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$25 Reward!
It has come to our notice that oome irresponsible
person or persons have been tamperbin with the
meters, eooal and wires in some of the places we
are furnishing light and power to in Allgers,
McDoenghville and Gretna.
Notice is hereby given that this is strictly against
the law and all ouch persons that may be found
guilty of doing or allowing same to be done with a
view of defrauding the company will be vigorously
No one has any right to tamper with your wires or
meter installed in your premises anless they show
a badge of the company.
We are now making a careful investigatlen of all
meters and wires and hereby offer a reward of
twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for evidence laooding
to the conviction of the guilty party or partieo.
Algiers Railway & Lighting Co.,
222 ElmIra Avenue.
Oyster Loaves and Sandwiches
Sandwiches of All Kihds Day and Night
Phone, Algiers 29. No. 222 Morgan Street
John C. Meyer & Son.
133 S eestr st., i Na U. S. i. t, a New Orlens, Leuilsne.
,. Abacl & Bro., Ltd.
Dealers In
I Wster Paglae,
PELICAN AVE., Cor. Verret St.
Sierra Bros.,
- kievlle St. £ Opeloeusas Ave
-Oase: 1!1 Claendelt Street,
iSM Pellean Ave
Be It hmewn, that on this the 5th day of
the month of May, i the year of our Lord,
Se thesan mime hundred and eleven, and
t t ixdhe oedefs o the United States of
America, te e hundred and thirty-fifth.
btefore me, Alexis ri, a Notary Public,
duly cemmiselemed and qualified within sad
for the Parish of Orleans, State of Louisi
ama, and to the presence of the witnesses
hereinafter named and undersigned, person
ally came and appeared, Mr. W.S. Penick,
Jr., and Mr. C. S. Beard, both residents of
the Ctty et New Orleans, herein appearing
and acting in their capackles as pesident
and secretary repectlvely of the :s ters'
Cni i, a Louisiana corporatloo orp.g
Ied under the laws of the State of LouIil
sa, heretofore dmiciled toIn the city of
Shreveport, La., Incorporated by act pased
before Allen RAndall, Notary Public of the
Parish of Caddo, on the nineteenth day of
March, 101t, duly recorded In the Mortgage
Oeeo a the Parish of Caddo,
Who declared, that at a general meeting
at the stockholders of said corporation bheld
in the City of Shreveport, Louisiana, on
the seventh day of January, 1911, said meet
itg having been called for the specific pur
pose hereinafter set forth, the following
amendments of the charter of said corpor
atlon were adopted by unanimous vote of
the owners of the outstanding stock of said
sempay, to-wit :
Article II of the charter of said corpor
tiom was amended so as to read as follows :
The domicile of this corporation shall be
to the City of New Orleans, La.. and all cl
tation and other legal process shall be
served oa the president, or In his absenc-,
the sam shall be served on the Vice-Pre.
Article IV of the charter of said corpor
atioe was amended so as to read as follows :
"The capital stock of this corporation shall
he Ave hundred thousand ($500,000.00) dol
lar, divided nto and represented by Ave
thousand (5,000) shares of the per value
of one hundred ($100) dollars each. All
oe Is to be aMld for at the tim of sub.
Toe ,mpnn4.r may begin operation as
sen as one thousand two hundred and
twenty (1.220) shares are subscribed for.
8ix hundred and ten (610) of said shares
shell be classlSed as Series A and six hun
dred and ten (610) of said shares shall be
duel fled as Series B, all of which will be
represented y cash or property, rights and
edit aetnally received by. said corporation
and no stock shall be ssed until the con
seMeratten therefor has been received by
the corporatioa.
"Br a two-thirds (23) vote of the stock
holdse a this corporatlon the books may
e opened for the su bsription and issue of
the remaining three thousand seven h
ANe and eibhty (.780) share of stock or
ea loan thereof, bet when so subscribed
Imssed halt of the stock subscribed and l
issued shall be clnasled as Serie A and
the ether half as Series B. Whem the books
e opned for the sbrpto of the re- I
thne thousand seven hunaded an
tit. lato Wi n a er A "ni I
Series B as shown by the books of the com
pany. shall have the first privilege of sub.
scribing for sname in proportion to their re
spectlve holdings and in their resp-ective
".No transfer of stock shall affect this
corporation unless the said transfer shall
be made In the books of the said company at
its offce In the ('ity of New Orleans, where
said corporation shall he domiciled, and only
on surrender of the certificate therefor."
Article V of the Charter of said corpor
ation was amended so as to read as fol
lows :
"The corporate powers of this corpora
tion shall be vested In and represented by
a Board of Directors composed of six stock
holders. The following persons shall con
stitute the first Board of Directors: Messrs.
