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Algerines at Law.
o ,o i' s . \A Ik te r .
.. ,!. (', , ;,;.-, from ('i\il l)istri-,'
('u l.,i-is K. - ('atrol. liender
sou l (I: ,l l. ft.ndant and appeal
C'. ) ' n " &- V "i ., L id . *,, .s . J o h n
lKi(.k(-ut;r-i: ju Ignent for defendant,
Ml:' .\na: ,la It.-.se .s. T ho;. Hlad.
hey; dii ,r, W-old i!l- & 'Woodv'ille,
Mrs..1lllanda Ite.PsP. Ife" of Thomas
Hadlely, who recently Inought suit for
separation trinii b.d anrid board from
nter husband ald for a division of the
('omuIlllnit of ta q(lets and gains, ont
Tihursday filed in the Civil ('Court a
petition, to a lnnul an alleged sale of
certain prolperty made ) heIr husband
to Sara tVesley.
Mr- Iladle. alleges that during the
exist(.ci(e of the (-Oninktitiniy her hus
band pitrcihased a pile(e of improved
real e.state in Algiers and on .hIly 31.
1900, pretended to sell it to Sara Wes
ley, with whoim lie is alleged to be in
timate, and that Sara Wesley pretend
ed to transfer iby gift one-half of the
property to Bertha lHadley, the daugh
ter of petitioner and Hladley.
It is charged that the two acts of
sale were .imullated, no consideration
passing, and that the whole was done
in fraud of Mrs. iladle's rights and
to deprive her of her interest in and
to the property.
M. Abascal & Bros., Ltd. vs. R. C.
Donner; judgment for plaintiff,
Writs Issued.
Mrs. Sadie E. Maguire vs. Blanche
Ophelia Finegan, administratrix; seiz
ure and sale of lot, Patterson, La
vergne, Verret and Delaronde, $1,200.
Same vs. same, seizure and sale of
portion, Brooklyn, Opelousas, River
and Slidell, $1,600.
Land Development Co., Ltd., to Titus
Johnson, 1-4 lot, Belleville, Slidell, Val
The Algiers Presbyterian Mission
Sunday School will give a grand lawn
party and entertainment at Pythian
Hall on May 26th for the benefit of
their building fund, which is to be
used in erecting a church and Sunday
school building on this side of the
river for their use. The fund will be
in charge and under control of Dr. J.
C. Barr, of Lafayette Presbyterian
Church, who very often comes to Al
glern and preaches at Pythian Hall on
Sunday afternoons. The Ladies' Aid
of the Presbyterian Mission Sunday
School, under whose auspices the lawn
*party and entertainment is to be given,
is working hard to make a success of
the affair, and they should be encour
aged in this work. There are a great
many Presbyterians here, and it is al
ways a credit to a town to have every
creed represented by a substantial
structure in which they may worship
Mrs. J. L. Higgins, of 117 Vallette
street, who is chairlady of the enter
talament committee, is also working
very hard to make the affair a success.
Remaining at postoffice Station A,
New Orleans, La., week ending May
18, 1911:
Goeats-Sam Carter, Vincenzo Madrl,
Maddan Ponstrout.
Ladies-~liza Banil, Julia Colman,
Mary Jones, Nelle Smith.
W. J. Behan, P. M.
J. W. Danlels, Supt. Sta. A.
Se It known, that on thIs tenth day of
the month of April, in the yesr one thou
ad nine hundred and eleven (1911) A. D.,
elbre me, John Gt. Eustls, a Notary ~Publle,
e C_olissloard, sworn and qualified Is
a for the Parish of Orleans, State of
Iooain, aud ie the presence of the ern
stat resideat witnees hereinafter named
and muders.gned, personally came and a
ar-ti the pcrmoan whose names are hereto
s-bscrbed, who severally declared that avail
laU tyemselves or the provisioans of an act
of te elgrlature of thIs state, known as
Act No, ThlIrty-slx (36) of the Sesslon of
bSL as welle as those of other acts and a
pa-l larws of this state relative to thea
orualsaton of oarporatlons, thev have
formed and organised themselrves, and other a
erons who may hereafter become Inter
ssted and asesIated with them, Into a
corporation for the objects, purpoes, stip
ulatloss. agreements, etc.. hereinafer set
h -i- charter, to-wit:
- Ness sd Title of Corporatfo~ aed Pklae
of Domicile.
'We same and title of said corporation
I be the "OrIent Company. Llmttedj,'
MY er this orporate name It shall have
Pp and authority to have and enjoy sue
laor the term of ninety-nine (199)
ear .from the date hereof. The domiciler
an prllcpal oflfce of said eorllratlon for
h trnsactlon of husaIness shall be in the a
of New Orleans, State of Louisiana. p
bsereljpos ef tke Purpoes for Whra the
Ce7eportjo . Fetabllshed, the Nture ofa
tAo B3msae to be cerried on and the
bD.ul i mof the Oflcer on whom Citua
flea mw be Serced.
Under Its corporate name It shall have a
_w-r and anthority to contract, sue and 4
b sued, to nmae and use a corporate seal,
sam e to bek and alter at will and
,ulSlmzre to do a general real estate, land
·tiberm, armg, immigratIon, mineral, mli
a, contraetiag, commission, merchands- A
h a m state is the United States of America
sid utaes orn peetScally Identied
sad dscribd ua Ollows:
_h bug, sell, lese, releaen, mrrtage and .~
bpeeae ral state, lands, mneral c
mbss timer, umber, log, machinery aad di
li.'te and Io.nelr, $•4.32 ash. Coto- f
Ar .\ithoniy Cordonia to Mrs. Joseph li
oier- l.anana. lot. Nelson, Socrates. Law- e
rence and line of Olit ier property, $6S ,
cal sh.---Gautier, notary.
