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George G. Brunssann,
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
GOOD Vnion Saloon,
O01-01 MOAN STEEET - e01
C OLD "'"'"" - - -
BEER Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars,
and Tobacco. UNION BEER
Theo. J. Lala,
The Grocer,
Dealer in High Class Food Products
Cooking Utensils, Liquors of All kinds. All kinds of
Food Stuffs. Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Grain, Etc.
Pittsburg Coal and Coke
Yard and Offlee: 828 Seguln Street Rsldenes 421 POllan Avea
When in Need of
Can Supply You Promptly
Telephone, Write or Wire
838 Canal St.
Phone Main 567 New Orleans
Where and When They Meet and Ad
dresses of Their Omoers.
Sts. John Lodge No. 153 T. and A.
M., meets every Tuesday evening in
Masonic Hall, corner Olivier St. and
Pelican Avenue at 7:20 o'clock.
W. M., Shade G. Smith, 625 Belle
ville St.; S. W., Fred H. Gait; J. W.,
Adolph Spitstaden, Jr.; Treasurer, Geo.
Herbert, Jr.; Secretary. L J. Peterson,
518 Verret St.; Chaplain, C. A. Suth
erland; Tyler, W. Senat; Stewards,
W. Lucas, J. M. Couget; S. D., A. W.
Lucas; J. D., S. Dosher.
Crescent Lodge No. 3. K. of P.,
meets every Friday night in Pythian a
.Hall at 7:30 o'clock.
'hso. Olsen, C. C.; Roger Chestnut, J,
V. C.; Jules B. Babin, M. W.; E. E. g
Babin, 307 Delaronde St., K. of R. and 4;
I.; Peter Clement, Prelate; L. J. Pet- p
erson, M. E.; C. Barthaut, M. A.; C.
Miller, I. G.; Louis Martin, O. G.; Pe. -
ter Clement, representative; Jules B- T
bin, alternate; Louis Peterson, Dr. C.
V. Kraft and F. C. Wagner, trus
tees; C. Mller, Janitor; Dr. Jno. A.
Rupp and Dr. W. H. Weaver, physic- si
tans; E. J. Mothe, undertaker; E. E. A
Babin, organist.
Meets second and fourth Thursday v
ot each month; quarterly meetings.
frst Thursday in January. April, July
and October, in Pythian Hall, at 7:30
p. m.
Gustave Peterson, 339 Elmira Ave., Ic
chanoellor commander; August C. H
Mrill, vice chancellor; Geo. W. Stewart,
prelate; J. U. Lewis. master of work; O
Wm. A. Scholl, 132 Lavergne street,
keeper of records and seal; John A
Porsler, master of finance; Frank
Henning. master of exchequer; James ti
. Stewart, master-at-arms; J. T.
ughes, Inner guard; J. T. Stuherland, V,
outer guard; Joe. Hughes, Sr., grand
lodge representative; James O. Stew- t
art, alternate; Dr. J. E. Pollock for
Algiers, Dr. C. P. Gelbke for Gretna S0
and Dr. W. B. Clark for New Orleans,
physicians. Jno. A. Barrett, under- ml
Virginia Lodge No. 136, K. of P.,
meets on the second and fourth Mon
days of each month in Pythian Hall at
7:30 p. m.
Chancellor commander, W. B. Ow
ens, 440 Elmira Ave.; vice chancellor,
B. Voegtlin; prelate. J. Pendas; keep- m
er of record and seals, L F. Gisch, 538 m
Elmira avensue; master of exchequer, let
H. Acker; master o finance, 8. G.
8mrlth; uaterut-arms, A. J. Bemson;
InLer raNt, W. Goodwln; outer uard, W
_ r. Ieek; mand lodge represenata
.s'4 S. . em6ta: .Iteraat A. . rp
'ffam ; phielan0n for Aliersn Dr. pe
-. a. Rupp; r MeDonomevfle and __
A-Dr. W. l Weaver.
Is~· (bazdia,~ ~ j jb·~a~~,
Sts. John Chapter No. 35-Meets on
the second and fourth Mondays of
each month in Masonic Hall, at 7:30
p. m.
Worthy matron, Mrs. Eleanor Nel
son, 323 Bermuda St.; worthy patron,
Mr. Arthur Lucas; associate matron,
Mrs. Amelia Smith; secretary, Mrs.
Augusta Burgis, 528 Bouny street;
treasurer, Miss Selina Sutherland;
conductress, Mrs. Jennie Reyn
olds; associate conductress, Mrs. Ele
lyn Corbett; warder, Mrs. Lily Good
lett; sentinel, Mr. John Cougett; Ada,
Miss Olga Nelson; Ruth. Mrs. Flor
ence Amuedo; Esther, Mrs. Erminie
Riehl; Martha, Mrs. May Pollock; El
ecta, Miss Ruby Vanderlinden; chap
lain, Mrs. Lizzie Borden; marshal, Mrs.
Josephine Weaver; organist, Mrs. Vi
ola Huckins.
Woodmen Circle.
Orange Grove No. 9-Meets on the
Sfirst and third Thursday of each month
in Pythian Hall, 7:30 p. m.
Amelia Smith, guardian, 625 Belle
ville Street.
Lizzie Borden, clerk, 549 Vallette
Street; Via Demuth, assistant clerk.
Anna Vanderlinden, past guardian;
Mary Jacobs, advisor; Hattie Tufts,
banker; Shade G. Smith, attendant;
Louise B. Casanova, chaplain; Dr. J.
