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d that our Laundr :
0 reached a degree of
that few ever attain.
CaEs and Shirts in a
-_ fAsures your satiafac
JORTH,-- Agnt.
SReal French
Drip Coffee can
not be made
uless the cof
e: e itself ispre
pred, blend d
a nd masted ac.
.ording to the
uanous French
method. Use
r For l
tht on this third day of
Ia the year one thou
and eleven, and of the
Ste United States the one
tky Jfth, before me, Scott
pblic. in and for the
State of Louisiana. there.
sworn, commtisioned and
, . the prsence of the wit
uaimed and understgned,
_i Sa apeared the several
- ms are hereunto susribed
meally deelared that avail.
I the laws of the State of
came made and provided
estract, agree end blind
as all other parties who
assocated with them.
and body politic for
nader the stipulationr
lthto-wit :
ds corporatlon shall be the
Realty Co.. Ltd., and un
said company shall ,hav
ezistence for the term
*p5w from and after the date
liner dissolvd according to
ef this corporation shall
"f New Orleans, State of
: havre power to contrat
ha sed; to make and use a
a the same to change and
to hold, receive, leas,
as well as to mort
property., real. per
,o real and incorporeal:
money sad to Iau.e
1 manner and kind of
thereof: to name and
dtrectors and oU
as the interests and
5_toratlon may require;
for the management
as may be neceemary, and
UIt ad change at pleasure.
other legl process shall
Iinsdent of this eorpaor
avut of his absence ud
pon the vlce-presideut of
SM In the event of his ab
of both above okeers to
ii stry-trasnrer of this
SI the absence of all of
i labtlity to act, upon
the Board of DIrectors of
l57 deiutgntac.
_?IumrcLE III.
Which this c-orporation is
the atnrr ,,f the buslness
oa are ,l.-etnred to be the
to b:y and sell real es
tlon ,r for others, as
hypothe~ate and Im
real estate br Itself and
Is deal In leaIse on real
real etate for Itself
Suleasing premises
saLm, for its own account,
le and carry on the mid
etal business in all Its
I al mnnner of business
__ 5eted therewith.
amd St the sum of fifteen
(315,000.00), dtivded Into
Sar value ofne bun
per share; the said
fit in ish or shall be
s~ra tor the purchas
er of o rtt or
,ctully tfeevedl I
Ese Ismsd ll3 he
adua ska
AND BF:4:" ' TIIF t'TY.
1302 Ilft I , - , 'F:'r.
- d that our Laundry
 reached a degree of
that few ever attain.;
Cost and Shirta Ina a
- tures your satlisfac- I
dl dlluht.
Rta1 French
Drip Coffee can
not be. made.
unless the cof
fee isself isprte
psr.d, blended
Sand roasted ac
c ording to the.
amous Fv.nch
.mthod. Use
For 1i
__-m ORLEANs.
tht on this third day :
In the year one thou.
and eleven, and of the
the United States the on
tbefore me, scott
" ptnibi-ulc. In and for the
trate of Louisiana. there
sworn, commissioned and
h the prened of the wit
armed and understgned
_ t ad appered the sevral
Irmei are hereunto subscribed
SW5.lly declared that avail
of the laws of the Strae of
ecaes made and provided
and aned nd do,
e ratrt, agree end bt.i
as all other parties 'wh.
assocated with the-,
ao d body politic to:
ender the stipulation_
athi corporatlon shall he the
realty Co., Ltd., and nn
1mid company shall bhav
existence tor the term
and from and after the date
mr dliolved accordtng to
of this corporation shal
lof New Orlean, State of
U1" have power to contract
as ; to mae and use
al the same to change and
; to hold, recelve, leae.,
*as well as to mort
, property, real, per
o real and Incorporeal:
money sad to issu
la m aner and hind o
thereof: to name and
---- a directors and oUe*
dUeb as the Interests and
i yrstion may reqnlir
for the manaemeant
uas may be neceasry, and
SIl, Sad change at pleasure.
other legal proceu shall
preident of this eorpora
iet of his abseneo .ad
pn the vceE-pcMRIdent ol
ai d In the event of his ab
of both above otheera to
retary.trasurer of this
a the alene of all of
lsablllty to act. upon
the Board of Directors o
U my designate.
