their
names the amount of stork in this coor
sion suocried by ach oft them, so that
ths act of ineorpati m alsor as
the orginal ubherition Bet ot said cor
Thus done pass, in m e atthe
City of New Olean. o the day. in the=
month and year rat hereinabeve written,
in the e et Messrs. L -3. at ad
(Orgl al sned:
3. J. IDUPEIIN 10 sares.
I 1. . BAA!,
lEIStB3RIAN Notary Pulie.
I the s s e r4 r f et Uss,
idmyisi in~rlS B m
I certify the foregoing to be a true copy
of the charter of the Home Ice and Manu
facturing Company and of the certificate of
the Deputy Recorder thereto attached.
New Orleans, Feb. e, 1911.
ALEXIS BRIAN, Notary Public.
Feb 9 16 23 moh 2 9 1911
Be it known, that on-this twenty-sixth day
of January, nineteen hundred and eleven,
before me, J. Zach Spearlng, a notary pub
lic, for the Parish of Orleans, and City of
New Orleans. State of Loulisana, and in the
presence of the witnesses hereinafter named
and undersigned, personally came the sev
eral persons whose names are hereunto sub
scribed, who severally declared that avail
ing themselves of the provisions of the gen
eral laws of the State of Louisiana, provid
Ing for the organization of corporations.
they have covenanted and agreed, and by
tnese presents covenant, agree and bind
themselves, as well as all such persons, as
may hereafter become associated with them,
to form and constitute a corporation and
body politic in law, for the objects and pur
poses, and under the agreements and stipu
lations following, to-wit:
The name and title of said corporation
shall be, "Widow John leffron Coal Co.,"
and said corporation shall have power and
authority to e'xist and enjoy succession by
Its said corporate name for the full period
of ninety-nine years from the date hereof;
to contract, sue and be sued; to make and
use a corporate seal, and the same to break
and alter at pleasure ; to hold, receive, pur
chase, lease, and convey, as well as mortgage
and hypothecate, and pledge, under its afore
said corporate name, property both real,
personal and mixed. together with any or
all such rights, privileges and franchises as
said corporation may possess or acquire; to
name and appoint such managers, directors
and officers, employees and agents as its In
terests and convenience may require, and to
have, possess and acquire all such other
rights, powers and privileges, as, by the
general laws of Louisiana are, or may tb,,
granted to corporations.
The objects andt purposes for which said
corporation is established and the nature of
the business to be carried on by it ate de
clared to be to engage in the business of
buying and selling coal and coke, wood and
all kinds of fuel, as principal or on conm
tuissilon; to carry on a general coal and
coke and wood business; to carry on the
business of drayage of coal and coke and
other commodities, and to do any act or
thing that may be necessary or proper to
promote and further the interests, and to
accomplish the objects, and to carry on the
business of said corporation.
The domicile of said corporation shall be
in the City of New Orleans, Louislana, and
all citations and other legal process shall be
served on the president of said corporation,
or In his absence upon the vice-president,
and in the event or the absence of both,
upon the secretary of said corporation.
The capital stock of said corporation is
hereby fixed at the sum of three thousand
dollars t$3,000.00) to be divided into thirty
;I0) shares of the par value of one hun
dred dollars ($100.00) per shire, which said
stock shall be full paid and non-assessable.
Said stock shall be paid for in cash, or In
property, or in work done for, or services
rendered to, said corporation, as may be
decided by the Board of Directors, and upon
such terms, and at such time, and in such
manner, as may be fixed by the Board of
Ah the corporate powers of said cornpor
ation shall be vested in a Board of DI-rec
togs composed of three stockholders, to be
elected at an annual meeting of the stock
holders to be held on the fourth Thursday of
January each year. All such election shall
be by ballot. Of such elections ten (10)
days previous notice shall be given In a
newspaper published in the City of New
Orleans, State of Louisiana. A majority of
the votes cast shall elect, and each share
of stock shall be entitled to one vote to be
cast by the owner either in petton or by
proxy. All directors shall continue In office
until the fourth Thursday in January next
following their eleuilon, or until their suc
cessors are elected and qualified A failure
to elect directors on the date above speci
fied shall not dissolve the corporation, but
in such event, the existing Board of Direc
tors may cause another election to be held
at any time thereafter, whereof ten days
previous notice shall be given in a news.
paper published In the City of New Orleans.