Ernest Pollock, physilcan; Marguerite
Capdevielle, inner sentinel; Josephine
Mock, outer sentinel; Grace Pruitt,
Emma Short and Ida Hymel, managers;
Gertrude Back, prganist; Jno. A. Bar
rett; E. J. Mothe, undertaker.
Benevolent Associations.
Meets on the first Wednesday of ev
ery month at Renecky's Hall at 1:80
p. m. Julius Hambacher, president;
John Sprada, vice-president; George
Brunssann, treasurer; Frank Kraemer,
435 Bouny St., recording secretary;
Philip Essinger, financial secretary;
John Klnsinger, 233 Seguin street,
chairman of sick committee; John
Teteberg, chairman of widow and or
phans' committee; Peter Bensinger
and Theodore Duverth; William Oden
wald, marshal; Dr. M. J. Manent, phy
sician; George Brunssann, undertaker.
Address all letters and communica
tions to Frank Kraemer, 535 Belleville
"Meets every third Wednesday of
each month at Pythian Hall.
John 8chroder, Jr., President, Ope
lousas Ave. and Nunes St., or Court
Louts F. Willis, Vice President, 615
Opeleouas Ave.
C. E. Hildebrand, Treasurer, 435
Atlantic Ave.
B. A. McCloskey, Recording Secre
tary, 433 Bonny 8t.
. E. Babia, Financial Secretary, 112
Verret St
G. G. Brunssann, G. M., 243 Morgan
St t
P. Geuthreax, Sergeant at Arms,
808 Belleville St.
Ed. Lawton, chairman of Relief Com
mittee, 437 Opelousas.
Dr. J. R. Adams, physician.
G. G. Brunasann, undertaker. 343 P
Morgan St.
Knights of Honor
Aldgers Lodge No. 2549, r oI .,
meets every third Tueday at each
month in Renecky Hall, corner Va
lette and Pattersaon streets.
Cha. I. Fetherlint, 8. P. D.; Chas.
W. Brodtmana, dictator; Albert R.
Wool, vice dictator; Patrick Hartnett,
altanut dictator; Chn. H. Browalee,
reporter; J. D. Richard, finaneal re
porter; Thoe. A. Rhedes treasurer;
lbert BoereOsis, gude; W. A. NIse, t
apasn; Aes Jo , guardan
lie It known, that on this fifth day of I'
th.' month of May, in tihe yar of our Lord. h
,nI'I thousand nine hilndred and! eleven, and It
of thef indl'lwndence of the I 'nit.edl Stata.
oini Ilnitred and thirty tifth. f'fore ni' e k
John Mairshiall ii interi. a Notary I'ublih.
iuly to'm mni lssloned and est litiee. In and for
th, 'ly of New lOrlUans. Parish of 4l,aun,
Stat", of IL.*uisina. and in th. pli resrlnce of
the witniesses hIer'Inaft'er nalted and uin
deined, per-iannily I:ne and .:iappeared,
Tnto slo' eri' |rtll-)iltl; teaIcht nIs'v'rii. t dec: l re,
tIl,' to the orl ':anizaitioin if . -.co rporatiiions, . tl e I'
live' i'llllllinantel .l a ,reed and illdo by thesei '
Ipre I'nts l tulll alll"y .1ontra1t. r.' n nIit iand 11l
a17ire. and hndll h ,. thee Ivesll to antd with eachl , "
ither. as ~Iel l  nsuch otlhe r .rsons who "
may h.-r.aftl"r 11 ." lnme assal 'ated with th m,  fl
t.i f.lorm ani. ont-iitt.lllt' a llcorpoii rationll and "
.it polit ic itn Ilat . foir the' olije-ear and! ;til r
hallt'. haie pnter Itw t hi oritilly, to hav an1 llll .t
I -toll . ,t.'i'n i , iI.n fir f 'r l t rnallt ilr an!d ti
'htiirhe un,m an- i tle olhe. f thio ilcontratr.in
sihtll a 1. stue : t' mak . :,l4114ltSl.t lisp 4a 11 itM
Ni l .iY. lndl it'" i e I t' ir orilto alt r atnr oi
wall lasrv towhlr d.nd receorie. tao rhav , anl pi
'tin --,'fies.i. f wIii fall ti morng ant ,ll t
Itplri', of ni.t* ninr. eril reai. froina ll andt
ifte e.r i.i rei a l n ift! In. .r d r,' f: t o oi intrl t, i'
co nve' a cn ml y l' e: i to make aid IIe a e'linl rl
l l'i · ' rl. r a nd it a iIIs i n h tira k n t' alntr aiir ,
fin.,' tIo it me. antli hin'.-tan raoe. aInd t'r p:
an lll ~·onlvely·. nI< well al i t In·tl a ailr l nd ylnl
tiolilt'. fi rt pr opert t rgitii i eri onalt if tUe
Nl f t:Irn iffit ,lch Ii .i'artIn. in a yiti e ' i i f'neet it
:i.lct aditnc i fir. t ldi Int'r,' andpo p r.
A rn !tr'' ir: in. I k
Ilfll tl iets-i* lfi - t' iir't 2ltns. Parit o flk Inltl- f
,tv blt . t at e ll of oui lla .r and allmn and, fro n
l tihe eto v it e, lf h a i-,'nlw , rln t l a' l ril lle
huent, antin. for fthie itioer grt . tImen the-nt
off itr of the c'r aion ,imi. ill n- iI
Alt'Tit ILE I I.