W. 8. Penick. Jr., Jas. P. Ford. N. T. Pe
aick, C. 8. Beard, M. 8. Standifer, August
Soniat. with W. 8. Penlck, Jr., as president, .
Jas. P. Ford as vice-president, and C. 8.
Beard secretary. The officers and directors
shall hold their said offices until the first
Tuesday in January, 1912, and until their a
successors shall have been duly elected and a
ualified. On the said first Tuesday in 4
January, 1912, and every five years there-I
after, a Boaru of Directors shall be elected I
unless said date shall be a legal holiday, I
and in that case the said election shall be 4
held the day following said holiday, and I
notice of said election shall be given by
ten days notice published in one of the 1
newspapers published in the Parish of Or.
leans. The Board of Directors shall ap
point one or more stockholders to preside
at such election. Any failure from any
cause to hold said meetlnr or to elect said
board on the day named for that purpose
shall not dissolve the corporation but the
directors then nla office shall hold over until
their successors are chosen and quallfied.
After such election the Board of Directors
shall elect from their number the offers,
but the absove named officers as resident
vice-president and secretary shal remain
Soffice as above stated until the first elec
tion fixed herein on the first Tuesday in
January, 1912; and until their successors
are elected and qualified. Any vacancies oc
curring among the officers of president, vice
president or secretary shall be filled by the
Board of Directors but any vacancy in the
board shall first be filled before any va
cancy among said officers shall be filled.
"Ia case any vacancy prior to the expira
tioa of their term shall exist or occur among
the first three directors named it shall be
filled by a selection made by the owners of
stock of Series A and in case of any va
eaney among the last three directors named
it shall be illed by a selectloa made by the
owners of aeries B.
"At every election and stockholders' meet
lag each stockholder shall be entitled to
one vote for each share of stock represented
on the books of the company In his same ;
votes may be cast- In persoa or by proxy
autborised In writing, but at eache eleotiom
of directors (by the stockholders), the next
oceurring the first Tuesday nla January, 1912,
nad every fith year thereafter as above
provided, the holders of stock of Bries A
shall elect and designate three directors
and the holders of stock of Series B shall
elect and designate three directors. After
each election of directors as above pro
vided, the next being the first Tuesday In
January. 1912 and qultenlally thereafter,
the board shall elect from their number the
officers, to-wit: President, vicepresident and
secretary. The president, in addition to
his other duties, shall be general manager,
and in his absence the vice-president, In ad
dition to his other duties, shall be general
manager. No by-laws of this corporation
shall be amended or repealed except by a
vote of the stockholders owning three-fourths
(3-4) of the capital stock."
The foregoing amendments, and the au
thority of the appearers herein will more
fully appear by reference to a duly certl
fied copy of the minutes of said stockhold
ers' meetin, which is hereto attached and
msde part hereof.
Bald Penick and Beard in their respective
capacities further declared, that they now,
pursuant to the direction of said stockhold
ers' meeting, request me, Notary, to receive
said amendments In the form of this public
act, in order that the same may be promul- i
gaeed, published and recorded and thus be
come part of the original charter, with
which request 1, Notar, do hereby comply.
Thus done and passed, in my oete, at the
City of New Orleans, on the day and date
herein first above written, in the presence of
G. W. Schweitter and E. L. msabary, com-i
petent witnesses, who hereunto sign their
names with said appearers and me, Notary,
after due reading of the whole.
W. S. PVNICK. JR., President
C. . Bl iTRD, Secretary.
ALEXIS BRIAN, Notary Public.
1, the undersigned Deputy ecorder of
Mortgages, hereby ertify that the fore-.
going act of amendment of the charter of 4
the ters' Company was this day duly
recorded in my office in book 101S folio -.
New Orleans, May 6, 1911.
Deputy Recorder of Mortgages.
I hereby certify the foreging to be a
true copy of the original act of smemst
of the charter aof the Pitater" Co pwmy,
and of the certiate oe the Deputy e
corder of M t 4hereto attached, which t
s-on fie in y e
New Ow Ma- i.1L
May 11 16 25Jams 10 1- 18.11
Be it known, that on this 20th day of t
April, in the year of our Lord, one thousand
nine hundred and eleven, before me. Gustaf
itR. Westfeldt, Jr., a notary public, duly
commissioned and qualified, In and for the
pariash of Orleans, and In the presence of
the witnesses hereinafter named and under
signed, personally came and appeared the
several persons whose names are hereunto
sutbcribed, who severally declared that,
availing themselves of the provisions of the
laws of this state relative to the organiza
tion of corporations, they have contracted
and agreed, and do by these present con
tract, agree and bind and obligate them
selves, as well as all such other persons as
may become associated with them, to form
themselves into and constitute a corporation
and body politic in law, for the objects and
purposes and under the conditions and stip
ulations of the articles following, to-wit:
'The name and title of the said corpora
tion shall he TillE I'ISIANA c'OMP'ANY,
I.IM I'PElt, and under its said corporate
name it shall have power and authority and
shall enjoy succession for the full term and
period of ninety nine years from and after
the elate hereof ; to contract, sue and Iw
- sued, to make and use a corporate seal, and
same to break and alter at pleasure; to pur
-Ihase. rece-lve, lease. hold and convey, ias
well as mortgage and hypothecate undef its
corporate name, property both real and per
sonal: to n:ame and appoint such managers
:an. directors. of-icers and agents as the in
terest and convenience of said corporation
ntm:tV require. and to make and establish, as
well as alter and amend at pleasure. such
by laws. rules and regulations for the pro
per management and regulation of the af
falrs of said ectrloration, as may 1w nteces
s;ry :andl proler.