A Which thls b rorration is
te nature of the businere
ol are lrelnred to be the
toa h:y and sell reral se
latlon r for others, aa
- hypothecfate and im
real este or itself and
te dal In leasers on real
eal state for Itseli
,suleasinl premises
4 amd carry on the fidr
latal busiess in all Its
" 5 all manner of business
Saseted therewith.
f thls corporation sha ll
i rs t the sum of fifteen
" 815o000.00), divlded Into
' one hundred and rfty
Spar value of one hun
biett shso ; the maid
thi in csh or shall e
5* o i, or the pn ·cse
tal the amt ne and
: t shld receive, lease,
of stock shall be transferred as regards this
crorpration, unless such transfer is made
on the books thereof; no such transfer shall
be made unless by the owner thereof, or by
Ills agent or attorney in fact. Any stock
hohldr. his successor or assignee who may
desiri to dispose of or ph'dge his atock or
any of it shall give the refusal of same in
writing to this corporation and the stock
holders thereof, at the book value of said
stock as established by an examination of
the assets and liabilities thereof, which re
fusal shall have effect and continue for the
term uf ten days from the date thereof.
after the lapse of which said ten days. if
said refusal Is not take.n advantage of. the
ownr may deal with said shares as h.
may deem fit and proper. Eveiry stickholter
shall ha-ke one vote for each and every
share of stock standing In his namei on the
books of this corporation.
This corporation shall be a going concern
as soon as Three Thousiand lDollars of thie
capital stock shall have been subslurlbed for
All the corporate powers if this clrpor
ation shall be vested in a Hoard of Itlrec.
tors to hhe composed of three stocikholders to
ti elected annually at the placif of bulsltiess
of this corporation bIy ballot or viva voc.-.
l:iEach director shall own at least one share'
of stock. The Board of Direc.,tors shall 1t
',nomposed of a P'residlent. a V.ee t'reshilent.
and a Se''retary-Triasurer, any two of whTomi
shall constitute a quorum for the' transac
tion of the business if this corpolration.
The first Board of lriectors and utfi-ers
shall tie elected at a mneeting of the, stock
holders. froi among thei stickbhl,lers of thii
-orporrIthit, the saht iltt.i.i t hug hi hel in
the - -- day of April. 1911.
The said directors shall hold their offlee
lutil their sulcessors are electied and ltaIt
fled. The annoal meeting of thie stockhold
e-rs to elect directors shall toe on the
A failure to elect directors on saidl date
shall not dissoilve this corlpoiration. but the
dirtetors then in offi-e shall remain in ,fnite
until their suc'essors are duly eh. ted andl
qualifi'd. Any vacancy ,n the ltarl of
DIirecitors shall iw 111leit by the rerualining
Whenever this corlporation shall lie di,
salvued by limitation or otherwise. its affairs
shall ia' liubidlated by three iomunlisshiluers
to Il' alppointed by thie stoc'kholders -u,)l
venedil In general mneetitng for that purplse.
of which meeting of stiockho.lders, notice
shall lti given in the manner liproviiled for
stockholders' mneetings in Artlicle VII of this
charter, and a majority in amount oif the
stuck thus representll-d at such meetingl shall
ha requllslte to elec-t. S ItI comutllii'sliners
shall remain In iftie until the affairs of
said corporation shall have been fully liilui
This act of incorporatl5n may I. ' molti
tfld, changed or alteredl, or the said cuorpuora
lion may tw dlssolvedl with the assent of
three-quarters of the capital stock replre
sented at a general meueting of the stock
holders of this corporration convened for said
purpose ; and after due notice of the said
meeting shall have been giv'en in one or
more newspapers published In the Ct'ty of
New Orleans, La.. once a week for three
weeks preceding the date of the said meet
ing, and by a written notice to each stock
holder on the hooks of this corporation, ad
dressed to said stockholder at the address
desiguatedl by him. or his last known ad
dress, and malled at least thirty days prior
to the date of the said meeting.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable
for the contracts or faults of this corpora
tion is any further sum than the unpaid bal
ance due by hm on the shares of stock sub
scribed by him. nor shall any informality I.
the organization of this corporation hate
the effect of rendering this charter null or
of exposing the stockholders to any further
liability beyond the balance unpaid and due
by them on their stock subscription.
The list of subscribers hereto annexed
shall serve as the original subscription list
of this corporation.
Thus done and passed in my office on the
day, month and year first above written, in
the presence of Messrs. T. A. Schuber and
Jos. W. Helm, competent witnesses who
have hereunto signed their names, together
with the said appearers and me, notary, af
ter a due reading of the whole.
Original signed : F. W. Robbert, 28 shares
($2800) : Geo. W. Moore. 1 share. ($100);
Leonard I. Stern, one share ($1001.