The d, nitn:l't , f thl 't frorton w is htll h e
t i ttie I-'i"f in fr'tf e , atli. t arit h nt f re f'
Wn<. Sltsi. 4f l+,i, iaBnar . r n all b it.at" nere
1,1 dother'e h'"nt h.'1 | i'+l'i- sh ll It.,  vd onir
t Ile nir l. nt ofi f 3r tiwtd borrin t'tin. or. In
on th 'ont or f bin ois" thisn, ,o. tinma hiae ar, n
"llle . r' nih ifn toll , of oti w i  ean e x1 ,f thpl r 1-'
corf loratl- n ' i )te and tas n a o
- : 0 1"t,'ila n ' l ln-;ir. !,uitln l n.l ! i lht i nl  t. ft*.ll
tl hbiin,, Tt blit intrit, otin - it. a e, h e "r
to d e,'clr' ar htt.on. <,t.! t in , and isrt -
ral fo - il. ne . a d n ral of ill kindt.
\el-ire bt'' F;ut- of tilioad o i.tank- ceartra in
CoD hland' p le d in, or ,owertl sl bh s "or'ri
OR otor s r ih tmlals ofrorntiiin ally hv' and
On, e rihti f t r: i " t'. ion, ltnnfo and oiler .
'et and mither miner'l. wot anti rn e i lli.ifn in- i
:iad n.tine' . iraf ll , ft ll and t e 'ri't allnsu ttt
nd; ithe ntli.'i !ltrl itwelrn andt rtlferes:, i
Y aind. tin -; infer.Ipon!t llike i-pi'fii ratitiilnllt
I1e" on r.i, atinsrl oil gentr othl under lils forn
il irt titn tin! anis orhf ralr , thi nk a. iti'n.
rfird , l ii. p i ie lcins, tyr vin e<. rfr i e.! inl
Lda, t.'" State of Louilsiana, anti in tny if the
othier stafte ir merritirtit o f ite I'nife.n I
ror, Stat'nd lit le'. or{ in. nsrut an rized opn
nlt an thrn ve. In r t hitus, oir oth'rwnise,' oi.
nie titi' iennerniii and co.ntro. t.n atie i, ixu
El. tint an a natural lier.'li, l y- ' : itirititini', dei'
anTe. la nfer, or irn iks or oreal atein, aind
lap- tent ort er.litants in, lneral. iniir anhe ixn'
tirfrtion and tlawh' of sae toi state. All irtmg,
hporeti'atre tor in'i mib aty its 1eailre tin.: ti
Vtf rcthnie grant . ana, and rhIs tf any for the
li toser st arryingr terr inrhe sine ofthe Inlt h
i Stlre. i aid t orporation, an t ai uthor Vicor
all he Shoelerl crtan minera orights hasignel
iand te ow ner h anid altr o ths e necessaryor
lte carrying out ofnatural trhe oje ltsy anr.h pu, e
ipose. leas. or otherwison. eIt shall !state tpip
Ul ents, hlereditaments. [wrenal and mixetd
the pr forty anis the sacor to poration at and during a and
any rime rant and rihtdo, perorm and tor th of
ros of carry out a ny one or more of the busines es of shlt
obje of this corporation, and to acuirth from Vior
Van Bh'hoeler, cerlaln mnbral right assigned!
and to do ay and all a(.tsl ntssary forn
required at any one time to carry out al! ant
the arryin outand objf th objects afor which th pur
pose of th Is crporatedion. t shall h he prop
her for this corporation at and during all and ·r
carry out any one or more of the purm e or
objects of this corporation. without b ing
tle he purpg and objects for which this
The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby fixed at the msum of fifty thousand
S o).000.00) dollars, to be represented by
e 'j one thousand (1.000) shares of the par fan
value of fifty dollars ($30.00i each, which thr
it; capital stock may be ncreased or dimn- sch
Ished by proc edings taken ln the manner to
prescribed by the laws of the State of Lou to
Its Islana. Payment for said stock shall be ant
made In lawful current money of the 'United t
S States, or the said stock may be issued for an
tt, other lawful considerations, or payment an
of property transferred to said corporation,
'a; or for labor or services performed for said be
corporat!on. This said corporation shall re
be organied and begin business as soon ta ev
five thousand ($5.000.001 dollars shall have
been subscribed to the capital stock. The mo
remainder of said capital stock shall be
Issued by the Board of Directors as they
S. may deem eqpedient. But no stock shall
- be issued for less than the par value there
of. All trausfer of stock shall be made only
on the ooks of the company, subject to
such rules and regulations as the BoDrd of
v Directors may prescribe. e
All the corporate powers of this corpor
g atlon shall be vested in ad exerc lled by the
Board of Directors, .omposed of five (5) *1
t stokelolders, to be elected aneually on the ·a
S rst Monday otf the month of May of each t
year commenalg en the first Monday of the
7; month of May. 1913. This said election re
shall be by balmlot, and condueted under the
supervsion of two (2) commissioners, to de
be appolated by the Board of Directors for d
that purpose at each election. Thirty (30) hon
or- days ptlor notiee must be given by the se-c
r etary of the ompany, i writng, to each t
shareholder, by maillng the same by regf
I- latered mil to the last known addre or of