lThe donmitle of the said crporation shallt
tie at New )Orleans, parlshl of Orleans. state
of ltouislana. and all citations or other le
- gal process shall be served upon the presl
dent of sail cotrlporatlon. or in case of his
absence. upIln the vice-president, or in the
abseince of lhth of these officers, upon tile
secretary of the corporation.
The objects and purposes for which this
corporatlion is established and the nature of
the business to le carried on by it are de
cl:tred anl specifled to be to purchase, own.
I:tld, -el.,n mortgage, lease, alienate, receive
and otherwise acquire and ditpose of real
estate,. oil and mineral land and oil and
mineal rights and any other Interest in
landis, both In Louisiana and elsewhere. To
bul, seIIl, own lease or otherwise acquire.
and to loperate and maintain as principal or
as agent In this state, or elsewhere, drilling
outtits. machinery, appliances, apparatus
and buildings of every description used or
suitable for use in the extraction of oil or
any other minerals from the earth, and for
t the housing, preservation, handling, refin
ing and transportation of the same when so
extracted, and particularly storage tanks
and lpipe lines, all solely for the uses of its
own business and without power of eminent
domain: to by,. sell or otherwise acquire
and alienate, and to establlish, export or
import oil. minerals or mineral products of
all kinds and in connection with said ot
jects to lease, buy, sell, build, or otherwise
to acquire. and to locate and maintain ware
houses, sheds, storage tanks, tank cars.
i dwellings, storehouses and repair shops; to
sell merchandise and carry on a general
a- store and commissary, and to conduct ho
b tels, boarding houses and lodging houses for
e- its agents and employes, and generally to
re hold and exercise all such incidental powers
and privileges not expressly excluded, as re
1 late to the objects hereinbefore set forth.
The capital stock of the said corporation
is hereby fixed at twenty thousand dollars
($20.000.00). divided Into and represented
by two thousand (2,000) shares of ten dol
lars ($10.00) each. The whole of the said
stock or any part thereof may be issued and
- delivered to any person, frm or corporation
ty for the acquirement of rights, privileges,
t- franchises and property purchased and ac
' quired by this corporation, also In payment.
- settlement and adjustment of the costs, fees,
P- charges and expenses and commission In
it curred for services rendered In the formation
t. and organisation of this corporation, tad in
S. acquiring and bringing about the purchase
ra of the property, rights and franchises afore
st said; also for cash or in installments of
Ir such amounts as the board of directors may
id determine; also for merchandise received
In or services actually rendered to this com
e- panv. The board of directors as hereinaf
hd t created is especially authorised to ds
y, pose of the stock of this company In whole
be or in part, for any and all of the purposes
id above stated, as in its jqdgment may seem
)y fair and proper. This company shall begin
e business as soon as three thousand dollars
($3,000) of Its stock shall have been sub
be All the powers of this corporation shall be
Iii vested In and exeried by the board of dl
. rectors, composed of seven stockholders, any
tr four of whom shall constitute a quorum for
a, the transaction of business. The said board
t. of dlrectors shall be elected annually on the
in last Wednesday in January of each year.
- The first election to be held In the year
ia 1912.
rs All electioans shall be by ballot at the
c- oclce of the corporation under the super
e- vision of three commissioners to be appoint
he ed by the board of directors, and in the ab
se sace of any commissoner the presldent
a- shall have the power to ill the place by
appolatment, and of all such elections as
a- well uas meettings of sotekholder, exept for
g the purpose of liqldation or dissolution, or
e as otherwise requlred by law, ten days' no
tl tice shall e given by malling to each stock
. holder who appears as such upon the books
ed of the company, at his last desgnated ad
e dress or to the General Delivery at New
Orleans, it he huas not designateda a d
,d,~ dres, a anoncement stangthe time
to and the place of the meeting. Each share
ed holder shall be entitled to one vote for each
Sshare of stock standing In his name on the
books of the company, east in person 6r by
proxy, and the majr of the votes east
t halleset. The elt of directors shall
2 have the power to Ill all vaceanele that may
oenr on the board. lFlure to elect direc
A tors In the day above spefed shall not dis
solve the oraorst, but the diarectors then
Sain oBee rhall rema in dece until their
eccessors are elected, and quallked.