Witnesses: T. A. Schuber, Jos. W. Helm.
SCOTT E. BEER, Not. Pub.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mortgaged
in and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
Iouislana, hereby certify that the above and
foregoing act of incorporation of MIssissippi
Valley Realty Co.. Ltd., was this day duly
recorded in my office in book 1018, folio -.
New Orleans, La., April 4, 1911.
()Signed) EMILE LEONARD, D. R.
A true copy from the original act of in
corporation in my notarial office, together
with the certificate of the Recorder of Mort
gages annexed thereto and the original sub
New Orleans, La.. April 4. 1911.
SCOTT E. BEER, Not. Pub.
Apr 6 13 20 27 may 4 11
MARCIH 29th, 1911.
Be It known, that on this twenty-ninth
day of March. In the year of our Lord oni'
thousand nine hundred and eleven, before
me, Wynne (G. Rogers. a notary public in
and for the parish of Orleans, state of Lou
isiana. aforesaild, duly commissioned and
qualified, and in the presence of the wit
nesses herelnatter named and undersigned.,
personally came and appeared the several
persons whose names are hereunto sub
scribed, who declared that availing them
mslves of the provisions of Act No. 76 of
the General Assembly of the state of Lou
lasiana adopted in the year 1904, as well as
all other laws of this state, relative to the
organisatlon of corporations, they have
contracted, covenanted and agreed and do
herebiy bind tbemselves, their associlatea.,
successors and asllgn to form a corpora
tion and body politic in law for the objects
and purposes and under the agreemeats and
stlpulations following, to-wit:
The name and style of this corporation
shall be the ENJOYa PECIALTY C nM
IANY. Its domicile shall be in New Or
leans, IA., and it shall have and enjoy cor
porate existence and succession for the full
term and period of ninety-nine years from
date hereof, and shall moreover have, pos
ses and exercise all sorporate rights and
privileges grante and accorded unto cor
poratl)ns by the laws of this state, espe
clally the power and authority to borrow
money, contract, sue and be sued In its
corporate name,. to issue stock, bonds, notes
and 'other evidences of debt, and to hold.
reelve, purchase, lease, sell, convery, pledge
or mortgage and hypothecate real and per
sonal property and to name and appomnt
such managers, ofere. directors, cierks and
agents, uas the interest of said corporation
may from time to time require. All cita
tlons or other legal process shall be served
on the president, and in case of his aaence
or inability to act. upon the vice-president
or the treasurer of said corporation.
The objects and lurposes for which this
corporation i organd and established and
the nature of the buMiness to be carried on
by it are hereby declared to be to conduct,
onerate and carry oa a manuaactory of all
kinds of cadlues and confectionery suppl-,
cakes, pastries, aend the IIke and siimar
eonfectiop and other specialties, inc-ndiur
toys and the rvenadig nd sle o sch art -
eles and confeetlons as well as candles, nnt
and fruits, either in wholesale or retail
quantitles: and to theee ends to acquire,
maintain and operate stores, factories, ma
ehlnery and such other appliancs or appa
atus as is used generally in. ch bsdnia
as well as any and all invention or patent
rights. appertainin thereto, and further
more to do and piform all and every other
thing connected with or iscldent to the
general purpoqe and conduct of a wholesale
and retail confectionery and manufactory of
candy and other confections and special
The capital stock of this eorportion i
hereby Axed at the sum of ten to oand
dollars, to be divided into and represeated
by one thousabd shares of the eum of ten
( 10.00) dollars each, whch said stock
shall be paid for in cash at time of saub
scription or at isuch times in manner and
amouts or installments and upon such no
tice as the board of directors may decide
upon, or the am a hbe ued at not le
seamenents hahll se the thm
thesease se . (its es#ital
stoek sha n hame bas o aneh d br.