p Ilace of bus and oa left bw the t aid she- a e
Shlder, or snhareholde rs, with the secretar
Br of thne compey. lEach shareholder shall bor I
entitled to east one vote in person or by of
I pzy, for each share of stock owned byand
him, and the majority of votes cas sha s
elect. The hcoatrd thus elected shll serve t
and contine nl ole until their successo rs
shall have been duly elected and qualfied.l
Theeilucs r to holdho a d nnul r meting, orr o
Srone. and to~sr ome the same aor e pb . and
pan; to araot and aciuolvre all leoasen, buton- and
then Iten dlreltors shll otinu to hold T
Tcie oard o o s irdtoard shall not malbe dt
directors, Three (3) of the directors shall
eon t tute quorum f or the ttana on
itturo any bn The shdaid Boa of Direct
torhn shalla mWa al llea, re d e
ulations, for the proper government of the A
Srlltaeqra and afralrs of the porie an e
altersuch a amond asnd change dthe eame at
opleaure. They shaeIll have full Power tot
Sand to sell, mortgage, pledge, and leaser bu
any and all of the property of th smid cor her
poratlon, except as hereinafter restricted,
and all acts neces.ary to carry out the o un
Jet-a and purposes for which Uis orpora- elc. t
The Boitard of Dlirctors ahall not make act
tpi ietild, or mortgaged, shall be more than
company, without first obtaining s
the cnanem of the owners of at least three- ai
fths.'.u"f the claItal.stock outstandlng, at I t
a metin of the stckholde rs held for that hav
pt pir ;ose and the holding of sLuh a meeting
may be waived and the conet to sell or A
mortgage given !n writtng, provided al thes
.oar,! ii, Irco l othelrir, onslent to mae
rectors shall baer. full powernd autherlty
tclerkd Jan .ier emplo st o aid o- ally
atIo man eto i theirslry, ort m s shal
wImswhall be cd bye l the Board ~ de
This act of Incorporation may bI chlanged.
NY altered or modllified by a vote of two-thirds
of the capital stock, or the .tlid corporation
\T1 -may be dissolved by a vote of two-thirds
. of the capital stock, at a mieetinlg of tlhe'
stoc'khlder.s, held for thliat pirlpose. tftr
previous notice of ech llmeetig shall haIve
, been sent by relstered nall to etlllach share
ord. holder, alit shall have left his place of bhI
and iness. or pllae of reaidence, ttill th.e were
t,. tra of thll icorp ration. or to tlit- last
, knoiwnll address or pilte of residence of said
tot Alt'I'l*.E VII.
V1 hentever this. cororarin shalll ti, dis
un otlved by limitation or other.wise, its affalr
r'hall be liquildiatd by tat, cl lmm issioners
'r, selerteid il t.h i t of the naujority of the
In capitatl .stock. at a mteeting cialled for that
lo ' 'rpose. after due notli' e hall have bees
la given In the nmanneir provibed for In tihe
h r priceditl articles. In case ofit the death or
r resiation of lieof at d sith commissloers,
al ld Ithe remaiii i comlhissioner shall ostinutle
ti alone1' to final lijlli ti ion I but in the eventi
rh ..f t'e d'eath if bloth of said cotltnislioners.
their sucllles+ir shall i ,elc'ted In tIhe man
an tir as al' ll.itie provided. Said iomilil ission
or ere shtllrn remaln in tfice uatll tilt' full andi
tip- tnal settlemUnt ando li itihl:ittun of the af
fairs of Ibll rliorl tion.
.ltr'i' 'LE. VIII.
IIN Nio toi.ckhtoile i l ershall ever he heldl table
ime or ri'pllonsiile fr the. contracts ior faults
and of this conlpan, for tany fiurther sumrn thtan
and t he unpaid ali tlance t lii up1on thie shares atof
uand sok tonedi or siubscriledl for by himnt. Nor.
act, shall any mtrei inf.ormilitihs in Ithei organ
sir 1ittilon of thil. .orl ratii lo have the effect
at If retlderiug this chllarter null. or of .x
aet pu int the shareiohliers to any liability wi
ini fond the amount due on his stock,
Ind Thns done and lpaissed In my olce at the
ine' ity of New Oriatrn*, Parish of Orleans.
its St:tie of Luilanla:,. on the day. month andi
n.l yar htIrelnal.uove lirst writiten, in tle proes
nd enic, of Messrs. htillip S. i;Ildi-'re and Au
iun lust II. ltittlr. I Itth male reqid lntsz of this
i patrish. and over fourteen t 14i ye-ars of
the age, .lcompetent witnesses, who have hiere
ie unto sifned their na:les. with said appealr
'r". and nme. ntitary, aiftr dli readling of
t he whohe.
S IT'rhe numliit'r oif share. of stock siibscrthed
IIr- for lby each oif the inderstgned. Is set oppoii
is site theiir respective nat.es., and this saild
,n slting is Iti'tenit.d to and shall serve the
in ptiuposei also of 1a suibicription lIst.I
t1 rti'Inalt SiL-n'd : lioniisin ('ifterir . .1
s !'r. Priml. W mii. Me, ':l liland, J.,hn II. P''him,
rer Jlin i. t rie,. Victor Von Sichoiler.