Vacancies occurring in said Board of I)Irec
tors, from any cause whatever, shall be
filled by the remaining directors. The ofI
cers of this corporation shall consist of a
President, Vice-President, Secretary and
Treasurer, but the offices of Secretary and
Treasurer may be filled by one and the
same person. A majority of directors shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of
business. The Board of Directors, at their
first meeting following such annual elec
tion. shall elect from their number a pres
Ident, vice-president, a secretary and a treas
urer, who shall continue in olce during
the term of the then existing Board of D
rectors, or until the successors of such of
cers are elected and qualified. Said Board
of Directors shall have full power and an
'thority to borrow money, execute mortgages,
issue notes and bonds, to pledge the same,
I and generally to do all things pertinent to,
or necessary for. the objects and purposes
of said corporation, or which are, or may
be, permitted by the laws applicablei to cor
rations. Bald Board of Directors shall
power to make and alter, or amend,
sutt,,, oby-laws for the government of said
Whenever this eorporation is dissolved,
B either by limitation or from any other
Scause, its afairs shall be liquidated by three
I commiesoners to be appointed from amon
the stockholders at a general meetidg o
P the stockhbolders convened for such purpose,
Il of which meetiag thirty days prevlous no:
Stice shall be given by advetrslaement In a
i .ewspaper published in the Cityl of New
Orleans. But any such meetlng may be
-held without.any delay and without adver
tlsmeat and notle, If all delay and ad
vertleement and notice of the propoed
meetingt be waived In writing by all the
stockholders. A majority in amount of
three-fourths of the outstanding stork of
samid corporation, present or represented, at
Ssuch meetnlg, shah be requisite to elect
Ssuch commissioners. iuch eommissioners
Sshall remain in office untll the afaire of
said corporation shall have been fully set
Stied and liquldated; uad in ease, from any
laue, a vaceaney or vacanele occur among
id commiloners, the remaining eommis
s ionr or commmissioners may fil1 the vacancy
or vacancis
- Is act of leorporation may be changed,
t Ma, or altered, or said corporation may
disolved, with the assent of three
a hs of the outstanding stock of said cor
prl such purpose, after thirty days previous
nIce f ,such meetlng shall have been giv
en by advertisement in a newiper pob
Slisled in the City of New Orleans. But any
sek meetnlag may be held without an do'
_la ad without advertisement and not ce, If
all delay and advertisement and notice of
: bea t ble waived in wrIting
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
or meponsible for the contracts or faults of
dld ecorporation In any further sum than
the upaid balance due on the shares of
atock one by hm, nor shall ay mere tn
ormalty n orga i ation hav the efet of
; rndering this charter null, nor of expos
Sg a a tochod to n liability beyond the
r This eorporation shall commeance iscsles
aus son " thirty (30) shares f its stoc
thave ben subcrlbed for. The following
a s med thre persons have been named as,
and shall constitute, the Lrst Doard of Di
rectors of sMid corporation and saLll sere
eu suc tl the fourth bThursday of Jan
Sar, 1912, or unti their omecesors are
e~eet alld q to-wIt: Xrr, eca
Jose.9i. ph Love and James
a O'Donnell, with said Mrs. Rebecea L-ve
r eeln as u presldent, sai James '3. O'Do
r nella vcs-prndat and sai Josph Love
as secretary and trasrer.
.Thsde audsned lamy o fie, in te
CIty o N ew O as in ter psa c a
AIender Dldal, Jr., and yren I. P
empont wtses, beth o tht- eity, who
hnave heuto wd their naame wit te
a, tM Lt abov written,
PP C~l)~ QL"II .,
day duly recorded in my office, in book 1018,
folio -.
New Orleans, February 2, 1911.
I, J. Zach Spearing,. a notary public in
and for the Parish of Orleans, and C('ty of
New Orleans, State of Louislana, do hereby
certify that the above and foregoing is a
true and correct copy from the original act
of incorporation of the "Widow John Ileff
ron Coal ('o.." as well as of the certificate
of the Recorder of Mortgages th-reto ap
pended, the whole on file and of record in
my oice.
In faith whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and official seal, at New Orleans, La.,
this second day of February, 1911.
Feb 9 16 23 mc'l 2 9 1911
Be it known, that on this sixteenth day
of the month of January, in the year of our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and eleven,
and of the indepdependence of the Unite.d States
of America, the one hundred and thirty
fifth, before me, William F. Brewer. a No
tary Public, duly commissioned and quail
tied, in and for this city and the Parish of
Orleans, Loulsiana, therein residing, and In
the prest:,.-e of the witnesses hereinafter
named and undersigned, personally came
and appeared: Ernest Roger, Jr.. P'resident
of the Lawrence & Ilamilton Feed Company.
