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Algerines at Law.
United States Circuit Court.
H. P. Gonsouland vs. Marco Rosa
mano, answer. Dart, Kernan & Dart,
for defendant.
Civil District Court.
Succession of Mrs. h'liristolhh
Thompson amounts to $10,~O2.9S.
Succession of Adolph P. Baudijer
and wife, Civil Dis'rict ('ourt for the
Parish of Orleans, D. isiji. E. No.
Whereas, Jos. it. (Go~s:es has peti
tioned the honorable C.vll District
Court for letters of administrator on
the estate of the late Adolph P. Bau
dier and wife, deceased, intestate.
Notice is given to all whom it may
concern to show cause within ten days
why the prayer of said petitioner
should not be granted.
By order of the Court. -Thomas Con
nell, Clerk.
Succession of Thos. Finnegan, tu
torship. P. F. Hennessey. attorney.
Second City Court.
New Suits.
Mike Gallagher vs. Mrs. A. Kenney,
claim for $7 for rent.
Luke Gillin vs. Wm. Deblieux, claim
for $28 for rent, and writ of provi
s=lonal seizure.
Joe. Lamana vs. Sebastian Regusa
claim for $15, merchandise.
Marcel L. Bernard, agent, vs. O.
Murphy and occupants, rule for pos
session of premises, 436 LeBoeuf Ave.
A. Danielson vs. P. H. Brandon and
occupants, rule for possession of pre
mises, 610 Ollvier street.
Marcel L. Bernard, agent, vs. W. J.
Powers and occupants, rule for pos
session of premises, 133 Lavergne St.
John M. Couget vs. John Vallette,
claim for $10.75, for merchandise.
M. H. Morse vs. Mrs. M. Kennedy,
claim for $60 for rent, and for writ of
provisional selzure, docket satisfied.
A. Kerseths, agent, vs. Josephine
MayfiSld, claim for $28 rent, and writ
of provisional seizure.
Sheriff Seizure.
John Brown vs. Frank Cabibl, seiz
are and sale of lot Powder, Elisa, Alix
and Bonany, $1,400.
The folowing recent additions in
Setoe have been received at our 1i
81 Mistress Content 'Cradock
813 Last of the Kniekerbockers
813 Myra of the plains-Vielt.
813 Oldtown olks-Stowe.
818 Amanda of the Mill-Van
813 Claudia Hyde-Barnum.
818 Dole--l1o.
318 Pulses o Illouson-Ions.
813 DIary of a 6alat-Bates.
813 Sme Succestful Marriagess
,813 Lose 8tar-Lyle.
813 Prosmer of Mademoiselle-Ro.
833 Old Saint Pasl--Answorth.
83I Mole In the Wall-Morrison.
838 Story t Fralr Cludde-Wey
3 Ihag n t he New--Wliteln.
88 4Abbees f Vltare-Werman.
5 ILea Niht-Weyrmau.
813 Trail of '-4ervlee .
818 Way to Peae-Delnd, M.
4 ?hsmtom of the Opera-la
Jeam le Fioeetk.
3 818 Cmhaw Brothers-Pler.
t1.12 lbadlbook for the eare an
ooratieg of Naval Machinery-Diager
SI literature of the Sth
1 The Coesuba: Napoleon I, E
pse of the Pheac.
Juvesle Neon-leteio.
383 polk tales every hild should
3314.144 Hstory: Edlnburg-Ma
J14.486 ilu ry: Puris-WIam .
l514.8 Hlsory: Spaln--Brwne.
J1.TI HiP oy: Rusa-Walter.
J814. Hlseotr: Demark-Ca t.
A nsm amhsn Leapu
The Aisles. BasebaU League is now
wdar ty of bein frmed. It is the
wi of the prometers to have as may
t eas ble to Join this league
i to have It a strOag as posible.
A'li sl his a gOe number o hOfase
I laB o es wheo eolMd come forwa
Sse a I thelr amltae li makin
th e leu of 1211 a saueess
eklu a thi as a barball leeag
am enpermeat with in Aisers
-easd the LM part of lat s am n
It was usly concluded that n
msh-ehtre and larger league etsld
a u bsorm this sean, wilth the ~.
=mS e te Ies of the eport.
An7 pse who whes to fonm a
rn sal eater it in this leaue is s.
e threagh this muedum to make ap
3iO.lM as as pIbh,\o as to
irn the plamof the rm uoters.
Real Estate Transfers.