Itufus Farmer to Miss Josephine C. a
Field 1-2 lot. homer. Brooklyn. Slidell tn
and River, $3.-i cash.-Mahoney. no
lant. t
ladl M ry . Gorhanm Marshall to (Geo. l.oef
vill," fl, PIaul and IRene Brunet, 4 lots. Far
r,tlt, l~,Armas. Socrates and proper
Ias ty of G. Kohn, $-,n00 cash.-- I)enechaud.
Sfor nlotar. •
frotm City of New Orleans (A. WV. Weber)
the to A. W. Weber. same property (re
on, deniption). $17.34 cash.-Treasurer. I
rt It i-,). Koppell to M.ichael .1. Rooney,
e of lot, Alix, Seguin, Eliza and Bermuda. 0
,and $:,:,':, terts.-Legier, notary.
Robert It. Wet more to Eureka
th Hiomestead Society. lot. Opelousas,
us- Irooklyn, Slidell and Teche, $1,450 M
wed cash.
Purchaser to Wid..los. B. Beckett.
S same property. $1,704) terms. Bene
dict, notary.
L. I). Sokolsky and Harry Singer to
a of Frank B. Twomey, $600. 1 note, 90
lion days. 7 per cent.. 3 lots, Lamarque.
lone Ielleville, DeArmas and Elmira.
and I)re3 fous, notary. I i
and .John Henry Williams to Interstate an
Trust & Banking Co.. $150, 1 note. I an
G. year, 8 per cent., lot, Webster, Wag
tiff, ner, Diana and DeArmas.--O'Connor, as
notary. he
Mrs. Ellen McGraw, wife of August ,
N. Bloom, to Interstate Trust & Bank- wI
ing Co., $900, 1 note. 1 year, 8 per an
cent., lot, Allx, Bouny. Eliza and Pow- pa
der.--Mahoney, notary. of
iver all
Mrs. E. Dupier, owner and builder, i
general repairs, 604-06 Verret, $75. ar
Jno. H. Williams, owner and builder,
Itus repairs, Webster avenue and DeArmas,
Val- $100.
To iut timber, remove logs, clear lands. an
reforest lands, farm lands, and mine min- lea
eron rals. e-F
To plan, have surveyed, lay out, improve. aot
awn embellish, grade and upbuild village sites, an
Ilan town sites. manufacturing sites, suburban ow
addltions, business lots. residence lots, parks the
:f and placesm rural settlements, farms and cer
land tracts, and to promote immigration, an
settling, building and inhabiting the same. reg
day To build and operate mills, factories. etc.. lan
for the manufacturing, making and usI of me
the timber, lumber, logs. farm products. print- pr<
beIng. coc.crete materials, brick materials, )0s
stone quarries, mineral products and to do
SJ.buld, maintain and operate all things nec- to
essary and proper to conduct and carry on tlo
clan such bttslinesses. I1
Al To build and operate stores for the sale pol
of merchandise. furnlture. machinery, hard- ter
Ion ware, groceries, boots, shoes, notions, dry for
goods. farm products, mineral products.
Aid harness, wagons, carriages, and all other
day articles and things necessary to a general
Lwn To build and construct buildings and res- in
Idence structures for sale or lease. St•
cen, The President or In his absence the VlTe- be
Iof President shall be the officer upon whom e- ane
tatlon and judicial process shall be served. In
our- the
Al- Amount of ('apital Stock, NVmber of Shares,
'ery Amonst of Each Share. and Time When
and Manner is Which Payment on Btock ror
tia1 Subscriptions Shall Be Made. ant
hip The capital stock of this corporation is
hereby tixed at the sum of One IHundred mll
Thousand ($100.))0) dollars, divided into mil
one thousand (It0)O1 shares at one hundred ral
ter- i$1mtli dollars per share, and shall be paid wa
for in cash, property or Its equlvalent'at lun
uing such times and in such amounts and man- Its
ner as the Board of Directors may determine
. and direct. This corporation shall begin le
business whenever fifty-one (51) shares of
tlihe capital stock shall have been subscribed fat
for. This corporation shall have the privi- ant
lege to Increase its capital stock according ber
to the terms and conditions of an act of the o
leifslature of this state numbered twenty- d
as (2.6) of the gesslon of 1882. and other for
4ay acts of the legislature, and general laws In
of this state. No stockholder shall ever
be liable, responasible, or held so, for the an
drl, Contra-ts, faults, or debts of this corpora- n
tlon In any further sum than the unpaid to
halance due the corporation on the shares
owned by him, nor shall any Informality n
lan, in organlaatlon or operation have the effect a
of rendering this charter null and void or act
of exposing a etockholder to any liability rl
[. beyond the amount of his stock.