6z4- ~f
~L ~l
AI L crpoatepwr o hscoprto
shl evse nad execisd y bar
ofdrecor omoedo fvesochldr
tobeelcte yth tcknolersanal
byblltonte hrdTesa o arhI
own naeor Ine pothat of firm whereof he
mayl be a ember, at least fivled shres bof
thaita sitock cofosaid orpora tion odurin
his beeterm of oce. rotobe n·
prin shallo bnte given Teahstokoder of earch
eldc tiemerron ormein ofre stockholderstoh
deiere noech pietr sosl or mt throug
oregular ordinary~ mltol th last knerown
po e emest oIesdeso n tckholde hr.so
Ath atll elections or meetings eachstock
holdterm shal b~e ette oon oeob
catby the ownerlu either in prsrton or b
proxy fo eaclhe siare ofb stockhle owne byc
and aio or of thel vote cat shallcr elect
nddecide.Tree dir ct ernors s hrallcnst
ttea quru forlu mL the teranatio hof bsi
ness aend thbard of di~rtors may mak
andaot oL lchange and ametnd at rtheir
pleasre ahll suhbyeas rulese ao nd roegula-b
ctin as they a frome timhe t tim ero deem
necessa ry toe t hhe odc an magement
of al bsiessa mreover su hall have~
ful pwe a d atoityto cnrac dblebrts,
borrow moneym issute tnncts on n othenrl
oneion and ahbuthorie issuance thereof,
ind ·atho e naeoand on beafof sai coer
prtionr and incu rsm paymet of same bye
vcncyocurrin in the boadc rd of diecetor
from any cause shall be filled by there
maimin dirtec·thors, bto aonysuch dietors
elctd o filavcncysall posses in ohis
,own name or own is the n9ame tof irmo
wich he ism a memer the hebl irelabefore
moention ed shareso cpicta sock of sai
Aot their plasedetg fooing eachrt~ ban
anacl eleiaccrll the beand of direetemshl
electe 81 cnJ ems Of sheir nmn t.s ist
.m o p~be ie-reba n
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rifreentative maple Is a afiutk. dur
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i nI\I -rl.l .l hn S I ll it ll, art Si, 'hnir ,il. r,
ilolt .o.k It - , IT . ref h rilet!e IItnI. lls tT inI
\dal 1.i . It-- n. li ith th.e ,il - hnii lir, lS lI.
,litl"n I l.rei I-nt. aiT SiI l neio le .r as vicr.
pil,-ll.entl. Alii ti' :,ll. r A. \ll ti n aI s tsll I, fi
nier. leae gien choren and i.-li red Is fehe
liIkl.rh .tr --,Ill t hl n 1,) m ail I-ri, i atr
until the thi~d Tit.isyav in Marhi, 2. , tn r
lii il ifIiii: ic ,finiort ; Ia d ily l , ,,ti '-a i
AiC1" 1.1.; V.
No a w..,khobl.lr shall .ver 'e hlIl liable
i" re upi nn Ili f l"r i, tat'rl,-. - orii fau it of
lthis -.r t -ratin in anliy f ilrh '"r tem-l i than
OthW uInat l i ta al; li d· t. on, tl'l . ` it.r,. of
therein, nilor shall any it ,l.rt l nfolr 1 ality in
or nllizatl i hn have tI ihe effect i lf rendrln
tlls charter ultl or of exr osinifl :a stock
hohl"r t nily lia n ilitti lelton thi e a oi-r nt
if his stock.
ihtils a of in an orporation may o .haln
ed,. modiid. altered or amended with tthe
illlaosen t of threeifourth, in ati t of the
capital . ck lof this r acl rrtilon: mariy be
dihsolvei it a o ver of thrdaee-fourths of ilIt,
.aid Orllk pir-ut or represented ail t tiany
n ''ersil mnetin, olf the stockholders held
and convened for such purpose hrafter tn
dai ii prior Inotiie i print r or writingl shall
ha ve ti t ntt given ior deliverul unto eachl
stockholder or sent him by mail to hii Inst
known pia str atl. address. .tt olthe exrr
tionu of this charter or the earlier disseolu
ition If this r tilporati its lbsini s anid t
fairs shall Iu siettled and liquidated ly
litr 'm missioners to. Ir oelectedI andI
chosenr for that pul rlse y atisdf forkom
amonirtan the sockholders at a me.ltin held
or called and ionled for thait Ipurpose
upon not ice to them In the manner h orer
The said commissi on er sall remain In
otfice and Ile vested with fuU power and
auithority to dil pose of and slt any and all
lase is of this corporation, ath real and
p. rsoal, and conty full and compRlte title
th. rto and otherwise do and performn all and
every aet "or thing neces-ary and rluisite
In the liquidation of said corporation' abus
neas. and In thet evnt of the death. resig
nation or inability of any of th saidn com
misnloners to ai, the survivor or survivors
f lthem shall ,ontinue to ast and exercise
all powers and authority granted by law
r. to liquidators. 0
Thal done and passed in my o1ffe in New
Orleans In the presence of Anna E. t'ary
and Peter It. FerrerI. competent witnesses
oIf lawful a.. oth of this city, who hiere
uIo ai fogn their hr e with said
tappear. and me, notary, on the day iuil
tate aforesaid.
t Nameps of sine rs.) No. shares.
ndth'Iot R. F aERREoRA.
