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Algerines at Law.
..... ~~-- -- a m m mmmm mmmm N
Succession Notice
Shotll d, t ,Ii: Il. liirot ; li and ho iiol
gated a'l . fi f it , dl t rici ;ied in . t·-"
thi rdanc Ie it  re ait "h.
llY. i rder ot f t.e our t.
Suclession of Jfho. ie Woolf. Ipl
session.-lRobert ()Connor. attorney.
Succession of Thoi. F ine an jud th
oment appoititirnl an f inistratrix.
Ashount ---t inal acount f ad hoinois
tratrix ia tihe fucctssitrn of telin a
('ounty et al.. shows assets $1 .:;iJ:
liabilities $1.1 0594.
John . artman vs. ('has. . ('or
Sett, s$43 note. . I'. .iarland, attor
aPon t atte. ry for sett es.
Succession of ViJcn t J. Wood vs.
Aetna Life Ins. ('o., $5.511.5) on a pol
icy.-Sompayrac & Westerfield and .1.
essi. McLouhlin, attorneys.
John W. esterappoiell.nting adadmininistrator
of the estate of Vinacent J. Wood on
Thursday in the civil court sued the
Aetna Life Insurance ('ompany, of
Hartford, for sh,511.50. alleged to be
due the estate under two life insur
ance poliies.
It Is shown that the administrator is
the holder of two policies issued by
the defendant on the life of James
Wood, one for $1,023., ssued on aov.
0. 1877, and the other for $neys.,000, s
Jed on July Westerf 1868, paabdministrale to Vin
cent Wood and Honorah Alice Wood,
each for one-half. James Wood died
n June 180,in the proofs of his death were
submitted to the defendant company
and amicable demand for payment was
made without avail. Both of the bene
iciaries have since died and the claim
therefore reverted to Vincent J. Wood,
their legal heir, in the portion of one
New Suits.
Prank Castrogiovani vs. Walter
0, 18ore; claim for 35.15 for mer$han
George AWood aold vs. W. B. Alice Wouret;
claim for $34 for rent, write of prood died
lonal se 1890, pzure.
Marcel Bernard, agent. vs. G. Mach
and occupants; rule for possession of
premises 440 LeBoeuf avenue.
The Gren Flash at Sunset.
A correpodent wravail. Botes that drleng
the course of a voyage when midway
ficiaries have since dllies and the strait om
Deaifacie a "green fasb" was seen at
therefor The sky was perto Vincetl clear
after a cloudless Gay, with littl, wind.
As their leg approached the ortion of one
orse; twit m and sky for bot ortchay.
eim dfoerees each side ont, the of provi
sional s ued with rich dll rose
and occupan the waes re possessiond a of
premse rub shade theiBoer uf avenue.res
Thes w rean Foples at blSunset or g
Scorrthe apper sk. The tao cduolors
he corse changed voin awhen marvelous
bet. w ek Matelesty of colorltn had
the bees approahe b those hn board.
e seet leh sde nto the sun be-d
heet M (a r thesI ecods after It had
fmppeared bright greent blgle rlash.
,-st IIke a railway slgnal lamp, but
brh t upper. met r viThe two olor
rsed ar watchinge or -nomarveo'
A Ged Creed.m
" bet able to look e y eam seare.
t In the eyes; to make tleade and
held : h:to keep clman of mand and
bedy: to saile at Il fortuem: to laugh
at my mistaken: to frown when temp
on comes a risitlg; to be ready
Ith a word of cheewr rwhen that wrd
w*I help; to strive to develop to the
-et the beart, bead and bhad
qualities endowed by the Ruler over
al; t hold all womenl respect ant
to love one: to wea ve t thread o.
ternal optimism into the lives of all
wth whom I may comn ln cotact; to
wrshp mtare and the Great Spirit
at caoceived It all-in a mword, to play
the mime of liHe with a steady hand
-n a qoale conecelance and a real
d"ir t oe of servIlet-that in my re
,s And say, It I - n th w up to
. mark, doe't you think I' corralled
bout. al the creed that i necessary?-
Dmchere Monthly.
Hie Systm ef Self Defeneeh I
Emav you eve stuldi the art o _
-deene' satid a youn fellow i
-a of manticent physqae and
T elder an looked at his qees
Senor with a quiet smile and them a
wn thoufhttlely:
"Yes 1 have stdIed en practica
'Abl" end theother eagr1. WhoseeI
'elea's" was the reply. I
Ssewhst abaehed, the yoath stem
mai Omt: "Solomoe'sl What bis te I
IL pelat of his qrte of train. u
"Bley tblh" plied the other: -.A
-et mwer tu eth away wrath.'"
r th aome t the yomu man tflt
a iaelmastin to Isagh nd looked at
l fund saxiomly to m whether he 0
me serdlom. But a lane at the ae.
asawbhe athlete was emaush, a
a a very dhmat st of feelns I
- rr the ymath as as muuisr I
Mrs. i . .1. Endwiske vs. (;ial or
(;abriel l Moore; claini for $,.1K; for
,f Saime \. .jlius Taylorr, claim for
$1o for work.
Satmi vs. .lackson Redford. laiti for
Et .:ureka lloIIestald So ciety to Tios.
a New mant lot, Diana. I)eArnmas. Frank
lin an Il Mon rr , $ ,in terms.---Benedict,.
C N- N Ika Land ('o., Ltd., to Estate of
\\'Wid Peter .1 Prssier, lot, (Gen. Mey
er, Vallette. Pelican and Helleville.
$:L2.2) cash.-Parsons. notary.
State of Louisiana c Mrs. V. A. on
nett) to i'h. Sunseri. portion, NulneZ.