Duo ntice of another election shall foeth
in with he gn as above provided, inch no
r,~ tiof elotln shall be continued to he
ved antil u eleetioe is held. The board
d a director at the Irst meetn followling
toan uanual election shall elect from their
n umber a president, a vlcepresident, a see
Srotor and a trasurer, all of whom shall be
stocknolders, and such other ecers as the
board shall deem necessary. The board
shall have the power ln tts dlscretion to
ha unkte two or more of the above or other
oAdices and the same to confer upon one
person, and shall have the power to Ix the
u salkries of all ocers and of such other ol
cer a they deem cessary. The bore of
directors shall have the power to make and
Sestablish as well as alter and amend all by
d laws, rules and regulations necessary and
proper for the support and manaement of
e the busiM s ud afir of this corporatlon,
* not nlaconsistent with Its charter.
The said board shall also have full power
Ic and authority to borrow money throua the
I presmldent or some other duly athorled
Sagent or agents; to execute mortgages and
b isue notes, bonds or other obligatlons in
such a manner and on such terms as In
their judgment may be advantageous, and
generally to do all the thingsp necessary for
the proper carrylng on of the business of the
saild corporatlo; as also to issue and de
liver full paid shares of stocks and bonds or
Ir other obligations of the said corporation In
y, payment of the mosey borrowed or money, I
Ic, sersic , property or rights actually
received by the suald eorporattlon, as hereto
fore et forth. At any meethg of the board
of directors, any director ahbent from the
meeting may be represented by any other
altreactor, who may cast the vote of said ab
sent director, aecordlng to the written tin
treutions of the said abent dnirector. The
board of directors shalil have the power, by I
afn vote of enot les than fOear dnectenrs, to
e.sell, eas mortgage (y bod mortgag or
oherwise), or to pldlg any or ail of the
proprt, onvahe sand lmmovable belonlgi
to tke corporatel or to reclive In ex
ehan emformasen J r stuoes or handa
witheot rein to the shar
the power to d . Amnd they may aso
eIrchas for stac In o su8 thi e a r- o
iged p flo r1 wl5htlit autLh e f the coo.
I UM1til the at meetin to he held nader
Sthis charter, er mtil their duly quolid
ocass~u m eletd sad the I
Iard e esteesa all ahe ed e:i:
I_, .
J. & ebeuck, with Geo. H. Smith as presi- t
dent, H. B. learn as vice-president, W. I
Brewer as secretary and E. Miller as treas- g
urer. t
Whenever this corporation shall be dis
solved, either by limitation or from any
other cause, its affairs shall be liquidated Iby
three stockholders to be appointed at a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders convened I
for the purpose of liquidation, as hereinafter
provided. each share being entitled to one
vote to be east by the holder either in per
son or by proxy. Said comnlmissioners snall
remain In offire" until the affairs of said cor
poration shall have twen fully settled and
liquidated, and they shall have full power
and authority to transfer and give title to
all the assets and property of the corpora
ttion and to dlstrllbute the proceeds. In case
of death or disability or resignation of one
or nmore comnmissiouers, the vacancy shall be
tilled by the surviving commlssioncr or comn
This act of incrporation may be modit
ied. changed,. or altered or the said corpo
ration may It dissolved with the assent of
three-fourths of the capital stock repre
senlted at any general mee-ting of stockhold
-rs convented for such purpose. after prevl
otis notice shall have been given in one or
more dally newspapers puhlisled in the par
ish of Orleans. state of Louisiana, once a
week during the thirty days next preceding a
such nmeeting ani ul)pon the date of s(uchI
meeting, and by notice mailed at least forty
days prior to such meetln, to eac. stock
holer who appewars as such on thie books of
the c- nplany, to the post offtce address des
Ignateld by himu. and in case of failure to
designate an address to tile General Ieliv
cry at New Orleans.
Any change which may is- proposed or
made with reference to the capital stock of
said corporation shall be made in accordance
with tihe laws of the state of Louisiana on
the sllbject of altering tile amnoulnt of c-aid
tal stock of corporations, and it may be in
creals,,d or diminished upon a compliance
therewlth. upon tile affirmative vote of two
thirds ,of tlhe stock of the corporation. No
stockhohlter shall ever te, held liable or re
lsponsllle for the c-antgr:acats or faults of this
cocrlporatlon. in any fulrtiher slim than tile
lunlpaid halance dllcc on the shares of stock
owned by him n, nor shall any mere Informal
ity in o'rganizatio n have tile effect of ren
d.iring thils charter nllll and voht or of ext
poIeing any stc-khlolder to any liability Is
vylendl the ancmount dule on his stock.