Joseph R'more to Guiseppe Cbr
teze, lot Brooklyn, Diana, Teche and
Newton, $600 cash. Dreyfous. notary.
Mrs. Annie L. Fox to Henry J.
Keogh. lot LeBoeuf, Patterson, Whit
ney and Pelican, $1,500 cash. Maho
ney, notary.
Leonard F. Gisch to Third District
B!d . .\ssoe'atiun, lot Pacific, Elmira.
Eliza anld Ee!ina. $780 cash.
Piur'haser to e, ndor same property,
Mr.s. .llian. fi. Riley to RI bert L.
i:1 y, interest in lot Parific, Elmira.
E\,iil: a and Eliza. $.,250 cash.
Rol.ert L. Ril,.y to Third 1)istric t
1111g. A.\sn., lot in above square, $2,25i,
ca. h.
1Pur" ha;.vr to Mrs. lAonard F. Gisch,
same prolprty, $2,0JU0 terms. Zeng.i,
Brown Realty ('o., Ltd., to Wesley
Williams. 2 lots Nelson, Lawrence,
Shepard and lands of property of Oli
vier's, $2S cash.
lrown tRealty Co.. Ltd., to Mrs. Chas.
E. Esnard, 4 lots Barataria. Nelson,
Olivier's property and Seymour's pro
perty, $120 cash. Vidrine, notary.
Fred C. Webert et ale to Moritz F.
Webert, lot Belleville. Alix, Eliza and
Vallette Relinquishment.
Conventional Mortgages Recorded.
Ephraim McCullough to Jose Ruiz,
$187. 1 note, 1 year, 8 per cent, Teche,
Lamarque, Nunez, and Socrates.
O'Connor. notary.
Mary Fruight, widow of Joseph
Fisher et al to Louise E. Wiegand.
$400, 1 note, 1 year. 7 per cent, 2 lots
Atlantic, Pacific, Market and Jackson.
Gautler, notary.
Building Permits.
Andrew Wagner, owner and builder,
double cottage, galvanized iron roof,
419 Socrates, $300.
Victor Sabariau, owner and build
er, two story addition and shed slate
roof. Pelican avenue, Alex, Verret and
Bermuda, $500.
Frank Crevasse, owner and build
er, single cottage, galvanized iron
roof, Public Road and McClellanville,
Geo. Koppel, owner and builder, ad
dition, slate roof, 334 Bermuda, $450.
Realty Imp. Co., Ltd., owner and
builder, double cottage, slate roof, 227
Eliza, near Bonny, $900.
-5---m --
Mr. Bauer's Lecture on Our Country.
A new departure in school practices
is the giving of Illustrated lectures to
children. Those given at the Belle.
ville so far have been delivesed by
fine speakers, thorough masters of
their eubjects and the illustrations, -in
colors, have not only been beautiful,
but have emphasized the points most
pleasantly to the listeners.
The series began last May, when
Dr. Walker, the well-known specialist,
told about the teeth, their care and
formation; this year, by Mr. Bauer,
assistant superlntendent, in his talk
on "Our Country." The children list
ened, spellbound, as the beautiful sto
ries were told and the one pictures
passed over the screen.
Little Miss Hilda Hantel thanked th
lecturer for the pleasure he had given
and expresed the hope of seeing and
bearing him soon again.
Mr. Estopinal's Kind Remembrance.
Each year, our member of Congress,
the Ifon. Albert Batopinal, remem
bers the school children of this dis
trict and, by the e6opredon of our
teachers, helps to give the little ones
a taste of the pleasures of country life
insofar as a garden is concerned. Large
bags of eeds, vegetable and flower,
come in sprin end every child who
promLes to bring a spectmen of the
plants he may raise from them to the
"shoaes" that occur at the test season,
is given what he says he cha use. The
teachers give nstruotios in the three
great needs of plant life, good drain
age, fertilisatlon and proper exposure
to-the sun and the little ones learn
from the best school, experience's, the
'lght end the wrong way to do. Among
the vegetable seeds distributed were
pea, beets, collard, lettuce, radish,
turalnps, etc. Among the Sower seeds
were dianthus (pinaks), eschscholtal
(Caltorania poppy), astrtutium, poppy,
sennas, caleadula, portulaca, etc. Daily
reports of the growth of the plants are
encoraging, and it is hoped that the
plant bshow of spring, 1,11, will ote
shblne thoee of the last two years.