The Mode tn WMch the EleCtiosa of Dlrec- her
tore or Moaogere hall Be Coadated. san
All the afratnlrs power property and busal- 1,
ness of this corporation shall be exercised hu
and governed and managed by a Board of stoi
Directors composed of at least three (3) sue
D." stockholders owning at least one (1) share sub
of stock of thls corporatlon. The directors of
TE shall elect from their number a President, for
N, vic-p resident and a secretary-treaurer. don
The following named persons shall conati- con
tute the first (1st) Board of Directers:
-of tarley A. W. ..owcott, Joseph R Bra, Au- cer
gou- gust Bom, with Harley ,A. W. Howcott as sot
D.. president, Jo.. R. Bre.s s vicerestdent, and cap
u Abu  Iem .aeretarytreaurr. e They
s.hall hold their oGres until the first (it)
o ondtay In January one thousrand nine hun
am dred and twelve (1912) A. D., or until their A
d aucceaor ae elected and qualified. There atlo
op. ater said dlrector to be elected by ballot a
to a general me etingshl convened for that pur- e
'all- pose on the first (1st) Monday of January, the
act one thousand nine hundred and twelve eace
a t1912) A. D., and on the first (lst) Monday in
ofo January of each succeeding year. Each
nd ahare o sto.k represenoted at such meetlns on
theshall be enttlted to one (i vote, notice of cca
ae such meeting shall be mailed or left per- A
het sonally by the cretary-treaaurer to each and
ter- stockholder ten (01) days preceding said tion,
election. !uch election shall be held at the comi
tip-ofce and domicile of said corimratlon un- of d
set dr the superrvision of the then present N
aBoard of Dctres. The stockholders re- the
cevmng a majority of the votes shall be de- tion
claret elected. Failure to hold an election timr
(n the day specified shall not dissolve the 1'ari
* crporatlio, the directors In ofce holding At
ac over until an election can te held after meei
ten (10) days notice of the time and place tied
thereof. A majority of the Board of I- st
ion rectors shall constitute a quorum for tlecomi
d,' transaction of buslness Vacancles occur- riti
ave ring in the Board of Directors shall be vote'
uc- filled from the stockholders by the remaining At
members of the board, whether qoorum deati
f;r sall appoint or elect all other offcrs, term
he agents, clerks, or employees as they deem A
proper and necessary and the saaries .f ahoy
such shall be eied by the hoard with full poraf
power to increase, diminish or cancel at ta ment
he i8ll and pleasure. The Board oflDirectors rein
olfshall meet for the transaction of bauine elct
he wBhenever called upon by the secretary-tr-as- T
I, lion of busies ttoorsa
(3-4) of the stock reresteiW or nreset M as w
such meeting duly called for that purpose 1
after publication in a newspaper at its
domlcile and a written or personal notice to e
each stockholder for ten (0p) days prior to i
such meeting. At the expiration of this
charter or itf sooner dissolved its affairs I
shall be liquidated Iby three (3) commis- r
.ioners electled by the Board of Dlrecotrs.
Said commissioncrs shall be vested withI
full power and authority to sell any and
all the assets and property, both real and I
personal, movable and immovable, of the
orporatiln and sell, transfer and deliver
to full and complete title thereto and shall
have full power and authority to do and
perform all acts necessary, useful and pro
ph ir to fully and completely liquidate and I
dissolve its affairs and distribute the pro
W- ceeds if any among the stockholders.
This done and passed In my office, Room
707 llennen Ituilding. in the City of New
Orleans. Parish of Orleans. State of Lou
islana in the presence of Broen. ('rump, Jr.. I
C. and Albert M. Andrews, competent resident
witnesses, who have sutbscribed their names.
ell together with said appearers and me Notary
S1Putbli-c, on the day, month and year first
hereinabove written.
17 shares at $11mO each .... $1700
17 shares at $100 each.... $1700
S. S. hAlO l'lSSE.,
er li shares at $10l1 each.... $1600
1d. share at $100 each .... $104)
Witnesses : B.ni. C'rump, Jr., Allbrt M. i
JOHIN G. EI'STIS. Notary Public.
I. the undlerlneid Iecorder of Mortgages.
In anti for the Parish of Orleans, .State of
I,louisana. do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of the
laO, rient C'ompany. ,td., was this day duly
recorded in my ofiee in book 1018, folio
5:to. New Orleans, April 20, 1911.
a (Signedi EMILE LE)NARI, D. tR.
A true copy.
' J. G. EI'STIS. Not. Pub. t
M .May 4 I1 11 25 june 1 8 1941
.t, It known and remembered, that on
this ninth day of the month of May. In the
year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred t
te and eleven, and of the independence of the d
United States of America, the one hundred o
I and thirty-fifth, before me. Gustaf R. West- n
feldt. Jr., a Notary Public, in and for the r
Parish of Orleans. State of Louislana, afore- a
r, said, duly commissioned, sworn and quall- U
tfled, and in the presence of the witnesses
hereinafter named and undersigned, person
sally came and appeared: The several per
sons whose names are hereunto subscrlbled,
k. who severally declared that availing them- h
selves of the laws of the State of Loulst- h
r ana, in such cases made and provided, and
particularly of the provisions of Act No. 78
of the acts of the dLegislature of the State
of Loulsiana. for the year 1904, approved a
July 4, 1.904, they have covenanted and ti
agreed, and do by these presents covenant tl
and agree and bind themselves as well as q
all such persons as may hereafter become
associated with them, to form 9 corporation W
r, for the objects and purposes and under the st
articles and stipulations following, to-wit:
B, The name and title of this corporation C
('v.." and under its corporate name It shall F
have power and authority to contract, sue P
and he sued; to make, have and use a cor
porate seal, and the same to break, alter er
s, and amend at pleasure: to hold, receive. t
a- lease, purchase, convey, pledge and bypoth
ecate, under its corporate name, property, at
e, Iboth real and personal: to borrow money qt
a. and to lend money on security; to buy and $:
n own stock in other corporations and vote F1
is the same; to name and appoint such of-. I'
d cers, directors and agents as the interests
a, and convenience of said corporation may m
require: to make and establish such by
laws, rules and regulations for the manage
.f ment of the affairs as may be necessary or
t- proper to carry out the objects and pur
e, poses of said corporation: and to likewise
o do and perform any and all acts necessary
c- to carry on the business of said corpora- in
n tion, as, in the judgment of its Board of -i,
Directors may seem proper. And said cor- at
e pIration, unless sooner dissolved under the Ce
1- terms of its charter, shall exist and continue da
y for a period of ninety-nine (99) years. fo
The domicile of said corporation shall be
t- In the 'lity of New Orleans, Pariah and
State aforesaid, and the president shall M
be the proper officer upon whom all citations -
1- and other legal process shall be served; and, -
I. n his absence, the vice-president; and in
the absence of both, the secretary.