I.imited, a corporation organized under the
laws of this State of Louisiana. by act be
fore W. F. Brewer. Notary Publlc. of date
July 16, 19(1,, who declared, that at a
meeting of the Board of Directors of said
corporation, held at its domicile. in this city
of New Orleans, on December 2. 1910, a
resolution was adopted that a special meet
Ing of the stockholders of said corporation
be called, for the purpose of amendifig Art!
cle 1 of its charter and changing the name
of said corporation.
Toat in pursuance to -aild resolution a
special meetling of the stockholders of said
corporation was hlhi, at its domicile, in
this - ity of New Orleans, on January 12.
1911., after due and legal notice had liwen
given to each stockholder, by written no
tlces mailed to them, on December 10, 1910,
and by notice published in the Times-Dem
ocrat. a daily newspaper published in this
city of New O(rleans, on December 12th, 19th,
0lt,4. and January 2nd. 1911.
That at said meeting the stockholders
owning the majority of the stock were pres
ent or represented; and it was unanimously
resolved, that the name of this corpora
tion be changed and Article I of its charter
Ie amended so as to read as hereinafter set
forch: and that Ernest Roger, Jr., President
of said corporation, appear before a Notary
Publlc and have put in authentic form the
resolutions of said stockholders. all as will
more fully aPlpear by reference to a duly
certsted copy of said resolutions annexed
hereto as part hereof.
And said Ernest Roger, Jr.. acting in his
aforesaid capacity, declared, that in pursu
ance to said resolution he does. by these
presents. change the name of said corpora
tion and amend Article I of Its charter so
as to read as follows, to-wit:
The name of this corporation shall be
Limited; and under its said name it shall
have power and authority to have and enjoy
succession for the full period of ninety-nine
years from and after the date hereof: to
contract. sue and be sued. to make and use
a corporate seal, the same to break and
alter at pleasure: to hold, receive, lease.
purchase and convey, as well as mortgage
and hypothecate property, real, personal
and mixed, corporeal and lncorporeal: to ap
point such oicers, managers and agents as
Its business nterests and convenience may
require: and to make and establish, as well
as alter and amend, such by-laws. rules and
regulations for the proper government of
the said corporation as may be necessary
and proper.
Thus done and passed, in my ofce, in the
( ity of New Orleans, on the day, month and
year herein first above written, in the pres
ence of )taeseurs L. C. IH. LeCarpentier and
John B. Fisher. competent witnesses, who
have hereunto signed their names with said
appearer and me. Notary.
(Original signed) :
W. F. BRFJWER, Notary Public.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages.
in and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
Louisiana. do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of the
Lawrence & lHamilton Feed Company. Ltd..
was amended and was this slay duly record
ed in m- office, in hook 1018 folio 277.
(Signed) EtMILE LEONARD, D. R.
New Orleans, Jan. 17, 1911.
A true copy of the original on file and of
record in my office.
W. F. BREWER. Not. Pub.
Feb 2 9 16 23 mch 2 9 1911
On this twenty-fifth day of January. 1911.
before me, John Alonso Woodville, Notary
Public, in and for the Parish of Orleans,
State of Loisiama, personally came and
appeared, W. B. Tomon, George H. Thom
son and Jnale Thomson. ail three of this
prish, who severally declare that they do
hereby form and organlse themselves into
a corporation, for a term of fifty years from
this date, under the name of J. THOMBON
& BROS., LIMITED. and under its eorpor
ate name it shall have power and authority
to hold, receive, breve, purchase, Improve,
alienate, convey, soll, borrow, pledge, mort
gge and ypotbcate property reasl, personal
and mixed, the domicile whereof is ixed in
the (.ity of New Orleans, Louisana, and its
objects and purposes and buslanes being the
buyigr, sellnlag and dealing nla carrliae,
wagons, arts, thrter's supplies and vehi
les of all descriptlons and the material and
material used in the manufacture of vehi
cles of all kinds, to manufacture carriages,
wagons, earts and vebhlels of any and all
kainds and to repair same. Citation sball
be served on the President or in his absence
on the Secretary. The capital stock shall
be five thouad dollars ($5.000.00) divided
into fifty s'ares of one hunadred dollars
($100.00) e. h, whleb said stock shall be
paid for in cash at the time of subseription
or the same may he Issued at not less than
par in ipayment or exchange for property or
rts ctual received or prchased by
The alaIr shall be manaed by a Bard
of Directors composed of three stoekholders
to be elected by the stockholders annuaily
by ballot, oa the lsmt day of January, of
eah yar, or any suneqeat day fixed by
Sthe Board i c of no eletlon taking place
on day. Bacb share of stock shall be enti
Itied to one vote. Said Board shall have the
Sritbt to make all by-laws sad elhage and
alter the same at pleaSure. The company
sIall egnl nlesa as so as fve thousand
dollar ($5,000.00) shall have been sub
The frst Board shall be composed of W.
hTmon, aore H. Thomon and Jne
Thomso, and shall bold edle until the
first day of January, 191i, or until their
1 Thor shall elect from emog tbemelvsa a
President, Vies Preidelnt ad Secretary
I Treasurer.