Jeffersn Davis' Monument Unveiled.
Pabruary 22, the schools closed for
half a day, that the pupils might at
tend the unveiling ceremonies attend
ing dedication of the statue to be plac
ed at the Internction of Canal street
and Jefferson Davis Parkway (former
i7 Hagan avenue). Among the fea
tures of this pretty Confederate cere
mony the most attractive is that far
nished by the school children. They
sat on a platibrm in special places, as
aigned them, each wearings a dress
whose colors assembled and placed,
teormed a Confederate a. They sang
two stanas of Dixie and the first and
lat etanas of Amerisca. The follow.
lag named constituted the delegation
rom the Belleville School (all being
withi the lequaired height limit et
fa_ 4 feet 4 Iches to 4 at 7 Inches).
Thelma Mastj Drelyn .... W ys
Butcher, Margaret Dilsel, Helena Eh
lers, Rita Rousselot, Clair Wison,
Martha McNeely, Gladys Schroder,
Izetta Meyers, Annie Curran, Gertrude
Finley, Ines Clement, Edna Gerret, Lli.
lian Hoke, Cecelia Castrogiovanni,
Bessie Pyle, Berenice Williams, Elvira
New Orleans, La., Feb. 18.-(Spe
cial).-The third annual Mardi Gras
speed carnival will be run at the Fair
Grounds track in New Orleans begin
ning next Saturday, Feb. 25, and con
tinuing through the 27th. In con
junction with the races an automobile
show will be conducted in the grand
stand building, the show opening Fri
day at noon and remaining open dur
ing the race meet.
For the motor car show twenty
eight dealers have bought space. Three
motor boat exhibits and eight acces
.sory exhibits have also been contract
. d for, while several applications for
space have been refused because all
available room has been sold.
The races have drawn the largest
entry list on record for a mile track
meet. No less than twenty-five cars
havy. been entered while the probabil
it' is that five more cars will be nam
ted before the meet. Robert Burnham
and Arthur Che' rolet will enter with
Buicks. The list follows:
John Aitken, in a National.
Lewis Strang, Louis Larsonneur
and Will Jones, with three Cases.
Caleb Bragg, with the 90 horse pow
er Fiat Cyclone.
Louis Disbrow, with two National
cars. He will probably have a racing
Harry Endicott, with two Cole cars.
He will probably have a partner.
Fred Belcher, in a Knox.
Frank Kulick and partner, in Fords.
Walter Donnelly, in a Cino.
A. J. Maisonville, in a Corbin four.
T. S. Duby, in a Midland six.
John S. Ireland, in a Midland four.
H. B. Pennebaker, in a Stearns 90.
S. L. Speer, in a Jackson.
James Benzie. In a Jackson.
Harry Cohen and Witt, in two E.
M. F. cars.
John Walker, in a Marqaette-Bulck.
David Besuden, in a Buick special.
Ellis Joubert, in a Ford.
Jack Tower, in a Warren-Detroit.
Bob Evans, in a Warren-Detroit.
In addition to the automobile races
two motorcycle races will be run each
day. In these events the cracks of
America will compete. Those entered
to date are: Arthur Mitchell, of Los
Angeles; A. G. Chapple, of Boston;
Robert Stubbs, of Birmingham; H. G.
Baker, of Indianapolis; Oscar Clarke,
of Dallas, Texas; Edward Hasha, of
Dallas, Texas; Roy Wickline, of San
Antonio; and Val Jansen, of New Or
The meet and show is under the
personal direction of Homer C. George,
who has entire charge of the manage
ment. This is the third year in which
the Mardi Gras races have been given
though it is the first show ever at
tempted in New Orlans. All the daal
ers are enthusiastic over the pros
pects, while nothing like it has ever
been seen for mile track racing.
Belleville Social and Pleasure
Club To Entertain.
On Saturday, April 25, Pythian Hall
will be the scene of a masquerade and
fancy dress soiree given by the Belle
ville Social and Pleasure Club for the
proposed Algiers Baseball League of
1911. The club has worked hard and
diligently to make this affair a big
success and from present indications
their efforts will be crowned with vic
The Reliance Band has been hired
for the occasion and an enjoyable time
is promised. The following committee
has the solree in hand: Chas. Durand,
chairman; H. Dietrich, ex-·ito; P.
McGivney, E. McClehkey, W. R. Du
rand, O. Llndquist, R. Bandler, W.
