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auI the Deep Sea.
Excursions Week End
Sve r y Mississippian
Take Advantage of This
ty toVisiMisssippli'
Water Port, GULFPORT.
Sunday Excursion
vw Orleans,
Orand Isle
ailroa d
hews Algiers at 6:05
-- d arrives 7:35 p. m.
gr raund trip 50 cents,
sad 1.00.
j. . LANDRY, Sept.
, $32.00
Sale March 10th to
April 10lth, 1911
Francisco Without
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set -
I Gei, a
In the United States there are more than
500 Business Colleges teaching Spen
cerlan Charter Shorthand.
In the last 30 days there have been more
than twenty-five business colleges and High
Schools adopting the Spencerian Chartier.
In the past 20 days there have been FOUR Busi
ness Colleges in the City of Chicago alone that have
recognized its Irrisistible tide and have sent orders
for books. These were formerly Pitman Schools.
W HO considers the cumulative difficulties through which one
wades from his first lesson in the Pitman system until he
reaches the point where he is master of it-and a careful,
unbiased and unexaggerated analysis of these difficulties
was rehearsed last week-is not surprised at the long and
tedious journey.
He is noet surprised at the time it takes the best mind, naturally
gifted for his work, to reach the excellence of a full-fledged stenographer.
The expert himself will corroborate every word of this analysis.
It's the ignorant .an, the person who really knows nothing of short
hand or so little as not to be able to make it of any use, who cannot
take a speech or simple dictation fluently; It is this person who denies
these obvious truths.
Indeeud, a man need not know shorthand to examine this aralysis
and to recognise the truth. Biased or stubborn ignorance alone, a wor
ship of the dead and distant past, of what is old and mouldy. these ele
menis alone can experience a feeling of resistance to the encrov hments
of progress.
Sthe sae spirit would tavor Pulton's boat In preterence to t. r. mighty
erafts propelled by steam now ploughing the waters of the gibeb To
them the LIsitania is a desecration of the memory of ColumL.,. The
Pitman system of shorthand is fast dying In this country and it's only the
old Pitman teachers and wltters who are too old to adopt somtething
new that are sticking to it.
lae 188T shorthand has been at a standstill.
Itudeata Innumerable have been going over the same jouru ,y
Innumerable of them have fallen by the wayside.
Pew have reached a point whore, with great difficulty, they write at
a paser's ait
The very few have attained the summitl
emae have never been able to master It.
Pitman shorthand ti no joke-no child's sport!
With night studets., Pitman shorthand is a bugbear. The great
majority of night students ind it necessary to devote one and two years
to it, It they master it to a point of usefulness. Eighty per cent never
master it so as to be able to make practical use of it. One-half of them
Sgive it up In disgust n less than three months after beginning the study.
The books of any school in Nepr Orleans will show the above conditions
to be absolutely true in every respect.
It Is desired here to occupy this space with a comparative analysis
of the eases why
The Speaeesran Chartier shorthhaad may be taken up by school chil
drea in the Third Reader and learned eve more easily than they learn
longhand-mush more easily.
We are prepared to show this as eompletely, as convincingly, as us
anawerably, by appeal to reason and visioa, as by students-whether ex
ports or ust beginning.
The old system is so difficult because it is a written language of con
S It at ay time, you write in a owel. It is to make sure of an un
usual wrd. "
Masept the innumerable word-signs It is a written language of
Ipemeerlas Chartler writes the vowels while it is writing the con
The aim ot this artll is to shoJ you clearly that
ThIe ISpener ltan Charter System writes the vowels while It is wrlting
the eoeounats; L ., so large a pereentage of them as to render the
written leaguage of Ipeneaesn Ohartier as leible to read and easier to
lams than oleuasad.
Pitman never reshed the point of considering physicel advantages.
The task before him was to devise a system, which, however Ireat
the tel, would aetualqy make shorthand poshibe.
That sad that alone was hisa problem.
And tully three neratioas have plodded along, apparently content
with his achievemrent.
The great majority of people knaow nothtl g of shorthand exacept
what thep hear. It is not spectaoeular. It cannot be driven arounad town
like u automobile, that every one may Judge of its smooth running ma
ehinmery or its coumbermeans.