STeth.-. IDiana and 1)eA\rmas, $1 .II
ash.-- Sullivan, not;ary.
Edmond .Ay.e et al. to \\Vm. S.
I)wyer. portion, Iotlleville, Vallette.
Eliza and Evelina. $:t.314) rash. - lien
nessey. notary.
. Joseph P. Mlossleiefr et als. to Bour
bon Realty ('o., IL.td.. lot. Pelican are
nue, Alix, Bermuda and Seguin. $1.504)
r cash.
r- l'urcha-ser to Miss Mary Mossumeier
et als., same property, $1.'500 cash.
i. Legier. notary.
Bertha Lombard. wife of Alexander
r Taylor, to Alois (;ramnel. $6100. I note.
' 1 year. R per cent., lot. Verret. Eve
e lina, Olivier and Opelousas.-- l'pton.
e Peter S. Lawton to James .J. Man
son. .5,04)h), I note, I year, Y per cent.,
3 lots, Hendee. Homer, Newton and
s Sumner.
Y Same to Conrad B. Fischer, $17.172,
I 1 note, 1 year, 8 per cent., 1P lots,
Newton, Diana, Sumner and Hendee.
-Collins, notary.
Southern Bithulithic Company in
favor Sidney M. Caflero, lot on New
ton between Belleville and Elmira
street.-Seymour, notary.
J. W. Lennox, owner and builder.
one-story frame slated cottage. Sum
ner, Newton. Diana and Hendee. $1,
N. Charouleau, owner and builder,
double cottage, slate roof, Brooklyn,
r Newton, Diana and Teche, $750.
Rev. F. A. Hooker, owner and build
er, one-story frame church, slate or tin
roof, !228 Brooklyn, $400.
Sidney Caflero, owner and builder.
addition, galvanized iron roof, 830-32
i Belleville, $60.
r Philip Foto, owner and builder, re
pairs, 822 Teche, $150.
The Vagabend Aete..
Moflre reaised the status of the ae
toe to a hireling clown who mast
Samuse his king. Sir Henry Irving was
Seven knighted by Queen Victoria. who
recognised bli magnificent services to
dramatic art. But in all the years when
Sir Henry wars breaking his neck to
run back and forth between Victorla's
royal residences and the cities where
t he was playing, to set up his scenes
and act for the old queen's amusement
sad the entertainment of her guests.
he was never once officially received
by her at court. He had many private
audlences, which were much the same
Sfor him as to have a chat with any
I ether old lady; but. althoughb he wan
the possessor of a royal title, a favor
SIto with the royal family and the
I greatest actor of his Iage he sever was
nlavtted or "eommandad," as It is
:called to Buckiagham pelace. The
status of vagabondia clung to his ga
ments. and he was claned with crook.
ud nobles and other undesirables.
Arehie Bell in Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Ceurage and the Fle.
Courage is resistance to fear, man
tery of tear, not absence of tear. x-.
cept a creature be part coward. It is
not a compliment to say it is brave; it
is merely a loomse misapplication of I
the word. Consider the flea--lncom
parably the bravest of all the crea-.
turs of God it Ioorance of tear were
courage. Whether you are asleep or
awake, he will attack you. earing
nothing for the fact that in balk ad '
etrength you are to him as are the
mnused armies of the earth to a sck. I
tlag child. He lives both day and
night and all days and nlhtes in the
very lap of peril and the immediate
presence of death and yet in no more
afraid than in the man who walks the
strets of a city that was threatened
by an earthquake ten centuries be
fore Wben we speak of Clve. Nelson
and Putnam ua men who "didn't know
what fear was" we ought always to
add the ea-and put him at the head
of the proceslon.--Mark Twa l. a
The Original Paul Pry.
bThous HIl. familiarly called Tom.
my Hill was, says Dr. Brewer, the 8
miginal Paul Pry. It was from him 8
alo that Theodore Book drew his 7
charMter o Gibet Grner1 . Planche 7
In ia n"ecoileeios" says of Hmll:
'"N speealty we the accrate ier f
mate he ould impart ea all the pet- 61
ty detals of the domestic conomy of 61
hi friend, the contents of their ward 61
robes, their pantrie, the number of 61
pots of peerves la their store eloets 51
and of the table napkins in their hae
msse, the dates of their birth and
marriages, the aomnts of their turd g t
e't ills and whether paid weekly St
o quartaerly. He had bee on the 4t
pr- and was comaetod with tlhe 4t
Mer ghrocaek H*e m to hve 3
atthwe r~a by oreag out hl 3t
wh heabote when be eft Leds. *Sd
peb tme Iematl. I -m pa .r
pa .* a
Names In EIctrioity.
Electricity is the one branch of sci
ence that honors the great names in
its fundamental terminology. Andre
Marie Ampere was the French physt
and for whom the unit is named. The
ohm bears the name of George 8.
Ohm. a German man of science who
discovered the law on which the unit
I of electrical resistance Is based. The
volt Is named for the Italian Volta.
r the greatest electrical authority of the
eighteenth century, who was the first
man to construct a rude electric bat
r tery. The farad. the unit of electrical
capacity. is named in honor of the
English physicist Faraday; the colomb.
the unit of quantity. for the French
physicist Coulomb. and the watt. the
unit of power, for James Watt, the
Scotch inventor who improved the
t steam engine.
Herbert Spencer. Was Human.
Herbert Spencer in the attitude of
superintending his household affairs
was practical and amusing. At one
time the poulterer had not been giving
satisfaction, so Mr. Spencer called his
housekeeper and gave her directions
to transfer his custom to another
:1 tradesman whose shop faced the de
linquent's. "And. Miss Smith." said
the author of "Synthetic Philosophy."