In torder that this chartelr may also serve I
as the orictinal sulscrlltion list, the subil
scrtllel-s helrel-to hlave set opposite tic their I
natet., the unlnear of shares of stock sub
scrtll.l for Iby etIach of t!ihen.
TIhus doine and passledl, In my octlch- In the '
eity of New c(rleanls. In the plresence f .1 I
Itlanc Moenroee and John laluten. Jr., con,
ietent witnesses, of lawful age, who have
signed thceir tanames with tile said appearers 1
and mIe. notary. on the day and date afore
said. after reading the whole.
cOriginal signed) : J. R. Bannon. 45
shares: A. J. cihapman, 45 shares : E. A.
Kelley. 45 shares: A. W. Wenham. 43
shares: I'dolpho Wolfe-. 45 shares: J. E.
Schenk. 43 shares: ieo. W. Smith. 43
shares: It. J. Anderson. 45 shares: Ernest
Miller. 45 shares : W. T. Brewer, 45 shares.
tWitnesses- : J. Blanc Monroe, John kal
men, Jr.
m ('sTArI R. VENTIF-I.DT. JR.,
Notaryl Public.
I, the undersigned, recorder of mortgages
In and for the parish of Orleans. state of
L,ousiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of in'orporation of The
l.ouslana Company. Limited. was this day
duly recorded in my office, in book 1018.
folio s:ts.
New Orleans, April 20th. 1911.
(Original signed) EMILE LaONARI,
(Se-al) . R.
A true copy:
Notary Public.
apl 27 may 4 11 18 25 Jun 1 1911
Be it known, that on this thirtieth day
of the month of March, In the year of our
Lord one thousand nine- hundred and eleven
and of the independence of the United
States of America the one hundred and
thirty-fifth, before me. Clifford M. Enastls,
a notary public, duly commissioned and
sworn, In and for this city and Parish of
Orleans, therein residing, and in the pres
ence of the witnesses hereinafter named
and mndersigaed, personally came and ap
peared : the several persons whose names
are horeunto subscribed, all above the age
of majority and residents of this city, par
ish and state, who severally declared that
availing themselves of the provisions of
the laws of this state relative to the or
ganization of corporations in general, and
especially of the provisions of Act 78 of
1904, of the General Assembly of Louisi
ana, they have covenanted and agreed and
by these presents do covenant and agree,
bind, form and constitute themselves as
well as much persona as may hereafter join
or necome associated with them, In a uor
poration and body politic In law for the
objects and purposes, and under the agree
ments and stlpolations followlng to-wit:
The name and title of this corporatlon
shall be "Joseph P. Bimone Company, Ilm
Ited." and its domicile shall be In the City
of New Orlesns, Parish of Orleans, 8tate
of alouisan. Under this corporate name
the said corporation shall have power and
authorlty to exist and to enjoy secerssion
for the full term of nalnety-nine years from
the date hereof, unless sooner dissolved; to
contract, sue and be sued; to make and use
a corporate seal; to break and alter the
same at pleasure, to have, hold, purchase,
own, recelve, lese, sell, convey, mortgage
and hypothecate or pledges roperty, real,
rrsona I and mixed; to borrow money and
n lead ay portion of its t leaome proceed
ig from Its capital stock or otherwise and
to give ead receive securitles therefor; to
mae advances on reat ad pereonal sec- .
ritlees; to elect and appoint much ocers,
directors, managers, agents and employees
as the iantermats and convenience of the
corporation may irel; to mae ead
talish seh by-lns rule ad regution
for the proper management of the a
or the corporation as may be eaessary and
proper, and the samen to change, alter,
amend or abrogate at pleasure; ed geier
ally to do an perform all acts, matters
and things as may be Incidental to the
corporation or requlsites ,nd necessary to
carry out the objects and purposes or the
All citation and legal process eshall be
erved on the president of said eorporation,
or, In case of his absene or disability, on
the vice president. and In the absence or 1
disability of both the president and vice a
pesaidet, upoan the secretary-treansurer of a
tae sid orporatio.
The objects and purposesa for whichb this
cororation is orngaised and the busineas
to be condeted by it are hereby declared
to be as follows:
To establish and conduet a leneral ship
pltng and paekig bsies to deal in pro
duce, vetables, gardea seeds and general
merchandise; to boy, sell, exchange, barter
or trade in any wares or material nlacl
dental thereto; to acquire by lease, pur
chase, or otherwie any equipment, con
satitng of movable or Immovable property,
aeeasary for the conduet of said busi
aess, and generally to invest the funds
of this company in such manner as may
be found desirable or necesary.