Ther are pages of roules and exceptions I Pltma shorthand; his
last edttlo, it published in this paper, would stir parenats of New Orleans
to Indignatioa, and they would resent an appeal to their boys and girls
to study a system as long drawn out, asu hard to learn, us hard to write
and sUt harder to read.
When you see a consenant in the Pitmas e,rto, you never know,
whatever its positons, whether the vowel comes before or after the con
The vowel, indicated by the Speacerlan Chartler position, is always
read after the irst eaosounat
r-eda iChartoier says write the vowel i writin the stroke
There is variatio~n, hesitation, doubt.
In words of m e than one syllable, in Speneceria Chartler, this first
soneenat sad this farst vowel are absolute, therefore, and sure.
If the word is lger than oe syllable, the vowels are written
with the ubsequest strobes just as easily.
* "Imble," for I stance has the "L." In the '"I position, the vowel
"A" expresmd by a lbed hook-which is always "A"-and the "ble."
just as legible *
Renwiw Inrrr $s .
Bobby-Ye. I told the trm to tam
a mw and mw some wod.
Aunts-I~d hbe d It?
Bobby-WelL' be balt did It. B.
took the aw.-Bltldmoro Aurema
* omned humIf. wm .wdb b tho
it..i vib a *fsw~k  c .all.
uw vera.. nol b la w me rIt.
am it bu fa be ha at As b
This Came by Wiele.
The young and brilliant editorial
guide was showing the party of anti
uwalas through the older portioms of
ah efty of PeoLa.
TM streets runa-l para-l with
th river." he smid. "are named Wash
gime , Adams. Jetersou, and a ma,
you see. We named them .bmoner at
the presdents td the United Statese.
-f see," responded ene of the anti
quaeas. "And whtes the eo* at
Sh sta w.e are pesel nwrV
Omit the vowel signs in the Pitman system and you have "libel"
as well as "liable," and many other words, and the context only can d*
termine which is meant. If an initial vowel has to be written in Spen
cerian Chartier, it is written with a hook in its place, and it is read in
the regular order.
Six children in the Sixth Reader studying Spencerian Chartier will be
able to take dictation and read their notes fluently a month at least be
fore six matured grown people, beginning Pitman system, can.
We want to give you here a literal translation of Pitman's Short
hand transcript of the words of P. T. Barnum, quoted for illustration in
last week's article.
For fear, not acquainted with the system, you may think we are
making merry with the great Sir Isaac, let us reproduce the shorthand
Now, pray examine this, both you that write it or you that hay
Sboys and girls learning it.
Get the Pitman alphabet and study for yourself It this is not an ex
act transcript of the above:
"Sirs bans s consrnd iv a prt hb. M krax s tht yr ng prsn, f bth
skses should Irn tlest shrnd and tprng, and hr u v mant dspln and nJ
tog, nj, too, the Imst srtn tsmtm b-convnnt and prkt xx avlbl. Ink consv
tht wn hoo ns the to brnchs thorle wl vr nd g hnggr in the prsnt Jn,
frthv a constntl widng s."
Now, Mr. Papa and Mrs. Mamma, that is precisely the thing the lad
whom you have studying Pitman has written when he has correctly
written this utterance of Barnum.
Honor Bright, do you think it is the fault of the lad or the lassie
that after they have learned to write this, they must begin all over again
and learn to read it?
Don't you see the long and tedious toil they have to do before they
accustom their minds to guessing correctly what they have written?
Is it any wonder there are comparatively so few stenographers who
are worth anything?
Suppose you received this note in longhand, as written, "strs bans a
consrnd iv a prt hb"-suppose your friend wrote you a note lklte that.
in the unvarying characters of longhand, in all honesty, could you make
out what he was trying to say?
It is for this reason that it takes one so long to learn to write Pit
man and thee so long to read it after he has been plugging away weary
months to learn how to write.
Spencerian Chartier, vastly simpler, smoother, more eowing and
prettier to write, spells out.
The reading power of any shorthand depends on its expressed vowels.
Spencerlan Chartier defies the world to produce any system compar
ing with it in this reading power.
The Pitman system and all its off-shoots give you dots and dashes
(heavy and light) in the different positions to indicate the vowels.
Try, if you can, to write-ia one when you are taking a speech or
even rapid dictation.
These vowel dots and dashes are the very summit of impossibility.
Now, let us return, please, to Spencerlan Chartier and our Barnum
Here is the way you write the showman's utterance is Speaerarin:
" , "
And the reading power is.Just this great.