"be particular that the first poulterer
sees you giving your orders to the see
ond poultererl"
There is no more miserable hu
r man being than one in whom noth
ing is habitual but indecision and
for whom the drinking of everycup.
the time of rising and going to bed
every day and the beginning of ev
r ery bit of work are subjects of vo
itional deliberation. Full half the
time of such a man goes to the de
ciding or regretting of matters that
ought to be so ingrained in him as
practically not to exist for his coan
ciounem at all.
Scholarship and Deportment.
7A--louis Chisholm. Joseph Brau
ner. Anthony Gayaut. Earl Schultheis.
7T-Alvin Christy. Gardner Herbert.
6B-Arthur Gayaut. Anthony Ru
more. John Sinclair. Henry Senner.
,B-Strueby Drumm. August Tonim
berello, Birney Rousselle.
4A-Anthony Gerretts, Leslie Stras
setl. Stanley McMahon. Andrew Worley.
Richard Maher. Josepr Hogan. Ralph
Acker, Francis Riordan, Henry Hilde
brand, Nicholas Mustachia.
3A-Harry Laufer. Earl Schindler,
Orrin Christy. Joseph Schieb.
3B-John Schwarzenbach, Lienard
Johnson, Albert Johnston, Michael
Lawton. Albert Ryan. Julian Hogan.
2A-Charles Burgis. Stanley Barras.
John Beninate, Noel Duvic, Tisdale
Daniels, Walter Jones, Bennie Grund
meyer. Henry Gerrets. Elliott Hafkes
bring, Anthony Lauman, Leonard Mo
laison, Henry Olsen, Charles Penisson. a
Frank Powell, John Ryan, Maurice Ro
blchaux. Edgley Schroth, Francis Sad
ler, Heywood Vallette, John Brown.
Michael Duggan, Wm. Nolan.
2B--John Prados, Herman Troselair.
1A-Hart Schrawzenbach, Cyrila
Brouphy. J. Dennis. James Comfort,
Walter Jones, John Forrest.
TA-Thomas Buchholz.
7B-Foster Ryan, William Hilde
brand, Walter Ryan, William Hopper.
5B-Edward Nielson, John Riordan,
Roy Niohlaus, Clyde Smith, Francls
Lyncker, Charles Brown, James Mur- '
tagh, Bernard Rice.
4A-Charles Stacy, Alfred Christy.
Charles Braem, Raymond Sterling, Al-.
vin Rhodes.
1A-Herbert Wingerter, Gaines Gil
7B-James Baer, Edward Twickler.
5B--Harold Marcour, William Erik
son, Stanley Diket. o
4A-Joeeph Blum, Alvin Dupuis,
Thomas Butler, George Thorning, Ray-.
mond Spitzfaden. p
3A-Harold Wrigley, George Rey- d
nolds, Tom Spahr.
1A-Jol. Hambacher, Cyril Schind
Spelling Review, March, 1911. a
· h
th A .......9 700 9 .987
th B....... 1200 251 .79
th A.......2 700 10g .84
th B.......2 950 104 .89
8th A.......94 50 34 .9476
8th AB.......0 90450 15043 .83
ith B.......0 1300 227 .8453
th A.......0 750 15830 .78936 c
7th BA.......3 13850 2908 .907851
7th A.......1 1500 499 .s24
lth B.......S 1750 179 .898
trd A.......2 8700 178 .79
6trd B.......1 70950 108 .89 45 O
rd A....... 1 800 12 .8425
th A.......O 590 150 .83 85
Frank Schmidt. who lives at No. !tS2
g. St. Roch avenue, was arrested on Sat
It urday night at Webster avt-nute an:i
ie Patterson street by Patrlnman S.l:
- beck andt locked up on the charg, lt
refusing to move on. S".hni idt is si,',
ie arated frou his wifet. who makes hier
a horne ill that sect iton otf Algirs a I.r,
le ie was picked up by the otflier. As hIi
t has beeni hanging arouinld for stieI
time relatives of Mrs. Schl idt ftearedl
I that he muighlt ittllmpt to harm I.er
and com)plained to the police. Schmidt
hb :is disearyt ed by ltecoirder ('leillent
is o Mo tnd:<>. wtith the warning to avoid
Sthe neighborhood. Schnlidt a'ltenlpi
ed tilo i.olitnli suiiide s5oln1 titlie ago oli
acctount of his fatnily troubles.
SIDoorman Theodore Johnson, of the
Eighth! Precinct police station, had his
* right shoulder dislocated on Monday
r afternoon at 1:15 o'clock when, w title
S- leaving the station with Mayor liehr
d tman'sn buggy. destined for tile mayor's
home. the horse became frighll:ened
and overturned the vehicle. .Johnsont
being pinned under it.
He was sent to the hospital for
treatment. The buggy was damaged
to the extent of $20.
Ill. E.N.JYlll A llI'I .IAI.TY h 4'II't1ANY.