Witne'sses: Philit p S Gihlihrel .. II. Il tetr.
ri I. the undersigiined IR.ecorder of 3hort-esi
is. in and for lthe I'risIh of iOrlins, SItat' of
c iuuiahna,. do h.ereby ciertify that the liove
le and fireguting at of incutrpurntlon iof the
r-t Viii ihiieler (ill I 'onstmp:nty iwas this .1:ay
ndil in!v recorded in mny n-i-li. In book lIts.
to fillt i 11
at SiJned0 t ill I.l: L(EONAliD. it. It.
to .\ triue oiy.
er .1. . 1. INTFlr Io . Noll ,l fry Public.
la I\ny 11 1s _5 j, a e 1 i 1;t 1:111
n hF -" i ,.'1: MINI:S ILANl I 'OMPANY.
nil " ,OL'ISIANA. P'AItISII OF titl.l\ANS.
o Ite it known, tihait on this 1th diay of the
i month oif March. in the year one thousand
tl nine hundred and eleven, anid of the node- t
"' endtence of th e United States of Amnerit I
: thie ione hundred and thirteenth, wefore me.
he .1. G. Eusts, a Notary Public in and for
the Parish of Orleans. and the State of
or Louisiana diuly commissloned, sworn and
in alified andl in the presence of the wit- I
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned.
r personally came and appeared the several a
ir persons whose names are hereunto subt. c
" scrihed, all of the age of majority, who de
Sclared that, availing themselves of Act 36t t
of 1558, as well as the General Laws of the
or State relative to the organization of cor
Sporations, they hereby form themselves into
i and constitute a corporation for the objects
Is and purposes, and under the atipulation.s
herelinafter set forth: h
The name and title of this corporation f
and by that name it shall enjoy succession it
for the term of ninety-nine (991 years from P
the date hereof, unless sooner dissolved. It p
a- shall have the power to sune and be sued. t
er to borrow money, hold, purchase, lease, sell v
u and hypotherate real and person property: 0
to make and use a corporate seal: to name v
and appoint directors, managers and agents.
and to establish auch by-laws. rules and
regulationa for the management of the bus
Iness and affairs of said corporation as may
Ib hb necessary, the same to alter at pleas-.
nre; also to make and issue bonds and other a
Sevidences of debt. and to secure same by il
7e mortgage or otherwise. r
II The domicile of this corporation shall be ti
- In the City of New Orleans, and all citation 4
lyor other legal process shall be served on ul
the president, or, in his absence, on the T
vtee-presideat. fi
The obJects and purposes of thsla corpor
Sation shaall be to purchase and otherwise l5
Sacqulireu. reclaim. cultivate, develop and dli- it
pose of by sale. lease or otherwlae. real t
* estate and lands I the Pariah of Plaque
mines and elsewhere. as the Boardl of D- U
Srectors mary from time to time determline, Y
to onatruct dralnage, seweragle system. to e
Sbulld, operate. sell and lease for operation a
Sdredgres and ditches, maintatin sue ware- i
hous docks, wharves, raillroad and tram- o.
Sway lnes, and other trrasportatlon lines ft
Sthat may be found mnecessary or expedient
for the proper development and carrying on at
of the company's bsilanes, to erect. mala- .
talan and operate telegraph and telephgbone
linesl. and Igenerally to acquire by purewhase al
or lease, operate. sell and otherwle dispose h
of any aad every species of property, remt ol
and personal, necessary or coaaeleat to be th
so a·cqanired and used ta order to more ef be
Sfectuaily carry out the mala design of the c
Sorganlsatlon, of the company, and partlea- t
L larly In connectlon with Its real estate s
r operations to acquire and operate dredges c
- nd boats.
The capital of this corporation shall be W
fixed at twenty-ve thouaad ($25,000.0)
Sdollars, divided nlate two haundred and fity
(250) shares of $100.00 each, payable in he
I cash. or Its equlvalent In property or labor. b
All the powers of thsla corporation shall m
he vested in a Board of DireMtors composed pr
of three members, two of whom shall con- (
stitute a quorum for the trnnaettion of J
business. They shall elect from their num- I
ber a preldaent, vice-president and treasurer. fr
The followinr named persons shall conl su
atitute a Board of Directors: M. C. Laker.
(. H. Randolph. L. L. Baker. and I. C.
Baker shall be president. 0. H. Randolpbh,
vice-president, and L L. Baker. seeretary
and treaarrer, and they shall bold aoes un- all
tL the third Tuesday of February, 1912, or or
until their asecessors shall have been duly by
elected. Any failure to hold an annual meet
Inat shall not cause a forfeiture of this me
act of lacorporation, aad any vacancy oc- th
curring nla the Board of Directors~. from anjr y
unae, shall be flled by the remalniang d- the
retors. t
The Board of Directors shall elect its oa.- me
eers, and shall appoint such agents and ce
manalgers as may be neacsary, and shall al
x their compenatlion. The board shall also
hav the rlht to dismIs misaid employees at It
pleasure. ca
All acts of sale. Dporehase. lerase, or others.
shall he silned by the president, and at- be
tested by the secretary. at
on the third Tnesday In February, anan- At
ally. lbeginal with the year 1912, there for
shall be held a meetti of stockholders, to by
elect directors for the ensulag year. whieh
meeting shall be called after tea (10) days
notlee: sald notie to he depoeited in the
mail, postage paid, and directed to each 1
stockholder, at his or her last known ad- ere
dress. At maid metlntg smid directors shall the
he elected by ballot, and a majorlty of the ai
votes st shall be necesary to elect, and bs
erah abre of the stoek ahal be eatltled to ed
one vote, and the shareholdef slhall vote t in
ron Or by written proxy. Only abarebolMl are
era shll be elllble a direto, the
tNo tck hal be tranerred t n
shDll he hell Iable feeeany castracts ora fee
nam 1L·on,
$ L - - 4
tion may Iw dissolved by a votei of three
fourths of the stock represented at a gen
ted. eral meeting held ft- that ip.rl.sc after
Irds die notice shall have li hen giv.n vby publ0
t,on antion for twenty ic2n dayi in one of the
Irds newspal..rs publishelti in Ne.w (Irla:ins andI
the in Iase of dissolution. two .lnJamission.llrs
"' shlll winld ulip andi sett bll . lt affairs of thisl
iae corporation. and In the evenh t of a di:,ii
are gr,.ement betweai n t!iel,. thyI shall sl*cIt i
s- an tipire. wh,.,io del isbn shall lie tinal.