At the termlation of the charter or di
sotltion of tbe' eorporationl the atairs shall
nbe  itd by the members of the Board
or Drectors a Ilquldation ommissioner,
Iay, stockLbolder may sell, ai or trana
fer his stoek in this eorporstlon, provided
tbirty days' prior notice of smuh Intentlio
to sB assign or transfer the amne be given
Sthe ompany and the stockbolders thereof
shall hae trie ilrst privilege of purehasi
same within the sid thlrty day. -
Thu dase and at my Notarlal
moath ad year heretn first above written
ina the presera J. L Wrama WoodvHil
and Ga_ -s H. Kent, competet witneses
of lawful age and reldents of this cty, who
herentosi g their n together with
th tsaid parties ad me, Notary, after read
r .A.an _MODd: w. Tbomsea P. .
• znommn, Jeie Tlbomaa, f. , Wtsren
SWoodville, Gee. l Kent.
J. A. WOODVILLR, Notary Pnble.
i. the unersine, Reode f Mert
n Uand r ae of OrlMeart
the aboe ant far-S g et i -.orporqglo
- ma IWmuD, D. 3.
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W IIEN Mr. Bowser walked into
the house at 4 o','lo'k the
other afternooun Mrs. Bow
ser's first thought was that
he had come home ill. Ile dllln't look
it, however. on the contrary, there
was a healthy grin on his face.
"It-it isn't a holiday':" she queried.
"Not for the public." he answered,
"though I'm manking it one for us. Just
a small holiday, you know-one for a
cent or two."
"But what is it? What's going on?"
"Ia. ha., ha! I thought you'd forgot
ten all about it. Talk about sentiment.
but I believe that husbands have more
than wives. Mrs. Bowser, thirty-five
years ago today I asked you to be amy
little wifey. It's the anniversary of a
most happy event, and I thought to
celelrato it in a fitting manner."
"But hIow came you to remember the
day?" she asked.
"Oh. I ran across it in an old letter
some time ago and carefully ireserved
the date. Trust a loving husband to
keep track of such things."
"IHow good of you! I'm ashamed
that I did not remember it myself."
"That's all right, little one. Thirty
five years ago today and about this
2 -
hour we were sitting together in youar
father's house. All of a sadden I ask
ed you to be mine, and you said you
"But I didn't say so at once, did I?"
she asked as a blush showed on her
"I guess you waited a minute or two
before making me the happiest man on
"And you haven't been sorry?'
"I have thanked heaven every day
since and shall till I die. This evening
we will go out to dinner, and then it's
the theater. We'll just have a Jolly
time. Meanwhile I came home to say
that I have purchased a trifling me
mento of the occasion-somethlng we
can look at daily and recall those old
.You good man! What is It+'
"You couldn't guess in a hundred
years, but I know you'll be tickled half
to death. I was the most fortunate
man in the world to get it If I had
been fiteen minutes late it would have
been gone."
"Then it isn't Jewelryy"
"Anything to wear?"
"Is It a patent rocking chair fr
"No. Here it comes, and yea won't
have to do any more guesseng!"
Curie Draws Cwd.
A big track had driven up and was
backlng to the curb. On it was a
.bangalow. At least, Mrs. Bowser took
it for one and excliimed:
"Why, we are not oncg camping tIn
the winter, are wel"
"Doa't you know what it bi"
"A bngalow, or somethlaing o that
sort. Shall yk set It up i the ba ck
"Hardly." laughed Mr. Bowser .
iCome out and take a look at it."
There were three men with tshe
track. and by the time Mrs. Bowser
reached the ate a dozen more and a
score of children had gathered. 'hey
were saying to each other that it was
a bungalow. a monkey house, a mov
h a plctare slow, a photograph ga
lery and theor things, when Mr. Bow
can slaid, with a smile and a tourlsh:
"yMrs. Bowser, let me introduce you
to the grandet piece of turniture
which ever had a place In the palace
of a king."