WYNNE G. ROGEiRS. Not. Phill.
I. the undersignced recorder of mortgages.
In and for the parish of Orleans, state of
LInisana, do hereby certify that the above
and foreatoino act of Incorporation of the
Enjoya Specialty Co.. was ohis day record
ed in my oe In ok 101. folio 476.
New Orleans. March 30th. 1911.
i. Wynne G. Rogers,. a notary public with.
in and for the parish of Orleans, state of
Louisiana. duly commissioned and qualified,
do hereby certify that the foregoing is a
tru and correct copy of the act of incor
poration of the Enoya Specialty Co. with
Sohe exption oaf the names ofr the signer
mifors me on March 29, 1911o together with
the certi cate of the mdeputy rorder of
mortgages for the poarsh of Orleans thre
hnso attached, on e and of record in my
In faith whereof, I have h ereunto set
my hand and olal seal on this 6th day of
Ay ey eprild 1911.no e
TSeal p e rWYNNE o . RO the RS.i
W a rmnt t to the Els.
There wasp once an old lady in mcot
lantd who kept a few hens. As she
lived close to the house in which a
church minister Ilved he asked her to
send him two new laid eggs t every
mornin and he would paly her for
o the old lady sent her girlho tthe
msnmter's house evaery moning with
two eggs, and tae mlnistqr's servant
always thought the eggs were newly
laid becuge they felt qulte warm, as
iu they had just been taken from the
aeo' fI nes bm
But one day the eggs were coldf or
the servnt of ked: "Are the egta I&ce
berds a, J beey x They do not seem
-se.u then said. "Of, sye, they're quite
arenau only my mother could not pet
the eat to sit on them this morning,
A- it ran away."
The emptrsn of Ru oseia stacmer pe
moset cases andsa out when his vemel
is approIthing n aieberd from the
sownds queer, but s t is a fact never
tSlletwe It appears that when i
steamship enters water considerably
eolder than that thm is weh it has
sush water usually surroends the veelg
aig of wse for m eey milea
ar suar.Tsis otle wa
seeee ls or tens allwel.
C,,.yright by Anmric in Press Asso
ti ttln l:11.
Some persons of this generation do
aot know thalt, though on,. now hseldom)
sees the American fi;ag at thel peiak "f
an ocean vessel, just before the civil
war we were fast absorbing the carry
ing trade of the world. Steam h:,dld't
then displaced sails as it has almost
entirely done today, and our cllil.er
sailing ships were the finest and fast
est on the seas.
In 18,4 1 was third mate on one of
these ships. We were bound for lHo1tg.
kong at the time of which I am spelak
ing, having sailled fron New York.
There was no Suez canal in those days,
and we were obliged to go around the
Cape of Good Ilope. We were ap
proaching the South African coast
when we overhaulel a derelict.
A derelict is always an interesting
object plunging helplessly about among
the waves with no hand to even at
tempt to guide her. Then one's curi
osity it always excited its to why and
how she was left by those who were
on her, and the Inlagination gets to
work at once. Our captain hove to
and said to me:
"M3r. Morton, take a boat, go aboard
of her and investigate. Take tools to
scuttle her and powder to blow her up,
as the case may require."
I was much pleased at the order,
and it was not long before I was
aboard the derelict. I found a good
deal of damage done on deck, evident
ly by a storm. A number of the lights
had been broken, and the seas had
drenched the cabin. Everything was
in confusion as If those on board had
been under great excitement. In one
of the staterooms hanging against the
wood partition was a daguerreotype of
a girl evidently seventeen or eighteen
years old. The happy young face was
a great contrast with the wrecked con
dition of things about. I took it from
its book and put it in the pocket of my
pea jacket.
I couldn't make out anything about
the identity of the craft. Some of the
boards of the stern where the name
was painted had been knocked off ap
parently by the waves, while other let
ters were illegible. The letters left
RT A 8 1 0.
I made a copy of them, giving the
proportionate spaces between them.
But there was nothing else aboard to
identify the ship. She had been knock
ed about by wind and waves so long
that her inside was pretty well wash
ed out. I put fifty pounds of powder
in her, attached a fuse, lighted it and
pulled away from her. Before we
reached the ship there was an explo
sion and she sank.