· The objects and purposes for whkh this
k corporation is organised and established,
and the nature of the business to be trans
acted under said charter hereby adopted
are declared to be as follows :
To buy, construct, lease and operate saw
mills, planing mills, lath mills and shingle U
0 mills: to constuet, acquire, lease and use
d railways, tramways, canals and rights of
d way for the transporhtation of timber and
Slumber and other products. for the use of
Sits mills, and for other purposes; to buy,
e sell, and lease timber lands, and to acqulre, of
f lease and hold other lands for the use of 14
i saw mills, pilaning mills, shingle mills and en
d lath mills. lumber yards and timber yards; St
Sand for other purposes; to buy and sell tim. th
Ser rights on lands:; to buy and sell timber no
e logs, hiqmber, shingles and other timber pro. let
ducts, either for domestic sale or export to ed
r foreglan countries, or other states in the of
United States; to acquire, lease, charter de
Sand operate barges, steamboats, and other Jo
Swater craft for the transportation of logts, C
lumber. shingles and other tlmber products; le
to execute bond in the fulfilment of con- u
tracts or In the performance of their busil- I
Sness; and to do and perform any and all ila
Sacts incident to and growing out of the car- a
rylng out of any and all of the objects ag
herelnabove enumerated. le
The capital stock of this corporatlon is cit
hereby fixed at the sum of one hundred thou- p
sand dollars ($100,000.00), divided into de
and represented by one thonand shares it
!- (1.000) of stock of the par value of one of
I hundred dollars ($100.00) each. The said on
f stock may be paid for at such times and in tht
Ssuch amounts, and after such notice to the cre
subscribers, as may be fixed by the Board b
Sof Directors: the said stock may be issued or
for cash at not less than par, or for labor wil
done. or property actually received by said
The corporation shall become a going con
cern and be authorlised to do business as
Ssoon as one hundred (100) shares of the sh
Icapital stock shall have been saubecrihbed for. ai
All the corporate powers of aid e oor -d
stion shall be vested in and exercised by and
a nBoard o Diretors to be omposed of sea
five (5) persons to be elected annually on ple
the second Monday of Malrch In aeh iyear,
except the first Board of Directors namedqil
in this caroter. thr airst Bard of Drec- p
to sll hold their olee until the second o
Monday of March, 1912, or until their suc- eI
essols have been duly elected and quanried ma
All such elections shall be held by ballot and
rnd codoucted at the offee of sid corpora- eno
ion,_ under the supervlison of three (3) req
ofmdisnroers, to be appointed by the boardla
Notlce of such election shall be given by and
the scretary- o the company by publica- gen
lion for not less than ten (10) days prior all
thtereto in a newspaper published In the ties
Parish of Orleans, State of Louisiana. ar
At all such elections and at all corporate taP
meetings, every stockholder shall be enti- busi
tIed to one Vote for each share of stock
standing In his name on the books of the
company, to be cast In person or by hi
proxy. and three-fourthe oft
votes cast shall elect. clar
Any vacancy among the directors by
death, resilgnation or otherwise, shall he
flled by election for the rmaiader of the h
term by the remaining diretors, s
A failure to elect directors on the date ma
above spelhed shail not dissolve the por
porauton, nor impair its corporate manage
meat. but the directors then in onece shall
their own number a president, a vle-pral
det,. anda secrctary-treaauru Trh ae c- mt
rotary-treasnrer may or may not h a me- - the
her of the board, and the ead (-I-irc- '"
ton ahall have the power to diride the f
flce or seeretary-trearrer Into two (2) of- thr:
fimce tnd crente the onie of sereta.ry and
teeeoe of tresurer. They m o tme ay
to time name and appoint all sueh offier
rad agts U it may deem neceasary for phui
the ,.n4 e anb kusn of tho/e
fie the duties ot evr ofer and mapl.egee .
and all odfleers and spla nhal W,,:, "
-- well as ate an mes nay aMa-- ma i
one by-laws, rules and regulations necessary
its and proper in Its judgment for the conduct,
to suppolrt and management of the business
to and affairs of said corporation.
his The board shall have full power and au
tirs thority to borrow money, to execute mort
als- gages and to create liens; to issue bonds.
trs. notes and other obligations, and generally
ith to do all things reasonable, convenient and
and necessary for the prolper carrylng on of the
and business of the corporation.
the The board may Issue fill pail shares of
ver stock for cash, or in Ipaytment of labor don..
tall or pal ptrly actually receiv-ed by said cor
and poration.
roe- E.v ,l memlier of the Iho:ard of litare-'tors.
and in ca:lse of his h~m'llt'ence fromll the dorlicile of
aro- the comlpany, at any time shall have the
right to name and appoint. In writing, a
om proxy who mtnst lre a stoc'kholder, to repre
W sent hintl andi to sit and vote- In his place
iu- and namel at all meetings of th.e Board of
Jr.. Ilir-ctlors which may take place during his
nt aaibstnce from the dlomlicile of the company.
ar: AitTIClEl VI.
Whenev-er this corpororation may wbe dis
solved, either by limitaltion or from any
it0) othelr causea-. Its affairs sIhall Ie. liquidated
by three (:) cnllnmmissioners, to be appoint
in0 ed from amoangst tile stockholders at a gen
eral m-eeting of toe stockholders convened
100 for such p..lrpose, of which meetinug nottle
shall ibe given in tiahe manner and time pro
tK) vided for stockholders" meetings by Article
M. VII of this charter, and three-fourths in
amount of tthe, capital stock of said company
re'reprecnthed at such meeting shall be re
qllJuisite to elect. laid commissioners shall
remain in of.ice until the affairs of sail
i~. corporlation shall le fully liquidated. In
of case of the death of one or more of said
)ve commissioners, the vacancy shall Ibe filled
the by hlertion by the surviving commissioners.
This act of incorporation may be modli
flied. changed, or altered, or said corpora
tion may It dissolved with the assent of
thraee-fourths of the capital stock repre'sent
(el at a general meeting of tile stockholders
convened for such purplse. tnd after notice
- shall have been given in one or more news
paper,. published in the ( ity of New Or
leans. once a week for four weeks preced
ing the meeting and by a written notice to
each stockholder malled to him thirty days
prior to the date of the meeting, at the post
1( om:rc address des!gnated by him In writing.