.1 ,ti'i1 '!*th. 1911.
i- I. I.OISIANA. PAItnil.II llF ilt
1t,' it known. thallt on this twenlty ninthl
daly of .larch. in the var oif our Lord on,. I
thi,sand nine h.llr nred andllf ileven, l.efore I
mae. lynne u i. h i t,er . i a ntary pt l bli c in t
and for ltlh srish of r rleans. sti:lte of N in- r
Ildanm. :aforesaid. duly commissioned and I
qualite nd. and in . ll~ t e tpreetinc if e wit t
neisses herllIftr n amed and unl,"rsinld.
iserilt rl. who tcltared thatl availing them ii
selves o,,f the prodvshions of Act Nio. i' of .
ithe General .Assmbnily of the stlate of Lou 41
islana adopted in the year 11104, as well as
all oIthe laws of thl4i scat.. relative to lhl a,
"irganization of orporatilons. they have 1
hereby hind themselves, their ass.ciate+.
llecesors and assigns to formn a cnrlira
tion and tIidy poluttl, in law for the obj,.ctsi
:anti tiirtities and toin lD r the t i.reettelntt aind -
ltipulalinns fllowi ng, to-wit :
AIITII'al I01: I.
A'iT ICLE 1.
1- Th nll ime anild style f th ir nltr:rtion
sihall tie ill. Ih N.1 1'tYA .\ Sl'l. i'Al'IrY i4tl.
º IL'LNY. Its donichle shall Is' In New Orr
ltana. ii. . and it shall hav:ie andi injtiy ciir
rtlil iitt.ellltince anld si eetssion for the full
I- rtin and period of ninety-nine yearn from
allte hert.itf, anti l Isollit ireyler ha ,.. , I p
,t1ess alnd exerlcise all corporate rights and n
L.ritvilegei granted and accorded into ilr
lirla tt ro byn the ta~ts of t ils state. c·pnl
ially thet Iolwr and authlll rit y to tIwr"riw
moinv. conitract. se and te I. tiwd in ita
i'- pir .lrte nillne. to isile atiock, lindls. notes i
lanid other e'idenes olf ibht. anil to htld..
Sreco.vee. P lrchaw"i. Iea, , aII, con ey," pledge
or nimortgagi and hylthett ate u reat l and u perti
sonl pro. and ppetani to nmell and anppoint "
aull' niattiiagers. lleliirs, directors. lerks andit
agents. as the interest of said corpiralthtin a
may flint tltie to time reItilre. All viita- n
tians i tither legal pirtocess shall te servied
on thi prisident. and In in lnti of his ahsenct
or Inability to iact ulpin the viic -president r'
or the t reasreenr if saidl iporatiur iotin. a
Ti I Iif II.
The otjets and pnriul.ses for which this t
corptoratlion Is organlzed anid establilshedI and a
the nature of the business to he carried on t
Stby it are iherehy declared to lie to -conduclt.
loplerate and carry oln a unufltactory of all
kinds uu candles and cnfictionery supDlies.
cakes. Iastries, and the like and similar
confeetion ani other sirecialts. Inclutding
toys, anti the vending and sale of such artl
Ichs and etnftections as well as candies, nuts i
and fruits, either in wholwiesale or retail I
quantitles; and to these ends to acquire, a
Smaintain and operate stores, factories, ma- a
Shine"y and such other appliances or apiar
situs as s aw d generally In such hisiness a
as well as any and all inventions or patent t
rights. appertaining thereto, and further- a
mor, tit do and elrform all and every other n
thing conneetid with or incident to the
general porpose and conlduct of a wholesale
I and retail confectionery and manufatory of
candy and other con fections and special
tIes. i
The capital stock of this corporation is t
hereby fixed at the sum of ten thousand
dollars., to be divided into and represented i
hy one thousand shares of the sum of ten
t$1lh.IM, dollars each, which said stock
shall be paid for in cash at time of sub
acriptiom or at fuch times In manner and a
amounts or Ionstallments and upon such no
tlice as the board of directors may d'cide
u rpon, or the samie may be issued at not less
titan per in payment for labor done, aervlces
rendered, or for money, property or rights
Sactually received or purchased by said colr
This corporation shall have the right to
commence business operations when three m
thousand dollars $3,o0001 of its cptapil
stock shall have been subscribed for.
Allt corporate powers of this corporatiuo it
shall be vested in and exercised by a board
of dlrectors composed of five stockholders.
to be elected by the stockholders annually
by ballot on the third Tuesday of March in
each year, commencing In the year 1912, e
undeor the auperviston of three stockholders of
appointed for that purpose by the board of h
directors. Each director shall own in his
own name or in that of a firm whereof he
may be a member, at least five shares of e
the capital stock of said corporation during ot
hil term of of e. e
Ten days' previous notice In writing or to
print shall be given each stockholder of each p1
election or meeting of stockholders, to ble m
delivered unto each person or sent through te
regular ordinary mail to the last knowL es
post oce address of any astocekholder. w
.At all elections or meetings each stock- h
holder shall be entitled to one vote, to be to
cast by the owner, either In person or by
proxy, for each share of stock owned by ac
him or by a firm of which he is a member, m
and a majority of the votes cast shall elect f
and decide. Three directors shall consti- i
tute a quorwm for the transaction of ol- ta
ness and the board of dlrectors may make m'
and adopt or change and amend at their se
pleasure all such by-laws, rules and regla- I
tions as (hey may from time to time deem
necessatry for the conduct and management se
of said business and moreover shall have
tull power and authority to contract debts,
borrow money, lasue notes, bonds and other
obligations and authorl e sllsuance thereof,
in the name of and on behalf of said cor- n
poration and secure payment of same bh
mortgage or pledge of its property. Any
vacancy occurring in the bourd of directors
from any cause shall be filled by the re- or
mmalng directors, but sMy such dlrectors m
elected to fill a vacancey shall poseess in his tal
own name or own In the name of a firm of
w-hich he is a member, the hereinbefore n
mentioned shares of cspltal stock of said I
corporation. p
At their firat meeting following each an
nual election the board of directors shall ati
eleet one of their number to be president. tl
one to be vice-president and another to be an
treasurer of said corporatioa. A failure to ho
elect directors on the date speeldfed shall ot
not dissolve this corporation lut the dlrec- an
tomrs and omeers thereof then in ofee shall tor
continue to act as such and cause the elec- ot
tiloq to be held as early as practicable ow
thereafter upon notice to stockholders as 5
above prescribed. In case of absaence of ow
any director from the city of New Orleas ant
or i case of sickness or other disabillty of lac
said director, be shall have the right to thl
name and appoint in writing any other put
stockholder having the aforemetloned num- l
aer of shares or qualifeations concerning a
stock, to act for ad represent him In said pe
representative capacity u a director dur-.