As soon as I went off duty, choosing
a secluded spot, I took the daguerreo
type out of my pocket to have another
look. There's nothing remarkable in a
young sailor out at sea on a long voy
age making a companion of a girl's
picture and falling in love with it At
any rate, this is what I did.
On our way back I determined to
hunt through the whole of North
America to find the flesh and blood
that corresponded with my likeness.
We had a quick voyage, but not quick
enough for me, though a hunt for her
would be like looking for a needle in
a haystack. Nevertheless as soon as
we reached our home port I went to
work, overhauling the records of all
the ships reported loest But I found
so many of them that I despaired of
hitting on the right one. If I could
supply the missing letters to the ship's
name I might get into communication
with some one who could tell me about
my girl. But this seemed impomssible.
I made a list of all ships reported
missing and compared my letters with
their names, but I must have been
very stupid, for I couldn't make them
ft with any of the names on my list
Two years later, while on the New
England coast, I went asbore with
some of my mates to enjoy ourselves
in a summer garden. We had hardly
got seated when I saw ;t a neighbor
ing table the original of my picture.
She looked up and, seeing me staring
at her with a singular expression, look
ed embarrassed; but when I arose, took
the daguerreotype from my pocketl-I
always carried it with ma-and handed
her her own picture I thought she
would faint.
"Where did you get that?' sthe asked,
ushing and kturning pale alternately.
"Is it your likeness?" I asked.
"Are yo Snre?'
"I knoy it by the dress ad by the
utrst's name stamped upon the caslng
It was taken four years ago. I gave
it to my brother Just before he sailed
on his last voyage."
"In what ship?'
"The Martha Wuashington."
I took out my pocketbook and drew
from It the original memoradum of
theb letters left on the derelict's stern
They fitted in exactly with the name
the girl had given me.
"What became of her?' I asked.
"She was never heard from."
I told her of the derelict I had vlt
ed and of the finding of the daguerreo
typein a stateroom that had doubt
iam been her brother's.
I was the means of publishnag the
tate of a .hlp that had been on the
Iist of missing vessels for hour years,
thus giving the relatives of those lost
a her the first and only Information
received by them.
My nent voyage I made in a ship I
commanded and took the original of
the daguerreotype with me as my
I mw the cutest thing today," be
gan Miss Passay coyly. "It was a
patlag of the-er-what is the name
of that little god that represents mat
"Well, now," said Mr. Timmld.
"you've got me."
"Oh. Mr. Timmld, this is so sudden!"'
-Catholie Standard and Times.
To He' Serrow.
Daont think that every sad eyed we
ma yo meet has loved and lot She
sy have loved aad got him.
Carstens & Vezien Co.. Ltd.
Ship Chandlers and Grocers
Specala Attention to Raltroad Orders. Prompt DOeive-y.
Hay. Cer, Oats. Bran.o Hardware. Groceries, Etc. Wines. Liquors
% 1. . .. ...1
"i , ' I ", ;  , .,
- ' " n, ' "r 1' . i
'lI TI ' 1 I l t 1 ..1\1 \\ 1 I.Il
ITli Ii . :', o li ,n i - H , r . , : .I
II tl n - ,- - i ,, . l , I if To in,' . 1
c-.InI l -miii YI 'itile. - ff . e~ll\ I~ m1.1\1
niln l. 1 :li ,I r i frl.. i ,,mii ii ,. f:n l i1
h ilI hi * * i. m - nij I rit ,iS . . n, . n1,
Ii "ii I .. tof r l.' 11r . "t"" - .1 ic. t .ft e if.
on ve.... . l i . ,:v "1 . ;1. , l t I rn ,"!_ ',1: , ,n1 1 .1 1\"
wl.rpore11 and It orpo..rl:l : 1.1 11 :1111," :'11.1 .1
in,'lr i ciii n .ln: . ·rl,, 1,nt, .. dll- r L an )
nill i ilr :- Is ,'rni lr inl.I, Int. -ir w m lc l, inv,
:it the ., cIl, t-. n l n! i , p n <r 1 ,i,- if ii,, -I i
thli.hi. e ' eIl aS alt- ceri anru ton1m.nt. from
Illn cIlt tn or ot' llr I. EI przlm l ient of the ofI
fair:l ofn the premrl ent ofun as a lr ncrepr
lr,.or m In the nee'nt ar and prlolper*. to lnrry
III't the I'chtrld*'n. and in thpurposes of si
,,roh of sall omecrn . n upoan the wre,:tar. o
II, ration.