Any change proposed or made in refer
ence to the capital stock shall lie made in
accordance with the laws of the 8tsate of
Louisilana. on the subject of altering the
rp capital stock of corporations.
on No stockholder shall ever be lialble for
he the contracts or faults of said corporation
-ed in any further sum than the unpaid balance
he due the corporation on the shares of stock
*ed owned by him, nor shall any mere Infor
at- mality in organization have the effect of
he rendering this charter null. or of exposing
re- a stockholder to any liability beyond the
11. unpaid amount remaining due on his stock.
A. V. Fournet. Martin J. Voorhles. F.
m Iloucge. John F. Clark and J. Edward Crusel
, have been chosen and selected as the first
ad Board of Directors of this corporation, wit'
78 J. Edward Crusel as -president, Martin J.
,e Voorhies as vice-president, and C. F. Swan.
eas secretary-treasurer, to hold once until
ad tie second Monday in March. 1912. and un
atil their successors have been elected and
a qualified.
ne The subscribers hereto have respectively
written opposite thetr names the amount of
he stock in this corporation subscribed for by
t: ach of them, so that this act of incorpora
tion may also serve as the original stab
scription list of said corporation.
Thus done and passed at my oce., in the
mu City of New Orleans. on the day, month and
it year first above written, in the presence of
mIl Frank W. lHart and John Dabmen, Jr., com
Ie potent witnesses, who have hereunto signed
ir their names, together with the said appear
Pr era and me, Notary, after due reading of
the whole.
h- Original Signed: J. Edward Crulsel, 34
y, shares. $3.400; Martin J. Voorhies, 33
vy shares, $.,300; A. V. Fournet, 33 shares,
ad $3.:t34: C. W. McBride, 25 shares, $2,500:
te Fr. Rouge. 10 shares. $1,000; John F.
S- c'lark, 10 shares, $1,000.
to Witnesses: Frank Wm. Hart, John Dah
ay men, Jr.
e- Notary. Public.
ry I. the undersigned Recorder of Mortg.ges.
a- In and for the Parish of Orleans, State of
of Louaslana. do hereby certify that the above
,r- and foregolng act of Incorporation of the
Ce Central llardwood Lumber Company was this
re day duly recorded in my ofce in book 1018.
folio -. New Orleans, May 10. 1911.
aSigned) EMILE LEjONARD, D. R.
A true copy.
ad Notary Public.
11 May 11 18 25 June 1 8 15 1911
d. -
y, Be it known, that on this day, the twelfth
e. of the month of April, in the year of our
,f Lord one thousand nine hundred asd elev
Id en, and of the Independence of the United
a; States of America the one hundred and
-. thirty-fifth; before me, Busalsiere Rouen, a
ar notary public in and for the parish of Or
. leans, state of Loulslana, duly commission
o ed, sworn and qualified, and In the presence
a of the witnesses hereinafter named and us
r dersignmd, personally came and appeared Dr.
r Joseph Numa Rousmel, of age ad of this
,cnty herein acting in his own name and
behalf and also In his capacity as thi dy
authoried aent and attorney in fact of
M-rs. Mary Amelia Itousel, widow of the
II late William Levrlin, a femme sole of age
r- and of this city; Mr. Danel J. Devils, of
a age and o this city; Mr. James J. McLongh
Iin, of age anulof this city ; Mr. Henry Wal
ler Fowler, of age and of this city; Mr. Ber
nard I. Bznwell, of age and o this city ;
M1r. Samuel IE. Worms, of age and of this
Scity; who declared nto me, notary, In the t
a presence o the hereinafter named and a-.
doerslgned competent witnesses, that, avail
i nl themselves of the provisions of the laws u
of the state of Louhsiana, relative to the
Sorganiatlon and formation of corporation,
they do hereby organIe themselves into and
create a body corporate in law tand adopt
the following articlee as the charter of said
corporation to govern themselves and such
others u may hereafter hbecome assocated
with or suceeed them.
I The name and title of this corporation
shall he: "NEZPIQUE OIL COMI'ANY," 0
and nader such cpoporate name It sUll have
and eny corporate existence and suee a
aelon or property for a period of ninety-h et
years from the date hereof, uales soner
disaolved; shall have power to contract, su
and be sred to make and use a corporate
sI, annd the usame to alter or brek at
Spleasure; to hold, reeeve, convey, prchase, N
nypotheate, pledge lease or otherwln ac- t
qut n and d .soe ol property, both real and
na to borrwmoney, isso note d
_malge directors, ofcers, agents, calerks
and other emplyce as the interet, convenl- t
ence or adrantae ot the corporation hall
reqUire; to0 stablish by-lIar rnle and reg- a
ulaionrtior the proper conduct and opera. l
ten ofit boni~sr, and the same to alter s
ana abolish ua it may e fit and proper, and d
generally to have and enjoy and exercise cc
ail other powers ad prlvileg and Imenaunt.
tite granted by law to corporations or whIch '
re or may be neessary, useful or advan
aeons i the conduct and operation ef tat
businss and alaalra.
The domlecle of this corporatlon b do
clared to be in the eity of New Orlen, pat
ih of Orleanst tate of Lnhbitsi
AU citation and other legal proesm shall 'h
be served upos Ita predent, or in his ab.
eue urpon the viceireident, or in the ab.
sence of both upon the secretary. sh
The objects and purpoees of tlhi corpora. to
Can1_ and the nature of the buisem fo obe
carried on by it. are hereby declared to be:
to prechase, acqur bl ea or otherwise 0
mines, minerl rlhts or privileges, or landso
in the state of Louisiana, or elsehre, tr an
the dvemlopmcot of natural ga, oil, petro- in
bma, oal, asphaltum, eal, sulphur, ore, t
metal and natural sbstances or any interest Ii.