"But I can't quilte make out what f
"It is the favorlte sideboard of Losnt
XVI, and antiquarlans have ailed It
almost priceless. It is said to be the
last thing his eyes rested on before he
bead dropped Into the basket of the
guillotine. I bought it at auction ye
terday. There were fity bidders, bt
I beat them all. What do you thlnk
oI it as sourentr of our engage
"Before she could answer the boas
1 trackman called out:
"Now. then. how are we going to t
this thing into the yard? I have Jwrt
Smeasured, and it won't mpass through
the wate by two feet."
"TheAn it mat be lifted over the
"All right, but you'll have to hieb
"Co more men to help lift. and i
year ence breaks down you can't
blame me."
Mr. Bowser made her escape Into
the house and sank down in a chair
wad berst into tears. Mr. Bowser had
a bnato be aod, but he had made a
oag it. Otside she could heal
ser ud wateh stoppm a and tf h
"Mrs Dseerge, lad the trucmsr
"Bu I a' ut ak u hti
Helpers and the Pc':ce.
Fi iv'e lureU t , l :~ , I to 1
Mr. Itwser nt:aý,.d t,; ":rms hi
shouted dir', t~ ,,n- .
Two policen't :tI i , " ,l wr.a
to know 1%hat thI i ,:, the e
Several excited - , I tiug on
block wanted to k1,' t'. :omne
in the crowd didni't .i 1is eano
to ring for the ail,'u:. I,.
"Up she gees' I',... - hIr!
she Is!"
The famous * ,:Ilt ,'·.t*l -on
of the fence for a : ,n Fit., and t
the fence gave wtay , a 'rash.
Cheers from thie 'I: :-,iasteC Pa
Swear words frin tlll ' noneL
astic trilcklnen.
Threats of life i:!,'. i.,mttent
the two cops.
Orders and r-tn r,'-. im Mr. 8os
Of course the'r. o o . ,r;ons gg
tlons of more ,.r .. tical val
A civill eugineellr ,gt'.t-d that
house he mov el ,' r the sidebog
to soelve' the lri'l, u
A plunder -n._' -;, I "th:t if he w%
given a oh:lanc' t, -,,; few Ileaksa
send in his ,ill th1. -.tI<hoard woog
move on of Its ,, ', ,Wld.
A woman !t' : -nt:tl muutton rat
in a big baskes: -I, .:,td that
be. attached ntotl h.. th,ig be given a
chance to fly.
The Iuss trll'klnll: l suggested that
the thing lt'e lft a4 hr- It was till as
other day. whI, h, aI uld come with a
band ,of expIeri.'!'el Intmn and rope a"
tackle and "ln:l.l" her along.
The two ,',ps, 'utggested that
crowd dlisplr5et a went to pushing
and clnlllling to etnt .urage it to do so.
Amid thel nutltnerous suggestions Mt
Bowser entered the house to see whi
Mrs. Bowser might have to say.
"Just a slight aer.ldent, you know,"
he said as he noticed the tears In hbr
eyes. "I give you my word the p.
clous relic is not even scratched."
"I'm-l'm so sorry:" she said as sh4
fell to weeping again.
Tears, Hacks, Threat
"Sorry, sorry! What in thunder
you? lsnt' It a Louts XVI. a
"I-I guess so."
"Isn't it the last thing be looked
on earth?"
"Maybe 'tis."
"And won't we have it in the di
room shortly?"
"But how are you going to get
there? It's wider than the gate
it's wider than any door or
Are you going to tear the front of
house out?"'
And then he went out and
and peeked and squinted and
ared with a tapeline and said to
boss truckman:
"She won't go into the house."
"Who said she would?" was the
"But I-I"
"You ought to have bought a "a
house instead. I've fooled aral i
long enough!"
There were just two thingls itr
Bowser to do. and he did thems
got the ax and chopped sad qpft s
splintered and hacked until that
board was reduced to klilagL
his audience tired of applau
then he went into the bouse aM
to Mrs. Bowser:
"Woman, this is the dead
end! You consult your lawyer
I'll consult mine. and we'll have
thing over with!"
No More Getaways.
"Wardens of state priseoa
tntiag the propoeidtlon to bol •
"What's the prop?'
'To put bobble trousers on
ad do away with the lokei*'
'PIant Dat Christmas TrU
Lmsen, folLs, ter me:
Plant dat Chrls'mus tfSt
Make de ligtht
All roun' shine brig -
Plant dat Chrls'mus bt "
Don't keer whar you W4
Plant dat Chris'mus trAs
Make de woods
Show Chrls'mus 5M .
Plant dat Chrls'mas tiad
--PraLk IL
La Fontana
711 he ndtreet Fbhot, uib
Ice Cream
delivered to"
place in to
at the time
Buffet Lunche"
U1130 a ,. to 3:00p
Park & Till

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