Examine for yourself:
"As far as bhis is consered iv a partlkr hoby, mt tras is that every
yung peran of both sekses shud learn at lest shortand and tiptlsg. And
her you v mentl dissipln and nolg togthr, noig, to. that is alwas sert, at
smtm to b convenent and pratktly avalabl. I kanat comse that one who
nos thee to brancha thorly will hay ned to go hungry in the presat geara
tion, for tha v a constantly widning use."
Don't you think you would understand your small boy it he wrote
you that way? Understand him thoroughly-exactly?
If you should receive a book-one you had ordered-a treatise on
your own particular calling or profession that presented the 'dbjoet with
as many rules and exceptions, as many different ways of deflt the same
thing, as many exasperating suggestions of doing impossible things, as
many dodges to avoid imperfect rules, as the following page of rules,
taken from Pitman, page 91, lesson 22, latest edition, would you not file
it among your antiques?
From that page the teacher asks the following questions and requires
the following answers:
Q.-TIn how many ways can you express "h" in Pitman?
A.-By an upward H, by a downward H, by an asperate tick and by
a dot.
Q.-When is the downward H used?
A-The downward H is employed when it stands alone or is fol
lowed by a simple K or g. and that tin most other easesa (MOST OTHER
CA8E8) the upward form is used.
Q.-How is H written medially and how do you distingush it from
A.-When H is written medially care must be takes to wrtto the
circle of the H so that it cannot be mistaken for the alrle .
Q.-When is the asperate H used?
A.-The downward H is contracted to a mere tick before U, . L and
R, and before the heavy letters. Z, mp and W.
Q.-Anythaing else?
A.-TYes. When convenient (WHEN CONVNINT) the tuek h may
also be prefzed to a cnonsoant hooked for R
Q.-Have you any other way of expressing H?
A.-Yes, when theetroke H would be icoarnvenalt, the asperate
may be expressed by a light dot, placed before the vowel to bhe aspoerated.
Q.-Any other way to express H?
A.--Yes. in some of the Pitmnalo sptems you may thicken the W
hook to express asperation, in suoh words as whale, whim, ste.
I appeal to every man, woman and chlld in New Orlekas who be
lieves in progressm; who belieres that the eIectrle car is as lmprnovement
on the old mul-car; who belkieves the electrice light is more convenient
and serviceable than the old tallow candle; who believes that the satomo
bile is auperlor to the old-time wagon for ordinary trasportation; who
believes that the lightning express is superior to the old-time stage-cach
for making a tour acrees the country; who believes in the "sMurvival of the
fittest," to stop, Isten, think:
A few years ago when Speucerlan Chartler Shorthand was Its In
fancy, there were business college men In this city who had the temerity
to attack Speancerian Chartier Shorthand--synonymou with progress.
To-day there is not a man to be found who is bold enough to deny a
single truth in this article.
Feour years 'tgo, when the system was a its embryo stats, it was
furiously attaked in the highways and the byways, by the high and the
low; by the tame and the vicious.
To-day there are mor Business Collegesa teaching the system than
can be fond usin Ilsaac Pitman Shorthsal.
In the last thirty days there have been more than twenty-fve bust
nem colleges and high schools to adopt the Speosarlan Chartier. In the
past twenty days there have been 70UR busness colleges in the city of
Chicago alone that have recoiso d it Irresistible -tide ad have sent or
ders for books. Thee were formerly Pitman schools.
"You seem to have run out of pres
dets, George. when you got to this
"YTe," asid Geore; "we hbad not
ouly used up al the preadeate, but
we seem to have made a bad goes on
the anet ea-."-Chcao Tribune.
Pigs I* He*s.
1en3 i ins t o alsIy bLW - are
-shlwe asess
The Ailmest.
Mother-Oh. Ere! Wht hu hap
pres to your doll?
ale-Tbhe doctor syus it's ero
Weakdown. He prescribed muacilap.
-St. Rseptblr .
His Day O1.
Wr treoube eems ter s bin
Oe dr ' ls e homeseemb
N' hpiHmui bm de ablmbly tep:
Swayl I ams't at am!er
-Atlm omwfmlm.
S. C. Oswald, Sewering Work
Improve Your Parks and Gardens
Hinderer's Iron Works
1112-1118 Camp Street - - - - New Orleans, La.