Lawrence, J. Gerrets, J. Ketchum, J.
cCloakey, W. Loughln, R. Schroder
and J. Bennett.
The following baptisms took place
Sunday at the Ohureh of the BdHoly
Name of Mary:
Dorothy Alberta Weidman, dauh
ter of Thelo Weidman and Katie Pox.
Sponsors, Jacob Leuff and Bertha
Thomas Lawrence Baratina, son of
lawrence Bamtina and Agnes BDealer.
8ponsors, John hlradelM and Mrs.
Mike Bealer.
William Bruce North, son of Wil
liam Bruce North and Elma Thibaud.
8ponsors, Ben. Giblin and Louise Thl
Next Sunday being the fourath 8n-
day of the month, the Rev. Dr. J. C.
Barr will preach in the above bail at
8:30 o'elock. Dr. Barr has many
friends in Algiers outside his congre
gatlon, and no doubt they and their
friekpds will turn out in great numbers
to hear him preach Sunday next.
Possibly Dr. Barr will have some
thing to say about the $20,000 bequese
by the late Mr. W. R. McKowea to
the Presbyterian Hospltai, news of
which was reelved by him Monday
morning last.
Dr. Berr states that Mr. MeKowen,
whom he knew very well, was eof
the staunchest members in the re.
byterlan church, a mm a eemplary
character, and greatly beloved in his
Mr. McKowems had 'howa - n
terest tin the moeuat to
the Prembgerian Ues it4
et to a Oautat
The St. Patrick's Day celebration in
this city, as usual will consist of a re
ligious celebration in the morning at
the Church of the Holy Name of Mary,
when the members of the order and
the 'Ladies' Auxiliary will attend in a
body the solemn high mass at nine
o'clock. A special sermon will be
preached for the occasion.
The members of the order residing
on the other side of the river will as
semble at the ferry landing, head of
Canal street, at 8 a. m., Friday, March
17, wearing badges, and take the ferry
for Algiers, where the members of Di
vision No. 9 will be in waiting, when
urnder the marshalship of Col. John P.
Sullivan, Stater President, the entire
body will march to the church.
In the evening a banquet will be
held at Hotel Tranchina, West End.
At the residence of Rev. J. W. Booth,
Vallette street. Friday, Feb. 17, 1911,
at 7 p. m. in the presence of a few
friends, Miss Calla C. Thompson, of
this city. and Mr. J. T. Belk of Glen
fawn. Texas. were joined in the holy
bonds of matrimony. Owing to the
absence of the bride's father, which
was unavoidable, it was decided that
they would make no display.
Miss Calla C. Thompson is the eld
est daughter of Capt. and Mrs. C. A.
Thompson, a valued employee of the
I'. S. Government, Mr. Belk having
met her in Gulfport, Miss., where Miss
Thompson formerly resided and has a
host of friends.
Mr. Belk is a popular young man of
Northeast Texas and also an employee
of Uncle Sam.
The members of the Orleans Levee
Board Thursday made an official in
spection of the levees in Orleans Par
ish on the right bank of the river, (Al
giers), from the Jefferson Parish line
to the Plaquemines Parish line, those
on the trip being President Jules C.
Koenig, J. F. Muller, George S. Smith,
J. P. Vezien, Chief Engineer Sidney
F. Lewis, Attorney Bernard McClos
key, Secretary Peter Muntz and As
sistant Engineer Davis. It took them
seven hours to cover the ground, the
trip being made in automobiles. In!
view of the approaching high water
the board desired to be thoroughly in
formed at first hand as to the condi
tion of the levees. The result of the
inspection was satisfactory.
Confronts the Deacon With His
Seandal Defers Putting a Pateh on
Delby's Trouasre-While He Reads
About Bees She Prepares to Die--N
Tears, She Relents.
[O(pCright, 910. by Associated Literary
DEACON DOLBY had been told
at the supper table that it he
wanted a patch put on his
trousers-the patch he had
spoken of a week before-be would
havre to go to the store and get a spool
of coarse linen thread. He nodded
his acquiescence and departed, while
Mrs. Dolby started in to clear away
the table and was singing the hymn
"There Is Joy Over There" when he
The deacon figured on half an hour
for the thread and an hour for the
iinnrsaIous IOs sUn WI
patch, but the vlllage mail was late,
-ad it was an haour before he reached
his own gate agalan. The hos was
in darkness. Themre was no dsugng.
The eat at on the steps of the kitchen
door and meowed dismally.