Th.' d, miel le of this rlparlt ll :ilnIl be
in the olity of New Orpleans. Llanal tlandl
irll ctation ior other l gal pre. ancl ha ntll
ion, or in the event of hi crri n b ience. uparon
Ithe vlie plse r arei nd in to ience of'
To resrpct or. locasits by this corportiony lcv
PYl. Ilai.. Jl ne. option. ptlrcfh:i. fran
,r otherwi,)n. and to hold, own. inwesa.
nal, dble loni mine, wIorklore anml drill
for, operatioe and dlrganpe. andpromote and ature
iirh,. mine wr. 'il welia, gas wellw. and well.
mn or xminasa to he carried on by irtph . are
ler and all he11ci'r mineral prldllc.t . ofl hat
iere nlbtY: rbhlnl c ynn, tdelared to tor ot
aTo proispoct for locrmr. nequire by dtascov- and
lis-pothecate. as the rIllesnesf . Inteersta or
ron-.nlecrt o, he corporation mah y requlllre.
To locate. lipurcense . optileason, purchase, ran
r therwiee. lands. and to holdls. ownx poaes.
mineral rht and dlrlp. promor ter rht and ex
ploit mines. il wesilltes a,nd anwells. and ll
itar landatures contahe ame to sell, to other
in ilspo, salte of. or ulphumber. mortgage andother
minoteral depo, its to carr obusiness. nteerst or
To locate. prospect eas preparotherwisen
acquire. lands. mines, wells. excavations.
inerg dringhts and orin ior, refininghts and.
franchises, mill sites and lands. and partic.
elarly lands containuring orand dlstrlid to can
oill or other salt. . slphtllr , ather
rd othr mineralts: to carry on the rodusinesls of
searchinr : and to erectin. acreparinr. minta
-nd operate rfioneries, mills. works. lahorato
In. drilling and oring foell refining. piping.
To r . transporting, t. pplyinase or otherbuying
acqlllire. own, operate and maintaln electric
relling,. manuf a nd poer plants tribuldngas.
petrnoum, or other oil, saltw sulphura water
and othner. appliances and their products andpper
tain-pr thrto andr the se. acquire, mainesstain
and to own and operate temills ne and tarat
rns. workshops, and dwellings for workmen.
To purchases construct. lease or otherwise
se aquire. own operate and maintain, el ectr
poses of itw own b lusiane.
nr as lighting and power plants, buildings,
taining thereto for the use of a Lr business:
and to own and operate telephone and tele
wise acquire the same for the uses and pur
To conatruct, lease, acquire, own and oper
ate pipe lines. with stations and storage
tanks, for the transportation, distr'iulllion
and storage of oil. gap or other products.
int not as a common carrier: to store oil
for hire: to charter own, construct or leaste.
and operate tugs. barges and other vessels
for the transportation of petroleum and
ather produlcts, and to construct. lease or
awn dockslr and wharves for the use of scllrh
water transportation: to purchase, lease.
awn, hold and operate tanks and tank cars.
and other works and appliances that may he
Incidental or auxiliary to the business of
this' corporation: to lease, own, construct.
purchase, maintain and operate. tramways.
railways, with necessary engines, cars and
asppurtenances for the transportation of
materials and appliancrs of whatuever na
tnre or kind for the us and purpowse of
said corporation, butt not as a common car.
And reeneraliy to hld and xerclrse all
nsuch incidental powers and privilaes as re
late to the objects and purposes hereinabove
set forth.
The capital stock of this corporation is
herehy fxed at forty thousand dollars ($40.
00.00), divided into dotur hundred shares of
spar vatlef o ne hundred dollars (e$100.0)
erah. The stock of company ahall only he
issued for money, property, or serlvices rea
dared this corporation, and shall be repre
sented by certiflcates issued by the com
panyrr and signed hby the president and sec
This corporation shall he entitled to he
gin business when three thousand dollars
(53.000.00). being thirty shares of its cap
ital stock. shall have been suhscrlihed for:
and the Board of. Ijirectors of the comiapany
shall ft the time and manner in which
payment for said stock shall he made. A
list of subscrihers to the capital stoc'k, which
hereto attached, shows the total subscriptions
to the capital stock.
All of the corporate powers of this cr
eoration are herebry rested in, and shall be
exlercised hy a Board of Directors, to con
sist of he stockholders, three of whom
shall constitute a quolrum tfor the transac
tion of all business. The said Board of
Directors shall be chosen annhally by the
stockholders at a meeting held on the firt
Monday of the month of March, 1912. and
annally thereafter on the same day or un
til their succeassors have been duly elected.