The cagpital stock of this corporation is
hereby xed at the sam of tea thousand I
dollars ($10,000.00), to be divided nlato anad
represented by one hndred (100) shares
of the par value of one hundred dollar 1
(P100.00) each. The capiotal stock may bek
inereased or dilnlahed ina eompliace with
the laws of the btate of louisiana. All I
stock shell be plaid for ln cash, Uas calledt:
for b the Bard of Directors, or may be
ased as fll paid stotk In payment or
and In payment of arI rendered, and
all stock hea tell paid ad on-assess,
No share shall be treasfearred except on
the hoss of e corportio or ntil the
rtllcatss ev be shre or shares
of stok to be LshaU lhave been n
delivered to the erpeeto ad daly an 1
ailed, ad the urpoto shall have the
right to refts to ma es tr pbr upn
Ia boees as long as the owner ota stock
Isi ndebtd in_ any bo the eorpeentie a
No stokelder shalWlh the righ tol
dipse of his steek or b l saum Imtl I
he has ret made a writien sar e e
-emt thee eratis the Ise sad I
* 5 sadstm, sarl ow ee hare a
thepu ber enge b es th e dataet oI
the receipt of such offer to purchase such
share or shares for the benefit of the cor
poration at their book value, as shown by
the inventory last made.
Tne Board of Directors shall have the
right to call in and purchase at their book
value, as shown by the Inventory last
made, such share or shares of stock as may
be Inherited from any of the stockloldlers
who may die. All retired stock may Is'
relasued by said IHoard of Directors, at not
less than their book value.
There shall lee printed or engraved across
each certificate of st'ck the following
"Thiese sh'tres are Issued and shall ee held
atluject to, the charter and by-laws of this
corporation." This corporation shall begin
busln.'ss as soon as three thousand dollars
($3',t00.Ot) of the capital stock is sub
scribed for.
All of the corporate powers of this cor
poration, and the management aad control
of its tbusiness shall Ice invested in and
exercised by a Boarfld of Directors to be
composed of three members, any two of
whom shall constitute a quorum for the
transaction of all business, and their de
cisions shall be valid. corporate acts. The
following persotns shall constitute the first
itoard of Diirectors, viz.: John Mallhes. Jo
seph I'. Simone. Salvadore l'ellegrinnl.
Each Board of Iirectors shall elect from
among their number its own officers, as
follows : A president. a vice president and
a secretary, who shall also be treasurer.
The Board of Dlirectors shall have the
pI)wer to determine the manner and tihe
cau'ses for which vacancies may le de
clared on suid Idcard.
No pe'rson shall I'w eleitglle as a memler
of the Board of Iirect'ors unless a stock
holder of this e'orporatlln.
Said Board of lirectors shall continue
In office until the first Wednesckty in April,
!912. on which day, and annually there
after a Board of Directors shall be elected
bhy Iallot for the term of one year. Such
election shall ie held under sntch rules and
regulations as may tee provided by the
Board of Ilirectors. Any failure from any
cause whatever to elect a Hoard of ItIree
tors on the iday named shall not dissolve
the corporation, but thie Itoard of Direc
tors then in office shall hoel over until
their successors are chosen. At every else
tien and mneeting of the stockholders. each
stockhlolder shall lt' entitled to onie vote
only. regardless of Ithe' numler of shares
registered In his name. and may vote in
person only, and not Iby proxy. Any va
cancy occurring on said lboard shall be
filled by the remaining directors by the ap
pointmentt of sonie qualified stocklhobl er
who shall serve until his successor I elect
eel at the annual election. The Board of
Dire-ctors shall have thle right to appolnt
or disc.harge such cl'erks. agents, man:lagers.
and other employees as may be deemed nec
essary or expedilent, and to make. chlange
and amend all by-laws,. rules and regunll
ttions fIor thie proper condnuct ind manage
ment of the affairs, business and concerns
of said corporation, not in conflict with
this charter or the laws of thlis state: pro
vided that the' president may suels'end any
employees in his discretion. pending the
action of tite Board of Directors.
All warrants, checks, drafts, notes or
other obligations of this corporation shall
lie signed by the secretary-treasurer.
Any officer or director may be removed by
a najorlty vote of the stockholdlers.
When all the directors consent thereto.
the notices otherwise required for holding
meetings may be dispensed with.
Meetings may ice called at the pleasure
of the president or upon written request
of a majority of the stockholders.
All meetings of the stockholders, whether
general or special, shall he held only after
ten days' written notice to each stock
,No stockholder shall te held lilale or
responsible for the contract or faults of
said corporation in any further snum than
the unpalid balance due the corporation on
the shares owned by him, nor shall any
mere ltformality in organization have the
effect of rendering this charter null, or ex
posing a shareholder to any liability he
yond the amount remaining unpaid on his
subscription to the stock.