Deacon Dolby was not alarmeda.
There was the well pump, and there
was the dipper on its nail and he
-pumped himself a drink of water, pet
ted the et for a moment and then en.
terd thd dark house and lighted a
lamp. He did not call upstairs or
down cellar. He did not look under
the table or the bed. He had brought
from the postodle a circular on bee
alsng, and he sat down at the table
arnd pulled o 'hlis ahoes and bega
When three minutes had paused
there was a long drawn groan. In
two minutes more there was another.
Them arms a naen like a November
sale sweeplng overa a farm undear a
The deaeou heard, but be was not
distrbe. He was eading that bor
ges were dvided titn two eles,
te workers and the dreas, and that
e workars were soft marks for the
drums., the - me in ka hamma Ui
-Ekimee and Tehgses
The a we at aobw thh
-m e tobSa app elg
" Superintendent Gwinn of the public
schools announced Tuesday that the
schools will ,be closed for half a day
Friday to permit the children to view
the Elks' parade. This was author
ized by the School Board on request
of the Elks. The evening schools will
be closed Thursday night, on account
of the Momus parade, and Monday and
Tuesday nights. There will be a ses
sion Friday night.
Assistant Superintendent Bauer re
ceived a quantity of buttons bearing
a picture of the Davis monument. The
buttons were distributed as souvenirs
to the school children taking part in
the unveiling ceremonies yesterday.
One of the handsomest prizes do
nated for the Mardi 'Gras maskers
comes from J. Creighton Mathewes,
our furniture dealer. The prize is a
handsome, imported, hand painted
plate, framed, incased in another glass
covered ebony case. It is an Italian
importation and not counting duty is
valued at over $10. This prize Mr. Ma
thewes gives for the Heaviest Gentle
man masker.
Z 6
The attendance upon the Men's Bi
ble Class is increasing, and we hope
to see double the number of men pres
ent at our next meeting on March 6.
The hour is 8:00 p. m. sharp. The
subject will be the second, third, fourth
and fifth chapters of Genesis.
The Girls' Friendly Society meeting
has been deferred until the second
Thursday of March.
Before the next issue of the Herald
appears Ient will be here, so it is fit
ting to make pre-Lenten announce
ments now. On Ash Wednesday there
will be Children's service at 8:l1, a. m.;
Litany and Holy Communion at 9:1)0
a. m., and at 7:30 p. m. the Rev. A. R.
Price, who leaves the city shortly to
bcome rector of Grace Church. Mon
roe, will preach the first of the Lenten
sermons by visiting clergy. As here
tofore there will be service at night.I
on Wednesday and Friday during Lent
and the special preachers will visit us
on Wednesday, the rector preaching on
Friday on "The Sacraments and Sac-I
ramental Rites of the Church."
The sympathy of all goes out to Mrs
John Van liess and her little ones in
the death of the husband and father
last Friday in Napoleonville. The in
terment took place on Saturday in
McDonoghville Cemetery.
Despite the fact that Sunday was a
very uncertain day the attendance at
Sunday School was very fine, and we
are justly proud of the record all are
The masquerade party given last
Friday night was a great success. All
who attended and they were many,
report having a delightful time. The
forepart of the evening was given up
to the little folk and they certainly
did enjoy sliding and dancing on the
slippery floor. The later hours were
given over to the grown-ups, and they
too enjoyed the evening to its fullest
The rector left Tuesday for his mis
sions down the coast, returning yes
terday morning, and leaving to-day for
Lafayette, where he goes to attend the
Convocation of South Louisiana, and
will be home to-morrow morning.
The Rev. A. R. Gray, Commissioner
of Endowment of the University of the
South, Sewanee, Tenn., was a visitor
at the rectory last Saturday. lie also
called upon Capt. and Mrs. W. B.
Fleming to express appreciation of the
gift by them to the University of the
bit of cornerstone that he had carried
away from Sewanee when a Federal
soldier blew into fragments the mas
sive cornerstone, which was of Ten
nessee marble.
Mrs. M. A. Simmes of Union Settle
ment was a visitor at the rectory on
Friday, and with her son attended ser
vice at Mt. Olivet on Supday night.