Lng his absence or sickness or disablllty. tar
Mesnr. John 8. De sen, Carl Sehnelder si
George a. Watson, Charles Reyaolds ad rid
Adam . Rau, with the said Jon 8. De
Den as president, Carl ehnelder as vice- sa
pwesin t, ad Oeorgs A. Watson a trs- at
u-r, have be e nos and slectas the st
No a tr kh )hold r ih:ti! ev., ' . '. e !'tl. 'i lihe
ill rt'eljpona idle f IIor "t ' . , ,tiutrl' . 1
g thins aorpl.ration ti :tit } f th, r ,z-''IrIn tIh.an
t fit, tin!l:til ht;.i+i lb . ,11 i ia *-har.' .f
i t sta k tta t, ,ar h'b !I ' Ira! Ii hi n . t
ther'"lZ ina, nrt: o.a!a 41 4 n i f" in'r-I.at ,laa ti
'' :I' 1111ur i aatt i ' a 1 t'1 t ".. f i ' ea l ta il
1:. hi ,ll hall t r ill ,I " , 1 " ;'.a.u- 1 , .a J..
ha' laa, tr t, a I i l.l I :1 ,. , . :,. ti h ,t:a ' 'n:
'I .1. m , ' ,li t , 1 l. . i: i t lin I I iti , .
, l i.t t ,I f tIh I te. flal-t . t o ,n' tIa ant ",.
I ' . apait al -atI k ,Itf' i , " .r;. , r i t :a : " 1 "
Ie I-, ,,,' ' -.t .i f , t, ..! t:lt l',. f:,!! !I "ft :""
-l ,' v i',· l 11 1 "'l. tii:_ f ih., ,. ..! 1 i'li' , hl ,'.'I
,t1i " 1i 1 "11" 41 11 ':1r illt, h ,i I l 'll lll,... - l i,
h,' ' i _· ;" i I"" 11 "t!'ll 1 ; Iir' "' III111: ,, ,',Il1
-'+lt , ,c'" :., , l 1 "1 nI " h' ,t :r lll d ! nu i '. < l .l-"
ki t . la , :1 Ii ,. r I : . r "c mal t
l, tai at. ip . ,t .h i'" , . " d ' !" ,, :. lit , ro . xla ..l
Lti 1 I .ll f u llia: ",..1 tit , , r ". : - li . 1...,t .i
? ll. -h, i I a ll,,- . i t- t : .tai -li liall i,. .v
Slr l f I i" :1 i 1 i , ''i l t a . l 1 i 0. '
t11 I, kIlT r"... :r..nu n i""I''1 : . I. I ', . ". 1 :. ,'1. 1
t r11 i I 11"a ,1 f,r Id I,,ll. ,' ii ' ," rI 111 1 ixtl - .at,
ar ali llledl I a t. ,lll h lll li, l l'
1.1 r idI.
Th'" 44114t r,,:n zi;. iorn r: I llw l rI',1:sin In
1 atl i ni l .." ,. 'rl.d with fr ull pl , *ti . :a nd
aith :,ritiy I' i -1,i. la- of ain -I ~ I1 :t . anl
I- 'n r t f thi ll , h lr atlla'ia n a , a al rell t ll: ;l
1" thI*t and Itherie . d'1 :11.id ,irf rm i ai ll .iz i,
'vlry a' rt -r thin, si '- .' a nt re'it i it
IY In thle Iiy hidatiin of ,:Iid I ,1 lii.luri ttul'. hbust
n'" . :1, nd th," e'v"i .f ,h, d'lh. re,'i
It nati ln or ita' bilit ti f r Ian a ,, fh ,. 1 r ai', I',tia'
r Ilip i ti o rat a I'. "tI. thl" ,tir ivi or ii r' vitl '.i
of t '!a 1 1a 11 a ''li totall : I" :r a nd l t1t1'1 t al
I rall io"1ria a .nd 'aIt' altri, 'ra.tII lI la l
dI l tl lil ni at-r,.
I hait d aan,' :i .1 .. ... I Ila Inv . ''ti',- In .l
1t'I ,r!".1l" inl I1 rb'" l'ne ')f .1r 11n1. E. 4':1r""%
nt i' I'.'ter It I'rre ltr':. a pill ' etfantl witntlo.,'
.,f I111filt l 1ta -1. ti ra it oIf t ti, r'ite. whit , h i'tre
S lintl)o ,l.ti ah-ir n:i.' lll. , ta tI r wial ii
ale:lrr andl i t., io.tIarv, on the day tainal
'd date aforeslia
I a m. ia atf - ia- r. a t share. a
\\\ I I ltl
'L' Tl ' It. F l-'It lit.I .
I.. ithe underi'"i,' re.rdelr of m-rtu.;ea.,
in aaand for the parialh If itraleeansa. itate of
Louisi'ana, do htere'-y a,'rtify that the alave
anad fire'',tini rat of t incorporation ,f the
Enl':jya. SNly,'ainty t '.., :was T Il t day rer'irdl
'e in mta oaiM. I lai t ok Il1 . ftli't 47t" .