.rAt the tLrlahinaton ofit this al t lof loe Ia
I lst aoratlon, th'e businessln and affairs iofa this
ali corporation shall I. lilkewl.e wound',,l upl andl
setttled by thrilee - i: ,naiss c inoners I'electe
lby the stockohlrs at a mn,.'ting alhid f'r
that piurpos., :after twenty days notice uin
al above.
a"r" Thus done and paosald on the day. namatla
ers and year tirst al.tve written at my n",tarial
tl" fitic in this citly. in the lpresncn of It. I.
hat t' plan and tl I I. iA. inson, cointlii .ent wit
1,  n.-sses, who to_.lthl.r with the raid al~p-al"
the era and le, Notary. have siganed these pre,
or tils after di.I' reaudin oif the wnli.-.
Prs. lrigtnal signed.l M. . Itakir, 2I1) shares:
le L.. 1. Btaker. 49 sharies; I;. l. Randolph. 1
"nt share
Vrs. itneses It I.. ITaplan. ' A. Rasom.
an J. .. I -:i sTI., Notary Plbl:.
1. the undirsl'ne-ad It'corder of Mortgate.
in and for the PaI'arish of Olrlians, do here.by
iertify that the ail.ve and foregiinga act of
lincorporation of lith- l'laquelianteq land i om
ble :any was this day duly recorded in my of
Itt ti.: in booik ltI1,x. folio -,1. New Orleans.
1 f l.a.. May 4, 1911.
or ISlni.dI Il:lliil: LEa 'AltDi, ID. R.
A tll.i copy.
, J. I;. EI'STIS. Not. Pub.
Mlay I1 l1 _ June 1 S 15 1911
1º I- LIIt-'.IA.NA. l'AIlI tiIF t(tRLEANS.
,'lit ITY OF Nili\ OI,.EANS.
It hit known, Ih:it on this tweinty eilthl
.1 day of the mat-th of April. Is the year of
ll. oir Lord one thoisand niln hlondrl'.l andt
,l,-von, anid of thlle inadael..ndi.are of the fait
i'r. e.l S ,tt . of Amer-ili. a ti-, one htandred and
thirty-f ifth. leftre na . John lMarshall Qulinr
tin.r, a Notar, t',ilhll. h lduly 'ommissioned
and I ll lltliel, ill and for the Parl h ofi I:1
tlans. State of t ,luislaina therein ridinitJ .
, and in thlie Je..ene of lthe witlnesses here
lo in:aftr llamid and lundlerst-lnold c personally
lv nalle and atppla ired the llersons who natln-s
he are herelintoll suiirl d. all above the fillI
lAy ie of mlajturity. wbui si.verally declaredl
that. Ialiva ill l t -theuias lr i oif the enerlal law-s
of thll Stil at of Ianisiana relative to the
'art^.nizatian t of corpolrations, theV hll"re'ly a
form thelneyalvl into and constitutel a c, a
triation for thei ijelrs andl pulrlp < anlti
undeor thei stilataions hereinafter -t fo tirl
The name. stylie ant ti.le of thils ,orp..r.
atlion shall hle "OI I' N WtIIEEIS.'" and
by that name It shall have powel-r and ant
lihority to exist and enjoy- slCesslon for
the full ternl of ninety -nine years from anid
after the date hereof: to 'contlrat. 'sl.l and
Ie sied: to make and use a corporlate e al.
the saml e ito lra.iak or chance at pleasurr.
Ito acquire. Iihol. reelivei. purchase, t, ai.t
and hire prolrl!n' of e'very nature and klndI
Sit. n 'es<ar o'r sieful for the purpolse of
the corporation land the salIme to convey,
. alienate or disl.ose of at pleasure Ito naal I
a1nd appiiiit lnl lltc if ofe tgrs. nianacer or a
alents as the intere<t of said corloration
he may retillrnre : to make and establish sluch
n Iy- laws, rules and regulations of Its af
e- fairs as may Ie n--essary and proper and
-8 the samlt to alter or change at pleasure.
d The donmictle of said corppoation shall L' ,
It. In the 'ity of New Orleans, State if Lt- t
'd. Isana. and citation or other legal process ii
al shall 1 served on the president, or. In n
0. case of his absence. on the vice-president, P
le- or. In the absence of both, on the secretary
36 treasurer of the same. c
Is The objects and purposes for which this
as corporation Is established are declared to
he: 11) To succeed the corporation and
club of th e samename; 121 To regulate e
social intercoturse and amusement among c
the memters of said corporation by rules t
in framed afte con sultation. by mutual con
Y. sent, to prthmote enjoyment., harmony, re- p
m finement of manners and Intellectual im
m provemenr: (i To purchase, lease, hire, e
It possess and operate and maeltain one or a
l. more coaches or cars for the use and con
11 vnlence of the mrdmbers. and to run same
: over and on the lines of Louisville & Nash
e ville Railroad Company, or other rallroads.
a- til
ty All the corporate powers of this corpor- t
I. ation shall be vested in and exerelise by P
'r Governing Committee to he composed of ti
the pridnt, the pre-prdeidntt, the ce-predent the se
retary-teasurer and three other members,
all to he elected by ballot at the annual d
meeting of the club to ie held on he sen r ti
ond Monday In July. 1911. anid annuall a
p thereaflter. oleers so elected taklng their
Sseats on the first day of the fliowing Jan-P
in ary. A majority of votes cast shall elect. a
e The olfee of sectrretary-treasurer tomay be
filled by one person.