theren, and to explore, open work, or I unr
any way turn to advantage the sane; to ltb
bore, drill, op_ quarry, rmet, efn drss, th
a~mPlaa a pr pe perrt4em, is Isal- nI
Sto , Ull and del ia ois,
minerals, plets a nhe Im plhle mens
e . ., " e I
eary and superintend any roadway, tramway, pipe at,
luct, line, tanks, reservoirs, warehouses, water- ail
ness works, electric works, crushing works, hy
draulic works or any other works and cos
I vau. enlences that may be directly or indirectly
oort- conduelve to any of tile objects and pur
mnds. poses of this corporation; to purchase, ac
rally quire. hold. lease, control and operate. and "
and sill, lease and dispose ,of to such person ,r '"
the persons, corporation or corporat ions, and at '"'
such price or prices and on such terms and ru-u
s of conditions as to this cuorporation may seem
lOn.. proper, water rights. Improvcments and -oil
cur sildings, for mlnlng, and for the use and -1
puTrpose Inhldeint thcreto: to purcha~,. .1I
ltr. ]ase or dtlherwise acrt lrs all or any pirt orf ai
lthe businessi or licllities of any person. is
the firmn corporation or associaltion engagedl -I
a therein or hollding any part in similar o?- an
re jects and purposes; to Ilc all or anything src
Ssuitable, necessary, convenient and proper ,x
Sfor lthe accomplishment of any purpos'es or tlh
thi e attainment of any one or more of the tic
objects and purposes herein enumerated or it
. incidental to the powers hernein named. or Iat
which shall at any ttm. appear conducive ii
to. or expedient for the business ,of this I
dis corporation. set
any ARTIC'LE IV. ol
The capital stock of this corporation Is c
gen- hereby fixed a thie slim of fifty thoulsand,
ned dollars I$50.00H1ii)., divided into and rep
tice resented by five hundred shares 1500)o of the I
pro- par value of one hundred dollars ($100t
tice each.
Sin Subscrlltions to stock shatll I payable in nil
ºany cash, or its equivalent, within ninety (90)
re- clays after alllacriptlon. No transfer of "
hatll stock shall Ie binding cupon the corporation er.
sadl unless entered upon Its books. lie
In This corporation shall be and Is hereby tlie
said authorlsed to commence business as a go
Illed Inc concern and to exercise and enjoy all of
ers. the privileges of a rorporation. as soanon a Ih;
fifty shares of Its capital stock shall have
been subscribed for.
All certlifcates of stock shall be signed by li
10l- the presldent and countersigned by the se.- St
or- retary.
ARTICIen \ .
te All the corporate powers of this corpora- te
dtice tloa shall bhe vested in, and exercised by a th
s- board of directors composed of seven (7) Ii
Or- stockholders, who shall be elected annually p,'I
sed- on the second Monday in July. beginnin3g tt
towith the year 1912: a majority of said Pt
ay t hoard shall constitute a quorum for the alc
transaction of any and all business. me
post At all elections each stockholder shall be Pte
Inc. entitled to one vote for each share of stock vi
'fr- held by him, and a majority of votes cast iza
in shall elect. Stockholders may vote either Ino
of in person or by written proxy. A failure to Iro
the elect directors at a regular meeting shall :ls
not dissolve the corporation, but the direc- am
tors then in onee will continue to act until ter
their successors are elected and qualified. sr
and In that event another meeting or other Ti
for meetings shall he called until an election Is is
tltn effected. Notice of the time of holding any sto
luce and all meetings shall be given by the secre- for
lock tary to each stockholder, such notlce to be sta
for- sent by mail, ten days before such meeting, an.
of and directed to each stockholder at his last
sing known address.
the Immediately upon being elected, the di
ock. rectors shall elect from among their own ie
number a president, a vice-president, a seef ny,
retary and a easurer. In
usel he
Ant This act of incorporation may be altered hel
rilth and amended, or this corporation may be sh
SJ. dissolved bhy the assent of three-.fourths of
ran, the stock represented at a meeting called co
ntt for such purpose, upon notice being given o
in a newsaper published In the city of New mss
and Orleans for more than thirty days, and t
written or printed notices sent to pich stock.- to
rely holder of this corporation directed to his scc
t of last known address. o
hy Whenever the corporation is dissolved. ocs ltq
ra expires by Mmitation, the stockholders shall reqi
elect three liquidating commissioners, who gviv
shall have power to wind up the affairs of app
the the corporation, dispose of all Its property. pe
both real and personal, pay Its debts, and the
and distribute the remanlader of the assets, if has
of any. to the stockholders. In the event of met
any- a of the said commissioners or liquidators mee
ned should die or he unable to act, the said II tied
'ar quidation shall be continued by the survl7 stat
of o. com
34 The
33 The capital stock of this corporation may fill
res, he Increased or decreased by observing the boal
t0: formalities prescribed by law. day
F. corr
b- are
. No stockholder of this corporation shall shal
ever be held liable or responsille for the ride
contracts or faults of this corporation In tint
any further sum than the unpaid balance A n
due by him. It any, on the stock subscribed a q
for by him; nor shall any mere informality neI
in the organisation have the effect of render- mee
fes. Ing this charter null, or of exposing any elec
of stockholder to any liability beyond the un- pre.
Ive paid lalani-e. If any. due by him, for stock sto
the subscribed for by him. oth.
his facancles In the board of directors re- est
18. sulting from death. resignation, or other- In I
wise, shall be filled by the remainIng mem- the
hers of the board of directors. o
antil the first election on the second The
Monday In July 1912. the following shall mal
constitute the frst board of directors, viz: sme
Dr. Joseph Numa Roussel. Danilel J. levlin, nec
henry Waller Fowler. Mrs. Mary Amelia mat
revMon, James J. Mceloughlln, Bernard P. said
Boswell and Samuel E. Worms; with the cha
said Dr. Joseph Numa Roussel as president; pow
Daniel J. Devlln as vice-president, James J. thri
McLoughlin as secretary and Samuel E. anti
Worms as treasurer. gag
Thus done and passed in my once In the tion
city of New Orleans. aforesaid, the day, as I
month and year first bove written, in the and
presence of Messleurs Eugene Stanley and nec
pB Samuel Manfre, both witnesses of lawfutol the
age and residing in thli ctty. who hereunto to
Ssign their names together with said parties stoc
and me. the said notary, after due reading por
of these presents. or
th (Original eigend) : J. N. Roeassel, Mrs. acti
ur Mary A. DIevlln, per pro J. N. Roussel: D. her
J. Derl. James J. cLouglln, I. W. Fow- A
Eud Egene Ptanley, Samuel Manfre, witness- pan
es BUS. ROUEN, Not Pub. any
S I, the undersigned, recorder of mortgages, o
In and for the patrsh of Orleans, state of of i
a Loulstana. do hereby certify that the above u
Sand foregolog act of incorporation of the the
SNexplque Oil Company, was this day duly her,
recorded In my oce, In book 1018, folIo 504. cess
nd New Orleans, April 12tb. 1911. o
(Seal) (Signed) EMILE LEONARD, ior
he -D. cR. W.