This act of incorporation may be amend
ed. altered or modified, or said corporation
may be dissolved by a vote of three-fourths
of the stockholders present at a general
meeting of the stockholders convened for
that purpose.
Whenever this corporation is dissolved,
either by limitation or otherwise. Its af- b
fairs shall be liquidated under the super
glslon of three liquidators to be appointed
from amongst the stockholders at a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders convened
after due notice, as required by Article VI
of this charter.
Thus done and passed, In my oie, at
New Orleans, aforesaid, in the presence t
of Philip Shielda and Edmund S. Ogden,
domiciled in this city, who sign these pres
ents. together with the partles and me, no
tary, the day and date first aforesaid.
Original signed: John Malibes, J. I'. Si
mone. Salvadore Pellegrlnanl.
WItaesses : Edmund 8. Ogden, P. F.
C. M. EUSTIS, Not. .Pub.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages I
In and for the Parish of Orleans, State of I
Loulaiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoling act of Incorporation of the
"this P. BImono Company, Limited," was <
this day duly recorded In my odee in book
1018, folio 501.
New Orleans. L., April 11, 1911.
. hereby certify the above'and foregoing
Sto be a true and correct cpy of the aet
Sof incorporation of the "Joeph P. Simone
SCompany, Limited," with th exception of
I the number of ashares aubscrlbed for by the
c raltors, on file and of record in my
C. . EUSTIS, Not. Puab.
I apl 2 may 4 11 18 25 Jun 1 1911
Se It known, that on this 18th day of
Sthe moeth of Apr in the year of our
Iord, one thousnd nine hundred and
eleven, and of the tadependanee of the
Unifted States of America, the one hundred
and thlrty4tth, before me, W. Morgan Gur
le. a Notary Public, duly commissioned
and qualified in and for the Parish of Or
I leana, 8tate of Louisiana, sad in the pros
sase of the witnesses hereinafter named aad
undersigned, personally ame and appeared
a the persona whose names are hereunto sub
scrlbed, who declared that, availg them.
selves of the laws of this state renlative to
the organilation of coorations, and the
provisioss of the cotatution of this said
state, have covenanted and agreed, and do,
by these presents, covenant and aree, obli
I gate and bind themselves, as well s uch
I perseos as may herester become assoec
I ted with the, to form and constitute a
body politic in law, under the follolwing ar t
ticles which they adopt as their charter, to
The name of th'is corporation shall he
with its domielle in the City of New Or
leanas, tate of Louilslana, and It shall ea
joy mcessimon for a period of ninety-nine
S(99) years from the date hereof. It shall
have and exereee, for the purpose of Its I
bIusles, all the power coaferred by law
on similar corporations, and It shall be ao
thorised to do and perform any act and
thing, and to conduct any businea not
I peeilly rohIbited by law to cor rations.
It sha have power and autorilty to
receive, bay, own, hold, purchase, alienate,
leaste, rent, convey, mortgage, Lypothecate,
pledge, or otherwise encumber or dispose
Iof property, reat personal and mied, to
I ue bond, certel ates ad notes or other
I evidences of indebtedness: to borrow mo
I y, to name and anpoint its anages anad
employees, ad fix their cempeasaton, and
dlscharge them at pleasure
It shall have the power to elect oeers,
director ad agents; to establish rse by
laws, roles and regulations as may be nee
eMeary and proper-~ the conduet and
Sm anaeet of Its sead the same d
Ito alter ad amed or aboli at pleasure.
It shall have the right to ncrease ora
I diminsth its csattal ite with no ether
- formality than is hereiate provided or. I
SIt shall have the power and athority to 1
Scoantret, sue ad be sued a Itscrporate
ame ad generally to do ad erform all
.ech ets as may he necessar ad propr
to excute ad sarrl out the arpmes of
Sthis erporattn. It shadll have owe e ad
authority to er tor and s _to_ say
I e ain t emere l b iss or
kq In befis, t . pent or** edh
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er enterprise, and to establish such agencies
as it may choose for the conduct of its
business here or elsewhere. It shall also
have the right to act as the agent or proxy
for any individuals or corporations.
All citation and other legal process shall
be served on the president of this corpora
tion and in the event of his absence or
inabllit- to act, then upon the vice-presi
dent, at the domicile of this corporation.
The purpose for which this corporation
Is organised and the purposes of the busi
aess to be carried on by It are hereby de.
clared to be:
To do a general business in rice, and all
of its by-products ; to buy and sell at whole
sale or retail, on commission or otherwise;
to do a general commercial buiness In any
product of any kind; to operate factories,
plants or other mills of any kind in con.
nection with its said business, both here
and elsewhere, and generally to do what
ever may be Incidental to a general mer
cantile or commission business.