Should the annual meetlna g and election
fall to be held on the day specled, the ian
cumbents shall continue tI oafre until mieh
r- mtIng is held and their nsuccessors elected
• and It shall be the duty of the aeting pres- oI
. Ident to cuse another meetlng and election
al to be held within thirty days thereafter.
. The oerand te s a t Governing Commit- P
. tee shall hold oife for the term of one
year or until their successors are duly elect- tI
o ed an qualfed. the Govering Commlttte
a habll fill all vacancles occurrtng for the un- P1
exzpired term of the same. Three members A
of the commtttee shall constitute a quorum hi
Sfor the trnatnion of any buslIness. P
t The bslineess of the club shall be man- t
Saged and transacted by aid hoard and
a colmttte of said bolrd. The governing
e committee shall have the power to adopt
e all by-laws, rules and regulations which they A
e dee necessary for tie proper government E
t of the club and its members and to amend
Sthe same. includlng the fixng of the num- C
I her, quailliation, election, rsspepsion or
e expuleson of members and the fees and
uses to be paid by same, provided that they
Sshall have no power to reduce the mem- B
Sbershtp below eighty or to incerease the an- 1
anal dues above twenty-fve dollars ($25I -1
or to levy an alsesseent wltbout the con- .
seat of the members of the club to be (,
Sgiven at a special meeting after ten days i
ber. Caoples of this charter and of the
. by-laws shall be piaoted from time teo time
for the use of the members.
The followlng are declared to be the of
Smittee of the same: Louis H. lFairbtld, 0
I presldent; Henry P. Dart, vice-president: th
Charles, . -Parde. secri etary-treasrer: 5
lo ke Brealux. Memlbers, to serve untl the 1
frst day of Janu ry, 1912, or until their
suc essors sha1i be elected.
,eneral and spee·al meetings for any and
all puoe may be. cllred by the president,
or. tn-t absnc, bry the vicepresident, or in
by the Governing Committee, or on the re- Ia
lquest of ny five members in writing, such an
mleeting to takeplac as follows : Duing
tne period from May I to October 31, after i
ve days notice posted iLn club car: during
nthe remalidearof the year by printed note
set by mail to the mmbers, provided that
mtings for te t purposes stated tn the pre
eat ina artle hall be tgoverned and reg
ulatedI ats provided therein.
I-At a meetlans ech members in good
tanding shall ach have one vote, to be
ifteent members in good standing all
he a quorum for the transaction of basies
at all meetings and the decislon of the ma- -
jority of the quorum present shall be valid
as a corporate act, save as to amendments
to this charter, which are provided for in
Article VII, and save also as to elections
for membership, which shall be regulated
This club shall be deemed and consid
ered and is declared to be the sucesanor of
the corporation called "Club on Wheels"
and ail the by-laws and rules of that club
shal remain in force until changed, amend
ed or repealed, as herena eemitted.
-All the memters of said "Club on Wheels"
are declared to be members of this club and
or may have hereafter agalst tem.
m I,~ th psltv
If you sp,. i]One Ria
Thousand Iol'ar1 you 0
a Sewing Ma0b,.. equal to t
New HOMg
Gustav Seeger,
S91 Canal St., New Orleans La4
~-- - ---'--- --- - - - --- --- - ---r -- -..
Beer Brewed in New Orleans is
That is why
American Beer
Is Best "°.ML"
American Brewing Co.
John Couget,
Beef, Veal, Pork and Mutton,
St. John's Market.
,"d to arrs':.-' fr the trant f,,r Into til.s club
of the mns.ership thereof in good standing
Save in the ;a-, of tihe mntllar- of the
old 11h. is herinl provided. a nmernml rship
Pfee f one hIlndrled and tift dollars 1l.n1,1
-hall Ise p:Iid immtndiatlyv upon acesptance
of nm ls-rrship in this .lhb. . certifticate
shall I.e I,ued for one hnndred dollars
i 'oun.ln,*. thereof. which shall Ie deliv.red
to tlhe mnlnwr and same shallu IN, non-trans
fraIle and non-neotil:tble. netither shall any
righ-t. lof any kind. ,pas thllrerlnder by any
.xiution or to, any heir. aslign. nsu.cesisr,
execl'uor. administrator or ot hl.r persoal
whlatever. tllt whIenevr suc'h mrttlwr shall
.rease. for an"y ca:lse whatePver, to ie a nlmemn
sINr and wiihen.lver this corporation shall
have filled the vacancy thhu createld, the
said certiti~natre hall ;e called in and re
deemed Ily thits corporatlon at the face
vailiI of tilhe samr.. The sutlntanc.e of this
p,-,rvi.+in shall Ie. printed in or upon all
certificates isutned hireundelr.