The premature explosion of a charge
-f dynamite at the Aurora plantation,
several miles down the coast, on Wed
nesday forenoon resulted in the in
jury of three men employed as engi
neers at the place, two of whom, Rob
ert and Henry Norman, are sons of
Overseer Thomas Norman. The other
Is. Emile Brune, of No. 540 Pacific ave
nue. The victims were only slightly
Information concerning the accident
reached the police after 2 o'clock Wed
nesday night, although it was 10
o'clock In the forenoon when it oc.
curred. The three men were prepar
ing to blow up stamps on the plant
tion, and were testing a fuase, when of
a sudden and for some reason not ex
plained, there was a report, and all
three were inajured. Robert Norman
was hurt about the left leg, and Henry
Norman about the right side, while
Brane was hurt about the bod'y and
The victims were brought to the
home of Dr. A. C. King by the senior
Mr. Norman, and there had their in
Jurles attended to. Upon the doctor's
advice, Brame also was taken to the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throst Hospital
for treatment of his eyes. All were
afterwards taken to their homes
The Committee of Arrangement hav
lag in charge the Masquersde Party
for Moaunt Olivet Chrh, given at the
Plthan Hall last Friday niglht, desires
to retarn thanks to all who In any way
assistated in making the affair the s
cial and finandal succes that it was
As the names of those assisting is le
glon, it would be invidious to mention
them, but the committee expressly de
sires to thank the reprementatiWes -of
the press for repeated and kindly men.
THx CoxxrrTY z Or AnAmiexzMr.
Lgs,. - yer .air fr the uoeeant aid of aseat.. It wi he A
wamed o ye a my tie yes esy. Seav tmrea e in cmasg Lte maier
Forty-eight years of Southera Seed selling Is our record. Quality Seeds aret
only sort to buy. Steckler Seeds are sure to grow and produce re ults. 3t
Quality Is famous. Plasters. Truckers, and Florists, write to-day for our r
trated Seed Catalog Best work of Its kind ever Issued South. Turn1p Seed to
the leadlng varietkies; carload in stock. Also a full line of Beans, Cabbage, Col
[4ttuce: Mustard, Onion. Kale, Radis
Splnach, Parsley. Cauliflower, Onion
9 White and Red BRd bhallots; In fart. eve
for Gardealng: Alfalfa, Red. Wh;t. ,
Crimson and Burr Clover, Rescue.
English Rye Italian Rye, Tall Mea-low
and Meadow Fescue Gras.. Winter
E .Dwarf e Rape. Rye, Barley, Oats,
etc. We carry the largest stock in the
Sed us a list of your wants for prices
J. STECKl ER SEED CO.. Ltd., ,o New Or-elae,,
The new sossion be, ,. 13. 111
Parents are urged to . r their e
dren now as the work t,
can be much more ,. rily 41
if taken completel.. Th .... epe
true of children of he I ad gi
dergarten grades
Free vaccination .:, had t
Municipal Offlce bu rii City Ho
Annex) any day ex. ..."rday,
I p. m. throuzh ,a give
child a chance by r . r uo
The Furnirrv. Ir .er who
wants to se,, ; :, t liae of
goods on vxhi:i:t ,.. os s a'.
ufactured by thi. h.,;dag fuss
ture factori, ..t I.r,,hout the
United States. sh;l :.sit the
Purniture Display
3224-26-26-30 Magazine Street
Corner Pleasant
Your entire Furniture wants
can be supplied the'e.
lie can save you mosey
whether you buy for Spot Cauh
or on Open Account.
For the benefit of those who
desire to purchase on Ope. Ao
count, he has adopted the met
complete and convenient
In the South.
Let Burglass furnish yr
home. He has good Outits tew
$169, $185, $225, $250 and as
itRemember the best guarantee to the
purchaser Is the standing and rese.
sibillity of the manufacturer. e.
sponsible manufacturers are esthl
to see that their instruments ma
up to their standard of ezelemiss
When you select a piano ceml fSe
such a maker, your mind is at rest
you have no anxieties over it pir
HACKLEY PIANO. Years of th8gt
and practical expenee sre emabes
led in their making. TIeN we a
perfcIt tis possiuble to mao iu .
eour inspection of new lstimWa
now arriving is Invited.
... SPECIAL...
Somoe used Pianos are better Otm ge
tale cheap new ones. We heM u .
eral $0, $00, $75 to $150 onlm
$8, $4 and $5 monthly.
Cafe ad Reslatr
Lab ad Glmu
The best the market af.
fords, properly cooked
and expertly served
at popular prices.
Music 6 p. m. to
Conrad Kolb, FRep'.
135-127 St. harloes U,

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