Iron Fences Cheaper Than Wood
Iron Chairs, Tables, Settees, Flower Boxes, Hanging Pots, Arbore,
Arches, Vsees, Fountaine and Benches for Public Parks. OfIce Railing,
Stable Fixture., Hitching Poets, Carriage Stepe, Malleable and Gray Iron
Castings, Water Troughs, Fence Material, Hygienic Drinking Feuntaine.
Cemetery Fences and Memorial Crosses
Do You Know
That in the average three-minute telephone conversation at
least 300 words are spoken?
That, unlike the telegram, a telephone talk is a message
sent and answer received?
That this is accomplished at one and the same time for the
same price?
What would the cost be if you sent by telegraph the same
number of words spoken in the ordinary telephone conversa
Our splendid facilities go everywhere.
The rates are reasonable.
Save time and money by patronizing us.
We transmit money by telephone on reasonable terms.
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co., Inc.
Comfort and Convenience
N.O.Gas Light Company
prices that will compare
with any in the city.
FRANK CASTROGIOVAIII, nimn 531., 1000 AIIx St.
- - o-isi- Steam Pressin Club,
Our now method steam presser makes them
look like new and last long. Be sure that
'no one but |
S II r DORrEY gets your Clothe--Prompt
- payment for lost or damaged clothing. Try
. . him--He will treat you right
A Case of Must.
Briggs-Come, now, do you
think that It Is honorable to
marry a girl that you don't love
SJust because she has money?
Grlggs-Honorable? Why. It's
Modern System.
"And what Is this rubber stamp
bor" we ask of the Kentucky moun
thalwer at whose humble home we are
stopping overnight.
"That?" he smiles. "Well, friend,
that's somepin I use whenever I shoot
me o' th' Tolilvers. Hey to conform
to th' statoots."
He stamps upon a piece of paper
with it and we read:
"Guaranteed Under the Pure Feed
A Matter of Sentiment.
"Were you annoyed by the way the
eustoms inspectors handled your
"No, indeed," replied the young wo
man from Kansas: "We were so
homesick that we really enjoyed see
61 something that looked like a cy
done."-Washinston tar.
Holiday Hints.
bhop early and often.
For Christmas Is nigh.
Get rid of leftovers,
Then go out and buy.
* It stockings are holey
And all out of shape,
You'd best have them mesded
Or sitts will eespe.
-Baoten HeraM.
No Reward.
"How long a term does the vice pie
.meat serve. pa "
"Four years, my son."
"Doesn't he get anything off for good
Why Bixby Doesn't Go.
"Bixby sent the minlister ten reasons
for not going to church, but be left
out the main one."
"What s that?"'
"He stays away because his wife
doesn't make him go."-Clevelano
Pain Dealer.
Hard to Say Nething.
Foote Lighte-Is tragedy hard
for a woman to play?
Miss Sue Brette-Not as hard
as pantomime.-Yonkers States
A College Limeriok.
There was an old lady named Fitch,
Who heard a loud snoring. at which
She took off her hat
And found that a rat
Had fallen asleep at the switch.
-Prineatet Tiger.
How se Anew.
"Will you have some fresh mush
rooms?" asked the bostess sweetly.
"Yes." faltered the guest. "it you're
quite sure they're mushrooms and not
"Oh. I'm quite sure." replied the
hostess. "i opened the can myself."
Detroit Free [ress.
As Santa Claus. Ilks other riskerl.
Dan'l Jones burned off his whiskers;
Then he found, with deep dejection,
Nothing grew upon that section.
--'leveland Plain Dealer.
'Twas Ever Thus.
A fortune's being offered now
For high up flights o'er wood and plain;
But, darn the luck, it's Just our luck
We haveat got an aeroplanet
-Houston Pot.
The weakest excuse is strong enough
When we wish to do wrong.
LsnWel to renfw.
Silas-Be gosh, I see this here chap
Burbank is going to raise a newfan
gled scientifle potato.
Cyrus-Do tell! The next thing
somebody will be raising a newfan
gled scientifc potato bug.-Plttaburg
im. ins
Church Coaching
Candles Candelabra
Devoutness Diamonds
Faith Fun
Pireside Football
Beaches Bleachers
Homes Hospittals
Prayer Primplang
Pews Pigskins
Preaching Poaching
Worship Week ends.

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