Niw Orlatin'. m1:ir,.h :liath. 1911 .
I:.ILE LE:a.iNAitl, ly. it.
I . %ln i". W rIne II ;eri. l, a lt ll: ilry p bli., ith.
r in ranld f l r it l- pailrish oaf allriaaain;. altata, tf
l .'.at i.in:. duly lt atrnlmmiaaian t and giallitl ,d.
lt l1 l aherlPy ,'a'rtif. that the fltorem l ini tia a
a trat'e aItnId c'rre't ' l "'iI ' of tlhe at tof htiar'
ll plationi atf tht it:niotva Specri i'ty o.. with
. th .xc.,ltio'n of th.e names of the slnera
1. and th.ir ,riinai l .n l.rlptlins. e'a,.".nted !
at tforr, i me oln Mlarch l9. 1111 .i tetlihr withlr
S lit. ae'rtilitt  it t flaof the a t.li Vtt' . " a:rnter If
Snmirtg.._a.es. for the parish If il, rli ans there
ia t latttached. on file and Iof record in my
In fithl wlihereof. I ihtr" herento ,t t
i ly hand and i al :ilal seal on this ' tilt dal of t
'l a.A rlil. 1al1l a
Da I alti WYYNN: a. lRo I1:Rs.,
s,ot ry 'niletlh.
till 1:It 7 27 t my 11-1 ll
dI t
n -a
OF THE t, Tlla'RiN'rA Ta TlRS 411l. a')oll'ANY.
iT i 'rr 'r t: aFl' laI T'SIANx.l. I'AItl.iIil aF (ll
It.e it knoiwn, that on tilti 14th dally of
it, ntitIh tof Marh. In the year of " or a Lord
nil thoisaiindI ninlte hndr."d and eleven. l
fore nat,. Ernest T. Florance., a Notary I
I llldh+. nIlly 'm isn-iinnl. q allithd anlI
lnsworn. in ail fur the parl;r h and **at. at I n".,
wl'ritten and in the a preice of tilhe w aittnes
Shrreinaftr ai me it d and l inderslned. person
ally tcaii and apllared ath persons wltosa
natnme ar'e heretlntn snheilritad, wll ho sa"vrp
ailly declaraed: That, avallinit themselvies of
lthe iproavisions iof thel laws of this state
Srelative' to ith fiornation of aerporations,
aid eapef'ally oi f Act. Nl. :ta 'f 1of ' . of tlhe
I;enera'al e.iAs a mbly t Illan of l n nd thte
anendmentls thereto, they have f.ornmed. tandl
do ly these presi.nts. forml and ioranizet h
themttite'l'si, as well at l1111h other ltarsons
a s may hereafter lst'nmle associated with t
a them. into a carpratin.l ftor the oajicatl
Sandl lilrpot0s and iunder the arthtlea, and
I stipoiations foltlwini., to-wit
I- The lname of this corpoaration lihall Ie the
a CONTRACTORS''t OIlia, 'O"MIPANY.. 1.11
i1 ITFDa. and tnder Ita corporate namle it
shall have and enjoy corporl at exalrrenre
Sand aereaslon for the full r;erlad aof ninety
hitne O991 yearn from the date hereotaf: It
a shall have power and authority to sue and
t he staed. to make and use a corlporate seal.
and the same to atear and break at pleass
r tro: to bold. rleotlve. lea e. irlchase and
e convey. ase wHll as to mora.a~ and hypiath
acate. property, real, praonal and mized, I
'orporeal and lncorlatreal: to hame and ap- s
potnt msieh manlagere. aents. dire'tors anad
oiar.a're at tes buasineora. Interests and 'onvra
nten'e may requ a re: and to makae and er
tablishi. as well aa alter and amtnd. from
tilm to time. stah by-laws, rnleat and regia
latlons for the proper ornment of the perntoft at
fairs of sald corporpoatIon as may be n'ces
atry. and proper: and to do all other actns
and thlnirs permitted by law. or which shall I
or may be neeessaary and proper to ecarry
out the objects and puiarpoees ofr said cor- a
Thea domlle or this corporatlon shall e
In the City of New Orleans, Loulslina. and
all eltation or other legal process shall *e
served opon the prealalsdent of said corpora
lion, or In the event of his ablenae. upon
the vh'e-preaident. and In the absence of L
both of saIrd oei rae upon the secretary of a
the corporation : malts by thla corporatlIon
shall he brought In its corporaote name by d
its president. (a
S The oljecits and purposes for whicah this
aorporatlon Ia organIzed, and the nature
of the buslness to be carried on by it. are
hereby declared to he:
To prospec t for. locate. acquIre y dlscov- A
cry. lease, license, option, purchase, fran
chle. igrant, gis. tdonatlon, devrIse. exhange -
or otherwtse, and to hold, own, possess.
enjoy aevelon mine. work, bore and drill
for. operate and develop, promote and ex
ploIt mInes, oIl wells. gas wells, and wells.
mIns or excavatIons, for salt. sulphtr, wa
ter anad all other mineral products of what
ever nature: anda the same to sel. or other
wlIse dispose of or eoneumer. mortlgage and
hypothecate.- as the Iaslntes. Inteersts or
convenIence of the corporation may require,
To locate, purchase, lease. or otherwise
acqltire. lands. mines, wells. excavatIons.
mineral rights and claims, water rlhts and
franchises, mill sItes and landso. and partlc
ularly lands contalntne or belIeved to con
tain oil. gas. salt. stlphar. water and other
mineral deposits: to carry on the bilanesa of
s earchin forp, prospetn , preparang. ain
Ing, drillIng and boring for, refining, pIplng.
torng, transportIngl, saipplylng. buyaing,
sellIng.l manufactring and distributlngl gas,
Ipetrolem, otr other oil, salt. sulphur, water
and other minerals, and their products and
by-products: and to erect. acqulre. maIntaIn
and operate refineries, mIlls, works. laborato
rIes. workshops, and dwellings for workmen.