The first Board of Directors shall consist
of Leon C. Wesls. Walter C. Keenan. W. E.
Dodaorth, and Frank Bethune, who shall
serve untji the election of their successors.
Each ntard of Directors shall appoint
from their nnmber a president and mana
ger, a vice-president and treasurer, anui a
secretary. All oscers habove mentioned shall
hold their oaices during the life of the Board
of Directors appointing them.
Vacancies in the mempbership of the Board
of Directors, or in said ofnes. shall he full
by appointment of the remaining memters
of the Board of Directors.
)i-toshl b hown nual b h
nkemper, Ij
s, Wood, Coal, Hay, Corn,
._ Etc.
Carur Als amd Vlr.t StreI.
_ý t
1 f: , i hIa
- - I i I .
Ti , .' ' -.. : '
c .ft . , . ti .... !., c ..r .I i .if... u i
Sti,'. a .,, l . , l . t, , i o .t l. . .it st , ii
" In ,: l. " t'i' I ,'t i l t i .. i ," i  g i.. as.'f
: ." 1 t n'.if 1 , ..'ti, I . . :TI t " r .tt t i, ' .+'11 . 111
In in'cai i t hs sr g hiz .ati'.n .w dij.ilv yt, the
' t , c t ",.'. th- ta i rdn of the -inon.i t,i
N r: it l.. rkh.t .ii n r p tese t l. l r ' -re llr.i u.n it at
,orf ld In ,tls h: l ,, tbree a d m a dln. or )ivn a
*a h i'v t liirmvi c,.d . r l i f s
t:aII. lr f, ti;n 11-iti. atl.lr lt*ot heho aln llitor
tri .loI" to the affair l of kh ot corn-aB.. who
iia n anll or ll l a sti py nfilir ]x tity all o rthgan -
zat nt, nt ,II the prtdee t a rfnajrth. or ,th
cai to dirctelok V ain g a et a int of c trn k
.lkhpionir toh athe c.ptadln sutok or t he cohrrtlv
Ion nior ahll oher lrresionsr letJ In thaorn
aentlo. or l I thsl e a r ti' lnlm jrrlty of the
a'lltahl olk vr ,in~g lint a g llt,,nr  s ha tll
rollitirol the thll ton of the comLp any.
No t.kickolder if 4:lh c lorporton shall
vtir. mont h.eld llle or reaot nhled fr Itten.
ira tsle pr'ner fult Emn.ot I. Lianlry nlil It.
thet or a ll arer. ani me, gotary, ato ler tha
due unrahlin h o the die o y t.em on s
s,ription. to the capital stock of the com
panig noar Ahall arrny nformality I orice,
Loths o eli'ri nal is l'rptchtnr. II. A. Long'
zhora.on ha de eissert of renderin gon thi
charei. nll, otr expsng. K a okholer tnan.
any liabmlnty b.yond the amount db&e on his
tnetlron: Emmto tt I. aptal sthr. I. Aute n.
is t. oub.n.
The I am s re rttd to me hallr efortoton m to
the original a ubs,.rrpalon mIIt.
its onalty. I am opass the opinion that on the
. monobjects and purpoyear first orporatv written.as
In th e pren set oerth r lel. and that none o
theIn and apr pthe arlers and me, Notaryleans, afte o
and oreading o the whole. rporalon o the
Stnd: Alfred Garrettn my . rank Ihoo. Rice,
Lotils Seller. Louns Prochter, F. A. Long,
shorlo 1. SWe lseans MarShepard, e1911on C.
Wei~s. Walter AR. Keenan.
Witnesses: Emmett I. Fischer. 1). Austin.
Not. Pub.
The aApr ve act of Icorporation of the
contractors' Oil ompany, Limited, havinp
been submitted to me for examination as to
Its legalityi, am of the opinion that the
objects and purposes of the corporation as
therein set forth are legal and that none of
Its provisions are contrary to law.
Mrarch 16, 1911. Ast. Dstrict Attorney.
Sthe undero.gned Recorder of Mortgages.nu
In and for the Parish of Orleans, State of
Loulsiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of the
Contractor' Oil Cgum ento., td., wa tl da
duly recorded In my ofie In book 101ce
folio 41rl. New Orleans March 17, 1911.
A true copy.
ERNE T T. FI)tANc. up.
MGeo. E. Bays, Jr.
Ap , It we supply 4 t1 y per cent

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