S I, Basslere Rouen, a notary public for the
porish of Orleans, do hereby certify the boa
i- ove and foremotg to be a true copy of the
original act of incorporation of the "Nes
.r pique Oil Company," and of the certificate
i; of the recorder of. mortgages for the parish
Sof Orleas thereto attached; the whole ex- solv
tant in my Current Notarial Register. othe
In faith wehereof I grant tbhese presents iby
under my spgnature oand the impress of my gene
New Orleans, Loualsiana, April the 17th, foe
A. D. 1911. BUM. ROUEN o
(Meal) Notry , P obl ne.
Sapl 20-2 may 4-11-18-2-19ary Pubi. ra
in 1
it Be It known, that on this ninth day of
, November, In the year of our Lord one
t- thousand nnlae hundred and ten, before me,
OGustaf R. Westfeldt, Jr., a Notary Public,
5 duly commissioned and qualified In and for
Sthe Pariah of Orleans, and nla the presence
Sof the witnesses herelafter named and un
d dersigned, personally came sad appeared
- the several persoes whose names are here
aunto subseribed, who severally declared that
Savaliln themsees of the provloans of the
Slaws o this state, relative to the organ
Is ation of corporations, they lave contract
d ed and agreed, and do by these presents
. contract, agree and bind and obilgate them
Sselves, as well as alI such other personse uas
Smay become assoctated with them, to form
Sthmnselves into and constitute a corporation
Sand body politle In law, for the objects and
purposes and under the conditions and stlp
clations of the articles followingl, to-wlt
The name and title of said corporation
. COMrPANY, and under Its said corporate
Sname It shall have power and authority and
shall enjoy succession for the full tera san
period of nlnety-nlne years frob and after
date hereof: to contract, sue and he send, to
make and use a corporate seal, and same
Sto break and alter at pleasure; to purchase,
Sreceive, lease, hold and convey, as well as
:mortgage and hypotheeate under Its cor
Sgorate name, property both real and per
Ssonal; to name and appoint ch manags
r and directors, oeerm and agente u the
interest and convenience et msaid corpora- t
.tion may rtqulre, and to make and estab
t lsb, as well as alter sad amend at pleas
a nre, such by-laws, rules and reolations for
a the proper management and regulation of
Sthe aire or said corporation as may be
- ecessary and proper.
- at ew Oreas Parah of Orlen, 8tate
*r rea su ne e n  ss..e ua so -
he ase has
pe albsencet. upon the vhce-presidelnt, or In ti.e
'r- llsnc of both of those olifilcers, upon th , t
y-..-ret!ary of tlhe- cirporation.r
AlTICla: Ill.
i The. otajects and l 'purposea far whl 'h this
.- riPorlairation i establ: lishel andl lIt. natiire
d oaf the ha nless to !. a':arriadi on by it art,
or d.claret ant d aspciiidt to be to plarchaae-,
at Iwn. hallt. sell. ini lrt , a i. l.ase'. allla iit '.
,I r l(-t- :iIv and otha'r ise acullllire and alistli-a"
m of rlil estatlei oil andi tllinera:il land,. an ,
i oil and minerai ril it s and any othlir interi
a -t in lindk. Leath In l..atl:iana ani d el .1.
,e, Ihr : t., hasy. ,sell. own. h,:a,.'. or ,ether
ar %i-a,- aqtlire, and lto Ier a ,t land maaint l:i
ll. al trin ilpal or ias aeli nt, in that tratl. or
el l0ls therei . drilling anttits,. mal lhin tery. . lpli
atb- anei,. aliparatis and buhildngs itf ev.ry de
•e arilptiou. tii,,d tr sailtaltlh for use. in ft
pr extractIan if oil or any tlllr miinerals fra io
r the earth,. and for the hliingl. Ipreserv i
he tion h nail i refi, rening; and transpart atl I
or of saltnle whn ano lxtr'acltedl, and ipartltu
or tinly stlrnaate tanks and llipi lines. all saole
e ly far thel uses of its own business tad t
' witihouit ipower of emilnent ldomain; to bluy.
sell, or other-wise a.ioillrae and alienate, and
to estabish, exprtll or hili prt apil. ninor
ails a(r mineral plrodlauts of all kinds and in
a icnninction with saitd tal.jects to lease. buy.