To purchase, construct, lease or otherwIse
acqalire. own. operate and maintaln. electric
or as lIghting and power plants, buIldIngs.
machInery, appliances and equipment apper
talnlnal thereto for the use of .as busIness:
and to own and operate telephone and tel.
graph lInes, or to lease, construct, or other
wise acquIre the same for the uses and pur
poses of Its own busIness.
To onastruct, leas. acquire. own and oper
ate pipe lInes, with statIons and storage
tanks, for the transportatIon. dtstrihutlon
and storage of oil, gas or other producta,
hut not as a common carrier: to store oIl
for hare; to charter, own. construct or lease.
and operate tgns. barges and other veassel
for the transportatIon of petroleum and
other products, and to construct. lease or
own docks and wharves for the use of such
water transportatIon: to purchase, lease.
own, hold and operate tanks and tank ears.
and other works and appllances that may he
incidental or auxIlIary to the busIness of
this corporatIon : to lease, own. construct,
purchase, maIntain and operate. tramways,
raIlways, with necessary engines. cars and
uppurtenances for the transportation of
petroleum, or other oils, mhlerals, suppiles,
materials and appilances of whatsoever na
ture or kind for the uaes and purposes of
aI1 corpol tiou, but not as a common ear
And geerally to hold and exerelse all
anch lacdentsl powers sad privileges as re
9 Ith H M9 9 . .livh1 e ,I I t..In f' ,u r 99hit .Ir,.'l .h . " .. '., f
a per al'l," nof o,'I. 'lnlir .* dollar. * lR ilonO
, 1. . "T o . ;9 ,'k .If ri llI :i.n .h tl ,.." , t.
i. at l .r to I y . .r-.;." "r" v. , * i "+,i, . .* I
, `.1 ," ' 9ir9. it '.. 9l'Io n. . .Ind .'.1 1 . ill I. . I ' r"
. ti p r. .: ' 9, , 't.ill. jit '- i. l'+.l ,I 9il rut
p , -1 :It "i .
"' '.,I W '." '. ri.! t'1 ,' ;.," l- I l, , I",!, I
,99 4 110r . i9 9.9 tit ..I*I',. ..t 1;.'
It Ie I. . 1. - t! 11 i X ,' 11' sit. . . '1 , f .
li, '' 1919.1. .t
-11 ,t +". ., , t .: " , ti , i , 1i i . ,b . 1 1.1 1. \
! .... . i I , h , 1i . -.h ,,'+l i"l. 0 e, .I t-,I - "i. tl' 1.i
, 'i ,' 9 b,. II - n id '' r
' , i-,r I" l l l .f i'i ` l -, r n i" t
! .t11 ; ,, .th i,,11 .i I-. ih ,. .r hl9 'f"r
S11 . , i,'l r l ii ,. s I tI :1 , .ill ,r tillt, Ir.l ll it
,l ,tir n + .... 9.I'!i 9 rt ndl'l ,'.f
.t i', , , l . ti ' . l'.,r 1 .. . h ti I Ill ' . .
\I ,r I.r. ,f t..,l" m ,t't'!1 ,f %t.ir, !th 1:11. sn. i '
lItl l h.' , . . ", "1 , ' . tui dai yd or tilut
'h'1 t" ti n . f'.c rr. . t Ir il . i .1t," :1h 1 I ,  .i t
.'f l.,. 9I'. \'.i...i '. ' IV ' . K 'l*'il 9 i9 " \\ 1
f 9.'i9..n"ri s :11.1 I t 1 k 9 :999'.t.n 99 ., 'hall
o I - ir h.. . () llr I 'I ) :ill lofi . (hn l, ll be htilt
. ' 9l' 9 9 'ti 9iL .II . 99 '9 l h,,d h' l9r f.i.i..r1" '.nr
I:i, i hl : I 9r o f I ir. '.tr , .: .tt:'a 91 I 1i'tl i,rl
fr ntll ntl, .ir 1 :til'.'r ;'n.I 9 9,. tint n. a d l n',1 :
r, a,.'.l' .9l . ident an 9i. l,, l al1.n 9. il9
t, s i - .til. I .ill lia, i r I f I -ll tlll r r s ll
t\- t,i~ . b. itn thel itlter.h m of t he p ln l , ! na
.f Iir',.,. . ,r 9s !ll 9 .1mi -.41 n '. i!d !.n . tl 1 .,o
'l 99.'i.. 9it.:99n1 t ti F he ,Itlhai 91.9, luh.9r -
,io r t .'r, rhe ,iar t f ent l9h... mrn .'
,I'.. f illllBor n z .iall lVt :hlil: th.e IiG, ,r"e tlh
'.9i.'et'. '.f9 th' 9999. ' 1''.99 y 9r9 1 t9t.. 191' '.f 9 'I"
tirh.t It., rlld of 9Iir'.'.' 99lor. : L.,in l'. %in'9t..,
',.-i l, tit :It9 9f rln :l . ':. or l m:It .r 919 ' . K9 9 t i.