It is elpecially understood and agreed lI
the subscrilers to this charti.r and by all
persons whmo may t1lN. orml' mutntlas'rs ,of this
corporation that iupon the death olf say
memtler, or upo,1n his reasing. for any cause.
tol I a memler of this co'rporation, all
right, share or interest which the said
memlwr may have in the assets of the cor
poration shall revert to the corporatlon and
shall in no wise belong to said memler, his
estate or his heirs: and., the membership
of this corporation is strictly personal sad
not transferable.
This act of incorporation may be amend
ed. changed. modified or altered, or said
corporation may he dissolved by a vote of
two-thirds of the members present at a
special meeting to be called for that pur
pose. after five days previous notice in
writing by mall shall have been gives to
each and every member, at which meeting
a quorum shall consist of thirty members.
Whenever this corporation is dissolved.
either by limitation or from any other cause,
its affairs shall be liquidated or settled by
three commissioners to be appointed for
that phrpose by the members of said cor
poration, at a meeting to be carnvened for
that purpose, after a printed notice statinag
the object of the meeting shall have been
mailed to each member: and in case of
death of one or more of said commissioners,
the survivor or survivors shall continue to
act until the vacancy or vacancies shall be
filled at a special meeting called for that
purpose by the acting commissioner or by
any five members, after notice as above re
No member of this club shall ever be held
liable or responsible for the contracts, debts
or faults of said corporation, nor shall any
Informality in the organilatioa have the
effect of rendering this charter null or ex
pose the members to any personal liability.
Thus done and passed. In my once, at
the City of New Orleans on the day, month
and year herein first `sove written, In the
presence of Messieurs 'hilip 8. tIldlere and
August H. Ritter, competent witnesses, who
hereunto sign their names with the said ap
pearers and me, Notary, after reading of
the whole.
Original BSigned: L. H. Fairchild, Henry
P. Dart. C. A. Pardue, John M. Parker, 8.
Locke Breaux. Wm. P. Burke. A. Baldwin,
A. Blldwln, Jr.. IL C. Fallon, Edgar H.
Farrar, J. T. WJtherspooe, A. ). Parker.
Frank T. Howard p. p. . LH. IParchild,
Charles Janvier, Walter R. Stauffer, 8. P.
Walmaley, Henry P. Dart, Jr., Wm. Kernan
Dart, l'eter F. Peecud, George Denegre,
George P. Agar. T. H. Lyons, Alfred Le
Blanc, John A. Wllingtoa, J. H. Lafaye,
Charles W. Ziegler. Frank 8. Walshe, John
MeCloskey. John N. Stewart. G. W. Clay.
O. P. Geren, H. T. Howard, Engene Martinl
Charles A Farwell. J. G. Olivier, G. B.
Baldwin, I K. 'Merllh.
Witnesses: Philip 8. Gldiere. A. H. Bitter
J. M. QUINTERO, Notary Public.
I hereby certify that I have examined
the within act of Incorporation and am of
opinion that the purposes and objects of
the proposed corporation, as opeeifled in
said act, are legal, and that none of the
provisions therein contained are contrary to
District Attorney, Parish of Orleans.
New Orleans, May 4, --.1.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages,
In and for the Pariah of Orleans, State of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of nlacorporation of the
Club on Wheels was this day duly recorded
in my onee in book 1018, folio 590.
New Orleans, La., May 4. 1911.
A true copy :
J. M. QUINTERO, Notary Public.
May 11 18 25 June 1 8 15 1911
Just at Ferry Landing ALGIERS.
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Liquors, Cigars, Etc. HOT MEALS AT ALL HOURS
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with any in the city.
FlA TIIIRAlT INAI, a.s~., 1000 Al
Spelling Review For April, 1911.
.. . 4 1 .33
I.... 450 3 4.88
8 A1.. .. 750 lii 98.66
8 1t... 451 2: 94.88
7 A.....1000 163 83.50 g
7 A.... 504) 80 n4.00 "
7 It....1150 235 77.80 1
6 A.... 6503 106 83.70 1
6 B.... 850 194 77.20 g
6 A.... 600 46 92.33 2
6 13.... 950 104 89.15 t
5 A.... 950 87 90.84 *
5 B....1200 103 91.41 i
5 A.... 800 163 79.62 1
5 B.... 1350 225 83.33 1:
4 A.... 1600 361 65.00
4 B.... 1700 230 86.40 -
3 A.... 850 175 78.90 "
S3B.... 550 91 83.40 6
.$ A.... 750 149 80.01
3 B.... 700 176 74.85
Board of Assessors Will Send It to
State Superintendent.
A census of all school children`,
tween the ages of 6 and 18 in,4edas
in the Parish of Orleans, is beiWg -
ken by canvassers of the State g
of Assessors. President Taylor GEUAi
of the board stated Saturday that tW
law requires this census shall be t
ken in each parish every four
and his men have been put to
gathering the figures. The report
to be ready to submit to the stated
ficeals in Baton Rouge by July L
Each one of the canvassers h -
eommismlon eigned 'by
Gauche. This census is neces~l
account of the appropriation a
the Legislature to be a
among the parishes in accordames
the number of children
school. The Parish of Orleg4
course, leads all the parishoes I
amount of money received tifn
school fund. The money will be
ed over to the School Board.
Gauche says he hopes the pubiS rl
facilitate the canvassers in everty wI
1800-1302 DRYADES

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