I sal. t blh, or olltherw. Ito alcqluire. ad to
locate and maintain wariarahouseaa.a. sltheds, taorl
p j agl. Ican . tank ;fiar. ldweilhina . -y ltar
houllse and repair shopls : l It well mert-ha;
,die and carry on a gapneral staire and -o*n
in lissary and lto conduct htlta.s, blaarl tig a
lhoult's aind lodging hauis-.s for Its agentsl an
of employees, anal gentterally to hold and o '
º eraIae tall stach inhlantal paw.a ar and priv
t 11ie al !nott eIxpressly l xcflt d. ae ra.la tt e s f
o ATIcI". IV. z
lh The cpital stock aof saaitl altrporatlion is
l thereby flxed at fo lry-five thlou.tand doallars
Irt $-i.,4MM.titi, dirlted into and ri-pr eanted la
tby nine hundred 0a4h Oa tha - ri-a at tiftyv dtil t
inrs a!5t..tti aeach. The whole of said i
stoclk or any part lthereof may h tIuied andt
dteliverd to any itsrson, firm or acorparatian I
for lthe acquirenment of the rights. prliv- a
h lges,, franchises and prolerty, or any part ,a
a thereof, now ownedl or coaintrolled lay the n
Rltita till & iDevelopment ( tmpainy a uninaor et
, -larated. or toi any otheir person or corplar
Sation foir protirty, rights. franlchlies, aetc.
d puirchased and acquired by this corporatttol mI
aIt also in payment, settlement and adj'lt- al
ment oif the coats, fts, ch targes and ex-s
Spens..s and I'annallaiantns Incurred for see a
k viaes reandered in the formation and organ s:
w izatlan of this corporatio. and in acqulir
er ing anl bringing about t rha the purchase of the
to property, rights and franalises aforesald: le
11 also foir cash or in installments of such
r- amoutints as the board of directors may de
11 terminer also for merchandise received Ior
, servrices actiually reandered to this company
r The board of directors hereinafter created I
Is i espl tlally authorlzd to dispose of the at
y stock of this company in whole or in part.
e- for any and all of the purposes above m
me stated, as in its judgment may seem fair
C. and proper.
I- All the powers of this corporation shall I
Stie vested in and exiercised by a board of at
Sfire a1. diractors. each of whom shall hold t
in his own name at least two shares of di
stock. Said board of directors shall be elect- fo
ead annually on the first legal day of Oct
tier of each year, the first el..etlon to be
held In the year 1911. All such elections
shall be by ballot, at the office of the cor
d poration. under the supervision of three 3
commissioners to be appa.nted by the board
Sof directors, and in the alsence of any com
miTssoner the president shall have power
to till the place by appointment, and of all
such elections, as well as of all meetnlags
of stockholders, except for the purpose of
liquidation or dissolution, or as otherwise
Srequired by law, ten days notice shall be
given by mailing to each stockholder who
appears as such on the books of this cam
pony. at his last designated address, or at
the general delivery at New Orleans. If he
f has not designated an address, an announce
f ment stating the time and the place of the
meeting. Each shareholder shall be enti
Stied to one vote for each share of stock
standing in his name on the books of the
company, cast in person or by proxy, and
the majority of the votes cast shall elect.
The board of directors shall have power to
Sfill all vacancies that may occur on the
Sboard. Failure to elect directors on the
day above specified shall not dissolve the
cporration, but the directors then in office
shall remain in oeffice until their successors
are elected. lue notice of another election
I shall forthwith be given, as above pro
vided. Such notice of election shall be con
I tinued to be given until an election is held.
A majority of the directors shall conatitute
a quorum for the transaction of any mbusl
ness and the board of directors at their first
meeting following each annual election shall
elect from their numler a presideat, a vice.
president, general manager and from the
stockholders a secretary-treasurer and such
other officers as the board shall deem nec
essary. The board shall have the power
in its discretion to unite two or more of
the above or other offices, and the same to
confer upon one person, and shall have the
power to fix the salaries of all officers and
of such other officer as they deem necessary.
The board of directors shall have power to
l make and establish, as well as alter and
amend, all by-laws, rules and regulations
necessary and proper for the support and
management of the business and affairs of
said corporation, not inconsistent with its
charter. Said board shall also have full
power and authority to borrow money
through the president or some other duly
authorized agent or agents, to execute mort
gages, issue notes, bonds or other obliga.
tions, n surech amounts and on such terms
as In their judgment may lo advantageous.
and generally to do all things reasonably
Snecessary for the proper carrying on of
Ithe business of said corporation, as also
>to Issue and deliver full paid shares of
stock and bonds or oblegations of said cor
poration in payment of the moaey iorrowed
or money, labor, services, property or rights
actually received by said corporation, eas
Sheretofore set forth.
And the board of directors shall have the
power to purchase for stock inla this com
pany or for cash or on credit, property of
any kind required for any of the purposes
of the corporation, without the authority
of the shareholdersh.
Until the next meeting to be held under
the charter on the first legal day of Octo
ber. 1911. or until their duly quallied sue
cessors are elected and installed. the board
of directors shall be composed of James W.
Porch, George .I. Smith, W. 3. Kelleher,
E. A. Kelley and A. F. Barclay : with James
-W. Porch as president and general manager,
George H. Smith as vice-prealdent, and W.
1). Widener as secretary-treasurer. The
aard may elect such other ofeers or agents
as it deems advisable.
Whenever this crporation shall be dis
solved, either by limitation or from any
other cause, Its affairs shall be liquidated
by three stockholders to be appolnted at a
general meeting of stockholders convened
for the purpose of liquidation, as herein
after provided, each share being entitled to
one vote, to be cast by the holder, either In
sahll remain in offie until the affairs of,
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-i I it il Ir ,l t "4I, ta on sa
r ollo *. New O ,rka-n. "ay 1t ' 1911
ai.ere';, A L. Kil ." , , , A i.
Ae true r, lit; shaopy.; 11' % ,,r"II.r·,lr'~uu
,I 'i ir:' J,, arm. tl. Slh , i, r i l
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Id !tis Oil & lIlevelotlmie t 'oinpeny was tl
Mf day di recorded Insel C.ook
t- folio -. New Orheans, May 1O. 1911.
- 4igned EMIL cA LEONARI, I. 3
lC A triue copy.
Notary P'ole.
' May 11 18 25 June 1 8 15 1911
CWft wed Restierso
A Good i
It we supply fifty per cent
ohe best the boys of New
Orlens with their priclothes.
Mun't 6 p. must . tasgoodapl
for those little Algerians?
KNEE PANTS......... 10 OW
Mayer Israel & C,,
CRl Rstnur -
--, lZ7LC cisSI "
.. _ heMekhtue

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