9'h.., '9l. 9 9.9i9i't 99ti, t9.9.1 i 19r,.r : W ..r'. l.)99l.
an: th bins f the sompany mty re
q lir' tn or f t1, . nf,' r , '. of '9li9r9 ,t9r: .Ni.'i
!,+ h." I ;It at the .sl it " uhn.t f r o, y at \,"m
I9rl9'n., at 99 9 l 9ll.h'9t tit,9 , 99l 9 n9 .a d9.9p ihl
1t .,. . nl.ly h." l, l x.,1 b1 y the 9 .9a:i, ll ,. :r!rd of
ll tlr ithrs. .r b t. 999 " 9-9,1t 9 9. on r m n l9 ri9 ' .i
,as t he h l.in.. of ti p oe . ny h imlu" re
qtrile or nialy , . nf-r li.ts rih. s o l a ppo in
a thn9 r. on, 9199'. lt',.h,9 r ' 9 cn r lf the 9 ."im
Oif I ir,'ctor.9. or 93y 9h9 9F,,n9'l.,99l 9m9an99ge!r, in
('999e of9 9,.rn9. , ml.loy'9d 9i9" him 9nd9'r
a9 .!9hrlty of 9 Il--. hoa9rd.
The lnlard of Iliretor, slhll l ... ha-e the
right to co.nfer any of it9 s p.9 wrs upo'r n ian
l-,.at'v+'9e commIlitt9ee. agll-nt. 9 , 9r r.eprs.9ents
tive. or Iother pr. onri. ..9 it may deem adi
viset.ll .
All m.,tings of st9 ' khol,' r., for ,any p o.
9pose9 whatever, whether .specia:l or general,.
shlil bi h.ld In the i9 , ' f Ne 'w lrlinq.,
La . after t,! n Iyta9s' nrioth' e mailed to the
9st9 kiown addr,".s of ,"9' h t'ckhohler. In
<p'tsh entings stoc'kholder shall 9I entitld
to 99itl9e v.le for .ea99h share of stock 'wned
by them. in ,personi or by proxy: provided
that .stc'k a.n o9nl" t... v ,oted in the n:ame'
of ,stockholderI who shalll be the record
owner ' othe k. sl k as shown .upon 9the
books of the i. pa9ny. at least thirty i:9h19
days in advanc.' of the meeting at whi.h
said sto9k Is o9ff9erd tils voted. 9alad no
th9' of nmeeting shall 9I i9ssued 99y t*he sec
r'tary of the 'ompany by authority of elther
lthe tord of Directors or president of the
Fillnre to hold the alnnl9ual m. eeting of
9stokholders ..hall not affect. the '9pa9It},"y of
the incumllont of.i rs to ot. but thv hill:l
hobil ,fiti. n t9ti their . .'.e.nr' l are le9 cted
AltTit'T.F VII.
This charter mayw t chanied, ilth.red. or
lamended. ,r thi9s c. oralort1on It di.s.olved
!Iy "1 vol' t, of two9 thirdr of9 thi oitstaul ilg
tepital stock. lprelsent, or repreented at a
meeting .-llh"d for that purpose, aft,,r noti.P
of .:f9i9 mee.9tinn 9h9ll h'ave Iw9en give.n as
abit.e providi' ed.
In as le the organization t dis. .ved. the
isame meetinalg shalll ap hint the liuhlatre
to s.tlle the affairs of 9the nmpany. whoi
hall as. rapidly a.s posile pay all outstland
in d'ht., se.ll the propert9 y for . '.sh, or oth
erwi--, as thle.y may I eern :11041ill.. or as
lmay l directed by said mee in, of stock.
hohlers, and divide the proceeds among the
lstokholder9'. a''rldin to their .respectiv
In all 9thr qther est9ion.s except'iing those
mentioned In this article a mLajority of the
capital stoc.k votig at9 a9ny 'meetingn shall I
control the action of the company.
No stockholder Of said clrpo ration shall
t.ar ht, held lihhl Or respo.9sibl. for its c9aon
tr.it., or9 faults. or th99ose 9 f any of Its
agents'., or emplohy9.s, in a greate.r tu99m than
the unpaid 9bhalnce dl,' 9y them on sulub
'riptio.ns to the 9 a9pital stoc'k of the rom
pany:. nor9 shall any informality in ,organ
ization hav9. the effect of re.ndering this
char.ter null.*or exposing a stockholder to
any liability w..wyond the amount due on his
sul'sc'rilption to the capital stoc.k of the cor
The n99ames hereto 'subscrilwd shall form
the orlgina.l .subscription list.
Thus done, and passe.d in my omiee, on the
day, month, and year first above written,
in the pre9sence of Emmet I. Fischer and II.
Austin, competent witnesses, who have here
unto substrilw9ed their names, together with
the saidl apparers and me. Notary., after a
dl9e' r'asdin91 of the whole.
• 9|gnied: Alfr,.d Garrett. Prank IL Rice.
shore. Shil Weiss. Martin Shepard. [Leon 4'.
Weis.., Walter 9'. Kenan.
Whinesses: Emmett I. Fischer. D. Austin.
Not. Pub.
The a.ove act of incorporation of the
;orintractors" O1 9'ompany. Limited, having
Iw'en submitted to me for examination as to I
its legllty. I am of the oplnon that the
oijects and purposes of the corporation as
therein not forth are legslI and that non. of
its provisions are contft ry to lasw,
March 16. 1911. Asst. District Attorney.
1.. the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages,
!n and for the ParIsh of Orleans, State of
LouIslana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of the
Contractors' Oil Co., Ltd.. was this day
duly recorded in my omce In book 1018,
follo 412. New Orleans, March 17, 1911.
A true copy.
April 4. 1911. Net.. 1ub.
Apr 13 2-0 27 may 4 11 18 1911
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