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby declared to be: One Hundred Thou
sand 'Dollars ($100,000.00), divided nlato
one thousand shares (1000) of one hundred
dollars ($100.00) each, which said stock
shall be paid for in cash or its equivalent,
whether paid directly or indirectly, ln such
amounts and on such terms and conditions
and In such manner as the Board of Direc
tors may determine, or it may be issued
full paid or non-assessable for property
actually purchased. or labor actually per
formed or rendered to this corporation.
This corporation shall be authorised to
commence bustiness as soon as twenty-five
thousand dollars ($25,000.00) of its stock
shall be subscribed fdr.
All the corporate powers of this corpor
ation shall be vested in and exercised by
a Board of Directors of not less than three
(3) and not more than seven (7) directors.
who must be stockholders and who shall
be elected annually on the second Monday
in April of each year, by the stockholders
commencing on the second Monday In April,
1912. at which time the ofeers of this cor
poration shall also be elected by the board
Rom amo their number or as soon there
after as possible and the directors and [email protected]
cer shall hold their respective ocees uatil
their successors are duly elected and qual
The said ocers are declared to -be a
president, a vice-president and a treasurer.
They shall also elect a secretary, who
may or may not be a member of the board
or a stockholder, at the discretion of the
board, and the omes of secretary anad
treaaurer may be filled by one and the
same person as the board may determne.
The first Board of Directors is hereby
declared to be: .Mr. lordon 6. Orme. Mr.
Julius R. Boss and Mr. James I. Pitot,
with the aid Gordon 8. Orme as presi
dent, the said James L. 1Ptot as vice-pres
ident and the said Julius R. Boss as sec
Which said Board of Directors sand o
era shall retain their respective oiees un
til the second Monday in April 1912, or
until their successors are duly elected and
qualified. Any vaeancles occurring la the
.oard of Directors before the expiration of
their term shall be filled by the stoekhold
ers, after ten (10) full days' notice shaball'
have been sent to each stockholder by mail
to his last known address. Two (2) mem
bers of said board shall constitute a quo
rm for the transaction of all businea.
Eald Board of Directors shall have the
power to make such by-laws, rules and
reulations as it deems proper, and to
alter, amend, break and revoke same at
No director shall be allowed to sell his
stock without first offerin the same to
the Board of Directors of this corporation.
at its then book-value. and the said offer
must be made to the board nla writing and
if same is not taken advantage of within
thirty days. the said stockholders shall
have the right to sell his stock to whom
they please.
Any director shall have the right to be
represented by written proxy given to any
stockholder to resenat him at any direc
tors meeting, and any director may wavlw
any or all notices of meetings by written
notle to the seeretary and each member
of the board as a also the stockholders shall
leave their last address with the seeretary
of this corporation and their falling to do
so shall be construed as a waiver of all
All notices of steckholders meetings s-
-se herenl therwlise provided for shall be
by tea (10) days written notice in the
maaner hereain sed.
This nperts n shall retala frnt lien
on any stock of say stockholder for any
Indebtedeass due this eororation by him.
and all trasers of stock shall be made
subjeet to this elause
t ... e aeye os inSth I d m l-ee
The failure to hold an electlg -
elect either directors or officers at
poration on the day fixed, shall ns
this charter or affect this co
any way, but the then existiag
oficers, or both, shall retain their
lye ofices until a meeting can be
until such board or omcers are l
This charter may be amended,
modified, or the capital stock
dimlnlished, or the corporatis 
by a vote of three-fourths ot b
issued at any meeting called fikr
pose, after forty (401 days wreit
thereof shall have been sent by th
tarto each stockholder at his haIm
.At the dissolution othis
either by limitation or otbUrwi,
fairs shall be liquidated by the the
of Drecto r ouch of thm
main 1m oflce, who shall be
full power to liquidate and
No stockholder shall ever be hl
for the contracts or faults of this
ation, nor shall any mere
the organlsation hereof have the
renderlag this charter null or et
any stockholder to any liability
Thrs dome and passed in my
City of New Orleams, on the dW
and year heren first above wltI
presence of Pierre A. Leloeg, Jr.
reace M. Janin, competest
hereunto sign their names with
appearers and me, notary, after
tag of the whole.
(Original signed) :
Witnesses :
I. the undersigned Recordrr o
la and for the Parish orf Oig'
Louisana, do hereby certi mt
and foregolig act of
"Southern Rice Sales
da duly recorded in my
folio 535. New Orleaso, Ia., -
(Signed) EMI LE LUONi ,-
I certify the above and
a true and correct copy th .
corporation of the "Southeke
Company," together with the
the Recorder of Mortgages
ed. on fle and of record Is
oSe in the ('lt of New
Apr 27 may 4 I 18 25 Juse 1
La Fona
111 kuC Utrt ftu
Ice Cream
delivered to
place in t
at thet
Buffet L
11:30 a. m. to 3:00
Park & T'

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